‘How Anointing Water Saved A Suicidal Drug Addict’ – Emmanuel TV Partner

Here is a touching testimony from an Emmanuel TV partner in Ghana who God used mightily to transform the life of a drug addict he found on the road through ministering the Anointing Water, in Jesus’ name.

As Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “Someone has been waiting for you for a lifetime. You cannot afford to fail them; failing them is failing God.”

“Dear Emmanuel TV, my name is David Laar. I am an Emmanuel TV partner from Ghana and I’m privileged to have the Anointing Water from Prophet T.B. Joshua with me.

“One day I was on my way to my office when I saw a mentally challenged person by the road side, looking very rough and gaunt. I decided to take a closer look at him and I noticed he is someone I knew, a student I taught many years ago in an international school. When I looked at him closely, he also noticed me and called me, ‘Sir’, the name they called me when I was teaching them. I called his name, ‘Ibrahim’ and to my dismay, he responded. I then realized he was indeed the person I saw.

“I immediately took him to my office. We sat down and he narrated how he got himself messed up in drug addiction – cocaine, heroin, marijuana and cigarettes. He also resorted to stealing and all kinds of vices just to fuel the addiction. He told me he had been on drugs for 8 years and was seriously addicted. He lamented how he could not seem to get out of it even though he had been trying to. He also explained how this addiction led him to be rejected by his family, friends and practically everyone around him.

“I then counselled him, prayed with him and sprayed the Anointing Water on him, inside his mouth, his hands and on his entire body, asking God to restore his life. To the glory of God, ever since that moment, Ibrahim’s life started changing for good. I am testifying to the whole world that he has now stopped taking cocaine, heroin and marijuana. We continued praying together with the Anointing Water and now, Ibrahim, who had attempted suicide on three occasions, is recovering from a life of fear and rejection, gaining confidence and acceptance.

“I want people to really learn a lesson from Ibrahim. He is a graduate from one of the best science universities in Africa, the University of Science and Technology in Ghana (KNUST) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Herbal Medicine, second class honours. When I taught him, I remember him being very intelligent; I never expected his life to go down such a destructive path.

His life is now a testimony to his friends with whom he was taking drugs in the place they called ‘the ghetto’. These friends of his are challenged by Ibrahim’s life and they are rushing to me for prayer with the Anointing Water, saying that if God could change Ibrahim who was even worse than they were, they too wanted the same God to give them a new life. These drug addicts are rejected and despised by their family members and friends. I have been taking care of them: their food, clothing and other necessities. I thank God for Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Anointing Water and want to encourage all viewers of Emmanuel TV who see people in such situations to not just look the other way but do what they can to help. Thanks. ”

Mr Laar David – Ghana

171 thoughts on “‘How Anointing Water Saved A Suicidal Drug Addict’ – Emmanuel TV Partner

  1. People of God beware of fraudsters in this page !!!!

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    Note TB Joshua ,wise man,never communicated with people via Internet,tel,beware of frausdters they will con you without mercy.
    Be vigilant don’t be the next victim
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    Do not ordering any items from scoan on iternet,tel,or email address.
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  3. You are a frausdter,scoan never ever send out the anointing water,sticker,bracelet or any items to people via DHL courier services !!
    Stop deceiving people with your fake email,fake testimony,your a scamer,impostor !!!
    people of God do not ordering nothing from him,he will con you,any items from scoan is for free,free.free
    Do not ordering any items from email,tel,Internet,to get it you have to ask someone who are going to scoan to collect for you.
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    I was one of theirs victims do not be the next,warn others

  4. Dear Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel T.V. Partners, Emmanuel! I am a Mental Health Nurse and Midwife from Malawi, Nkhotakota District. I have been touched with the awesome testimony of Mr Ibrahim from Ghana who was delivered from drug addiction and suicidal attempt. I would like to be an Emmanuel Tv partner too. With this wonderful testimony and other testimonies from all corners of the world, I believe Jesus Christ can do wonders in my country too. There are so many young men in bondage of addiction to Marihuana here too. It is a very big challenge. Man of God Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel T.V. Partners Please, consider my request to be an Emmanuel T.V.Partner too, so that I can be able to acquire the Annointing water,Faith Bracerets, Annointing Stickers from the Synagogue Church Of All Nations and be able to assist others in bondage of the darkness- Margaret Mbale Jere(Mrs).

  5. Oh Jesus You know what one day I was tried to send the email and unfortunately they told me to send the money so that I can get such parcel,I did not believe on it, so from today am going to find the money and send it so that I can receive the anointing things!

  6. Geatest thanks to the Lord of Prophet TB JOSHUA,for creating a man like.Thank you JESUS and plaese Lord God keep him safe and blessed,for the work he is doing JESUS NAME i pray.

