Thief Arrested!!!

Here is a testimony an Emmanuel TV viewer emailed to us concerning the protecting power of God working through the Anointing Sticker:

“Emmanuel! I have a very interesting testimony! A thief tried to break into my house just 30 minutes ago – that was at 1:30am. Unfortunately for him he touched the window where I put the Anointing Sticker! As I am sending this email, the man is still standing by the window looking very confused. He says he doesn’t know how he got inside my yard. I am waiting for the police to come and fetch him. Prophet, you are a real man of God!

Josephine Sibanda

256 thoughts on “Thief Arrested!!!

  1. Man of God pse help. I am a bankrupt widow because as I am writing I have put an advert to sell all my property to clear a bank loan because a crop failed because of frost bite. I have failed to send my son to university because of o/s fees therefore I can’t get his ‘A’ Level results. Pse pray for a blessing for the works of my hands.

  2. Keep dreaming man of God. It is good to dream. As long as you follow Godwin Chikioke Dike. Avoid mistakes that can cause you to be arrested or get a mugshot taken in jail. Avoid dangerous places in Arkansas Ohio.

  3. Man of God,I used 2 dream of dead people a lot @ recently I was seeing my late father in a dream almost everyday.I prayed about it @ used the annoiting water after prayer.since that day I have not had any dream about dead people.I love u man of God, you are our father @ I pray the good lord continue 2 guide,strenghthen @ protect u,in jesus name we pray.EMMANUEL.4rm South Africa.

  4. Its true the God of Prophet TB Joshua is da almight leaving heavenly God.he exposes his wisdom thru his servant Prft TB Joshua to setle critical matters in many broken homes.i hv realy enjoyed todays 8th Jun,12 sunday service on emmanuel tv i was moved wit all da testmonies.

  5. The God of Prophet TB Joshua is the best both on earth and in heaven. Praise the Lord. God bless you Man. of God.

  6. The God of Prophet TB Joshua is the best security both above and beneath the earth, Glory and honour be onto u. Halleluya.

  7. TO GOD ALMIGHTY BE THE GLORY!please man of God prophet tb Joshua pray for my one yr old doughter Natsha she has been vomitting for four days whatever food she eats we dont know the cause,we went to the hosipital but the response still weak.and she is becoming weak coz she z not eating.

  8. i realy thank God for that. this testimony makes me to remember what happened at my place last month June. in the past thiefs used to steal at home even when there is a wall fence electrified one. they used to cut the cables on the wall fence and steal some parts of the vehicles. Last month by mistake my niece left the gate unlocked and during the night the wind blew and left it wide open. when i woke up in the morning i was shocked to the state on the gate and just rushed to check on the two vehicles parked outside But to Gods Glory everything was normal i did not loose a thing. indeed prophet T. B. Joshua normally says during mass prayer that we are not just talking but praying prayer and that those who pray along with him are under Gods protection. and favour. Thank God


    Man of God, I have nothing to say rather than to pray day and night for your long life and prosperity for what you have been doing in lifes humanity on this earth. Am JAMES AMODU OKPE by name. Am Nigerian. Working in State House, Presidential Villa, Abuja.

    2. My Report is that, there is one person on Internet using your name and pictures different kinds to book an appointment for people to see you privately. We communicated on Internet the possibility of booking to see you. All the communications between me and him/her had been photocopied. He/She asked me to pay the sum of N147,000.00 for booking before seeing you from there discovered that “this is 419” and the Man of God must see this. He asked me to pay the money to his/her personally Secretary’s Account, whose name is Beatrice O. Jibril, BANK: First Bank Account No: 3036997058.

    3. Sir, I am working seriously to get this man or woman arrested to bring him to Synagogue Church of All Nations, Lagos as soon as possible.

    4. I need your urgent reply through my email: or comment on this issue before my next line of action.

  10. prof.TB joshua is sent by GOD 2 cum and deliver his children. am PATRICK AMBROSE by a nigerian.i have dis deal abroad (greece)and i have paid all the required fees and also sent d required documents.and they promise 2 sent my INVITATION through the manager that took my friend there.up till date they have not sent it.pls man of God help.GOD have been using 2 help others.pls pray 4 me.i believe my problem is solve.Amen

  11. To God be the glory! I dont know if this is a thief, in all situations God has some things to says. Forgive me Lord Jesus Iam a siner!

