The following testimony is that of a Zambian student who experienced supernatural breakthrough in his academic life after praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV and taking his advice to heart: ‘Work as if everything depends on you and pray as if everything depends on God.’ We believe this testimony will encourage you to combine hard work with quiet confidence in God for the future!

“My name is Emmanuel Phiri and I would like to testify to the goodness of what the Lord has done for me.
I started watching Emmanuel TV towards the end of 2008. During that time, I was on vacation waiting to go into second year at the University of Zambia. Before I came in contact with the ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua via Emmanuel TV, I used to struggle in my academics. I was a C student and it actually looked like I was going to be full of carryovers. Today my story is totally different. I give glory unto the awesome God of T.B Joshua.

“During the first semester of my second year in the university, one of my lecturers in Philosophy started to talk negatively about Prophet T.B Joshua during one of the lectures. He talked about how T.B Joshua is a fake prophet and how the miracles airing on Emmanuel TV are not real. To my surprise, many of my fellow students agreed with what he was saying and started laughing and making fun of the prophet. At that point, I felt a strange boldness in my heart and that made me to stand up and on top of my voice, I rebuked my lecturer. I boldly told him that what he was saying was based on mere hearsay and not what he heard from God. I remember openly declaring to him that I was a staunch Christian and believed that T.B. Joshua is a real man of God.

“After openly saying what I said to my lecturer in class that day, I thought my grades would even become poorer than before! Privately, I asked the God of T.B Joshua to have mercy upon me and to help me improve my grades. To my greatest surprise, that very semester became the turning point in my academics! I miraculously moved from being at the bottom in class to being on top. From that time on, I became the best student in all my courses, getting only A’s and A+’s. Most of my fellow students became astonished at this and whenever they would ask what my secret was, I would tell them that the God of T.B Joshua had done it!

“During my second year of university, I watched a testimony on Emmanuel TV that really inspired me. This was a testimony of a young lady who graduated with a first class distinction from her university. In her testimony, she narrated that Prophet T.B Joshua counselled her whilst she was pursuing her undergraduate degree. According to her testimony, the prophet instructed her to pray as if all depends on God and also to study as if it all depends on her.

“When I watched her testimony I said in my heart, ‘God is no respecter of persons and if He can do it for her, He can also do it for me’. I also told myself ‘I’m a son of the prophet and he is the one who says that distance is not a barrier’. I asked God, ‘may the same grace that made it possible for that young lady to graduate with first class distinction make it possible for me to graduate with a distinction as well’.

“Just like the lady in the testimony, I also started praying as if it all depends on God and I started to study as if at all depended on me. Additionally, I would also pray along with T.B Joshua on Emmanuel TV believing that distance is not a barrier.

“To the glory of God I have graduated as the best student from my school with first class distinction! I would also like to testify that I have been retained by my department so that I become a lecturer. I give all the glory to the God of T.B Joshua for making all this possible for me and I know that my testimony will encourage a lot of students out there. Thank you!”

Emmanuel Phiri – Department of Philosophy and Applied Ethics, The University of Zambia,


  1. Hi my name is Maureen and I am a first year medical student. I have always been a straight A student. However, my first year has not been well. The enemy has attacked my academics and pushed me behind. I believe God’s power if greater than all. I have been praying for God to see me through, however, it keeps getting worse and worse. So please pray for me for academic breakthrough and that God can clear out anything the enemy has set in my way. Pray for me that I can pass all my courses with flying colors by the grace of Jesus Christ. Thank you and God bless you.

  2. I am also a son of prophet Tb Joshua may the same grace that found yinka,Mary Jean and this ,phiri find me . the way out for me has come Jesus is the way good morning indeed

  3. God is good all the time @ i know that very soon im coming with testimony because God never say’s goodbye and distance is not a barrier. Emmanuel

  4. Lord Jesus Christ is the true foundation of our times a rich store of salvation, wisdom and knowledge. Love of the Lord Jesus Christ is the key to his treasure.

  5. good afternoon my name is victoria kaapanda in namibia i have been trying to come closer to my lord but Satan is overpowering me please pray for to come and work for god im far from him and i want to come closer to him please pray for me…


  6. God richly bless you prophet T,B Joshua
    I have been married for the past 21 years without a child. Man of God pls kindly remember me in your prayer

  7. Hallelujah, praise God for your life. I watch that same testimony when that lady was even given a scholarship abroad. I was so moved in my spirit that i took the words of the Man of God Senior Prophet TB Joshua so serious. these words were study as if all depend on you to succeed and pray as if all depends on God. from that day these words have never left my heart. I meditated and prayed and God has improved my results so well. i am in my final year in the university of Buea, Cameroon and am still trusting God for greater things knowing that i will also graduate with a first class distinction also. Praise the Lord

  8. if the God of TB Joshua has done so for my brother,i believe with all my heart that HE will do same for me.i will come out with only A’s in this exam that i will be writing and soon i will be sharing my testimony to the glory of the God of TB Joshua in Jesus Name Amen.

  9. Glory be to God,i hope the Lord of Prophet T.B Joshua would do the same to me..i have failed for two consecutive semesters the same subjects and eveentually lost my scholarship on Tuesday 21 August. they terminated my financial support and i have not lose hope because i know my strength is on my Lord Jesus Christ.I know God has prepared good things for me.i thank God for using T.B Joshua to touch each and every corner of this planet. Indeed, distance is not a barrier. Emmanuel!!

