Both services on Saturday and Sunday at The SCOAN were filled with miraculous testimonies of God’s goodness and practical demonstration of His power. The Saturday service opened with the SCOAN prayer line where hundreds of people, including international visitors, received a divine touch from Jesus Christ through the wise men that changed the course of their lives forever. 

Prophet T.b. Joshua at The Synagogue Church of All Nations

Prophet T.b. Joshua at The Synagogue Church of All Nations preaching God’s Word.

Prophet T.B. Joshua gave a message on Saturday which he further developed on Sunday, titled, ‘Walk By The Spirit.’ The proof text was John 7:1-6, the Scripture where Jesus told His brothers that He was not led by man’s time. Prophet T.B. Joshua explained, “You must be under the control of the Holy Spirit in the same manner that a drunkard is under the control of wine.” He added that as Christians, in each instance, in every attempt, move and step for God, a specific intimation always comes to us. A suggestion always comes to us from the Spirit that the action should be performed. He continued, “Those to whom the Spirit of Father has not suggested are always ready at their will; their time is always ready. Without direction from the Spirit of God, if we give, we give of ourselves. If we talk, we talk of ourselves.” He further explained that if you call the name Jesus without the help of the Holy Spirit, you will only hear yourself, people around you will hear you but God will not.

The services were filled with many testimonies, especially concerning the Anointing Water. Here are just a few of the faith-lifting experiences of people:


Mr Osembe Pena Alumba, a Congolese man living in Zambia, had been facing many challenges in his profession as a farmer for ten years. The situation became critical when an unusual disease swept through all of his chickens and he lost 1,500 of his 5,000 chickens in a single day! As Pene considered giving up his farm in the height of the crisis, a friend introduced him to Emmanuel TV. While watching, he saw a fisherman giving a testimony of how Jesus Christ had restored his fishing business through the medium of the Anointing Water.

He then sent his wife to The SCOAN to receive the Anointing Water. When he came back to his country, Zambia, he prayed and ministered the Anointing Water all over his farm and on his animal’s drinking water. In a miraculous turn of events, his farming business started booming and customers began pouring in from far and wide. He showed some photographs of his radically transformed chicken farm, now full of chickens and yielding thousands of eggs.

Mr Pena Alume sharing his faith lifting testimony.

Mr Pena Alume sharing his faith lifting testimony.

He also showed pictures of his booming livestock and vegetable farms. Within one year, Mr Alumba’s 3,500 chickens had turned to 38,000 chickens! With this mighty breakthrough, he is the proud owner of new cars as well as four new trucks to aid his farming business. He further explained that since ministering the Anointing Water, there hasn’t been a trace of disease in any of his animals!



Mrs Veronica Nwalunor had been suffering from the problem of bedwetting for 38 years, from the age of 10. Her mother took her to many places in search of a solution to her problem but to no avail. Literally every day, she would wet her bed, causing her to be removed from boarding school when growing up. The problem got so severe that even during the day, she would sometimes urinate on herself and had to wear incontinence pads. As a result of the extreme embarrassment, she could not go out to any public function or sleep in another house. Her brother introduced her to Emmanuel TV and through the testimonies she saw of people who were delivered from the same problem of bedwetting she was suffering from, she was encouraged to get a bottle of the Anointing Water. On coming to The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave her a bottle of the Anointing Water and she ministered it on herself that night in her hotel room. To her greatest surprise, she slept soundly and woke up without bedwetting for the first time in 38 years!

 Nwalunor family glorifying God for their healing

Nwalunor family glorifying God for their healing.

Ever since then, she has been free from the shameful affliction and can’t stop sharing her mighty testimony. Mr Ike Nwalunor, Veronica’s husband testified how God also delivered him from the same problem of bedwetting! He said that when he married his wife, he was a chronic drunkard and would often go to sleep intoxicated. He would often see himself urinating in his dreams and then, wake up to find he had wet his bed. After marrying his wife and realizing they had the same problem, he took it as a burden they would both have to bear and began moving searching far and wide for solution. However, the day he and his wife ministered the Anointing Water, they were set free from the affliction of bedwetting! To God be the glory!


DeliveredTanneh and Micheal joyfully express  their appreciation at the SCOAN.

Delivered Tanneh and Micheal joyfully express their appreciation at the SCOAN.


Tanneh Sieh and Michael Freeman came to testify to the power of Jesus Christ at work in The SCOAN. Ms Sieh left her home country of Liberia in search of greener pastures and ended up engaging in fraudulent activities at a young age. She would lie to people that she was related to a very rich personality in her country in order to deceive them to release money to her. Some of her covert operations even led to people committing suicide and couples divorcing due to the huge sums of money extorted. She was possessed by a spirit of python which provoked her to carry out these activities and also tormented her in her dreams. She would see the faces of people she had stolen from in her dreams, confronting and attacking her. While in South Africa, she met a fellow Liberian, Mr Freeman, and they became partners in crime and engaged to marry.  Mr Freeman was recruited as a child soldier during the war in Liberia. After he left the army, he travelled outside of the country and also ended up engaging in fraud to make a living. He travelled to more than eight countries during the course of his fraudulent operations before coming to South Africa where he met Ms Sieh and they began the ‘business’ together. However, it was when he and Ms Sieh began watching Emmanuel TV that they began to get a new perspective in life. Tired of their former lives, they came to The SCOAN for prayer. They each received their deliverance in the power of the Holy Spirit. Since her deliverance, Ms Sieh testified that she sleeps like a baby and no longer has the urge to steal or deceive people. For the first time in her life, she began regretting all her past actions and the thousands of innocent people she had defrauded. Mr Freeman explained that his only desire now was to help people, as he has been helped so greatly by God Almighty! They were presented with the gift of 500,000 naira to support them in continuing their education and contributing to the society of which they are a part.


Mr Christopher, an ex-grand occult master and magician, stood before the congregation to testify that he was delivered from the evil spirits that had caused him to defraud many people using occult magic. After his deliverance in the power of the Holy Spirit, he explained that the attacks in his dreams came to an end and he saw people as human beings whom he did not want to dupe or defraud.

Mr Christopher and son giving thanks  to God.

Mr Christopher and son giving thanks to God.

Promising not to go back to his dubious lifestyle and occultic shrine, he declared that he would testify to those he had previously initiated, promising to lead them to the true peace in Christ Jesus. To support him in his resolution to start life afresh, he received the financial support of 300,000 naira from Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners.


Lena Ofosu shares her experience at the SCOAN.

Lena Ofosu  talks about her deliverance from the malice of the powers of darkness at the SCOAN.

A video was shown of Lena Ofosu from Ghana receiving her deliverance in the power of the Holy Spirit after prayer from Wise Man Racine at the prayer line. After her deliverance, she took the Emmanuel TV team to her house in Ghana where she paid homage to the marine spirits that had possessed her. She showed them how she used to meet with her spiritual husband in the marine kingdom through a series of strange sacrifices. Telling her story to the congregation, she explained that it all started when her mother took her to visit a spiritualist when she was very young. While she and her mother were there, the spiritualist told her mother to hand her over to him because she was married to a spiritual husband from the marine world and therefore destined to serve them. Her mother agreed and left her with the spiritualist and from that day, he taught her everything about the marine world of darkness. She used to interact with her spiritual husband regularly and he had warned her never to marry on this earth. She tried to get married but the first man died and the second marriage only lasted a few hours. Her principal assignment was to initiate people into the kingdom of darkness, especially men. One of her major targets were those who attended church. She was given instructions to dress in a certain way in order to be ushered to a seat in the front of the church and distract attention from the Word of God. When asked how they identified Christians, she said that true born again Christians are covered by the blood of Jesus and they had light around them. She said that even if they were sent to initiate a true born again Christian, they would be unable to get them because nothing of the world entices them. She said that she was even sent to initiate her own daughter into the marine world but could not because she was a true born again Christian. Her message to the world was very clear: “Don’t emulate the outward appearance of others; be yourself and be guided by the Holy Spirit in everything you do, including how you dress and do your hair.”



Mr Gift Ayebabogha, a Nigerian Police Sergeant was attacked by armed robbers while he was guarding a bank. He was shot at close range in his stomach and his intestines came out. He fell down in a pool of blood and the armed robbers left him for dead. He survived the armed robber attack because of the Anointing Water that he had ministered before going to work and continued to minister during the attack. He was rushed to the hospital and the doctor put his intestines back. After the operation, he discovered that he was unable to urinate. The doctors had to insert a catheter into his naval and he came to The SCOAN for prayer.