  7. dear —the man of God plies send me Anointing water b/c i am chewing chate Ethiopian( life late) & smoking plies helping on my lief then i need more of Jesus Christ in my lief Plies helping on pray & sen any menace Anointing water —-thanks the man of GOD

  8. Que Jesus Christ soit loue! Merci Prophet TB Joshua! Que le Seigneur continue a vous utiliser pour briser l’oppression de son peuple!

    Comment pourrais-je avoir anointing water ou l’auto-colant “let love lead” ?

  9. Emmanuel; I keep thanking my God everyday for making me a part of this generation without faith and hope. I use to be so afraid of this wicked world but when I discovered prophet T.b Joshua I began to have hope again. Thank you JESUS for your LOVE to this generation and by sending this great prophet in our own time. Thank you prophet T.b Joshua for allowing God to use u so mightily, may God bless u

  10. The lord is good all the time,pastor i got a problem that need prayers the moment i tac food my stomach gets sore,all my joints a alwayz sore makes it difficult to work and i’m alwayz dreaming of dead pple chasing,snakes,dogs chasing me i’m in S.A pliz help.where can i find anointing water in S.A.

  11. Emmanuel , Tout sera posible  si nous croyons est nous confesons la grande puissance de Dieu du Prophet T.B Joshua . Le Dieu de Man of God et la resurection , il est ( JESUS-CHRIST )  Que le Dieu de Man of God benisse tous au nom de JESUS…!!!

    Emmanuel , Emmanuel, Emmanuel ….!!!

  12. am a zambian in copperbeilt. how can i have the anointing water? by faith am going to the tap to fatch water in a cup and it shall become anointed by the blood of Jesus christ God of Tb Joshua i believe.Amen

  13. I want God to have mercy on me and turn a big fibroid in my womb acording to my Doctor to twince. I am using Anointing Water already since 7october 2012 till now. Am waiting for my own testimonies

  14. Amen. Wonderful testimony. It is easy to condemn, the way we treat a person who makes a mistake is a greater mistake on itself.


  16. Man of god Prophet T.B.Joshua i ask you to came to delivered me and my husband in my dream.spray us with the onoiting water in my dream. Man of god please help me

  17. thank you Jesus,thank you Jesus,continue to use ProphetT.B Joshua and increase his days of living.i need that annointing water and the sticker,pray for me um going to write theory test on saturday i failed it so many times ,i trust in God

  18. Thank you Jesus for taking good care of your children everyday and night ……….God will continue to bless senior prophet TB Joshua, the five wise men, all the workers at Emmanuel TV and entire scoan members and also a special thanks to TB Joshua’s Mother for giving birth to our saviour Senior Prophet TB Joshua, he is just a gift from God to man kind …, mother you have done well for carrying this wonderful man in your womb……. God bless you like mother Mary among all women….. thank you!!!! Amen.

  19. Indeed God can use anything to express himself we thank God for this Mediam of Anointing Water and the striker from the Man of God Prophet TB Joshua. my God continue to use him in Jesus Name.


  20. Mr. David the Lord who gave you the mind to help Ibrahim will bless you, reward you in Jesus name for saving lives he locates people like you, those who win souls. God bless you.

  21. Powerful testimony,Jesus thank u for using a medium of anointing water to bring absolute deliverance..am encouraged by these testimonies it shows me to trust & believe God for all..amen

  22. I just thank God for the existance of Emmanuel t.v., for this site and for the grace in the life of Prphet T.B. Joshua, may God continue to use you daddy, i love you so much and i am in love with this ministry and i am in love with my Jesus. I am going to be a partner, with the little i have i will do it, what a priviledge and honour it is to be part of such a project. May God bless everyone who is a part of the Emmanuel t.v. team and just all the people around the world.

  23. Let’s give thanks to the most high. Glory be to God and the man of God T.B.Joshua.Last but not least I say Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever!!

  24. The bible in 1 Thessalonians 5V24. says; I quote; The one who calls you or (Called you) is faithful and he will do it. We thank God for the restoration of the young man and we thank God for anointing water which is doing wonders in peoples’ lives. EMMANUEL!!!!!!!!

  25. Dear brother/sister, It is so amazing what God can do even through water. It all depends on our faith. Ofcourse God is using prophet T B Joshua mightily, and I covet the power within him. I know I am not worthy, but God can use anyone provided our hearts are right with God.

    I would appreciate if you would send me a couple of bottles of anointing water, some stickers & some wrist bands to me at the address given below. I am also pastoring a small Church in Goa, India. I wish prophet T B Joshua could come to India too, especially Goa.

    My address is: Mr. Lancelot Pereira, age 66 (wife Jessie), C/o New Hope Centre, Golden Castle, Shop # 6, Madel, Margao, Goa – 403601, India. My telephone #: 09850471901.

