Sunday 9th September 2012 proved to be a day that will long remain in the hearts of all those who were privileged to be among the congregation and the millions more viewing the service live on Emmanuel TV. Lives were changed in a dramatic way and people on the verge of committing suicide were given hope! The church service was, as usual, preceded by the prayer line, after which Prophet T.B. Joshua addressed the congregation about some questions he had received from viewers about fasting. Talking about the necessity of being led by the Holy Spirit in all actions, he explained that when you are not adopted by the Holy Ghost and you are fasting, you are only doing it for yourself.


Prophet T.B. Joshua

Referring the people to 1 Corinthians 12, he said, “Jesus is Lord” can only be said with genuineness through truth and faith. He explained the difference between Christians and religious people, stating that Christians know Jesus came to restore the relationship and fellowship between God and man. He spoke of the importance of examining all things in the light of God’s Word. The Holy Ghost, he said, is the light in God’s Word.  God’s Word refreshes our mind; God’s Spirit renews our strength. It is God’s power working through His Word and His Spirit that brings about what we are in Christ Jesus. He said we can convince people but we cannot convert people. It is the Holy Spirit who converts. He said that true Christianity is all about adoption by the Holy Spirit.


During a previous Sunday Service, Wise Man John Chi was praying for the congregation when he encountered Mrs Lovelace Nyame, a Togolese based in Ghana. During the time of her deliverance, the evil spirit within Lovelace exposed her role as a fetish priestess and custodian of an assortment of charms in their village which had been neglected for many years. As she manifested during that service, the spirit spoke that she was born to serve it and it had tormented her for many years until she finally succumbed to take up the devilish role intended for her. The demon further announced that almost the entirety of the family, even those who were staying overseas, were afflicted with a mental problem because of their gross neglect of these charms and the house built for them in the village. To the glory of God, the demon was defeated and she pulled off her beads, which symbolised her status, and dropped them on the floor of the church before finally falling to the ground.


The following week, as shown in the video, Lovelace led the Emmanuel TV team to her ancestral home in Togo, where she showed them the shrine and the evil contents it contained. She had returned to the church with some of her family members to rejoice at her wonderful deliverance which had rippled through to the entire family. Mrs Nyame explained how she had refused to take up the role she knew was intended for her but continued to move from calamity to calamity to the point where she was actually dumb for three months until she finally accepted to become a priestess. She explained how she used to fetch sacred water in the midnight when nobody could see her and fill one of the ritual pots at the location of the shrine with its contents. Such water would be used to prepare charms for those who came to her with various problems and afflictions.  Another put was full of ‘cowries’, an ancient form of money that she also used to invoke riches for those who came seeking financial help. As a result of her activities, she said that many people had been initiated into darkness.


Full of happiness at her total deliverance, she said, “I have a God bigger than smaller gods. I thank Prophet T.B. Joshua”. The family members rejoiced with her, testifying to the remarkable changes they had witnessed in her life since the deliverance. The prophet said the entire family would still receive prayer and congratulated them for the breakthrough.


Next came the story of Pastor Ernest Davis and his wife from Lesotho. Having been delivered the previous week, the pastor had taken the Emmanuel TV crew to his church, Salvation Covenant Gospel Church Worldwide. It was a pitiable sight. The pastor was living in abject poverty, sleeping with his wife on the floor of the church and given just fourteen days to leave as his rent had expired. He explained how the once vibrant ministry had become a laughing stock with sometimes as little as six people in attendance at a Sunday Service. Unable to feed himself and his family and faced with the prospects of being sent out onto the streets, Pastor Ernest had actually hung a rope in preparation to commit suicide. It was in this mess that his wife, a keen viewer of Emmanuel TV when in Lesotho, encouraged him to visit The SCOAN for deliverance.


Pastor Ernest Davis & wife

Narrating his story to the moved congregation, Pastor Ernest explained how he was a first class degree holder in Marine Mechanical Engineering and had studied in Poland for over a year before returning to the position of a manager in his company in Nigeria. Things were smooth and he was accorded every privilege entitled to him as a manager, including his own house and a courtesy car. However, one day in his office, he heard a ‘voice’ calling him to leave his work and serve him. Confused and in inner turmoil, Pastor Ernest thought it was God’s call for him to abandon the work he loved and enter the ministry. Despite the qualms and discouragement of his work colleagues, he resigned and headed to theological school for training.

After passing through Bible School, he worked with various ministries before establishing his own church. The first four years in his church had been progressive – miracles were happening and the church was filled to capacity every Sunday. However, he suddenly started encountering problems after getting married. His wife would publicly disrespect and embarrass him, eventually sending him out of their house with the relationship ending in divorce. In the midst of this, the church began to reduce and people’s interest continued to wane. With the crises deepening, Pastor Ernest met his current wife from Lesotho via the internet. Prophet T.B. Joshua described her as ‘a saviour’ to him, stating that if not for her intervention, Pastor Ernest would have prematurely ended his life in suicide.


Pastor Ernest Davis & wife

In her statement to the church, she said, “Love is not money. I love God and I knew that one day, He would make a day like this for us.” According to the prophet, the man needed to be rescued first and settled into a house with his wife and then God would be asked if the pastor should remain in His service or would return to his original work as an engineer. He used the opportunity to educate people, explaining that the pastors ‘call’ had actually come from the demon intent on destroying him. He explained, “It takes for the Holy Spirit to be sure of our dreams. Satan will keep asking, ‘By what authority are you doing things?’ ”

Prophet T.B. Joshua said he would join the family before announcing to the congregation that he was supporting the couple with the sum of N1m. Falling to the floor in disbelief, Pastor Earnest and his wife could scarcely believe what was unfolding before their eyes. Calling on the congregation, he said that there was need for the couple to be given a 2 bedroom flat. Visibly moved by the charitable actions, a female member of the congregation came forward and passionately called on people to join Prophet T.B. Joshua in his crusade to touch humanity at large, proceeding to give the couple a whopping N5m! As an atmosphere of compassion pervaded the auditorium, members of the congregation also came forward to pledge various financial gifts to aid the total restoration of the couple. Prophet T.B. Joshua said, “This is why we are here – changing lives, changing nations, changing the world. We should contribute to build human beings, not cathedrals.” Glory be to God!


