The evidence of Jesus Christ is lives changed! Msikelelwa Mbadu, an Emmanuel TV Partner from South Africa, has a glorious testimony to share concerning the miraculous changes he has witnessed in his life ever since encountering Emmanuel TV. Hallelujah!

“Emmanuel! Really God is with us. My testimony goes like this: through Emmanuel TV, God has blessed me spiritually, academically, economically and physically! I found Emmanuel TV through my sister and God saved me through it. I found this channel at a time when I was struggling with the spirit of alcoholism. I had been drinking heavily for many years and every attempt to stop on my own didn’t work. However, I stopped drinking after praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. The desire and longing for alcohol just disappeared! I have been free from alcohol for several years now. 

“Academically, before watching Emmanuel TV, I had really been struggling and facing disappointment. However, by God’s grace I registered with the University of Pretoria and in 2010 I graduated in Bachelor of Education (HON) specializing in education management, law and policy. I passed this degree with good results. This opened my way to my master’s degree at the University of South Africa and I am doing well in my studies. Jesus Christ is manifesting His strength in my weakness!

“When I found Emmanuel TV I was staying in a two room house. However, God helped me and by His grace I built a new house. Inspired by Emmanuel TV, God helped me to build a prayer room in my new house and I dedicated it to the Lord.

“On 22 February 2011 I paid a visit to The SCOAN and I was privileged to join Emmanuel TV partnership. Since I partnered with this station, things started to move from glory to glory! For instance, I have now built a second house! I also built a new shop and business is going well. Then, God blessed me with a new car which, by God’s grace, I bought with cash.

“This blessing not only centred on me but also extended to my entire family. For instance, my wife got distinction when she was doing her diploma at the University of South Africa. My two boys are also doing very well at school. Furthermore, when I was in SCOAN I was privileged to receive the Anointing Water from the Man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. After administering it to my cousin, she started manifesting and was delivered from demonic bondage.

“Children of the Most High God, I am very grateful to God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua through Emmanuel TV to be the channel of light where there is darkness, deliverance to those in bondage, blessing where there is poverty, hope where there is despair, peace where there is war and relief where there is tension and pressure.

“I nearly gave up in life but Jesus Christ showed me His love through Emmanuel TV and my hope came back. Now I know what I am living for. I know the purpose of my creation through the powerful teachings of Prophet T.B. Joshua. And I know that better is not good enough, the best is yet to come! God bless.”

Msikelelwa Mbadu, South Africa

289 thoughts on ““My Hope Came Back” – TESTIMONY OF AN EMMANUEL TV PARTNER

  1. The God who looked upon mankind and said to prophet TB Joshua go to the people; for their cry has come to my ears; knows for real that we needed Him. Brethrens; TB Joshua is for a special mission on earth so be ready to consider all that He is saying for your salvation.May God bless the wold to listine to His chosen prophet of the end time in Jesus name; please if you read say Amen and rejoys for the gift rejoys again i say rejoys. Thank you JESUS.

  2. May Groly always be to God,for his mercy up on people thru this man Tb joshua a pray and believe that my time is just near for Gods groly upon my life..God has done alot for me since a woz born though devil seems to grab my bright future away..a pray that u devil you wont succeed in jesus name..pliz lord deliver my soul.!

  3. Greetings.I’m knew on this site.I started knowing Prophet T.B.Joshua in 2007.When I saw him,I immediately started to pray asking God about this man and I said to God that I would not stop praying until he proved to me that indeed he is His chosen one.5 days later God answered me in a dream where the Man of God was praying for people.As he did so,he was rising from level to level,floor to floor which meant that the more he prayed for pple,the more annointing he got.I’ve never doubted the man since the word go.He is God’s 5 star General.Surely he shall sit on the right hand of the Son of Man and I pray that I also shall be honoured to sit with him by the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

  4. Thank you Jesus for the wantherful testimony of our belove brother i pray God mercy and blessing should be abondant with his loving children in Jesus name. Amen.

