“Emmanuel! I believe this testimony will really encourage people, especially those who face the same problems I once faced. To put it simply, I drank alcohol and smoked cigarettes for thirty four years. It was an addiction I couldn’t control. Each attempt to stop ended in the addiction getting even worse. Aside from the obvious health complications, it was also really affecting my finances as a significant proportion ended up being spent on fuelling the addiction. Additionally, for more than ten years I used to dream of fornicating with different women. It happened about three times each week and was really affecting my marital life.

“However, after an encouragement from a friend, I started watching Emmanuel TV and praying with Prophet T.B. Joshua from August 2010. I am happy to confirm that from August 2010 until date, I am no longer drinking or have the urge to drink or smoke! Since I began touching the screen of the television during Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prayers, I no longer dream of fornicating or meeting any women. I would like to say thank You, Jesus! Emmanuel!”

Lovemore Chibvongodze, United Kingdom

If you have a testimony to share concerning the power of God working through Emmanuel TV, please don’t hide your testimony! You can submit your testimony here on our official Emmanuel TV website. Remember, someone needs your testimony to help them to get out of their setback.


  1. dear God in heaven,God of senior prophet TB Joshua please deliver my home heal my wife from that spirit of killing stilling and distroing.Lord Jesus Christ my family belongs to you God, I have seen your living word walking in the spirit in SCOAN through watching the anoited channel Emmanue.tv and have seen people in terible and complicated situation been free in Jesus Christ name.
    Lord Jesus Christ the lord of Senior prophet TB Joshua may you deliver my home,my mariage,my finances and all that belongs to me in Jesus name.

    • I do have problem wth my brother he smokes and drink he is the only one in family who do this His name is Hetrage Mashinge from zimbabwe his phone number is 00263772908840 or my sister’s number were he stay +263773001480 please man of god help my brother his life is measurable Sometimes I end up crying because of the situation

      N Mashinge nmarshowns@yahoo.com Skype;Newton Mashinge Sent from my iPhone

  2. Our God is a God of miracles. He does wondrous things.He does unexpected things in an amazing way. He cares about us.Thank God our Heavenly God is not a human being. So it will be a huge mistake to judge him using human standards and criteria.The God of TB Joshua is alive and in control! Emmanuel

  3. thank you Lord Jesue Christ for the life of you servant Senior prophet Tb Joshua and his commitment toward God’s work.
    Please man of God pray for me i have a it appears lyk i have been attacked by the spirit of lust and my family there is a lot of problems.And also man of God help me to pray for my Brother (Benjamin Mufwaya)who s having blood presure which led to a patial strock,i believe distance isnt a burrier my bro shull receive his healing in Jesus Christ name.In John 14:14 the Jesus said ask in my name (JESUS CHRIST)and i will do it for you.Halellujah.
    Amon Chanda frm Zambia.

  4. there is nothing god can not do. Personally i beleive in the ministry of tb joshua i beleive in the awesome power of jesus christ in the scoan iam looking forward and beleiving god for a specific miracle in my life and ministry though god has healed me through emmanuel tv 3 weeks ago i was terribly sick and a woman directed me to tb joshua and made me confess my sins after which the second night i saw tb joshua again praying for people at the prayer line in my dream and i knelt before him and he finally laid hands on me and prayed for me and i became well up till date iam well in jesus name. Emmanuel!

  5. EMANUAL::I THANK GOD FOH using Prophet T.B.JOSHUÅ to visit our problems, and putting testimonies in our mouth. Pls daddy pray for me” am a graduate but no job, husband, every night l av bad dreams. Pls daddy, am desperate, can’t wait 2testify like my brothers and sisters. I beleive dat DISTANCE IS NOT A BAREER. .pls pray for me thank u.! 08066309915

  6. EMANUAL::I THANK GOD FOH using Prophet T.B.JOSHUÅ to visit our problems, and putting testimonies in our mouth. Pls daddy pray for me” am a graduate but no job, husband, every night l av bad dreams. Pls daddy, am desperate, can’t wait 2testify like my brothers and sisters. I beleive dat DISTANCE IS NOT A BAREER. .thank u.!

