Spiritual Husband Exposed; Excessive Bleeding Stopped!

Here is a wonderful testimony from an Emmanuel TV viewer in Tanzania who received her deliverance and healing through watching Emmanuel TV:

“Praise the name of the living Jesus! I would like to extend my special thanks to the Emmanuel TV team, Prophet T.B. Joshua and also all the Wise Men for their commitment to God and readiness to serve others.

“I have a wonderful testimony to share about the deliverance I received through watching Emmanuel TV! Well, it was on Monday 13th August during the live service when I was watching Emmanuel TV as the wise men were ministering to the congregation. I saw a lady from Zimbabwe who had been tormented by exactly the same case as I had, which was a spiritual husband that caused excessive bleeding. I had been tormented by this strange man in my dreams for many years and had been bleeding continually for so long. I was always afraid of going to sleep because I know it would be a night of torment.

“So, when Wise Man John Chi was praying for her, faith began to rise in my heart. I was angry at this demon that was tormenting me! I said to myself, ‘If this lady will be delivered, I also will be delivered.’ As she was being prayed for, I suddenly fell down in my room! I can’t explain what happened but the power of God hit my body. As the lady from Zimbabwe was declared free by the man of God, I also started thanking God for my deliverance. As soon she was set free, I also was set free!

“To the glory of God, up to this moment, I am no longer bleeding and am not experiencing any bad dreams or nightmares anymore. There is so much joy and peace in my heart. May the name of Jesus be lifted on high and glorified forever and ever, amen!”

Peace Gresmo, Tanzania

220 thoughts on “Spiritual Husband Exposed; Excessive Bleeding Stopped!

  1. Thank GOD for PROPHET TB JOSHUA for what our Dearest God is using him to do in the lifes of people all around the world……. I believe my deliverance is near through our prophet………….. May God continue to bless u

  2. Wat a testimony lm really impressed by this praise the god of TB JOSHUA, may god have mercy with me and help me have the same faith as you my sister,thank you jesus, may the god of mercy heal me of HIV my situation is now very very bad and in my heart l have always believed l will be healed.pliz pray with me lm afraid to die lm an orphan and have a four year old girl,my daughter.l suffered so much and l don’t wish anyone to experience this.l got infected when l was 21 that’s when l got pregnant,its so sad because this man divourced me .My life has been an unhappy one and l still hope god will forgive me my sins as l have forgiven those who did me wrong.l have tried so hard to look for ways of visiting the SCOAN but all have turned to be a daydream and there is no more time left as lm feeling extremely weak,very sick and l don’t want to loose hope to look unto GOD.l pray that mercy fill me because l don’t want to start taking ARVs.lm still young,lm only 26,pliz pray with me as lm desperate.God bless!

  3. Oh our God is the same yersterday to day and forever. He is our saviour deliverer healer and redemeemer. please the whole i talk to you follow Jesus througth Emmanuel tv you will bless all the time

  4. Praise the Lord.He is able to do exceedingly,abundently above what we can ask for.we thank God for your testimony,it has uplifted my faith a lot.

  5. Glory be to God indeed distance is not a barrier thank you Jesus for Phophet T.B Joshua,wiseman and Emmanuel T.V nothing is impossible with God may Lord Touch me and my partner in Jesus Name I pray,AMEN

  6. man of god,thank u,may god continue to bless u and ur ministry in jesus name amen.sir pls i want be deliever.i can’t read and write

  7. May the God of Abraham be praise at all Times’ because he is the God that never fails, God of signs and wonders, that God who never changeth… Baba you are worthy to be praise!

  8. To God be the glory, I do understand that distance is not a barrier I just don’t know what happens to my own mountains or is it that all areas of my life need deliverance? I do not doubt the power of God.

  9. Praise God the Father the living one,
    Iam joining the testimony giver to thank the might God For the mighty deeds done by onto us as the manifestation of his presence into mankind,To him be the glory.All in all i appreciate the devotion by the SCOAN team to pray for the redemption of the people all over the world.
    Yours Joseph Yakobona Ndullu.

  10. The problem my sister was having is the same problem I am having, I do trust that the Lord will heal me in Jesus name amen. Thank you Jesus I am healed in Jesus name.

