Here is another testimony from an Emmanuel TV Viewer who received a miraculous breakthrough after calling the Emmanuel TV Prayer Line and praying with one of the prayer-warriors. Remember, someone needs your testimony to help them get out of their desperate setback!

“Greetings in Jesus’ name! My testimony goes like this: on 3 December 2011, I was watching Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV and decided to phone the prayer line so that they could pray for me. I was facing a lot of problems at work, setback in life, disappointment and failure. At work, I was looked down upon. Even my juniors were more highly rated than me yet I was the one who trained them. I was even told to report to them. I was demoted and nearly fired from work on several occasion, for no just reason. It was a very tough situation.

“The SCOAN Evangelist prayed for me and said she is waiting for my testimony. The events that followed were amazing! About two weeks later on 15 December 2011 at 9pm, I received a call from the Human Resources Manager saying he was to write my letter of promotion the following day. On 16 December 2011 the Deputy General Manager phoned and said I should report to the Head Office. To the glory of God, I was promoted to the position of Acting Estate Manager on a farm which is 10,000 hectares in size. To show that God was involved, the one who wanted to fire me from work is the one who promoted me! I thank God for making a way for me and I pray God will continue to open my way, in Jesus’ name. Thank You, Jesus!”

Douglas Chitsiku

261 thoughts on “FROM DEMOTION TO PROMOTION!!!

  1. Thank you for this site, i am facing a possible demotion and termination of my employment, my superior has made a vow that i will be fired from my work. we have had differences for the past 3 years that we have worked together supposedly to be trained by her but to no avail. i believe my God of the great prophet has an answer for me and a good solution in Jesus name. i surely can not afford to lose my job as i have a 4 year old child and a pregnant wife to look after. i shame the devil of this deed in the name of Jesus and that i will write again sharing my testimony of victory.

  2. Emmmanuel, my faith is lifted up because of this testimony. and i know that soon my testimonies will be read and all over the i keep watching and trusting God for a miracle through emannuel tv and the power of God through the anointing sticker and water. Daddy i and my family we love you so much. the best in you is yet to come. Praise God for ever.

  3. What a wonderful God we have to worship. thanks mr chitsuki for your breakthrough and deliverance. Its is written, no weapon shall prevail in your life because you are a child of God.

  4. My case is the same as of this lady who trained her juniors not promoted. I trained people the are rated higher than me they get rewards, some are promoted to management positions some I’m reporting to them some were promoted to be on the same rank with me I have degree in commerce, hard worker when I try to open my own business it fails. I have many debts I can’t leave that job now.I ask your prayers and word of prophecy upon my life and my childrens life and my mother, my sister and my brother. I am a breadwinner from my family please pray for me.

  5. my name is ricky masule, i got my self fired last week thursday, and today i was in court for a case which was for 2010 24 january. the case went well today becouse instead of me paying a large bail fee the prosecutor and teh magestrate assisted me and only payed a $1000, i thank god for that. I have massed up so much in my life, i over drink as soon as i have money, i dont have hate in my life becouse i over give people all my money and even my clthes at times. i need helpto get get back my job and to stop my drinking.

  6. Pls man of God help us, i am from the farmily of 10, and most of us re doing business, i dnt know, our busines re going down, promise nd fail every where i look for work, pls man of God pray for us, because i no with God all things re posible

  7. I have always problems in my job. In any job I go, I can work for the at most 2 to 3 years and then I am laid off for no valid reason. Lastly I was in a good job but I was laid off in Oct 2011. From that time, almost for 9 months, I am jobless and I am really vexed about my life. Kindly request you to pray that God may be give me a good job and in a good position. I have prayed along with Bro. TBJoshua and I believe that God is going to work for me.

    Please pray for me. Thank you.

  8. Faith pays good results, in Jesus Christ’s name l wish you success in your new position and continue serving GOD with faith and obidience.

  9. Thank u Jesus for healing and standing by your people I believe one day I will be one of those people sharing testimonies thank u TB Joshua u a doing a great Job may God continue blessing u in Jesus name

  10. hi

    thanx for sharing your testimony, God is the same yesterday, today and forever, he always keep his promises, to him be the glory, Amen

  11. Glory be to God for using this great man of God to touch people’s lives, i also pray for promotion to prosperity from my present status.

  12. Emmanuel, God is with us, Where can we go from his presence.
    please pray for me too man of God i need a better job too.

  13. We appreciate the mighty works of our king Jesus.He never changes and He knows our desires.You are highly exalted our Father.

