‘I Thought It Was All A Joke…’ – Healed Through Emmanuel TV

Here is a wonderful testimony from a Nigerian residing in South Korea who witnessed God’s power touch the life of his daughter through Emmanuel TV and rescue him from a strange demonic attack through the Anointing Water. To God be the glory!

“Emmanuel! Emmanuel! God is with us! My name is Michael Ogbuagu Mba. I am from Abia state, Nigeria.

“I was staying In South Korea when my brothers and sisters were complaining that my lovely daughter Ijeoma Michael who was staying with my mother in Cotonou, Benin Republic had the problem of difficulties in eating. She hardly ate and after eating, she would vomit out everything in her stomach. She had been taken to different doctors for solution with no seeming resutl. I came back from South Korea in December 2011 but I didn’t realize how serious it was and thought I could force her to eat. I tried my best but she would instantly vomit everything in her stomach the moment she finished eating. She looked like a walking skeleton – all the bones on her body were showing. It was a terrible thing to see.

“I bought different types of delicious food, fruit, biscuits and other nice things that every normal kid would feast on – all to no avail. Personally, I took her to doctors again where different medications were provided but nothing seemed to work. The vomiting continued and she was getting worse every day.

“At this point, I hadn’t really heard much of Prophet T.B. Joshua or watched Emmanuel TV. However, I came to my parents house one night and my daughter ran to me at the door, shouting, ‘Daddy, I am healed!’ I was shocked and asked her what happened. She said, ‘I am delivered from the spirit of difficulties in eating and vomiting; I can eat everything without vomiting it!’ She then explained to me how it all happened. She said her grandmother had called her while she was watching Emmanuel TV. It was during the time Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying for viewers. So, according to her, my mother then grabbed her hands and placed them on the screen of Emmanuel TV while the prophet was praying. ‘That was how Jesus set me free,’ my daughter said.

“I thought it was all a joke at first, but to my greatest surprise, up until now she can eat well without vomiting any time. It’s an unbelievable miracle! Imagine my daughter eating and demanding for more food, something that has never happened since her birth – until after the prayer with Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV. May all the glory be to God Almighty, in Jesus’ Name.

“I have another testimony. The Anointing Water saved me from demonic attack just a few weeks ago. I had lost my grandmother and returned to my village for the burial. During the ceremony, I felt something or someone come up and tap me on the back. I didn’t think anything of it at first but after leaving, I started noticing a severe pain on my back and chest. This continued until we arrived in Aba. Then, it began getting worse and worse every moment to the point where I could no longer breathe properly. I was afraid of what would happen to me if I had to sleep that night without finding a solution to it.

“Immediately I remembered that I had a small drop of Anointing Water which I had left in my house. The Anointing Water was almost finished so, by faith, I filled it with water. I had no option than to believe that the Anointing Water would still work, even if it were mixed with fuel! So, I called my six year old daughter and said to her, ‘Ijeoma, listen, your father is dying, and you are the one to deliver him! I have pains at my back right now and I cannot breathe properly, so you have to pray for me like Pastor TB Joshua prays and spray the Anointing Water at my back.’ Then I knelt down and she started praying, ‘ANY DEMONIC POWER IN MY FATHER’S BACK, OUT! OUT! OUT, IN JESUS’ NAME! OUT! OUT! OUT!’ Then, she sprayed the Anointing Water and declared, ‘STAND UP! YOU ARE DELIVERED!’ I stood up immediately and started shouting, ‘Thank God, I am free! I am delivered!’ That was how I was delivered completely and all the severe pains instantly vanished! EMMANUEL!”

Michael Ogbuagu Mba – Abia, Nigeria

235 thoughts on “‘I Thought It Was All A Joke…’ – Healed Through Emmanuel TV

  1. People of God desperate of the anointing water ( call morning water ) beware of fraudsters they have manage to prepare fake tap water and are selling to people via fake email,note tb Joshua or Emmanuel TV never send out the anointing water to people,to get it ask someone who are going scoan Nigeria to collect it for you.
    Tb Joshua or the wise men never communicated with people via Facebook oe tel,beware of impostors.
    Scoan official email for years: info@scoan.org
    To visit scoan Google on: scoan.org
    Be vigilant don’t be fool by fraudsters,they will con you.☎️☎️☎️☎️😳😳😳😳📞📞📞📞☎️☎️☎️☎️