A video was replayed on the dilemma of Rosemary Ijeoma, a Nigerian who had gone to Libya for prostitution and had five kids for different fathers. During her deliverance, the evil spirit had spoken through her previously that it had completely destroyed her life and did not allow her to stay with any man.


Rosemary Ijeoma & Children

Explaining her story to the church, she said had paid $1,500 to the man who took her to Libya, and had to stay with a man there so as not to flout the laws of the land. However, after getting pregnant for the men she was staying with, a violent quarrel would erupt resulting in their separation. After giving birth to her first son, while Rosemary was still involved in prostitution, she decided to give her child out to a friend who was about to return to Nigeria. That was eight years ago. Rosemary explained that it was only after her deliverance that she began to realise one of her children was actually missing and began making frantic efforts to try and trace the whereabouts of her abandoned son, whom she said she would not even be able to recognise.

Unknown to her, Divine providence was at work as the mother of her friend in Libya whom the child had been given to was watching Emmanuel TV when she gave her initial confession and realised that the child she had been taking care of the past eight years was the one in question! She decided to come to The SCOAN with the child to explain to Prophet T.B. Joshua and find out if he really was Ijeoma’s long lost son.


Uchenna & Adopted Mother

After listening to the experiences in The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua told the congregation to rise to their feet and thank the mother of Mrs Ijeoma’s friend for the selfless love she had showed to a child she didn’t biologically own.  The boy in question, Uchenna, had been sent to school and well looked after. The prophet then said the mind of God in this matter was for her to adopt the child, since “God made you to raise the child,” and would be fully supported by the church to do so. He said that the mother would also be given every support she needed from The SCOAN to take care of her remaining four children, including the provision of scholarships for their education.


During The SCOAN Monday Service, a video was replayed showing Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesying to Josephine Iweke, last week. He prophesied that he saw her homeless to which she responded that the house she had built was burnt down by local ruffians in the area. At the service, the Imo State-born teacher, who was working with the Gwagwalade Federal Capital Territory (FUT) Education Authority, had come to narrate her story.  Following Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prophecy, she had gone with the Emmanuel TV crew to Bako (where she was initially teaching at the Junior Secondary School) to show them her burnt house by an unknown man who had scaled the walls to pour petrol into her house through the windows.

Since the house was burned, she had moved into a new school; she was transferred to the new school in Abuja by the Education Department of the Gwagwalade Area Council as it as felt her life was no longer safe in Bako. In the new school, she had the cooperation of the principal to sleep in one of the classrooms every day as she was homeless and had nowhere else to turn to. Isolated in a bushy environment, the lady had been staying in this helpless situation between January and August because of the problem of housing in her new place of assignment.

The lady, in abject poverty and insecurity, only relied on rice and garri for her meals. Her moving situation which was shown on video to the congregation, inspired the people. Prophet T.B. Joshua announced that the sum of one million naira and three bags of rice would be given to her, on behalf of the ministry and Emmanuel TV. Among the congregation were people who made generous donations to assist the woman to the glory of God.


Fonsah Richard, a Cameroonian, was travelling in a ship with over 700 other passengers on their way to Nigeria when the ship was waylaid by six armed pirate boats. The armed men’s intention was simple: to rob all the passengers on the large passenger ship. But Mr Richard, who was with a bottle of the Anointing Water, upon seeing the oncoming danger, began ministering the Anointing Water across the entire ship, petitioning God for Divine protection. Inexplicably, the sea pirates became blind to the loaded passenger ship they had targeted and turned in the other direction. The entire ship joined Mr Richard in thanksgiving to God, knowing that God had really sheltered them under the shadow of His protection through the ministering of the Anointing Water. Mr Richard said Jesus Christ is our Shelter in the face of storms and with Him, we have nothing to fear!


A video was replayed where a woman named Josephine Udoh had first come to The SCOAN with a terrible affliction: an addiction to eating hair all over her body for a shocking 23 years. The addiction had reduced her to a point where the hairs on her head had practically ceased from growing and she had to cover her head with a wrapper to curtail shame and embarrassment.  When the urge to eat her hair came, Mrs Udoh could not control herself, explaining that she would be hearing a voice propelling her to continue in such inhumane acts. However, after opening up about her problem and receiving prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua, everything changed! She proudly showed the congregation a full head of hair, evidencing her total freedom from the unnatural addiction. Mrs Udoh explained that since her deliverance several months ago, she had completely stopped eating hair and was now living a normal and happy life with her husband. She advised the congregation not to hide or be ashamed of their problems but to bring them to God as He is the answer to all fundamental issues of life.


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  17. it was a greater things that lord is using prophet tb joshua to do, in terms of deliverance, healing, bring unity to any family that has been scater by spirit being,and lots of things in humans life. l wish l could have priveledge of come lagos to receive my own deliverance. But we nigerian we didn’t know the value of our God choosen prophet, i.e senior prophet Tb joshua.

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    I am Sake Jemelia Beda a South Sudanese by nationality, I started watching Prophet TB Joshua in 2010 through TV at the father of child’s home but miss understanding arise from there very terribly with father of my son until we separated totally. My live has not been easy at all. My father is married to 3 women and my mother happen to be the 1st wife. Before he got married to the other two women we were in really world but all of sudden our live changed to grip. Life is not easy especially for me being the elder girl in that home. We when for exile with my mother and 4 children 3 girls one boy. There was heard life through out. I am married but the marriage is not stable, I have a boy called Emmanuel Geri almost 9 years old struggling for him and the other sisters and brother, the father of my son is there but helpless to me he does not care at all. And the funny thing to me is where ever I go hatred even the person I don’t know hates me before I know him or her. I married another man by name Idris Martin but problems still follows me, the relatives of the new husband don’t want the marriage. Now the son of my new husband whom the mother died is threatening to kill us and to kill my father, I don’t know how I will manage. I am in Tanzania for a course but the strength thing is that, my sisters became very hostile to me to the extend of not helping me to look after my son in my absent instead my boss called Janet Michael is taking care of my child in my absent, she has replaced my mum who died. My husband is jobless and since I am not loved in that family I am thinking of how I will stay there with my child. Right now in the school I am not in peace at all because I am so much hated and in real pain. Other teachers are against me, my passing is through thick and thin. I am in pain Man of God pray for me led my lord Jesus accept me and stop the suffering I am going through. If my mother was alive I would’t suffer like this she would have looked after my child. My lord Jesus come in to my life I am wearing out with problems I believe in you Baba. I know very well it is the devil fighting me but God is able Amen