  14. Glory to God! this is God working! It is no different from what I and my siblings are experiencing, but I am not moved by what I see. The Almighty God is packaging our breakthrough.Confidence in God is not arrogance!Soon I shall be celebrated. Emmanuel!

  15. Prophet of God i greet u all in jesus name pls i need ur prayrs any way i go is always failure and disapointment pls prayer 4me

  16. To God Almighty be the Glory, am going thru a similar siutation and I now thank the Lord our God and this brother for the testimony coz it has lifting higher my faith and I also believe my case will not escape His notice and I will shortly be back with a testimony and the devil will flee with shame! Emmanuel.

  17. This testimony has really lifted my spirit has iam going through the same things at the place of work and in believe that the same God who performed wonders in the life of my dear brother shall avenge my adversities and put them to shame,Emmanuel!!!

  18. We save a Living God, a Great Judge. He gives justice on everything even in our workplaces. Thank you Jesus Christ for everything in my life. Me and my family we praise you Lord and give you Honour. Amen

  19. le formulaire que vous m’avez envoyé a disparu de ma boite, prière de m’envoyer un autre, soyez beni

  20. je suis actuèllement au benin,à cotonou, je vous suplie de bien vouloir me dire comment je peux me procurer l’anointing water à cotonou, aidez-moi au nom de Jesus .merci d’avance

  21. Thank you Jesus,God’s time is the best.Just as he has done it for you,he will do it for us.To everyone who wants the same miracle,fix your eyes on Jesus the author and finisher of our faith(hebrews 12v2)

  22. Glory be to God we really need in our life so that he can help us thank you for your blessing God will continue giving you more praise be master Jesus

  23. Emmanuel,our God is a wonderful God even in the darkest moment he stil cares about us,i really want to thank him for being there for us even in difficult situation,he answers to our prayers

  24. Emmanuel!i have been 9years in one position without being promoted my juniors just jump me,help me man of god in jesus name,have qualifications that i enroll myself.

  25. Man of god can u pls pray wit me 2 finaly reech my green pastures.a job dat i’v bin prayin curently workin as a cashier at anoda shop & is 4yrs askin a job dat i wil b able 2 look after my parent,siblins & famly.wit god in my lyf i no im finaly blesed through u man of god TB JOSHUA.AMEN.

  26. Man of god can u pls pray wit me 2 finaly reach my green pastures job.i’v made so many aplication & i bliv wit ur prayers i’l reach my destination.i’m curently workin at a shop as a cashier bt my wage is not enough 4 a lyftym..i’l kip on knockin i no 1 of da gud dayz god wil open ways 4me.AMEN

  27. Our he is an owesome God,we raised from heaven above.he is the greatest man in the universe ,he is not just God he is our father,provideq,redeemer,and deliver,praise the Lord!

  28. H alleluia! God is Mighty. I am happy for you and I pray that my situation will definitely change to the glory of God.



  30. Emmanuel,

    Glory be to God.Jesus have been through all these pains we are going through.That’s why he died for our sins.He said we shud keep on asking and praying and we will receive in his name as long as we believe.Lets join together in prayer and remove all the powers of darkness against our destiny in the name of Jesus.


    • Haleluja! Indeed we are serving the living god,i thank god for blessing him with promotion and i cover his testimony with the blood of Jesus and this situation is just the same like as mine but i know if god has bless him he can do for me in Jesus name Emmanuel.

  31. God loves us all no matter what.i just want god of tbjoshua to see me through,since i am facing lots of disappointments,setbacks and financial crisis.

  32. Glory be to God,I am currently in a tough situation I a have been diagnosed with cervix cancer 3 weeks now I have been trying to book with SA hospitals they are fully booked all that I need is your prayers to heal me in jesus name.please Man of God help me overcome this I am living in a toucher I knw that with God everything is possible I love God!!

  33. Pls prophet of God pray for me i started work since 2007 till now nothing to right home about no sevices no achivement,when i recive my salary before i know it the will got finished wit out achiving on single thing no promotion dserpointment every were, pls man of delver me from this set back and diserpointment i wnt to move foward.i knw that we use to change the story of my family ELIKE’s family in jesus Name .Amen. From kingsley okechukwu Elike. Porthacourt Nigeria.

