Healed Of Heart Disease: A Touch From Heaven!

Here is a testimony of a Cameroonian lady who was diagnosed with a debilitating heart disease but upon coming to The SCOAN, received her total and complete healing! 

“Emmanuel! My name is Solange Gham and I am from Cameroon. I want to testify about how God healed me from a serious heart disease after coming to The SCOAN. I was diagnosed with a heart disease in Cameroon on 29th January and was booked for a heart surgery. I was devastated when I heard the news as I am just 26 years old and knew the seriousness of the situation. Physically I found myself getting easily tired and weak, even after just moving for small distances. I also had shortness of breath and concurrent chest pains. The prognosis was not good.

“Having watched Emmanuel TV, I came to The SCOAN on 2nd November and was registered for the prayer line. I was in The SCOAN auditorium on 6th and 7th of November. It was wonderful! During the Prayer Line and Sunday Service, I received a touch from the Wise Men and I also joined in for a time of powerful prayer with Prophet T.B Joshua. I flew back to Cameroon on the 11th of November and went for a checkup, full of faith that heaven had touched me. To the greatest surprise of my doctors, all traces of the disease disappeared! My heart is now fine and I have the medical report to confirm it! I am now fit and healthy and all the symptoms of the heart disease have totally disappeared. Glory be to God! Thank You, Jesus, for giving me another chance.”

Solange Gham – Cameroon

220 thoughts on “Healed Of Heart Disease: A Touch From Heaven!

  1. Man of God, i need a general spiritual cleansing. Also i want to be amound those that will ogument the standard of christianitw & promote the cryterial of christianity.

  2. indeed distance is not a barrier,we so previledged to tune in. we&our homes are under God’s protection frm evil spirits&demon aare powerless.i am in south africa in need of the new anointing water

  3. 2 Corithians 1:3 Let us give thanks to the Lord and father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the merciful father the GOD from whom the help comes.
    It is a must to thank Almighty God all the time our merciful father the creator, for what he did for us and to thank him for what he is going to do for us. There are many things GOD did for us e.g he gave us spiritual gifts, he gave us his only son, who is our mediator, who is covenant keeping savior, so that we should not perish. Lord Jesus Christ is a merciful savior he helps us in time of need and he also helps us in all situations.

  4. I ma a disable person, and my husband is diabled.we need a deliverence.and we are jobless. we need a job so that we can take care of our children and our familly.and diliverence for my children, my sister’fimally, my brother’s firmallya, and my mother. please he help us man of god. I belive that god will do it , in the mname of our Lord juses christ.we healed, and being successes.

  5. I need your touch my Lord, for i am wholly living life with evil spirits, my whole body is in pain for 11 years now, i try all by means to see different Doctors but nothing, in Jesus Name i prey , Amen!

  6. Mark 10:14
    Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of GOD belongs to such as these.

    Lord Jesus Christ loves the children. He is calling us to bring children to him and not to stop them. He is also calling us to bring up our children in the way of the Lord. The young generation needs to be guided and taught, so that they know who is Lord Jesus Christ and who is satan. They should taught to know that Lord Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life. He loves them he heals them. and satan is a dicever he does not tell the truth. He is there to destroy and inflict many people with different kinds of sicknesses and demonic attacks and he does not love them.

  7. Emmanuel! God is great am so happy for your healing, praying for His divine healing in my life I need God’s healing in my body remove every pains chest pain, stomach, any kidney diseases in my body by His stripes am healed and hoping to have the anointing water soon thank you Jesus thank you Prophet T.B Joshua for his wonders in our lives may God continue to strengthen Him the more Amen!

