The Sunday Service kicked off with amazing illustrations of God’s mercy as numerous people received their healing and deliverance at The SCOAN Prayer Line. A million thanks are not enough to Jesus Christ for the miraculous testimonies that follow:


He had suffered from diabetes for three years and had used both orthodox and unorthodox medicine, none of which

Mr and Mrs Azeez Mudi testifying to God’s glory

  cured the disease. His health condition became worse as reflected in the following symptoms: persistent urination (25 times before dawn), loss of weight, mental imbalance and high sugar level of 680mmol. He said he came to The SCOAN and was opportuned to receive the Anointing Water. He ministered it after he had prayed and read the testimonies in the Anointing Water Booklet. Astonishingly, his high sugar level dropped from 680mmol to 78mmol, signifying a miraculously high reduction rate. Feeling that he no longer needed to regulate his blood sugar, he went to consult his doctor. The doctor tested him again and the result revealed that his sugar level was at 6.2mmol – clear evidence that he no longer had diabetes. He advised that people should look unto God when they are sick. His wife, Azeez Mudi also confirmed his health ordeal, particularly his frequent urination and loss of weight which orchestrated persistent visitation to hospitals and herbal homes. She advised wives to help their husbands trust in God in hours of need.


Cecilia Ishaya during her testimony at the SCOAN

 A nurse at the medical unit of the Ministry of Defence, Kaduna, Nigeria, Cecilia narrated how she suffered excruciating pain due to kidney disease for three years. She said she couldn’t walk, stand up or do anything by herself. She was therefore constrained from going to work for four months. Due to the severity of the disease, the medical unit of the Defense Ministry couldn’t treat her and she was referred to Zaria in Kaduna, Nigeria for an operation which would cost N150,000. When it became obvious that she wasn’t able to raise the huge sum, a friend of hers advised her to go to The SCOAN. She obliged and was opportuned to receive the Anointing Water which she ministered after prayer and reading the Anointing Water Booklet. When she woke up the following morning, the persistent pain she had, vanished and she discovered that she was completely healed. She showed the congregation the first medical report which confirmed that she had kidney disease and the second, which showed that the disease had been completely healed. She advised people to always trust in God.


He recalled the genesis of his wife’s mental ordeal and said that no one could identify the cause of the problem. He observed the sudden abnormality in his wife’s behavior once when he visited her shop. She broke glasses, bit him and displayed a high level of aggression. She had to be rushed to the psychiatric centre where she was diagnosed with a mental disorder. Despite the series of injections given to her for four days to calm her down, the dementia remained. Mr Kadiri said that he then remembered the great works of God in The SCOAN, particularly how God was transforming the lives of people suffering from different health challenges through the mediums of Prophet T.B. Joshua, the Wise Men and the Anointing Water. He decided to visit The SCOAN for solution.

Mr and Mrs Kadri giving glory to God

He received the Anointing Water, read the testimonies in the Anointing Water booklet, prayed and ministered it to his wife. Immediately, she fell asleep and when she woke up, she requested for food – a tacit attestation to her mental normalcy. He said that when they returned to see the doctors at the psychiatric centre, they showed bewildered expressions on their faces and asked of where they could also get the Anointing Water. He presented a certified medical report which showed that his wife was now completely normal. Asked to comment on her healing, Mrs Deborah Kadiri said she couldn’t understand what happened to her but found herself at the psychiatric hospital with water on her face. She said that when she slept, she saw Prophet T.B. Joshua in her dream and he said, “My daughter, you will not suffer. It is over”. She said that it was later that she found out that the water on her face was the Anointing Water. She advised people to always have faith in God.


Mr and Mrs Oluyomi with their baby testifying at the SCOAN

 They came to The SCOAN in August and saw how people had received their healings through the medium of the Anointing Water. They were opportuned to get the Anointing Water and after prayer and ministration, his wife became pregnant that same month. Before then, they had visited many hospitals, spiritualists and pastors for solution but weren’t successful. Today, the couple is blessed with a baby girl. His wife confirmed how she saw the prophet praying for her and her child in her dreams on several occasions throughout her pregnancy. Mr Mayomi advised people to always believe in God and trust in Him.

Prophet T.B. Joshua addressed the congregation after the testimonies, saying, “If you cannot trust God without medicine, you cannot trust Him with medicine. If you cannot trust God in your challenges, in whatever situation you are facing, when will you trust Him?”

The SCOAN Live Sunday Service witnessed huge attendance by worshippers from all over the world. Hundreds of people came out to testify to the goodness of God upon their lives.


He had smoked Indian hemp for 28 years, since he was in secondary school. Though he had tried to stop several times, he would pick up the habit again when, in his dreams, an evil spirit would visit him and hand him the wraps of hemp to smoke. His family members were distraught at his behaviour.

Mr Enahoro Delivered from addiction to smoking

While visiting a friend in Ilorin, Nigeria, he watched Emmanuel TV and saw God delivering people from similar addictions in The SCOAN. His friend obtained the Anointing Water for him and after reading the testimonies of others in the Anointing Water Booklet, he prayed and ministered the Anointing Water. That night, he dreamt that a hand came to him and removed the Indian hemp from his mouth. Since that night in 2010, he has experienced total freedom. Before his deliverance, he used to have chest pain. He said smoking Indian hemp caused his blood pressure to rise to 280/300 and he had a fast heartbeat and a bad kidney. Today, he is light and bold and his mouth no longer emits the offensive odour it once used to. He advised that people must be careful in whatever they choose to consume because the evil ones will always use whatever you love most against you.


She had experienced severe hypertension and could not walk nor eat. She often experienced dizziness and the doctors

Roselyn Bobi showing the medical reports of her healing from hypertension

confirmed that her blood pressure was 183/110. She said that her mother also died at the age of 39 from a similar health problem. Concerned about her future, she visited The SCOAN where she collected the Anointing Water and began to minister it frequently during prayers. One morning, she woke up feeling extremely relieved and full of energy. As her strength grew, she visited the doctor who confirmed that her blood pressure was now 100/110. Today, she is strong and healthy and no longer experiences dizziness. She advised that people should learn to run to God when faced with difficulties because without God, there would be no solution.


Lucky Ikede testifying to God’s saving power

This young man from Delta, Nigeria had just bought a car and had resolved to obtain the Anointing Sticker which he would place on it before ever driving it. Prophet T.B. Joshua had given him both the Anointing Sticker and Anointing Water, the latter of which he often sprayed on himself and the vehicle before travelling. Of recent, when he planned to travel to Anambra, Nigeria, he had ministered the Anointing Water and prayed. On the way, a trailer lost its breaks and crashed into twelve other vehicles at a junction. Many died and were wounded in the other vehicles but in his own car, himself and his three passengers did not experience any misfortune. He advised that people should adopt the attitude of asking for God’s protection before travelling.


