When God is involved in your case, there is appointment in disappointment and breakthrough in poverty! Here is a testimony of an Emmanuel TV viewer who began enjoying the favour of God in his life and career after praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua. Hallelujah!

“Emmanuel! If God is with us, nobody can be against us. I want to testify that the God of TB Joshua has taken me out of poverty and into abundant blessing! For six good years, I had lived from hand to mouth. Things were not moving. I could not even pay bills freely and just to provide food for my home was a daily struggle. With Emmanuel TV, Prophet T.B. Joshua and the five Wise Men, I have been able to see the glorious hand of God in my life.

“After being introduced to Emmanuel TV, I began praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua as he prayed for the viewers. Believing God for a breakthrough, I decided to apply for departmental change in my workplace, seeking for greener pastures. Before the interviews were held, I called an Emmanuel TV prayer line and the evangelist advised me to remain in faith. When I did the interviews, I knew that God was with me. I had such peace in my heart. By the grace of God, I beat six good candidates who were from the same department and had much more experience than me.

“As I am sending this testimony, my salary has been tripled and I have been allocated an operational vehicle to use for my assignments! I am now living comfortably and can see the glory of God shining in my life. Before this breakthrough, God also did wonders in my family. After 4 years of barrenness coupled by two infant deaths and two miscarriages, God of TB Joshua gave us twins, Misheck and Michelle! Glory to God, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Amen.”

Mr Stanley Kukacha, Malawi

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  1. Emmanuel! Indeed ‘Distance is not a barrier’ I have a testimony to make. I have been a viewer of Emmanuel T.V for some years now with my children and praying along with the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua; I have been attending Emmanuel T.V partners meetings and had a chance to acquire annointing water and Annointing sticker from a family friend. On one of the days in July 2014, I encountered with Jesus Christ through the man of God of God Senior Prophet T. B Joshua who delivered me. I fell down and he said I am free in Jesus name! When I woke up I found myself so light and with an inner joy I have never experience before in my life. Following the deliverence I dreamt I was beckoned into the room for my wedding ceremony.There was a person being walking behind me in white clothes. Upon reaching the door the spirit revealed to me that the people in the room were dead people fom my mother side. The spirit strengthened me and I refused to enter. The following week I encountered with people from my father’s side, men and women,dead and alive. Then there came agiant man threatening me saying why I did refuse him for all what he had done inmy life.At the same time the women in the room started coaxing me to put on a finger ring to put off the giant man. The spirit gave me the strength to refuse. All over a sudden they all started to chase me.As I started to run away There was a man in white garment who Was running beside me and I hid myself. The people passed me by. I could see them but they didn’t see me. The man in the white garment was behind me. He parted my back and told me to stand up and he reassured me the people will never find me. the fear left me. Then I woke up. To God’s Glory, and to my greatest surprise, after a week my husband whom we had seperated for 25 years called to beg me for marriage reconciliation. Man of God I give the Almighty God all the Praise, Honour and Glory. Indeed he makes a way where there there is no way.He has made it for me. He is my miracle worker, my Justifier, my Restorer.He has restored my marriage. Emmanuel!

    • Thank you lord for Jesus and Thank you Man of God for always remember us during praying time .
      Dickson K. Banda

      Margarere commented: “Emmanuel! Indeed ‘Distance is not a barrier’ I have a testimony to make. I have been a viewer of Emmanuel T.V for some years now with my children and praying along with the man of God Prophet T.B. a; I haattending Emmanuel T.V partners meetin”

  2. Indeed distance is not a barrier, faith is our bridge to our deliverance through this emmanuel tv and just hoping to come again and testify my deliverance in Jesus’ name

    • Howdy
      Lord is good always and if God says yes no one can say no .It is true with lord Jesus every thing is possible. Please keep on playing with man of God .
      Dickson K. Banda

  3. Please i am in debt of two hondred thousand naira(200,000) and its giving distraction in folowing God please what do i do please reply me as soon as you get this mail becuase i am loosing my peace thank you.