Mr Gift reflects over God's track record in his life.

Mr Gift reflects over God’s track record in his life.

After he explained his story to the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua called medical doctors from different countries who were in attendance on the service that day, to examine him in order to ascertain what could be done medically so that the catheter could be removed.

Gift and the team that traveled with him to India

Mr Gift and the team that traveled with him to India.

The team of medical doctors advised that Mr Gift be sent to India where specialist doctors would be able to perform corrective surgery on him which would allow him to urinate normally without the use of a catheter. A video was replayed documenting how Prophet T.B. Joshua sponsored his entire trip to India, including arrangements for international passports for himself and two brothers, Indian visas, return flight tickets (which were purchased during the peak price season of December), medical bills, feeding, accommodation and spending money. The total amount of money spent by Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners was $25,000. The medical doctors in India fixed his damaged urinary tract and removed the catheter. He testified that he can now urinate normally and no longer uses a catheter. His medical reports confirmed that his urinary tract is now normal.


A cross section of the elderly ones at the SCOAN.

A cross section of the elderly ones at the SCOAN.

Leading by example, Prophet T.B Joshua purchased two brand new coaster buses for transporting the elderly ones. Boldly written on the buses is: “Where are your elderly ones? Care for them and you shall reach old age.” – T.B. Joshua.

The Coaster buses purchased for the elderly at The SCOAN.

The brand new coaster buses purchased for the elderly at The SCOAN.

This is a challenge to us all to care for our elderly ones, so that we may touch God’s heart and live long. Remember, it is not a crime to be old, it is the grace of God.

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  77. glory be to God for his blessing child that he gave the world for encouraged people of God will and doing a great marcle in human life.may thy lord continu to blessed you all in jesus name. amen. i love you jesus

  78. glory be to God for his blessing child that he gave the world for encouraged people of God will and doing a great marcle in human life.may thy lord continu to blessed you all in jesus name. amen

  79. For sure Jesus lives he never said goodbye.The evidence is so clear through all those testimonies.Oh God bless your humble servant abundantly and protect him from all evils at all time.

  80. Praise the Lord! Emmanuel!!! Man of God I want to use this opportunity to thank you for your miracle and power. I need a prayer for Job. God have mercy on me In Jesus Name Amen..

  81. I thank man of God for being the instrument ofGOD to touch the nation.everyday you give us a spiritual food.I believe the seed that you plant everyday wil grow inside me.I disconnect me and my family from the connection with the devil,I break every generational curse in the name of jesus,I’m delivered poverty ,spiritual husband ,quarell and bad dreams in the name of jesus.

  82. Our God has his plans to his son T.B Joshua, i bereave that he is under control of God’s spirit, that’s why we always get God’s answers through T.B Joshua. I wish,i could manage to see him for my family and my company business problems(CHART INVESTMENT CO.LTD – TANZANIA AND KIGALI – RWANDA) i am Mr RUGOMWA CLEMENT.

  83. The beauty of life dosn’t depend on how happy you are, but how happy others are because of you. We your children in the Lord are indeed very happy because of you.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY. We love you…………..

  84. Profert T.B JOSHUA you are a reallll man of God im washing emmanuel tv everyday and i see God is using you to hel and dilivaring the holeworld, please man of God whow can i gert yhe anoiting water,for me and my holefamily, we are fasing alort of sertback my son can gert foward in life, ibelive please man of God help me , im from south africa.

  85. Emmanuel!! I wish to thank God for the life of the prophet.
    Secondly I request for prayers, that God will restore my carrier which has been stagnant for some years now. I am a med. Dr and has been finding it difficult to meet the huge family needs and further my carrier. Believe The Lord will restore me in Jesus name.
    Thank u Jesus!

  86. Thank God almighty for your life as you affects life positively prophet TB Joshua, May you continue to find more grace from his bosom to reach out to the world. Amen

  87. Wonderful! To God be the glory, however we still struggle to get the anointed material in Mpumalanga, SA. Please help.

  88. Thank you God for all what you are doing through your son prophat T.B JOSHUAL. I have a problem i run out of my anointing water i don’t do without it please i need help.

  89. Could u kindly provide with anointing water ,my address,phalombe DHO, Box 79,phalombe,malawi.use that address,or my cell#088661486.please man of God help to receive!READ IT! READ IT!!!

  90. Emmanuel i am lifted up spiritualy by healings at the Scoan .Pray also fo me man of god i know by the time u pray fo me my past wil be over

  91. Long life my prophet T.B JOSHUA.May your days belong on planet earth in jesus name. Amen,my name is ike elisha jideofor haild from mbala isuochi umunneochi local government area of abia state nigeria.Am a man 27year old married to ike obianuju peace,GOD bless us with a male child,chibuzo by name. Man of god my testimony is this,since i startd watching emmanuel tv my life is totally transformd by showing unlimited love to people even my enemies,the greatest gift god has given to me is that i don‘t count deed even when am offended,however everything started working for me as it never before.Man of god,i alway had seasonal sickness from the month of march to august every year,i will go on wheel chair but since this year i started watching emmanuel tv god has strenghting me to over come it. Furthermore my prophet,i always had this boilling desire to serve GOD. Please pray for me let this gift of god not to die in my life. Man of god please pray for me,i‘m into debt now,let god give me a helping hands of love to over come this financial challenges. Finally man of god i pray mighty hand of god never depart from you,his strenght & power shall be sufficient to you in jesus mighty name. Amen

  92. AS it is written, “I loved you before you were born”, indeed, God loved you Prophet TBJ before you were born. God bless your Ministry, Wisemen, SCOAN employees, your wife and children. Happy birthday Prophet!

  93. Happy burthday Prophet. May God Almighty bless you a thousand times. Love You Pro TB Joshua and your wonderful wife.
    God bless

  94. Happy Happy Birthday Senior Prophet T B Joshua, May th eAlmighty God keep on protectjing your life. May He add more years so that our grand grand grand children may benefit from the anointing you have as we have. You are really a Man of God.

  95. i wud love the man of God to pray for me and my family coz am facing a very big chaleng in my lif..i wish i had money i was going to come in person but i know throuh fairth i and my family can be deliverd..am doing nothing at this moment all my busines is gone.

  96. God our father who art us in heaven, we thank you father for sending your servant to save,deliver, heal, and restore our spirits. Wholeheartedly Pastor T.B Joshua let your burning fire destroy all evil plans that are attacking people of God. Let love lead in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. I personally grateful for the spirit of Jesus Christ that lives today, tomorrow and forevermore Amen.

  97. I am blessed to have Emmanuel tv in my house. I lack words to explain how just a communication channel may bring goodness in people’s lives. Keep watching men of God.

    Distance is not a barrier.

  98. Man of God pray for me so that i should be employed permanently not the pieace works am having,i also want a cd/dvd, stickers and the anointing water.am a zambian,my contact number is +260966674490.

  99. We thank the Almighty God for the life of our father,mentor Prophet TB Joshua. We thank what God is doing through him. People r being set free from bondages both spiritualy nd physical. Daddy thank u for ur humility nd obedience. May the Lord give u the BIGGEST cross. We love u in South Africa.

  100. what else can i say,god must let you fulfill all his assignment in you.a lot has been done by scoan but many are still left prophet.

  101. Please pray for me, for the pass six years I can’t work, all my joint are very weak and it geting waster everyday. I need anointing water man of God

  102. God come and heal me too, man of God I need that same anointing water please, for the pass six years I can’t work becouse of weakness of all my join.

  103. Emmauel, Emmanuel… I thank God for the great things is doing to lives of people through prophet T.B Joshua. Its my request for the prophet to visit Kenya for most people are living in the dark

  104. apparently the God of TB JOSHUA is alive.
    Man of God please pray for me i have chronic ulcers at the ankle of my right leg. I have suffered from this problem since 2003.
    I pray in the prayer of prayers & i know distance is truly not a barrier.
    Pray for my healing man of God & may almighty God grant you more years to work in his vineyard.
    Happy birthday.

  105. This is work of God is marvellous in our sight glory be to God.SIR,How did i get these anointing water?pls i need it.