    Awaiting your reply, and may God bless you all Lancelot Pereira

  26. Praise be to God for this wonderful testimony, my faith is lifted even higher and I believe even my niece who is mentally challenged can find healing in the God our father through the use of annointing water if only I cud get hold of it. For his mercy and favour I cry.. Amen

  27. I am among many who need help from the Prophet’s. Please help me that I may start urinating normaly .I hope God will locate me in Jesus name for He is not blind to see and not deaf to hear

  28. Thank Lord for your deliverance,thank you Lord for sending such powerful man of God TB Joshua to rescue the world by showing them the light to freedom and internal life.So many lives has been saved and changed through the use of Emmanual TV.Thank you Lord.

  29. Indeed our God never fails us contnue to bless others brother so that the nation can be healed from all forms of sickness in Jesus name Amen!

  30. Man of God pls help me am tired of this pray for me to get marry things are delaying my marriage I need marriage every time of day and night crying to God for marriage and breakthrough pls TB joshua help me to beg God for mercy and favor Amen

  31. GƠ̴̴̴̴͡D̶̲̥̅̊ is powerful. When the servant of GƠ̴̴̴̴͡D̶̲̥̅̊ free u, u are free indeed. When the servant of GƠ̴̴̴̴͡D̶̲̥̅̊ speak forth the wise listen det:18:22. The anionting water brought Jesus to the sence.

  32. Glory be to God . I need annointing water and stickers right there is a death threat in our family help me Prophet TB Joshua,reply me.

      BY André Wabo

  33. Prophet T.b Joshua is real I am an scoan fan infact I follow up on every sunday service suspended my normal service for Emmanuel sunday service,thou am at abuja and despirately in need of Anointing water and the sticker for next year how can I get delivered to me at abuja.

  34. notre DIEU es vivant et IL n’as pas changer IL est toujours le même hier aujourd’hui ‘huit et éternellement


  35. Emmanuel,Emmanuel!!!!!What a wonderful name Jesus,that power in the annointing water.Yesteday I send aprayer request for my daughter as she was going to write her leaners test, to God be the glory she has passed.Thank you Jesus. please man of God how do I go about getting the sticker and the annointing water. I need for my father to use it for his hearing and eye side,Please answer all us who wants the sticker and annoiting water.

  36. to God be the glory for the life of ibrahim. may God continue to shower all those who are in need with his blessings. let us all who nomaly just pray with Prohet TB JOSHUA and the wise men to just believe which is our connection. i thank God because i have also seen the hand of God in my husband career and my work place. last two months i went to look for business for my work though i have not done marketing but as iam writting now we have a contract with this company which has given us alot of w

  37. man of god i had my brother who run mental some years ago now is staying with my father how can i get anoiting water so that his life go back to nomal i pray you will use the cordinator to have our problem solve

  38. Amen and Glory be to God. In fact I am also praying that one day I have the privilege to access the anointing water. I am optimistic that this will happen despite the fact that am far in Malawi and constrained financially. I have many challenges and God will assist me through Prophet TB Joshua. Amen

  39. what a mighty God we serve, what a son to worship and what a future lies before us. God bless T B. Joshua and the wisemen in Jesus name. Amen

  40. Thank u TB Joshua for saving lives u a real men of god ,Help me get the Annointing water to help my self heal my broken hand its been a year know l hv been to hospital but they a tuning me down on every appointment know they have booked me for january ,please men of god help me l can’t do everything as a mother on my on Please help get the Annointing water and stickers lm in Zimbabwe

  41. I thank prophet T.B.Joshua for the message it is the message which has me a lot to relieve I surplice the prophet T.B.Joshua to save myself in the hand of the lions please man of God helps me for my delivery(relief) this soul your shouts in the help I thanks you

  42. Dear Sir/Madam,   I am forwarding you an email I sent to one of the many scammers out there who deceive those who are eager to come to the SCOAN. My response to the fake email is highlighted below.   God bless! Gabriel    

    419 Ndongo Pierre, shame on you. May God grant you the opportunity to repent of your sins. You are still an amateur in the trade. There are several treads that give you away as a 419 scammer. You give a bad name to Cameroon. Actually, I know who is behind this. Ndongo Pierre isn’t your real name. Shame on you again. For your information, I already attended Scoan more than a year ago. Shame on you once more.