  4. Emmanuel! What a mighty God we serve, nothing is impossible with Him, no situation is above Him. I like testimonies because they give hope, that if God can do it to others, He can also do it for me, He is not a respector of person. He said whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved, we are not saved by works but by grace and by the trust in the finish work of the cross.

  5. Man of God ,Pray for me I did Interviews of the post of shift safety coordinator on 23/10/2012 and the results are not out .I believe in Jesus christ that he will let me in the same position where I have been in the office from 13June 2012 till now in acting manna.

  6. Emmanuel – God with us
    Leaders all over the world I am certain that nothing can separate us from his love neither death nor life neither angels no other heavenly rulers or powers neither the present nor the future neither the world above nor the world below, there is nothing in all creation that will ever be able to separate us from the love of Almighty GOD. Lord Jesus Christ is the loving shephered. he is always with us, his love endures forever. He is worthy to be worshiped and praised every day.
    Lord Jesus Christ is light in him there is no darkness at all.

  7. my fellow people of God please help me with prayers.i believe in the God of TB Joshua above all i know that distance is not a barrier.

  8. Amen! May the God of Prophet TB Joshua anoint him more for the salvation of many suffering souls in the mighty name of our only lord Jesus Christ.

  9. Just wanted to thank The Almighty GOD of TB Joshua for his favor. It was about mode than 6 months since I sent a prayer request for admission to any college that offers public employemet courses. God is faithful, He did according to my prayer request, I am studying Diploma in education and I believe that GOD will rise me high and higher. Amen

  10. Yes, that is the mighty work of the My Lord Jesus Christ, through My Prophet TB Joshua and my 5 Wisemen……… Emmanuel. Praise the Lord

  11. God loves so much that he sent his one & only son Jesus Christ.I call him Majest,Faithful God,Awesome,Gracious & his mercies,blessings are new every morning.Am a living testimony because of what he done in my Life to the glory of his.Mathew 6v33


  13. Ooooh yes ,,,its true, prayer changes us faith changes things. children of God lets continue making the word of God standard for our lives in Jesus Christ name…Amen

  14. oh God there is nothing impossible for u to do lord DISTANCE IS NOT A BARRIER I TAP INTO THIS TESTIMONY AND I KNOW THAT MY OWN IS ON THE WAY AMEN

  15. My brother in christ,i was amazed to read your testimony,it really touched
    my heart. We are many who are waiting the same results as yours.I BELIEVE
    one i will give my own testimony similar to yours,because God of T.B.
    Joshua is faithful and awesome one.Praying without ceasing,Amen.

  16. the God of T. B. Joshua is realy ALIVE. T.B.Joshua thank you for giving yourself to God to use. may this duplicate in my life

  17. I can only sing along with you “My God is a miracle God my God is a miracle God he will never fail he has never failed he can do what he says he can do, come you see him moving in my favour o come you see him fighting my battles come you see him bringing in my miracles ………

  18. Nehemiah 1:46 O Lord God of heaven the great and awesome God who keeps his covenant of love with those who love him and obey him. You are highly praised and exalted

  19. Glory be to GOD indeed,i pray that the Glory of GOD in your life never quenches in the name of Jesus,and to your testimony I,Terry also tap a connection to my own breakthrough in life by believe that i am the next person on the LORD’s list for Divine settlement,in the name of Jesus we pray.Amen THANK YOU JESUS

  20. EMMANUEL! Our GOD is an awaresome ideed. Since i’ve been introduced to this channel, EMMANUEL TV my life is going to the right position. I mean GOD’s way im going and HIS will. ‘Better is not good enough, the best is yet to come’. People of GOD, please help me to say EMMANUEL!

