Restlessness. There was no other word to describe it. Andrew tossed and turned on his bed, the sleep he so desperately needed still elusive. Following a strange spiritual attack while doing missionary work in Malaysia over 29 years ago, each night had been a daily battle for the Dutch minister. However, hope was about to come from an unlikely source – a YouTube clip he inadvertently stumbled upon while searching for succour…

“I have been battling with insomnia and spiritual attacks in the night for 29 years and nothing I did really helped much. Instead, in the last years it had gotten so bad I could hardly function anymore. It started when a spirit attacked me and seemed to get into me while doing missionary work in Malaysia in 1984. I heard a voice in my head and something strange happened. The brother I was working and traveling together with could see something was wrong but did not take the authority to cast that demon out.

“It was so scary that I never told anyone till a few years later but they didn’t really know what to do about it either. It wasn’t until I started watching many YouTube video’s from SCOAN that I realised it was an evil spirit tormenting me all these years. I prayed the prayer with T.B. Joshua, laying my hand on the screen of my computer. Every time I prayed with him, I felt something happen, something leave me. I now feel like a different man and that that spirit is gone from me. I can finally sleep well without any spiritual interruption! Thank God – after all those years of struggling with this spiritual problem. I thank God for Brother Joshua and using the SCOAN for the nations, transmitting God’s power through the airwaves and using the medium of internet to set people free!

“I have been a full time faith missionary for 35 years, working in over 25 countries. I realized after watching The SCOAN on YouTube that my life needs to reflect God’s love, simplicity and power and I need to watch my tongue and how I relate to people. My life needs to be in God’s order before I can minister healing and deliverance to others if that its God’s calling for my life. It is not just words, as I can see how Prophet Joshua was faithful and humble in all he did and the Lord increased the anointing on his life.

“I bless God for the deliverance after 29 years and pray I can continue on this road and help other people to be freed. God bless you Brother Joshua; I never knew something like SCOAN existed until this week when somehow I stumbled upon some videos. I had never heard about it before. Blessings! Brother Andrew.”

Andrew van Eerden, Holland

What is your situation? Pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua and believe by faith that distance is not a barrier to the move of God. Your miracle is just a moment away!

We look forward to hearing your testimony!


  1. I want to thank God for healing my daughter through the anointing water when she was suffering from a swollen eye. She woke up with a swollen eye and we did not know the cause but we prayed and ministered the anointing water in the name of Jesus on it for about two to three days if I am not mistaken and now the swelling has just disappeared. I thank the Lord Jesus for the healing. I thank God. I thank you Prophet T. B. Joshua for giving me the anointing water that the Lord gave you. May the LORD bless you and all the wisemen.

  2. I am praying daily to wise-man John Chi that may GOD bless him and come back and be together with his BROTHERS.
    in what situation is he now?

  3. I know that my own testmony is on the way. i know God can change my situation any time. if he can do to others then iam not an exception in jesus name.

  4. Thank you Jesus! Allelujah! Indeed, distance is not a barrier, God can use any medium to heal, to deliver and bless. I thank God for the minister of God for that deliverance. May God continue blessing Prophet TB Joshua and the wises men, I pray ay for more wisdom and more understanding of the word.Thank you Jesus!

  5. Thank Jesus for Tb.joshua and all wise men. Joshua and all wise men Almighty God bless you more than these in all your life. I follow your live program praise God; glory to Jesus forever….!!

  6. Wow what a great physician we have Lord Jesus Christ. Who is compassionate to his people. I rejoice with my friend who received the deliverance from Lord Jesus Christ. He never said goodbye. He is still yesterday today and tomorrow. Lord Jesus Christ let your name be glorified. You are worthy

  7. Glory to be Almighty God. I learn a big lesson from Prophet TB Joshua, in helping the needy. I am sure my vision will be full fill through praying with Prophet Tb Joshua like my brother. Because I know this is the job of Holy Spirit.Thank you God, Thank you Prophet TB Joshua and all wise men.

  8. Wat u a saing is tru.my friend had a brother who was in hospital in a critcal position i told her to come and pray with emanueltv with the man of God and was healed instantly by the power of God

  9. God is good all the time. With Him nothing is impossible. I bless His Holy name in Jesus name. Amen

    On Wed, Oct 2, 2013 at 11:08 PM, Distance is not a barrier wrote:

    > ** > promisecarrier posted: “Restlessness. There was no other word to > describe it. Andrew tossed and turned on his bed, the sleep he so > desperately needed still elusive. Following a strange spiritual attack > while doing missionary work in Malaysia over 29 years ago, each night had > bee”

  10. Glory be to God in the highest, We thank God for your deliverance. Lord I ask for your mercy and favour. It is in your merch that I am set free. My brother I join you as you rejoice in the Lord.

  11. We thank God for this miracle n its my prayer that God meets all of us at our points of need amen.God is with us

  12. God bless you for raising my faith in the Lord. I thank God for also answered my prayer. Looking forward to also share my testimony.




  14. Praise be to our miracle working God.May the Lord continue to manifest his presence through His Prophet T B Joshua

  15. Ever following the Prophet on Emmanuel TV thank God for his life and for God to give us T.B.Johsua to save us and deliver us. l never knew anything about deliverance but l have learnt alot about it praise God

  16. god time is the good time, god uses any medium to touch his people, I know that one day shall be my testimony, he shall change every situation that had been a stumbling block in my life. may god continue to bless his prophet and the wise men, indeed TB Joshua is an appointed prophet and he shall save the world.