  34. I have the same problem I trained people after that they paid more than me at the moment I’m not working they just terminate my contract without a reason please man of God pray for me

  35. Emmanuel. I praise the Lord in the life of Mr Chitsiku. I visited Scoan in December 2011 for the new years eve after selling my property. I have tried to set up a business soon after, up to now nothing appear to be moving. I know God’s time is the best. Please I need your prayers. I know the devil is a liar. Emmanual

  36. To God be the glory. Father, I worship you for who you are,I always give thanks to the God of Sr.Prophet TB Joshua our God because He is able to handle all situation and i belive my testimony is on my door step. thank you Jesus for the testimony

  37. I praise god whaao this is my testimony I’m the next testifying same promotion its hear on earth but it is already taking please in heaven. Amen

  38. Emmanuel. I praise the Lord in the life of Mr Chitsiku.I visited Scoan in December 2011 for the new years eve after selling my property.I have tried to set up a business soon after up now nothing appear to be moving.I know God’s time is best.Please I meed your prayers.I know devil is a liar. Emmanual

  39. any kind of disappointment shall be turned into an appointment with God and any weapon of the darkeness against us shall hit us as a blessing from the blesser

  40. God sees hope in a hopelessness situation, He has a way where there seems to be no way. We thank you Lord for your mercy and favour.

  41. pls man of God i ned ur help concerning my life,i’m totally confused abt my r/ship.i want kn if he is really my right man i don’t want 2 made a mistake in my marriage life and i luv him so much.pls pray 4 me and him too

  42. Waoooh! I am so happy for dat brother. I thank God for sending Prophet T.B. Joshua to my generation. As declared by T.B. Joshua on 25/6/12 service “my career“ is walking. When i prayed with him on d television i believe my career has been taken to d next level. Praise master Jesus.

  43. I pray that the God I serve will also answer my request one day and I shall give testimony. Thank to Prophet TB Joshua and his crew and may God continue blessing you all.

  44. My Faith is highly lifted up n I believe at Gods own time , I will experience almost same Break-through in Life. I need Gods opinion concerning my Situation . I have worked for 12 years with nothing to show rather I am accused n will not be believed any more., I need prayers Man of God.

  45. Wow this is awesome.Thank u for the testimony im going thru a similar situation. Our God always a way out for us. Thank u so much im encouraged.

  46. i thank d lord almight 4 his mysterious and miraculous ways of doing things. I pray dat mine is d next in line.

  47. I’ve read da testimony of brother Douglas and i thank God for that,sometimes you feel like God is neglecting you but he is not he just wants to show miraculous signs upon ur life so that you can be a testimony to others.Glory be to God,Emmanuel.

  48. I want the man of God to pray for me,i went to hospital for test last year as a result of regular back and abdominal pain the result of the test said that i hav kidney infection which i know is one of the affliction of the devil that the man of God(TB JOSHUA) is been anointed to heal in d name of Jesus christ & i belive in the name of Jesus christ the lord i will be heal at the prayer of the man of God(A MEN)EMMANUEL ¡ GODwith us.

  49. awl , we thank God for what he’s using and prophet t.b.joshua to do in out daily lives … my testimony will follow very soon…. praise the lord

  50. The lord is good, all the time. He will make a way where there seems to be no way, just reading the testimonies my faith is lifted up more and more

  51. What a testmony praise God. Can you please pray 4 me prayer worriors l ned a job lm find difficult 2 fed my family,pay my rents thank you in advance

  52. I need Emmanuel Prayer Warrior to pray for me so that my career as well as my whole life will be a success. In Jesus’s name

  53. In jesus name l also want promotion this god is a living god people are recieving blessings daily,thank you jesus!!!!!!

  54. I thank d almighty God for using Prophet T B Joshua nd d Wise men in Delivering a lot of pple.i believe God dat one day my testimony will b d best.

  55. Praise be to God! I glorify and thanks the almight God because I know healing is on its way for my mother in Jesus’ name. There is nothing th God can not do.
    My enemies shall be ashamed…because I serve a living God.

    Alice CMS



  58. Man of God this story is same with me i have being praying going from mountain to mountain from prophet to prophet nothing is forth coming all promises from those i went to met plus prophecy they give nothing come out, disappointment setback in all i do sickness everyday i have already give up but this testimony i think i still have hope in life if i did not die,now senior worker i mean technician to junior i am mentor to the about twenty workers in my unit those that are receiving traing under me now become my boss i am being down graded till now i am still the one that tell fault fix it but they will be the one to write on their pmp at the end of the years, is there any hope for because i will call the prayer line my phone not be picked please man of God you are my last hope please help me out

  59. the lord is so just and wonderful. I was lied against, arrested and imprisoned for 30 mins however, after two hearings in the court, the lord intervened and i was aquitted. This hapened after i sent my prayer request thru distance is not a barrier. Praise be to the lord. However i had already lost my job and thus stil pray that the lord will make a better solution for my life. Amen.