  48. Dear Man of God Prophet TB Joshua I am filled up with joy and Love for my Father in Heaven for offering us this gift of live through Emmanuel.TV to the whole world, Let the will of God be done on earth as it is in heaven Amen.
    I am Sake Jemelia Beda a South Sudanese by nationality, I started watching Prophet TB Joshua in 2010 through TV at the father of child’s home but miss understanding arise from there very terribly with father of my son until we separated totally. My live has not been easy at all. My father is married to 3 women and my mother happen to be the 1st wife. Before he got married to the other two women we were in really world but all of sudden our live changed to grip. Life is not easy especially for me being the elder girl in that home. We when for exile with my mother and 4 children 3 girls one boy. There was heard life through out. I am married but the marriage is not stable, I have a boy called Emmanuel Geri almost 9 years old struggling for him and the other sisters and brother, the father of my son is there but helpless to me he does not care at all. And the funny thing to me is where ever I go hatred even the person I don’t know hates me before I know him or her. I married another man by name Idris Martin but problems still follows me, the relatives of the new husband don’t want the marriage. Now the son of my new husband whom the mother died is threatening to kill us and to kill my father, I don’t know how I will manage. I am in Tanzania for a course but the strength thing is that, my sisters became very hostile to me to the extend of not helping me to look after my son in my absent instead my boss called Janet Michael is taking care of my child in my absent, she has replaced my mum who died. My husband is jobless and since I am not loved in that family I am thinking of how I will stay there with my child. Right now in the school I am not in peace at all because I am so much hated and in real pain. Other teachers are against of me, my passing is through thick and thin. I am in pain Man of God pray for me led my lord Jesus accept me and stop the suffering I am going through. If my mother was alive I would’t suffer like this she would have looked after my child. My lord Jesus come in to my life I am wearing out with problems I believe in you Baba. I know very well it is the devil fighting me but God is able Amen

  49. Praise the lord. we thank you lord for the love that you have given us all. we thank you for delivering people from all the their troubles/unsolved problems. you are the mercyfull lord. We will always praise and glorify your name.

  50. I thank God for the life of Prophet TB Joshua and all that He has, is and still to use him to change this faithless generation may you continue in God’s strenghth to touch and change lives, I pray one day I will meet up with you for your touch an my life and deliverance

  51. God’s time is the best.I have been going round looking for solution to my uncountable problems,through many pastors and churches but nothing worked.Here I am with a true man of GOD prophet TB Joshua to help me thank you Jesus.Though I have not succeeded in filling the form,I still believe that GOD’S time is the best and will be in the SCOAN.

  52. If God is for us,who will be against us?I think for those who have stepped the SCOAN,are totally delivered because it is an arena of liberty.If it happens that I am there to worship through singing,to collect the anointing water and to be touched by the man of God,EVERLASTING LIFE WILL BE MINE.

  53. I have a demon tomenting my nose throat stomack ,right side, and front head, my 2 childre and a granddaughter. Please man of God deliver us, in Jesus s name Amen.

  54. Emmanuel! God with us. I thank God for His servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua, who have allowed himsef to be used by Him (God) to deliver His people. Indeed he(Prophet T.B.Joshua) is God sent to the world. Our God is the same yesterday today and forever, Amen!!

  55. Man of God i have seen you perform miracles. please pray for me, i dont know where i stand now. i am financially unstable nothing seems to be worrking for me. my marriage is broken, my health is unstable. i indeed needs your prayers for a breakthrough.

  56. man of god you are areal man of god i wish more people can tune to emmanuel tv for them to be saved,i never believe in gthe word of god until last year i turned on emmanuel tv thanks my god i was saved and find a job after watching encouraging testimoney to god be the glory man of god send wiseman to southren Africa at least south africa mafikeng or zimbabwe or botswana we will be blessed thank you holly spirit thank you jesus

  57. TB Joshua is a real man of God. I did never see a miraculous church like his church. May God bless his church. May God grant him 150 yrs to leave and help us.

  58. Emmanuel! I wnt 2 use ds medium 2 tank God 4 d gift of prophet TB Joshua n hs ministry.pls prophet pray 4 my mum who dy said marched poison she cant walk n she is diabetic n highpertensive.pls my able able pray 4 her healing n deliverance. May d gud lord continue 2 strengthen u Amen.

  59. I need mercy of God, favour, healings, blessings and breakthrough breakthrough with my children and grandchildren, in Jesus s name Amen.

  60. I would like Prophet TB Joshua to deliver me from all the bondage, limitations,from every demon tomenting me and my family. Thank you Jesus by delivering me I want to give a testimony in Jesus s name Amen.

  61. I know the God of Pht Tb Joshua u has been doing it for others, will continue 2 answer me and my destiny will be fulfilled Amen…

  62. Thank You …………I know that Jehovah God left addition help here on earth for me and I see their is real help here on earth to really help deliver me from the bondage of santan evil forces . I see right before my eyes we are fighting a spritual war I need to get spritural armed I can,t read my bible with understanding, Pray for me[ Ola ]that the holy sprit will give me divine understanding and wisdom to fight this war and win ,I needs Jehovah Gods Favor in Jesus name.


  64. Man of God, please remember me and my entire family in prayers especially my brother who had been sick with epilepsy for many years now.

  65. am so happy what the man of god is doing to many lives of people. may the almighty god bless him. we love you prophet, hope one day you will be here Namibia.