  12. Merci DIEU de TB JOSHUA , car tu es le veritable , comme tu l’as dit dans ta parole , il est ecrit, ” je serais pour elle une muraille de feu tout autour et je serais sa gloire au milieu d’elle,tout comme il est ecrit,”L’Ange de L’Eternel campe autour de ceux qui le craignent et il les arrache du danger. JESUS CHRIST est vivant a travers son ELU TB JOSHUA ,soit fortifiée et continue à démeurer ferme ma soeur en CHRIST.

  13. Our God is omnipotant & omnisience GOD.My prophet & the wisemen shall live long in Christ name.Truly MAN of GOD.

  14. I thank God for emmanuel tv my ministry is uplifted through watching the prophet and wiseman I receive the grace of delivarance watching I felt the power of God watching when Prophet TB Joshua is praying with the Viewers. Then I receive. Also me and my wife we were about to divorce having no interest to each other but I thank God through emmanuel tv my marriage is restored my family is healed and delivered thank u Jesus for all things.

  15. Emmanuel! God is with us. My faith is so so lifted up, i thank god for the life of Senior Profet Tb Joshua.

  16. God’s grace and mercy lives and endures forever; to those who trust in Him He will not forsake. Jesus says I am the way the truth and light whoever calls on my name will not be frastrated. but receive internal life.

  17. Emmanuel-God with us
    Thank Lord JESUS Christ let your name be glorified. You are what say you are. I kindly ask that thief to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour. Amen

  18. Jesus say I am the way and the truth and life .John 14 Verse 7
    Thank you Jesus to send TB Joshua in the World

  19. Glory be to god. Forgive & invite this thief to your church. He now understand that there is a livin god

  20. We are under his eyes ,satan and his people are facing danger with this anointing water an sticker in Jesus name.

  21. amen to that. i tell you things are changing in my life. i am having a break through in my business my health is always geting better. my daughter broke the LCD screen for an HP 620 notebook belonging to a customer. i did not complain but praised God and told Him to provide a way, following day i had a deal of supplying notebooks and a cheaper source was found and someone to help me the money to pay for them.

    trust God, never complain, always be thankfull and put your faith at work.

    in my body lotion i have put the anoiting oil from TB joshua

  22. Thats our Father, the Sherpered, thank you man of God, I thank my Father for you in our generation, may you live long. Long Live Prophet TB Joshua Long Live. Halelluya!

  23. EMMANUEL! Glory be to God for your miraculous work saving the life of the innocent may god continue to protect and gives u more power to put satan at shame and may god gives you long lie even though your enemies ploted against you.satan was never able to conguere Jesus no matter the temptations so continue to be strong and God will give you more strength AMEN ! is not not a way one can by the annointing water through the internet?

  24. Indeed we serve a wonder working God! We thank the Lord of Prophet TB Joshua! God of Prophet TB Joshua , You are my God!

  25. Jesus is has never said good bye! Te who He (GOD) called for His services He make fit for it with several evidences. My father, prophet TB Joshua.

  26. He who He (GOD) called for His services He make fit for it with several evidences. My father, prophet TB Joshua.

  27. Pls Man of God u says distance is not a barrier. I,My wife & my mother are sick. And u said distance is not a barrier I believe if u pray for us we ll be heal in Jesus name

  28. He is Jehova Sebaoth,the God of war,He fight on our behalf,touch not my anointed,God bless you man of God& the wisemans.

  29. Emmanuel!! Our God is just too, too, good he does what he says will do, the price fo that promise is very cheap any human being can aford it. Having FAITH in him BELIEVING in his word and DOING what his WORD says. Thank u LORD JESUS for protecting her. May yo name be PRAISED fo ever and ever Amen.

  30. Hallelujah. Every minute, everyday God miracles are amazing and it is not countable.People of God let’s open our heart to Him.God bless TB Joshua and his family.

  31. views get connected to Prophet J.B. Joshua and ur life will never remain d same. becose since i connect with my father in d lord PROPHET T.B. JOSHUA and i visited d church in lagos and he pray for me, things started changing in my life, first i build a very fine house in Abuja and d house was build within six month and i have start building a school in my mother town, i am just 28 years old etc, man of God i thank u .