  5. Indeed God is with us, pls Man of God , i will not hide my feelings am 24 yrs old man. I really love education but my parents are not finacially boyang, to traine me to school. In my live i have being staying with people. The only thing that i can bust of is i’m i live and my (WAEC). Wish i merrite it to my text. My live is full of challengies. And disappointment. Please i indeed need ur prayers over my live this year 2014 for breakthrough, God’s send a helper to me that will send me to higher institution. I will be very mch joyous to see myself in school. I got confuse every day not being in school. May God bless and favours any one that God will send to me, for my education affair. Immesely. Emmanuel.

  6. Thanks to God for helping peapl throw Emmanuel TV i hop and i wish to have Emmanuel TV in my home and i asked Emmanuel to pray for my familly and my childrend and my husband and evry thing is gooing dificu and i am pregnant i took five years without giving baby born now i am on the way but i am looking very taird i need apreyear

  7. that is wonderful of God’s work through Prophet T.B Joshua and Emmanuel TV. I pray that God does the same for me and my entire family. God bless you more and more.

  8. Glory be to most high God
    When read i get hope that mine too will change one day and i will also give my own

  9. I also had the spirit of lust dat caused me to be addicted to pornography and masturbation and I’ve done everything possible to quit but to no avail. But on my contact with emmanul tv,when the man of God was praying for the viewers over our bad habits, I discoverd dat I stopped doing it. I now spend my time on the word of God and praying. Halleluyah!!

  10. I would like to request you stand with me in Prayer as i am struggling to secure a job. I am single mother of two boys staying with my mother. i really need work to provide for my boys and mother. God bless you as you do that.w

  11. Emmanuel ,indeed God is with us.I have also grown spiritually by watching Emmanuel tv.pls what must I do to become a partner?

  12. Mr Msikelelwa Mbadu, We thank God for yr testimony. This really shows that Prophet T B Joshua and Emmanuel.tv is used by God. As for the PRAYER ROOM, PRAISE THE LORD!!! I have been wishing to have that kind of room all my life but did not succeed. I even convinced myself that there is no such a thing like prayer room. I thought i was dreaming. But now that you have mentioned and u build it, i know its real. I will have it, i will built it. God wil give me strengh. I trust Him. I know He wil take me from zero to Hero. I don’t have a house, i am a pensioner. From the look of things there is no hope for me. But Jehova , who opened the Red Sea, He is well able to take me to the better world. Again thank u Mr Mbadu. EMMANUEL!!!

  13. I wish to visit the scoan one day I can see the breakthrough thru the emmanuel TV

    Amen in the name of Juses christ that die for our sins in the name of juses Amen

  14. my name is mr nicholas ugedi on 6-12-2012 in my dream I saw wise man daniel pray for me same prophet T B joshua prayed for me I vomit alot. and I am free from bad dream. THANK TO ARE LORD JESUS CHRIST.& PROPHET T B JOSHUA,

  15. Thank u tb joshua for yr prayers.my borther is nw well.only his eyes.pray for his eyes.man of god i dont know hw i can thank u.i can just say many god give u time so that i can meet with u face by face.pray for me i want to come and see u.

  16. This is realy inspiring. I am also facing dissapointment in my life right now. I have a degree but I am unemployed and can’t find a job. Sometimes I feel like giving up becouse I pray and don’t see change ,if God can touch ur life they he did then he can touch mine.Please pray fort me ,I realy need in God ‘s touch in every aspect of my life. Please pray for me.

  17. My name is Mr. Simon azoluokuchukwu, in south Africa there is a fight for the truck drivers. in the that fight they put fire in many trucks that park. on 26/9/2012 they came destroy my truck all the glass and put fire.the fire just start going up then, police came and quench the fire. it is a great miracle because of the anointing sticker.

  18. Relebohile sekonyela,i have been trying to visit scoun bt as of now it has been about ten months wating for my name to be approved from the list coming from scoun,interviews at pretoria i have attent them,please i now feel like it could also help to become emmanuel partnership,so please how do i do that?

  19. God is great all the time. let all these testimonies bring the people of the world closer to Jesus so that none should perish for sure.

  20. Thank u tb joshua for yr prayers with me on Emmanuel TV,I need yr pray i want to built my own house,i want to built my six room house in jesus name.i dont have money to my built my house with yr pray jesus will give me money to built my house in jesus name.