  11. my name is festus olunze,am from imo state.what i want to say is that the lord is really doing something in the lifes of people using our prophet tb joshua.although some said that his power is not from God but the main point is that before you talk you check within you as a christian wheather the power is from God or not.i m a living testimony since i started watching emmanuel tv my life has change.

  12. Thank you Jesus distance is indeed no barrier. Let God’s Holy Spirit continue to reach out to us who are bound by spiritual husbands and wives.

  13. Emmanuel!! God wth us! Indeed distance is nt barrier. My time does nt matter,God’s time is the best. Better is not enough the best is yet to come!! My case wl not escape. God is good all the time. Nothing is impossible wth God. Thank you Jesus for the deliverous. Mine too is in way. Grory be to Almighty Lord. Am delivered,Jesus is my Deliverer,healed,Jesus is my Healer.Redeemed, Jesus is my redeemer, blessed Jesus is my Blesser.Thank you Jesus!!! Emmanuel!! (God with us) Amen!!

  14. What a mighty God we serve, trully you are a man of God Prophet TB JOSHUA. Distance is not a barrier indeed. I like watching Emmanuel TV, a lot, i even take notes when he is preaching, that alone makes me to understand his messages. Emmanuel! Thank You Jesus!

  15. Thank you JESUS…. Indeed GOD’S power cannot be limited by space and time if we act faith. I pray that our sister must be able to maintain her deliverance by making GOD’S word the standard for her life…. Haleluya

  16. Thank you JESUS…. Indeed GOD’S power cannot be limited by space and time if we act faith. I pray that our sister would maintain her deliverance by making GOD’S word the standard for her life…. Haleluya

  17. HE is wonderful merciful caring ,loving,and forgiving. He loves his children that is why HE gave us T B Joshua and the wise men so that we are blessed , healed, delivered, redeemed through HIS SON JESUS. GREAT OWNER of this world ,thank for delivering our sister from her predicament.

  18. Blessed b name of our God.who eat our praises n testmoines.i celebrate wit u my sister cos he d Lord set free is free indeed.God bless.blessing 4rm nigeria

  19. Nothing is impossible to our best God. He is the King of Kings;the Lord of Lords ;his Dynasty will be live forever. Thanks to Lord who done miraculous works to those who believed in his word’s.

  20. Thank you Jesus. for always keeping your promises.Help us to gorify the name of your father in both good & bad times alike.Thank you Lord Jesus. Amen

  21. We bless God for ur healing, stay in His presence for ur healing to be permanent. Though we may seek different types of healing, ur healing is my healing nd deliverance in Jesus’ name.

  22. I will worship and serve the Lord with my strength ,body and soul in Jesus’ name. Amen. Continue praising the Lord, my sister.

  23. My ONLY HAPPINNESS is that our generation shall priase Your name forever, Amen. I am waiting for my turn, I mean, a life-reading testimony, the one people will read the bible on me, that is, I am begging the God of Prophet TB Joshua to bless me with my own bebies, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, I pray, Amen. Thank You Lord for hearing my cry and my prayer in the name of Jesus, Amen.

  24. Halleluja praise the Lord,my sister we are sharing the same problem,i have been tormented by the same demon,after watching Emmanuel tv peace is upon me,the devil is a liar he can no more remote me,now my husband is the one suffering through alcohol abuse ,even though i am always on my knees for him,shalom

  25. We thank God for the work that it being done in SCOAN….. that is a true house of God. if all of us can have the same faith, we shall leav freeely and in peace, thank God for the man of God and Wise man.

  26. That’s why He’s God. He does what no man can do! Praise the Lord? I am next on line for my own testimony.

  27. God is good all the time if you believe he will never fails us,in good times and in bad times he is always with us.

  28. God is still in the miracle business and we are all going to have our portion one-by-one. thank you Jesus and a big thanks to Prophet T.B Joshuah and all the Wise men for the good work that they are doing for mankind. May the God grant you all more wisdom, strength and more powers…Amen.


  30. Amen halleluiah there is no difficulties to our Almighty God’s to be removed our heavy problems. But it depends on our the ability to be received the word of God from a distance faithfully like,the women from Tanzania who received her deliverance and healing through watching Emmanuel TV ; for distance is not a barrier to be receive what we what from Our good father. He care about us more than we care about our self. praise the Lord. Hallelujah!!!