Chika Okpala, a popular Nigerian comic actor and entertainer, came to The SCOAN to testify to the goodness of God in the life of his younger brother, whose wife was kidnapped but eventually released without paying any ransom, due to the power of God at work in the Anointing Water.  The popular artiste stated that the kidnappers had demanded the sum of N150,000,000 before the woman would be released. The family had decided to report the issue to God. They came to The SCOAN, received the Anointing Water and sprayed it on their family photograph during prayer. At midnight that very night, they received a phone call stating that the woman had been released without any collection of a ransom! The husband of the kidnapped woman, James Obinna Okpala, told his side of the story to the congregation, explaining how the kidnappers had threatened to kill his wife should the ransom not be paid at the stipulated time. He had joined the prayer line at The SCOAN and during prayer, one of the Wise Men told him that his testimony would be, “Thank You, Jesus!” This was truly what happened in his life. He said that the Anointing Water should not be doubted as an instrument of God.


Dr Bihini Won Wa Mudi Testifying of God’s Healing at SCOAN

A veterinarian doctor and Ecologist, Dr Mudi form the Democratic Republic of Congo had the problem of difficulty in walking due to cervical and lumbar spondylosis. He is always working on the computer and is also a field worker who must climb mountains and valleys in fulfilment of his professional engagement. But though he was expected to be healthy in doing his job, he suffered severe headaches and was always angry due to the terrible back condition. He had gone to see physiotherapists at the hospital but there was no solution. He then decided to come to The SCOAN where he attended the prayer line. The Wise Men prayed for him and suddenly, he could freely move his body! He said that his healing is difficult to explain empirically because the power of God cannot be explained. He advised that people should be in touch with God always and be faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ to obtain their miracles and the salvation of their souls.


A video was replayed, showing Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesying to people, one of whom was a young lady who began behaving like a snake. Shouting as she saw the prophet, she said that she was a snake who had destroyed many men. She was instantly delivered.

The young lady, Nancy, said she had been possessed by a spirit of python since a boy hit her on the head in school in Junior Secondary School and she fainted. Immediately after that experience, she began encountering snakes in her dreams. Three times a year her skin would begin to peel off and she was forced to remove the skin like a snake or she would no longer look young and attractive. She found herself in the midst of snakes in her dreams, playing with them. She had a spiritual husband and each morning, her bed was always soaked with water, as if it were a sea or river. She would never kill snakes and found herself manifesting like a snake anytime she saw one physically or on the television. She said the spirit often asked her to destroy men, especially at the university, which she said was her main earthly assignment. Any man who showed interest in her must lose his wealth or his job. She said she was also given sickness by the evil spirit.  During the deliverance, she had been violent towards Prophet T.B. Joshua. She has not been violent since her deliverance and no longer sees snakes in her dreams nor manifests like a snake. She is immensely grateful to God, just as much as her mother who also spoke on the situation. Her mother explained how she had gone to a spiritualist to ask for help in order to have a child and became pregnant that very month. As her daughter was growing up, she realised that the child had been possessed. The mother said that women must look up to God alone when looking for the fruit of the womb. Nancy also advised that men should be very careful about who they talk to in order not to become victims.


A video was replayed in which Pastor Donald Joshua Tom manifested during last week’s service. The evil spirit said it had destroyed him, his marriage and ministry.

In church on Sunday, the pastor spoke on how he used to criticize TB Joshua Ministries until he moved from Nigeria to Burkina Faso. A well-travelled pastor who had visited 14 African countries and several European countries,  he was asked in Burkina Faso by a prominent man of God to meet with T.B. Joshua. Considering that man of God’s position, Pastor Tom realised he was giving him the right advice. Tom called himself Saul who became Paul when he came last week and was delivered from the evil spirits that had tormented his spiritual life and destroyed his ministry. In his rush to return to Burkina Faso and share the good news, he failed to remain for his meeting with Prophet T.B. Joshua. The man of God in Burkina Faso insisted he keep the appointment and he returned, receiving further prayer and counselling from the prophet. Pastor Tom confessed to having misled people through his false comments about the person of Prophet T.B. Joshua and The SCOAN. He then asked God to forgive him for slandering God’s servant and hindering people in their faith. He said his life had been in shambles and asked Joshua for prayers for his scattered family.


A video was replayed showing a husband and wife receiving deliverance through the prayer of one of the Wise Men. After their deliverance, the couple introduced themselves as  Pastor and Prophetess Uche and narrated their involvement in negative spiritual activities over the years.

Mr and Mrs Ekeoma Uche giving God glory for their deliverance at the SCOAN

Pastor Ekeoma said he was a satanic agent masquerading as a pastor and teacher. It all started when he met strange lady while travelling who bought him a ring and necklace and told him she loved him. They slept together that night and when he woke up in the early hours of the morning, he suddenly saw her turn into a mermaid. She told him that he had been initiated and then she entered into a covenant with him, warning him never to have another woman in his life. The evil spirit would appear to him at night in his dreams, teaching him the subjects he would teach his students the following day. The spiritual wife gave him spirit of lust and he slept with any girl of his choice in order to initiate them. Those who sat for state examinations with him were also seduced into sleeping with him in order to have good results, stamped by the state. These results, however, would never bring them good dividends or jobs. The only girls who escaped his seduction were those who were genuine Christians. He hated them and said he saw fire around them. One of the rules the evil spirit gave him was that there were particular days he was must restrain from  going out of his room. He attended satanic meetings, transformed as an animal, in which he was given two powers. One power was in his mouth – whatever he said would surely come to pass. One power was in his eyes – whoever he seduced with his eyes would surely fall for him, including his present wife.

His wife, known as Prophetess Omozee Uche, also spoke confirming the satanic activities the couple were involved in, adding that she was also a chain smoker who used to smoke one packet of cigarettes everyday for the past 25 years.

Prophet T.B. Joshua asked both of them remove their pastoral attire as they had been used extensively by the devil before their deliverance.  He said they should be called “Mr and Mrs” rather than “Pastor and Prophetess” until they hear from God exactly what their next step should be.


A video was replayed showing Pastor Samuel Tolu Bada as an evil spirit manifested through him, saying that it  was the commander of a kingdom and masquerades who controlled the land and people. It said that its mission was to make people lose their destiny.

He had come to the service with his wife, Pastor Yemi Bada, to narrate his story to the congregation. Born into a family of traditional Christians (those who consulted native herbalists), he had an uncle who headed a cult group and masquerades in his village.

Mr and Mrs Samuel Giving thanksgiving to God for their Deliverance

His grandmother was also a native of a women occultic group and when young, he also attended festivals organised by these groups. He said he was sickly as a boy and his father would travel far and wide in search of solution. As he grew, he came to the city and eventually joined the Nigerian army. He dreamt perpetually of masquerades pursuing him. He was deprived of promotion for many years and he suffered much poverty and helplessness with his family. He went in search of deliverance at a crusade ground where he was professed Christ and told he was delivered and that he had a calling of God upon him. He left to start a ministry (Inner Body Of Christ Ministries) but his suffering did not come to an end. He once fasted for 40 days and then 71 days but all came to naught. During the fasting, he had a revelation where he saw pictures of mighty men of God and in the midst of that picture was Prophet T.B Joshua’s picture.  In 2007, he started watching Emmanuel TV though some of those close to him would have nothing to do with the channel. He was never discouraged. His wife’s ailing hand was healed by Prophet T.B. Joshua in a dream. He finally found his way to the SCOAN and during the prayer; he could not control himself when the Wise Men touched him. He said the evil spirit started manifesting. He was miraculously delivered. That night, he slept and saw seven men, walking out of a house in his dream.