    • Greetings in Jesus mighty name, Please assist me in getting the anointing water and anointing sticker since I do not have the resources of coming to the SOAN It will be a great blessing to have these for distance is no barrier. God bless Christine

      From: Distance is not a barrier >To: mwangekalo2009@yahoo.co.uk >Sent: Saturday, 8 September 2012, 20:02 >Subject: [New comment] “MY SALARY HAS BEEN TRIPLED!!!” > >Mbarakie commented: “Ourn God is a awesome God.”

  21. Glory be to God.My salary will tripple too.Man of God pray for me so that God can bless all aspects of my life.Amen

  22. Praise God for His love and favour in the life of the big brother. I rejoice with you for ur promotion in ur workplace and for the gift of bouncing twin babies. Glory be to God. Surely distance is not a barrier. Halleluyah…….. Amen.

  23. Praise God for your testimony! I too have experienced His faithfulness and mercy in my career, which has been under heavy undertake. But Jesus never said goodbye, and He has continued to be with me, in the form of the Holy Spirit, preparing my path and revealin His mercies every single day! He truly is a Faithful God!

  24. I believe dat God will remove bariness away from my mom’s life. And bless my father with a good and parmanent job. And bless me in my academics with flyin colours AMEN


  26. halleluya!!!!!! in this world without hope, there is hope, JESUS is the hope. HE is my hope for freedom. i thank GOD for the powerful testimony of our brother.

  27. My career and my financial life is not clear I work bt I can’t see where the money goes to! The poeple I work with eliminate me in work projects. I feel lost and in a wrong space, recently I had a deep introspection and sow I needed to submit myself to God, I wake early morning and pray for God’s guidance, I recently went for an interview of a management position and throughout the interview I felt the position was mine I’m still waiting for feedback but I have this feeling that my breakthrough has arrived! I will update when I get the call. Emmanuel!!

  28. What a God we serve my testimony is restored in Jesus.God u r awesome .We thank God for the power of God n powerful wise men ,evagelist of Emmanuel TV N man of God TB Joshua.You are a blessing to humanity

  29. HALLELLUJAH, thanks be to GOD ALMIGHTY The GOD of Prophet T B Joshua. Distance is not a barrier and i know my testimony shall be bigger. Amen.

  30. Dear Prophet,, please pray for my family and I. We have lost so many things and I am constantly sick I just broke my ankle at work I can’t eat certain times of the month when its time for my period. I vomit and have excrutiating pain problem is no doctor can tell me what is wrong I am so tired of being sick. Please pray for healing and restoration for my family. Thank you God bless

  31. Glory to God,when He say yes no one says no we serving a living God of my spiritual Father TB Joushua,miracles are happening in Jesus’ name Amen


  33. Im asking for a prayer from the man of God TBJoshua.imdiabled and have been struggling to get a car to help my mobility i have problem of spine joints.pliz mann of god pray for me fo my deliverence

  34. Amen, Ggod is good all the time. I also wish for a breakthrough in my life as I am now struggling financially, I cnt even pay rent instead I’m drowning in debt. I cnt even answer the phone because I know its someone from the stores to collect the money

  35. Halleluja pliz can I have the the contact details of the man of God I wanna make an appointment I live in South Africa I wanna go to Lagos pliz help!!!!!

  36. i have financial problems since may these year if i am not mistaken man of god.i am struggling to pay all of my accounts and i cant afford to buy clothes for my two sons who is attending school and also my two grandchildren,sometimes i am so ashed to tell them about my small salary which i get because of the lot of loans which i have man of god.please in the name of jesus pray for me for the problem i have now. may god give you strengh to help the nation .adelheid

  37. Glory be to God!! i hope to receive my breakthrough any time from the moment i send this comment. God is Great and He can do His miracles everywhere.I know this can happen only through my Faith. Emmanuel!!!

  38. Emmanual, God with us! I call upon d name of d Lord in distress d Lord answer me & set me in a large place, d Lord is on my side i will not fear what can man do against me. PRAISE D LORD!