  21. It is a blessing reading that the lord is through emmanuel tv blessing the world full of doubt,hatred and abuse of all kind. thank you senior prophet TB Josua for the powerful mesage and all the word of wisdom and encouragment you always send to the world.
    sir your prayers are needed, for i also want to come to Scoan for testimonies as others; for i have ask the lord for one thing and is to visit the Sinagorgue. Thank you sir.

  22. Our God is a merciful God indeed.Thanks my brother my faith is lifted up, I really need deliverance and have been applying to visit SCOAN for so long now God’s time is the best time he promised that he will never leave nor forsake us devil is liar.I believe that as he has made it for our brother and many other people he will surely have mercy on me as well,I am going through a very difficult phase whereby I even want to kill myself but it is not over until God says it is over.Glory be to God,EMMANUEL!

  23. God never leave us unattended. Jesus Christ also join the powerful men and women of God in chain parayers. if i could only touch the hen of His Garment i know and belief that my household and all close to me physically and spriritualy lifes will change from glory to glory. In Jesus Christ name Amen

  24. may the good
    lord be blessed for that testimony it has realy encouraged me and made my soul to move from one faith to yhe other…thank u lord amen and amen…..

  25. I tank God for given u sure a glorious testimony and i pray dat sure will come my side and even more.tank u Jesus

  26. I am happy and glad when children of God are testifying of the goodness of God. It really prove that God is still the same yesterday, today and forever. He that does it in your life will surely do mine in Jesus mighty name. Amen

  27. Hi Prophet TB JOSHUA ,Thank GOD ALMIGHTY for you and your entire team for changing lives, changing Nations and changing the world. In fact, i am encouraged for the numerous Testimonies i am reading through the internet.I STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT MY OWN TESTIMONY IS ON THE WAY.IN JESUS NAME .AMEN.

  28. With God, everything is possible, we ask now and He gives us now. If people of God, you ask and not given now, it does not mean that you won’t be given what you ask for.God has a reason, know that God’s time is the best. Our Lord is greater than our troubles. My hope also came back by the testimony of Partner Msikelelwa Mbadu. To God be the Glory. Amen

  29. Jesus is Lord, thank you very much your testimony has realy encouraged me. i know through emmanuel tv i have been blessed too. Lord Jesus help me be a strong christian and let me stand firm in the Lord and continue testifying your goodness in my life. Loard Jesus bless my son Odillo Sipiya and my daughter Agness Sipiya and assign your angels to protect my children.

  30. God be praised for the gift of Prophet T.B Joshua to Nigeria. I pray that the anointing in him wil continue increasing every minute of his life. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  31. this is so inspiring and i thank God for allowing you to share with us here n am blessed after reading this testimony and i knw with God ,all thing are possible and my breakthrough is on itz way , thank you Jesus . happy birthday prophet t.b joshua … tuesday is the day and am going to pray for U

  32. I thank u tb joshua for what u re doing to us people.happy birthday to u man of god tb joshua.i want to be partner

  33. Praise the Lord Emma nuel thank you my br other for sharing your testimony with us scoan has a living God I’v never been there but for praying with the man of God chang es my life one day in my dream he said to one of the evangelist who was among his team must give me money in 4months th at money came to me from the government of which I did not know about it so with that money somebody introduce a business of which I am expecting millions of rands this is not the only testimony that I have my daughter pa ssed on,on the 10 Apr il she was using anoi nting water the day before she went on and from there saw a vision of Jesus Christ welcoming her to hea ven Emmanuel….realy anointing water is for the salvation of the soul.


  35. May my dear God continue to bless this life changing channel tv….”You will never be the same again once start watching this channel” Your partner forever as long as live…!

  36. I still maintain that God is God and He is Good. I still maintain that we are blessed to witness the kindness of the Holy Mighty.God grant us wisdom to appreciate you. In Jesus Name we received.