  7. Emmanuel God is with us! i thank God for setting my brother free from cigarette and alcohol addiction. there is nothing impossible when you believe in God. for when he be with us, no one can be againsts us. thank u merciful JESUS.

  8. Amen! Our God is awesome,we thank him for his power that he is still showing through men of God!Emmanuel,we thank him for being with us.Distance is not a barrier and i am ready to give a testimony because i believe he is about to do a new thing in my life.

  9. love u all big! GOD is faithful always doing wat he knows how 2 do. Delivering & 2 save. HALLELUYAH. p/s always pray 4 me & my family concerning our health,biz,ministry,academics,future,career etc

  10. ooh God of senior prophet TB Joshua i thank you for your presece in my life in Jesus name.Man of God wise man Christopher,I you to be my friend,my prophet and your prayer partner.Please pray for my family,my marriage, my wife’s business my Job and for my doughter’s future.I believe that there is no bad situation Jesus CANNOT change to Best in JESUS name hallelujah.AMON CHANDA Zambia(chandaamon1983@yahoo.com)


  12. emmanuel! on sunday the 25th 08 2012 during the live service prophet tb joshua prophecyse about the hard time before africa and nigeria .and he said they will be killing .brief, that very sunday after praying along with the man of god ,i went to bed and l had a vission where i saw danger, how some group of men were moving around towns with swords killing others there was alot of killing in my vission .this is to confirm the prophecy given by our prophet .thank god for his prophet. i pray the wold should believe him to be save mostly africa.n/b l’m not a prophet nor a pastor.sorry for my poor english i realy wanted to explain it more clarely and deeper but due to my poor educatiopn i could nt.thank god for oppening my eyes of faith may god open yours,ie those who are still doubting.

  13. JEHOVAH the Redeemer thank you for redeeming us your people from bondages.

    May GOD the creator of Heavens and Earth continue blessing Prophet TB Joshua and give him along lifeinJesus Chrsit Name.

  14. Oh !!! My God I hope can do it to my Son Christopher my Mother Chikoma my Father Ntengu to stop drink alcohol, know one can help me only you Jesus

  15. Praise the lord . Our lord is able to do evry think in the life of tis people . He is migthy God and give a solution to evry problem

  16. (1) God i thk u 4 ur Faithfnes, i thk u 4 ur Protecti, i thk u 4 ur Grace (2) God i use d famil of my siste who is living @ no 7 sanigiwa str. s/gari kano as a point of contac reacing ever oder famil dt are looki 4 male child 2 reciv in Jesus Christ Amen (3) God i ask dt u wil mak me 2 stop urient on my bed in Jesus Christ Might name Amen

  17. I want to thank God for using prophet tb joshua to deliver me from the spirit of smoking indian hemp for 25 years. After sending a prayer request to synagogue church of all nations asking them to keep praying for me to stop smoking, to my gratest surprise the urge just disappeared.I am now a new being.Thank u jesus for delivering me.

    • I am in a serious situatiön,i wnt god to hear my prayer,what i am asking him 4 dat makes me cry almst everyday,i wnt prophet tb joshua to help me in prayers,pls pastor help me n i dnt have ur station,help me

  18. Emmanuel – God wit us
    What a wonderful saviour Jesus Christ our Lord. Our Brother was delivered from the smoking and drinking through praying along Snr Prophet T B Joshua on Emmanuel tv. Anyone who receives instruction in the word must share all good things from Lord Jesus Christ with others

  19. my brethren at SCOAN, Prophet TB Joshua. Please i need your prayer. I am in search of a job. I believe God can intervene through your prayer lines. Thank you and God bless!


  21. Glory be to God,i desire also to quit drinking,i am buying my emmanuel t.v at my house,because i want to be delivered too. Amen.