  39. just like the man whose salary has been tripled i also have the same problem with my business for the past 9 years i have been operating my business i cannot freely pay my bills i barely feed my hope and send my children to school my rents are always paid in areas i need the man of God to pray for the restoration of my finances. i know and believe he will do it. glory be to god. the lord is good all the time. i believe i am going to give the same testimony in no too distance future. in Jesus name amen.

  40. Great is the Son of God, our deliverer, redeemer and Savior, Jesus Christ.

    Indeed distance is not a barrier. This is a great encouragement to all viewers from Malawi and all over the world.

    More testimonies are coming including mine in Jesus’ Name


  41. Praise and honour be to the mighty one who does exceedingly abundantly, more than we can ever ask or imagine. I pity people, especially ministers of the gospel who despise the servant of the most high God in the SCOAN. I wonder how God can answer their prayers if they despise miracles in other people’s ministries because every answered prayer is a miracle. I thank God for Emmanuel TV, which I have fervently watched for the past four years now and never miss an opportunity to pray along with the prophet.May God continue to use and bless His anointed servant.

  42. indeed God is good all the time, he turns disappointments into appointments. He is worthy to be praised .from glory to glory, Halleluya.Thank you Jesus.

  43. Haleluuuuujah! senior prophet i also claim that miracle in Jesus name. i believe for my miracle distance is not a barrier. may God continue to bless prophet TB Joshua and his team. i speak blessing in yr lyfs in Jesus name. Amen

  44. We can the almighty for his blessings and for opeining doors for you.keep om believing in him and he will do wonders in your life

  45. Emmanuel..!!Glory b to God,He’s worthy to be praised,and with Him everything is possible.I also pray and believe that God will bless me one day,as He has been blessing me before.My boyfriend of six years has finally asked me to marry him,and I believe that this is a true blessing,even though I wanted to go to SCOAN for deliverance before marriage,I believe that one day God will bless me financial and I will go and meet the man of God personally.People of God,pray for me,so that God’s favour and mercy can speak for me,because even though my boyfriend has asked me to marry him,I don’t have any finances to celebrate the big day.I am the breadwinner in my family and I have no one to assist me financially.Just waiting to hear from God.May the good Lord protect our Prophet TB Joshua,the wise man and everyone at SCOAN.May they live long because we need them,our children need them,and our children’s children need them.

  46. I thank God for every testimony mentioned above its very encouraging,and for those who are still expcting God”s intervention in your situation my advise to you is keep believing your time is near than you think,THANK GOD FOR HE HAS HEARD YOUR PRAYERS!

  47. emmanuel! as can they be any other GOD than the one sent HIS only begotten SON to die for our sins? no way. GOD of scoan, i praise your holy name tonight and forever more.

  48. I really give glory to God for this testimony and I thank Him because his word says He is not a respector of men, i am in the similar situation as the brother who has given the testimony was, me and my husband are both working but we cannot afford to buy food , cannot pay our bills and the school fees ,cause we are so much indebted that my husband’s salary is all taken by debit orders it does not reach our hands, pls Man of God please pray for God’s mercy and grace to be upon us, i believe that what he did for our brother he can also do for me. thank you

  49. As im used 2 watch emmanual tv evrdy i send a letter 2 Tb Joshua 2 be with me in the interveiw where i waz employed as i waz saying man of God shall nt reject me when i meet e owner of e company he just hand over job 2 me i want 2 thank Jesus.May plz pray for me so that my salary increased i do believe that as Tb Joshua say a word evrythng iz possible

  50. Praise thy lord!!! Tnx 2 prophet T.B Joshua 4 making dis hapn nd i pray it will my turn 2 experience dis type of breakthrough in my life. Amen.


  52. Indeed he is a God of wonders and miracles and my prayer is that the same God who does miracles in peoples lives who serve him in truth will do a miracle in my situation also. To God be the glory for this wonderful testimony and stay blessed!