  106. The man of God,is d uncommon man of our generation,a true blessing and 1 to emulate.Walking by d spirit is a step of maturity,many assumes but thank God for Prophet T B Joshua in making it clear to all ‘Make d Word of God a Standard of Ur Life,i believe to keep us walk by the spirit.

  107. indeed distance is a barrier, i thank God for all these testimonies he is a wonderful God. and i know he will also see me through in my examination and my result ‘ s because i need his intervention , in Jesus chirst name Amen . prophet t. b . joshua may your day’s be long thank God for making me part of your generation

  108. Wit u al tins er possible, tank u 4 using d man of God prophet TB Joshua 4 changing lives, nation n d world at large may u bless n give him lng lyf so as 2 continue his good wrk. Amen

  109. am undergoing problems in paying school fees,pray for me to get assistance for proper prosperity in my studies.

  110. thnk yu Jesus for bringing prophet T.b Joshua may he continue 2 do wel in th house of th Lord for many many years to come im so blessed

  111. God is Good all the tyme. Am happy to have Emmanuel tv inside my house to testfy the goodness of the Lord through the Annoitted man of God Seniour Prophet T.B Joshua and the Wise men of the Scoan. May the God of Ibrahim, Isaac en Jacob add u more days of blessings, wisdom, good health en total protection from Him. Happy Birthday Prophet Joshua!!!***!!!

  112. I want to wish the Prophet of the Almighty God a happy birthday & a God inspired future may God grant the Prophet many many more years ahead. Better is not good enough the best is yet to come!!!

  113. i nid deliverance…havin spiritual husbands bad dreams dreamin of babies….recently fall pregnant after a long tym n just had a miscarag..havin a bad chronic headech stargnation.i wud want to com thr n meet prophet tb joshua but funds r a problem i wud lov to hav anointin water how do i aqure it pleas i nid help…may God continue to bless u sir n o the emanuel team u owz bless me.

  114. Happy Birthday To My mentor Prophet T B Joshua.I am happy about his decision to use this day to search for work for graduates who are not working.
    I am one of them in Ghana . Am a graduate marketing student and not easy to fine a job for over seven years now.They say whom you know and I know only Jesus who gives Jobs.
    May the day of your birthday @ 50 bring opportunities to all graduates who are loking for job across africa to receive, in Jesus name.
    May the Good Lord increase you in all areas of your annointing.
    May he also give you the strength to stand the test of time.
    To the Wise men God will guide your ways and to help you cast out the devil that has been tormenting our people in Afica .Amen.

  115. Dear Anointed Seniour Prophet TB Joshua,

    My name is Mr.Amon Chanda from Zambia,I am very happy to celebrate your 50th birthday with you,the emmanuel.tv team and the rest of the world at large.

    I thank you Prophet TB Joshua for your humbleness,your availability to the work of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth,your availability to the needy, your availability to amend broken homes and for the powerful anointed teachings which has tought me alot about the LOVE OF CHRIST.

    I am on my nees even on behalf of my family to thank the Almighty God the creater of Heaven and the Earth for your LIFE and may the lord JESUS CHRIST anoint you with more of HIS anointment above the one HE had given you in the back years in JESUS CHRIST name,I pray for the unity and strong bond of Love in the World,in your Nation Nigeria,in my Nation Zambia and in my family in Jesus Christ name.

    I AM PROUDLY AND JOYIOUS TO SAY ‘”HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY MY PROPHET TB JOSHUA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Amon Chanda

    Direct Line: +26-0212-251212, Zambia Mobile : +26-0969-528-070, Email: amon@sinotra.net/chandaamon1983@yahoo.com
    ADD: No.3 Gate, Chambishi Copper Smelter, Chambishi, Copperbelt Province


  117. you are a wonderful man of God, your humility and meekness will throught the grace of God will earn you longer life than Abraham. you are a model to be emulated, God our father will continue to uplift up so that your inspirational words and actions will be a blessing to humanity. I will forevr say “Thank you Jesus” for allowing you to live in during this period of life that comes along with so many challeges. Our God will forever renew your strength.

  118. I want to Glorify the God of Prophet TB Joshua, Jesus Christ for preserving my job. We were missing very important documents in my office, after searching for them the whole day to no avail, I sent a prayer request to the Man of God Prophet T B Joshua to pray for me so that these documents could be located. I used the anointing water, sprayed myself and my office and my boss’s office.

    Later in the evening I finally went into my boss’s office to report that I could not find the documents. To my surprise when he tried to check on his desk he found them right on top of his desk.

    I praise the Lord and thank Man of God Prophet TB Joshua and all children of God at SCOAN for standing steadily in prayer with me.

    Praise the Lord.

  119. End tym prophet sent by God for a radical change n preparaetion of God’s people. May God continue to empower u wit his holy spirit which is ur strength to finish dis great mission. Amen.

  120. Please man of God pray for me to be healed from accident wounds which I sustained in a crush with an animal.
    I also want you to pray for me to be called for my visa as promised by the consulate in Ghana.

    • Dear Anointed Seniour Prophet TB Joshua, My name isMr.Amon Chanda from Zambia,I am veryhappy to celebrate your50th birthday with you,the emmanuel.tv team and the rest of the world at large. I thank you Prophet TB Joshua foryour humbleness,your availability to the work ofour Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth,your availability to the needy,your availability to amend broken homes and for the powerful anointed teachings which has tought me alot about the LOVE OF CHRIST. I am on my nees even on behalf of my family to thank the Almighty God the creater of Heaven and the Earth for your LIFE and may the lord JESUS CHRIST anoint you with more of HIS anointment above the one HE had given you in the back years in JESUS CHRIST name,I pray for the unity and strong bond of Love in the World,inyour Nation Nigeria,in my Nation Zambia and in my family in Jesus Christ name. I AM PROUDLY AND JOYIOUS TO SAY ‘”HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY MY PROPHET TB JOSHUA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Amon Chanda Operations Supervisor SINOTRA COMPANY LIMITED Direct Line: +26-0212-251212, Zambia Mobile : +26-0969-528-070, Email: amon@sinotra.net/chandaamon1983@yahoo.com ADD: No.3 Gate, Chambishi Copper Smelter, Chambishi, Copperbelt Province :

      From: Distance is not a barrier Subject: [New comment] WALK BY THE SPIRIT To: chandaamon1983@yahoo.com Date: Sunday, June 9, 2013, 10:19 AM

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  121. Man of God help me & my family,pray for us we re getting ill every month,recently we lost our first born child on a fatal road acident and during knights we experience bad dreams.Before my childs death i dreamed about i was at my mothers in laws fineral and my mother has died but it happen the opposite way my child was the one to die,still my wife always has such kind of dreams,please man of God i dont want to lose again.

  122. I’ve been moved with these life changing testimonies as I always do when I watch Emmanuel Tv everyday. The teachings of love I learn from manof God Prophet TB Joshua is first class, I’ve never come across this kind of teaching. I thank God for this Man of God and Emmanuel Tv. As for my challenges, I’ve left them to God, as the man of God has taught us, He is the One who knows all my needs and how to sastfy them in Jesus Christ Name.

  123. Prophet Tv jushua,may the lord bless you with long life and crown you with all keys of heaven for his glory,in the name of jesus:Amen

  124. Greetings to you fellow brothers and sisters, i am Jackson M. John in Botswana, a student of Light of the World Bible School. i have a question for Prophet TB Joshua, an unborn again man is legaly married to five wifes and have kids with them all, if that man is born again what should he do with the wifes.


  125. God is good to all every time.Please man of God pray for my breakthrough and total deliverance. i walk to walk by Spirit of God and learn to love, forgive and forget. in Jesus name Amen

  126. I was sent by Jesus to tell people to repent healed from stroke plz pray for my ministry and spiritual attacks .

  127. Nice to read about the testimonies where some directly relate to me. Thank you Lord for the wonderful words of inspiration, away with my sinful ways here comes my new life in Jesus’s Name – Amen.

  128. Nice to read about the testimonies where some directly relate to me. Thank you road for the wonderful words of inspiration away with my sinful ways here comes my new life in Jesus’s Name- Amen

  129. Thank God for a prophet in our time. Thank God for prophet TB. J. You are a blessing in our generation that God has sent to rescue us giving hope to the hopeless. Prophet we love you and may God continue to bless and strengthen you. God we thank you for your servant.
    We have faith that God will intervene in our situation and we will sent our testimony

    We love you Daddy.