  2. I have always heard of Prophet TB Joshua, even my pastor watches him but I haven’t had the opportunity as I don’t have Emmanuel TV on my decoder( tried looking fir it 2 days ago) anyway my uncle who was recently saved came to visit last month and gave my mother anointing water because our family is dealing with endless setbacks! Nothing we do prospers though we are all highly educated, we can’t even keep jobs, or find husbands or a relationship! I recently lost all my belongings for the 7th time in 7 years that I’ve been working every year I lose everything and have to start from scratch the bago ing of the next year! For some reason I decided to drink the anointing water for the first time last month! But I left it because it is my mothers! So 2 days ago I felt led to drink it again, and as my dog went past I sprayed it on it’s head! Later that evening my dog was poisoned! I made it drink anointing water and it threw up! This morning it looks better and I gave it more water calling the name of Jesus If G-d can save my dog he will surely deliver me from my afflictions ! I was so doubtful at first but this situation put me in a desperate place to save my dog and Ibelieved! Praise the Lord

  3. i want to thank God for what he has don for me, i am a nigeria liveing here in south africa. i give all the for giving me paper. firsly it look like it was some thing that will not come to pass, i thank the God of T.B JOSHUA for granting me this happiness.i have the man of God picture in my phone i always look at it and say a prayer then i kiss the picture. brother and sister it is working for me every day i see new things that make continue praying with the picture……….this real i tell you….emmanuel……..

  4. i want to pray 2 me and my family spatially 2 my younger sister she is 15 years old but she is not hare on her head when she was born she has a a hare then throughout a month in she 6 month child the nani cut her hare but stile she has grow a hare on her head our family tray my medical treatment but they can now she is in sad and an confident girl so plize pray for her so about my language am not perfect in English language am Ethiopian and am speak only my language God bless u.

  5. oh GOD is great you know GOD is great i believe i can feel that JESUS is with me every time and he is with my family and my son in south africa he is guiding us in everywhere when we are coming in and going out i love you JESUS CHRIST you are real you never said goobye i love you GOD of TB JOSHUA in JESUS CHRIST name amen


    Thank you for sending me these testimonies they always uplift my spirit and I feel in my heart that really nothing is too difficult for GOD – all things are possible. I would like you to assist us we are five (5) vessels of the Almighty God who would like to go to Synagogue Church of All Nations. Will you be kind enough to give us directions since we do not want to end up in other churches in Nigeria thinking that we are attending Prophet T.B. Joshua’s church – there are many crooks. My name is Phumzile F. Matsebula (Mrs). Thank you Man or Woman of GOD.

    I would be much grateful to hear from you. God Bless.

    Phumzile (SWAZILAND)

  7. I want to live a life full of God and nothing else because I have come to know him as a God who is able – Matt 9:29. He is able to do what is unimaginable in the sight of man. Whatever chain satan might have used to connect me to himself, God’s power is able to break it, in Jesus’ Name! I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt my time for total deliverance will surely come,and I will enjoy life to the fullest, in Jesus’ Name. If you too believe it, say a big Amen!

  8. Glory to God almighty. Pls how can i get this annointing water and stiker. God bless the man of GOd for answering Gods call and the wise men too.Thanks

  9. God is really wonderful…and is doing great things in our lives.But hoW can i get annoing Water or annointing stickers? please i need your help.

  10. We serve a covenant keeping God what he said in his word is what he did. Thank you Jesus for this deliverance. Please man of God pray for my family l really need deliverance

  11. God is good and his mercies endureth forever,our faithful father,ever lasting God,Mighty in Power overflowing in love,Can anyone please help me with the DSTV connections as I can’t get through with the codes anymore,please any Ideas will be appretiated. South Africa

  12. Thank you Jesus for my situation it has made me know you better you are Savior you are my Lord you are Redeemer you are King I accept you as my Savior Amen

  13. With Man Its Immpossible,But With GOD Every thing is Possible.I really give a big great thanks to my mighty GOD JESUS. THANK U JESUS.

