Another faith-filled testimony of a Tanzanian lady whose mother received her miracle without even realising it!

“Emmanuel! I have two testimonies to share to the glory of God. Firstly, when I was pregnant and the time of my delivery was due, I prayed with Prophet T.B. Joshua through Emmanuel TV, asking God to grant me a safe delivery. Because it was my first pregnancy, I was worried about the whole process. To the glory of God, just a few days later, I gave birth safely and soundly! It was exactly 38 weeks of my pregnancy. I knew God was involved because the pain was very minimal. It was 4am in the morning when the labour started and I was taken to the hospital instantly. The doctor took me to the labour room and within just 30 minutes, I gave birth to a beautiful girl called Malaika (a Swahili word meaning ‘Angel’)! Just a few hours later, I was discharged from the hospital because I was doing very well with the baby. Now my baby is three months old and she is doing very well. Thank You, Jesus!

“Secondly, my mother had a severe sinus infection which she was operated on in Tanzania in her nose. Because the problem was still persisting, the doctor recommended that another operation needed to be done. We arranged to go to India for the operation. Before we left, my aunt’s friend came to see my mother and we prayed together. She then sprayed the Anointing Water on my mother and in her nose.

“The following day when we arrived in India, they had to do another CT scan for my mother. When the doctor read the scan, he looked at us surprised. He said that this woman is not suffering any sinus infection and needs no operation! We thought that maybe they had made a mistake and we went to another hospital where the doctor observed my mother’s sinus in a machine which we can all see like a TV. I saw with my own eyes that the sinus was pure, clean and normal. The doctors in India said that maybe there was a mistake from the doctor who operated her in Tanzania who was a professor. They said that there is no need to operate her because she has no sinus infection. Until today, my mother is doing great and has had no problems in her sinus. Glory be to God! I know God healed her through the Anointing Water!”

Elizabeth Karua, Tanzania

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  3. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for this wonderful testimony. Your love for us is so amazing. You healed our friend and her mother. We should never doubt God because what he promised he will fulfill he will you make you to live a life again and be restored to the original position, which he created you. Almighty GOD is always at work up to this very day and Lord Jesus Christ is also working. Remember to take the word of Almighty GOD standard for life.

  4. Jehova God of Abraham,Jacob Isaac,l will not live you untill u bless me dat one day l should be called lsrael l need u Jesus Christ in ma life da one day l shld testfy here Amen!

  5. God can use any medium for the healing and deliverance of his poeple, glory be to God for using the anionting water to destroy the works of satan in ur mums’ life, prophet T.B Josua is God send in our time, let us make use of this great opportunity and do what he says, IT IS WELL WITH OUR GENERATION. thank u Jesus

  6. I really need God’s intervention in my life. When i want to do good things, i find myself doing bad things. May God’s mercy and favor be upon my family and I.

  7. May the name of our Lord Jesus Christ be glorified! We really thank God for His mercies for using His servants upon our lives.its a blessing!

  8. god is good all the time so many things he has done for us but sometimes we do not see we just should continue to pray

  9. thank you God because of your man servant. For those who talk, let them come and see for themselves what God is doing through the man of God Pro TB.Joshua.

    Touch us all in Jesus Name


  11. Emmanuellllllllll thank you Emmmanuel Singers Emmanuel TV and Prophet Joshua God bless you.Well our our life will never be the same.Our past is over.

  12. Walking in the Spirit is so exciting. You hear Almighty God talking to you.
    Psalms 34:8
    Taste and see the Lord is good, blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.



  14. Lord Jesus Christ you are WONDERFUL. you are true to your word, all things are possible to them that believe. I am believing you to do miracles to me also,i faithfully watch Emmanuel TV. i am encouraged by the word and the miracles that are taking place. surely my lord shall not pass me by. in your might name Jesus CHRIST. AMEN. Allute.D.

  15. Thank you Jesus for this miracle and thanks to the man God who is helping us in this sinful generation.Also kindly pray for me and i ask the Almighty God to have Mercy on me and forgive me all my sins. I ate some food and i vomited badly and my mouth is still bitter up to date for i do not know to whether the food contained poison or not, please Pray for me in Jesus Christ’s Name Amen !!!!!.

  16. Emmanuel! God is great and there is nothing too difficult for Jesus Christ to do. I also pray that the God that healed her will also heal me and make me whole, so that i will also be a living testimony in Jesus name, Amen

  17. man of god you are so wonderful in my family. My faith has raised so much. Everytime i watch tv emmanuel tv is my channel May the god bless you and your wise man. Tsungai makuti

  18. God you are WONDERFUL. you are true to your word, all things are possible to them that believe. i am believing God for my miracle too,i faithly watch emmanuel tv. everyday and i am encouraged by the word and the miracles that are taking place. surely my lord shall not pass me by ,my testimony shall happen in God’s time. AMEN.evelyn

  19. The God we serve is a powerful God, the craetor of heavens and earth and eveything that dwells in it.To him be the Glory forever and ever

  20. Halleluya, glory be to our faithful God. I blv its only a matter of time before i share my testimonies too, because i serve a faithful God who never disappoints, to all those in pain and suffering, i say do not give up on our God no matter how much the devil hurts us, we should not loss hope on our mighty God. He will deliver as he promised, lots of love from Botswana.