  66. I blessed God for the mighty move of His power through His servant
    Prophet T.B.Joshua and his followers…”wise-man and others”…may the Lord continue to use them till He comes..Amen.


  68. GLory be to God,may God continue to bless u our senior prophet Temitope Boragun Joshua,Am mary wejja from Tanzania,i want emmanuel tv team to help me to have anointing water or sticker,how do i have it,i dont know any tanzania who can visit scoan at least he or she can be able to bring it for me.i need it please people of God

  69. We tank god 4 using senior prophet tb joshua 2 deliver our generation of 2day, we pray dat god almighjy will giv him more power 2 bless nd deliver those who are in problems nd poverty in jesus name.

  70. My dearly father prophet tb joshua, u re really man of God. Since i was born till this present time i have never seen or hear what is happening in scoan, may ur God be praise forever,

  71. I thank God for his prophet tb josua he is God’s favour to this generation and please pray for me something has been moving in my stomach for years i want it out in Jesus name

  72. I thank GOD for the mercy He is having to his people as He is delivering the through his servant TB Joshua and the wise men. It is so wonderful, what might and powerful God we serve? Since distance is not a barrier I am praying that GOD ALMINGTY may deliver me from from evil nightmares, restore my health and my business and deliver my family lazzness whch leads to poverty. God bless Emmanuel TV servises as they change many peoples’ lives

  73. Almighty GOD gives a spirit that does not make us timid instead, his spirit fills us with power and love. Where can we go from his presence. No where

    • TB Joshua, pray the delegation from Namibia are in the problem at the Nigeris embassy in Namibia break this brokage and limitation, Dear Lord open the door of mery, blessings healings and breakthrough, in Jesus s name Amen.

  74. Man of God, i am swimming in the pool of debts because of peramid schemes,now i dont enjoy even my salary,i dont even know if i got paid at work because i dont left with even a cent after deductions of debts,i really need a prayer for this demons that pushed me to peramid schemes, i cant afford to live now. Even my bonus, my aim is to lend to Nigeria for deliverance on December 2021 and i have a faith in the Lord Jesus Christ that, “if he is able to heal serious deseases how can he will not be able to let the miracle rain at Kubheka family for debts? We thank God to have Pastor TB Joshua and wiseman,may the Lord Jesus Christ blessed them with a long life for our generations

  75. Emmanuel!everything am going through in life is for a purpose.its for the name of God to be glorified.what i need is to wait patiently for God ‘s intervention,for His time is the best time.
    God is looking and will never pass me by,for He is a merciful God.I learned this from watching emmanuel tv.its a programme that changes lives.hallelluyah!in Him we trust.

  76. How i love my Jesus. He lives in me!! Am more than a conquorer. I thank God for the life of Senior Prophet TB Joshua. Really distance is not a barrier. Am really inspired by his good works. I wish i would visit the SCOAN one day.

  77. sincerely speaking it is true that faith comes by hearing the word of God and seeing miracles and testimonies of people…. i love watching the emmanuel tv, cos i know notice positive changes in my life, one day am going to get my total delivarance and give testimonies that will glorify GODS NAME. AMEN

  78. Praise the Lord, Jesus is our savior, GOD is using you to show us how GOOD GOD IS. I really love you man of GOD for your love, kindness, care you have shown us the way to live with others in Jesus name. Our GOD IS GOOD you have changed my life through watching EMMANUEL TV. In my home always EMMANUEL television is on. You have raised my faith through watching the programs and praying with you. You are a really man of GOD. May GOD Bless you and your family, bless all wise men, bless your church members and EMMANUEL TV partiners. PLEASE LET US PRAY FOR PROPHET T.B. JOSHUA FOR LONG LIFE

  79. I am amazed and do not know what to say. God has blessed and is still blessing Prophet T B Joshua for his commitment. May the Spirit of God continue to lead you to bring salvation to the whole world

  80. I am a witness of what God is doing@scoan.i have visited scoan 3times and i thank GOD for giving us a GREAT gift like senior prophet TB JOSHUA and the Wisemen.i want to thank the man of God for allowing himself to be used by God.

  81. We must thank God for the life of Prophet TB Joshua. Almighty God is using this man for liberation of mankind. Believers should keep praying for the life of this anoited man. Prophet, I need your prayers for deliverance for my family from the devil. Emmanuel

  82. Emmanuel, Que le Seigneur de toute gloire ,le Dieu de la Parole soit gloirifie. Je ne pas peur de dir au jens , de criee devans le nations de toute rases que le Dieu de Man of God T.B Joshua, il est le tout puissant . Suis loin du Synagogue ,mes pres de la grae de Dieu du Prophet T.B Joshua…!!

    Emmanuel , Emmanuel, Emmanuel !!! Martinho afoson ( angola)

  83. After the prayer i strongly believe that i’ve being adopted by the Holy Ghost and so therefore commenced fasting and prayer knowing that i am what God says i am ……EMMANUEL

  84. Thank u Lord for the great job being done by your great prophet TB JOSHUA u send to us its a great prevellage to be the witness to see GOD’S power gloty to GOD and tha SON JESUS CRIST pliz help me too from marmeid sprits/traditional sprits again and recieve holly gost powr of JESUS CRIST AMEN.

  85. i neva believed in God that much,I THOUGH IT WAS JUST HISTORY, but after i heard message you preach, the prophey that motivated me to look to God and that God IS STILL ALIVE. I REALLY want to thank you for saving me from hell. i love you my father and your wise men. may God protect you mighly, your family and your church, the wise man and all the good commited people behind emmanuel tv. . the time your were in my country (botswana)you said the gospel is what you live and what you will die for , that was years of God you a still keeping that promise. please continue to do the work of God your a my role model. you teach with power. emmanuel

  86. Emanuel, i always thank God for his love as we are sons and daughters of love let love lead ,TB Joshua is areal man of God i and my wife we salute Jesus for giving you powers ,no matter what people says, Glory to almighty

  87. I real thank God for using the men of God to deliver the wolrd and bringing them to their inheritance. Thank you Lord in Jesus name.

