Restored Back To Life!

Emmanuel! God never stops giving us reasons to praise, worship and glorify His holy name. We thank Jesus for what He is doing in the lives of people around the world everyday through the Anointing Water. Here is yet another testimony, to the glory of God, of a little girl who God miraculously brought back to life after a strange attack. Remember, it is not the water that delivers but God Himself, since the anointing is done in Jesus’ name.

“Emmanuel! I want to thank God for using the Anointing Water mightily in my life and the lives of many others. Although I reside in China, I heard the testimony of this small girl who was delivered through the Anointing Water in Cameroon. In January 2012, God Almighty delivered this 13 year old girl from the hands of the devil in a small town in Cameroon called Muyuka. This girl, Martina Emaba, came back from school, ate her lunch and lay down to sleep. When she woke up, her little nephew had fallen asleep on the floor so her mother, who is a state registered nurse, asked her to lift him up and place him on the mat.

“As she reached out to pick him up, she suddenly collapsed. Her mother, confused about what was happening, rushed to check her but all attempts to revive her failed. She was cold and limp on the floor. Out of desperation, she shouted and called out to the neighbors who quickly gathered and saw the girl lying lifeless on the floor. My sister, upon hearing the commotion, ran to the house. Seeing the situation, she sprinted back home to get her bottle of Anointing Water.

“As soon as she sprayed the Anointing Water on the body of Martina, she immediately shouted out and began gasping for breath. Colour returned to her face and she suddenly sat up. Everyone who gathered there started praising God and thanking Him for the miracle. When she was questioned, all Martina said she remembered was that some dark figures stood behind her and began to strangle her before she suddenly saw light everywhere and woke up. Thank God for completely restoring her back to life!”

Mr Immaculate Sirri, China

264 thoughts on “Restored Back To Life!

  1. I glorify and bless the name of the Lord for what he has done to the little girl for the salvation of her soul through the medium of the Anointing Water. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ lives he never said goodbye. He is worthy of our praises and he is worthy. Our Messiah is yesterday today and tomorrow. I encourage the parents of the little girl to train the little girl in the way of the Lord so that when she grows up she will not depart from it. And I also encourage the parents of the little girl to make the Word of God standard for life so that the healing, the deliverance and the blessings will remain permanent in Jesus Christ name

  2. pastor pls help me am sicking rm a serious sickness. pst. am in port_harcourt, how can I locate ur church in lagos? pst pls help me for d sickness is growing faster by the day.

  3. Emmanuel? God is with us
    Truly God is with us indeed,I want to thank God who use prophet T.B Joshua to deliver me from spiritual husband,it all happened that i find a lady who is a Camerounia here in Cameroun that i want to marry,but never know that she have spiritual husband,who use to come in the night to make love to every body in the house,that means when she finish cooking she will keep it so that the spiritual husband will come and put Drug so that every body will eat and sleep for him to get chance to do what he want,and this have being happening for the pass 4 years now but i never know,untill the they i got to synagogue church of all nation that is how i get my deliverance,Emmanuel?now i believe that truly God of T.B Joshua is a real God,And i promise to come and give this testmony in front of the oater of the synagogue church,devil is a lier,THANK U LORD FOR USING MY MENTOR PROPHET T.B JOSHUA TO RELEASE ME FROM THIS MESS THAT MY WIFE TO BE PUT ME INSIDE,MAY UR NAME BE BLESS IN JESUS NAME AMEN.Emmanuel? God is with us indeed.And i promise u Lord that as from now i give my life to u,please my Lord dont let me down so that people will not ask me were is that ur God of T.B Joshua.please my mentor help me in prayer for bad people is too much in my life,i dont know again who to trust,every body that i have trusted always dessapoint me,and they are the people that go out with Bible,please my mentor help me in prayer.God bless u,all the wise men of God,the Emmanuel t.v,And partners of Emmanuel.t.v in Jesus name amen.I love u all in Jesus name

  4. Just want to thank God for all the means he uses whenever he thinks of changing lives,heal or deliver……..God is worth all the praises…here in zim we say ANOSHAMISA