  10. Emmanuel,

    Glory be to God.Indeed his grace is sufficient for us.Through this testimony and my faith in the Lord, I also receive my blessings regarding my studies and my career.

    Amen in Jesus name.

  11. Amen to Jesus Christ. With God all things are possible to those who believe. Glory and honour be to the Almighty God.

  12. What a wondeRful God we serve. All is possible to those who believe. Am very ready for supernatural breakthrough in my career. When you ask believe that you have recieved. Amen!!!

  13. There is a song that goes like this:

    It’s true oh yes it’s true.
    God’s wonderful promise it’s true,
    I’ve trusted and tested and tried it,
    And I know God’s promise it’s true.

    Human solution to all problems are in 2chronicles 20:20
    Believing in God and His Prophets.

    Thank you God for the life of our dear prophet who says and it comes to pass,.

  14. God of prophet TB Joshua is the God that has no limit. Is the God that hears and answers prayers with the fastest speed. For one to be liberated 4rm bondage he actually have a vital role to play that will enable God to take over his matter. Because we need the privilege to work in partnership with God. with God nothing is impossible.

  15. GOD never leave any body who follows Him, the God of T B Joshua he s the real God, i spent a lot of my rest time watching emmanuel tv, and since then my life changed alot to the extent that my all family they do love to watch it, while by then they did not preffered to watch it. The God of Tb Joshua can change your life if u believ Him, His is a true GOD, and he s always never fail.

  16. All praise to God and what he has done in this young mans life. In the bible there were also people who did not want to believe that JESUS CHRIST did all the miracles. Only those who believed received their miracle. Praise be to God for standing up and defending the man of God Prophet T.B.Josua.

  17. My prayer to the ALMIGHTY GOD is that the same miracle touches my wife, my children and I for excellence in all our academic activities In the mighty name of JESUS. AMEN

  18. With GOD everything is possible. It’s time for unbelievers to believe . GOD is the KING of the universe and the owner of this world. This testimony is a proof that the ALMIGHTY GOD is everywhere .B..e..l..i..e..v..e brethren.


  20. This God of TB Joshua is so kind- I have never seen his Kind anywhere else. Some of us are very fortunate enough to pray along with prophet Tb Joshua.The results are always there for all to see.Sooner or later you will feel the hand of the Living God in action.

  21. I thank my Daddy, Father in the Lord: Snr. Prophet T.B.JOSHUA for his humility and more over he knows more false things pple say about him but he doesn’t care & worry. I wonder bcz most pple who talk more about my Daddy do not really know him.

  22. Gods Power, Ability,Grace,Mercy,Love & Favour is beyond comparison. What God has done for Emmanuel Phiri I know He will also do for me.

  23. I thank GOD ALMIGHTY for giving the world PROPHET TB JOSHUA,He is really a man of GOD,i pray to GOD of TB Joshua to pave ways in what ever way i want to take in life,i will start praying as if it all depends on GOD and work as if it all depends on me,GOD of TB Joshua have mercy on me.

  24. Thank you Lord Jesus that the devil is being shamed all the time. Surely the God of T. B Joshua is still living. Happy that He did it for you. T. B. Joshua is our daddy here in Zambia. God have mercy upon all of us and let your favour and mercy continue speaking for us. AMEN


  25. More more about Lord Jesus Christ. More of his love. Let us try to know the Lord. He will come o us as surely as the day dawns as surely as the spring rains fall upon the earth. Because the Lord Jesus is good all the time. Amen

  26. to God be the glory. congratulations to you Emmanuel ,your faith and boldness in Jesus has done it for you. God is faithful and true to his word,if you confess him as Lord he has promised that he will not put you to shame. to them that believe all things are possible. by the Grace of God , i will graduate not long from now. watch this space for my testimony,in Jesus’ name . thank you man of God, Prophet T. B. Joshua for your prayers. AMEN.

  27. Really distance is not a barrier,God is wonderful,me l stopped smoking just by touching the television and praying along with Tb Joshua,it been five months now l’ve never smoked lm wating for my financial breakthrough which l belive is coming very soon..l’ll keep on praying along with the man of God.To these who dont belive,plz dont let the devil decive you pray along with the man of God..your life will never be the same.AMEN

  28. Emmanuel Phiri ! Prophet TB Joshua is real man of God,the one who say that is fake prophet the know nothing .I Love Jesus because he choose prophet TB Joshua to be our light.Thank you Jesus Amen!!!

  29. Praise the Lord. Favour is always with us. Keep watching Emmanual tv and get your breakthrough. God of TB Joshua will do it for you. Amen

  30. Most people mistakenly use philosophy as a crutch to cast doubt on the validity of faith when it is simply that they are without faith. well done brother for standing up to your ‘ignorant’ lecturer and for standing firm for the Lord.

  31. i know dat distance is not a barrier, and right now i agree wit u T.b joshua d Gud God dat did emmanuel’s own will surely do mine and grant me retentive memory wisdom and understand in my exam. in Jesus Christ i pray (Amen)

  32. God give me the grace to work as if everything depends on me and to pray as if everything depends on you, in Jesus Christ name, Amen.

  33. I rejoice with you my brother. I’m equally from Zambia. Indeed distance is not a barrier.May God bless you and keep watching Emmanuel TV.