  88. Emmanuel! Senior prophet TB Joshua is a true man of God. To appreciate him, let us imitate his love and generosity in becoming Emmanuel TV partners or friends wherever we may be! Let love lead indeed.

  89. I am inspired by Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel.TV. It is so refreshing to see the power of Jesus Christ demonstrated in such a manner and see people set free and reclaimed for Jesus.. Jesus please manifest this same power in my country, America. Amen

  90. Man of God, please if only you can speak life to my wife Mrs Tshilidzi Violet Smata, she will get well after more than 2 and half years bedriden in a state of coma-like – – ie. (no consiousness or awareness). Brain tumar that caused stroke, brain damage, epilepsy, hypertension, diabetes, inability to move and talk. Please man of God, have mercy on our family. We are in South Africa.


  92. Emmanuel, Emmanuel, God is great, T.B. Joshua is great, U.S.A. Is a police of the world. So T.B. Joshua is a fieldmarchal of the world

    • Emmanuel,God with us.The God of TB Joshua whom I love and worship,since I watch Emmanuel TV,my life has never been the same again,when I listen to the voice of TB Joshua I feel the presence of the holy ghost and every time he show love to the people who have suffered a lot,I will always ask God to give him more strength to reach those who thirst for deliverance and salvation.Truly better is not enough,the best is yet to come. MAN OF GOD,could you help speak to the life of the wife of this person in south Africa?Mrs.Tshilidzi violet smata.I too have many problems but at least I not bedridden.Thank you man of God.

  93. Pls im adicted in watching emmanuel tv, i once visited scoan bt nt previlage to see the man of GOD. Pls i want to come again advice me and i wil like to sit at d front sit. Ur reply is urgently needed. Thank u scoan crew may GOD bless u all.amen.

  94. Emmanuel!!!
    Man of God senior prophet T.B.Joshua is a real man of God.We appreciate to have born in this generation everthough without hope and
    faith but still to have great favour from God.Our brothers and sisters had
    perished without having chances like ours.I overheard someone liking
    u man of God as Elijah of today.We are gifted tosee. miracles at SCOAN
    at every service.Our family life have instantly changed eversince connected to emmanuel tv.We have nothing to offer to you but only
    almighty Jesus christ will repay you.Indeed broken things are useful
    in God’s hands.Let there be light in my family and whatever I touch in
    mighty name of Jesus christ,Amen.

  95. Glory be to the Almighty God. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for using the man of God Prophet TB Joshua mightly. We are getting ministered to and blessed by just watching Emmanuel TV. Since distance is not a barrier i believe and trust in Jesus Mighty Name that The Almighty God will be ministering our lives as well as we watch. Thank you Jesus Christ. Amen to Jesus.

  96. pls my prophet,i do not go to church on sundays but i stay at home to see you seaving the world.i have been asking for an invitetion since three now,i will keep on till the lord grand my request you are man of God indit and i know my own day is caming for you to tark to me and set my family free true christ Amen.

  97. emmanuel!!!
    Me and my Family watch with awe the handsomeness of Gods Favor towards His servant Pst. Davis and his Wife. while we find it difficult to believe our eyes and ears we are BUT MOST grateful to God the Father for exposing the demon in the life of Pst. Davis and delivering him going forth, through the Mighty works of the Holy Spirit. the call for the support was timely considering Gods Hands to confirm His Divine Favor on the Family. Man of God, my Father in the LORD Senior Prophet TB Joshua, I shed tears when the Madam made that simple remarks and the donation. May you my Father experience more Holy Ghost Anointing in the whole areas of your Life and Ministry in the Mighty name of Jesus, I pray.
    Distance is not a Barrier, please in your Quite Time Prayers on the Holy Mountain remember and present before our Father who art in Heaven, by talking to my life in Jesus name. emmanuel!!! Thanks. balami

  98. Emmanuel… To TB My spritual father, my mentor u r not changing people’s life but u are also caring, passionate, taking care of people in need, u know i was touched by that woman who was very short i ve never been so imossional but that day i felt tears folling like rain drops when you give her car keys and some money nd food i could feel something happenning i can not even discribe how i felt. Man of god i pray that one day i will see u face to face i need your touch to deliver me from poverty, loneliness, schoolarship, promotion. And one more thing to increase my gift because i am a person of seein visions

  99. God please continue pouring the blessings on Prophet TB Joshua, the wise men, entire prayer worriors. I am a keen viewer of emmanuel TV. I have applied to visit scoan, i hope it comes through soon because i cant wait to be among those great people God is using. Greetings to you all from Zambia.

  100. Sooo amazing, am stil overwhelmed by what happened last Sunday, GOD is using the man of GOD and wisemen mightly. May the children of my grand children live to see this Prophet T.B Joshua. I can’t wait to meet him some day. Malawi loves you Man of GOD. we are blessed to have you in this generation you are our Elijah indeed.

    • The senior Prophet T.B. Joshua is a really man of God there is no doubt about that. We are a blessed generation to have a man like him. I have already met the man of God he is such a humble, dignified and annointed man. I was priviledged in June this year to see him and I got the annointing back to my country Zimbabwe. Yes, indeed you are the Elijah of our generation, and surely never ever has been, and there will never be another person quite like you T.B. Joshua. EMMANUEL. I can’t wait to get there again.

  101. Its so wonderful to see the hand of GOD at work in the Arena of Liberty.Glory be to GOD for prophet TB Joshua and the Wisemen.GOD may your Almighty POWER continue to reign in the SCOAN.

  102. Emmanuel!
    I am enriched by the testimonies I listen to happening at Scoan. T.B.Joshua, may Almighty God continue to Bless you in your ministry. I work in Pakistan and I am a keen listener of Emmanuel TV online and immensely blessed by your teachings. Once more God bless you T.B.Joshua

  103. Truelly God is the caring God it only requires us to believe by adopting the Holy spirit which perfectly guides the true christian .I am praying that i should truelly be adopted by the Holy Ghost as interplated By the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua.That relieves a person from the very bondage of life .Emmanuel

  104. Emmanuel! Realy, distance is not a barrier, our God is good all the time. Thank u Jesus, thank u senior Prophet TB Joshua, all the wise men, the Emmanuel partners and all the Emmanuel teams for allowing God to use you to changed the lives of people, changing the nation and changing the whole world. Thank you Jesus.

