Nemutudi Nyambeni from South Africa wrote to Emmanuel TV to share a powerful testimony of God’s divine protection in her life when armed robbers came intent on attack.

“Emmanuel! If God be for us, who can be against us? In the early hours of Friday 10th August 2012 at about 2:50am, my wife and I were in bed when we heard our bedroom door being opened. I checked to see if it was my wife and at the same time my wife was also checking if it was me. Then, suddenly we saw a man hiding his face behind a balaclava holding what appeared to be some form of weapon slowly entering our room.

“Immediately, I started shouting, ‘Holy Ghost Fire!’ and as my wife joined in shouting, he was already running for his dear life! We went out to see how he got inside the house and found out that the kitchen lock was broken and the door was opened. On the lock that was broken there were keys to our vehicle and the keys to the other vehicle were hanging on the wall. On the dining table, there was also a large amount of money lying there. These were simple things that ordinarily a thief, burglar or armed robber would not just pass by without taking. To our surprise, nothing was taken or stolen!

“I checked and saw that Emmanuel TV was still playing on our television while everything was happening. Also, both the vehicles have got Anointing Stickers on them. It was astounding. The vehicles were not even parked inside the garage but it seems as if the intruders were blinded and didn’t see anything at all. Glory be to God Almighty! He saved us from armed robbers! I thank God for the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua, The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV!”

Nemutudi Nyambeni, South Africa


  1. Praise God for his protection. I’m telling you, that Emmanuel TV has been on any time i leave the house or when i go to bed. My husband doesn’t like Emmanuel TV nor wants anything to do with it but i know who’s behind Emmanuel TV, (JESUS CHRIST) working through TB Joshua and the Wisemen. and i use it to protect our home. One day my family will truly know that its only by grace that we are protected. So wives or husbands out their, if you know whats good, hold on to it, even through stiff opposition from family members. Don’t lose your focus. They will one day have their eyes opened. LET LOVE LEAD.

  2. What an awesome GOD he is always watching over us he does not sleep or slumber. I thank Lord Jesus Christ for intervening in the life of Nemutudi Nyambai and his family. Let his Holy name be glorified. Amen

  3. Lord Jesus Christ protect all the Honourable people in Authority by the power of your name. You created them in your image and your likeness, like every one of us. May your name be glorified and be praised for letting them know that you are there for them all the time. Amen

  4. even though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death i shall fear no evil for my papa God is with me. no one can be against me

  5. Indeed when God is with us nobody can be against us, i also happen to have achance of using Annoited Water shared by afriend who visited SCOAN in April this year. I ministered this annointed Water on TWO tshirts of my husband who was in his home village on seperation grounds with me due to his beer addiction. Surprisingly he asked for his Tshirts to be sent to him and that i did. he shared one tshirt to his Dad within 3 weeks his mum called me that my husband was willing to come back home after discussing with his dad as well. To GOD be the Glory, we are together now since 2nd July. Now he is a responsible husband and father to his family. i know GOD Himself will finish His mission upon my husbands life who now drinks once/twice a month or even without taking.

    To GOD be the Glory in Jesus name…. AMEN.

  6. God is Great!even me I received a breakthrough of forgetting the pain of past I thank God,stay blessed


  7. Glory be to God! Emmanuel, God is with us. How can I get the anointing water in Zambia. Please I need one . May the good Lord bless you all for the good works you are doing.

  8. I love you prophet T B Joshua for allowing GOD the almighty to be using you to save peoples life.Thank you GOD.please pray for us Okoro’s family. And my next year adimission.GOD bless you all and your Tv am greatful.


  10. Our God is always faithful even in the midst of our unfaithfulness.He is the same today,tomorrow and forever!All glory and honour be to our God in Jesus mighty name,Amen!



  12. Glory to God, Jehovah ROHI who shepherded
    the lives of the dear brethren from armed robbers. In Him we have all we need in life thank you Jesus!

  13. No body is like GOD,let GOD be praised!!!.the scene took place like film.O! my faith has become stronger,in believing GOD’s power through a medium.

  14. Pray for me to get the job dat I will satisfied. And my wedding go well because I am going to be married on 5 january 2013.
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!


  16. My faith is lifted up everytime when i read all this testimonies.I love you so much lord.May you continue blessing you Son Prophet T.B Joshua and his assistants.God bless you all

  17. Emmanuel tv has been a blessing in my life since i started to watch it, and my televison is 24 hours seven to seven on, no mo nightmares, fears, confusions, wat ever i pray to God come to pass, God of TB Joshua is alive. my neigbour who liked to peeping ova the fench when i praying with emmanual tv, started to going to church now, other started to build a wall.

    i praise God for Emmanuel tv.


  18. Emmanuel to watch Emmanuel TV ,its mostly and highly important to my life ,it protect,and guide us in daily living
    God keep your promise to TB Joshua, its you who knows who we are.