  37. The Lord has blessed the world with Emmanuel TV it changes lives and nations, thank you Jesus for blessing us

  38. Hello brethrens in the Lord;i thank Jesus for His goodness opone mankind. It is great reading about others being bless by our Lord.
    Please your prayers are needed cause i want the world to hear about me giving testimonies for the glory of our Lord as well.
    Thank you in advance in Jesus name Amen.

  39. Hallelujah!! GOD is go0d! Thats the way the lord works ‘God doesn’t run out of blessing the lord wil keep on blessng hs people because he has promise 2 be with us! COUNT THE LORD’s BLESSING’ am happy everytym i hear wat God is doing in peopl’s lyf i begin 2 cry , and i know! I wl nt die before my time’ prophet TV joshua has said it’ am Healed i knw my healing is s0o n! Thank u l0rd,

  40. Emmanuel T.V and partners thank u 4 a wonderful delieverance. Thank u Lord 4 giving us T.B Joshua. We worship u ,we praise u in jesus name. Amen

  41. indeed God is good all the time He will never leave nor forsake us as long we blelieve in HIM He will be there for us. As a partner of Emmanuel TV am also experiencing God’s mercy and favor my life has changed for good. Thank you JESUS.

  42. Thank you Almighty God for intervening in the life of Msikelelwa Mbadu.the Emmanuel tv Partner. I kindly ask you not to loose hope in whatever situation you are and let the light keep shining in your life and keep serving Almighty God
    May God be gracious to you and bless you and let his face shine upon you for the rest of your life.

  43. Everything is possible through jesus ,We thank you Prophet T.B Joshua ,with you we live a happy life ,there is none like you.You deserve all the best.

    Matete Azizi

  44. I thank God Almighty for all the good things He is doing for His children!!!!! Praise be to God!!.. I also thank Him for using Prophet TB Joshua for saving, delivering, healing and blessing His world!!!

  45. May God have mercy on a Betty,James and Burton and their families so that they receive deliverance and healing including the entire family.

  46. Praise be to God. Thank you Mr Mbadu for this great testimony. It has given me hope again because I am one of the people who has loss hope. T.B Joshua leave longer Amen.

  47. he is the same god today as he has always been. he is a faithful god. lets call his name always and we will be saved.

  48. To God be the glory!!!!…what He has done to my brother, He will do it to my children!!!…Praiseeeeee be to God!!!!!!!!

  49. Better is not good enough the best is yet to come indeed. We serve a living God. We have been blessed and being a blessing simply by being Emmanuel TV Viewers and Partners. We rejoice with you my brother, Emmanuel!!

  50. Thank you Jesus for blessing mr mbadu indeed you are the way the truth and the life the glory be to God and Emmanuel T.V, May the Lord have mercy on me as well my partner and I our relationship is broken and we have kids Dear God restore our relationship in Jesus Name

  51. What a wonderful testimony.What a God we serve,so full of mercy,so awesome.Glory be his name.Prophet T.B. Joshua and your crew,may God bless you more.

  52. Our God is not limited he will continue pouring these blessings in our lives for the honour and glory of his name i believe my testimony is on the way.

  53. Praise be to God. Thank you Mr Mbadu for this great testimony. It has really give me hope again, because I’m one of the people who has loss hope. T.B Joshua man of God leave longer Amen.

  54. “Jesus Christ is the ONLY ONE, ONLY ONE who is able to turn negatives to positives. Hopeles life to hopeful life. Victims to victors. Taking over our burdens to give us blessings. Devil have no say when Jesus Christ is present but only to flee. I am blessed also. Thank You Lord. Keep your servant T.B Joshua covered with Your Holy blood. Anoint him more, more and the most. Changing lives, nations and the world”. Emmanuel!

  55. ‘The God we pray is a merciful God. ‘HE HOLDS THE KEYS TO MY/OUR LIVES’. I thank You Holy spirit. I know with God nothing is impossible. Allow Your mercy and favour speak for me’. I need to visit SCOAN and seek the face of God. I rejoice with you sir for what Jesus Christ had done to your life. Emmanuel! Amen.

  56. God is good all the time and all the time God is good. He can never lie and He is always faithful to those who seek Him diligently. Thank God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua to bring this man on to higher height and like he said the best is yet to come in his life. Praise God.

