Agree With God!

Julia Golding from Botswana testifies to receiving her healing to a 30 year digestive condition through praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. Thank You, Jesus!

“Emmanuel! My name is Julia Golding and I am a citizen of Botswana. I have had a serious problem for the past 30 years in my digestion. I would stay for two to three weeks without going to the toilet and if I forced myself to go to the toilet, I would be bleeding. The toilet would be full of blood and it was very painful. I was very worried at my condition. I discovered a green tea from China which gave me some temporary relief – but if I skipped a day without taking that tea, I would go back to normal and it would even be worse. Doctors told me to drink lots of water and eat vegetables – but it was all in vain.

“I suffered for many years; I felt like there was nothing I could do. However, a few months ago, I started watching Emmanuel TV and doing everything Prophet T.B. Joshua was telling viewers to do during prayer – to touch the screen while praying and agree with God. I can boldly testify that distance is not a barrier for the Holy Spirit! Man of God, I am now totally healed, in Jesus’ name – through touching the screen on Emmanuel TV and believing that GOD is my Healer. My digestive system is normal and I no longer experience such bleeding when I go the toilet. I am healed! Thank You, Jesus! I do believe that more miracles are coming my way!”

Julia Golding, Botswana

255 thoughts on “Agree With God!

  1. Thank Almighty GOD, love him, worship him and be grateful. Beilive and trust him during your life time Because the Kingdom of GOD is unshakable, it is incomparable, it is unchangeable and GOD Almighty is the creator of the universe. No matter how satan try to shake the kingdom of GOD it is still there. Satan tried to shake it when Eve was deceived by the snake to eat the fruit of life and death in the garden of Eden, but GOD’s kingdom was never moved. Many people tried to destroy the living Word of GOD (Holy Bible) but they were not successful. Till today satan is trying to shake the kingdom of GOD but he is failing, instead Almighty GOD is now disarming the kingdom of darkness. Many people are being delivered in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Almighty GOD is what he says he is.
    Let us be thankful, because we receive a kingdom that cannot be shaken. Let us be grateful and worship GOD in a way that will please with reverance and fear

  2. Emmanuel…I would like to take this opportunity to say, thank you Jesus Christ of Nazareth for saving my soul..I am under the influence of emmanuel tv and under the anointing of man of God, Prophet TB Joshua…I believe that better is not good enough the best is yet to come…I am who God says I am , I can do what God says I can do, I am justified I am no longer condemned , defeat and failure are things of the past..people of God distance is not a barrier..anywhere you are you can be healed by touching the screen of your television when the man God of is praying and receive your miracles as I received mine in Jesus name.

  3. I am addicted to this channel and waiting ptiently for my miracles to fully come to life no more bit by bit miracles but full miracle. I am getting married this year in Jesus name. Amen Glory””’

    • I agree with Veronica, distance is not barrier. Now is my time for Gods visitation in my life, family, marriage, career and destiny. I have Hepatitis B but will never get sick and die with this disease in my body in Jesus name for Jesus is healer. Amen
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    • Glory to God I wish we could get it on TBN like previous time now we cant access it at all, i always watch it at work now my contract is coming to an end on the 30 of October this year i trust God there will be a way of getting hear TB Joshua.

  4. l thank you lord for healing our brother and many more others who can not have the facilities to post their testimoneis l believe there are many.You are wonderfull praise be to Jesus.Man of God you are a blessing to many pupil we love you. With faith All is possible.

    • Indeed distance is not a barrier, i pray day and night that i could acces Emmanuel TB my dish cant give us all channels and we are paying it monthly, we were accessing it at 11:00 on tbn now we haven’t seen it.

  5. destiny my career beging to work in the name of Jesus..people of God keep watching emmanuel tv..asfo me i work emmanueltv i eat emmanueltv i sleep emmanueltv i talk emmanueltv i walk emmanueltv i pray emmanueltv i laugh emmanueltv i read emmanueltv..thank you Jesus for blessing us with Snr. Prophet TB Joshua….Emmanuel.

  6. All Christians and those who are born again christians must agree with God that they must follow his foot steps, every day of their lives, read his word and pray every day so that they grow spiritually. Because Almighty God does nothing without his living word.

  7. Emmanuel! The is power in the virtue of faith i pray that the good work which the lord has started in your life will not end in Jesus name amen. Emmanuel!

  8. God is awsome. I pray for God’s healing mercy on my right ear as i use those He has healed as a contact point for my own healing.

  9. The Lord is my Sheperd i have evrything i need. He my saviour ,redeemer, provider,healer and deliverer. Nothing impossible for he the Living God that I serve.All glory ,praise nd honour belongs to him.