  14. LORD I AM PRAYING FOR MY DAUGHTER WHO IS ANAEMIC AND ALSO DEVELOPED PILES AFTER DELIVERING HER CHILD. Please Lord let me hear her say mum! (my sickness has disappeared


  15. Emmanuel,people of God, God is good i was in disappointment loss of weight due to no appetite , setbacks ,i prayed to God, Lord restore my health i came against every demonic which course appointment, setback , limitation in my life u demon i came against you in Jesus Name. by the grace of God, my the Grace of God my friend come to SCOAN and brought me Anointing water i had prayer and fasting before i administered and prayed to God, God restore my health in Jesus Name and i administered. people of God just after 4 days i started eating, to cut my testimony short i have gain weight and am looking Beautiful and i believe another breakthrough is coming in my way in Jesus Name. Amen.

  16. Is incredible but believers like us know it is possible. For with GOD everything is possible. Praise the KING of the universe. Amen

  17. What a wonderful testimony. This clearly shows that Jesus Christ is still alive and committing more miracles than ever through using vessels like Prophet T B Joshua. Man of God, may the Lord continue to use you mightly without tire in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  18. I thank Lord Jesus Christ who is Holy who, healed and protected your daughter by the power of his name, Mr Michael Ogbuagu Aba. The name Jesus has power indeed.

  19. i thank God for the wonderful testimony indeed God is still saying something in peoples lives. i pray that prophet TB Joshua and the wise men the scoan partners to live long so that even our children can also benefit like us. ist sad that nowadays i do not watch regularly due to networks problem here in Zambia i pray that God will surely interven in Jesus name .AMEN

  20. wow how i wait for my day,when i will post a a beautiful testimony like this one ,The God of prophet TBJ is real thank u Jesus for the healing

  21. Pliz man of God help me my name is nelson mtumbuka from zimbabwe, i am suffering from generation disease of B.P, heart & sugar plus very very bad omen.

  22. What a testimony oh My God my Lord. What a Mighty God we serve and what a future is before us. We glorify your Holy Name oh Jesus thank you for Prophet TB Joshua we are really privileged to be blessed with this Mighty Prophet of God. Emmanuel!

  23. He is a Miracle working God. Indeed Distance is not a barrier, anywhere you are just believe that God can touch you. May God Bless Prophet T.B. Joshua, a prophet of our generation. Emmanuel!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Emmanuel! to God be the Glory, wow! Jesus is so wonderful, our healer, deliverer, redeemer and our saviour. I know my Lord is working out something good for me in Jesus’ mighty name. God bless Prophet T.B Joshua and the entire scoan management including the wisemen. God has a reward for you men of God.

  25. Thank you Jesus this testimonies lifted my faith let God be Glory distance is not barrier through anointing water,anointing sticker we are healed .I know this year 2012 will not pass without a miracle in my house,my daughters,my grand-daughters,my son Lewis and my husband Albert.Thank you God for sending me testimonies and God bless the man of God T.B.Joshua.

  26. WOW! you sure have one great daughter. We thank God for the life of TB Joshua and the Wise men. May the ring of fire around them blaze even more after every deliverance and every prophecy. May they never lack in their needs, May they forever find favor in Gods eyes.with every jab they get from the media and unbeliever. Lastly. THANK GOD FOR EMMANUEL TV. I too received my own healing after laying hands on the the screen of my laptop. I can’t stop spreading the news about watching Emmanuel TV for the salvation of more million souls.

  27. I heard of The man in The Synagoge esary 90s. I believed in his gaith and God that time he wasnt as fluent as now. Priphet i am a worried woman concerning my spiritual life since u declared 2013 being YEAR OF OFF THE ROBE i tried all i cud but i saw it wasnt Gods year 4 me so please for me to experience a real spiritual shift please man of God shake me spritual with your faith alone its even possible olease speak the Word and my Spiritual life will spiral I need a touch of God I need a change of heart but cant do it all by myself, thank you Emmanuel!

