“I Belong To Jesus” – Healed Through Emmanuel TV

Emmanuel! Enjoy this wonderful testimony from an Emmanuel TV viewer whose daughter was miraculously healed as she joined Prophet Τ.Β. Joshua in prayer from South Africa.

“Greetings in Jesus’ name! I want to testify how God healed my 21 month old daughter, Khanyisa Mabaso through Emmanuel TV. Whilst trying to walk, she had fallen down on her hand and seriously injured it. Her hand was twisted and she was always crying and in a lot of pain. She was unable to play with the affected hand and it had swollen up. She was in this pain for two days.

“Then, as I was watching Emmanuel TV, the man of God Prophet Τ.Β. Joshua began praying for the viewers. In the prayer, he was telling us to repeat the words, ‘I belong to Jesus!’ I was praying along with him, holding my daughter’s swollen hand in faith. Suddenly he said, ‘Viewers – when I say, ‘Be healed’, say, ‘I am healed.’ Instantly my daughter’s hand made a clicking sound as if something was moving back into place. At that moment, she received her miracle, started playing and was able to use the hand as normally if she had never injured it! Man of God, you are a blessing to our lives. I thank God for your life and the ministry of The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV.”

Sindi Mabaso, South Africa

253 thoughts on ““I Belong To Jesus” – Healed Through Emmanuel TV

  1. my rent is over due for two months now…my daughters fee is not fully paid however as i continue praying with prophet TB Joshua through Emmanuel tv I know it is well God is going to provide a way to get funds to clear the outstanding rent arrears and clear the school fees and pay in advance. All I know is that I will not be disgraced with eviction and my daughter been removed out of class. i belong to Jesus and I am confident God has already provided and opened the way. IT IS WELL. EMMANUEL..

  2. Lord pls 4 give me my sins,i am sorry. am so confuse,lonely and i dont know what to do,man of God interseed on my behave. tnx

  3. .God is truly using emmanuel tv .thank you JESUS FOR THE SCOAN.’& I belong to JESUS CHRIST’ thats my boss

  4. I give GOD the glory for not looking at the distance but the needed healing.God is truly using emmanuel tv .thank you JESUS FOR THE SCOAN.’& I belong to JESUS CHRIST’ thats my boss

  5. Please pray for my family man of god we need deliverance there is no progress only problems come day by day I also asking for anointing water

  6. Man of GOD i am a pastor but i have a lot of problems i need a prayer. Please pray for me. and my marriage is zero i need a breakthrough to come and see man of GOD Prophet T B JOSHUA for deliverance.

  7. i tank God 4 d life of d child 4 healin nd i knw my own wil nt b an exception 4 i blive god hs deliver me 4rm boundage. i ask 4 his wisdom knowledge nd understandin nd 4 his direction 2 work in d way of d lord.dis i pray 4 me nd my family nd also in my relationship let it b a blesed 1

  8. distance is not a barrier,i believe in jesus and i belong to jesus!prayers c
    oming frm tbjoshua today must touch my life without fail here in zambia.amen!

  9. thank u jesus am heald from the spirit of lust,povert,stagnation in my business,luck of working capital,let all of these get behind me and thrwn in fire in jesus name.thank u prophet tbjoshua for praying for me right now and am healed from all these in je

    thank u jesus for hearing the prayer from my spiritual father tbjoshua when prayd for people like me..i hope and trust with deep faith that am healed frm the demon of povert in my family,lust,stagnation in business,lack of working capital and unadvancement in my caree..amen!!

  10. My sister Lord Jesus Christ is good all the time all the time he is good, becuase he gave you the desire of your heart, when your child was healed of a brocken hand through praying along with Prophet T B Joshua, when he was praying for viewers on Emmanuel tv.

  11. Man of god please pray for my family the problem is spiritualhusband and wife we are bornagain please we need breakthru and deliverence

  12. The deliverance which Lord Jesus Christ brings last’s forever and his victory is final. Ask Lord Jesus Christ to give you power every hour so that you run a straight race. In order to keep your victory and deliverance for his glory. We all live for our Lord Jesus Christ and he will never fore sake us.