  53. God be the glory. I have been praying together with TB JOSHiUA on sundays. And yes I see different in my life. And I pray God to help me finish my house that I’m building and get Government Job around Mpumalanga, next to my home. I believe in him and he will provide me. AMEN

  54. God is really doing great things.That testimony is very powerful.l believe God of T.B jOSHUA will answer my husband financial problem as well in jesus name Amen.

  55. Man of God, dis is jus my story. i am living 4rm hand to mout. Here in SOUTH AFRICA pls i need breakthrough in my life pls pray 4 me. My name is STEVE ORJI.

  56. Glory be to the living God for with him everything is possible! please pray with me too for my breakthrough and my family’s..i need a prayer for my marital,health,finances.my boyfriend,the father of my two kids wants us to get married but i dont have money! God bless you more! Amen!

  57. Emmanuel, i thank senior prophet T b joshua and the 5 wise men,2011 october i attended scoan and my prayer was 4 me 2 have a baby becouse i have beried 2, not quite long my wife took in and today we have a bancing baby girl, i want every body 2 join me pray 4 God 2 grant the savior of our time long life and more grease 2 his elbow in jesus name (AMEN).

  58. GOD be Praise!!! I tap into this Supernatural Awesomeness of God in your Life!!! May God locate us all in JESUS name A M E N !!!!!!!!!!

  59. I want to praise my true living god. I want to thank god who has done wonders in your life and encourage you to remain in christ. I also want the same god who gas done it for to open the floods of heaven in me as I knw he is a true living god and who also keep promise I knw my hour is coming.LOVE PROPHET T.B JOSHUA your my father in spirit and LOVE YOU EMMANUEl TV TEAM.

  60. God is saying and doing something, I wish I had of Emmanuel tv earlier on but this is our time and I pray other churches will be truthful like he TB Joshua is and sincere to assure people that there is God the same yesterday is today and ever shall it be. Amen. My God will net remove his anointing but to shame those deceitful men of God who gains from peoples agony..

  61. When God says yes no one can say no. Thank you for your blessings. Remain faithful to God and continue serving Him. Julius KIYAH from Cameroon.

  62. I Thank God dats no one He wants to escape de annointing dat break de yoke.what shal we say if God is wth us indeed no one is against us,Haleluya Jesus Christ if not u …………… We culdnt be ceen such mercy

  63. Glory be to God on high who has chosen a vessel to sue in performing his great miracles, this is the lord’s doing,it is marvelous in our sight. May Almighty God contnue to use him greatly Amen.May God who has done this also locate me in Jesus name Amen.

  64. Greetings in Jesus name,we thank God for the life of our Man of God Papah TB Joshua & all the Wiseman.Thank you my love Jesus Christ of Naranth for the work of the Blood you deserve the Glory & the honour.I love you Lord.

  65. amen! The God who did it for you wil give me my own miracle as am waitin pantiently for him to giv mi a job. may his name be plaised for wat he has done for you my brother. stay blessed. AMENNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  66. thank u Jesus bcus u hv remenberd me this time, i kno that God of Tb j will never pass me bye this time ,Lord i commit my marriege unto ur hand

  67. thank u Jesuse for this testimony, i kno and i hv the faith that things will turn aruond for me, most expecialy in my marriage preparation,pls come and intervein for my sake in Jesus name Amen

  68. Glory be to God Almighty. If He can do it to others, He is also able to do it to me. One day i will also testify of His goodness. Emmanuel!!!

  69. For those who put their faith and trust in God, everything is possible. I believe my break through is on the way too. Enough of the devil’s oppression, I am a winner in Jesus’ name.