    Greetings to my generation in Jesus name amen. I want to discourse a little about this which I called the little anointing ocean, because it is a mystery, you and I know that a mystery is something that is beyond human comprehension .
    I know many people might have been asking questions about this amazing mystery called the little anointing ocean, what is this little anointing ocean is all about?, or how come about this little anointing ocean?, or somebody might ask question why should I call this, the little anointing ocean? .
    This little anointing ocean has put many, Philosophers, Astrology, Scientists, many Professors, Astronomies and many Physicians, into questions, But, God for whom he is, the God who hide himself in simplicity and revealed himself in the same simplicity decided to hide the mystery of this little anointing ocean from those great and influential men of God in the society,
    And revealed it to a simple and choosing one to confirmed his word that says, (I give to him that I wish to give].thank God for that.
    Whom did God choose to reveal this mystery of the little anointing ocean? remember that God said that he will not do anything on earth without revealing it to his prophets,
    And in every generation God chooses a prophet above other prophets, to use. In the book of Malachi 4; 5-6 behold I will send you another Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord; and he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with curse.
    In Luke 1v15 for he shall be great in the sight of the Lord, and shall dink neither wine nor strong drink; and he shall be filled with Holy Ghost even from his mother’s womb.
    Vase 17 said and he shall go before him in spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; to make ready a people prepared for the Lord, unquote; As what happen in the lives of our Niger Delta brothers (ex-militant)
    And a group that called themselves a political machines or togs; many but mentioned few how their lives has been changed from disobedient to the wisdom of the just through the man that the prophecy is open him;
    Now my question is this, can’t we read this handwriting on the wall, about this man that God choose to revealed the mystery of this little anointing ocean called the anointing water, to make his ministry different from others?
    I mean the Elijah of our day, the man in the synagogue, (P h d) T. B. JOSHUA who came from God with this honor to change lives change nations and change the world.

    Mark 4v11, I read, He answered and said unto them, because it is given unto you to know the mystery of the kingdom of God, but to them that are without all these things are done in parable,
    Who are those that are without and without what? This people that are without are not unbelievers they are believers Christians even some of them are wherein neck callas answering names but doesn’t believe on the power of God;
    Let us see what the bible called them; 2 Timothy 3v5, 7 I read, having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof; from such turn away 7 said, ever leaning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth vase 8 says now as Janis and Jamborees withstood Moses, so do they also resist the truth; men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith:
    Let’s go to vase 4 and it says that they are traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God, in other words they are showing more pleasure in riches of the world, private jet hungers this are those that are outside:
    In Titus 1v15, unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defile and unbelieving nothing is pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled vase16 says they profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.

    It’s not that I’m trying to change the name of this anointing water, no I’m trying to enyelibrate a little about it. Because we are ignorant of what God is doing in this our generation, no wonder he said in the book of Isaiah , I quote , I know the thought I have for you the thought of good and not of evil, thank God for his good thought to this generation.
    Now I want to enyelibrate a little why I called this anointing water the little anointing ocean, I called it the little anointing ocean because it what more than what we call it, I called it the little anointing ocean because it is little in sight but as mighty as an ocean,
    It can enter some ones pocket and came out as a mighty weapon when needed, is the only ocean that can travel with someone as a companion, is the only ocean that can course a storm that can flush every poverty, failure/setback, stagnancy, limitation in progress, etc,
    And create a new life and a new status in you; is the only ocean that can course an earthquake that can level every mountains and hills and valleys that is before you, and make your way straight for the salvation of your soul; it can course a hurricane that can sweep out all your enemies,

    Remember the bible say we are not fighting against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers in high places, that is the enemies I’m talking about, and create a new relationship between you and God,

    This little anointing ocean has answers to all our questions in life. Only pray this prayer with the man in the synagogue, oh’ Lord help me to live by faith, faith in your goodness and love, faith in your healing power and deliverance, faith in your blessing and mercy, faith in your plan for my life, amen.

    Then you can minister it for any good reason you want it for, the book of psalm says call upon me in the time of trouble I will answer thee, so God gave us this medium to make an easy call upon him in the time of Our suddenness . Oh’ the Generation of vipers

    How long shall we be in doubt of the presence of God in this our generation or because where we expected him to come from is not where he came from?