    From: Info.scoan Tv >To: “bkgabriel@yahoo.com” >Sent: Wednesday, 12 December 2012, 4:19 >Subject: your invitation to visit SCOAN has been approve. > > >Dear in the Lord, >Greeting to you through the holy name of our Lord. We are so sorry to delayed without replying your email concerning your visit to SCOAN. For now your letter to visit SCOAN is approve and Daddy had personal invited you latest  date 22/12/12. >      To make thinks simple, pay in your reservation and feeding  amount per person ( 386000frs) two person and child ( three person) ( 712000frs). This is because you will spent your Xmas an new year with senior prophet TB JOSHUA; that is from  22/12 – 4/1/13 date of departure to your home. We are sorry to inform you that we do not receive late payment so make your payment from this date 12 – 20/12/12. >This sum of money should be paid through the name of ( Mr. NDONGO PIERRE ) who is in charge of   Cameroon SCOAN partners / visitors. Use or address your payment only to WESTERN UNION BANK CAMEROON to the name of ( MR. NDONGO PIERRE) as put in order by  prophet TB JOSHUA. > >We wait to hear from you as concern your child problem. Stay bless and join us worship with Emmanueltv. Click the line below. >Prayer for Emmanuel TV Viewers TB Joshua – YouTube >We all love you, pray for you and family as well as for your financial brake through etc, >SCOAN coordinator for Cameroon >MR. NDONGO PIERRE >

    From: Distance is not a barrier >To: bkgabriel@yahoo.com >Sent: Wednesday, 12 December 2012, 10:50 >Subject: [New post] ‘How Anointing Water Saved A Suicidal Drug Addict’ – Emmanuel TV Partner > >promisecarrier posted: “Here is a touching testimony from an Emmanuel TV partner in Ghana who God used mightily to transform the life of a drug addict he found on the road through ministering the Anointing Water, in Jesus’ name. As Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “Someone has b” >

  43. Praise Lord! Wao! I am so happy. You and your generation shall not know poverty. Thank you Laar nd thank you Prophet T.B. Joshua.

  44. My the good LORD strengthens our man of GOD Master Prophet TB.JOSHUA to do more and be increase in anointing,i pray that i will join the TB.JOSHUA wise men to do the work of JESUS CHRIST.AMEN

  45. Glory to Jesus Christ that is awesom,GOD can change a man for HIS GLORY,Just like me i was a cultist in the university where iam studing B.Sc Industrial Physics,my life was full of agony but now iam full of peace after i try to fight against every cultist i ever met,i try to do charm to fight against them but when the Lord appear to me and spoke to me my life was given a new meaning all things that happen was for my good,after then i went to SCOAN 2010 for prayers,now i know my calling,i just need a mentor in prophetic ministry to attend to me for perfection.GLORY TO JESUS CHRIST

  46. Emmanuel!!!I thank the life of prophet T B Joshua,and the Anointing water,I’ve got the same problem with my son,he is a drug addict,I’m in SA,how can I get the Anointing water?he is stilling,and the neighbors hates him,pls help me man of God.

  47. Emmanuel! I thank God for the grace of Anointing Water.May God continue to use our Father in the Lord Prophet T.B. Joshua the more in Jesus name. Amen. Eluby Kamwela,Blantyre Malawi.

  48. God will bless you David for helping your fellow student and i hope he learned that God loves him for bringing you to him and helping him and his friends.Thanx to TB Joshoua for resqueing the world out of satan’s work.I haven’t gone to SCOAN but since i’ve been praying with them i can see the difference and the way forward in my life.May God Bless TB Joshoua more an keeping him safe and keep working for God,in Jesus name,AMEN.

  49. Brother, I thank God for making it possible for you to save the life of the suicidal drug addict.Many God-fearing people would redeem many such desperate situations ‘to the glory of God’, the problem is how to get the anointing water and stickers.

  50. Glory be to God. I was just reading now in Ezekiel 35-36,God used him(Ezekiel) to bless the Israelite becuase they were brought down to shame. What I’m saying is that you my brother have been chosen to be that Son of Man who brings blessings to those young men’s lives. May you continue your good work and be strengthened to never wither,be like that tree planted by the river bringing forth fruit in its season. I’m so blessed by this.

    Sophie Maahlo
    South Africa

  51. Thank uu JESUS Thanks a Lot.With Man its immpossible,but with GOD every thing is possible.If u have Faith and trust in god for sure u will come true it.in JESUS name AMEN.

  52. Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord
    Help me I want to book in for comming to church
    Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

    • Prophet TB Joshua please, tell me how can I get anointing water. I want to use for my only son. he is addicted to chat(a kind of leaf, that cause addiction), smoking cigarette, drinking alcohol. He is graduated from University in computer science. he was employed in two Governmental offices. with out any reason he just left. I believe distance is not barrier. most time when the prophet and wise men pray, for viewers, I prayed together. but nothing comes out. Plz pray for me. I cant afford the transportation cost to come to Nigeria.

      • my beloved broyher /sister don t give up praying wiyh the prophet . Believe that God Almighty will visite you at the right time.i know for sure that he is working inside you and for you. don t give up.stay blessed .Hallelujah

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