  13. The family of Rev.& Mrs Monday Stephen appreciate God for these medium of Distance is not a Barrier, for sending email to us through the happening in emmmanuel TV. our faith is lifted up. and God as bless our home by making my wife to be pregnant after waiting on God for 7 months and by fiath we believe that she we deliver successfully. we need you people prayers. EMMANUEL! EMMANUEL!! (BETTER IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH BUT THE BEST IS YET TO COME)



  14. The candle light prayers was very powerful such that i even came spirituary to sleep on tha carpet and pray for breakthrou in all areas of my life.and i bleave this year is my year to receive my reward.2013 is my year to come and pray with my papa TB Joshua and the wise men just there in synagogue church of all nation.i startet applying to come there in 2010.but this year please invite me am leady to come any day in jesus name.

  15. Tb joshual,a’m always happy ever since,becauz the seed of jehova is alive in me,a’m physically poor but spiritually very rich which brings joy in my heart becauz ihave jesus.(now a’m in capetown). Please ineed your help on my first coment.may his grorious name be praised forever and ever.

  16. Glory to god in the name of jesus christ .where can i get the anointing water and stickers. I live in south africa, limpopo. Please help me.

  17. emmanuel! man of god T B JUSHUA AND WISE MAN pls pray for me in the following areas: 2013 i want a profitable job, financial breckthrow,good health, healing for my mother, spiritual epowermenp, sponsorship,success, deliverance from evil spirits.

  18. hello, I write from far away India. Is there anyone reading this in Lagos, Nigeria who is willing to go to SCOAN for my sake and ask for my healing?

  19. Man of God I was watching candle lighting this morning from Harare Zimbabwe. My family and I followed the whole process. We also lit our candles until they went of a few hours ago. Be blessed. I also sent a number of Prayer requests from my mobile around midnight as we watched in faith. I have faith in God as we have opened our Hearts to His Word, His Faith and His Spirit. I request yet again for a financial breakthrough today, a release of the finacial blessing held by the enemy. We claim its release in Jesus name. Kindly pray with us.

  20. Man of God I want to know God better and hear his voice not to base on my imagination.I also want to understand his word whenever I read it.

  21. Emmanuel family please pray for my family we need help .l believe in Jesus is that 2013 is the year of breakthrough.l am a matric and have no funds to attend university because my dad is unemployed and my mom is falling apart

  22. MY PRAYER REQUEST: 1) 2013 I want God almighty to give me longestlife. I want God almighty to carry me to canada in 2013 2) 2013 I want God almighty to give me good cars 3) 2013 I want God almighty to give good and beautiful builting and good children and good wife 4) 2013 I want God almighty to protect my family 5) 2013 I want God almighty to help my grand mother to added another year to her years and I want God to touch my father 6) 2013 I want God almighty to give me knowledge and wisdom THANK YOU JESUS TO ADDED ANOTHER YEAR TO MY YEARS. God is good all these time

  23. please prophet i need assistance in prayers. i have financial problems and i need prayers for financial break through. i also have young brothers and sisters pray for them to succeed in their education. pray for my family also and a blessed relationship that i got as a blessing from God. please man of God i need to testify the works of God in my life and in my family. thank you man of god.

  24. Man of God am chabala from zambia, plz pray for me and my family espcially my mom to stop drinking alchol. I belive u are indeed a man of God and your God ll do it lyk it happens to other people, other thing i want annointing water please. Merry christmas to all emmanuel tv team

  25. Man of God am chabala from zambia, plz pray for me and my family espcially my mom to stop drinking alchol. I belive u are indeed a man of God and your God ll do it lyk it happens to other people. Merry christmas to all emmanuel tv team

  26. Pls man of God, pray 4 me l plan to travell to canada country it 2013 Jan. May God almighty answer my prayer 4 me. Thank you Jesus christ Amen!

  27. I belong to Jesus,man of God pray with me so dat i can be healed of my sickness,and pray with me to manage to get money nd come to scoan in person.

  28. Emmanuel. i stand to thank God, and thanks you for ur word in my life. may God continue to use you. please man of God prayer for my life. i need God breakthrough in my life, favor, blessing and job. because i don’t have any sir.