  17. Praise be to God! My miracle is on the way, I know He will surly meet me at the point of my needs. I pray that God wil continue to increase d anointing in d life of our daddy Prophet TB Joshua n d wise men, Amen! Thank you Jesus

  18. To God be the Glory! I too have a sleeping snoring problem and I believe God with faith that I will also be delivered. God’s continued blessings on His Prophet, TB Joshua and the Wisemen. nkem

  19. Emmanuel I would like to thank you for Emmanuel tv because when you watch this channel your life will change if you only have faith. I also want to thank Prophet T.B.Joshua and all the wise men may God bless you all may he give you long life in Jesus name Amen.

  20. I thank God for the life of prophet TB Joshua on our century and I also thank God for for the wonderful opportunity and His grace of leaving under His eyes and being Great all the time in our my life.In Jesus name Amen.

  21. Thank you Lord Jesus for ushering me to my destiny and for taking me to the Synagogue church of all nations. I thank you in advance because I know that it is your will for me to be saved.

  22. all things are possible to those who believe, no sickness God can not heal, no problem God can not solve just only believe. Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.

  23. thank you Lord for Prophet T.P Joshua father continue to increase more anointing in him. Am also waiting for deliverance for me and my family.

  24. Emmanuel, I thank God for the Emmanuel TV channel. As Prophet T.B. Joshua has always said that you do not know yourself until you are delivered. There are a lot of things I have seen and I learn that I also need to be delivered. I pray that me and my family be delivered in the name of God. I thank God for the man of God who had the problem for a long time. I am also waiting for my miracle in Jesus name.

  25. Praise God Almighty for Prophet T.B. Joshua. I request the prayer warriors to pray for my BREAKTHROUGH in all my challenges. I commit my daughter writing IGCSE this October to excel to a God chosen University. I also commit my marriage,family,church , finances ,health, destiny in His Hands.

  26. My greatest testimonie is on the way coming because the God of synagogue Church of all Nation is real and alive day by day to move mightly for delivrance, healing, redemption, salvation and breakthrough in jesus name. My advice for the people of God believe in this prophet of the whole world; prophet TB Joshua to recieve his anointing and every word coming out from his mouth is powerful from above. Daddy of the whole world be bless in Jesus name Amen. And Daddy remember me every day because i pray every day for you , the four wisemen and all the workers . once again may God reward all of you in hundredfold in Jesus name. AMEN AMEN


  28. Glory to ALMIGHTY GOD for delivering your children from many bondge, I pray that my GOD release big secret to me according to Psalm 31:23 , I am waiting my testimony before year end in Jesus ‘s name. God bless man of GOD prophet TB JOSUAH & all his wise man.

  29. Praise God, who visits His people and heal them.
    May God increase His power in His Prophet TB Joshua and His Wise men to do His Will.
    I am waiting for my miracle as I have submitted my prayer request to the Intercessors.

  30. Thank you for sending me this testimony, I too would love to testify at the Scoan !!

    God bless u.

    Judy kabamba
    Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone provided by Airtel Zambia.

  31. Hi   Thank you for the message, I’m happy for all the testimonies of our brothers & sisters. I’m one of the people here in Swaziland who always use the medium of anointing water and the anointed sticker. I’m still waiting for my miracle to happen even if there still something that’s torments me in my chest but I’m still waiting in hope that it will be flushed away soon. I will asked Pastor Thulani Dlamini to bring one for me again.   Thank you may the Lord keep you all.   Regards Nqobile


  32. Am next to testify. Am a medical person but onething I have believed is that devine healing go beyond science . Thank God for Prophet Joshua . May God increase him in all that he is doing for the poor.

  33. Thanks for sending the email. It has really strengthen my faith.

    I am in Tanzania at Kilimanjaro region. I pray that my husband get a good job. He is currently looking for a job.



  34. God is faithful and answers prayers in an amazing way we can ever imagine. We glorify your name Almighty God. Continue to touch our hearts through the miracles performed in the name of Jesus in the medium of airwaves and the annointing water from the SCOAN. Amen.

  35. Thank you Lord for delivering pastor Andrew through the SCOAN. Please, man of God, help me continue to pray for my own miracle. Amen.

  36. God Help 2 believe u more, so that ur will be don on us, more anointing upon prophet tv joshua. More deleveran upon us. AMEN.

  37. God is God. He uses and does awesome miracles through any vessel He chooses. Thank you Jesus for allowing the Holy Spirit to use Prophet T.B. Joshua and other anointed men of God to touch the lives of your people. Praise be the name of our God in Jesus’ name! Amen!

  38. Praise God.Emmanuel TV is blessing people world wide through the mighty man of God Prophet TB Josua and the wise men.Rest assured will pass my examinations with distinctions this October and be able to go to UNIVERSITY of Pretoria South Africa and study Chartered Accounting in the victorious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.pray for me Prophet together with the wisemen.I belive God for a testamony

  39. Gloire à Dieu qui appelle le monde entier à lui.Ces témoignages me donnent espoir et la joie d’appartenir à Jesus.
    Merci Jesus et merci aussi à son serviteur TB Josua;

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