  34. The Lord that did your shall surely do mine. i have been facing challenges in the area of getting my O’Level result completely, i need just mathematics and english, since the year 2010, i pray that God will see me through. I did two exam this year, WAEC and NECO, the WAEC is out, i only made the English, I thank God for that, It only remains the Mathematics which hopefully God will do it for me in NECO.. Please i need the children of God to pray along with me. Thanks and God bless

  35. Its good to know that there are good people on this earth who still defend God’s servants. We thank God for your testimony and may many be blessed and their faith be increased and mine too. I love prophet TB Joshua and l pray God blesses him with long life and enlarge his territory. If he was fake the devil will not care, but he is a threat to the devil’s kingdom, and l also pray my testimony comes soon. Praise the Lord who has annointed Prophet TB Joshua.

  36. God of TB Joshua I have seen that you are real please touch my life. God of love and forgiveness I am here to serve you.

  37. this is a real challenge to mie coz m also doin my o`level and m writin my final examz in November i jus pray that it also bcome fo mie a turnin point to bcme the best….

  38. Distance is never a barrier. I pray dat d God of Prophet TB Joshua dat did it 4 Emmanuel n dat Lady should also do it 4 me in Jesus’ name. Amen

  39. truely speaking the god of tb joshua is a true god his the god that set the isrealit from their bondage he;s the god of heven and earth.i brelive your testimony and that thesame god will sully come to my aid and answer my prayers in jesus name

  40. I:m be watching the emmanuel tv since 2009 i believe God of TB joshua we here my prayer.who always say distance is not a barier,
    i’m,in final year in ambrose alli university ekpoma,computer science department,am suffering in campus know funds i can hardly feed my self,now upgrading is going on i done have money to up grade my result i believe the God of TB joshua we fight for me, upgrade my result with A’+ i believe God can do it once again i want to graduate with second class upper,emmanuel a man of mentor please help me,for this predicament i know you can do it, because my father sold the last land to pay my final year school fees, i need A’+ for my first semester exams God of TB joshua will take control,once again i need God blessing because i’m suffering in campus.i reject carry over for my final year,believe God will do it Amen.
    Odia .o.joel

  41. I:m be watching the emmanuel tv since 2009 i believe God of TB joshua we here my prayer.who always say distance is not a barier,
    i’m,in final year in ambrose alli university ekpoma,computer science department,am suffering in campus know funds i can hardly feed my self,now upgrading is going on i done have money to up grade my result i believe the God of TB joshua we fight for me, upgrade my result with A’+ i believe God can do it once again i want to graduate with second class upper,emmanuel a man of mentor please help me,for this predicament i know you can do it, because my father sold the last land to pay my final year school fees, i need A’+ for my first semester exams God of TB joshua will take control,once again i need God blessing because i’m suffering in campus.i reject carry over for my final year,believe God will do it because God is good all the time in the name of jesus nothing impossible we give glory to the lord Amen.
    Odia .o.joel

  42. I:m be watching the emmanuel tv since 2009 i believe God of TB joshua we here my prayer.who always say distance is not a barier,
    i’m,in final year in ambrose alli university ekpoma,computer science department,am suffering in campus know funds i can hardly feed my self,now upgrading is going on i done have money to up grade my result i believe the God of TB joshua we fight for me, upgrade my result with A’+ i believe God can do it once again i want to graduate with second class upper,emmanuel a man of mentor please help me,for this predicament i know you can do it, because my father sold the last land to pay my final year school fees, i need A’+ for my first semester exams God of TB joshua will take control,once again i need God blessing because i’m suffering in campus.
    Odia .o.joel

  43. I want a complete change in my whole life. God is the only miracle working true God. Praise be his name. We don’t only trust him for this life but for eternity. This is our down payment.The full is yet to come.

  44. God is faithfull . He is what he said he is . There is nothing that he can not do . There is no heart that he can not change including my heart . All I want is to live for him only with my spirit, my heart and my body . Please pray for me for my spiritual breakthrough in the name of Jesus

  45. I also believe in the God of prohet T B Joshua.Man of God please pray for me so that i pass my exam this year,so that i can also qualify for university.Thank you man of God.

  46. I am a soccer player playing presently in the namibian premier league and my dream is to play one day in one of the world’s biggest soccer leagues in Europe, i humbly ask the God of Senior Prophet TB Joshua to help me and other aspiring career pursuers world wide who trust and believe in him to lead, guide and open doors for us all to live our dreams not forgetting of my family and friends in Jesus mighty name amen…..

  47. while this is owesome. May the God Tb Joshua give you the grace to live Jesus see Jesus work Jesus and shine Jesus, Amen

  48. On Fri, 17 Aug 2012 14:29:38 +0000 Distance is not a barrier wrote

    To god be the glory

    Ilike to thank god for everything that he is doing through the annoited man Profet TB Joshua, may God keep him for us and for the whole world he is changing the world indeed. I am living with HIV, but deep down my heart i know that this sickness is not going to kill me like others , i have faith and courage that God, is going to change my situation like others.


    promisecarrier posted: “The following testimony is that of a Zambian student who experienced supernatural breakthrough in his academic life after praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV and taking his advice to heart: ‘Work as if everything depends on you and pra”

  49. To God be d glory and honour in all testimonies coz it thus has a mark of proving ur works and worth to humanity being Jehovah God de Messiah.Am glad wit d reverence,again d young testifier challenge God and acclaimed her testimony by been adamant unto God dat hence,God doeth all things possible,her’s ll be settled.Depending on God is one thing,and d other is activating ur dependance on God by faith.Let God beautify us more wit His blessings so dat devil ll not mock upon our testimonies,and as we testify ur works us,let ur divine protection be upon us day in day out.And to d testifier,may keep protecting ur appointment till perpetuity.Amen

  50. Our God is a Wonderful God from darrow to a Prosper, ha! may the same God do favor on me, so that i can do well in my studies i need a diploma with distinction, am doing a diploma in Peace Building and Conflicts Transformation, So God i need a diploma with adistinction, with You God everything is possible.