    In Luke 10v24, for I tell, that many prophets and kings have desired to see those things which you see, and have not seen them, and to hear those things which you hear, and have not heard them:
    I pray that God who gives knowledge will enhance you with his divine knowledge and understanding to believe; whatever you see and hear from this anointing man of God in JESUS mighty name, AMEN
    Matthew 28v20 Jesus promised to be with us even to the end of the world in other words Jesus never say goodbye so brethren the weapon of propaganda is in the hands of those that are without:
    Let’s pray for the man of God and his wise men and the Emmanuel t v crew; Father we thank you for giving us another Elijah in this our generation, father we pray oh Lord enlarge his grace and his visions and increase his days on earth for us in Jesus name amen;

    For the wise men and all the Emmanuel t v crew, the bible said if anybody deny his father, mother, land, wealth for my sake; that I will pay such person in hundred foes; oh Lord, this people has denied all and decided to face dangers for your sake father I pray oh Lord do what only you can do in their lives in Jesus name:
    For the partners; the bible says in 1 Samuel 30v24, for who will hearken unto you in this matter? But as his part is that goes down to the battle so shall his part be that tarries by the stuff; they shall part alike;
    Father I pray oh Lord when you are blessing your generals who fought for you, oh Lord forget not this partners who put their hands into their treasures to give a little of what you gave them, I pray oh Lord that they shall not lake in Jesus name:

    Father once again I present this little pamphlet and the readers before you, oh Lord let it be a point of contact to your divine wisdom and knowledge to those that will come across this inspired pamphlet in Jesus name, can somebody amen???????

    My Appreciation note; Dear readers I thank you for choosing to read this little pamphlet, I know that God will touch you through this inspired word and change every heart that is under the influence of the propagandas and bring you into his divine understanding to know that Jesus said he will not live us as children that without hope, and he never said goodbye:

  29. I cosmas kanyama from zambia prease man of god t.b josua i asking come to your church but i don’t have menoy passport i have and visa i can provinde plases man of god help me i belive that our problems will end because iam watching Emmauel t.v every day

  30. Jesus i love u i blv in u i know u have the final answer to every fantamental isues praised be ur name Emanuel if God is mt us who can be against us I LOVE U JESUS pliz can i have any wise man’s 4n number i need ur prayer pliz i beg

  31. Indid God is alive. People of God, even kids can pray 4 us as long as they are led by the Spirit. Only raise ur kids in the ways of the Lord nd only believe! Emmanuel

  32. Halleluya! Im Linea M Heita a Namibian lvng n Namibia, the problem im gng through s hatered mst of pple at work hates me and what made t worse i was stop to go ply voly ball becse a man who turn be a reservsd and coarch hate me and attacks me al the tme and calls me names and said im mad and gng crazy becs im a born again. So pray for to be deliverd from ths attack n Jesus Christ name.

  33. There is notthinking impossible before God and He has put all principalities under our feet, only believe and have faith in jesus christ Amen.

  34. When we run out of rope it is time to grap unto faith! Have faith in God! It is impossibe to get healed without releasing our faith in God. There is no other way except to believe God to do what He said He will do!

  35. I do believe too. through the programmes of prophet T.B JOSHUA. Every sickness in my body and pains in my legs will be gone in JESUS NAME. I have spoken to myself now and again, since i cant travel to nigeria, its in my house and the prophet too. MY own will come by force in JESUS NAME. GLORY TO GOD FOR THAT TESTMONY, NEXT ITS ME! WE LOVE YOU MAN OF GOD. MAY THE ALMIGHTY CONTINUE TO BLESS AND US YOU MORE

  36. Wow thats very encouraging our God is faithful. I thank God for Emmanuel TV its such a huge blessing in our lives and for the life of Prophet TB Joshua and the wiseman. Keep up the good work and may u live long.

  37. Emmanuel wondeful testimony to God be the glory and honour with God all things are possible. God bless prophet TB Joshua and the wise add the number of days on their lives please

  38. Thank you lord jesus christ for your grace and salvation you the only one now and forever who can leeds and saves.be with me now and forever in your name thank you lord for the life and everything.AMEN IN JESUS’S CHRIST NAME

  39. Today is my birthday I want to thank God for his mercies and protection. Lord guide me and teach me how to be faithfull and to be true to you. Lord thank you for have so many blessings that I have because of you. Give me health and I pray for my kids my mom my sisters and their kids. Cover us with ur precious blood, amen!

  40. Emmmanuel!! Am moved and my faith has been encouraged. Glory be to God the father and our dear prophet senior prophet T.B. Joshua. We are blessed man of God!!