    • Man of God ur a blessing to people . I need total deliverance because i’m a thief by this i mean that i’ve been stealing from God and 2013 ,i dont want to steal again in tithing,thanks giving and planting of seed .This 2013 i want my story to change and to be in an other level in the Name of Jesus

  29. Emmanuel, may the almighty God be with u, and bless u. man of God i need your prayer in my life, and God breakthrough favor, and blessing, And also looking for a job man GOD. pray for me.

  30. Emmanuel, may the almighty God be with u, and bless u. man of God i need your prayer in my life, and God breakthrough favor, and blessing, of job.

  31. MAN GOD HELP ME, l was given a notice of the end of contract of probation at work after l have been employed on the 30 October 2012. l need just job, our company the production is low so they intended to end our contract.l have my mother(widow) who is depending on me. l also need annointing water and a sticker how can l have them am in Zimbabwe.

  32. Man of God i really need total deriverance and even if it means a drop of water please sent it to me because of the Lord .A woman in the bible was bleeding for 40 days and 40 nights and when she had that Jesus was around her village preaching,she went there because she needed healing from Him.But when the woman reached there she had no chance because there were to many people but she tried her level best and she only touched the cloth of JESUS CHRIST and she was healed. With

  33. God is revealing Himself to the world through the Man of God Senior Prophet TB Joshua.May God bless him and may you maintain your faith in God through the healing of the daughter, our Daughter in the Lord God of Prophet TB Joshua andthe Synagogogue Church of All Nations and not forgeting our faithful channel-Emmanuel TV.

    Happy new year brothers and sisters.Let us pray for one another for God’s mercy in the year to come and thereafter.

  34. Glory to God for the miracle healing. I only have one request man of God, am in Kenya and i please need Annointing water, the sticker & a wrist band. How do i access them?

  35. May jesus. Help me from sniffing yhe monthly snuff and heal me from diabet and give me internal life and a financial break through in jesus name AMEN
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  36. I thank GOD ALMIGHTY for the life Senior Prophet TB Joshua,emmanuel tv and partners,GOD i pray for their protection,guidance,grace and their mercy in the name of JESUS,O LORD have mercy on them,o LORD let them prosper in everything they do in life in the name of our LORD JESU CHRIST OF NAZARETH.


  38. Thank The Almighty God for the life of the Man of God Snr. Prophet TB Joshua. He is God’s Gift to the All Nations. Emmanuel.

  39. My lord please give me faith like that of the woman with her baby who without looking to distance they believed and the bay was heared, that me too one the miracle should be mine and that hearing shal be for me for ever. and that people shall be reading my testmony the we are doing with the testmony of this lady with her child. Lord give me hope that one day it will be testfying your glory in Jesus name. thank yuo Lord for Giving us prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV, as through Emmanuel TV we who can travel to SCOAN we are able to recieve miracles vthrough it. Thank you Jesus.

  40. thank you for this miracle you always tell us viewers that distance is not a barrier. Your words are always true to our life. l have have faith that my past is over

  41. Baba i believe distance is nt a barrier.my request are pray 4 me n my family so dat 2013 ll neva b da same,breaking da spirit of limitation,poverty,unsettlement,stagination,singlenes,failure,disappoint,financial embrassment,expansion of our business,canceling Debts most,peace n unity in da family n sam relatives.may God bless u more n more baba.thanks alot 4 ur prayers.

  42. Emmanuel. Thanks jésus christ for my wife safe delivery. My problems are spirit of lust. Masturbation. Poverty. Plz man of GOD deliver me

  43. I join all in giving thanks for the SCOAN and the many deliverance people have received. I am believing Jesus for a break thru for my family and friends. Above all things, for the holiness and perfection achieved only in the Holy Spirit. I know that I will live this amazing life of holiness in Jesus’ timing. He is never late.

  44. Man of God, help me pray to God for the spirit of debt and sickness to leave me so that the year 2013 will be my year of new beginnings and breakthrough. Merry Christmas, and may the Lord continue using you for working miracles on His children

  45. man of God i thanks Jesus about U,wise man and u’r church Jesus did as his word. man of God i have a dream which God told tome when i come to u’r church and i contact u please man of God pray for me in order to catch this dream in Jesus name.

  46. Man of God Snr Prophet TB Joshua you uplift my spirit. Distance is not a barrier touch my life am tired of this world of sin. Remember me in your prayer. Let 2013 be my year they have troden upon me for so long. I declare today that enough is enough. I proclaim my marriage, wedding in Jesus name.