  51. What a marvellous God, we have.Thank you Prophet TB Joshua for giving light to this earth and this unbelieving generation of ours. May GOD bless you for ever and ever. Praise be to the Living God. I know GOD will give the opportunity to visit the SCOAN in my life time. Please, PROPHET pray for generation, family to see more light. Emmanuel.

  52. Emmanuel,glory be to God.The God of my father prophet TB Joshua has done it again,i am happy for you,like daddy always says if God is with us who can be against us.The same grace of God that is upon you shall locate me corncerning my ACCA.

  53. praise the Lord!may the same grace fall on me in Jesus` name.i`m so inspired by the testimony that indeed God cares for our academics as well.

  54. The bible says: You will see them by their fruit (Mat 7:16).We don’t have to be told that prophet T.B. Joshua is real man of God, he is indeed a real man of God.So many families have seen light because of his ministry. May God keep on blessing T.B Joshua and give him many and many years to live.God bless T.B Joshua.
    Evangelist Patrick

  55. we thank God Almighty, He is a Loving Father, all He wants from us is 4 us 2 aknowledge Him in all things and give Him the GLORY… indid distance is not a barier

  56. How great is our GOD i love to say how great is our GOD.
    praise GOD my brother. The faithfulness of God is there for us and as the Man of GOD Prophet T B Joshua is teaching will not faith those who applied it to their life.
    May Almighty GOD bless Prophet Joshua and keep him safe for us and the world in JESUS name Amen.

  57. God of meracle,Lord of Lord i thank u for protecting me and given me through my WASSE Exams,the result is in but thorough the faith i have in you my father Jesus u will still help me to write my NOV/DEC EXAMS and give me the result i am looking forward for.In christ jesus that i pray.AMEN.

  58. We thank God for you brother Emmanuel for your testimony. Your courage is exemplery and God of T B Joshua vindicated you. Many “men of God” in our country say a lot of negative things about the senior prophet T B Joshua for no apperent reason. Yet prophet T B Joshua never says anything bad about anyone! I too watch Emmanuel TV and because of his messeges, my life is not the same any more. Recently, I recieved anointing water and after administering it, I am waiting upon the LORD to give me a permanent job. I lost my previous job under very strange circumstances. When I get the new job, I will testify IN MY LOCAL CHURCH about the faithfullness of the God of T B Joshua. Remember, “better is not good enough. The best is yet to come, in Jesus’ name”. Amen….

  59. We thank God for you brother Emmanuel for your testimony. Your courage is exemplery and God of T B Joshua vindicated you. Many “men of God” in our country say a lot of negative things about the senior prophet T B Joshua for no apperent reason. Yet never says anything bad about anyone! I too watch Emmanuel TV and because of his messeges, my life is not the same. Recently, I recently recieved anointing water and after administering it, I am waiting the LORD to give me a permanent job. When I get the job, I will testify IN MY CHURCH about the faithfullness of the God of T B Joshua. “Better is not good enough. The best is yet to come, in Jesus’ name”. Amen….

  60. As long as I believ dat JESUS die on d cross to pay for my sin n resurectet,n i believ in prophet tb Joshua, I will hav my own testmony soon in jesus name, Amen.

  61. Emmanuel! God is always with his people. thank you Jesus for our brother’s testimony. I know it shall be well to all who dwell in the Lord. I believe distance is a barrier and it shall be well with me in my academics in Jesus’ name Amen.

  62. Indeed distance is not a barrier and God hears our prayers ,as it has happened to my brother so let is be also unto me

  63. That is awesome,in deed our God is a miracle working God.He has changed a desert to become sea because He’s able and willing to meet our needs when we ask Him.Thank you Jesus.

  64. Our God is good all the time and i tanked my papa Senior Prophet TB JOSHUA for his work around over the whole nation .May the lord bless him and protetected his family in the name of Jesus

  65. Iam struggling with second class pls God of T.B Joshua help me to move to first class.distance is mot a barrier, Emmanuel!

  66. What a wonderful God we worship! Really Supernatural miracle! Do you know why some people don’t accept prophet TB Joshua as prophet? I understand 2 reasons, one is that the enemy is doing this, the second is that God is working in Prophet TB Joshua differently, in unusual ways. Congradulation Emmanuel!

  67. i am one of the people saying all type of bad things aganist the man of God senior prophet tb joshua becuse i heard others saying it, but one day i decided to visit synagogue churchu of all nations and that is my first time of being in lagos since i was born, so when i came here i saw by my self the real power of the almithy God working in synagogue so i decided to advice my fellow brothers and sisters pleace dnt say again what you didnt know about some one cus it migth be dengerous to us and i am saying today that senior prophet tb Joshua is real man of God and i will always saver his God and i belive that his God wil see me trow 4rm all the problems i am passing trow and also deliver me and my family in JESUS miraclues name i pray amen.

  68. Amen. Brother, i realy thank God for your success and i’m realy happy for u. Indeed u’ve just given to me, a great faith, though i’m still struggling to get into school, i’l continue praying with prophet T.B. Joshua as if all depends on God and i’ll study as if it all depends on me.

  69. In jesus name I believe that same God and the same Grace that made it possible for him and her to pass and graduate with distinctions will also make it for me.AMEN!

