‘Devil, You Cannot Touch This!’

The following account is a miraculous testimony of a family saved in the midst of a terrible storm from almost certain loss of life and destruction of their belongings… To God be the glory!!!

“Good morning my friends in Christ! I don’t know where to start my testimony because God has done so many wonders in my life after I encountered The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV. I am so excited and thankful! We really serve a living God!

“It all happened on the night of 26th November 2012. A heavy wind with torrential rain fell in our city, Lilongwe, Malawi. The storm was so severe that it destroyed schools, homes and offices. On that very same night, we went to bed and around 10pm when this destructive wind and rain came upon us with lightning and thunder. At around 11pm we heard heavy lightning but kept praying and trusting God for Divine protection. At the time of this frightening lightning, a big tree near our bedroom uprooted and fell straight onto the house.

“Another tree also came crashing down and landed on our car. In the process of falling, it also hit electricity poles and wires and there was a black out in our area. At this time, none of us knew the full extent of what had happened; we were only hearing the noise of the lightning and thunder. God sent us back to sleep, resting in His strong arms. We were awakened by neighbours and passers-by between 4 and 5 am shouting that a tree had fallen all over our properties. Saints, we could not believe it when we opened the window curtains to see our car covered by this huge tree. We immediately thought the car was a write-off and would never be used again. The tree that fell was so large that it also covered the house’s main entrance as well as the main gate entrance; it was huge!

“To our greatest surprise, when we went outside to check the car, it was completely undamaged – an absolute impossibility considering the size of the tree and the force with which it fell! In the same way, the tree that fell in our house and should have destroyed it and probably killed us had just fallen to the ground next to our house, as if moved by an invisible hand. It was then we realised how God had protected us through the Anointing Stickers!

“We had put Anointing Stickers both on the car and on the door of our house. God protected us, like He put His own hand on our car and the house to say to the devil, ‘You cannot touch this!’ Our family is so overwhelmed by this act of God; we have a new meaning to the song, “Come and see what the Lord has done”. If not for God, the whole family, our house and car would surely have perished on the night of 26th November 2012.

“At present, people around and afar who heard about this miracle are coming to our house to witness the evidence for what God has done. We believe God will use this miracle to minister His love to the lost in our country. Praise be to God Almighty, our Alpha and Omega!

Mrs Nancilia Mrewa – Lilongwe, Malawi

293 thoughts on “‘Devil, You Cannot Touch This!’

  1. Roman 1:20
    For since the creation of the world GOD’S invisible qualities his eternal power and divine nature have been clearly seen being understood from what has been made so that men are without excuse.
    Men should not have excuses and doubt that Almighty GOD is not a reliable superior being to help you. When you need him the most, He is able to see you through His divine nature and his invisible qualities shows that he is a great big Living GOD. See what he has done, the creation and all the blessings he gave you and still he will give us more blessings. Even a fool knows that there is a GOD. In order to know more about the Most High GOD you must come near him and he will come near you. When he is in you he is your best friend and he will make your paths straight, and he will light your way he will give you power wisdom and knowledge, you will always have a joyful heart even if the situation is not favourable for you. You will always have piece of mind, the peace he gives is not like the world gives.His mercy and favour he gives you abuntantly. Never doubt God in every situation. He is glorious God. He deserves to be worshiped and glorified. He is the Kings of Kings and Lords of Lords

  2. I greet you all in the might name of our lord jesus christ.I have been requesting for the anointing water and sticker.Even sent a questionally form for invitetion i havent received any reply man of god am depressed by life nothing is moving right in my life.Am here asking for the anointing water and sticker just like a women of the issue of the blood.

  3. The true God protects his own, be it in the midnight, afternoon, morning! He’s always there for us. May his name be praised 4ever

  4. The true God protects his own, be it in the night, afternoon, morning! He’s always there for us. This same true God, our Lord Jesus christ saved my elder brother madness via the medium of annointing water – The God of prophet TB Joshua.

  5. The true God protects his own, be it in the night, afternoon, morning! He’s always there for us. This same true God, our Lord Jesus christ saved my elder brother via the medium of annointing water – The God of prophet TB Joshua.

  6. Haleluyah everyone who has read this God will calm every storm in their lives in the Mighty name of Jesus wow what a testimony!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    God saves @SCOAN

  7. Wow!what an awesome God we serve,He is miraculous&wonderful.this is an amazing protection of God conforming his word
    in Psalm 23 though I walk through the valleys of shadows of death I fear no evil for the God almight is with me.An awesome God!!