  47. God is good @ all times. Once again we witness His Power iregardless of the distance. He is omnipresent indeed. Thank you Prophet TB Joshua once again for allowing yourself to be used by The Holy Spirit. May God bless you and give you long life. WE LOVE YOU.

  48. Prophet pls pray wth us we are looking 4 job and @ UNISA they promised me a job on January. on my lefthandside on my womb there’s something moving so pls help me. My son is rebelious,not going to church.break every curses, a tokolosh, badluck.

  49. I thank god for giving me this oppotunity. To Prophet TB Joshoa and the SCOAN i am asking for prayers for my family, no one is prospering in my family we are five and i am the only one working my sisters and brother cant find a job please man of god i believe your prayers will bring breakthrough financilly,maritially and all needs of life. Pray for my parents too my mum have painful legs and my father does not think of doing any thing with the little money that he hav except drinking beer please man of god deliver us in jesus name.

  50. man of GOD, Please just have a mercy upon me and my family because i am the bread winner who completed tertiary in 2010 now all my parents have passed away now we are struggle at home i couldn’t get a job but in Jesus name everything is possible please pray for us im in Botswana (Tsabong)

  51. please help man of GOD, Please just have a think to me and that could help me getting a job!!! please i’m so alone here in France, so alone looking for an employement, far from my family living in Ivory Coast. Please Prophet, just have a word on my life… I believeGOD will do something in my life. thank you.

  52. Pls pray for me Prophet i need a breakthrough so someting is moving inside my blodder on da righten side an i need a job pls help me

  53. God is great,anything we ask shall be given to us if we believe and have faith.Son of David,Jesus christ have mercy on me.Let my faith be strong.Man of God pray for me! Let the miracles happening to others not pass me.I want the healing from God.Grant me a long life God.

  54. Thank you God to send Prophet TB Joshua and the wise men to us, thanx for emmanuel tv you real change my life i used to feel lonely and stress bt now wth emmanue tv i am a different person in Jesus name

  55. We glorify God for He is holy and works miracles in our lives. Thank u Jesus 4 healing the baby, I connect 2 this miracle in Jesus’ name. Thank u Father

  56. Man of God,l had a dream about 3 or 4years ago the Holy Spirit told me to read Genesis 24,l read it many times and didnt get the rev,l asked the pastor who gave me a prophecy about the connection with a Boaz,he c’dn’t tell me.I waited upon my God,my bible became my friend,l save as an usher at church. Mid 2011 l got connected to this Boaz through business,he was connected to me through the phone via South Africa from Europe.I tried to help him,not knowing l was helping my Boaz.I could pray with the Man of God through emmanuel tv,and l believed that its my Boaz the Holy Spirit was warning about reading Genesis 24.In November 2011 he said he wants to meet my parents.In December he sent people to meet my people.We planned to wed in February things didn’t go the right way,we planned again for the wedding for March still the devil fought me. I know Man of God the devil is not happy and my enemies,my fiancee flew to Africa recently to meet me and my family for the first time.We met my pastor for blessings. It was his first time to watch emmanuel tv and see the Man of God which he joined me in watching and believing for a blessed marriage. Now Man of God we are looking forward to marry.I know God speaks through you,pray for us,we faced many disappointments.

  57. Holy Ghost Fire is in T.B. Joshua. I have several testimonies that i will share when i go to Nigeria this year. But just one that made me fear. The left side of my Chest was very painful. Right where the heart is i experienced pain for two days. Told my wife that this pain was worrying me because it stayed with me for two days. I had very little anointing water that i mixed with water and i said to myself that even a small drop of Jesus was as strong as the biggest drop. I took part of the water and rubbed it on the painful side and put in the mouth another two drops. Holy Ghost fire, as if by magic the pain went away. Do not play with the level T.B. Joshua has been blessed by God. People who argue with such miracles have little faith and could not still have believed even if it were themselves that had such powers.

    i have many testimonies about anointing water which will be shared when i go to Nigeria.