  70. God is good all the time,i’d like God to give me wisdom,and I know it will come to pass,in Jesus Mighty name,Amen

  71. Gwendoline Mogale: ” If they are with us, then they are for us but if they are not with us,then they are not for us”
    “We Love You God’s General, Long Live Prophet, Long Live”
    Children of God it will only take the Spirit of God “Holy Spirit” to reveal who His truely called servants are, let us be grateful for being convicted by God’s power to realise who this our Prophet T B Joshua is, remember that even in those days when our Lord Jesus was still physically on earth, people rejected Him,to me all these rejections about my Prophet qualifies him more to be true servant of God. I see can only see the likelihood of my Saviour our Lord Jesus Christ. Prophet T B Joshua has full resemblences of Christ

  72. Glory be to God, i believe everything is possible with our loving God,my brother Emmanuel never lost hope because people are saying bad things against Prophet TB Joshua, instead, he became Bold,had The Holy Spirit guide him and talk on his behalf,continued believing and he achieved the best,we need this kind of inspiration in our daily lives. Glory be to God, be blessed and stay in touch with your God. Amen!

  73. O God of TB Joshua may you name be glorified I thank you for this testimony for I too am believing a break through in my life. I too pray along with your man servant TB Joshua. The grace that is upon this channel I tap it and I believe am sharing testimony in Jesus’s name. May God continue using this man to bring many to God. May God bless you Emmanuel Phiri for sharing with us you testimony it has surely helped increase to my faith and its encouraging that someone from my country has experience the touch of God through Emmanuel TV gives me hope.
    God bless TB Joshua the more and expand his Ministry until the enemy is put in his place hell.

  74. Thank you Jesus you’ve done it again. Wow! my brother I’m speechless. If only people knew what God is able to do there would be less trouble in this world. Congratulations!!!!!! Praise be to God Almighty.

  75. Glory be to God for this wonderful testimony.My faith has been lifted up. God who has done it for Emmanuel Phiri will also do it for me in Jesus name.

  76. God is good….I Thank God for bringing another prophet Elijah to africa..U r mightily blessed.. May God continue to use u to help us….Pls pray for my mother who is very sick nd has being going on & off to hospitals, its like hospital is her second home. I believe God of Prophet TB Joshua can heal her. Distance is not a barrier, Pray for my Mother man Of God nd I will come back here nd testify to his goodness.

  77. My God is an awesome God. Impossibility specialist. There is nothing too hard for Him to do. Thank you, Jesus. I’m trusting you for a job soon.

  78. My is esut I wl never v any carryover in my nine courses til I grauate frm esut.d lecturers I wl never sort any of them cz I v sorted u lord

  79. God is the same, yesterday, today and forever. as i believe in God for this testimony, mine is not far away from me in Jesus name,Amen.

  80. Does it mean that U only realised the God’s powers because u prayed to him saying
    “the God of T.B Joshua”
    why can’t oneself just pray without mentioning anyone’s name

    • Just like people are still praying through the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,they can pray through the God of TB Joshua.

  81. I am inspired by this testimony and believe that what God of Prophet Elijah has done for this student,will do for me in my barrenness situation.Amen

  82. Oh what a God we serve and what grace has been bestowed on us who serve and worship Jesus Christ. God bless you my brother 4 sharing an inspiring testimony. My the God of our father TB Joshua also remember my brother who is not feeling well and grant us as a family a miraculous breakthrough from the struggles emanating from a poligamous family setup.

  83. I was happy for that testimoy I give God the glory what inspire me about the testimony is that he did not follow the multitude to do evil by accepting what the lecturer are saying about the prophets this means that you are link with God.any body that is not link with God will be souring information around that is exactly what happen to your lecturer. To me all of my family including my friend know that the only prophet I loved most is prophet T.B Joshua. With the love I had for him made my. Wife who don’t love him started loving him. My family watch emmanuel tv at least eighteen hours in a day .this was possible when my wife see changes in my character and the way I love her when putting the prophet message in action. If everybody hate the prophet I will love him because he practice what he preached and also am link with God. One with God is more than majority

  84. What a wonderful testimony. God indeed like us to take a stand 4 the truth like Shadrack n his friend. God of TB Joshua help my son Livhu to master Maths Biology n Phycis n the grace to study. He is in Grade 10 in Jesus name

  85. Thank you HEAVENLY GOD for all you have done and thank you for bringing another messiah in our time to make the truth known to us, may you continue to bless Senior Prophet TB JOSHUA and give him more grace to do more of your work and thank you for seen your son through school, may your name be praise forever and ever… AMEN.

  86. God is great, through Jeremiah 29 vs 11-14 33vs 3. This testimony encourange me 2 hold unto him, I will depend 2 him as nothing is imposible ti God, thanx a lot for this testimony may our Father in Heaven be with you forever Amen

  87. Praise be to God of TB Joshua. l thank u brother for remaining steadfast in yr faith in the prophet of GOD when all yr class were ridiculing him. l also do the same where pple talk evil of the man of GOD

  88. I’m looking forward to that testmony wen the all world hear mine God of prophet tb joshua never fails if this foxs are getting miracles surely it wil happen also to me in jesus Name believe. God is not a son of man dat he should repent

  89. really I affiliate To God of tbJoshua.I would like 2 become pastor.I have 2 take a deploma course be4 I become that.God help me achieve my carrier.amen

  90. Today God made me speechless with this testimony. He did it for you and He wil do it for me also. I trust God for a turn-around in all areas of my life. Glory be to Almighty. Amen.