  41. God make a way were it seems to be no ways he is our God wherever we a Holy close with us inside .If he say yes no man can say no .thank yu heavely father fr deliverence .FAITH

  42. I just wanna thank GOD for EMMANUEL TV for it serves me from im going through. GOD of TB JOSHUA i know you can heal me even though i don’t deserve it. Emmanuel!

  43. I always prayed with man of God when he is praying for viewers, but i never got well, but now i know what comes out of emmanuel tv is fire, Thank God for this testimony, mine is soon to come… I am healed am delivered. I have watched his recent teachings on faith, ii have grown in faith, and resting in the arms of God. Knowing he can get total deliverance alone is enough. May his name be praised.

  44. We serve a living God who neither sleeps nor slumbers .Thank you JESUS for touching this family. THANK you man of God for allowing yourself to be used by GOD to bring about the ‘Anointing Stickers and the Anointing Water.And the wise men,with your various appearances in our dreams and difficult situations to rescue us from the evil one. I promise to make God’s word the standard foe my life. Thank you Jesus Amen

  45. Praise the God of Tb Joshua!I got saved thru emmanuel.tv.Now iam free and secured by the blood of Jesus wit my household.I hav seen the name Jesus working in the Spirit.Witches,wizards and demons run away at my sight.What a priveledge to worship the God of prophet Tb Joshua whose awesome name is Jesus Christ of Nazareth.Thank You Jesus,I wil praise You O Lord for You have dealt with me and my household bountfully in Jesus’ name.

  46. God z great,this is believing then see,thank you Prophet TB Joshua 4 allowing God to use you mightly in such time like this,EMMANUEL

  47. blessing is for dose who believe in God and also in TB J may god bless you more as you change the life of many people …..

  48. By faith if you tell this mountain to move and you believe in your heart. It shall be so. Mark 11vs 22- 25.
    Our God is a mighty God who reigns supreme from heaven above with power and glory.
    If you keep your faith and don’t regress God will always be there found and all those who believe Amen.

  49. i thank you Jesus for creating me in such a generation as this. prophet TB Joshua and the wise man are powerful man of God. children of God lets keep praying for those who are covered by satan not to believe the prophets of God

  50. Thank God who allow his servant to save our life through emmanuel tv and annointing i wish God wil give me the annointing and i wish i was a Nigerian cos there is a spring of oil that everyone could wish to have that is Annointing oil you are blessed Nigeria

  51. Emmanel prophet this testimony gives me hope even though my DSTV is not working because my husband wanted to spite me & make me loose contact with Emmanuel but I’ll like to think God for the testimonies you sending me that God is still on my side & one day He will answer my prayers & blesses me with a job so that I can partner with Emmanuel tv,please don’t stop sending me the testimonies even though I don’t see Emmanuel tv for now I’m with you God’s people in spirit

  52. Jesus Christ is working in SCOAN. Thank You LORD a million times for relieving our generation through Your servant, Prophet T.B Joshua. I rejoice with you brother. Maintain your healings. Glory be to God. Emmanuel!!

  53. I thank God for using the man of God as an instrument to heal all manner of sicknesses ,i pray that God will bless him the more.

  54. god is good all the time. my father since my mother passed on, he was sleeping everyday the whole day. two weeks back i made him to touch the tv when man of God was praying for the viewers and today i can testify he no longer sleep during the day the only thing is he still cant see properly and hear properly because we must shout when we talk. please man of God pray for him, his name is Jacob Khehle.

  55. I will glorify you all the day of my live for all what you did for us. And I will pray for all those that refuse to accept the SCOAN As a powerfull church to have sign which will bring them in the right way In Jesus Name I prayed.

  56. Glory be to almighty God IN everything he has been doing in our life even though we did not deserve it ,He is still watching over us . thank u lord for everything u ‘ve been doing in our life .thank you jesus ,thank you GOD

  57. whaoooooooooooooooooo DIEU es merveilleux oui la distance n’es pas une barrière au non de JÉSUS

    whaoooooooooooooooooo distance is not a barrier in JESUS NAME

  58. Glorly belongs to the God almighty.
    Man of God you are a blessing.
    God is is still the same Today Yesterday and forevermore.