His wife said she had stood by him in moments of pain and hopelessness and advised woman to remain strong because they are a light in the house. She said she had spent 25 years with him and all women should pray for their husbands always. She attracted much applause for her endurance.


Making use of James 2:1-6; Hebrews 11:1, Exodus 14:16-22, and 2 Corinthians 4:18 as proof texts, Prophet T.B.  Joshua spoke on the secret of faith, saying that faith needs to be put into practise and this should be done in difficult and perilous circumstances, even during ordinary times. He said that even when we are not under tension or pressure, such as sickness, poverty and hardship, our faith is there for us.

He emphasised that if God’s children cannot commit their bodies to God when they are sick, who would believe that they are Christians and who would believe that they have faith?

If we have faith in God, we should not just believe in Him when we encounter extraordinary events and face impossible tasks or absolute perils. He said that as true Christians, we should recognise God as our sovereign Lord and see Him the way a child would see his father.




A video was played showing the documentary of Miss Yinka Oduwole, a SCOAN youth member, who just completed her Master’s degree with distinction at the University College, London where she read “broadband communications” and came out as  the best in her class.  She has just secured admission at world renowned Oxford University to pursue a PhD, for three years, in engineering science. Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners, who paid for her entire Master’s Degree programme and expenses at UCL have also paid for her tuition and living expenses at Oxford University at the cost of 100,000 pounds (26 Million Naira) for the three year programme. Prophet T.B. Joshua has used her example to motivate other youth to be serious minded and to inspire people to adopt the attitude of giving to others in order to build their communities and countries. He referred to Ogenyi Onazi, a fast growing Nigerian footballer who now plays for SS Lazio of Italy and Nigeria’s National team, the Super Eagles. Onazi was one of the products of “My People F.C.”, The SCOAN’s football club organised to uplift the youth. He closed by saying, “We are raised to raise others”.


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  38. My brethren, T.B. Joshua is a real man of God as everybody can testified to all his teachings, healing and deliverance. Man of God your preachings are just to much. My fellow Christians just listen to his teachings everyday if possible.
    Prophet, my heart tells me that you are a living testimony for our age 21st century God be with you and your wise men in Jesus Christ name.

  39. People of Almighty GOD purify yourself by obeying the truth, the Word of GOD so that you have sincere love four your brothers and sisters love one another with all your heart heart
    Now that you have purified yourselves by obeying the truth so that you have sincere love for your brothers, love one another deeply from the heart

  40. Infact God is using Prophet T B Joshua. Jesus Christ was right when he said that if we believe we will do greater works than what he came to do.
    I love all the testimonies people gave, mostly the couple who had married for five years without a child. Thank God that they now have a child through ministering of the Annointing water.
    I also had the similar problem. I married in the year 2000 but lost my wife after six years without a child. And re-married the year 2009 up till now without a child.
    Man of God remember me in your prayers to shame the devil.
    May God continue to bless you and your ministry.


  42. Testimony 1 : Healed from sinusitis by touching the screen with faith. My name is Mrs Bihini Rose. I have received my healing from sinusitis on saturday 17 november while my husband was being prayed for during prayer line, by the wiseman John Chi. I am from Democratic Republic of Congo, living in Cameroon. I was suffering from this sickeness for about 6 years and have taken many drugs without a permanent solution. My husband went the to the SCOAN/Lagos to receive healing form the Master Healer (JESUS-CHRIST) as he was suffering from difficulty in walking, due to cervical and lombar spondilosis; and from sinusitis. Even though I didn’t travel with him, I knew distance was not a barrier. So this saturday, when the wiseman was praying for my husband, I connected myself with this healing annointing by touching the screen of my television in my bedroom, asking God to also touch me and heal me from sinusitis and any sickness I may have in my body. Behold ! I received my healing instantly, together with my husband. Since then till today, I have no signs of this sickness again. I praise the living God .   Testimony 2 : Healed from tonsillitis. In june 2012, me and my husband went to visit the SCOAN/Lagos and  had the grace to collect the annointing water. During the sunday service, we have followed the testimony of a young girl who was healed from tonsillitis, after administering the anointing water. This testimony have encouraged me so much, as my daughter of 20 years (Esther Vanessa Bihini) was also suffering from this sickness for 4 years. When back to he house, I decided to use the anointing water that I was putting in her month in the Name of JESUS.  Since then, no tonsillitis again. The Lord has healed her. Praise the Lord.    

    De : Distance is not a barrier À : Envoyé le : Mercredi 21 novembre 2012 17h25 Objet : [New post] FAITH IS A HEART THAT BELIEVES GOD – TB JOSHUA

    promisecarrier posted: “The Sunday Service kicked off with amazing illustrations of God’s mercy as numerous people received their healing and deliverance at The SCOAN Prayer Line. A million thanks are not enough to Jesus Christ for the miraculous testimonies that follow: AB”

  43. Glory be to God,
    I am Faith from Mwanza Tanzania, I would like to have anointing water and prayer sticker.
    I believe my miracle is in there. Please advise me, how can i get them here.
    Thank you

  44. My name is Bosha Masilo from South Africa. I thank God that He is showing His children how mighty He still is, healing, delivering and all His miracles through His son senior Prophet TBJoshua and the wisemen. I myself have been requesting to come to the SCOAN since 2009 to no avail. I am soo desperate at the moment, please pray with me to be allowed to come. My situation is real bad, i need to go still in December 2012,
    Emmanuel !!!!

  45. Emmanuel. Indeed faith is the heart that believes God through ordinary circumstances. I have been watching Emmanuel TV for not more than 4 months now & have already seen the Gloryof God in my life. He restores and gives us assuarance of peace and joy. I am located in South Africa and would like to receive annoiting water for breakthough and health.Please anyone who can help?

  46. l have seen many testifying eating in dreamsTv and they have been delivered. Hnw can l be also be delivered of the same? l am primary teacher but teaching and heading at students are able to get good grades enabling them enter university. what can l do to get my breakthrough as evidenced from sunday live service.currently lam diploma holder obtained thru distance ,chance are slim at degree level.please shnw me the way forward. vincent

  47. I thank my Lord for never disapointing me, posted a request saying my ex h r manager refused to sign my alexander forbes claim and the following day I was called and told that he signed it! Thank you lord• I pray for breakthrough spritually,financially, in my career, my health and my family in jesus name amen.

    • His teachings, his sense of humanity, thus, his unending love for humankind, his biblical interpretations and human acts, all direct, demonstrate and point to one thing, ” LOVE OF GOD”. FAITH IS A HEART THAT BELIEVES GOD- A short line that tells it all. PROPHET TB JOSHUA is not only a true son of GOD but the greatest BLESSING to our world. Distance is not a barrier, as his work, the spread of the good news, the miraclous works are ubiquitous. In my state of dispair, his work strengthen me and gives me hope and even makes me stronger as a believer.