  57. Halelua! God is with us and I pray for the same anoiting power to break every yoke in my life.God is using Emmanuel Tv to heal and bless us

  58. good testimony,i know God is wonderful and always doing wonderful things,thank you JESUS your alpha and omega,no one is like you

  59. God does His meracles in our lives and we shoould believe in Him and let His WORD MANIFEST IN OUR LIVES.

  60. Our God is answering God, answers by fire. God of Prophet TB Joshua help me I have a plot not even a kwacha to build a house please man of God pray for me I don’t know what to do, but I trust only in his name who is Jesus Christ.

  61. Thank you Jesus! One brother saved means satan’s kingdom is weakened! I am also looking for a similar breakthrough as I have been trying different types of business ventures but none is suceeding. I’ve enrolled into a number of proffessional courses, but I never get to finish them.
    But even then, Jesus remains my savior, my comforter, my protector, my leader into salvation! Emmanuel!!!!!!!

  62. I pray that God will minister and deliver me in the same way. Ooh Jesus hear me also i need you to remember me. as you bless other let my case not escape your annointing. Ooh Son of David have mercy on me. Will continue to watch Emmanuel Tv, I believe one day Jesus Christ will meet my need. Thank you Mbadu really you helped me. May God continue to bless you more and more in Jesus’ name Amen

  63. Give thanks to the Lord for his love endures forever,He said he will never live us or forsake us.Emmanuel!!!!!!

  64. I am realy inspired by this testimony,my faith today(07/06/2012)has increased.i have been praying for prosperity in all areas of my life to come to pass,in the verge of my breakthrough i face draw back,failure and limitations.I still have hope that though it tarries but it shall surely come to pass.I will be going for interview on Friday for HOD as an educator,pls Man of God TB Joshua pray for me in Jesus Name and let the mercy and favor speak for me,Amen.

  65. Early hours of the morning on Tuesday 05/06/12 I dream that I was in a church service while in this service I saw the man of God prophet T.B. Joshua leading the service. In his hands he had all sorts of weapons dangerous weapons & in the dream this scared me & I started to feel uncomfortable. I saw him going outside leaving the room,shortly he returned this time carry a shotgun I got scared again. As I was looking at him I started to sing a worship song ‘mercy rewrote my life’. As I was singing something in me was forcing me to bow down and I was on my knees. He stood on the podium ready to address the church,I was watching him trying to figure out as to what happened to the weapons in his hands. As I was thinking he raised his hand pointing at my direction his hand looked like it was on fire and something like a smoke came out of his hand to my direction,I tried to escape that smoke but it was so fast & when it touched my face it felt like something big like lightening had hit me,I was on my feet I resisted that power cause I thought no I cannot fall down meanwhile my body was shaking all over I couldn’t control myself & I fell down & I heard his voice on top of me saying “in the mighty name of Jesus Christ” his voice was so loud and as soon as he said so everything just went black I passed out. I woke up from the dream woken by the alarm clock at 5am all this while I was shaking like in a dream I couldn’t stand up properly switched on the light & went back to bed still shaking . I took my bible thinking to myself that there must be a confirmation for this in the word of God. I paged & got to John 8 where the pharisees brought to Jesus a woman who was caught in adultery & wanted her to be stoned to death but Jesus said anyone who has no sin let him be the first to cast a stone,but the bible says they all left from the greatest to the smallest & Jesus said to the woman where are your accusers now she said they are all gone Jesus said I don’t condemn you either go and sin no more. This to me shows that God is so merciful and that God used His prophet to deliver me & to arm me for something I don’t know praise God.

    • This testimony gives me hope. I am am planing to buy a house in my late husband’s contry so that the orphans he left have a home in theif late father’s contry of origine, Burundi. I also pray to God that my Forever Living Business prosperes. Dear Prophet TB Joshua pray for me in Jesus Name so that my dreams come true

  66. Glory be to God!!if God can do it for U,he can do it for Me, I’m waiting patiently for my time and I’ll keep on worshiping and giving him the highest place in my heart and in my life,and I’ll keep on praying with Emmanuel Tv.