  105. Emmanuel , God with us. i watched the deliverance of Pastor Ernest with his lovely wife, i was full of sadness and joy at the same time at the unfolding of events. we save a living God ,who makes a way where there seems to be no way.
    Gods time is indeed the best time, and when God gives , he gives the best and its permanent.
    satan is a fool, everything about him is foolish,it is the reason why he never gives up , imagin how long he has been trying to fight Gods children and all the time not succeeding. ultimately ,God is a winner , and he always shows up ,no matter what happens.
    in the midst of Pastor Ernest’s turmoil,God showed up through his lovely wife all the way from Lesotho and as if thats not enough through man of God Prophet T. B. Joshua and the congregation of scoan. to God be the Glory.
    i pray to the God of T. B. Joshua to give me the grace to love my husband and to endure in my marriage beleiving that my miracle will surely come to me at God’s best time.
    praise the Lord, for his mercy endures for ever.

  106. Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Emmanuel TV! Thank you Man of God Prophet TB Joshua. May the God Almighty bless and protect Emmanuel TV team. May the name of Jesus Christ be lifted higher and higher for ever and evermore, Amen. Lets wake-up, and rise from death and JESUS CHRIST WILL SHINE ON US.

  107. They have freely scattered their gifts to the poor,their righteousness endures forever; their horn[a] will be lifted high in honor. Psalm 112:9(NIV) I Say Thank You Father,Thank You Son Thank You Holy Ghost.for all the works of our Daddy in the Lord Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Wise-men,Emmanuel TV,SCOAN.GOD BLESS YOU ALL IN JESUS NAME AMEN.

  108. I was watching the service through emmanueal tv, it was a wonderful service seeing people being changed from hopeless to hope, from nothing to someone in the society, Man of God you save lives and nations. And you have that wisdom to reconcile people i congragulate you. God bless you aburdtly. Thank you Jesus.

  109. I Love TB Joshua Man of God, I was watching the story for Pastor Ernest Davis and Wife in Emmanuel TV.Glory be to God.Please TB Joshua may your hand touch my life, and turn me as child of God.

  110. A BIG thank you to all those who are giving the goodies to the needy. May the good Lord Jesus Christ bless you more and more.
    He who gives generously to the needy and his kindness never fails he will be powerful and respected.

  111. I would like to know why it takes so long to get an invitation letter? I have testimonies to give, as my life has been changed since I started watching Emmanuel TV. Up to now, I have sent numerous emails and made many calls, fill more than twice the questionnaire, and never received the invitation letter. Please Assist!

  112. Emmanuel!!! Man of God I’m watching your channel believing in God for a miracle that my hsband will come back to me & my children to take care of us,well get the break through for a bond,pray for my husband Theo Mabuza to accept Jesus Christ in his life & stop insulting me,condemning but love me as his wife of 10years in mariage

  113. I am grateful that what we were promised in the bible is happening in our life time. We really appreciate Gods mercy in our generation. Henry from Botswana

  114. Man of God yu have done wonders to the underpriveledged ,sick poor and rich but one thing l am begging from yu is to pray for my abdominal discomfort for the past 23 years Man of God pray for me ,manof God pray for me my male organ is now highly affected

  115. Prophet T.B. Joshua please help me my name is Uchenna from Nigeria but i am living in South Africa please Prophet T.B. Joshua help me i am passing through a very hard and a critical financial problems i am married with one daughter because of my present condition my wife had to go and live with her mother with my daughter right now things are very hard for me here in South Africa i don’t have any place to sleep and i want to go back to Nigeria but i don’t have any money with me even if i come back right now i don’t have anything to live on please people of God help me to beg Prophet T.B. Joshua to help me with any financial assistant before i travel to South Africa i sold my Anti car to come here and they are calling me to pay them back please Prophet T.B. Joshua i am so confused and i will commit suicide if God don’t want to answer me .

  116. Pray for wife and I to have a baby. We have been married for 4 years but no child upto now. We are also afflicted by variuos ailments so pray for us so that we can also lead a normal life

  117. Dear Emmanuel TV team (TB Joshua). May I introduce my self to you, I ‘m from South Sudan, the World’s newest born country. My Name is : Sapana Lado Martin, and a father of three sons and two daughters, as well I’ m taking care of my three sisters who are not yet Married for the reason I don’t know. I ‘ m writing to you regarding my family which is in need of delivarance, as I becomes a father of the increated family from my father, things are not ok with me always I m under fire, as No progress in all my wishes the family moves from disease to a deases what I receives goes for treatment/hospital bills etc. myself I’m Deabetic, but as I becomes a daily friend to Emmanuel TV I m now feeling cured as all the symptoms of the diabetics are not longer there. Praise the lord but still as I said above more deliverance is needed. Thank you God Bless Emmanuel TV and the Wise Men for the World Deliverance, specially TB Joshua. Sapana

  118. Praise the Lord. On the 9th of September 2012 I was watching Emmanual TV live. When Pastor Ernest Davis and wife were given that donation by Prophet TB Joshua. I found myself with tears running down my face. I was touched. But on the same note I was delivered, myself and my husband. I am from Zimbabwe.


  119. senior prophet, scoan and partners of Emmanuel tv. i thank God that you have obeyed the voice of God and individuals, nations, and the world are blessed through your obedience. to God be the glory.

  120. We thank God for Prophet and for allowing God to use him to help people from all walks of life. May the Good Lord bless and protect, and enlarge him. We love you prophet. Thank you for Emmanuel TV. God bless you indeed.

  121. Emmanuel!!! I thank God for the life of the man of God. He as made me to learn the truth and know more about the goodness of our God. I you for the teaches we receive on sundays. That’s the true food of life we always receive. God I thank you and pray for the goodness of our farther in the Lord,the wise men and the emmanueltv team.