  48. To God be the glory, my life is full of mistry, Though a blessed child of God from my youth,a devoted christian from birth, but today, a different story, things falling apart. With contact with TB JOSHUA and Emmanuel Tv,i can see everything turning around for my good. Away from home for over 10year with nothing to write home about, but with the God of TB JOSHUA, i feel like a winner as i continually have this inner feeling that one day, soonest, i will be opportuned to accost the mighty man of God PROPHET TB JOSHUA with his 5 wise man, and on that spot, at the scene, my story will automatically change, as his word of testimoney will instantly be put to my mouth.
    SCOAN, EMMANUEL TV PARTNERS AND PROPHET TB JOSHUA, i salute you for the great job you doing in our days. You have really touched many lives in our world and made the unbelievers believe that our LORD liveth. I srongly believe that that which GOD has used you to do in people’s lives will surelly come to pass in my own life and family

  49. Emmanuel. God is with us. May God Almighty, the ANCIENT OF DAYS bless you prophet TB Joshua and the Synagogue Church of All nation. Ever since I started using annointing water, my life has not been the same again. God has given me deliverance and numerous interventions through the medium of the annointing water. may the name of God be glorified. Amen.

    Ms Blessed from Nigeria.

  50. I sent someone to get anointing water for me scoan. this time i believe things ve changed in my life i ve had failed relationship.but this time enough is enough, god of T B Joshua will ll indeed restore my relationship and asll what the devil has stolen from me in jesus name

  51. I want to thank God for the man of God Prophet T. B. Joshua who has made us see the real book of acts in this generation that we are in. May God continuously bless him so that he make us see more of the miracles that we have just been reading in the bible. May he live longer.

  52. I thank God for Emmanuel tv,we re learning alot and i just want to thank the man of God for his teachings.You have changed our lives,may God always bless you..Emmanuel……….Emmanuel.

  53. May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the fellowship of the Holy Ghost and the love of Christ be with all the people including the honorable people in authority. Lord Jesus Christ is a covenant keeping GOD, there is no-one like him.

  54. Emmanuel God is with us, I thank the all mighty God for the work is doing through you the man of God proferte TB JOSHUA may the all mighty lord jesus christ protect you, the family,the scoan members and every one who is a christian supporting this church to be strong over come all the attemptations from all over the world and be strong to continue helping people all over the world. May the all mighty lord jesus christ put a strong protection on you. More years to live Emmanuel. viva T B JOSHUA

  55. May Your name Almighty God be glorified in Jesus Christ name amen. I know and believe the best for me is yet to come, around the corner.
    God bless you Prophet TB Joshua and all SCOAN.


  57. hi am thank GOD evry day for you prophet TB joshua and wise man i pray that GOD continue to bless you and give you more power to work for HIM in JESUS NAME





    • Edwin Joseph Mwakatika,tune to live on your DSTV and you will be able to watch Live, I also tune live in Namanga-Kenya.

  59. The man of God TB JOSHUA I’m asking for prayers for my life and my bussness I’ve suffred a lot
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  60. Thank you almighty Lord for ushering into this world the servant of God Prophet TB JOSHUA to do the work of God to transform humanity from different parts of world for those who will believe in the miraculous power of our saviour CHRIST JESUS of deliverance, healing, restoring, breakthrough, blessing, salvation & anointing. Amen.

  61. Oooh,what asure GOD,am whatching live from my Television in Kenya-Namanga and through the Prophet of GOD TB Joshua,Thomas Batt is HEALED from paralystic. Jesus is REAL.

  62. I thank God for u profet T b Joshua fo thoz who got a chance to be thre ang being setfree from all bondages bt my wish throu this prayer request i will be setfree frm all satanic sprit that used mi in difrent wyz plz man of God pray for mi i am e maried man bt polygam i need peace and spritual growth and my busness to be succes i hope i wil give testmon very soon in Jesus name amen and i belive am in Gweru Zimbabwe

  63. Wel I wnt 2 tnk God 4 makin m 2 believe in his servant which his word has giving raising 2 live again n 2 believe in God. Dat if we sin we shouldn’t run 4rm God bt run 2 God. I pray dat God should use him more in my generation.

  64. I am a devout Christian who follows Emmanuel Tv broadcasts each day. I have certainly seen wonderful & amazing miracles happen time & again I pray along with Prophet T B Joshua & I touch the screen each time something like what is affecting me is delivered from someone.

    My desire as I am an adult with children who must grow up & live a better life is that I get a job. But to date I am unemployed & my children are disadvantaged by this circumstance. May I request for special prayers for a job breakthrough at the beginning of the year please Prayer Warriors, Wise Men & Prophet T B Joshua help me & my family.
    I have wanted to visit The SCOAN but am unable due to lack of travel means, ‘if only I could get the Annointing Water my situation would change’ Like the woman with the issue of blood I strongly believe my opportunity is just around & the veil that is covering me from a breakthrough will be gone forever in The Mighty name of Jesus Christ my Saviour & Deliverer Amen.

  65. Help with the prayers am looking for ababie in ma woumb.plz man of God nw its 3yrs with ma husb,iknw n ibelieve that Gods time z the best n distance is nt abarrier..Emmanuel
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  66. PRAI…………SE the LORD!I am Bongsuiru Emmanuel,I thank the Snr.prophet T.B.JUSHUA for what he and the WISEMEN are doing to the HUMAN RACE.Its so wonderful,please believers of the word,joint me to wish MORE GREASE TO THIER ELBOWS.
    One more,please MAN OF GOD,pray for me for peace to return to my MARRITAL LIFE.Its been more than three years that my wife parked out with our only son.PLEASE MAN OF GOD HELP ME

  67. PROPHET T.B. Joshua indeed you are a true man of God. my friend now believes this. she recently used to criticise you but now she believes after sharing the message of most of the preaching you have made. for this i say glory be to God who is in the highest. its just today when i was filling in the invitation form she came and even encouraged me. Praise the Lord, Hallelujah

  68. Prophet TB Joshua, Look as by the power of God, you make impossible be possible. look the case of Miss Yinka Oduwole is one of must beautiful exemple. Prophet There still are a lot of children around the world, who need your help; exemple my little girld that lov the word of God to much and i need your help to train her in the light and the word of God. But I don’t know how to process. Please help me in Jesus name.

  69. EMMANUEL!By the Grace of GOD a friend brought me annointed water and sticker in June 2012,a day just before my son was about to write his Malawi school cretificate examinatios ,i went to his school,we prayed in the car ,sprayed annointed water over him and on his writing materials,the results are now out,he has passed the exams well.I praise the GOD OF T.B JOSHUA for his mercy and favour ,I know that my son will even do well in his college studies IN JESUS NAME! My younger son who is 7 yrs old used to have an infection on his navel,after praying and spraying anointed water,its now completely healed .I GLORIFY THE LORD ALMIGHTY…More testimonies are surely on the way IN JESUS NAME!