  70. what a wonderful testimony. I hope God of TB Joshua will answer soon becoz my case is almost similar to yours.I want the living God of TB Joshua to change the course of my life from poverty to Good, Better, Best. Emmanuel

  71. my prayer request is to get ajob and have a happy marriage.am a Zimbabwean with three children from 3 fathers.iam a holder of Higher National Diploma in purchasing and supply management obtained in 1997 but only worked for1yr.went to Botswana and SA where i worked as a maid.but now in Zim in 3rd marriage

  72. emmanuel,man of GOD.Im gettin married on sarturday an im the bread winner at home.my father lost his job,we tryin 2 organise for sartuday bt things ar nt doin good pls pray 4 our family.Amen

  73. This Godoo I never seen a such -ooo this Godooo blessed be His Holy name in Jesus name. I claim my wife’s healing from abdominal pains, cervical cancer and any blood disease hididng in her blood system in Jesus name. May the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua manifest His glory in every thing called by my name in Jesus name.

  74. This Godoo I never seen a such -ooo this Godooo blessed be His Holy name in Jesus name. I claim my wife’s healing from abdominal pains, cervical cancer and any blood disease hididng in her blood system in Jesus name

  75. The man in the synagogue Prophet T.B. Joshua,May God continue to anoint you and the Wise men the more. You are a light to Africa and blessings to the world. The best is yet to come. Thank you Jesus.

  76. Glory to the almight God who does the impossible possible,l rejoice wth you and ur family my brother.l give glory to the greater of the universe,l love my lord he is a faithful God.praise his holy name for ever.

  77. I am so happy for emmanuel tv . I believe that GOD will see me through my poverty . Viewers pray for my wife safe DELIVERY in JESUS NAME. I REBUKE POVERTY IN JÉSUS NAME

  78. Emmanuel!Our God is Great indeed!He deserves the praise and honour always.Im glad to be associated with such powerful Men of God.Be Blessed!

  79. Our heavenly Father is faithful. I thank Him for giving us a father like TB Joshua and the wise man to teach and guide us in the right direction. That is to follow Jesus and never look back no matter the circumstance that may surround us.

    Glory be to God!

  80. God of yesterday,God of 2day,God of 2morow. He’s God of tb joshua.when God says in no 1 can bring u out.pray 4 me 4 prosperity,peace,undestanding,lovin health,also calm at lamasat let them understand

  81. please tb joshua man of of god , help me and my family we need breakthrough in our lives especially financial. health and spiritualy .we need deliverance man of god. thank you.

  82. Heavenly Father, we thank you, Holy Spirit we thank you for your mercy and your love Lord Jesus Christ.. I receive my miracle- blessing now and promotion in my career in Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus Christ, let my daughter-Dondo prosper in her exams and i speak restoration in her health by the blood of Jesus. I speak breakthrough in all areas of her life in Jesus Christ name, Amen. Glory be to Jesus Christ.

  83. True distance is not a barr..,. Lord JESUS ur so wonderful. Kep on blessing us b4 our enemy. Thank u 4 bringing prft TB JOSHUA N WISE MAN in our live.

  84. How do I become a partner of Emn. tv. Since am not having visa card. Help i want to be a monthly partner for other to know God. Thank you.

  85. Uuum im moved by the miraculous works of God in deed he is amazing.God deliver me as i pray ol the time with Emmanuel TV i know one day i wil be giving a testimony testifying what the God of TB Joshua wl have done to me.Man of God assist me i need a breakthrough in my career lyf and destiny in Jesus name i pray amen

  86. God is so wonderful He has done it again….. Thank you Jesus and thanks to Senior Prophet T.B Joshua and all the crew at Emmanuel TV.

  87. Praise be to God,prophet please pray for me I’m losing hope in faith,I’ve been looking for a job & haven’t got anything not even an interview,I don’t knw why or what are God s plans for me but I’m no longer pertient & I’m even having depresion,I’m no longer enjoying nothing is worth living for anymore,please pray for me

    • keep on praying,God will answer you one day.your case will not escape annointing of God.He has done it for others,and surely He will do it for you.Your blessing is on the way,just hold on a little longer.The devil is a lier,God keeps His promises,and He is going to bless you.Just pray and touch the screen of your television in faith.