  21. Glory be to our Lord Jesus christ thank you father for delivering your people may the lord Jesus remember me as well i have no peace and hapiness in my life i have 2 kids and my partner left us i love him so much may God restore our relationship and soften the heart of my partner to return to us in Jesus ‘name and i belive God will deliver us and answer my prayer.you are faithfull God praise be to God

  22. Emmanuel!!! With God nothing is impossible. With faith God wil not leave u. Thank you Jesus for the healing.

    • Don’t move out.Stay there and keep on asking for God’s intervention.I was in a similar situation and thought my marriage was worthless.God surprised me.My husband is changed and I thank God day and night.My sister God is the only everlasting solution to your marriage.He never fails.

  23. glory be to our faifhfullyness jesus christ for hjis mercy toward us i believe hundred percent bcz distance is not a barrier god bless a lot the prophet tb joshua and all the wise man ,prayer warrior, church members amen.

  24. ManofGod prophet TBJOSHUA. Wisemans when will my life live depending on Gods will if you read this help me iwant to live for God

  25. Glory to the lord Jesus,when you least expect the miracles that’s when the lord do his work let’s praise Him (LORD) .


  27. To God almight be the glory,for the wonderful miracle working power of the anointing water,one thing we should always know is this that the God we serve is the God that is full of possibilities

  28. To God almight be the glory,for the wonderful miracle working power of the anointing water,one thing we should always know is this that the God we serve is the God that is full of possibilities and for all that we see as diversities the God we serve see them as an opportunity,emmanuel

  29. My father in lord i thanks u 4 de good work dats god has given 2u contiune, god will uphold u. And de wies man2 an ur ministries amen.

  30. Glory be to God! We are really blessed to have Prophet TB Joshua in our time, an anointed man of God. I only wish everyone would have the eyes to see what we are seeing. God is at work thru his obedient servant. Thank you Jesus!!!

  31. God is great! He is awesome! I praise His Holy Name! I thank God for the life of this siter and her mother. May their blessings remain permanent in Jesus Name. Amen.

  32. In jesus name i pray to God 2 heal my mother and deliver us from family boundage in jesus name Amen i belive now that already delivered Amen

  33. GOD is good always.my wife expriences miscarriage since but when i used anoiting water;my tookin now .pls prophet of GOD help us in JESUS name.

  34. Thank you Jesus i pray that the same God of snr prophet T B Joshua will deliver my mom and heal her and the whole family in Jesus christ name i pray amen!

  35. To God b the Glory who annointed His servant TB Joshua. Thank you Jesus in advance for my miracle , I know you will perform it for me. I will testify one day and Your name will be glorifed.

  36. Pls man of God help me.prey for 4 me l am a sinner.l need jesus to delivered me.from the sprit sin.and l need to vist scoan this year.

  37. I prayed with Snr Prophet T B Joshua on YouTube and the Infection (Staph loco cus aureus) that has been disturbing me is gone. To God be the glory, amen. Pls join me in praying for Govt Appointment into Fed Board in my country(Nigeria)

  38. oh thank God! What God is done for us, we really lack words to say thank you, Your name be glory for ever amen!!
    Congratulation sister!

  39. To God be the glory, devil you are a liar. Where there’s light, darkness has no hinding place. Halleluah

  40. God is Good all the time,praise the lord for the miracle happen every minute in our life,thanks Heavenly father for sending Man of God Prophet T.B Josua to save us in the Name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  41. Our GOD is a good and miraculous GOD all thanks to him and to the man of GOD PROPHET T.B JOSHUA 4 his great concern to the whole world

  42. The God of PROPHET TB JOSHUA is too real. If you call him with faith he will answer you. PROPHET TB JOSHUA is a God saint. Thank you Jesus.

  43. God is great He is the only one may he do the same to my beloved son who shakes his body all the time the doctor doesn’t know what it is only God knows Amen

  44. I kno wat d anoited water can do.We got one last year n it did manifest in us. But i dont kno if we’re fully deliverd.

  45. One day god wil do miracles 4 me nd my family..there is no barrier in wat god does… tb hear my prayers deliver me frm the mischiefs im facin with gods grace you will have powers to open doors for me.

  46. Praise be to the Lord !My miracle is on the way n my entire family.Plz pray for me ,abt my partner ,8 yrs relationship ,one child but he seems nt serios,i want to know Gods opinion ,I BELIEVE THAT GOD WILL SEE ME THROUGH IN JESUS NAME!