      • I really thank God for the annointing water which by Faith have make your son to pass the examination. my problem is that my daughter is in class seven and next year she will be in class eight in Kenya. she had not perform well and she is told to repeat class seven. i dont want her to repeat the class coz i understand that, that is the work of the Devil. Iam planning to tranfer her to the next school so that she go to class eight. plz Fatima how will i get the annointing water coz i dont know anyone from SCOAN, PLZ.

  70. I m always inspired by what I see on Emanuel TV.and always in need to get the anointed water and sticker for my family .is there any chance of getting this without traveling to Nigeria ? I just want God to speak to me in my Life

    Pastor Lackson


  71. Thank you Jesus for yet another wonderful day and the miracles that you are doing in our everyday life. Thank you Prophet T.B Joshua.. you are indeed true man of God.

  72. Thank you Jesus for the testimonies, my faith is lifted, I believe mine is on way and am hoping to visit the scoan soon, please pipo of God pray that it becomes possible for me to travel am now filing in the form.

  73. Halejuja lord, I really need deliverance from every obstacles in my entire life, the only thing that help me is allmighty god and please pray for me the list is long but jesus knows everything. I love to wacht all miracles that in emmanuel tv and god protect TB Joshua

    In jeses name

  74. We are from Almighty GOD and so we must have faith and believe him. Whoever knows that there is a Living GOD above who created us must have faith in GOD your hearts must believe him.and also you must believe and trust his Living Word.. Read the Bible and pray everyday so that you grow everyday.

  75. TB JOSHUA. You are a really man of god indeed……i thank god for your womderful work you do in the world……….tb joshua pray for me i have a problem in my studies…because when i read. I undetstand but when comes to an EXAM i forget all what i have read…so i need your prayer help me

  76. I need a deliverance prayer I’ve been suffering since I was young
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  77. In GOD ALL MIGHTY I am asking a prayer against the devil who phone me at 2 am on November 23, 2012. This man said ” I want yo blood come outside let us fly” I told him I belong to Jesus he can’t have me. These days I always leave Emanuel TV on when I go to sleep and it was on, hence the devil could not enter my house.
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  78. We thank God for what He is doing to our generation, a blessed generation indeed. Halleluia!! Thank you Prophet and the Wisemen. May our good God Lord richly bless you.

  79. Am a zambian aged of 32 with two childrens,am a rental payer,and my contract was termited last month,am asking u to pray 4 me the love of God,GOD TO OPEN A WAY For me so that i find a job or started businees,am a man who likes prayers,may the love of God be with u bye.

  80. Am a man aged of 32,married with 2 daughter child,one is 5years six month and the send is 4 weeks,i was worked at the one of the contractor based at indeni oil refinary zambia,so my contract was terminated last month and am a rental payer,my reason to writing to you is that am asking you to pray for me if GOD make a way for me,for finding job or business,am a zambian,or you can find me on facebook God blessed u bye.

    • We serve a sure God, and soon He will give you a wonderful job.
      Also remember that DISTANCE IS NOT A BARRIER.
      Wherever the Prophet is praying for viewers all over the word just TRUST and you will see the fruits.

  81. Glory be to God, people of God, faith in God is the only way to good, peaceful and happy life. Early this year my back was healed through praying with Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel tv and the healing is permanent. May God Almighty bless our Prophet, his wise men and his family. Thank you Prophet TB Joshua for accepting to be used by God as a media to save the souls, though we know God heals, delivers and saves people, we should also appreciate your willingness to be sent to us.
    Glory be to God.
    Emmanuel…God is with us


  83. I wish the Snr Prophet would allow people from Zimbabwe to visit the SCOAN. Myself I have read my application to date I have submitted 66 application but not even acknowlagement nothing from the SCOAN. The time I received an email it was from a fake prophet who told me to send an amount of Dollars to what he said was under shipment department at SCOAN. He said the department was to sent me a parsel from Snr Prophet TB JOSHUA. and the cash was for shipping the parsel to me here in Zimbabwe. I phoned Nigeria and requested to make same inquiried to whethere there is a parsel for me in my name destaned for Zimbabwe. I found out that those people could intercept the calls from. I sent many emails to the SCOAN to try and inform Prophet TB JOSHUA but all fall out before it reached Man of God. Now I am hope less. This email is from my mobil phone if Man of God can call I can detect his voice or send me an invitation for me and my lovely wife to came and attend even just one service alone and came back we would be gratifull. I hope this massage will not fall along the way bdfore it reaches the real SCOAN in Nigeria. I thank you.

    • Its true my brother . I also have the same problem . I have been applying to visit SCOAN since 2009 up to now but to no avail . I have done everything needed to be done to apply and even call but no response . I am not sure what else to do .

    • Iam planning also to go to SCOAN. my question is that is it a MUST to have an invitation letter from the man of GOD TB Joshua so that you can visit the SCOAN. Reply plz.

  84. These are miracuolous deeds from God himself his name is yahweh. Please help me in prayer iam having financial problems.I am working but Iam failing to take care of my family and children because of financial constraints my salary is too meager and trying to find another is unsuccessful.please pray for me.

  85. I praise the Lord for what is hapening in Ms.Yinka Oduwele’s life you are a good example to the youth, that PhDd you already have a distintion in it in Jesus name.

  86. Thank you so much for replying to my email. Although I live in Toronro Canada, I know my healing is done because distance is not a barrier. Please continue to pray for me and my family. Let my blood be free of all types of diseases including Hiv, High Blood Pressure and High level of cholesterol. Please I am worried about my blood. I need the annointed water. How can I get it? Let me know the information you need from me regarding my health and the one of my family. Bye for now.


  87. my prayer is that  GOD continue to strengthening you and the entire church because you blessing to me and my family.dear TB joshua pray for that GOD  may give the heart that believes in him.


  88. Through this médium of testimony: Distance is not a barrier, my faith grow more and more and was heald also from neck pain and vibration of my left hand . God use any medium to show His selft to His people Praise the lord.

  89. Emmanuel, Is a Mercy and God’s grace to to know God as we are no longer get confused when we come across any kind of situations and challenges, I trust God in Jesus name Amen

  90. To God be the glory for what he is doing in my life. It by God’s grace that i sat to glorify God on how is word is working through his humbled servants Prophet T.B. Joshua and the wise men. Its my prayer that i also have an encounter with them whether physically in the arena of liberty SCOAN or in the dream because i know God is alive and still lives in Jesus’s name. I pray that today is the day of my salvation in Jesus’s name.

  91. Thank u GOD JESUS for wat ever he has done.Praise the lord brother ,i had a prayer request that i want the answer from GOD JESUS for wat ever questions i had asked him so please pray for me .I AM EXPECTING positive answer from god jesus, i will be waiting for the answer please pray for me.And one more prayer request that i have 2 pass in each and every subject ,and i have 2 be like head but not tail,not only me who ever belives in JESUS CHIRST .Thanku u jesus.From child of god Mythri.

  92. Praise be to God ,how i love the testimonies and my faith is lifted up.God is full of mercy.Thank you Lord and thank you Prophet T.B. Joshua and those who sent their testimonies.