  8. Truely there is no sickness Jesus Christ can not heal and NO diesease He can Cure. JESUS CHRIST is a non changing,and a non ageing God full of Mercy and Rich in Grace. Glory be to His name forever AMEN

  9. my name is mrs basira. i live in zimbabwe, i live with my elder sisters daughter. she is having difficulties in her marriage. on 16/03/13 she spend the whole day watching live service on emanuel tv and prayed with the prophet tb joshua. infact we joined her when the man of God was praying. when the wise men were praying for those on prayer lines she continued praying. all of sudden she started crying making sounds which were difficult to understand. she was trying to remove something from her left hand fingers. we asked her to speak to us about were the demon come from but she refused to to talk. we prayed for her , took the bible and placed it on her chest and forehead while shouting holy ghost fire. we ask the God of tb joshua to deliver her. she fell down and she was instantly delivered. she stood up and started praying and praising lord jesus touching the tv screen. we are happy for what God has done for her. after the prayer her husband who had abandoned her for 3 month phoned , talked to her in a nice manner and promised to send her money for her upkeep. praise be to God.

  10. We thank God for using you to help so many people,I’ve touched by the testimomies and I believe one day ill be one of them,telling the whole word that I’m healed completely I have faith that true Jesus Christ of Nazareth I’m going to be healed,may God bless u

  11. Our Lord is good. Thanks for your great assitance to our lives. Pls how can i get to the synagogues? Cause i have been suffering from skin affliction for the past five years nw. I reall need healing cause am passing through great difficulty nw. Thank you.

  12. God is awesome, he is able to do all thing. With him all are possible, i believe in him because my better life is guarantee, thank u lord.

  13. Amen Thank you lord for all u have done to my family and am Looking forward to a big miracle to happen in my family,education, my whole life so far as Christ is concern amen and open doors in my life

  14. Hi Tb joshual,a’m ayoung man with severe problems,after leading the story about acameronian girl,a’m so pleased to introduce myself,idevelop the same heart prbm 2yrs ago,being aforeiner living in RSA now life is hard with me becz it’s on and off.secondly ihave afamily,i go to some churches.but when it come to prayers and pple pray in tongues my body shakes till they finish their prayers please joshual help me the way u can.in his holy name igreet the entire church.

  15. The righteousness from GOD comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe. The Word of GOD is true. Believe it and act apon it. The Word of GOD ( HOLY BIBLE) is a gift given to human kind. Obey it.

  16. Man of God pray for me Iam suffering alot miscarriges for three times, souls, limitations in progress, no promotion, marital status problems because of no a child . My number is +(265) 0999047096. I need your phone number to call you Man of God. Iam serious in pain. By seeing this message God of Elija will show you everthing about me. I trust in Jesus Christ as the way and truth.

  17. I saw the tesmonony of Sunday 6th January, 2013, a Southafrican woman manifested that there are little remining in the kingdom of darknest. Lets the whole world know Jesus so that we should not perish. People of God what you should know is that jahena is rely and is waiting for those who are still now in darkeness. Pray God to intervine our situation everyday. I love JESUS CHRIST and the Ministry of T.B. Joshua who forfillement what the Bible is saying, feed for the poor, care for widows and orpans , pay school fees for needy.

  18. i am from namibia. My heart and soul everytime when i wacthing emmanuel tv and the man of god, realy i want them here in namimbia our nation need the power and the light of our lord jesus christ here. we need deliverance and breackthrough in healing. Please this year prophet senioner tb joshua to look at our country, some of us we like your god interesting at your praeching and your miracles that are occuring everytime .like me i slept at with emmanuel tv 24\7 my tv is on becaus your lord jesus christ is the creater i belive with you and your wiseman. god bless your work thank you and prayer for my family my business let us proseper . sirkka ndaoya windhoek namibia. In Jesus Name

  19. Hallelujah! God of Prophet TB Joshua has done it again!! May it be done in my live too. Using dis medium to say Happy Neu year to TB Joshua , the Wise men , d partners and workers. I love u all.
    P.S – I promise 2 update ma testimonies cos there so many things God promised me. Dis year and Our Best Is Yet To Come . Amen

  20. Praise Lord Jesus Christ for his mighty works to free people from satan. Lord Jesus Christ love’s to save our souls. his works are good.and reliable, your are assured of every good thing from him. Emmanuel – God with us

  21. i am also suffering from heart problem and other illnesses but i know that via this testimony i strongly believe with all my heart am also heald in jesus name amen.