  130. please man of GOD pray for me since we married everything is going wrong my business is very slow no child please man of GOD help me ,help my family please i am begging you pls help us

    • plesae man of GOD pray for me since we married everything is going wrong ,my business ,my carria ,no child please man of GOD help me ,help my family please i am beging you in name of GOD help thanks.

  131. God is good all the time, emmanuel,lve seen pepo being healed with cancer,l too lve got cancer of the cervix, let the GOD of tb Joshua who have been healing cancer, heal me in Jesus Christ name

  132. Amen to all the comments here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tb Joshua is the real prophet that I have witnessed I this life. I thank GOD for that. Now pray to almighty GOD to let him be with us for at least for 200 years.

    BY Emmanuel A. – USA –June, 26 ’13

  133. papa Senior prophet T B Joshua I am watching Emmanuel TV 24/7 as my best channel of my life,
    I thank God for what HE has done in your life to give hopeless HOPE, give fatherless; FATHERS, to provides homeless with HOME, to give faithless with faith, to give the weepers with joy, I have so much to say but I have pause it here so far till when God make it possible for me to visit SCOAN.
    Please pray for me for financial open door so that my wish to visit SCOAN would be accomplish.

  134. Man of God how can i get anointing water and sticker am in south africa and i love to come but i dnt have any money but i am ready for my delivarence

  135. Thank you Master Jesus! Our Lord is able to do Exceedinglry and above what we expect. I’m very happy for the difficulties am going through coz i new that God’s tyme is on the way to Recover everything that satan has theft for me. God is good at all tyme wheather happier nor sorrow. His name has to be Glorlfied in whichever way coz nothing can be hiden to him. Better we wait till God’s time coz is the best. Amen.

  136. May the lord expand your ministry to all the nations so that the works of the devil be exposed & destroyed

  137. I have a dream to meet TB Joshua and undergo visitation of God, freed from evil spirits, I believe I will meet the man of God

  138. I pray that one day, Prophet J.B Joshua can come to Namibia,
    though distance is not a barrier!in the name of Jesus He came come

  139. May our Almighty God Bless, protect and increase the days of our father TB Joshua for the wonderful work he is doing to change peoples life spiritual and physical. The free distribution of the new Anointing water and stickers is doing miracles to the world. i just pray that one day i will also have an opportunity to have them too so that my life can be changed.stay blessed Man of God in Jesus Name Amen Amen


  141. may the good lord be with PROPHET TB JOSHUA for he is a real man of GOD.My young brother has been to SCOAN a week after easter holidays with a problem of KIDNEY DISEASE which he ha for 5years now, to my surprice he came back a different person with a lively face but before then he looked like an old man. he is still on his medication because GODS tym is the best nd with him everything is possible, y im saying this is because he is going to the loo like any other person of before would aid it with laxatives, he coughs nd speets cough with some blood stained of which never happened to him before. i stil thank GOD TIL HIS HEALING PROGRESS IS OVER, MY BROTHER IS SO MUCH DEVOTED TO GOD AND HAS A VERY STRONG FAITH. WE R FROM BOTSWANA I WOULD LIKE TO SEE HIM ONE DAY GIVING HIS TESTIMONY ,HE IS AN ENGINEER BY PROFFESION.

  142. may my lord jesus bless you prophet TB JOSHUA may god increase you,increase you,increase you. You are a tru man of GOD, in jesus name

  143. I thank you LORD, Almighty Jesus Christ.Let His name be praised by all human beings.
    I wish I could only receive the bottle of annoiting water.I believe all my troubles and setbacks in my career development will be over in Jesus’ name.

  144. I really feel the man of God TB Joshua is indeed,blessed and has a calling. Please my breath wren pay for me to get a living awe job. I am currently spending a lot f money on fuel to et to work.
    Man of God please pay for me to get a good job.

  145. Man of God, please I need your prayers and the anointing water and sticker. I am experiencing serious illness problems in my family. My wife is a sugar diebetic patient and I have been suffering from painful backaches and my legs are always painful. We have been in this situation for almost a year now. Please man of God may you pray for my family. Also, I am a self-employed carpenter and things are not moving well, business is very low. I am failing to pay school fees for my daughter in form two, not talking about day to day food problems. Please, man of God, may you pray for my family and may you provide us with the anointing water and sticker.

  146. My Lord Jesus Christ God of prophet TB Joshua,i thank you for your mighty protection and your presence upon every department of my life.May your name Jesus Christ be praised.

    • My Lord Jesus Christ God of prophet TB Joshua,i thank you for your mighty protection and your presence upon every department of my life.May your name Jesus Christ be praised.”

  147. Jesue said” in John 14:27 ”Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives.Emmanuel!!!!

  148. Man of God, you will not die. You will live & declear the glory of God in the land of the living. In Jesus name amen.


  150. I praise Almighty GOD for creating beautiful world, creating the beautiful universe and the beautiful humankind. Almighty GOD is the only thing. Our salvation and our honor depend on him he is our mighty rock and our refuge.

  151. I always enjoy our send father,Prophet of GOD in His mercy over man kind in sermon,councelling,preaching,teaching,delivering,healing,annointing and empowering all global heart in GOD’s spirit. I always recieve new heaven any time,any day i watch him acting,demonstrating the presence of GOD in us and every where. You are a Prophet that influences an influencers in and will continue in GOD’s holliness and power to do more. GOD will exault you and continue to lift you high as you are in his promise land. May the whole World receive Jesus in your time in GOD and of Him in Jesus Name. Thanks. AMEH JOHN OBAJE.from Ohimini LGA of Benue State,Nigeria.

  152. The Lord is good.Exposing demons and mystries through his anointed servant,Prophet TB Joshua.ride on sir.your anointing will never run dry.we are running by your side.you are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ.

  153. Every time i saw testimonies on emmanuel tv i feel that one day i should give mine because of the hardships am going through in my life. God knows what i mean. I thank God for giving us the prophet in the name of Tb Joshua. Would you please send me prayers that will change my life since i cannot manage transport cost to scoan to acces the anointing water. God can use any medium.

  154. Every time i saw testimonies on emmanuel tv i feel that one day i should give mine because of the hardships am going through in my life. God knows what i mean.

  155. Wow God is great.Fear the for this is the first wisdom.Fearing the Lord means doing his will & seek his face in everything you do.Thank God for prophet T.B Joshua and Wise men

  156. Thank you Lord my God for introducing me to the emmeniwell TV connection because my life is not well in the eyes of the Lord being that what am doing is to bring people to the kingdom of the Lord and the wise men are prying for me so I can be strong in Gods work and that God can use me the way God wants. I thank man of God for what he is doing in the whole world. in Jesus name am looking forward to do good work .Like what i learn that if am not in spirit that means am alone in spirit, its my prayer that from today i want to be in spirit for me to be able to communicate with God. Thank you stay blest

  157. May God bless man of God and increase his days of life. please disconnect my life from all the evil spirits that holds my life. Deliver me so that i can be restored and delivered. i want to prosper in life and help the needy. Amen

  158. Man of God I thank God because my life has changed since i started watching Emmanuel tv.may the good Lord bless you

  159. Please, my family needs your help. My mum have been accused of trying to kill my dad and one woman that lives in the neigbour hood. Sh have been tried by our village chiefs nd was told to come back on the 18th of this month so that she can take an oath. Man of God pls we need ur help in this case. I pray that this my message will reach to you. Am 18yrs old

  160. thank be to the I AM GOD who appeared to Moses to save the Isralites. the same I AM GOD that is using Prophet TB Joshua to redeem the World. I say thank be to the most high GOD!

  161. It is so amazing to see the kind of healing people are receiving constantly through the power of Jesus. There are demonic powers at work. We need get on our needs to seek the face of our maker.

  162. me and my family are richly blessed by this wonderful ministry of snr prophet TB Joshua.Thank u daddy,Godbless u and family and all the Wisemen.Amen

  163. T.B Joshua is a great man of God. May God continue to richly bless and empower him to bring light to the world. Amen

  164. my name is amichia kouao bernard from cote divoire how can also have the privilege to have the annointing water and sticker.To God be the glory for this wonderful ministry Father continue to bless papa TB JOSHUA

  165. We thank God for having you, Prophet in Nigeria, for world and great works you doing by debulking and exposing the kingdom of darkness for Christ. We pray to Almighty God for more strength, power and long life. God bless and protect you and your Family. Dr Njadze Divine Yakong.