  58. I believe distance is not a barrier, I’m also staying in South Africa and I had a problem of something moving in my stomach severely, but since I touched the screen and prayed along with Prophet TB Joshua and I ran to the toilet vomiting, since then the movement has stopped! Thank you Jesus

  59. The man of God pleas help me,my life is falling apart everyday,n I want to be strong on prayers n end up give up before I pray,pleas help me man of God m from Zimbabwe I wnt to be free till the end of time of my life.

    • keep on watching emmanuel tv, daily messages from the Man of God and the wisemen tells us God is always listening to our prayers if it is from the heart,for the word of God says those who worship him must do so in spirit and in truth.

      I Thank God for the Man of God Prophet T B Joshua, from his messages, a new crop of faith has been sawn in my life

  60. Man of God pray for me l desperately need a child,my fiancee thinks am pregnant,l am a guardin to many orphans now they are grown up.I have faith that now its time for me to have a child even at my old age.God did it for the Mother of nations Sarah,he will do it for me.Thank Jesus in advance

  61. i belong to Jesus!
    My condition is myopia.im nt seeing clearly distant object.i believ tht thru emmanuel tv im going to be healed!

  62. Man of God please help me I want to come and pray with,but don’t have money,follow your channel with out fail,and leave my TV on every night when I go to bed with Emmanuel TV channel on.want the sticker,annointing water and deliverance,also want your miracles man of God.want healing.I m in Botswana,Gaborone.glory be to God

  63. If somebody from south Africa will receive healing from Emmaunel tv what about me in Nigeria,am healed,blessed in Jesus name Amen

  64. I thank God for this wonderful testimonythat are coming from all over the world .Thank you Man of God prophet TB Joshua, thank you Wises Men, thank you to Emmanuel TV familly, you are really a blessed for us. Words are few.personally I can’t do anything without you.May God richly bless you. Long life, long life, long life!

  65. I am in Lesotho my reguest is to have peace at work and in my family,anointing sticker and anointed wrist band.emmanuel i will continue watching you and join you in prayers in Jesus name amen

  66. Please Man of God i need ur prayers,for the imposibles changes to posible in my life,i have being trying my best in life but all in vain,am a student looking after myself but all affort i did fail,disappointment and failure in life,please Man of God may ur wish be done in my life in Jesus christ name amen.thank u.

  67. Glory be to our living God. Lord Jesus you are an awesome Father through you nothing is impossible. Right now I no longer drink alcohol, this stopped by watching Emmanuel tv. Thank you Lord

  68. Man of God you are such a blessing in our lives.pray for peace in my family because i believe and have faith that distance is not a barrier itherefore will continue watching emmanuel tv and join you in prayers.amen in Jesus name.


  70. God of TB Joshua wIll continue healing,delivering all who believe Aπϑ Ħª√ę faith from all sorts of sIcknesses Aπϑ bondage in Jesus name amen

  71. My life hav been transform through emmanuel tv/ annointing water,though i have not been to Lagos but a friend of mind who reside at Lagos,was opportune to send me de annoitong water down to Bauchi,my life change,1 i had paid all de credit dat was on my head n own a businees,2 de spitual woman tormenting me is gone,3 poverty is gone.I tank God 4 giving us Senior Prophet T B Joshua in own generation.

  72. Yeah this is really the amazing power of God. Thanks be to God for His power that is present with us to help our infirmities. Glory and Hallelujah!

  73. I thank God for emmanuel tv,it has really boasted my faith. Man of God please pray for me i have been attacked with different illness in 2012, i want Jesus to give me divine health.

  74. Man of GOD pliz prayer 4 me things ve fallen apart in my family nd m feeling hopeless pliz pray 4 me so that things come back to normal again. in jesus’s name Amen.

  75. God is good all times…
    man of god help to change my life tired of living there live than am living now.my greatest requested is the annnoiting water and sticker in Jesus.

  76. The hand of god is being shown through the Prophet TB Joshou of which miracles will still happen through him,Man of god really making a difference in peoples life.GOD BLESS U and others.

  77. Iam from zambia mbala box 420059.i wud like 2 be sent de anointing water and sticker i believe thirsty of drinking alcohol and smoking wil go completely.i nid jesus in my life very much.help me man of GOD

  78. I belong to Jesus since I started watching Emmanuel. TV my life is changed I use to have a short temper spirit of anger there was no peace at all but now am a changed person. Now am a christian throw Emmanuel TV I did not even have a bile in the house but now I have got one. Thank you lord thank you Emmanuel TV for changing my life

  79. Surely we just need faith in God to recieve our healing.Pliz man of God pray for me & my family,we need deliverance and healing like this baby.Prophesy to me on my e-mail if possible.My leg pains me following a nerve where i was injected,pliz help me for am afraid.