  67. Glory be to God! Indeed God is good all the time! Our Awasome God! I pray God to strengthen Prophet.T.B Joshua, wisemen, his family and all those who wish the best life for all people in this world.

  68. What a testimony! glory to God in the Highest. I claim it in Jesus name. If God has done it to you, He will also grant me what my heart desires. In fact I am walking in my testmony after the prayer of 3rd June by our father in the Lord, Prophet T. B. Joshua, he give a word that God has granted me my heart’s desire. I received it by faih and I know it is well. I am so happy for you.

  69. Emmanuel!The 6od of Tb joshua is real n i m believing that one day i will delivered and made free from the bondage of sin.God of Tb joshua deliver me.That testimony is encouraging n im really inspired.amen

  70. Father l want to thank u for our lives. True indeed my hope isn’t lost. May u continue to guide the emmanuel t.v & bless them. Amen

  71. Thank you Jesus for Emmanuel TV , changing our life’s
    My church is infront of Emmanuel TV. My children mindset has changed Emmanuel! Stay current

  72. Pease help me in my prayers i believe God will deliever me i desire to look after a number of hiv people with a dream in farming including students

  73. To God be all the Glory!! I am expectant of my blessings. We just finished our evening glory with my family. God has spoken to us to start in a small way to be helping the needy. Currently my business is strugling but inspite of the situation we made a resolution to make sacrifices with the earnings from it. God will provide the rest Amen!

  74. Pease help me to achieve my dream of having a plot where we wil lookafter the less preveliaged in zim just like what my father used to do

  75. Man of God pls pray for me i need ur prayer nd my frind vivian angese,she as a problem nd my brother ola afilaka i want God 2 bless him richly,nd our 1st born damilola afilaka i want God 2 change his story,nd my sister odunayo afilaka i want God 2 cast out dat evil spirit in her…

  76. Glory to God in the highest. Lord help me also as You are doing to any of Your children. Do not pass me by touch my case in Jesus name amen. Forgive my sins and wash me and my entire family in the precious blood of Jesus Christ, amen.

  77. To God be the glory !! I’m her sister, I testify, eversince I & my husband did an installation of Emmanual tv at his house, his life was changed from glory to glory. God is faithful, He create something out of nothing.

  78. Pls man of God pray for me,for 5 good yrs hv being luking for admision nd hv no be admitted til nw.man of pls help me.

  79. I do thank you in partnership with Emmanuel TV where the whole World is able to receive the word of God through the man of God Prophet TB JOSHUA.Glory be to God.You shall be showere with blessings my man.

  80. God has never failed and he ll never,praise God for using the man of God prophet TB JOSHUA.I also wish to receive the annointing water and one day to visit the synagogy church of all nations but i dont know wat 2 do(procidure)pliz help me.

  81. I need annointing water to administer to my sister inlaw who was involved in an accident and she suffered head injuries and now she is confused she cant think strait neither does she walk. Please help.

  82. Emmanuel i thank God 4 d testimony of our brother 4rm South Africa may d good lord continue 2 b wit him n his entire family in Jesus name.and i also want 2 use dis medium 2 appreciate what God is doing tru his servant Prophet TB Joshua God bless hm abundantly

  83. God is more than able. He sees the lost not losers, thats why he treats them with passion. hence he came to seek and to save that which was lost(Luke 19:10). God bless you brother Mbadu for the testimony. To God be the Glory.

  84. Indeed u have ncouraged me not 2 give up 2day n Jesus name because of life challnges im facing.may God Almight continu blessing u,your family & may it pour forth 2 those around you too. AMEN ….(from zambia)

  85. Need u hav ncouraged me nt 2 gv up 2day n Jesus name because of life challnges im facing.may God Almight continu blessing u,your family & may it pour forth 2 those around you too. AMEN ….(from zambia)

  86. Indeed God is in control of our life, whatever the devil try to use against us, shall be destroy. His kingdom and armour has been damage and destroy. am happy for you and need more blessing od this as well. stay in your blessing and keep the faith burning. Amen

  87. Emmanuel…..! What a Mighty God we serve. Alleluyah! May God do d same 2me even greater testimony than this as i partner with Emmanuel Tv. Amen

  88. Thnk u Jesus fr raising my brother up.God’s time is nt our time.If God delivers u frm addiction,He desires 2 deliver u frm th entire environment tht contributed 2 ur addiction in th 1st place.U hve 2 move out of tht circle,environment or neighbourhood.God says 2 u “Live”.Sowed into ministry out of ur resources,nd God wll bless u th more.U r great Lord!