  8. If you don’t have anointing sticker, anointing water or Emmanuel TV in your house please have it the testimonies are evident that God of TB Joshua is a Mighty God who overcome the world.

  9. they who received the abundance of Grace and of the Gift of Righteousness shall reign in as Kings in life, ie this life. Roamns 5 Vs 17.

  10. That’s Jesus for Us – he never sleeps nor slumber . He is always watching over his children, I am proud to be one his loved children

    Praise the Lord

  11. What a God I serve.he is greater than I thought,he is greater than my fear,than my problem,also he is greater than my enemy and every works of devil.
    Thank you Jesus

  12. To God be the glory,he indeed works in mysterious ways may God of TB Joshua be with me and my family and heal me I believe I will be delivered and healed

  13. thats miraculous,give glory to living God .Man of God i also need that miracle in my life -to be blessed with a baby boy in God i trust distance is not a barrier.

  14. My name is bwembya from Zambia, lusaka, May His name the Almighty God be praised. I need anointing water and the new sticker please people of God. Any one from Zambia with these medias. Contact me 0955-369829. Thanks all and God bless you

  15. I thank God that i was able to visit the SCOAN, i attended prayerline and service because i had a stroke, i believed iam healed though i still limp iam trusting God it is well with me, sometimes i use to think my faith has not carry me. It is well the Lord is on the throne, He is a miracle working God.

  16. Glory to our almighty God for the great testimony. No weapon fashioned against us shall prosper. God of Prophet T.B Joshua is my God and He is real. Thank you Jesus for preserving this precious family..Emmanuel

  17. Glory be to God!! Please advise on how to get the anointed water and stickers. As for now i cannot come to SCOAN. Thank you and God bless you

  18. Emmanuel! am so touched by your testmony.Our God is the God of impossibilities. More blessings from God to the Man of God Prophet TB Joshua.

  19. I heard that on the 21st of december 2012 the world is end is it true man of God,wht do i ve 2 bilieve rumous or the scripture.

  20. What a mighty God we serve.God is good all the time.I am in South Africa and how can I get the annoiting water or the sticker please.

  21. To God be the glory, we only wish there was a SCOAN branch in Zambia for us to get some annointing oil. Anyway distance is not a barrier so we still believe and have Faith.

  22. He is our Saviour and in His arms we rest assured in the midst of storms! For nothing is impposible with our Lord! Our Keeper who never slumber nor sleeps! Jesus You are worthy to be praised! This is the Mighty hand of God!

  23. Thats God’s long hand that served you . And he realy wanted to show you that the distance is not a beriar . Believing is your connection and noone can disconect your rely connected to him in Jesus name.

  24. Thank you Lord oh mighty God for saving your saints.Let them be more strong and of good courage.with ur love Lord no evil can touch us!in Jesus name let there be peace in our lives.Amen

  25. He is our Saviour and in His arms we rest assured in the midst of storms! For nothing is impposible with our Lord! Our Keeper who never slumber nor sleeps! Jesus You are worthy to be praised!

  26. With God nothing is impossible. He made us understand that anything that has got in contact with his servant is annointed thank you Lord for mercy!

  27. For real God is great all praises to him. He sees the best in each one of us when everyone else around us saw the worst in us.Praises be to the Almighty God.Amen

  28. Its amazing what my God can do i rily believe in God’s hand that he can do anything amen and amen..God protect the man of God prophet TB Josh anoint him mo and mo in Jesus christ name amen how can i get the sticker and annoiting water i rily need them

  29. Its amazing what my God can do i rily believe in God’s hand that he can do anything amen and amen..God protect the man of God prophet TB Josh anoint him mo and mo in Jesus christ name amen

  30. Wow our God is an awsome God,,man of once told me that i shud not go fo operation on my neck,and here iam people are asking question on how come this thing on my neck is not givin me problem n is not growing again.Pls man of god deliva me.

  31. Wow our God is an awsome God,,man of once told me that i shud not go fo operation on my neck,and here iam people are asking question on how come this thing on my neck is not givin me problem n is not growing again.