  93. Hello Distance is not a barrier,

    I am profoundly happy to receive this New post. Please keep me in your prayers. My name is Audrey Richards and I live in Switzerland, Europe. Please continue to send me News about what the Lord is doing. I am greatly encouraged.

    God’s blessings, Audrey Richards.

  94. Good Afternoon

    Man of God in SCOAN all of you u a so remarkable, my wish is to see myself inside those buiding oneday – Am in South Africa my name s Kenosi Mosneyegi would like to request a prayer in my life as whole especially career and relatioinships

    Thankingyou in advance for praying with me

    Kenosi Mosenyegi


  95. Thanks be to God Almighty for giving us His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost to protect us. We also thank GOD for the Prophet T B Joshua, the SCOAN and the Emmanuel TV.
    Blessed be to HIS NAME. AMEN

  96. My name is Lovemore Chirume, i would like to come to SCOAN for deliverance,redemption,salvation,healing &prophetic ministries but unfortunately i am facing financial challenges although i,m working. I,m originally from Zimbabwe but currently staying in South Africa together with my wife & three children.All our monies are committed to paying rent,food,electricity,school fees transport etc etc so much that at the end of the day we are left with nothing to save for other commitments. So i,m just enquiring if SCOAN cannot help me in anyways to sponsor me financially for me to come to Nigeria Lagos T.B.Joshua Ministries for deliverance?.We have suffered a lot as a family for a long time due dissapointments,lack of breakthroughs,setbacks, bedwetting, HIV & AIDS, lack of development &demonic attacks etc etc.Can you please deliver this email personally to Prophet T.B. Joshua for his attention,decision &consideration.My cell number is 082 060 8915 (South Africa) Godbless. Lovemore Chirume.


  98. Emmanuel,

    Indeed, God is still saying and doing something.

    How I pray that one  day I too will have the Anointing Water and Anointing Sticker.

    As an ardent viewer of Emmanuel TV, God touches me every time I sit to Watch.

    And I do believe that one day, God will surely remember me.

    I know that Jesus has raised His servant Prophet TB Joshuah to manifest Himself to our generation; to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that God is surely with us.

    We are surely a blessed generation.




  99. God is listening, hence the deliverance, miracles and breakthroughs we see and experience everyday, through the anointed men of God, Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Wise Men.

    We are blessed in Jesus’ name, Amen!

  100. i greet you all in that wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ, i have 2 testimonies to share
    1. i had financial limitations, and was summon for my house to pay N$20.000 outstanding within 2 weeks, stil on approbihation and no where to start looking for that money i started to sent emails on scoan webside for prayers for my house not to be taken, meantime i friend of mine got invitation from scoan, i gave her all my debt statements for my house and water and electricity bills which i could not affort to pay, Glory to God,she represent my case to the Prophet and he gave her a sticker for house with bottle of annointing water and booklet, that same day i read the booklet and prayed ova the annointing water bottle, the next week God help me by made that money avaible to be paid, i have now rest assorance in God, an im still in my house,

    2. the company i started recently to work was almost declared bankrupt, and the boss was always moody, u have to pray evryday not to be fired, he always just looked for fault to shout and insult you evryday, i became so tired coz im just 2 months with them, an i decided to bring my anointing bottle along, evry morning before i started i will read booklet and pray and ministering anointing water at the entrance, Asking God of TB Joshua to bring peace and love in this man’s heart, and i rebuked the spirit made him to behave that way before he will coe to work, Lo and behold since than, he is so cool no mo shoutings and insultings, no mo stresses on others, he have change totally, i even overheard him telling his wife on phone that he dont like shouting and finghting with her anymo, company is operating good now, workshop is full, where they used to have only 1 car in to weeks to work on, now the workshop is full at all time, now we booked 10 and mo cars weekly, Scoan is realy a place of God’s wonders, Glory be to God

    May God blessed Prophet and his team, for helping even us who can’t reach scoan. The testomonies are wonderful.

  101. We really not stop to thank God for this mighty grace given to us in Africa through the anointed Man of Go Senior Prophet TB Joshua, we are leaving in this period of deep and heavy darkness but the light of God is given to us. Thank you Lord Jesus for giving us this life insurance at this end time. Thank you Jesus!

  102. God is so great and mighty. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Praise be to God for his works that are happening in scoan. God bless you man of God and the wisemen. I got anointed water from a friend and after using it, I have seen a lot of miracles in my health, finances, marriage and career. Thank God for his mercy upon my life.

  103. EMMANUEL…………………….! People of God keep watching emmanuel tv, you will be filled with joy no matter what the situations are, we are blessed in Jesus name.


  105. Please Man of GOD surely , as distance is not a barrier may the Almighty GOD visit me also in my life as i am battling with the spirit of masturbation since 1995 when i became matured in the village. this same vice has now caused me to loose feelings for my own wife as i treat her like my fellow man. What is worse also is that i prefer to go for other women than my own wife, in short am now a womaniser.Recently i made a covenant with my God that i will never commit adultery with any  other woman apart from my wife which seem to be working though i can clearly see that the devil is trying to come for a re-match.Prophet TB JOSHUA please let your GOD help me get delivered through you as i have seen his might hand all over the World through you doing his wonderful mirracles in peoples’ lives. surely, when is my own mirracle and for how long will i suffer this sinfull torment in my life please? i need Jesus in my life because soon he will be coming. Man of GOD please hear my problem i am far in Zambia but as the lord says in you that distance is not a barrier, indeed he shall surely reach me with his mighty hand. I beleive that even by you sending your wise men to pray with/for me  he can stilll  reach me.If there is any thing like paying for the annoiting water please let me receive this healing which is coming to me now for my  life to testify for what God has done. I will wait untill i get healed, i will not stop writting this, Glorry be to God , Prince David.

  106. I am inspired by these people sharing their testimonies, people like Adul azeez mudi, Cecilia Ishaya Victor Kadiri and Mr and Mrs Muyomi Oluyomi, i hope next time will be me glorifying GOD.

  107. Please Man of GOD Prophet TB Joshua, let your GOD visit my life here in Zambia Lusaka through you just like he has visited others in their lives.I am in bondage of a spirit of masturbation and phonication though i am a married man. i have been following this website for so long and i read about people spiritually healed and their testimonies, when is my testimony from my HEAVENLY FATHER Through you Prophet TB JOSHUA? I ca not live this kind of life please because Jesus christ is coming soon please. So far i have made a convenant with my GOD promising never to sleep with any women in my life apart from my wife only and i can still feel the devil tring to come for a re-match. Please My Prophet i am ready to pay for the annointing water or to receive your prayer so that i can be a true born again christian and save my GOD faithfully, please hear me and do not ignor my request let your GOD heal me also as i am also his favuorite in his kingdom, i am waiting until GOD and you have blessed me, i will not stop. prince david.