  166. Thank you Lord Jesus for what you have done and doing at this moment in peoples lifes across this nation throught the hands of your humble servant Emmanuel.
    I live the the Caribbean on a Island Sint Maarten, I am 45 yrs old and have two children 15 and 25 yrs of age and I thank God for his gift, and I am extremly happy for the miracle healing and deliverance, as I am excited and happy for my breakthrough and release for my financail burdens

  167. I always love to have my quiet time but when I start, I stop on the way and I cant tell why. please pray with prophet TB JOSHUA

  168. Well, i may not say this because the prophet TB. is blessed but because he needs me as much as all others to fufil his task i would say God bless him enormosely for his heart is good. Thank you Lord for a guide we would follow and respect his lead.personally i think he is the best thing that ever happened to Africa. A man who cannot be colonised in his faith walk by whites…. we ougth to give thanks.

  169. Man of God may our Lord Jesus christ continue his blessing,wisdom, goodhealth,longlife for u and the wisemen, it is today i across u activities too much on facebook,I will try to come to Scoam torecieve my deliverance concerning my wife that left me in troble her name are tabita,God bless u sir may u live long Amen.

  170. God has visited our generation by the anoiting power on T.B Joshua.
    He is encouraging me to worship in Spirit and Truth. God bless Temitope B. Joshua. Amen

  171. i greet you all at scoan in the name of our lord and saviour jesus christ,i was trying tomake an enquiry on the new sticker and annointing water. iam in zambia and interested in having the medium




  174. Am blessed tonyt ,thank you Senior Prophet Tb Joshua is true distance is not barier thank u for saving the life of my age,like my mum and dad, may God bless so wil also b bless.I wish you are my mentor nd i no am blessed tonight.may God lift u you High above your imagination to serve as a lesson to the world.Thankyou dady Joshua,may u live long wit peace. Amen

  175. Glory be to God Almighty, the giver of life in Christ Jesus.
    We Glorify you for what you are and thank you for everything. Amen

  176. Emmanuel..your ministry is life changing, through watching and listening it leaves a desire for more of God’s goodness. i need a mighty right hand of God which is power. may God bless and continue with you.

  177. Man of God prophet T.B Joshua may God continue his good work in your life i am blessed in Jesus name i would remain in good health by the prophetic declaration that comes from you by faith in Christ Jesus Amen. It is my prayer that soon i would visit SCOAN and God would locate men and wife.

  178. Commit thy ways unto the Lord, trust also in Him and He shall bring it to pass Psalms 37 : 5

    Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you Hebrews 13:5

    I was given these scripture verses by Man of God Prophet TB Joshua through Wiseman Christopher when I visited the SCOAN on 28th September – 4th October 2012.

    Surely the Lord watches over his word and in his time everything becomes beautiful, and the Prophet shall only say what he shall live to see established in Jesus Name I am Blessed. THANK YOU JESUS

  179. I was babtised in Christ when he died i died sin’s power over my life,my marriege,my health, office,my contracts,my children! BE BROKEN IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.Amen!!

  180. Thank you Lord for confirming your word through Prophet TB Joshua. You are a God of miracles and wonders. Please, pray for my family and I, theres lot of deaths in my family. Anything that Satan has connected my family with, be broken in Jesus Name.

  181. Thank God for the life of prophet TB Joshua for making god to use him for the old world God will Bless him and his ministry and the wise men thank you lord jesus.


  182. People around the world pls pls to belive,and i said thir is gift from above,prophet TB JOSHUA IS REAL MAN OF GOD,MAN OF GOD PLS SAVE PEOPLE,yestaday you give people good leson during prophet time,forexample of dog,man of pray for me i had tite time in my cariee by profeshonol am medical personel.

  183. Im a young namibian women unemployed but actively looking i ws a strong strong believer of God until recently in february i broke up with my boyfriend nd was very hurt that we could not work it out, i started thinkin of suicide nd turn to black magic to get him back fortunately as broke as i am i couldnt persue with this spell casting to have him back,i started praying evry chance i got asking nd pleading God for mercy help i stil luv this man so i ask him to bring him back to me to have him talking to me,eventualy even if its not th same as bfore he started replying me nd we bcome friends, help me pray and get the man that the Lord has made for me because i dont want to live in sin anymore thank you.

  184. After Reading some testimony i found some changes in my life . I am a Liberian,how do i get normal contact with you because the church Of all nation is needed into Liberia. God bless you.

  185. I love you Lord more than anything,you are so wonderful Lord for all what you are doing through your servant Prophet T.B.Joshua, give him more days Lord for him to save more souls, many are lost, some are suffering because of the devil, some are confused and in bondage.Prophet T.B.Joshua is our Messiah, he is here to liberate the world. Thank you JESUS!

  186. Please man of God bless me with annointed water, ive no means to reach the Scoan.I stay in Zambia.I ask in Jesus name AMEN.

  187. thank u Jesus for d life of our father in d Lord prophet tab Joshua,may u continue to enlarge him to show d world that U God still encharge in Jesus name,amen!

  188. We thank our God and Lord Jesus for the life of Snr. Prophet TB Joshua, may the Lord continue to bless you, Lesabane , South Africa

  189. thank God for his miraculous deeds in this last days and i thank God for the life of the Hon.Prophet T.B joshua and i pray that he comes to my country too to deliver us here. God bless u all and Emmanuel team

  190. The eyes of the Lord Jesus Christ are everywhere looking for those who are fully committed to save him with all their heart. If you are committed to save the Lord Jesus Christ he is ready to strengthening you, he will show you the way he wants you to save him. It pleases to save him in every situation because he has promised his servants, to strengthening them and give them grace in order for his work on this earth is done in every corner and before he comes for the second time. 2 Chronicles16:9a For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.

  191. Emmanuel,

    Dear Viewers,

    I am Rosemond Ofori – from Ghana.

    My testimony goes like this: I was opportune to have the anointing water, when my father visited the scoan in December 2012 watch night. I decided to give my brother, I follow direct by birth, some of the anointing water.  Few months later I went to meet him for some discussion, to my greatest surprise he has changed physically by appearance. I asked him what is happening, he told me that the anointing water has brought a great change in his life, he now has a peaceful home no long quarreling in the house. His is a driver by profession but never get a good car to drive as commercial driver. Even he bought his own car but sold it at long last, he cannot pay his children school fees. There was nothing working in his life as a human being. But glory be to God when he started using the anointing water God open doors in his life he got five cars at ago to choose between them, he was confused and did not know which one to choose. Most fortunate one is, very soon he start to drive his own car. Emmanuel! Emmanuel! – God with us. Thanks be to God.  


  192. Maan of God Prophet Tb Joshua how can apoor person like me get that powerful annointing water Itruly believe that there is God in that water

  193. Wow!This is a wonderful divine msg put across to us to know & start to do what is expected of us towards our elderly ones who have attained old age.Care for them because it’s u & l responsibility cater for their survival till death do us apart. Thank u Man of GOD For being our opener to this divine message. May God continue to bless u for us. Saka kogi Nigeria

  194. Psalm 91… may God of senior prophet TB Joshua grant us all the grace and frequently cleanse us with the blood of Jesus Christ. amen

  195. For the bible say i will bless those who bless you and cause those who cause you. Prohet sir, i bless you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  196. I don’t loose hope because I know that God of prophet TB Joshua will fight my battle. In the name of Jesus Amen

  197. Please I need a prayer I am going through challenges. I am running a day care centre for the children. Government fund it so last week they were handing out memorandum of agreement today it was a last day to return them. I didn’t get it now I don’t know how am I going to feed the children. Some of the children don’t have parents. I don’t know what to do please pray for me. Everything is going wrong, if I have sinned against God please forgive me. In the name of Jesus.

  198. God who changes not like changes. He want us to move from power to power from glory to glory. He is the covenant keeping God. Manifestation of his power is beyond human understanding. For us to wake up in the morning breathing his breath its a blessing. The time is now where nature is waiting for the manifestation of the sons you and me. In powerful name of Jesus.

  199. Prophet T. B. Joshua you are a really man of God, may you live for us forever. God bless you and your family in Jesus name Amen.