  88. This is coming to pass in my life as well. I’m beliving God for increase in all areas of my life, surely I know God is on my side and he did it for me 2000 years ago! amen.

  89. To God be the glory, Amen. I am also waiting patiently for the right time so that i will also give a great testimony to the glory of God. God has already answered some of my prayers, but i know and believe that rest are on the way coming. Amen


  91. Wahoo! So God of TB Joshoa is also doing miracles here in Malawi, am happy for you my fellow Malawian brother – my faith has been lifted up

  92. I have seen T.B Joshua so many times in my dream.even when my mother was sick I saw the man of God T.B joshua held my hands and passes through water.we watch Emmanuel TV and along with d man of God(T.B Joshua).even if I have not met him face to face have met him in the spirit.God of T.B joshua is alive.Emmanuel

  93. This is owesome, we save the living God, and of T B.Joshua is real, you peaple who talk nonsense you dont know what you are missing,This testmony is also mine because mine is following, God bless TBJ and the Five wisemen.

  94. i really want the man off G̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴͡D̶̲̥̅ to brings brake true to my life Aπϑ my family. Man G̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴͡D̶̲̥̅ plss brake this yoke in my life. Am wrking in a company Ƒσя some years now but am not been able to pay my own apartment. I want the man of G̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴͡D̶̲̥̅ to help M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥

  95. Thank u Jesus.I no wot God of TB Joshua can do,I no he wil do my own oneday.my CV have been in many places since Nov 2011.no answer.And my husband &his pple refuse dt wl not come 2 scoan.but I strongly believe dt God wl restore my testimony.Man of God I need advise 4m u.

  96. am also confident that God will make me proud by giving me a new job and change my live for following him definitevely

  97. God be the glory this is wonder full &powerfull testimony .it shows me with all things are possible. my husband is also working for 20yrs with no promotion. i believe that God will make a way for us.

  98. I asked God father for how should I suffer! I heared a sweet voice just a moment my child. There is a time for everythIng. To hear testimony like this is really strengthening my faith and I believe God is still saying something.Thank you Jesus

  99. When we see blessing from Above we know because its peculiar and divine ,this one is Blessing from above,from the Throne of grace. I rejoice with you dear.

  100. Wooooow!!!! Glorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah. We serve a Wonderful Father, He’s Faithful and His Word does’nt come back empty. I am blessed by this testimony.

  101. In Jesus name,i will be in Nigeria January 2013 to claim my blessings,Devil is a lie,i will come through thick and thin,all my bills will be paid up in Jesus name,every sickness in my body will be disappeared in the name of God,and i will be richer when i came from Nigeria and witness the work of God Hallleluja!!! praise the Lord>people pray for me i want to visit Nigeria on January 2013 plzzzzzzz to claim all what is belongs to me from Jesus Christ…..

  102. What a miracle working God we serve,when Jesus says Yes no one can say No and God’s time is the best thanks for that life transforming testimony

  103. I congratulate you in both ways first of having faith in God and second of being promoted I can say so in other way,In God everything is possible,What a wonderful God and thanks T.B Joshua for you encouragement I follow you.

  104. Praise the LORD!To his power nothing is impossible.Lets just PRAY,BELIEVE and STAY IN FAITH as our brother did.The best is indeed yet to come .Am also from Malawi and distance is indeed not a barrier.

  105. Plz man of god intervine in all areas of my life,give me finance,mariage,protect my carear and my family,heal my partner and ask god to do me wonders in everythin in my life,protect me from my enemies in jesus name. i thank u lord in jesus name. BY FRANK

    Let my salary be tripple in jesus name.

  106. Haleluya! Glory be to god almighty. Calling upon the name jesus evry knee shall bow, imposibles become possible. Jesus never said miracles over he said call upon me, ask in my name u shall be given. Praise god

  107. I knw dat de Lord whic did it for u must did it for me also. Please man of i am in India, which satelite wil i use to get emmanuelTv.