  19. Good day by blood of christ I m save nd love Jesus Christ, I m one of emmanuel tv viewers so I need to have my annoiting water also, now where can I get it here in South Africa or any detail to lead me to get my own annoiting water,I need to know the info also wanna visit scoan one day for delieverance *may Lord our mighty be with you all the scoan staff and man of God prophet TB Joshua* Amen

  20. what a MIGHTY GOD we serve!The best is indeed yet to come.Let us not give up ,it doesnt matter what we are going through,the miracle is just around the corner.EMMANUEL!.

  21. I give glory and honour to the Almighty God. His truth is our shield and buckler, we shall not be afraid of terror by night for we know our God is always protecting us. Thank you Jesus for your mercy upon the lives of Nyambini’s family. Thank you Lord for the man of God Senior Prophet TB Joshua for you brought him to help the world.

  22. i have realized that sometime we ask God for the things we want but he never gave us for the reasons known to himself, in such circumstances its better to cling to the mighty Lord for direction in everything despite its very painful to accept the reality in Jesus Name.

  23. God is good all the time. May the Dear Lord continue blessing The Man of God T.B. Joshua and his team for the everlasting prayers for us the world. May we be protected always in Jesus name.
    S. Ruzive – Zimbabwe

  24. emmanuel , my faith has been lifted up , i put my trust in u god of tb joshua , de god dat does not sleep nor slumber , cause he loves us so much , alleluya.

  25. Thank you Jesus for protecte , save and fight for us. I thank the lord for the life of senior prophet TB Joshua. He was send to save the whole nation, may the lord bless him and strenght him to be alive to do His work mightly in Jesus name .

  26. Emmanuel! Our God is a Living God. With Emmanuel TV in our houses, the holy spirit on our side and Jesus Christ our Commander and Exemplar not forgetting our able mentor and platoon field leader Prophet TB Joshua, armed with anointing water, stickers and other s to thwart the ever advancing armies of evil, greed, immorality and suffering . How blessed we are to be associated with the Scoan! Testimonies will continue to flow on a daily basis.Brothers and sisters keep sharing those moments of joy each time the miraculous work of God is experienced live and direct in your life.And the God of TB Joshua will do it again and again until the whole life is just a long testimony…
    Ackim, Lusaka, Zambia.

  27. we serve a wonderful God who is always there for us. thank you Jesus for being faithful to your promise. the man of God may God be with you and your family.

  28. God is Who He is as He said to Moses. He can cause evil to be blind to what He cherishes. God was at work full time in Nematudi’s house. May they continue to praise, worship and glorify God for that deliverance. Thank You God You are so amazing and wonderful Amen.

  29. I thank GOD for the protection.its not because we are clever that we are still alive and in good health but its just unlimited grace from our loving father,JESUS CHRIST.lets glorify HIS name

  30. Halleluia. We should trust Him because of His promise to us. Amen. I join you as you rejoice in our good Lord..

  31. Emmanuel
    Truly our God is a miracle worker,my testimony goes like this,on Sunday midnight I was driving in Johannesburg to fetch a workmate so we can go and work overtime at night giving ourselves extra time to go to church during the day,whilst I was driving I use the wrong entrace facing the oncoming cars,to my surprise the police stopped me in my attempt to find another road and they told me they were arresting me for violating the rules of the road,they told me to drive in front of the police van with one officer inside the car with me.He told me I will see the magistrate on Monday morning when we get to the holding cells I will be allowed one phone call,I started crying pleading with them to let me go I am not a criminal,I made a mistake,the officer who was with me told me to stop the car so he can go and speak with his other officers,I said it out loud Lord Jesus how can you let these people arrest me for such a small mistake,upon his return he gave me my driver’s license back showing me the way.Instantly I realised it was the annointed sticker at the back of the car and the power of the annointing in the sticker,I escaped jail through the annointing of God.
    Thank You so very much for accepting the call of God sir even people like me is now benefiting.

  32. Those who are with us are more than those who are with them. Emmanuel. The Lord God is our banner, protector and deliverer. Glory to His Name.

  33. Praise the Lord,for his protection.
    I pray that He blesses Emanuel Tv and strengthens,all His Man of God @Scoan.
    Thank you Jesus.

  34. Am Bertha from Zambia. I want to testify the glory of the Lord. I ve been using annointing water which i got from my friend who’s husband visited the Scoan. I always pray before administering, then i spray and administer. On Monday 5 around 22hrs, i was invoveled in a terrible accident. I called on Jesus’s name 2 command the car 2 stop and indeed its so happened at once, no one died or injured not even the car was damaged. I realy give God the glory an 2 continue using TB Joshua.

  35. GOD is good all the time, alleluijja. JESUS is alive, He saved the life of Nemutudi trough the anointed channel “Emmanuel tv” keep praying so that GOD also save you from any other means, it all about believing and salvation follows… Glory be to GOD for the life of Prophet TB Joshua, and for all the people around him. May the LORD JESUS continuous to save many lives through the ministries. In Jesus Name. Amen!

  36. I thank GOD for that & i am proud to be under God’s protection may our living God continue to bless the man of God i love my God & i love God.I pray in the name of Jesus christ .

  37. Our God is good through emmanuel tv. This testamony has increased my faith and I know no weapon formed against us will prosper, in Jesus name, Holy Ghost fire indeed will set our lives free in Jesus name

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