  32. God is not a lia. He did his job. He protect us from these difficulty times. We praise him. I want this God to protect me. I will never leave him. Hope Prophert T B Joshua sent stickers to me. I tried several times requesting these stickerd and upto no avail. Let this God protect me in my life.

  33. I do listen to Emmanuel TV at least twice a week on my iPad or computer. I have experienced so much hatred, and have done so much good deeds to people and my own family. Was so depressed two years ago that I unfortunately was at the point of destroying my life, not even thinking of my kids. At that time, I had a baby Eight months old and a six years old child. My husband currently in Nigeria awaiting the immigration to approve his papers to join us which is taking forever.
    I Came to this land eleven years ago, did everything right to help my family back home in Cameroon. I worked 16hours daily, provided them with dollars every month so they could have a better life.

    I had my first child before I got married to my husband-God fearing man. My own parents destroyed my life to the point that they almost sold me for money. I did everything to bring my own so called mother who was at that time selling cooked food in primary school back in Cameroon. She came to the US, and became someone that I never knew. Could not have time to help me with my child. The child she opening came a bastard, while I was in Nursing school trying to get my degree. I meant she refused to even stay with me while my father was visiting-saying my father was too old for her.

    To make a very long story short, after caring for my own sick father, who became very sick while visiting. I had to call 911 for him to be taken to Emergency; later admitted at the ICU for two weeks. After he got better, he decided to join with my mother who was at that time dating others, and refused to help me care for him.
    To my greatest surprised, after school one sad evening just two days to my final Exams, they both, abused me in my own house after they invited some Cameroon men who could never care for their own kids to abused me; I meant in my house.

    I was so shocked of what my father could turn to after all i did for him, saying i wanted to kill him. He had a stroke. He told these men my mother invited to abuse me in my house that i wanted him dead. I was so shocked until i had to urinate on myself, tolf my eight months old baby, and my six years old child from my own house, and ran away in shock. I am still very shocked who a parent could ever behave like what i experienced in life. Especially, to a child who changed, not only their lives, but the life of their children. Today, the family is so changed, as for me, there is nothing that will ever make me see both as parents, nothing. I see them as very selfish, money minded individuals, who show concern for their children only in times of need.
    I grew up with a mother who cared about herself more than her kids. Some say, it was my mistake to even bring her to the US in the first place. I knew her, but forget her to the extend that I did put my life at risk.

    Today I can not even see both of them as parents, I have two junior brothers who were able to come here because of my hard work, but who decided to join the selfish mother.
    I really get upset at times as if I could really do something bad, because they actually sold everything from my house before leaving including my important court papers from the immigration.

    I think without watching Emmanuel TV, I could have destroyed the devil in my life. I could have done something bad to myself, or to her.
    I thank God for Emmanuel TV. Please pray for me. I will have to visit soon with my kids. I have too much anger in my heart, due to the pain, and the evil rewards of my sufferings.

  34. Glory be to God! What a testmony!
    Pray for me man of God, I wish to know the Lord better. How can I get the divine stickers. I have got a problem of anger pray for man of God.

  35. hey you kwabena! how dare you come and talk negative about our man of God? yopu are very interesting because you are yasing this on his wall. you are not surprising because these things have been said in the biblle. we will pray for you and may the lord bless you and i hope that you will repent

  36. Yes we are under his mighty protection.
    The devil will try but cannot touch us.
    Thanks to the Ministry God himself has given us
    Father we are grateful for the SCOAN

  37. Please men of god help me lm diveloping something l dnt understand its mnths now l no longer have affection on my husband or other men but lm having affection to women please men of god help me overcome this evil thing lm trying very hard but the more l pray the more l lke fell for them plz men of gog help me devil is a lair

  38. Man of God how can i get The Anointing Water or The Anointing Sticker ? Am living in mozambique please Man father help us.

  39. God is awesome.He said He will do that which He promised to do to those that love and abide by His Words.Oh Lord thank You for Your protection upon the said family and I pray God to protect and bless my family.Amen

  40. Thank u god for saving them I jesus name ,Please pple of god help me need the Announting water and stikers plz help me lm in ZIMBABWE

  41. The same God whose hand held the winds from the house and car, as I have my sticker on my car and house here in Ghana, May that hand intervine in all my ways .Protection over my family husband and kids. Amen Thank you God for your endless miracles.