  91. Put GOD first in anything you do, secondly be very serious with what you do. Then the glory of GOD is with you already. Dont forget to pray, because prayer is the key to every persons success..
    I thank GOD for him. With work the very day he left school.

  92. God of TB Joshua is powerful,merciful,glorious and full of goodness il mke sure ipray like never bfor from now all problems re gone in Jesus name u did dis to all yo children who believed n today ipray dat yo wil b done in my life too in Jesus name

  93. I thank God 4 his grace and love upon his son TB JOSHUA. I pray dat 4rm d testimony of others God will perfect my own 4 me. May d lord continue 2 b ur strength. Luv u!

  94. Thank you Jesus I believe the God of TB Joshua would also see my son through his first year of study until he complete in Jesus name

  95. what a wonderful God.i don’t know why people fight God by mocking his of God pray please pray for me.i need to testify,so that people around me will see there is God.a word is enough man of God.

  96. greater of greatest ,holier of holiest ,mightier of mightiest received of all the praise JESUS for my family ,friends all over the world we love u DAddy nobody else deserve to be glorified

  97. God you are indeed a great God ,,,your miracle is unmeasurable for those who believe in you without doubt,,and l am so glad to hear this testimonies and l believe mine is on the way soon,, my Daddy in the lord pastor Tb Joshua God is indeed in you Daddy carry go l am far but my strong believe will bring my own miracle at my door step and l am hoping to share a greater testimonies of what God will do for me soon ,,that we transform not even an unbelievers in Christianity also other unbelievers in different religions across the globe..

  98. I believe in God Tb Joshua not today. Brother i thank God almighty for you and that a standard for life pls. God of Tb Joshua wil always do what he said he will as i believed he is doing in my life too. To him be all glory amen

  99. Emmauel God is wt us! I blv in him and i kno,i wl testify his glorious in my life.I BLV GOD WL SEE ME THROUG IN MY FINAL YEAR WHICH WL END UP BY SEPT THIS YEAR..EMMAUNEL IS WIT US.

  100. Am greatly inspired and encouraged by this great testimony! My faith’s automatically catapulted to a higher level whenever i read or hear such tremendious testimonies! Thank you so much Prophet T.B Joshua for allowing God to use you to liberate mankind and humanity from the grip and boundage of satan!

  101. Praise master jesus he that began a good work is faithful and just to accomplish it. The God of Tb Joshua that did for u will do for me and my family in jesus name amen

  102. Glory am really inspired by this testimony, am having similie problem and i beleive my case is settle. Thanks to emmanuel tv and prophet T.b joshua my God almighty continue to give you the words wisdom to inspire us.

  103. Let the grace and mercy of God that is upon you be permernent, and i desir for such grace nd mercy upon my life for i believe that God will also do it for me. Thank you Jesus for my life and for the life of believers all over the world and thank u for the gift of pastor Tb Joshua and Emmanuel.

  104. We thank u sir for the testimony u have shared with us.i have been inspired. Iam realy waiting for my miracle to happen this year.iam writting my O LEVEL This yr and iam realy praying that JESUS The lord of the real man of GOD my Prophet TB Joshua will grant me with 10As and 15 points at A LEVEL.for the bible says ask u shall be given and also all things are possible in JESUS NAME.Prophet pray 4 me i need to be a doctor in future.amen….keep on doing this great job to us young people and may thd dear lord bless u.amen!from ZIMBABWE.

  105. The testimony is a very touching one i am inspired and encouraged. My time has now come. God is doing something in my life i am also going to be delivered from evil spirits and the very same situation of Emmanuel Phiri, i am in my 2nd year at Bible University. Please man of God continue praying for me. God is real and TB joshua is indeed a real man of God. God bless TB Joshua,his ministry and all wisemen in Jesus name.

  106. Wow…am deeply inspired!i believe De God of TB JOSHUA wil do such for….jst failed de june zambia institute of charterd accountant’s exams,but wit dis testimony i cn BOLDLY say cam december…ha…. I wil pray knwing dat all depends on God & study as if all depends on me……amen

  107. Thank God 4 this wonderful thing in ur life. I Pray that l will get job soon 2 give ma been two year after school without bt l know is well in Jesus name.AMEN.

    • i thank the lord almight for giving us our man of God TB Joshua i felt relived when i watched the sun 19/8/12 he preach about complaining about how long will i stay in this life of trial,rejection,poverty to an extent of failing to pay education for my kids,rentals,no job for both me and my hubby am feed with the word and i believe all is well

  108. Indeed our God is awesome..everything is possible with is my desire to give such a testimony one God be the glory.

  109. I thank God of prophet TB Joshua for helping emmanuel pass his exams. I started watching emmanuel tv in 2008 and i hav been following up a student in hospitality management and am in my third year and my fellow students talk ill about the man of God and it does not bother me because i know that they do not know what they are doing. Last year december i wrote my second year exams and used to pray and spray the annointing water for each paper i wrote and to the glory of God,when the results came out,i passed all the 12 subjects. Iam completing this year and i know that the God of prohet TB Joshua will do it for.By next year, i will be the one to testify,Emmanuel.

  110. With God all things are possible.The God of T B Joshua is a convant keeping God.No matter what the devils agents may say about him,I for 1 believe he is a servant of God,his love for people from all walks of life is just awesome and touching.May he live long.All honour and glory to our Lord.Am next to testify.Emmanuel!