  32. Where can we go from his presence? No where
    And there are heavenly bodies and earthly bodies, the beauty that belongs to heavenly bodies is different for the beauty that belongs to earthly bodies. The sun has its own beauty, the moon another beauty and the stars a different beauty and even among stars there are different kinds of beauty 1 Corinthians 15:40
    Our God is great see what he has created. He created all these things for his glory and so that people will who he is. He can cast out all the demons in the peoples lives, so that people will be set free.

  33. Oh what a mighty God we serve!!! May His Holy name be glorified for forevermore. May he continually use his servants for his honor and praise. May this faithless generation know there’s a God who answers prayer from his faithful servants and put their trust in Him. Thank you father. Keep watching over the life of your servants, Prophet T B Joshua and the wise men

  34. The Lord Jesus is great,Distance is not a barrier its your Faith.Your Faith connects you to your possessions in JesusChrist and healing ,delivererance and all the good things of life is included.Once more,Kudos to JesusChrist in the Highest Amen



  37. Praise the God of Prophet TB Joshua, the God of signs, wonders n miracles, nothing is impossible wt Him, u only need the following documents faith, believe, love n obedience 2 receive your own miracles

  38. Jesus I thank you for healing my sister. If this can happen to others let it happen to me also. Thank you Jesus for seeing me thru. Thank you Lord for the Holy Ghost has found me. I am healed, Jesus Christ is my healer. I am blessed Jesus Christ is my blessor. I said I am blessed. I am delivered Jesus Christ is my deliverer. I am redeemed, Jesus is my redeemer.

  39. Praise God of Elijah ,God of abrahm, isaac,jacob nd God of prophet tb joshua we give Him all the Glory due to Him He is the same yesturday today tomorow and forever more. He never change nd my case it will not escape the anoiting of God as this friends are giving testmonies so shall be mine in jesus name Amen

  40. Wow God is great.yah its true distance is nt a barrier only jst believe.thank God for her deliverence.I would luv to serve God with all my heart and pls help me

  41. With god everything is possible. Miracles happen to me too. Only faith when man of god was praying I’m healed and my husband is healed too. To him be the glory.

  42. If u truly believe he works wonders 4u.thank u Jesus 4the deliverance,i gv u praise all the time,and 2u Man of God TB JOSHUA and the Wiseman thank u so much.pliz pray 4me am expecting my 4th child,the other 3 i was operated on bt nw am having these fears that il neva wake up i always think of death,c myself leaving my kids.pliz pliz i beg of u man of God deliver me frm ths spirit of death and operation,pray that i deliver normaly.am due in October bt if the doctor books me it wil be m-end September.even the baby changed frm the normal position its lying across bt i can feel it moving and kicking.help me Jesus i pray always that God wil locate me and deliver me and my family.Am from ZIMBABWE myE-mail is on top.AMEN.

  43. Hallelua! Wht a Mighty God we serve he is the same yesterday today an forever thank u Jesus for the healing of are sister Amen.

  44. Thank you Jesus Christ. Glory & honour be to the Almighty God for using his servants to heal & deliver all those in bondage. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ. Amen & Amen to Jesus Christ. Truly distance is not a barrier like the Man of God usually says. Am quite confident that the best is yet to come in Jesus Christ Name. Amen!!!!!!!!!

  45. I need your touch oh Lord! May u lift me up when the enemy tries to bring me down. May the promotion com my way, may the wishes of the holy spirit be fulfilled in my career. Open the doors that no man can close. Hold my hand and walk with me into success.

  46. Thank you Jesus for all blessings we are receiviing through Emmanuel tv. Prophet T.B Joshua,wiseman we love you. Keep doing great things in our lives. Emmanuel

  47. Thank you God of Prophet TB JOSHUA you are wonderful.I shall keep watching Emmanuel TV and l know oneday l will visit SCOAN in Jesus name.

  48. Only Jesus can save, believe and run to HIM to get a greater Deliverance, Healins Blessing in Jesus name, Amen

  49. Distance indeed is not a barrier. Thank u Jesus for the great deliverance. U a our deliverer, our blesser, our redeemer @ I know my turn is on the way by faith in Jesus name

  50. Our faith changes things,oh lord increasa the faith in me and put me on a level where you will be happy with what l will do..Amen

  51. Indeed God is able, Amen to the testimony, in God everything is possible and we receive our glory wherever we are IN JESUS CHRIST NAME. Hallelujah!!!