  108. Praise the LORD!To his power nothing is impossible.Just believe and stay in faith as our brother did,the best is yet to come ! Am also from Malawi and distance is indeed not a barrier! HALLELUJAH!

  109. Haleeuuyah!wat a miracle God,an awesome God!i thank God 4 ur Blesin,n congradulat u 4 such a stron faith!maintan same faith n wait in Prayer mor,mor n mor Blessing.i am patiently waitin in Prayer 4 God’s miraculous tim in my lif!AMEN

  110. Great testimony! Please pray for me for financial breakthrough and to be free from poverty forever. Thank you and may God bless you always. Ronel Barnardo

  111. God bless you man of God and i pray that my family n i will recieve our breakthrough through your ministration in Jesus name.Glory be to God for howfar he has brought us.Amen

  112. Dear T.B Joshua, my name is nobulumko mnkani 4rom South Africa. I am writing this sms with so much sadness in my heart. I have just undergone an interview and there is a question that I could not answer. I need this job so much. I am praying to my God that I am serving to make a way 4 me. I pray to the God of T.B Joshua to hear my cry.

  113. please man of god aim an old friend who have been writing to over due to my problems i have i have very good qualifications but i can find a job.aim even thinking of burning my documents cos when i see them i fill like a mockery.
    of lusaka zambia

  114. God is good, I got my healing through emmanuel TV. I’m still waiting for my financial breaktrough through emmanuel TV. Thank you Jesus

  115. praise the lord. God is wonderful,he has done it again and just as he promised,exeedingly abandantly above that which we ask for, halleluya. as i join you in your celebration , i claim my miracle too, in Jesus name, AMEN.

  116. Glory be to God of prophet TB Joshua ..guys if there is a giver out there pls help me ..am facing lot of dificulties in my life ..i watch imanuel tv so much and i want to go there..pls help me..thank u and God bless u ..am in namibia.swakopmund

  117. i do believ dat prophet TB Joshua is rilly a man of God,distance z nt a barrier i hop my situation wld nt remain de same,i beliv n de God of TB Joshua and i salute hm.AMEN.

  118. Thank God the father, Son and the Holy Spirit for using Prophet T.B Joshua, the wise men and all the annointed staff of the Scoan to impact our lives to God’s glory beyond boarders.Yes distance is not a barrier provided we have the faith as small as a mustard seed. I know what I am talking about and I pray the Almighty HELPS MY FAMILY AND I by building our faith no matter what. In Jesus name I pray.

  119. I will come out with similar testimony. The current situation is different. I am forced to reduce my salary by one third. This testimony encouraged me to look the face of our God. Believe me, God will solve my problems too.Glory be to our Lord,Jesus Christ! Amen!

  120. Halleluyah am tapping into those blessings.i prophesy that i will testify soon and very soon 7 in the mighty name of Jesus amen and amen

  121. To Jehovah Jireh the mighty provider be the Glory, honour and power for doing exceedingly abundantly. I CLAIM THIS MIRACLE AND MORE FOR ME AND MY FAMILY(MAMA MARTHA, SIBBLINGS EVANGELINE AND OTTO)

  122. If Prophet TB JOSHUA is a FAKE, then why is God using him. Don’t follow the ways of man. This our prophet is really from God. Listen to him and do as he says and you will be blessed. We THANK GOD FOR PROPHET. MAY GOD BLESS HIM, PROTECT AND GIVE HIM LONG LIFE SO HE CAN CONTINUE TO HELP PEOPLE. WE LOVE YOU PROPHET. GLORY BE TO GOD.

  123. Hallelujah. Indeed we are blessed to be present to witness the Good acts of God through the man of God senior Prophet TB Joshua.

  124. Halleluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuja. God has done it again. Infact this is my testimony coz i know through this testimony, am also going to have a breakthrough in my life. AMEN.

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