  111. If only u believe unto him all things would b possible.he was the God of david ,Moses and T B joshua even me.I love u master

  112. I’m totally overwhelmed with these inspirations. I pray that ,the Almighty God will do the same thing for me in my academic work as I study to pass my semister exams and licencia exam.Because God is no respecter person,I believe He will do it for me. I will continue to pray as if all depend on God and continue to study as if all depend me.Amen!!!

  113. God of Prophet T.B Joshua dat has done dis for u will also give me addmission into university (UNIBEN nd AAUA) to study Political Science in Jesus name. Amen

  114. God is a faithful God. T B Joshua is my mentor even though i have not met him one on one. His teachings i hear from Emmanuel TV are sufficient to set me on the path of life. Am praying for the day i will meet him face to face. Emmanuel! God with us.

  115. Iwould like to give glory to God,n man of God pliz am ayoung lady aged 27 n am looking 4 annointing water,the doctor say am HIV possive but 4 me its like ajoke coz idont knw where iget this…

  116. Lord Jesus of TB Joshua, i salute you . You are a caring, hearing father, i believe in what you are doing to me through man of God prophet TB joshua and Emmanuel TV, deliverence from evil spirits is taking place in my life and i also believe that i am going to be delivered from demons that are causing me not to be doing well in class since i am at bible university and in my 2nd year. I also know that one day it will be my turn to give a testimony as my friend has done in Jesus name.

  117. Glory be to God.i also thank God for my family and what He has been doing for also receiving such miralce in my life and i hope by da tyme i complete school i will come out with my testimony

  118. I need this to happen to me things are worsely in all parts of my life, i need God of T.B to restore,bles me. I know with him everything is possible, can T.B Joshua help with annointing water for the family please!

  119. Hello people of God, i want 2 thank God, for the life his giving me and the good things around me, i would want ask the man God 2 put me in prayers i have so many responsibilities, looking after children who hv no parets and i don’t work im trying by al means 2 find employment to no avale, please man of God need your help, may the good lord bless u.

  120. Please help me man of God with prayers i am studying boilermaking first year what i want is only to pass my course.

  121. Glory be to the name of the lord God almighty forever.My soul is waiting for you o lord that you may do it again in my life as well, in the mighty name of your pracious son Jesus Christ!

  122. Anyone who still doubts prophet TB JOSHUA as a real prophet from above,is still in the dark about the things of God. Every evidence is there! Jesus Christ of Nazareth is alive in TB JOSHUA. may God be with you all,in Jesus Christ Name.

  123. He is a real man of God I also believe that distance is not a barrier because I’m also a commerce degree graduate but experiencing setbacks in my career,my finances and my business all people who join the organization after me the get promotions and go up to higher levels after I trained them they get high bonuses but I believe one day my deliverance will come to pass I applied for better positions but all in vain. After reading this testimony my faith is lifted. God bless you Emma and more than He did. God of prophet TB Joshua is the same God of Abraham,Isaac, Shadrack and Abednigo our all mighty God

  124. Am not surprise bcouse i know the God of TB Joshua is able. Please God do same for me by granting me admission to further my education and course me to come out best just as you did it him, as i pray along with your prophet TB Joshua on EmmanuelTv. I decide this day to work as if it all depends on me and pray as if it all depends on God and i know yoy will never disaponit me. “Emmanuel God with us, for if God be for me no one can be agaist me. I know my position right now is not good enough for the best is yet to happen in my life. THANK YOU JESUS!


  126. pls also help me to pray im doing my first year at University of South Africa and im havind difficulty studying i can read the whole book but dont understand anything i just read pls i need God’s divine intervention my first assignment is due next week but i dont know anything. From Nokuthula Mtshali, South Africa

  127. I pray that the same annointing be upon my life,the same grace that made my brethren be the 1st, be upon my life in Jesus name. Glory to God.

  128. I gonna thank the God of TB Joshua well in advance for I forsee my miracle in no time,my faith is telling me that very soon I will testify the goodness of God in my life. I have been praying for healing and breakthrough for all my family members and I have a strong believe that whatever I have been praying shall come to pass.

  129. Amen 2 tht my bro, I stand unshamefully 2 proclaim the hand of th lord. What has he done 4 me. O what is nided is pray, faith n believ in God. At som point in i nva had a shoe on my feet, i nva thot ill graduate my high sku bt i dd. 3 wiks b4 my grade 12 examination i ws chanced frm th house i spent my time in the bush. I remember some man wanted 2 rape me. Luck enough i escaped. Aftr writin my exams my untie got me. Nw am in college doin my final year in education. I thank God 4 evrythng.

  130. glory to Jesus, what a grate testimony by faith am coming to testify the lords goodness in my life. if my God can do for others he can as well to it for me even more. my miracle shall come to pass in Jesus Name. Amen

  131. “The Gods are come down to us in the likeness of men”prophet TBJ is real.his God is alive.believe it.Nigeria is lucky to have such a rare figure.Thank you Jesus,Emmanuel!!

  132. God can turn anything around for those who believe in him.He owns the world and all that dwells therein.What a wonderful testimony.May God’s name forever be praised.

  133. I’m amazed,God is the same yesterday today and forever.
    Thank u so much prophet T.B joshua for allowing God to use you mightilly 2 set us free from any kind of bondage.

  134. Am humble and blessed by testimony. Iam actually seeing a breakdown in mY carrier as it has been difficult to get promoted. Every time I make submission my papers just go missing. Finding a man to married have proved to be impossible. Having read this testimony I know that my breakthrough has come.