  32. I am just a friend to TB Joshua on Facebook & strongly believe he is a man of God.Three days ago at around 03hrs i felt i couldn’t sleep anymore,thirty minutes later i head a bang in my house,i rushed into the sitting room through to the kitchen to check and heard footsteps of people falling on the other side of the wall fence,later i discovered that the kitchen window was broken,thieves attempted to rob my house.”Our God never slumbers”.

  33. Many people do not belive what God is doing with this anoiting sticker. But i here is a living testimony i belive in him God is great i thank the God of prophet Tb joshur

  34. God is our greatest protector if only we keep our faith in Him working & perfct. As for th thief please share th word of God wth hm so that he can rpent & be saved.the situatin he has put himslf in should be positively utilises to help hhm break hs asiciation wth satan- lets pray fr hs rpentance. To God be th glory.

  35. Emmanuel!
    Glory be to God.
    The proghet, TB Joshua is a real man of God indeed.
    Thank almighty God for sending us a sherpher.

  36. praise the God. But u people how do u acquire these stickers or anointing water? Iam greatly in need of these. iam poor that I cant find enough money to go to Nigeria


  38. I thank the God of TB Joshua for His protection of Sibanda Josephine and her home.God of Prophet Joshua is real.I will always worship Him .May He keep blessing TB Joshua n the entire Ministry in Jesus’ name.

  39. God is what He says He is. Thankyou prophet TB Joshua ,wisemen, emmanuel crew and partners, ushers and singers and not forgeting the mother of the Ministry ( Mrs Joshua).

  40. Amen! God is at work through his Holy Ghost Fire and the devil is getting ashamed! Emmanuel, God is with His people and He protects them day and night… Lord continue blessing the man of God Prohet T B Joshua even more. We are a blessed Generation.

  41. I pity him. He cld be one those responsible people demon remotes without them knowing it. May God deliver him.

  42. Emmanuel! Our God of TB Joshua we serve is indeed a living God, with so many miracles instore for us. The best is yet to come indeed believe this powerful Annointed Servant of God Senior Prophet TB Joshua and you will never be dissapointed because whatever he do is by the instruction of the Almighty God and thats the God who is, who was and who is to come. Praise the Lord God of TB Joshua and bless His Holy Name. Amen

  43. please man of God i have been experiencing pains at a segment under the left hand side of my ribs,i hv done series of test wt drugs all to no avail.please help me

  44. EmmanueL, Our God is always good our’s is to play our roll by believing in Him and He will do it again,again and again Amen.

  45. We thank God for God, WE thank God for Jesus, We thank God for the Holy Spirit, We thank God For His Power At Work in our lives, We thank God for His servants and we thank God for Prophet T B Joshua. Amen.

  46. Greetings in the Name of Jesus. I’m a man staying in South Africa. How can I get the annointing water, since I’m staying in S.A in Limpopo province situated in Phalaborwa town?
    Luke 1:37 I know there is nothing impossible with God.

  47. Glory be to God the thief is arrested by the power of the holy spirit what an awesome God we serve! the lord is goodo,praise him

  48. glory be to Jehovah Nissi! september last year thieves broke into my office to by 3 Am and Jehovah also intervain and all of them were caught the very day. that marvel people who said if i am not practicing then am serving God in truth

  49. Emmanuel!God of TB Joshua ur real.How i wish i could get the annointed the sticker.
    Man of God kindly send one annoited sticker my address
    Charles K mutisya
    PO BOX 3538-20100
    Remain blessed

  50. Praise God hallelujah! I believe on the GOD OF Prophet TB Joshua He’s with us car got burnt but because of the sticker it’s intact just have to replace few things in there. Thank you Jesus!!!

  51. Man of God, as you say Distance is not a barrier, I am in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, I need the annointed sticker or oil to put it in my car sothat I can drive it. I am afraid to drive it. Its almost 10yrs now but im shivering when I am about to drive it. I dont know why bcz i can drive. Now I thought of selling it until i see this testimony of arrested thief again how can i get the annointed sticker bcz Im very far.
    Thank you
    N Belu

  52. We serve a miracle working God. This story sounds very similar to the one I watched and heard on Emmanuel tv last night when General Pastor Upthegrove was interviewed there. Towards the closing, that man of God illustrated on the story that happened when He preached for 3 years on one scripture, 1 John3:8, and later one evening, a woman left the service confessing that verse when she got home to find a thug waiting for her in her house, she kept speaking that verse until his hand got stuck on the knife. What an amazing and fasxinating true story. This testimony and that of that woman tell me that so long I keep the anointing sticker and confess God’s word, no enemy shall stand before me.
    I love the God, the Jesus, the Holy Spirit of Prophet TB Joshua. I’m fascinated and thrilled with all that God does through you and the rest of the team Man of God and I love you Dad!