  52. Glory be to God coz he an amaizing God Amen.He z a wondful God lets giv him prais coz he worth to be praised in the name of Jesus christ Amen

  53. Amen we thank God for yo healing n deliverance for sure distance is not a barrier n we thank God for using prophet tb joshua n the wiseman glory b to God

  54. I need to be healed from all satanic and demonic spirits, and please pray for my finances I have lots of debts. I have faith that in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth it is done. I am healed and I am free.

    Thank Sir

  55. Really God is faithful all the time,let the glory be unto the lord, help me lord 2 knw u more nd add something in my life everyday i nid ur touch oh! Lord i love,i nid deliverance 2 all things dat torment my life nd that hinder me 2 worship u, lord i love u.I believe, dat iam delivered,distance is nt a barrier line 2 stop the power of God, 2 God be the glory! Amen!

  56. May this wounderful deliverance remain permenent in Jesus mighty name.am happy for you and thank the wise men for allowing God to use them.

  57. Lack of happiness,Nightmare and spiritual attacks that am having is over too with faith i know am free also on the name of mighty Jesus amen!

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  58. Lord i always dreaming my causin sister and her mother doing somthing strange in my life .somtimes they want to kill me by giving me something to eat man of god help me these people they dnt want me to do smething good to our family . They want to kill me .they already killed my brother and my parents.

  59. I feel the same these days.the presence of God never leave me after one the wise man had been praying in the mass prayer, i vomited some staff, from them i always fil the presence of God in all things i do.i fil my heart to be so free ad relieved.i always fil i can be in the presence of God always. Praises be outo God

  60. to god be the glory. distance really is not a barrier for i also have many deliverance through watching so lets continue telling others about emmanuel t.v
    by doris from ghana

  61. God is gud oll the time men of god a olso hev problem i ternd my womb iwant to have echald because oll my chard parsawe aheve 3chard 2parsawe 1left en iwant to cam the my invtetion tek long iwant to se you my parsto prey for me ivn my feync cherst me uot in hes hause because im not boning the chard for hem is nagiran me am soutafrica 7 yers we stey togedar men of gog hev merce on me i in trabul.

  62. God is gud oll the time men of god a olso hev prpble i ternd my womb iwant to have echald because oll my chard parsawe aheve 3chard 2parsawe 1left en iwant to cam the my invtetion tek long iwant to se you my parsto prey for me ivn my feync chert me uot in hes hause because im not boning the chard for hem is nagiran me am soutafrica 7 yers we stey togedar men of gog hev merce on me im trabul.

  63. Oh!What else again?God can do anything,anytime,anywhere as long as u ‘ve faith in d already finished works of our Lord Jesus Christ…tnx u Jesus for d gift of prophet t.b Joshua to our generation.give him more love,power,wisdom and strenght to do more of YOUR work in Jesus name!

  64. Praise da mighty God.i rejoice wt u mi sista as i wait 4 my dai wt da Lord!wat,a wonderfl God we serve!AAMEENN!AAMEENN!By Matlhogonolo Obuseng-Botswana

  65. This is wonderful. I glorify the name of the Most High, He is able.Thank you Father for the lives of Prophet T.B.Joshua&the Wise men,keep on using them in a mighty name, amen. Emmanuel!!!

  66. i thk God for her life,God always do good works in the lifes of his children ….acording to romans 10:10 saying ….with thy heart mans belives unto rightousness,and with thy mouth confession is made unto salvation….i thank God for her.

    • Dear Emmanueltv friends.
      TBJoshwa has demonstrated that evil spirit are real.
      Not only real but viscious and deceptives.
      But I have a question.
      If someone is delivered from spiritual husband or wife.
      And has children with spiritual wife or husband.
      We all know that these children are in the kingdom of darkeness.
      But what will happen to the children?
      Are they destroyed too by fire and prayer?
      Recently a demon confessed that TBJoshwa has destroyed 551 kingdom of darkeness.
      But when a such kingdom is destroyed what happen to all demons from that kingdom?
      Where do they migrate?
      Is it to helll?
      Why they were not in hell before.?
      Can a demon go to hell and escape hell?
      We will be happy if TBJoshwa adress my concerns.
      Regards to all in Jesus-christ name.

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