  22. praise the living God. Man of God TB Joshua n wise man n prayer warrior of SCOAN pliz pray for mi im 35yr but not yet married, i hv a plot for 5 yrs but no house in the plot, i hv bin working as a teacher for 8 yrs but no promotion, i always applied for post in other departments but no reply. i hv bin HIV positiv since 2005. my son is 10yrs doing standard 5 but his results r vry poor. pray for mi ppl of God so tht our mighty God touch n change my situation! may h gv mi desire of my heart as th yr starts.

  23. God of. Prophet T.B Joshua is indeed a miracle working God. I was also healed of a heart enlargement after receiving powerful prayer by the wisemen on the prayerline on 23march2012. As of no my heart iis restored to its normal size. All i can say,is thank you Jesus! May God continue to bless prophet T.bJoshua and the five wisemen. Better is notgood enough the best is yet to come!

  24. Thank you very much man of GOD for sending me such a touching and very powerful testmony, i`m touched with this miracle, may the Lord GOD, bless Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua, his family, Wise men and their families, Emmanuel singers and the SCOAN you are really doing the great work all over the world.

  25. Glory be to our God all Mighty,the creator of heaven and earth,the one who opens the door and no one can close it,when He close the door no one can open it,His word is final whether the devil like it or not.Thank you Jesus for your wonderful deeds.

  26. my name is Amon Chanda from Zambia.Man of God prophet Tb Joshua i believed 100% that our Lord Jesus christ is using you in this Generation to free many lives.I feel so offended if someone is speaking bad things on you coz i know the God in you is the almighty God of all creations.may God of abrahim,Isaac and Jacob have mercy on all who speaks against you and may the Lord Jesus Christ the King of Zion and the Lion of the tribe of Judah bless you (TB JOSHUA and SCOAN)more en more to bless all of us emmanuel.tv viewers around the world in Jesus name.
    Please pray for my home!

  27. man of God senior prophet Tb Joshua may God Almighty continue using you mightly to shame the devil in Jesus Christ name! Amen

    Please man of God help me to pray for my family i really need Jesus in my family,pray for my wife she has been having attacks in the dreams i believe Jesus knows my situation.

  28. Man of God pray for me,whatever i do in life i do not exile even though i try as much as possible working hard but looking at my past were i devorced my first wife,i suspect this were trouble is probably coming from.Man of God help me,may God use you to locate me.

  29. Solange i thank God for your healing, prophet tb joshua and your wise men i pray dat God wil continue to use you peaple to make the public show of the devil and his agent…

  30. T.B Joshua pray for me,I’m working at the company called working on fire,so I’ve chosen to be a crew leader.next year 14th January 2013 I’m to nelspruit working on fire academy to study that course for 2 months,may you please put a pray to me for everything become simple to me.because one mistake they will send me back.in the Mighty Name of Jesus Chirst!!!

  31. Thank God for the life of senior prophet T.B Joshuah,and what he is doing in the life of people.Please man of God speak a word into my life for i believe that i will have my breakthrough. for some time now i have no job.Please man of God help me.

  32. I use to watch Emmanuel TV each and every single day.by entering at home I’m firstly logging on the television to Emmanuel TV station,what a wonderful touching me:men of God with miracles of healing people in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.I’m feeling so interested by wishing to visit in SCOAN. I wish all the best to the men of God,God give them more power!!!

  33. Man of God,i am from Ghana, and please i needed an Invitation to visit the church in Lagos to enable me to see you i have a serious family problems and very sick now. my phone no is 00233232533782 and my name is Emmanuel Kwame Obuobi,

  34. Thank God for your healing my friend. To God be the Glory. I am also waiting for my healing. I am sure it will surely happend in Jesus’ name. Emmanuel.