  80. i belong to JESUS . i am from ethiopia . iam in money problem and i wont to serv God .pleas pray for me and help me in any condition ,iam a leader of rular area , for three or for time TB Joshua came and tel some things in a dream .

  81. Thanks to the man of God TB Josua for choosing God as his master and serve him. You have change a lot of people’s lives in their life. Keep guiding us, my business have moved to another level thro praying along with TB Josua. I wish ther can be en easy way to get the anointing water in South Africa

    • After watching Emmanuel tv for a short period of time,I decided to follow Jesus. It was on 26 August 2011 that I was born again.Miraculously on 26 September2011 I received a call to begin my job after 15 years of joblesness.Eversince I do not regret folowing Jesus.
      Those who know me, at first they said it is a joke but I know it is for real.
      Would like to have annointing water here in South Africa but where?
      Glory be to our Lord Jesus. Amen.

  82. I too believe for my daughter’s healing in jesus name yes distance is no burrier with the same may she b touched mentally and physically. Amen!

  83. please pray for me inthe following areas,health wise to be more than strong,guidance from God,security,prosperity in my life,financial status so that do course and finaly my spiritual life to strong enough.please man of God help me in prayers am a Malawian.

  84. Praise the Name of the Living God!Thankyou God of Tb Joshua for wonderful miracle of healing the baby girl and seeing Me through my Trip n for protecting my car through the annointed sticker.
    You are such awonderful God!Amen

    • Man of GOD please pray for me, i need a finacial miracle to come to SCOAN for my deliverance so that i can serve GOD without hindrances and obstacles.

  85. not jst a comment but i want to agree with this woman. Wat she is saying its true distance is not a barrier. I have mine strong 2 testimonies but their headings are 1.of 2009 a miraculous child born in 5months 900gramms now she is 3years through TB. Joshuas prayer. 2. I myself healed in 2011 October from clutches to normal until now no more pains or physal therappy after told by the Drs that i will be using clutches for life but through watching healing testimonies with faith iam normal this is the shortcut of my stories i will talk in details because iam a good example in my country Malawi. Emmanuel!!!

  86. since i started watching Emmanuel tv i feel much closer to God and i began seeing things differently and i thank man of God Prophet TB Joshua and the wise men,, i sleep peacefully no more nasty dreams i have faith that more blessings are coming to me and my family

  87. I am from South africa ,i thank father TB Joshua for being a servant of God ‘my life have changed because of Emmanuel tv ,i stopped drinking alcohol because of Emmanuel tv ,i believe in Jesus an I am listening to the Word of God and praying continuously ,thank you Jesus for saving my life

  88. I’m David, from Ghana kindly pray for me for God’s protection, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Please, also pray for me for a successful travelling next year, 2013.

  89. It’s really a divine previllage to have Prophet TB Joshua in Africa. I have aswell received my breakthrough in the name of Jesus Christ through Prophet TB Joshua. By the grace of God, i will meet the man of God one day.

  90. Hope with the born of JESUS, He’ll provide the mercy of employment to my life. I’m still praying to get the job i’m looking for. Hope everybody will get JESUS with he’s born mercy in his life. Thank for all PROPHT TB JOSHUA.

    • The only way is to visit the man of God , at the moment pray along with prophet in the screen , i am healed from chest pain by praying along with T B Joshua , i use to touch the screen even at midnight when i pray i touch the screen it work for me it will work for you.

    • Man of God may I have financial brea through. I need my child to get her University results because they are out but we are owing they can’t be released unleess we pay. Also need a sponsor for her next because I can’t afford. Please Man of God!

      • Man of God may I have financial break through. I need my child to get her University results because they are out but we are owing they can’t be released unless we pay. Also need a sponsor for her next because I can’t afford. Please Man of God!

    • Man of God help me,I am a South African Lady I’m struggling to find the job,and things now are getting worse,I realy need Anointing water,how do I order it pls I need .

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