    • I love the way God use Prophet TB.Joshua, i have seen him doing miracles i can’t stop telling people of what i have seen God is a ling God Jesus is our savior please pray with me, I want to be part of Prophet Joshua’s sermons

  10. Peace be wt u all in d name of christ, i just want 2 use this little time 2 ask 4rm u staffs of scoan a favour, and i pray dat God ll use the one he has somuchly bless”prophet T.b joshua” to answer my prayers. 4 a very long time now i have been having health problems and somany desapointmen in my whole life, even as i am speaking to u now i cant see clearly with my two eyes,and i somuchly belive dat God ll answer my prayer u. be my helper

  11. Man of God! did you know that God has put you at this time of an hour to help people like us? I always get blessed and may The Almighty God protect your personage and wellbeing togather with your family
    this is my prayer to you, be blessed.

  12. What days are services in nigeria, i am planing on flying in for service and is there branches in london and USA? Are any of the wise men there? thank you

    • i wish i could join you, but the service is every day i used to watch it from website can any one have an info give it to us as also its my wish to go with you but i know God will grant your prayer

  13. I love the Jesus i Know distance is not a barrier may God bless you Prophet TB Joshua, God uses u to show his power I will be always supporting you until Jesus come, U have the healing power, deliverance i was shock when i see you raised the dead people i have seen the wonders of God through you, may God bless you and your family in Jesus name Amen

  14. Emmanuel, thanks to God n my uncoditional prophet tb Joshua 4 his librated n touching prayer by touching d screen bad habit gone (mastabetion) n am just being confirm as GEREGU POWER STATION STAFF. My pass is really over, MAN OF GOD GIVE ME OPPORTUNITY to share ds life changing testimony IN SYNAGOGUE. Nigeria

  15. Emmanuel, thanks to God n my uncoditional prophet tb Joshua 4 his librated n touching prayer by touching d screen bad habit gone (mastabetion) n am just being confirm as GEREGU POWER STATION STAFF. My pass is really over, MAN OF GOD GIVE ME OPPORTUNITY to share ds life changing testimony IN SYNAGOGUE.

  16. Pls man of God milions of nigeria wil die if chelsea dnt win the champions including me pls pray that chelsea wil win

  17. Distance will neva sieze my deliverance, o God i am crying o God deliver me from staphyloccoci in jesus name.amen. O God may my admission letter be published in jesus name. Amen

  18. Thank you Jesus, for that miracle for those that do not believe should learn from some of us who believe in God because we have seen what the Lord has done for us through our only Prophet TB Joshua. Please keep on sending me these blogs as they lift my faith always.Thank you Jesus.

  19. Our God is great.He has done marvelous things in the lives of believers including mine.May all glories be unto Him for this healing in Botswana.Emmanuel!

  20. “Is anything too difficult for me” ? Our Father is a miracle working Lord. Glory be to Him. Thank you man of God for opening our eyes. God bless you.

  21. Distance is not a barrier may the same God who touched this lady,may he touch my life ,my marraige,my carrer tonight

  22. God is still performing miracles. There is no distance in the spirit realm. I am 45 years of age and i want to get married but every man that indicate interest runs immediately after. No calls again either receiving or calling

  23. i never see/2x wonder wonder wonder wonder…….(a song that praise God). JESUS IS THE DOCTOR THAT MADE ALL DOCTORS…….chai

    • Thank u Jesus for your deliverance because u a always with us. Man of God pray for people are against me at my work place. I hope Jesus will help me @ also help them to you Lord.

  24. Yes Jesus is healing today. The amazing thing happens only when having faith in Him. O Lord help me get my healing through faith in you.


  26. l real respect TB Joshua for his wonderful prayers and how God is using him, man of God STAY BLESSED YOU ARE REAL MAN OF GOD and my faith is very much challenged by your words.l love you.Keep your good work Sir you are Blessed.

  27. thank you for my wife healing as i requested for prayer request to pray for her as she has a cyst but when we went to the hospital she was found to be expecting a child and doctors failed to do the operation as she was told the cyst is now too small that it will heal on its own,thank you as now we ask for successful delivery.

  28. Thank u Jesus !!! wat a mighty God we serve,wat miracle. Thou God of TB JoSHUA please visit me.AMEN

  29. Thank you Jesus Christ. Lord of miracles. The testimony really uplift my faith for with God nothing is impossible and for sure distance is not a barrier. Thank you Lord. Man of God my God continue to lift you from one level to another in Jesus Name.

  30. I need God totally in my life n Ministry. Please help, i am also sick in the body that i don’t understand my body chemistry. I think i am infected by unknow sickness. Man of God, i have administered so many named drugs no solution. I have been looking how to meet you to speak to my life. I believe you and your grace. Please distance is not a barrier to this hour. Just say a word to me, i will be free n free forever. Thank you Emmanuel, Thank you Jesus Christ.