  200. Lord Jesus touch my problems today do no leave me by o lord. Touch my job and also touch my finances and touch my children and my wife and my health. Deliver all of us oh Lord. Amen

  201. Please pray fopr me that the Louw & Heyl. (Torneys see a winable negligence case against the doctors that caused the death of my daughter. I wpould like to cpme to Scoan to be touched by the man of God and be a blessing to those in need

  202. Man of God.

    May I firstly thank God for having given us His Prophet to look after us and if we have a prophet for each country like TB Joshua, satan shall never do what he is doing in our lifes. Jesus thank You may we all fight alongside TB Joshua for the free world. Amen in Jesus name.

  203. I thank God for His love to mankind .It is a sign that God’s love for us is so much that he does not want us to perish due to our sins and weaknesses.God has exhibited his mighty power to our generation in the name of Jesus Christ through Prophet T B Joshua .May God give you man of God prophet T B Joshua more grace to change us.

    Edwin chimfwembe

  204. Prophet TB Joshua we glorify God for you life. in the heavenly place increase more of your power, anointing, wisdom and knowledge upon your servent in the name of Jesus. Amen

  205. I glorify God for His majestic power upon His people through the man of God TB Joshua. I am praying to God to heal my fibroid, skin problem I can’t face people in the eyes. I can’t do my job devil bring laziness.

  206. Tank GOD 4evrytin he has done,let d whole world kw dat wit GOD all tins are possible in jesus name=AMEN….pls scoan church i dn’t hv support 2cm 2d church,pls invite me pls in jesus name!emmanuel GOD is wit us.

  207. please, the great servant of God, i need a whole healing for my mum who is currently challenged with stroke! i have faith in his power of strips. thanks for your wonderful work!

  208. People of GOD mantain your love to Lord Jesus Christ because he is our creator and he created us for a purpose. He is a faithful Savior, he loves us, he heals us, he delivers us, he blesses us. He never gets tired of doing good to us, he keeps his covenant with us fore ever, as long as we believe him. Mantain this covenant like what king David and other Apostles did with their personal Savior Lord Jesus Christ. Psalms 89:28 I will mantain my love to him fore ever and my covenant with him will never fail

  209. I Pray to God In Heave For Me nt to left behind this year Promotion…. God please Help Me and Promote Me In My Work this year In Jesus Name…. Amen.. God use ur Prophet TB to answer My prayer…

  210. Man of God,i want to visit the scoan,i having been waiting for you confirmation,please help coz i dreamt i came there

  211. Glory to God for raising His minister like TB Joshou. We know that where there is God there are Milacals. May prayer : God conteenew using your minister TB Joshou & wise men to deliver world Jesus mane. I love you man Of God.

  212. Halellujah!! the God of Prophet T.B Joshua is my God i love him .The bible says in John (3:16) For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.This simply means HE is able to give us all we want in life coz HE loves us all.

  213. If God be for us no one can be against us. ({})Ʈƕǎƞƙƴǒǘ ({}) Lord upon U̶̲̥̅̊я̲̅ friend pro. T.B Joshua

  214. Praise the lord Thats wonderfull, am a regular listener or worshiper at emmanuel tv.i have seen a lot what the anointing water is doing to people ,how can i acess it here in zambia,my busines is not doing fine,i dont have a permanent job all i have re part time jobs.i would like jesus to deliver me from the bondage of satan.

  215. Praise the lord Thats wonderfull, am a regular listener or worshiper of emmanuel tv.i have seen a lot what the anointing water is doing to people ,how can i acess it here in zambia,my busines is not doing fine,i dont have a permanent job all i have re part time jobs.i would like jesus to deliver me from the bondage of satan.

  216. I want to praise d name of God for d wonderful testmonies and use dis medium to thk prophet TB joshua and Emmanuel TV partners for their wonderful wrks.God wil b adored forever.I pray such miracles wil nt desist frm my life and family too.EMMANUEL

  217. God is Great. In Jesus name everything is possible. I’m a diabetic and I was diagonised in 1990 and have no children, am married, I love my wife very much. I always pray to God to remove us from this suffering. Please Man Of God help me. Am 50yrs now.

  218. God is Great. In Jesus name everything is possible. I’m a diabetic and I was diagonised in 1990 and have no children, am married, I love my wife very much. I always pray to God to remove us from this suffering. Please Man Of God help me.

  219. My fathers mother had to sell his womb to an idol before she can give birth before they not dyeing.I think the idols are still chasing us espercially my father’s children nothing good comes out of us.I always have promises ,at the end it fails.I have being watching your programs always but I have the feeling that I need to visit you for deliverance to save my family and myself.I bought the anointing oil in your Accra church last time and am using it hoping that it shall be well with me.
    Pray for me and my family man of God.

  220. Thank you all for the marvelous job you have been doing. The good Lord will continue to give you all the courage and peace.
    Love you all and thanks for changing peoples lives each day.

  221. “Believe God and you shall be established,believe ye also his prophets so that you may prosper”.2nd chronicles 20;20
    “People in & of this generation”,if only we could open our heart to God and His servant prophet TB Joshua,then we shall be what God wants us to be.Jer 29;11-14.
    “GOD BLESS Prophet. TB JOSHUA”.
    We love you man of God,we also request your trip in Kenya.with thanks we welcome you in Kenya.thanks.

  222. Emmanuel!! May the Lord give us the grace to remain in his word, delight in the law of the LORD and meditates on his law day and night. Then we shall be like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruits in season and whose leaf does not wither(Psm 1:3). Whatever will shall do shall prospers in Jesus name. stay blessed and be prosperous in Jesus name

  223. TB Joshua you are not just an example of a Christian but a leader in Christianity.You live Christ’s life.All the best.

    Love You man of God

  224. Trust and believe the Lord Jesus Christ in all what you do because he is always available. Lord Jesus Christ is calling all people to come to him, love him and have a desire to be part of his family and be his friend forever. Psalm 62:8 Trust in him at all times O people pour out your hearts to him for GOD is our refuge.

  225. Through Emmanuel tv every miracle is an act of God.As He has done for others He will do also for me and you
    Pst David Laston

  226. ever since i found this channel i cannot stop watching, Prophet TB Joshua u really inspire and encourage us,all i want is to follow God truely and i believe that i will in Jesus name

  227. i prayed that the almight god give him good health and many more years to stay so him can heal more of the sick people through the special blood of jesus christ : amen

  228. The man of God prophet TB Joshua is too much,he said something concerning born again without being delivered, he is perfectly right I pray that the almighty God, the God of senior prophet TB Joshua should help me come to SCOAN for my deliverance so that I can also become a real born again christian.The whole world including myself and my family thanks the lord Jesus christ for your life.

  229. Man of God you are ablessing to my life, and igive thanks to our father Jesus Christ for having you in our generation,may the almighty Lord grant you some more yrs to rich more souls around the globe,through his words.God bless you, Amen!!

  230. Thank you Jesus for using a wise from Scoan to pray on phone from Nigeria to Ghana for a 4 year hole in heart boy to receive instant healing. His breathing is now normal and is able to sleep all night soundly. He is now able to walk talk and eat well. Thank you Jesus for using your servant T.B. Joshua and his Wise men to heal this boy. Thank you Jesus for the miraculous healing.

  231. Emmanuel.

    Thank you prophet T.B. Joshua for the helping people to go with the way of God. and more blessing. After watching emmanuel tv we see change in our life.
    thank you God bless you.

  232. Oooooooodear PROPHETof our time,sometimes I use2b acting like a DOUBTING THOMAS,make me 2belive tht miracles are REAL,Pls pray 4me.I hd bn in yes sir/yes ma 4over 35yrs &still in the pay roll.i want 2b my own BOSS.

    • the most beautiful thing that ever happened to my life is prophet T.B JOSHUA a gift of the century and the wise men my GOD i’m short of words but above all i’m blessed richly through Jesus Christ our Lord the greatest doctor the word has ever known, healing for ever ,blessings for ever ,deliverance for ever. I pray to be ruled by his word all the days of my life through his grace.Amen.

  233. I call on all africans to
    pray for the prophet of
    our DAYS. This time
    God had send his
    representative in
    Africa to show us the
    way in a new mission.
    We must follow him
    and listen to him. We
    shall not blow this
    opportunity. This is the
    prophet who has a
    special heart for our
    elders.God loves us
    that why he has send
    this Great Man to us.
    Thank you God for me
    to part of this
    generation as


  235. how can i get anoiting water and sticker please. I beg u prophet tb joshua in jesus name please since me and my wife sufferd by sprit of disease please

  236. After reading the biography of the Man of God and the numerous testimonies,my faith is lifted up and I believe that the God of prophet Tb Joshua will not pass me by.I believe my testimony is on the way.God bless you man of God.Your biography is a solution to broken souls like me.One more,God bless you

  237. Man of GOD whatever you do or say to a christian like me I believe that it comes from God.Personally,I believe God and in you because of NUMBERS 23:19 and I am always sure that you are guided by the spirit of GOD. I use Psalm 35 to pray for Prophet T.B Joshua and Scoan Ministry.