  122. Emmanuel!!! I thank God for the life of the man of God. He as made me to learn the truth and know more about the goodness of our God. I you for the teaches we receive on sundays. That’s the true food of life we always receive.

  123. please man of God i want you to help me in prayers am pregnant and, i need a baby boy from God, and also for safety delivery,and i believe God will do it through Emmanuel TV team. thanks and God bless you as you remember me in your prayers Amen.

  124. let God be honnor for all what he doing through Prophet TN Joshua.
    Please I need your help Prophet for this dangerous accident I had whit my mother on the 10 of August 2012
    please just you prayer And all think will be allright. In the name of Jesus , Amen.

  125. thank you Jesus every time i watch emmanuel tv, there always something to make me shed tears of joy, because i see u are alive and you love mankind so much, beyond his comprehension. may your name be praised and glorified for ever. Jesus you are so great, Jesus you are alive , Jesus is omnipresent and infinitely merciful and kind . he is just the same like his father.
    i thank God for making this happen in my generation, so many people of the old wanted to see ,
    the devil has been exposed in all its facets and manifestations,its hidden counterproductive tactics and strategies have been exposed
    even the skeptics and the devil’s kingdom now testifies and salutes the God sent Man of God, as it sees its very kingdom darkness go into ruins, its a turning point
    thank you Jesus

  126. The connection at the SCOAN is directly with Heaven that is why i cannot miss the service on sunday Our Dear man of God those family problems you settle are so sweet WE VIEWERS REALLY WANT YOU TO CREAT AN EMANUEL TALK SHOW
    because even those whose problems are being solved doesn’t really enjoy it like us they need to have a full clip of it.
    Another one that was cut short was the man and the wife who were going to the Spiritual realm with a “T” like shape wooden stuff and he gave a perfect name for Our Prophet “SPIRITUAL MECHANIC” eMMANUEL. long live the prophet long live the Children of God

  127. thank you Jesus Christ for your mercy. wow! God pliz bless Prophet T.B Joshua and the entire scoan mgt. am learning so much through watching emmanuel tv and i believe am being blessed and the best is yet to come. I can do all things through Jesus christ who strengthens me amen…….

  128. God is indeed great. He glorifies Himself throuth our deliverances. May God keep on strengthening the man of God to do mighty things through him in this weaked world. You are so blessed papa, indeed, and you are blessing the world.

  129. Glory to God for the great testimonies above. Man of God may God keep you strong & healthy to impart many souls. I also have a testimony in connection with Mrs. Rosemary’s. “I connected my niece’s issue with her testimony coz there are some similarities with their lives in that my niece has three kids from different men. She disappeared from home for more than one month leaving behind her 3 kids the last one being two years only. On Sunday 2.9.2012 & 9.9.2012 when Rosemary’s case was shown on Emmanuel T.V, i connected her to it declaring that the God of Prophet T.B Joshua will bring my niece back to her kids just as He did Rosemary’s 7yrs Old son. To the glory of God, My niece came back home to her kids on Monday shedding tears saying she was sick & that she was running away from stress. I thank God for restoring her coz it was so serious that my brother started looking for her even in the mortuaries thinking she was dead.” All am now asking of God through His servant the Prophet is that he prays for my niece’s total deliverence coz i think there’s an evil spirit leading her astray. Thank you

  130. God Almighty be praised for the mighty works He is doing hrough Prophet T.B. Joshua. Even as much as i need healing for my body, from my head to my feet, i declare with my own mouth that i am healed.
    Please, pray for the complete healing of my nerves, organs and total restoration.
    Thank you very much

  131. Emmanuel Tv,is really teaching us to change and look up to God through Prophet TB Joshua.Please Brothers and sisters of SCAON,pray for breakthrough in my family and most especially for my kid sister Violet who just got married and has no issue.The husband is not more serious and prefers to play hide and seek games with her.Pray for his deliverance please!Can someone tell me how to get anointing water,stickers and wrist band.please my family will tear apart if not delivered.Writing from cameroon.

  132. i am addicted to Emmanuel TV, after watching it every time it is hard for me to believe that God can still move mightily in this our sinful generation. The Man of God has often said, vision and mission will determine his loyalty then, God will add more responsibilities to him. What do you think he means when he says better is not good enough and the best is yet to come, so then, what do we own this man of God, prayer, let us pray for him to carry on well to the end in this God’s race. amen.

  133. Thank you God for raising a powerful prophet to help man kind. There are so many people who are yearning to visit the scoan to be touched by the power of the Almighty. I have been blessed because Distance is not a barrier. We love you Man of God because through you God is speaking to us.

    Cilla from Zambia

  134. we give god the glory, i pray that one day i will also give a testimony. Emmanuel i am a women blessed with seven children one girl 6 boys. pray for my family for deliverance, spirit of poverty, spirit of anger, financial problems lack of employment. man of god please deliver my family in the name of Jesus. Amen

  135. its great to be in this leaving and witness the Word of GOD working in the Spirit, the Name Jesus working in the Spirit. Thank you Jesus for the commission of your faithfull servant Prophet TB Joshua

  136. Indeed the sunday service was awesome,i was filled with joy,eyes full of tears ,not knowing what to do.Really God is in control and his wonderful deeds are seen by everyone.I have learnt a lot during ths past sunday,fasting and giving.God please take good care of Prophet T.B. Joshua and his crew,may your blesses shower upon them.Thank you Lord.Amen

  137. Man of God My names are Charles Hamilton Makhiringa from Malawi and kindly I would like you please to pray for me for my body to be reinstalled and I become healthier like before and give me what I deserved to have through your prayer I say I men and I will start rejoicing soon that WHAT I wanted have been given to me through the precious blood of Jesus Christ. God opens the doors for the seekers of Him.