  42. I thank the almighty God for my life,because he has strenghten me through prophet TB JOSHUA,he wiped the tears in my eyes. I lost my Mum who was every thing to me, i loved her to the fullest she died by surprise without being sick or anything it was a shocking news, i was so confused, God being so merciful as he is not up to a month after my Mum died i was called for interview an as a surprise i had the Job due to the help of anointing water in which i was not even qualified for the job.i thank God.
    Every thing that happens in man life serve as a purpose no matter the situation God is in control like mine i thank God

  43. We were priviledge to get the anointed water last year from a friend of my brother. We prayed with it and sprayed it on each of us. And we started manifesting. Although he is nt staying with us we didnt hve much tym with it. Cos he wanted to use it on other ppl. Bcos of my experience wit d anointed water i have come to believe and have great faith in Prophet T.B Josuah that truelly God is still with us. We watch him 24/7. Our dream is to visit SCOAN to receive our full deliverance.

  44. He is indeed emmanuel, God with us! if he be with us who can be against us. Let’s keep trusting him and make his word a standard for our life. Amen

  45. just like everyone am desparate fo a sticker or annoiting water , i hv dreams every time leading people or prayin fo th sick in Jesus name. Am in Zimbabwe anyone who can help pliz

  46. I want to be favoured this few days my number is 07064541018 please sir i need ur help. I dont have any person to help me

  47. I thank God so much 4 using d man of God to save soul .l pray may his God save my family & restore to me d joy of my salvation.

  48. This is really a great encouragement we are blessd to have. God on our side the devil is a liar he wil never touch those who are under our lord.

  49. emmanuel,God of wonders,Who calleth things that are be not as though they where.Prophet TB JOSHUA i need your prayers upon ma life career&family.Am based in Zimbabwe may you send me da anointing water&stickers

  50. come and see what the Lord has done ,come and see what the Lord has done. again and again and again ,God has it again.
    God will surely do it for me one day.thank you God Almighty for your never ending love for us.thank you man of God prophet T. B. Joshua and the wise men for the word of encouragement and prayer on Emmanuel TV. may the good Lord give you strenght to carry on with the work of God. love you lots.

  51. Glory be to God surely greater is he in us than the devil against us. This is one of the testimonies that proves his abilities which are above human intellectuals and comprehension. I rejoice with you brothers and sisters as if I am present on site.

  52. thank you JESUS!!!!!!!!!! surely my case will not escape anointing of GOD.. hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for the benifit of others is is good if you post the photo of the car and your home

  53. Please Man of God help us with this Anointing Sticker and Anointing Water in Malawi. God is really doing great things through these mediums and my Faith is lifted up by this powerful testimony in our country Malawi. May the Almighty GOD continue blessing you and the Ministry in Jesus’ Name.

  54. In deed our God is an awesome God…. And i thank God for your lives and all i know is that Emmanuel tv is a blessing to our generations… Praise be to God. I believe that my fellow Kenyans identify SCOAN

  55. Man of God can you please help me with Anointing Water,I can’t afford to come to Nigeria,I’m in South Africa…please Man of God in Jesus name

  56. Howdy

    Thank you Lord and man of God TB Joshua continue praying for us our God is live. Lord is good all the time .in Jesus name.

    Dickson K Banda Malawi

  57. Kwabena, pls explain to me why yre so negative about it and tell me yours. I wish to understand it by His special grace!

    God bless,
    from Abena / Rotterdam The Netherlands

  58. Im also in Malawi and I can’t afford to go to SCOAN so how can I get annoing sticker and annointing water. I need it seriously.

  59. ” who is like unto thee O LORD… doing wonders HALLELUYAH”
    “this kind God…blessed be your Holy name”
    Clearly and indeed God is working through the Anointing Water in His awesome ways. Remember the “blood on the door post?” Thank you LORD for Prophet TB Joshua Ministry in Jesus name

  60. With all dis mervelous deeds, God is using it to draw men closer to Himself bcos d days we are is evil. To him dat has ears let him hear. We thank you Lord

  61. God is still the same,yesterday ,today and forever more, God bless prophet T B Joshua for yielding himself to the Holy Spirit , I’m excited to be part of this great move of God….Amen ,God be praise!….

  62. what the mighty God we are serve i nerver return back again in the world because my God give me an opportunitty to be in contact with the prophet of the nations and i’m very happy for him and i thank God for his life my papa SENIOR PROPHET TB JOSHUA be bless in the name of Jesus

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