  35. I put my own busness a month ago. Hav bn praying God 2 provide me with customers coz up to now most of the time am free-no customer no work meaning low sales. Pliz i want a busy shop! (i promised God to give tithe for every saving to ma account). Pliz, pray for ma business.

  36. Man of God prophet TB joshua l wishes you and your family season. Merry christmas and Happy newyear in advance in jesus name (Amen) l thank you four your prayear in my family l ned your hep four my new site God will continued to strenght your ministries

  37. Realy our God is healer Doctor I thank the name of the lord of our sister for her delivrence and healing . The synagogue church of all nation never fail in His action and He use every medium to show Him selfe to His people Thank you Jesus

  38. Surely one day I will also receive my healing because by HIS strpes HE taught me to understand that HE paid the price for me, in HIS mercy HE called me for blessings, in HIS mercy HE called me to be healed and in HIS mercy you and I are included.

  39. Man of God, please I travelled to the village for christmas and I came back with sickness. My head has been turning and turning. Pls pray for me. Or give me phone number to call you. My number is 08033382938

  40. Heavenly Father you are so great and merciful to all of us. All that you have done to this world could not be expressed in any word. Giving glory for all the healing, deliverance and salvation can not even express our thanks either. I wish the whole world could turn away from their evil deeds, and follow your ways, laws and be holy like you, that would have meet the glory and thanks we always say we give you, for that would have broken the horns of the Satan forever.

  41. Thank you Lord Jesus for healing your son. If Jesus can heal him, he can also heal others in the same sircumstances. G.B.T.G

  42. Thank you lord for the problem solver, SCOAN and respected Man of God, Prophet TB Joshua. Glory be to God, the one and only forever.

  43. PRAISE THE LORD !!!!!!! Our God is almighty all over our setbacks. All of us who are waiting upon the Lord, for sure will receive our blessing on the Lord’s perfect time. This lovely servant is a precious gift of God for all people of God all over the world. Let God continue to abundantly pour out His anointing on the whole ministry of the SCOAN. God bless you and keep you till the end.
    by Selome, from usa

  44. Man of god I’m in south africa I’m salphina tebogo modau I have develop diabetic from 2010 march. Since then my life is miserable during the night my hands be come numbness. And I have to choose which food to eat I have loose lot of weight my feet als0 have pains underneath. I have also have two sisters and two brothers who are not working. Sisters who sell fruit and verge in the platform of a train in order to survive. My mum is suffering from mental illness since iwas born in 1969 plse man of god prey for me and my family. And send me amounting water to remove this curse
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  45. God is great and thank u paster and the scon
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  46. Jesus, thank you for your healing powers which you manifest through the hands of your servants at SCOAN. I pray that you extend your hands to me and heal me of my sicknesses and backwardness so that I too can receive my healing and breakthrough. My testimony is coming soon. Emmanuel!

  47. Papa thank you for the healing l now feel the baby,l wasn’t sure am pregnant coz the doctor had said am not pregnant maybe l have a cyst,the scan results say no cyst,no fibroid nothing wrong with my lower abdomen.I sent a message through facebook today,then went to a friend’s wedding my stomach grew bigger and movements of a baby started.I went back home and wore my maternity dress coz l have an eye of faith.l thank God for you Prophet,God has answered my prayers,he his a God of now.Prophet if l had money l would just fly to Nigeria only to clean the church that’s the only way to say thank you to the Almigthy.Lastly Prophet whenever you strech your hand to pray for the viewers your hand looks like the hand of Jesus,it becomes red as it has blood,no wonder why those who have faith get healed.Blessed is the woman who carried you in her womb.May God bless our Mother Prophet and your families.