  135. emmanuel,God who specialises in impossibilities &turning them into possibilities they is nothing 2 hard with da Lord God.

  136. The lord our God is not a fake one,he says it and surely he does it. How splendid is his miracles. We ought to trust him like never before, he deserves our worship,Amen.

  137. Lord have mercy open going through alot of problems in my facing rejection,hardship,fairlure in progress,disapointment ad poverty.

  138. It’s awesome. I thank the God of TB Joshua for the many mirracles being experienced by His people. Glory be to God!

  139. All things are posible with GOD as long as you believe. Congratulations my brother, keep up with the same spirit. To GOD be the Glory Amen!

  140. I give God the glory for this wonderful testimony. God, Who did it for you, will also do it for all of us in our respective situations, in Jesus’ name! Amen…!
    God bless you, my fellow brother! We wish you the best in your teaching profession!

  141. Dis testimony has really inspire ♍€.  really tank God 4 using d man of God prophet T.B Joshua 2 safe ma lives.  pray dat ma own testimony should come in no time in Jesus Name. AMEN!

  142. it takes a man of faith to believe…pray in faith and miracles become inevitable in your life…#teamGodofTBJoshua

  143. Oh glory with God all thingz are po$$ible! God haz planz to pro$per uz not to harm u$, Glory and honour be unto the ancient of Dayz!

  144. hey my brother glory be to God in heaven he is a miraculous God,a loving God..where can we go from his presents?No Where…better is not good enough the best is yet to Come.

  145. To God be the glory i pray that God comes through to my point of need,am a student of accounts but currently looking for a job so that i can raise some money so that i continue with my eduacation cause finance has been a challege i want the God of TB Joshua to do it for cause i have applied to some organisations for employment but no response i want God to answer me i looking for employment.

  146. God is truly a miracle worker.I am studying at the same university as a mature student.May the God of Prophet TB Joshua give me direction and desire to perform wonders in my studies,Amen.

  147. Glory be to God! Senior Prophet TB Joshua is a true Man of God nd da grace of God is upon him in a mighty way! I believe that my case is settled in all arears of my life and destiny… God of TB Joshua move me and my family from glory to glory, in Jesus Name!

  148. Yea! I believe it!!! I heard a lot of skeptics, but I don’t believe them. I believe in the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua!!!!! And His power!!!!!!! Pray also for me too!!!!!!!I am a student at Cavendish University, in Lusaka!!!!!!! Please pray for me to pull ahead in grades and graduate with honors with a Masters Degree in Public Health!!!!!!! Thank You Jesus!!!!!!! Thank you God of Prophet T.B. Joshua!!!!!!!

  149. praise be unto the true living GOD…i also pray that my children excell at school by ‘studying as if it depends on them and at the sametime pray as if all depends on GOD’

  150. Whateva is not possible with man with God it is possible.With faith it can also be done for u,just believe ‘distance is not a barrier’ Glory be to God the almighty!

  151. Our God never faileth. He is d same God of yesterday,today and forever more. may His name be lifted above every other name. Amen.

  152. Glory be to God…I’m waiting for my miracle.I also want to study next year…please pray for me MOG!!God bless!!

  153. Wow! U just made me realise hw important it is to nt gve up n wrk like everythng is up to me. Ive been praying n asking God to get a job bt i just realised i hvnt done it right. May the God of TB Joshua n the very same God tht helped u see me thru as well. Im blessed!

  154. Am encouraged. Am adopting the same, am studying Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountant-ZICA.Am remaining with one paper (Strategic Financial Management) to finish the whole programme, so that i can become a Chartered Accountant. I have failed this paper four times; I could have completed the course two years ago. I will be sitting for this paper in December 2012 and i will also start praying as if it all depends on God and study as if it all depends on me. Additionally, I will also pray along with T.B Joshua on Emmanuel TV believing that distance is not a barrier. I can’t wait to testify in December 2012. Right now am praying and fasting and believing God to finish this course and I will start on serious studies. I want to get the first class results this December. Tb Joshua is my role model; he is so humble and gentle, I love him. He is a real man of God.

  155. GOD is a great and merciful GOD and by HIM actions are weighed! The book of Samuel!! This testimony had a strange effect on me while reading it. Tears almost came out reading how this child of GOD stood up for his prophet, just like David stood up for Israel before Goliath! GOD is truly no respecter of persons. To HIM alone be all the glory. I too will graduate the top of my class when i get back to school. It’s been twenty years since I graduated from high school and university has been such an uphill for me to even graduate. One roadblock to another. But I trust GOD!!

  156. Thanks to the almighty God for choosing PROPHET TB JOSHUA to deliver his people from the bondage of satan.Since I started watching Emanuel TV, my life is more organised,no more fear ,I’ve learnt to trust in GOD and believe that its only through JESUS that we can be saved.May the glory of GOD reign forever in our hearts , he is awsome.

    • Am so grateful to see what the Lord is doing to His children. I love God with all my heart and I believe He will do the same for me in my life. Prophet T B Joshua man of God I have an ailing boy. 8 years diagosed with diabetes I ask you to pray with me for his healing. I believe Jesus for this miracle nd to testify to the whole world. Let your name be praised forever Jesus. Amen

  157. God of miracle, na my papa o
    God of miracle, na my papa o
    My brother, keep on believing and you see more than this. May God richly bless you.
    Prophet i will always say God bless you but please do not forget to remember me in your prayers.

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