  5. ever sinc i started watching Emanuel TV my life has never been the same i thank God for bringing Prophet TB Joshua into my life as a young person it is my prayer request that i may also see myself going to scoan one day and i would like to see God helping me to go and live with my aunty because she is the one who is my spiritual mentor and she is the one who made me get connected to Emmanuel tv because where i stay now we don’t watch it I believe and i knw God has answered my prayer in Jesus name

  6. Praise the Lord! Emmanuel! Our God is too much. I have heard of His mighty power, I have talked of His wonderful deeds. And I truly believe deeply in my heart and my spirit that if I can have the annointing water in my family, my life will never be the same again, there shall be deliverance, healings and most importantly SALVATION in my family and friends for the glory of His Majesty.
    Please send me the annointing water to:
    P O BOX 3723 GABORONE, BOTSWANA. Praise the Lord.

  7. Emmauel,Emmauel,Emmauel.God is real,nd He doing a great work.i jst to thank God 4 d life of d prophet nd all wise men.for ur prayers,ur kindness nd love.God bless u all.

  8. praise be to the God of miracles, God of T. B. Joshua.
    as surely as my God Lives, every good thing in my life that has been dead , it shall rise up and live again ,in Jesus name i pray. AMEN

  9. To God be the glory n may his name be praise always n thanks to papa Senior Apostle TB Joshua n the entire scoan n emmanuel tv partners for great jobs.

  10. Gloire a Jesus.
    Encore une fois je viens te dire merci et te rendre gloire pour ta bonté et ta misericorde infinies, oh PERE ETERNEL, pour avoir ramené cette soeur à la vie.
    Merci pour la delivrance, la liberté, la santé parfaite, et la prosperite à tous egards que tu operes tous les jours dans la vie de ton peuple, a travers ton Envoyé TB JOSHUA.

  11. He is a miraculous God, Wonderful God, so loving. Oh I will praise you God with all my heart, mind and strength. I love you God.

  12. My son(4yrs) was diagnosed with epilepsy ,I send you an email,requesting prayer he is now ok.praise God,almighty.I need God intervention in my finance and spiritual revival,pray 4 me,man of God.Betty Papo,South Africa

  13. oh! God of TB Joshua you are an awesome God,the is no one like you.the same power that raised Lazarus from death is still at work even now.I pray for the same power to fall upon me in Jesus Christ name

  14. Emmanuel truely God is with us i thank God for restoring the live of the little back to live and ithank the man of God prophet Tb joshua for letting himself to be use by the Holy spirit

  15. Wonderful God is His name. He uses anything or situation to glorify His name. May every agent of darkness in my life give way as the anointing water touches my body now in Jesus name, amen.

  16. Wonderful God is His name. He uses anything or situation to glorify His name. May every agent of darkness in my life give way the anointing water touches my body now in Jesus name, amen.

  17. God is good. Thank you Jesus for the restoration. You are the most high God. That is why He restored the child to life. THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER

  18. Hie the man of God i need a prayer from u i m suffering from kidney problem pliz help with telling me where i can get annointed water thanks may God bless u Amen

  19. How are you?please prophet T.B Joshua my son is sick he hs pnemonia,malaria and he’s got no blood,can you please pray for him and my family.distance is not a barrier.from juba

  20. How are you?please prophet T.B Joshua my son is sick he hs pnemonia,malaria and he’s got no blood,can you please pray for him and my family.distance is not a barrier.

  21. we thank God for the restoration to life for this little girl,we thank also the man of God he is using,i also want to knw people like us in zimbabwe we cant afford to travell there hw besta can we get the annointing water,Amen

  22. Praise God,, Man of God please help me i also need anointing water, my life stands at zero. Havin been astmatic for 31 years. My bussines is zero. U RAISED ME IN 2012 IN MY SICK BED. GLORY TO BE GOD. AMEN.

  23. Praise God,, Man of God please help me i also need anointing my life stands at zero. Havin been astmatic for 31 years. My bussines is zero. U RAISED ME IN 2012 IN MY SICK BED. GLORY TO BE GOD. AMEN.