  238. Prophet TB Joshua is real a man of God. Prohet TB Joshua continue touching the souls of so many who need Gods help.Jesus is very much alive and speaks through the Man of God Prophet TB Joshua.

    Amen and Amen

    Aggie Nankoloongo -Lusaka, Zambia

  239. I just give God praise for not forgetting us and giving us a gift in the life of Prophet TB JOSHUA.
    The Lord continue to sustain & bless him mightily in Jesus name. Amen.
    I and my family are already on our way to come have fellowship with Jesus Christ at scoan.
    God bless the emmanuel family&team. Amen.

  240. Hi my nyme is johanna i live in south africa .i want stickers and inoitinq water , i dn’t know how to get it , pls help me .

  241. I thank God that He has answere my prayer by bring my husband back to me.i also prophet T.B Joshua and the wise man because God is using them as a medium i want to were shoes of Abraham, Isaac, jacob and Prophet TB Josua even if the soal is finished i know that with the pice of that shoes i will never turn back from His way and i ask Gods mercy every second Amen.

  242. ****Singing**** this kind God oohh i have never seen this kind oohh this kind God oohhh blessed be HIS holy name.Emmanuel!!!!!

  243. I Have seen the hand of God almighty working through my father in the lord senior Prophet Tb.Joshua.may God anoiting the man of God Prophet TB Joshua coz he has tought me to understand every situation in lyf.

  244. If God is with us who can be against us? Nobody and not even a spirit. Jesus Christ is our Chief in Command and sole Savior. Say Yes to Jesus!

    Gerson P./Mozambique

  245. Howdy,

    The miracles happening worldwide through the Anointing Water are too numerous to even account for .It is 100% true I have seen hundreds of testimonies through Emmanuel TV .Please Man of God send to me anointed water /stickers. Thank you Jesus .

    Dickson K. Banda

  246. Stay blessed and remember, you as a Christian the Situation in Kenya will just strainthen you, also read Psalms 91vs 7-8 for your protection.Emmanuel!!!

  247. Papa Prophet may God Almighty richly bless you for the wonderful work God is using you to do for the needy.May He make us all the Hur and Aaron ytou need to hold your hand up so you don’t get tired.Also thank you for being a vessel of honour and a vessel of gold in the house of God. May only the sight of you on the TV screen bring Zoe life to all watching you on TV and may all they believe God for be made available for them just by watching your image on screen.God bless all who are also your biological family.


  249. Man of God please help me, I would to receive anointing water and sticker, please post it to 299 Bronkhorst street, block f first floor Brooklyn,Pretoria 2001 South Africa my name is Fikiswa.

  250. Man of God please continue to work for God and pray for me to get a good job.
    Please pray for spirit of blockage to leave me.

  251. Thank God the man if God is being used by Him to heal and work for God.
    Please pray for me to get a living wage and a good job.11 years in the same job with no promotion.
    God will lift me up He will make the head not the tail a he has promised.
    Please pray for the spirit of blockage to go away in my life.

  252. Emmanuel! indeed God of almighty is certainly with us.I was praying for the break through in my finances coz i had many debts around me,every mothend i was paying back more than i make.But after praying and ministering the anoiting water which i received from SCOAN through a friend things have started changing for betterness in my life for jst a month .God of Senior Prophet TB Joshua has opened many new contacts in my life,this monthend i cleared all the debts and still remained with enough money for my family.I pray that has God is blessing me may he also give me the grace to bless others too in Jesus Christ name. Hallelujah!!!!!

  253. Thank God for this medium(emmanuel tv). It is realy changing lives, nations and the world at large. I also thank Lord Jesus for the lives of Mr Christopher, Miss Lena Ofosu and Mr Gift Oyebabogha.

  254. I always thank Christ Jesus for his Wonders and Miracles on me and my family and I will always praise him in JESUS MIGHTY AMEN.👏

  255. I always thank Christ Jesus for his Wonders and Miracles on me and my family and I will alway praise him JESUS MIGHTY AMEN.👏

  256. Rejoice and be glad to Almighty GOD if you want him to be your director in everything you want to achieve in life.He is the only one who can direct you and guide you. Because he never fails. Praise him, and love him all the time because he is your savior and reedemer.
    Psalms 70:4 But may all who seek you rejoice and be glad in you, may those who love your salvation always say let GOD be exalted.


  258. This is awesome,May God bless Prophet TB Joshua with many years and power to heal this sick world,and open eyes for those who still leaving in the darkness!God bless you all!


  260. God of Prophet TB Joshua heal my marriage and my body from distruction that the Devil is tormenting me through, I pray in the mighty name of Jesus. I know that he loves me and I will never give up on him, he is the source of my peace and strength.

  261. I thank the Almighty God for the life of Prophet T.B Joshua,I salute You Sir,You are a True Man of God what you are doing to the lives of people is so wonderful and I pray that God keeps You and Protect You till the day I come to visit your church.

    Thank You

  262. I appreciate the work dat the man of God prophet t.b joshua is doing for our elders nd all dat have recieved breakthrough by his prayer,God will give u more strenght and he will continue to give u more power in jesus name.

  263. I use to wonder hw possible it is to consistently do this great work of God,to remain in d overflow of d holyspirit,it is not easy but only with d help of d holyspirit.may God continue to increase His anointing upon ur head.

  264. MAN OF GOD TB JOSHUA AND WISE MEN HELP ME SO THAT WILL OF GOD TO ACCEPT ME AS A SERVANT OF GOD SINCE DISTANCE IS NOT A BARRIER HELP ME MAN OF GOD THIS IS MY 40yrs now I have decided to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior of my Life I want to serve GOD not the way I want but the way GOD want for his GLORY. HELP ME MAN OF GOD TB JOSHUA

  265. I thank God prophet,TB JOSHUA.he is a joy of many generations,a praise on earth,his Christain life makes me to realize how faithful God is in every generation.I bless the name of God.

  266. Our generation is not alone,God is indeed with us, through prophet joshua he reveals his powers&eternal love upon us,to our lord jesus the great christ, b glory for ever and ever in jesus our lord and saviour amen!.

  267. Thank the Almighty for lives and the ministry,may he bless you for the prayers and deliverance you to people through him,may he fill you with grace to keep on his mission on no matter what,i believe when i pray for the MEN OF GOD obviousely am been prayed as well.God bless you and the WISEMEN in Jesus name!!!

  268. I give glory n honour to GOD n I praise mighty JESUS 4 giving us this senior prophet T.B. JOSHUA in Nigeria n d whole universe, I magnified HIS name tru d life of HIS SHELPERD prophet T.B.Joshua, I strongly blv d man of GOD is filled wt d holy spirit n as he always deliver,provide.empower,heals. give n save lifes, he will surely fire d challenges of my life tru d power of GOD. Pls help my life, am only stand stills

  269. Wow what a miracle , I never go to church bt since I watched Emmanuel tv I feel diffent and I have feeling tht god is wth when I pray along wth TB joshua and today I’m going 2 watch this channel every day

  270. Man of God please pray for me tomorrow I am going for an interview at 10h00 in the morning I have been living in debts and poverty for a long time. I ask that God Almighty will show favor and grant me the desires of my heart. I want to give and do what is best for my children. Prophet T.B. Joshua and the pastors please pray for me.
    Thank you ,God bless you.

  271. i want 2 thank God, 4 the man of God TB JOSHUA on frnd i sent a request abt my stomach water and brest both on left side, i realy wantd anoitng water now 2 recieve and wht 2 do did not know becouse on internet the pipo who ar cheatng 2 b wise men so i faild 2 send money througth daniel wise men on internet bt God grace i maneged get a DVD faith dvd by TBJoshua on sunday 17march 2o13 morning i pray wth it and put on my stomach my hand startd waving an cotroble aftr am filling fine,thank God 4 dat.please i also need anoitng water 4 my family.