  138. i am realy encouraged to read the way God work miracles among His people. Than you people of the scoan for sending me these encouraging words and God willing i will also one day visit you people for my problems to come to an end Amen. Beline from Kenya

  139. EMMANUEL! i thank God all mighty for emmanuel tv, because through it, i managed to see all this testimonies and the manifestation of evil spirits, God is good all the time , Let all stay glued to emmanuel tv to recieve our deliverence and blessings , Lord i thank you for every thing you have done in my life. In Jesus name i pray. AMEN.EMMANU………………………………………EL!

  140. Thank you Jesus for your mercy upon us , we thank God for The wonderful job being done by prohert Tb Joshua.Please pray for me too man of God ,i think i have spirit of set back because everything i lay my hands on it cease ,no progression at work no home to show, nothing at all.

  141. AMEN.“This is why we are here – changing lives, changing nations, changing the world. We should contribute to build human beings, not cathedrals.” Glory be to God! AMEN

  142. glory be to God the almighty HEis worthy to be praised. i remeber the bible says that apostole Paul was doing unusual miracles before the people by the empowermrnt of the HolyGhost. indeed He derseves to be glorified. man of GOd thank you for surrending under the will of God for Him to reveal His majesty power. you are really touching the lives of many and changing them by the glorius power of trinity in Jesus Name. we bless the lord for you and mrs Josua may the almighty God shower you with HIS refreshed annointing every second and also renew you strength to take and enforce the Kingdom. i humble my self for your intersetion for the souls i love you mama and papa in the lord Jesus christ amen.

  143. i thank the Lord Jesus for his love and mercy. May his grace continue to follow us and his holy spirit and his word abide in us. Heavenly father, plis manifest your strength in all my weaknesses in Jesus Christ name. Amen

  144. Wonderful indeed. Our generation is blessed with this kind of a person by name Prophet TB Joshua. Emmanuel, the best is yet to come with my own testimony. I am coming to tape my own blessing/healing/delivrance there any moment from now, Emmanuel, Amen. Let there be light in all I want to do Amen. Thank You Lord.

  145. It is pleasing to GOD to obey his command in love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith. Love is good if one uses it properly. For GOD is love.

  146. Emmanuel! Realy, distance is not a barrier, our God is good all the time. Thank u Jesus, thank u senior Prophet TB Joshua, all the wise men, the Emmanuel partners and all the Emmanuel teams for allowing God to use you to changed the lives of people, changing the nation and changing the hole world. Thank you Jesus.

  147. Emmanuel, God is our protector,our everything,through the Name of His Son He does wonders which man can not do,God bless our Spiritual Father TB Joshua for the media of Anointing water. God is great n good all the time in Jesus’ name

  148. Prophet TB Joshua, you are a real man of God and thank God for you. please man of God help me i have a problem iam a zambian woman, spiritual husband marry and remarry

  149. tthank lord for using prophet tb joshau as an instrument to bring freedom to your people, as an instrument to bring salvation to your people and as an instrument to bring breakthrough to your people in jesus mighty name we pray amen.

  150. Glory be to master Jesus our god is a miracle worker through our papa Senior prophet TB JOSHUA and God use him migthly to change life , nations and the whole world may the lord bless our papa and strength him in the name of JESUS.

  151. Glory be to God in the highest! How I wish I could get the anointing water and the anointing sticker. Anyone out there who can help? I live in Russia. Thank you!

  152. thanks you God of T.B JOSUA for everything has done in our life everyday.i really want Heavenly Father to see me through,sent your holy spirit upon me and my family Lord , set us free from all evil spirit. unclean spirit and all the demonic evil Heavenly Father,please have mercy on me and my family cover me and my family with the blood of Jesus Christ our saviour In the name of Jesus Christ amen.thanks you Jesus.

  153. Lovelace was my school mate in the 1980s in Mawuli Secondary School in Ho Ghana. I am very Happy for her deliverance. Truly the holy spirit has gotten her beauty back to her. She was such a pretty girl and because of her beauty we nicknamed her ‘oily face’. I am overjoyed for her deliverance. God is great. The name of Jesus Christ is really powerful, Holy Ghost fire is awesome. Thank you Jesus Christ.

  154. Thank ytou Lord for the great work being done by preophet. Its a great prevellage to be a witness to see God’s power at work. Glory be to GOD.

  155. Emmanul!!! Man of God is Pearl Mabuza from South Africa ,I’m experiencing so much rejection from my husband because I’m unemployed he is staying with another women since we do not have a house of our own,I’m staying with my 3kids,brother mother & father in a three roomed house, man of God please pray for me to get a job & a house also pray for my son to get a job since he finished matric 4years ago no money to take him to school & he want to study IT (information Technology) please pray for my husband Theo Mabuza to come back to us ,pray also for my mother inlaw to accept me as her daughter in law stop calling me the daughter of the poorest family
    Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

    • I’ am reading this story with pain, knowing what women pass through when husbands tend to be the oposite of what they promised when marrying them…I’ am from Zambia and a regular viewer of emmanuel TV and belive what God is doing through the man of God prophet TB Joshua…May the God of T.B Joshua grant the desires of your heart in Jesus Name, Belive God and recieve your deliverance & breakthrough….Amen

    • my dear sister, it is a great priviledge to know the chanel where to send one’ problems. because you taught of the prophet of the hour, i think God is working out your answer. the God of prophet T.B. JOSHUA is stil ALIVE. have faith in Him, Mk 11: 24

    • sad how much will it cost u to go to nigeria to see prophet TB i pray u will meet a reasonable man one day ur story is so sad. for ur mother in laws shame husband mothers are like that they hv no shame when money is concern.

    • My deepest sympathy, I pray that the mIGHTY god of Israel will restore your family!!! Isaiah 54:17 claim this word and have faith that God heard your cry 1 John 5: 12-15 Psalm 91. God bless you.

  156. thank u Lordfor the deliverence of people from their problems through the man of God TB Joshua, indeed we serve an awesome God. Amen!!!!!

    • priase God for using the man of God prophet T B joshua i thank the prophet for alawing God to us him in this our days i believe that he will rise other men of God to continue with this wanderful work that God has giving him he shall live long in Jesus name.

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