  24. Glory be to God, i ministered anointing Water on my daughter, and the fever left her instantly, am trusting God that my time of hardship is over! Emmanuel

  25. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for delivering our friend from this attack. May the name of our Lord Jesus Christ be glorified for what he is doing to his people he created. Amen

  26. I fill with Joy and singing praising songs to Jesus. Thank u Jesus. I praise your name on high for what you did for the little girl. God you are God of yesterday today and tomorrow. praise God. Amen

  27. Thank you Jesus for helping the young girl. We believe in your power always. Thank you for using the man of God Prophet T.B.Joshua for he is helping the whole world. Continue to raise him in your strenght so the world may know the truth thru him in Jesus name.

  28. l salute you Prophet TB Joshua you are a blessing you bring joy where there is sadness thru the power of our LORD.STAY BLESSED.EMMANUEL!

  29. From birth man of god have not gotten real happiness i watch ur programs on d programs end i return to my 4 mer self. At times i fill like takin my life but when i remember my wife i have pity on her. Man of god help me.



  31. He holds the key to our lives. He is able, more than able to do what concerns us. JESUS we Salute you. Prophet T.B. Joshua thank you so much.

  32. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for restoring life. We are serving a miracle working God. Thank you Jesus Christ. I believe with God all things are possible.Glory & honour be to God. Amen & Amen to Jesus Christ.

  33. I also glorify the name of the Lord. After listening to the man of God seniour prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV say that Jesus is Lord even in poverty or whatever situation, l was praising God in my missery and l got a 50kg bag of maize meal for free from someone whilst all hope to even get US $5 to buy 10kg bag was lost. I got an sms on the phone while l was walking home a distance of 15km on foot. The person just said ‘go and see my wife l ve already spoken to her that someone is coming to pick the maize meal,’ this brother was very far away from Harare on his way to Zambia and to the glory of the Lord l got it. Through messages on Emmanuel TV one can be blessed as well as this wonderful testimony by Mr. Immaculate God will do more to you brother. Emmanuel.

  34. Thank you Jesus for restoring the life of little girl holy is your name praise be to God may the anoiying water work for me as it works for other children of God in Jesus ‘christ name glory be to God

  35. This kind God,i nver seen your kind,everyday Lord I see your mercy.The God of possibilities,Glory be to God

  36. God has done so much all over the world to proof that HE sent Prophet T B JOSHUA, but unfortunately some people are still doubting him:
    Papa carry on doing what you are as Jesus Christ that you gave enough fire to over come:

  37. I thank God for what he is doing in our times, by His grace I managed to get the Anoiting water and to God be the glory.


  38. Pls sir(man of God) i need a prayer, there’s this bad dreams i used to have every time and i’m scared for christ sake.

  39. my lord jesus christ i thank u so much 4 my life and my i also thank d man of god dat god will continue 2 use u 4 rest of his life jesus name AMEN

  40. Emmanuel!!! Man of God this machine gun called Anointing Water is needed by all of us its the only wepon all believers should have in the homes. This wepon will one day make this world a better place to live if only we all have faith and believe.

  41. God U are so Good and shall continue to do more for those who trust again in Jesus name, Amen. This is my year cos I know that I am the next big thing to happen

  42. Some have the opotunity to have the holy water we pray like they do but we need assistance of the holy water please please man of God can we have it also to help us in times of need.bulawayo zimbabwe so many things is happening here which we pray for but we need assistance to deliever ourselves from the devil and evil spirits we pray that one day wil be our day to meet jesus

  43. Thank u Jesus and long live Prophet Tb Joshua.we are growing in faith evryday becoz of God’s power thru miracles and testimonies.

  44. The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob, is the same God working wonders through Anointing water. Thank You Jesus Christ. AMEN.

  45. Emmanuel!!! Man of God this machine gun called Anointing Water is needed by all of us its the only wepon all believers should have in the homes. This wepon will one day make this world a better place to live if only we all have faith and believe.