  22. Wow That GOD Is My GOD!l’v been tormented by spiritual husband eversince l was born.l receive healing on Emmanuel TV always but every time l’m about to have a breakthrough it comes to sleep with me,l have no affection for my husband. l am tired,OH! GOD Of Prophet TB Joshua deliver me permanently!

  23. ooow our God is great praise the living Jesus God of prophet Tb Joshua.God of senior prophet Tb Joshua please Also pray for my wife she has been having demonic dreams for the past 2 or 3 days.

  24. i wna thnk Lord for using TB joshua for bringing back life to the world n also want u to send God’s tools lk stickers,wrist bands n anoitin water here in Botswana to finish unfinishd business through jesus christ.

  25. God pls I need ure touch in my life,so dat I will give my own testmony in jesus nane amen,God protect our pastor and wise man Give them more power to deliver your pple lord to scatter evil in jesus name thank u lord

  26. Thanks be to Jesus and his father,
    i will like to thank God for being their for me in times of trouble.
    as well as he helped me to stop smoking.of any smoke able things.
    i am really grateful of it and of my life today.
    glory be to God

  27. Emmanuel! thank you Jesus for saving and delievering your children, may your name be praise 4 ever, as he deliever our brother from addicted of drinking alcohol and smoking, i believe that he will do also to me and my family in Jesus name Amen

  28. Glory be to our Lord Jesus Pastor I am a fully grown up Christian, I Love my channel and worship on Emmanuel since I met this Channel it has never depart on my face I believe I have touched lot of people since I have introduce them through the station by tuning for free of charge here in South Africa as I am installing ds tv on my spare time, I have achieve lots things through the channel, my struggle its only the spiritual wife please pray for me.

  29. Alleluia! Alleluia! it is a joyous moment for us all for the deliverance of our dear brother in the Lord. Glory be to God.

  30. Hail the Almighty God of creation who created heaven and earth. Glory be to you alone. Thank you for setting this soul free.

  31. I got my miraculous job while i started praying PROPHET TB JOSHUA after trying all effort and connections several years
    your GOD is real and alive

  32. I thank god of what emmanuel tv spread about jesus christ and alot of people including me believed that if knocking the door is opened and asking u be given

  33. pls brother i thank GOD for the testimony, and i want u to pray for me that GOD shuld deliever me out of such situation, and i need genuer repentance.thank lucky eleonu 08064753862

  34. I do have my young brother who do have a problem he smokes and drink.He is the only one who drinks and smokes please help my brother to stop this .His name is Etrage Mashinge please man help my brother

  35. Haleluya God is good,I hope God will do it for me,so that my son Johannes can stop using drugs and stilling from our neighbors and from Me.my faith is in God even this situation I did put it into Gods hands.

  36. Im inocentia matebesi 26yrs old lady from Botswana working as a dogtrainer Glory be to God i will to thank God for my miracle through Emmanuel Tv as my testmony goes like this.. i have got a new job which i will be starting to work on first september 2012 and i even managed to get my business name certificate for dog business i will to thank the lord and God will bles man of God prophet TB Joshua more and shower him with his ministries with more glory all the days of his life.

  37. Nothing is impossible with God.Man of God,I rely need my miracle now. M too desperate.I can’t handle my situation,I’m afraid to get help from wrong people.

  38. Emmanuel. I thank God for the life of our father, Prophet TB Joshua and his team. He is a precious gift for every one of us. I have a testimony to share, but i don’t know how to follow the testiony guildline on your website. Please i need help. Thanks

  39. Thank you Jesus l was in a similar situation until l started watching emmantv in 2009. l now enjoy real freedom in the lord

  40. seigneur je te rend multiple actions de grâce
    pour la libération de ce frère en christ et je te prie aussi de toucher le coeur de mon mari afin qu’il abandonne aussi la cigarette et la boisson car il en consomme comme si sa vie en dépendait

  41. The Lord is good all the time.I am glad for my brother in the Lord who has been set free from the addictive yoke of smoking and alcohol abuse. Glory be to God.

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