  272. Emmanuel mand og god
    With all the miracles you do to mankind may the grace of god enrich you until you use cruches to walk so you can continue doing good job of god.
    Can you also pray for me man of god cos am goin through difficult time,no job,no good life,demons is crushin my life and family,please pray for us. AMEN

  273. Thank God for all the Good good things Prophet TB Joshua truly truly God is with you, and God is with us, I’m looking forword to be there I can’t wait to be there. God will Continue to Bless the Great man of God Prophet TB Joshua and the wise men.

  274. May The Almighty God Bless The Man of God and All The Wise Man in Jesus”Name,so that Whole World Will Be Set Free in Jesus”Name,Thanks You For Everything.

  275. Thank you our father prophet T.b Joshua for the wonderful things that u’ve been doing in our lives.May the almighty God continue to bless you throughout your life in Jesus name,AMEN

  276. man of God..i need your prayer of healing in my life..i have confidence in thy lord..Prophet T.B joshua I thank God for using you to bless many nations,many souls and for healing the sick and afflicted..i know the same God that uses you to heal others will also use you to heal me.UNITY

  277. Daddy I wat u to pray 4 me I wat to carry my baby dis year I always see wat God is. Using u to do.in d life of people.

  278. I thank God that my life has change just with the anointing sticker im no more dreaming spiritual husband and my lost lover the father of my child has come back to take care of us we now leaving a normal life thank u jesus. God bless you prophet T.B joshua thank you emmanuel tv.

  279. I thank God for blessing Nigeria with a man like TBJ. also bless the name of the most high for the worderful thinks He is doing through this great man.

  280. emmanuel tv has strengthened my love for God to almost hundred percent . l even love stickers and anointing water . may God bless prophet Tb Joshua for the mighty work to the afflicted people of world . emmanuel !

  281. My name is kofi akalawombakofi from Ghana ,yes distance is not abarrier just today 11th february this afternoon when prophet TB Joshua started prayer and say viewers distance is not a barrier touch your screen and receive your healing with my faith i touch the screen when he shout be fracture out I start vomiting in my room,yes prophet TB Joshua is true man of God,this is the saviour God has given As let listening to him.and we will be save in Jesus name.

  282. The Lord that I trully worship is the one wosrhiped at SCOAN may all the angels created by the almighty preserve the senior prophet and the desciples to renew the world for ever the best is yet to come in Jesus name let the world watch Emmanuel TV.


  284. Jesus christ teaches us to love one another. We need to have the spirit of giving the little we have., just as the prophet said that in whatever we do but we don’t love others then we just making a noice. Lket us love one another.

  285. man of God may God continue using you to guide his people, you passion for God work always motivate me to pray and thank the Lord Jesus Christ for my life.

  286. Emanuel. my name is Flora, I lived in Tanzania. I need deliverance and my family. Heal my daughter and my father.pray for me to pray for my family in Jesus name

  287. I really need de direction of de holy spirit in my life, to direct me on which path to take and help me to get out of this jobless life.

  288. Goodday prophet, pls i need ur prayers. My laptop that contains all my documents was stolen last two nights. Pls join me in prayers that the person that stole it wil hv no peace until he brings it back. Amen.

  289. I saw a testimony about a spirit of depression. Plse pray that Jesus sets me free from that. Thank you GOD for the work of this ministry. Its outstanding, bringing hope to a world which seems lost to all the destructive influences, tearing me down also.

  290. Yes! Prophet TB Joshua is God sent to save humanity from the devil. I cherish him and I pray that the Almighty God will bless him abundantly and grant him long life Amen. Thank you sir, from Ghana

  291. Man of God, deliver me from all evil spirits that i posses, some of these spirits are envey, fear,stealing, proudness and others which i cannot remember. Bless me so that i bless others. i always thank God for my life and everything. Amen

  292. Heavenly Father, God of Prophet T.B.Joshua and the SCOAN wise men. I thank you father for I know my body is your temple. I ask for your mercy, may your mercy , grace and favor locate me and destroy any smallest thing within me inside and outside that may cause me not to be close to you and hear your voice. Cleanse me with your blood and sanctify me heavenly father, and transform me into your really image, so that I walk by the Spirit and do works of Faith. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  293. help me Oh God to live by faith and walk by your spirit,faith in your deliverance,faith in your healing power,faith in your blessing and mercy,faith in your plan for my life,for my career,for my children and for my marital life in the name of Jesus Christ.Let your holy spirit continue to guide prophet TB Joshus now and for ever..Amen

  294. Emmanuel,Emmanuel really God is with us.I am Emmanuel Quarshie in the Ghana Armed Forces. After watching prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV I began to love the prophet and his wonderful five wise men for the excellent work they are doing. may the almighty God richly bless you Amen.

  295. Almighty GOD let your name be glorified because you loved us because you gave us your only SON Lord Jesus Christ who is the King of Kings the Prince of Peace and the counselor, the comforter.

  296. May God almighty Continue to bless prophet TB joshua and Uplift him all the days of his life in jesus name!! Amen

  297. Thank you Lord for the breakthrough of my career in my life, i know that the God of TB Joshua will do it for me, as He did it for others, i open my heart to faith believing in Him, believing fully with a repentant heart.My family is delivered in Jesus Name, With God nothing is impossible.

    • Hi in the name of Jesus .I keep watching emmanuel tv and my life changed ,right now im at peace ,God s time is the best

  298. God of senior Prophet TB Joshua i thank you for your presence in my home.Lord Jesus Christ God of Prophet TB Joshua i know you love me,come in your love and bless my family,my marriege and all areas of my life in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.Halellujah!

  299. oh! people of God indeed GOD has brought us a REAL man of GOD who indeed is doing the same miracles that was done by Jesus Christ. i have been blessed through Prophet TB Joshua, people of GOD my daughter was saved from death through Man of God TB JOSHUA, I have been praying with him, indeed distance is not a barrier. lets have faith to the man of God and the name of Jesus Christ.the blessing i received, even those have millions of Dollars, Rands etc cannot pay for. my daughter is in the land of the living, PRAISE THE LORD OF PROPHET TB JOSHUA IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST AMENN

    Raesetja Olivia Sithole RSA

  300. Dear our Prophet of God

    Please forgive me for using this address to send a request to Senior Prophet T B Joshua.

    My niece is hospitalized and on a life support machine. She was on coma but with the power of the anointing water, she regained consciousness. Please man of God, my niece is too ill and weak to even to speak properly. She cannot wake up or sit on her own. She has chronic diarrhea and stomach ulcers. Please Man of God, I beg you to pray for instant healing for her. She has two children and a husband. Please please please, I beg of you to help her get back to normal life. I know distance is not a barrier!

    From me

    Rudo Mtemwende, Malawi

  301. Number 23:19
    GOD is not like a man who lie. He is not a human who change his mind. Whatever he promises he does. He speaks and it is done.
    (Almighty God when he blesses you he blesses you for ever, he will never change. When he heals you he heals you for ever, when he delivers you he will deliver you for ever, because he never changes. He loves you and his love is unchanging. He is always ready to show you how you can walk in his footsteps/ways through his Living Word and by His Spirit. He is also ready. to show you how you can work according to his way and according to his standards. In fact there are many promises he promised you if you trust and believe his Living Word and also trusting him and believing him) Where can we go from his presence? No where

  302. Thank you for faith uplifting testimony,my heart really cries for contact with any of your products be it anointing water or sticker .thank you so much

  303. Emmanuel

    Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus especially to the annointed man of God Senior Prophet Joshua i wonder how the worlrd will be now if God didnt use you to save millions of soul around the world .Just like others i have a previllage of watching Scoan events through Television,pray and cast demons with them ,i also had a previllage of recieving my package of annointing sticker ,water DVDs and the book i read the book ,used anointing water and sticker but the evil spirits are still tormenting me and there is no solution to my problems,i even apply to come to Scoan but they havent invited me yet but i wont dispair as i know Gods time is the best time iw ill carry on trusting believing and praying as i know one day iw ill be testifying.Thank you.

  304. God bless u Prophet TB Joshua, no wonder now I know why people started say all kind of blackmail against the Lord’s Anointed but they knew that the light has come unto all mankind. God richly bless u, this man of God has given me hope being a Nigerian!

  305. my name is petchuekeu urbain ,i no that my probleme will become an histry ,god of prophet TB JOSHUA will tune my probleme to histry ,god bless you prophet TB JOSHUA AND THE WISE MAN,s amen