  108. To God be the glory forevermore. I too have testimony to give about the anointing sticker. Two weeks ago,I went for sports and there were numerous cars on the premises. I had left my watch,iPad and phone in the car and because they were visible, someone attempted to open the car door using an object. I knew later that the door had beenp tampered with with because the remote did not sound and the key couldn’t go through the key hole. I realized the car nod it’s contents we’re protected by the angel of God by reason of the anointing sticker on the car. Glory be to his name and may He continue to use His servant, Prophet T B Joshua

    • What awonderful testimony. God will protect your property through the sticker and annointing water fro TB Joshua.
      From Kenya.

  109. I m always inspired by what i see on emanuel tv.and always in need to get the annointed water for my family .is there any chance of getting this without travelling to Nigeria ?

    • Brother in Jesus name im caught in your situation I really need the Annoiting water& sticker but how to get it is very hard. You know i want to visit SCOAN but money is a big barrier but one day it will be well for us.keep watching and receive your miracle in JESUS NAME.

  110. Glory be to God for the healing Power. That is seening from the SCOAN. God bless you man of God you are real called to SAVE. AMEN

  111. Glory to God for such tremendous annointing water/sticker testimonies. My attention was caught by the deliverence of the pastor & his wife a prophetess Mr. & Mrs Ekeoma who were being used by the devil to mislead people, i was impressed by the wisdom of the man of God who ordered the pastor & his wife with due respect to remove their collar/pastoral attire & that they should be referred to as Mr. & Mrs & Not Pastor & Prophetess…May God increase His wisdom upon you my prophet T.B Joshua..I was really wondering what verdict you’ll give as you wait to counse lthem on which way forward

  112. I request you to pray for me i am writing the final examination first week of next month from 03rd to 14th December 2012,please send prayer to me so that i can pass my final examination.

    Thank you


  113. Emmanuel! God is Good all the time. What a caring God, the God of TB Joshua, the Almighty Jehovah of armies! We thank him for the provision of anointing water and anointing stickers not to mention the powerful heavenly channel on earth, Emmanuel TV. What is interesting is that even an empty bottle still contains fire for deliverance, healing and breakthrough! Just replenish it constantly with ordinary water and let the power of God do the rest. I can testify to the undeserved kindness of the God of TB Joshua in what He has done in my family: peace in my 18 year old marriage which before gave me unfathomable stress and regrets at times. My financial capabilities were at its lowest ebb. Illnesses were a constant feature in my household month in month out. Currently, after reading the booklet about the anointing water, explaining it to all the members of my family and administering it to all the members all my household, lo and behold! Good health, no more car accidents, no more want, and above all that peace of mind that is so elusive even to billionaires, is mine. Spirit of anger, lust is gone. Spirit of failure and disappointment is also ousted and buried in Jesus’ name. I am just waiting for my destiny-whatever it is, to be restored. in the meantime, being part of Emmanuel TV partners and friends in Lusaka Zambia gives me utmost satisfaction.May everyone reading this account of mine be equally blessed in Jesus’ name.

    • Indeed distance is not a barrier, God is everywhere,he is omnipresent……Emmanuel TV has helped me improve my walk with God. Being a scientist had made me want to prove and understand how everything works; but today I can boldly say that the ANOINTED water is beyond any science,listening and reading to the miracles through it has made me believe this. To God be the Glory!

      • Hi Wambugu, scientist have now believe. Let us forget about the scientis creation…… Ramapithicus nakathalika.
        God is REAL.
        Feleta from Kenya. 0733649645.

  114. I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ, man of God Prophet TB Joshua how do i get annointing water or a sticker please help me man or God? I have a spiritual husband.

  115. Thank you Jesus for all what you do for your people. I am Mary from Malawi. I beg T.B. Joshua to come to Malawi and help us. We cannot afford to come to Nigeria and some of us try to encourage oru children to watch Emmanuel TV as distance is not a barrier but when you tell them to do so, they instead go away and leave you watching the TV alone. They are not interested in the programme all they want is Nigerian Films and not the SCOAN. Please visit us quickly.

    • Let us pray for our children so that God of TB Joshua can touch them. my child is really intrested with the tv channels which are ungodly.

  116. How can someone get the annoiting water. I see the annoiting water works very well for everyone provided you believe that what ever you ask. believe that you are going to get it.

  117. Thank you father for healing, deliver,save us through Man of God Prophet T.B Josua,lead us lord don`t let us into temptation but deliver us from demonic evil spirit.Father,here iam lord i need you in my life,give me a word that will change my life forever my the door of my heart to your word my saviour,saw me the right way Jesus,touch my soul and let my sister come to scoan so that my whole family will be deliver forever my lord,please father we need your the name of Jesus christ amen


  119. Emmanuel! I thank God for this Ministry. The Book of Acts in actions and Jesus is the same yesterday,today and forever. To God be the glory and honour. Thank you Prophet T.B. Joshua,thank you the Wise Men,thank you Emmanuel Tv,thank you Emmanuel Tv partners,Team. SCOAN is my best place to be.

  120. May the living God be praised in the highest.
    Thank you my Lord Jesus Christ for showing me the way.
    Thank you my Lord Jesus Christ for giving me the opportunity to live and see the true that you are through our lovely Prophet TB. Joshua.
    Thank you my Lord Jesus Christ to allow me to able to read through the lines of your words, a chance that some never had.
    Thank you my Lord.

  121. May the living God be praised in the highest.
    Thank you my Lord Jesus Christ for showing me the way.
    Thank you my Lord Jesus Christ for giving me the opportunity the live and see the true that you are through our lovely Prophet TB. Joshua.
    Thank you my Lord Jesus Christ to allow me to able to read through the lines of your words, a chance that some never had.
    Thank you my Lord.

  122. Thank God for the life of people, for the delivrance, the healing which is happening at the Scoan, Jesus Christ is Lord.Glory be to God Lord Almighty. I have realise that without love one cannot do the work of God and the Man of God Prophet TB Joshua and the Wisemen are really demonstrating that love, the love of God the inconditionnal love,where everyone is touched and whoever believe on the son of God Jesus Christ is reedemed, delivered, and healed,endeed the 2 commendements Jesus gave us in the NT is really at work at the Scoan Praise the Lord!

  123. Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ I have being praying along with T.B for peace in my marriage, for my brother whom I lastly saw in 1998 and I alone to see him and more things. I give glory to the lord I can see some little peace in my home. Now men of God how can my faith because I feel i am losing it? Please pray for me because I know you can help me and I also need anointed water please. I am in Zambia.

    • don’t be discorage in prayer, and be connected with emmanuel TV all the time. till you have the way open to go to scoan in Jesus name.

  124. My heavenly father bless these service and prophet T.b Joshua.May I ask to pray f or me ? How I can get the anninated water in my home country?My is 3245,telephone no. +251912063352. Jesus is our savior Berhanu Bahiru,Ethiopia


  125. I am blessed by the testimonies.I must confess that I don’t know if I should or or should not believe in the matter of anointing water but surely – I believe only gods hand can do the things that I read about the anointing water.