  53. what a wonderful testimony we had this morning about annointing sticker. I printed mine from internet and hope it will still work?

  54. Moved,ths is incredable,magnificent one wudnt imagn.i luv tb joshua ministries no doubt i stil wait 4 my own miracle 2 testify.

  55. Gloire à Dieu! le Dieu que nous servons c’est un Dieu vivant, un Dieu de miracle, un Dieu de protection. merci Jésus

  56. Thanks be to our God.Thank you Lord for annointing our Prophet T.B.Joshua and may you continue using him.The devil is a looser.Our God never sleeps nor rest.Praise him always

  57. Our God never fails,he shelters his children at all times…
    Man of God please pray for me personaly,u know everydae I become strained and confused,I triead my faith 2 be delivered by ur prayers even ur life service,I’m just about 2 give up maybe I am too young…

  58. the said testimony truly Accomplished the bible injunction that says: whosoever toucheth us, touches the apple of his eyes.

  59. To God be the Glory! If the thief repents then u have to forgive him. Don’t take him to police, rather take him to church for salvation. God bless you. EVANGELIST FRANCIS ERHUEN

    • Yes my brother this what you say is the best way to proceed. IF our brother is caucth out of a mistake let us leave it for God solution, not for men! Even me I need God’s forgiveness Iam a siner.

  60. the said testimony truly Accomplished the bible injunction that says: exept the lord watcheth the city, they that watch, watcheth in vain.

  61. God ll continue to anoit u more & more tank u Our own beloved prophet of our time. God bless u sir & ur wise men, ur usher re really trying too bt they need to put on smiling face & b friendly & nt too harsh

  62. God is not a man that he should lie,nor a son of man that he should not change.does he speak & not act?does he promise & not fulfill?(Numb 23v19)!!!we serve a living God!!!

  63. Halleluya, dont ever doubt the power of God. Our God is really working through the mighty prophet t.b joshua. God will continue to increase u in jesus name and i believe dat my own testimony is on d way. Eeeeemaaaanueeeel!!

  64. Dearly beloved, I and my husband are ardent viewers of Emmanuel Tv in Calabar, CRS. We wish to visit the Synagogue and wish to know whether there are accommodation in or arround the church environment. Remain blessed

  65. Emmanuel!! Distance is not a barrier .. God of T.B Joshua is the same yesteday, today and foever, and He alwz protects his Lambs .. Thank you Lord

  66. i ve followed T.B Joshua with keen interest and have believed him. Jst like few people believed in Jesus so it is today.

  67. Glory be to almighty!! VIVA JESU VIVA!!! Haleluya!!that is our God,prophet Tb Joshua is indeed a man of God! !HALELUYA!!

  68. you’re a true man of God, thanks Jesus for your grace and love for mankind. Emmanuel TV may God richly bless you!

  69. Thank you Jesus Christ for the wonderful protection on Josephine Sibanda. God continue to annoint and bless Prophet TB Joshua, all wisemen, SCOAN and Emmanuel TV. God You are Everything to us. We are what we are because of your presence in our life. God continue to strengthen Prophet TB Joshua, he made us see light and move away from darkness, in Your Mighty Name. I thank God for everything, because He knows our needs. Amen

  70. Emmanuel!we serve a living God indeed,thanx alot to prophet Joshua for us bothomas that truly God s alive & neva said goodbye

  71. The God of T.B.Joshua, God of the Bible, Father of Jesus the Son of GOD na “BaBa” 4ever.
    Thank You Jesus for this testimony and many more continuously through TBJ and through my Ministry too in Jesus Name, amen.
    I love you Man of God Snr. Prophet TBJ. The Lord will keep you well and more powerful to the end. Amen.

  72. Hallelujah,
    No evil can escape the annointing of God through the man of God senior Prophet TB Joshua.

  73. Praise God I once found my window car opened in the morning and this was for the second time but nothing happened because of the sticker in my car I thank God for using man of God TB Joshua Praise God!

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