  60. Im real touched im facing de same problem since 2010 im fired 4rom pls prophet TB Joshua and ure prayer team pray 4 me 1day iwant 2 share de testimony

  61. I thank God for Prohpet T B Joshua, the wise men, the emmanuel tv crew & all the workers of scoan ministry.I thank God for this wonderful testimony and i pray that one day i will also be a testifer.

  62. Emmanuel! All the Glory be to God, indeed He is a consuming fire and a prayer answering Jehovah, The I am Who I am.Nothing is impossible with God. Emmanuel

  63. E-m-m-a-n-u-e-l ! God is the same yesterday , today, tomorrow & forever!
    I prayed this morning concerning my family troubles, generational curses. I know & of the belief that Lord Jesus will do it for me. Await my testimony in Jesus name!

  64. Am so encouraged with this testmony,glory be to God!pliz pray olso for me as am passing through similar situations.

  65. Thank God almight 4 what he has done 4 u my brother your situation is simillar of my husband at work its my prayer that the same God that deliverd u wil deliver my husband so we can live a happy life in jesus’s name.

  66. I believed the lord of TB Joshua will speak into my life one day,and make a way 4 me where there seems 2 b no way.i cant wait 2 share my testimony 4 d whole world

  67. Are lord is good all the tym, thank u Jesus for making the impossible possible. In Jesus Christ name we pray.

  68. Thank you Douglas for your testimony. this has really blessed me as it is the same thing happening to me. Glory to be the Almighty God…..

    • What a wonderful saviour Jesus Christ our Lord he loves us. Happy for my friend
      And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus

  69. Glory be to God who lays a table infront of your enemies that ye may feast. I trust that my testemony is busy unleashing itself in Jesus’ name!

  70. God is alive in scoan,and God strategical positioned emmanuel Tv partners as hi outreach to world at large,I say emmanuel again and again,the lord who has done will do it for me now in jesus name.and to all crew in scoan,emmanueltv,and workers I wish u heven at last amen!

  71. Emmanuel! glory be to God. i thank God for the life of Prophet TB Joshua nd his ministry at large. i am expecting my miracles very soon. amen!

  72. Always our GOD is good, Holy spirit walk through to any one who need your mercy and favour. In Jesus name. Amen

  73. When Jesus say yes no one can say no. He is the Alpha and Omega,the beginning and the end. Praise the Lord. Emmanuel.

  74. The God of t b joshua whom i serve he wil make away for me .you satan ,demon with your agents like it or not ,one day me to i have to give a testmony to glorify the name of the lord no matters what iam facing now jesus is my deliver,my healer jesus you die for me arleady and you said it is finished thus way iam boost on your holy name jesus christus of nazareth

  75. Wow i also pray that one day my prayers be answered in Jesus Christ name, i am flattered with that testmony, i feel like it is me nw who has gotten that breakthrough, wow it is amaizin. God bless u Prophet TB Joshua and the Emmanuel crew 4 the work u are doing in peoples lives. God bles u once again.

  76. May God continue to Bless The Emmanuel TV team MaY the Good work continue to be done God bless The lady n May she continue sharing her testimony

  77. God’s blessings,l am one of emmanuel tv partners.i need you to pray for me my life is stagnant nothing moves.All my friends,even relatives where making fun of me out.

  78. Praise the living God Jesus C hrist! We serve the miracle working God who promised us not to leave us alone but to guide us always. Amen!!!

  79. God is wonderful. A few days I prayed and people around me and close to me have been receiving breakthrough. It is amazing,I believe a greater testimony is yet to come for me. My career will walk

  80. Wow glory be to God and ibelieve oneday its me coz am tired with this life setback . business not growing ineed to get orders from the customers ibelieve this is my turn in Jesus name

  81. Glory be to God,That is a wonderful testimony.God loves us all and he will never forsake us,he never said goodbye.Thank you Lord,for annointing Prophet T.B.Joshua and his crew.Its a blessing to have them in our lifes.Praise the living God.Amen.

  82. God is always awasome!Glorly be to God. This is the time to pray for Prophet T.B.Joshua, Wisemen and for more power and wisedom to hadle SCOAN ministries.Amen!

  83. Thank you Jesus!
    You are an authentic judge. Please come over on my challenges.Thanks to the ministry of Prophet TB Joshua.

  84. Emmanuel, God is with us. God is good all the time. I want to thank God for not stopping to make us see His Strenth, Power and Might on earth.. Thank You Lord Jesus.. Amen. The best is yet to come. My own testimony will be the best… Amen. I thank the Lord in Advance.

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