  89. Wow what a wonerfull God we serve, Our God he will never fail us, to Him everything is possible, (sangena lapho kwakuthiwa akungenwa khona, saphuma lapho makungaphunya khona, uma ubengenathi Jesu ngesafela endleleni) praise the Lord,


  91. Indeed our God is a wonder. If your case could not escape Jesus Christ through the Emmanuel TV, mine will escape Him too in Jesus name. Amen

  92. Am a member of the church and I don’t know how to pray, Pls teach me how to pray thks. Emmanuel…Lord you are great. You are a miraculous working God. You that perform this miracle pls perform miracle in my life too! I will forever serve you oh God!!!

  93. Emmanuel…..! What a mighty God we serve. Alleluyah! May God do d same 2me even a greater testimony than this as i partner with emmanuel Tv. Amen

  94. To them that belived in him are given the power to testify of his good work. Thank you JESUS for my healing.

  95. With God all things a possible just have faith and believe in him he is able. Thank u lord Jesus for bringing hope to your children we love u Jesus

  96. He is awesome,in him there is joy peace@hope.there is absolutly nothing he can not do.mighty warrior,jehovah jireh,pillar of strength.our reedemer.our rock.very loving,the same yesterday,today@forever.alpha@omega.

  97. Am so hapy. Last weekend ihad headache. From nowhere blood came out from my nose. Coz ofheadache onmonday. TBjoshua. Was praying for viewers amtelIng you headache. Is gone. Iknew TBjoshua in2009 iknew Jesus through him. Things were not working for me but now isee the Grory of GodmanofGod keeP prayimng for me toexperience the supernatural ofGod

  98. Better is not good enough the best is yet 2 come thank God 4 what he has dont 4 u and your my brother am happy 4 u,its my prayer and honour that 1 day God wil touch me and my family as well my husband Christopher Mulenga olso drinks beer alot he tries 2 stop but he fail we are going through alot finacialy,accandemicaly,healthwise we need breakthrough aswel,we rent a 3 roomed house becz of luck of money we fail 2 pay schools fees alot of problems just 2 mention a few.here in zambia things are tough man of God touch my me and my family plz ve mercy on us we dont know what 2 do.hear us in jesus’s name thank u.we love u TB JOSHUA we watch u every sunday plz remember us in our prayers our daughter’s name is Naomi mulenga and am expecting and want a baby boy and health,i believe distance is not a barrier in jesus’s name.

  99. glory be to God, God is forever there, he never said goodbye, what is needed is to believe in him and he will do wonders to us, have faith in the lord. Thank you for the wonder testimony.

  100. To God be the glory. I know my God will fulfill his promise upon my family, and we will open our mouth wide to testify to the glory of God.

  101. Thank you for being free in Jesus name. I also need your prayer. I believe one day i wil see man of God TB Joshua. Be blessed man i like your faith.

  102. Glory b to God.i also joined emmanuel tv on facebook and finding every msg useful in ma life.distance is nt a barrier.praise God for the wonderful works

  103. Wow thank u for the annointing that is upon profet and is manifesting upon your life celebtate God and thank him all the tym .amen God be the glory

  104. Thank God for his grace upon u & ur family. as for me i know my God will fulfill his promise upon my family, and we will open our mouth wide to testify to the glory of God.

  105. thank you lord for the miracles.God bless you & your family.when God gives you no one can take it away.it is a faith lifting miracle.stay blessed

  106. Emmanuel God is good all the time thank Brother for the testimony it gives hope that i will also get my testimony cause am also a emmanuel tv viewer I thank God for this testimony Im also from South Africa Emmanuel !!!!