  59. i thank the lord 4 the heeling of ur daughter en removing the demon 4rm u, i knw wit the same power my life wil b changed en al wil b wel wit me..praise the lord 4 his our savior in life,amen

  60. Amen for the wonderful testimony,distance is not rilly a barrier.Glory to JESUS the son of living GOD.Thank you Man of God Prophet T B Joshua for your teachings and prayers,i am benefiting a lot through Emmanuel Tv,i feel am not the same.Thank you man of God for being the instrument for the world to know the works of God.

  61. thank you Jesus! surely this has lifted my faith. thank you Lord for sending us your anointed man Tb Joshua! thank you Jesus!

  62. My name is William Parehwa from zimbabwéº I am H i v positive & sprit of poverty by faith and praying along Tb Joshua .i know iam healed in Jesus name prayse the Lord

  63. Glory to God the most high…
    glory and honor be unto his name….This testify that our Lord Jesus Christ leaveth…halelluyah!…
    SCOAN,God bless u than ever before.
    TB Joshua God bless u and use u than ever before…Amen…

  64. What a lovely testimony ! each day i normaly thank God for bringing Prophet TB Joshua in this generation which i am part… Thank you Jesus!

  65. Praise the LORD. Me i dont have anointing water and emanuel tv but i ‘v Tb Joshua’s account but im also lifting my faith that power in anointing water that this man is going 2heal me bcoz i also feel chest pains n my back. Right nw im nw standing and saying ” GOD of Tb Joshua i knw that distance is not a barrier the some power in Nigeria, anointing water i believe in that so i declare that power to heal me here i am In JESUS CHRIST name Amen” yes thank you JESUS im heald and 4seting me free.

  66. Only Jesus can do impossible, Our duty is to leave in faith in every situation, b’cause last word belong to Jesus. Amen.

  67. Those who are chosen to give testimony at this last days of our life journey thy will not miss the promise of GOD sir you are commicating with Prophet TB Joshua in relm of spiritual through Our lord Jesus Christ even if cell phones , computer, tvs are nomore you will still talk to our God like our Prophet always speak with Christ.

  68. God is a miracle working God. Pls God visit my family,especially my daddy that is loosing his memory,he is deficiating and urinating anyhow,he has no stroke,he walks very well with his two legs. I thank God for the life of this man that testified his healing. Indeed,God is awesome.

  69. amen. to God be the glory. we serve a mighty God.
    it is true how we are told to have faith like a little child and just believe in the power of God Almoghty who is able to do all things according to his power. by faith i tap into that healing and deliverance in Jesus name. amen.
    thank you man of God prophet T.B Joshua and the wise men, may God bless you always. Amen

  70. Truly we need to praise miracle-working God who is always there for us even though we are sinners. He is full of love and grace.

  71. May God continue to deliver nd blss us! I hv serious financial debts, my businesses r nt doing well and i also hv menstruational problem.

  72. O’lord,my God,let your mercy restore my faith,carrer and family. Jesus, son of David its my day to my past over. In Jesus mighty name.AMEN

    • God will grant it to you in Jesus name Amen, just have faith because getting delivered from these wicked, foul smelling demonic spirits start with a desire in your heart to be set free. I’ll join you in prayer for God intervention in your life through His servant Prophet TB Joshua

  73. To God be the glory What a mighty God we serve…only faith can move mountain are believe is are connection in Jesus christ name we pray..!!Emmanuel…

  74. HALLELUJAH!!!! EMMANUEL!!!! Jesus REIGHNS!!! I’m so happy for you my dear brother. Love u all with the love of God! Keep telling many of your great testimony, and put the devil to shame!

  75. All things are possible in jesus name indeed distance is not abarrier am touched with the testimony above. God see me through!

  76. God uses any medium to express Himself! Thankyou God for using your man servant pastor T.B Joshua to the glory and honor of your name! May the oil upon his head neva run dry. Holy spirit breath anew upon your vessel pastor T.B Joshua in Jesus name! May the testimonies be permanent in Jesus name!

  77. We serve a living God who neither sleeps nor slumbers. Jesus Christ you are worthy of all the praise and worship. Emmanuel! If God be for us who can be against us.

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