    • Amen.All Glory to our almighty heavenly father.Amen Praise the living Jesus .Thank God that our Lord is using Prophet Tb Joshua and the wise men to deliver people from every affliction.Let our father in heaven bless you man of God.

  48. Emmanuel am a lady aged 22, i tested HIV + in 2008 i was still a virgin. Now i have met a man who wants to marry me and he’s negative i believe that Christ is the healer please prayer for me to be healed.

  49. God is good all the time.Those who believe in the son of David,Jesus christ will never be put to shame and whatever we ask shall be given.Great testimony and yes,a chance for long life.

  50. God is indeed mercyful and compassionate.May God bess senior prophet TB Joshua and all the Wise men more and more and more till eternity.

  51. Nothing is impossible wit Jesus Christ.l also believe that in the mighty name of Jesus Christ l’ll b delivered,redeemed,healed,amen.

  52. Glory be to God thank you man of God for the wonderful work I have no doubt only one of the days I will be delivered from my problem in Jesus’s name

  53. Man of God pls for grandma’s family they are all sick, got lots of problems n jobless. Its like they,ve been cursed. Myself too as her grandchild I’m jobless I graduated in 2006 till today I’m still looking for job. we seriously need a miracle, a breakthrough. Please pray for us Man of God. Thank you in advance.

  54. Glory to my Jesus,my husband was also sick,weak and i tuned into you tube powerful prayers,as im writing this he’s healed.Thank you Man of God you are a life saver,thank you very much please pray for us as we are planning for our white wedding please be with us.

  55. Man of God pls pray for i need a job badly,im amother of two children although i v a hus but tins are nt working d way it shld be.n also man of pls pray for my marriage its almost being destroyd by unknown forces

  56. God is faithfull to everyone if only we use our faith he is ready to do it to you nd me.I thank u lord jesus for the healing of our sister.Amen

  57. We really thank the Master Jesus for being there for us always.
    He is Merciful and gracious God!!
    All Glory and Honour belong to Him.
    We thank Him for the miracle in your life.
    Thank You Jesus

  58. Lord deliver me from unclean spirits that are tomenting my life. Heal me from this terreble headache in Jesus Christ. Halellujah!

  59. Emmanuel! Emmanuel!! God is wonderful, nothin is impossible before him. As he has done her own He will do my own one day n I strongly believe he will do for everyone anytime anyday just put your trust in him

  60. Halelluya! Jesus Christ of Nazareth is our healer. Thank you Jesus.
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  61. tank u jesus 4 this powerful testimony.i know u can heal me too 4rm my barenes. man of god i need ur prayer,i want god 2 giv me a bleses child lik samuel

  62. Jesus is the lord thank you God for bringing emmanuel tv and senior phophet TB Joshua in our generation we are very much blessed, comforted and healed throgh emmanuel tv

  63. Emmanuel.
    Personally I always pray with the Prophet and wise men and get surprised.One day I had terrible sharp side stomach pains at night but Emmanuel Tv just a touch got healed.Several.
    Thank God,Prophet and Wise men my life is what it is because of them.

  64. The power of God is unlimited whenever our minds no longer think any further thus where His might works starts. He says as far as heaven from earth thus His thots against ours. Glory be to God

  65. Thank you Jesus the chief physician for healing your follower.Never a sickness he cannot cure,never an affiction he cannot heal.Jesus by a similar requast of healing,as i write this email i ask you through the man of god prophet TB Joshua to give me and my wife mazviita the fruit of the womb.we have been married for six years,but up to now no fruit.Jesus through prophet will one day heal us.Amen

  66. We thank God 4 ur healing, its a perfect way to start the new year. Thank u Jesus, I connect 2 all the miracles in Jesus name

  67. Man of GOD i’m also confronting a huge issue in my life. Being alone here in France after my studies, i’m still looking for a job for a long time. Having now no ressource, I call for SCOAN Help. Please just have a word in my life, I think GOD will do something. Thank you.

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