  47. God do it for us as you’ve done for this lady’s family so that i’ll testify oneday. Glory be to God for his wonderful works upon this family

  48. Thank you man of god for the wonderful testmony your power is real you are a true man of god Emmanuel!!!

  49. Glory be to God, thanks u for d wonderful testimonies and may d good Lord continue to do bless us all.

  50. Thanks be to God for it great miracle in our live,God is doing awsome things to his glory through the powerful man of God prophet T.B joshua, i’ve witness so many miracle taking place, seeing people testifying the great things God has done in there life.it really awsome,God has used this powerful man(T.B joshua)to be a blessing to our generation,may God continue to strenghting his ability.in jesus name amen!

  51. I wil give my testmony soon hv ben married for 9 yrs now and no child. But this year l will testify to the Glory of God .am encoured everyday by this testimonies and l know that my God is doing it 4 me if he has done it 4 others am next believe it or not. In Jesus Name Amen.

  52. Amen! God’s miracles are good. Lord as you heal your people remember me, have mercy and favour upon me. May your name be glorified!

  53. Groly be 2 God olmight jesus i love u and i believe so much in u,my name is charity shabeenzu and my husband is christopher mulenga and our daughter naomi mulenga man of God we believe distance is not a barrier we pray with u every sunday on Emmanuel TV, we are from lusaka zambia plz man of God pray 4 us we need healing from STDS,HIV/AIDS T.B and many more diseases in our body i wil testify to the groly of God because i believe we wil be healed in Jesus’s name.am expecting plz pray 4 me so i give birth 2 a baby boy very health with complication.i love u TB JOSHUA my number is +260976522056

  54. Yes Lord this testimony is really powerful,I Believe that my Healing Delivarence has come in Jesus Name.

  55. Our god is a miracle working god.what is impossible with man is possible with god.he is awesome today yesterday@forever.

  56. Emmanuel! Glory be to God forevermore!! His timing is always the best, Our Healer. God bless you Prophet, for allowing God to use You as His vessel btwn man & Himself. Hallelujah!

  57. Glory be to God almighty. I am sure that i will recieve my own miracle today my glory as arrived in Jesus name

  58. Im thanking the ministry for always keeping us alive in jesuss ways.i have discovered a lot of things changing due to the prayers and messages from the wise men and foremost our father in chris,tb joshua.may the lord continue blessing and gvng a lot of deliverances world wide no matter distance because its not a barrier.thank u so much for the great love we receive from you.amen

  59. Emmanuel…tu God be the glory in it’s full,it is the fullfilment of His that these signs shall follow them that believe.Hallellua.

  60. I pray dat God heals me too from a longtime infection which has defied all medical treatment thru emmanuel tv and the anointing water bcos distance is nt a barrier 2 God’s power.

  61. I pray dat God heals me too from a longtime infection which has defied all medical treatment thru emmanuel tv and the anointing bcos distance is nt a barrier 2 God’s power.

  62. Thank GOD for your everlasting and unconditional love. Thank you for the opportunity of me being a christian. I thank you TB Joshua and all of your wise men and the team at large, you have transformed my life well through the ministries that are always broadcasted through emmanuel tv. Right now am only praying for the God’s hand at work at SCOAN to work in the same way with my life,family and people. I pray for a safe deliverance that am expecting in 6 weeks to come. Please man of God,pray with me about my spiritual and baby deliverance. Be blessed in Jesus name. Amen.
    Thank you LORD and I praise you.

  63. praise jesus, anioting water works in so many ways . I ve faith it will work for me too, that’s why i wat to have one. I’ve been trying my best to have one ,i know jesus will help me too.tanx

  64. I will fight till i get the anointing water for myself and my family! This will not leave my mind till i get hold of it! My mother is in pain at Mandhlazi homestead in Zimbabwe Chipinge Zamchiya area! She needs Jesus’ touch! May the Holy Spirit make TB Joshua talk to her in someway! The sinus infection took place in Tanzania but the next mirracle will be @ my homestead- i believe! Amen in the mighty name of Jesus!

  65. God with us!…Jesus christ is the same forever. I worship his holy name…and pray 4 Tb Joshua and the wise men in the synagogue 4 more of God’s grace and anointing to continue in showing and demonstrating the power and superiority of the lord over demons…EMMANUEL!!!

  66. Glory to God almighty. When the time has come for God visit His chird, no matter what, His visitation must manifest through miracles.

  67. Glory be to God. he is fathful and miracle worker. I testifyed that thre God of TB JOSHUA is real ly alive . Thank you our papa. I prayed that one day my visitation be successfuly in Jesus name

  68. Halleya luke 1v37 is fulfilled without any doubt Jesus christ is in control using His chosen one 2 perfom signs en wonders. Ame

  69. Emmanuel!This is great and all people around the world should know that The God of TB Joshua is real.I am believing and trusting in the God of Tb Joshua that my problem will/can never embarrass Jesus Christ.Prayer warriors kindly pray with me i need deliverance in Jesus Name.
    We give glory to the God of TB Joshua for the great miracle to the Tanzanian woman.Amen

  70. Thank You Jesus Christ. People of God, lets believe in Him and He will create a way out for us. He promised to help us when in troubles. He is the Lord, yesterday, today and forever. ‘HE HOLDS THE KEY TO OUR LIVES’. JESUS CHRIST!

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