  46. Man of GOD pls pray for me for total break through in life. For d past 5 yrs nw no job, no house , and my pains is 2 have sometin doing so that i could gt married and settle down for life @ my age of 33yrs. Man of God TB joshua i need ur prayers and support may u remain bless Amen

  47. Man of God please heal me and my husband from our sickness and help bring joy to our marrital home and save me from bad dreams thank u

  48. Jesus never said, good bye, no more healing, miracles, blessing,… He is the same today,tomorrow, and forever. Lets give him all the glory

  49. All things a possibe 2 him dat can in Jesus name believe. Lord we no more Thy word blaspheme, Thy truth we lovingly receive. We can, we do believe in Thee, all things a possible 2 u.

  50. Jesus is the same yesterday ,today and forever. He is the only saviour and He has saved us who believe by grace. Thank you for you my mentor TB JOSHUA for allowing yourself to be used by GOD

  51. I got annointed wt annointing water twice by friends ths month.Im not waiting for the miracles to take place before i start glorifying my Lord Jesus Christ because it is done! I glorify him now and forever.Wonders beyond imagination are about to take place in my life and i live in total excitement and expectation of what the Lord is about to do for me and my family.I will testify,watch this space!Jesus is Lord!!

  52. God never fails, He keeps on doing great things&He is alwayz at work! Thank you Jesus for bringing back life to this girl&plz keep on to bless prophet T.B Joshua with more anointing!!


  54. Please Daddy, I did d anointin & I dont know hw it can reach d. But I hav a brother in Lagos there I send a message 2 him, that he should help me 2 buy the anointin water b4 comin back & I dont know if he wil. I reside in Niger State Minna. I do watch TB Joshua programe & I use touch my telescreen,bt it seems its nt workin out 4 me. I so much blieve & my faith relay on d anointin water.

  55. I thank God 4 his miraculous work via d annointin water by T.B JOSHUA.may d names of d lord jesus christ be glorify.God is still very much at work by d manifestion of his power nd annointin yeidin miracles in d lives of so many dat call nd believein d name of jesus christ.thank u lord 4 ur salvation upon dat life.

  56. Beliv n u also will receive ur healing n miracle,i am waiting for my miracle to come tru one day unexpectedly.i lov jesus

  57. God you are so great! Thank you for giving us yet another son Snr. Prophet T.b Joshua. Wishing him long life to serve in your vine yard, amen.

    • I wnt u 2 heal me n 4gv me 4 all my sins. Bless me n grant me all my request. In jesus name I believe Amen

  58. Emanuel the miracle working God is alive glory be to his holiness for the anointing to the prophet of our time TB JOSHUA may God bless him in JESUS name amen


  60. Praise be to the Lord. We serve a living God who is great. If it was not for his love,mercy upon us His people He would not ve sent Prophet TB Joshua to us. So thank you Prophet for allowing God to use you. Emmanuel!

  61. Emmanuel! ce que Dieu a fait pour cette petite fille, il le fera aussi pour toi. crois au Seigneur Jésus et tu seras sauvé. gloire à toi Eternel des Armées

  62. thank GOD, EMMANUEL. all glory, all honour, all adoration and praise be unto his holy name. our father in d lord snr. prophet t.b. joshua, thank u 4 being a tool in d hands d almighty.GOD bless u sir.

  63. Sir please help me, I need that annointing water for my life, where can I get them in South Africa? if they are not available here will u please post them to me, my adress is PO Box 11540, Dorpspruit Pietermaritzburg, 3206 South Africa. please man of God


  65. God is doing great things. I can’t wait to see myself at the Synagogue. I need deliverance. The devil is a liar. When God says yes no one can say no. If God says no, no one can say yes. Praise the Lord! Jesus is King! Amen!

    • indeed we serve a mighty,excellent in battle,strong in battle mighty warrior!i cant wait to see myself at scoan.

  66. Our Miracle working God..Jehovah Jireh is ur name.the one who neva share ur glory with anybody,May ur name alone be praised.EMMANUEL

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