  107. Thank you Jesus for this wonderful testimony,Our God is indeed God of a second chance. My faith is lifted up.

  108. To God be the glory we thank man of God for the wonderful blessings in Jesus name. That’s the work of God we thank him for his mercy.

  109. I thank Jehovah GOD,the GOD of Abraham 4 the blessin tht has come into yo life.i pray so tht i can also b blessd like dis my brother here.i’m passin through alot,if u dnt mind u cnt help me visit scoan oso.may th GOD in heaven bless me and every1 on dis earth.stay blessd…………. Help me !!!

  110. Amen,Glory be 2 God.We praise you Lord,we worshiping you Lord,you’re worthy 2 be praised.

  111. Thank you Jesus for such a privilege. I join the Mbadu’s to celebrate, and i ask that the mercy of God shall make a way for me and0my entire family. In the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

  112. we ,also do trust that through T B Joshua,the blessed and spiritually assigned Man of God, the flame of victory will certainly shine brightly on all those who,like you, genuinely testify.

  113. Dear Brother Msekelelwa Mbandu,

    • The Bible says whatever we bind on earth so shall it be in heaven im joining you in prayer my brother we cancel this spirit of drinking out in Jesus Mighty Name


  114. This is awesome and with God all things are possible.I always wish to be a partner but one day God will make a way.emmanuel God with us.

  115. Thanks to God 4 ds great testimonies.Am encouraged bcos i know dat as a partner too,my testimonies cometh,IJMN!

  116. God z a marvelous,he sees way where they no way. Hw precious nd wonderful he is.man of God i nid yo grace. deliver me,i nid healin,deliverance nd breakthrugh n jesus name.

  117. Glory b to God who works through His anointed servant T.B. Joshua! I believe that my testimony is coming soon, God will reveal Himself to me and my family.

  118. Prophet T B Joshua u’re greatly blessing to this our generation, more and more power to your elbow, ur anointing will continue to flow fresh IJN Amen.

  119. Wow the story is interesting.may the best come to me too it seems to me that I’m the only guy to take my family to the next level,so I hereby to ask for strength

  120. I am a man aged 28. I wish to be an emmanuel tv partner in Zimbabwe but I don’t know how to start. Please help me, I have got some brothers here in Zim like JOHN CHIBWE who are doing good things but I dont have their contact details so that I can meet and do the work of GOD together

  121. Thank u father,thank u jesus, thank u man of god. All ths testimonies hs realy touched me . And i believe what god has done for others, he can also do for me. Pls man of god pray for me i have alot of problems in my life ,sickness and many more. Pls man of god help me. Pray for me.

  122. Thank God for the life like this,am really happy to see a testimonies like this,,,please sir i want to be a partner in this ministry but am very far from Nigeria,i don’t know how i will do the register, I am a Nigerian but i live in Malaysia please how can i be a partner,i want to be a giver with the little i have as a partner to this ministry.

  123. God is good all the time, thank u jesus for delivering my brother in christ. I’m waiting for my invitation please I need deliverance and I hope I will be invited.. Thank u jesus emmanuel!!!!!!!

  124. Truly God is good to us his children just be right with him and everything would be alright old things are past away all things becomes new,Hallelujah.

  125. His grace is all we need. We thank God for his son”Jesus Christ” who never said good by, who is always with us.Because he lives, we can fearlessy face tomorrow.Nathing is impossible in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen”””.

  126. This testimony is realy hitting me within, i feel motivated as i m also studying. Emmanuel! Prophet God is using you

  127. wow, what a Mighty God We serve, we give you honour my God, we worship you, we praise you my Lord, you are worthy to be praised. When God says Yes Nobody CAN say NO. God is our director.

  128. The Lord is in control in anything in which the children of God put their hands on,whatever we have asked for,God has already blessed us. Let’s trust in him alone . Whatever he said he will give us he will do as he promised us. Mr Mbadu we thank the Lord for what he did to your family. Emmanuel

  129. Heavenly father,thank you somuch for the testimony of my brother Mbadu let it be an ever increasing one in Jesus name. Amen and I ask that such a tistimony, to be my possion and more in Jesus name . Amen

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