  126. I give praise and glory for the miracles he is performing through you. Am employed and i am asking Gods favour and mercies to help me. Am also sufferin frm frequent urination which is affecting my daily activities. I pray for Gods healings through Jesus christ my saviour

  127. To God be the glory for the testimonies. Pray for Christine Chitembo that the valve of her heart be restored completely and that the enlarged ventricle of the heart goes back to its normal size. My prayer is to give a testimony of God’s complete healing in the next few days.

  128. Praise the LORD:People of GOD please joint me to celebrate the wonders of GOD:
    Just with a drop of the ANOITED WATER i stop smoking.My friends and relative are yet to believe I NO LONGER SMOKE AGAIN.
    I am BONGSUIRU EMMANUEL from Cameroon

  129. crois à l’impossible et tu verras l’incroyable!
    gloire à Dieu! notre Dieu est bon et sa miséricorde dure à toujours

  130. I thank God for sending His Angel to earh in the form of a human being(TB Joshua)to redeem the world.Satan was almost ruling the world,but we thank God He will never allow His children to perish.God continue to enrich you TB Joshua spiritually for His sake.Glory be to the Almighty God

  131. Christianity is all about forthtelling, foretelling and demostrating The Good News(The Gospel). To me, there is no better news than this in our days. I thank God for this great Man of God and His Ministry.

  132. Hallelujah.
    Any where you are trust him. In the bed room he is there, in the seating room he is there, under ground he is there, on the aeroplane he is there, in the prison, he is there. in every where, he is there.

    (1) People of the world Emmanuel my name is Anna Bertha Dakudzi i live in Limerick Ireland

    I want to Testified about Miracle working power upon Prophet TB Joshua and the power of God in any items that comes from prophet TB JOSHUA. four weeks ago i met a lady from Kenya Living in Ireland as i usually ask every body who come across me, do you know about EMMANUEL TV ? some would said yes and some will said no, this lady said to me oh yes we chart for some munits then i left them later that week she would called me and i make sure i discuss nothing with her except Synagogue.

    On the 13/ 11/ 12 i got a text from lady asking me if i got anointing water ? i should give her some i replied her yes, she said to me she would come in two weeks time just after three days she called me and said she is coming today being on the 19/ 11/12 i said OK although i did not like the deal because she had already told me she will be coming in two week time but 1: 36 am that day morning i had a dream many hands were trying to pool me and they were saying come, let us go, and i was replying them in the dream no, i will not follow them in the name of Jesus name and i woke up it was 1:36 am i prayed and commit the day in to the hands of God. around 3;pm she came Emmanuel TV is on as usual before she came to my house,we first watch Emmanuel TV for two hours then she said to me she wanted to go to the bath room i her show her, to my surprise she spend twenty munits before she came out then i first gave her the anointing water booklet the moment she touched it she stated manifesting from where she was seated to the ground i be came confused and afraid because she is a very huge person and i have only my four little children ages 8 to 4 years old with me in the house no adult i called my friend who had just return from Scoan she said to me to call Scoan i be came more terrifying to extend i called my eight years son to call me Ambulance.

    There a voice came to me, used the anointing water i took the anointing water and i ministered it on her the same time saying be delivered in the name of Jesus. asked her who are you she started laughing her eyes were very scary and wanted to get up i be came more afraid so i shouted this house belong to God of TB JOSHUA and God of TB JOSHUA will delivered you, in Jesus name on the sport an a power of electric shock came upon me then i continuing the anointing water she closed her eyes i said to her open your eyes and mouth in the name of Jesus as soon she opened her eyes and mouth i spread in the mouth and eyes then i said God of TB Joshua has delivered you then she stand up and started praising God and saying thank you Jesus i am delivered.

    I asked her what happened? she said when the moment she looked at prophet’s eyes that was only thing she could remember later she stood up and said she is delivered she is very light something left her body. i called to day to know her state of health she said to me her husband had to woke her up 11 am this morning and she had a dream she and her sister who works with Kenya Embassy in UK went to attacked some people who stool their plenty money and they collect the money from the people in Jesus name glory be to God Emmanuel.

    (2) A man whom i know from Togo in Ireland came to visit my family two weeks i gave him small anointing water and the booklet the third he called me that his brother in-Law who are IRISH came to the house with Cigarette he gave him one he no since two weeks now he said he can not smell cigarette.
    Glory be to God in the highest.

    (3) Myself God has been so Good to me. In 2009 i lost my job by redundancy so i decided to open my own Company as exporter in Car parts and engines, my first attempts an IRISH whose name is PATRICK KIELY who suppose to give me the goods fraud me he seize all my 60 car parts, bodies and engines he refused to give me my goods or the money things became very had for me and my family so i went to applied for Job seekers benefit on the 17/ 9/ 12 i was called to interview on the 25/10/ 12 after the interview it normally take between three to six months before decision can be make weather one will granted but to my greatest surprise my application is been approved just 10 working days just because i sent the applications i put ordinary water in to the anointing water empty bottle and i anoint the papers and the time i went to the interview.
    Something which is supposed to be 3 to 6 months, with the anointing water, it took only 10 days.
    My goods are yet to be retrieve. with God all things are possible.
    Emmanuel. The best is yet to come.

    Anna Bertha Dakudzi From Ireland.

  133. Good day,

    I believe nd I have faith in God and I am a dedicated christian but everything seems to be not right in my life I need prayers.

    Thank you,
    Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

  134. Brethren i have been suffering from painful feet, its like sharp needles are piercing through my feet, this has been tormenting me for the past two years especially after my marriage. People of god i know and belive that with the testimonies told above, my healing is also right now, i receive my total healing in jesus mighty name and let glory be to god. Prophet TB Joshua is a real man of god, used by the spirit and god is still going to use him to heal the masses across the globe. Amen people of god.
    I can not wait to come to the SCOAN church. But next year expect to see me people of god.
    At home we grew up going to traditional doctors, but i have found out later that these things do not work instead i have found my peace at the current church i go to. God is a healer and there is no one above him. Only if we belief ad trust and meditate on the word of god then we shall be healed and restored and delivered. I am so passionate about god and spirituality people of god.

    Be blessed forever brethren, may the good lord protect the man of god and his family.

  135. I realy believe in the Mighty God and miracle happening because I know what is impossible with man it s possible with God

  136. Yes I believe that distance s not a barrier today u have reached me. My prayer request is my the lord heal me HIV, Be blessed with husband – Am too lonely at the age of 35yrs no child and there s no progression in my career if I get promotional post after interview that post will be downgraded please My Prophet pray with me, Kenosi Iris Mosenyegi of S.A north-west Mahikeng. Please man of God I need your prayers more than anything man comes and go. If I can get that promotioni promise God to come to church for my testimony am humbly begging
    Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

  137. brethren god is good and all the time god is good. lets have faith in him and we shall enjoy the fruith of heaven and holy spirit. It is great to be used by the holy spirit becuase you are ina different spiritual realm.

  138. Glory be to God for using Prophet TB Joshua and Wisemen to save Humanity.
    God bless you all.
    Norbert TCHOUAFFE from Cameroon.

  139. I like to express my gratitude to God for the power of the anointing water especially for the man who was healed from diabetes as am also had it and ask that as you read this comment might also pray for me to receive my miracle. Emmanuel

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