  31. Distance is not the barrier. i thank God for your deliverance. i also pray with the prophet every sunday and i use my phone to my husband who is out of town for work so that he can also pray with him like he always say that whatever meduim u are using just believe and trust in God for your miracle. indeed Gods grace is sufficient for our lives in Jesus name. Amen

  32. emmanuel!!! God has given Us “that OLD TIME RELIGION” happening without Barrier through His MOST Anointed Senior Prophet TB Joshua. emmanuel!!! Balami

  33. Distance is indeed not a barrier, i thank lord for the healing of our beloved Mma Golding. Lets continue praising the lord and praying with Prophet TB Joshua and lets give thanks to Emmanuel tv, partners and his crew members for bringing the Sunday, Monday live services to our homes. Almost every house in my area Francistown ,Botswana are watching Emmanuel tv, go pass during live services u wl hear TB Joshua’s voice. Thank you man of God, u have changed the lives on many. Emmanuel!

  34. Emmanuel! God is with us. Distance is nt barrier l believe, the Lord that did it to our sister through our daddy in the Lord snr prophet TB Joshua, will do it in our life’s in Jesus name Amen.

  35. i want man of God to assist me as God has been using him to bless so many people. i so much believe in his ministry and the way he is being used by God.he has taught us not to allow our situation to dictate our relationship with God. But i have this nagging problem that has affected my every sphere of my life:BARRENESS! I ve been married for almost 26years now, no issue.Families,friends and colleagues have made jest of my family in several ways.It has started affecting my carrier,marital life and everything about the family.We have tried so many things to get over this but the problem remains.We have visited synagogue church in Lagos twice, we couldnt succeed in getting the attention of the Senior prophet or the wise men.I have written many prayer requests without success yet.presently i am a member of the church as well as a partner with Emmanuel Tv. I just wish that Senior Prophet T.B Joshua will read this and react to my predicament.

    • Hi Denise. Emmanuel TV can be found on DSTV. Decoder. On Public boutique. To go to public, on your remote control u press TV button n scroll to public. On other sets u need to program it first.

  36. Distance is not a barrier it is only your faith that count and god time is the best and what happened to the botswana woman can happen to anyone and in any part of the world just believe and have faith in the name of jesus amen

  37. My father LORD am in convenat with you what ever you want from me to do teach me and i will do and you will bless all the work of my hand and open heaven for me AMEN

  38. My name is Ann from Nigeria, man of God prophet TB Joshua was praying. And he said, distance is not a barrier, place your hand were you need healing and i place it on my teeth because i had toothache. I have gone to the hospital to fill it. But it started again. From that faithful day i touched my Screen till now i have not experience toothache again.Glory be to God

    • indeed distance is not a barrier, yesterday they called be to inform that my brother was stabbed by his former colleagues, emmidiatly by phone beep, it was the message of Distance is not barrier i started seeking God protection now he is better, please pray with me prophet for my family to accept Jesus as their savior and Lord i dont hesitate the curses will be broken

  39. Thank you God for wonderful miracle in Jesus name, James 5 V15 said and the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well;the Lord will raise him up .If he has sinned ,he will be forgiven.
    Glory to be Living God ,thank you TB Joshua Amen

  40. Distance indeed is not a barrier,through Emmanuel TV i have been blessed $ learn that we are blessed to bless others,thanks be God for prophet T.B Joshua,God bless you man of God. Amen

  41. Thank God He is the master healer @ indeed distance is not a barrier. As they are always saying believing is our connection. Thank you Jesus for our father senior prophet TB Jshua may u continue to bless him in Jesus name

  42. Amen and amen distance is not a barrier when the spirit of god is there healing deliverance are lyk breathing

  43. If i do not agree with God then, am agree with something else my Bible made me 2 no that Jesus is the only way the truth & life no one can make it 2 heaven except through him and i can’t be deceive by myself nor people arround me,no option than 2 absolutely agree with God,i thank God am one of the Emmanuel tv viewer not just 2 view what’s happen i always pray in faith along with Prophet T.b Joshua God is really using the man of God 2 bless me & my family i hope 2 come 2 SCOAN oneday b/c amazing things are happening there

  44. Haleluya,oh,what a testimony,what a testimony,how i love ths.Our God is so full of mercy.Ms Goldin ,may God stand with you forever,u have faith my sister and i can tell u that devil is a liar.i can imagine the pain that u were going thru.Modimo o mogolo.Your past is over mi sister.May His name be glorified at all the time in Jesus name.Prophet and your crew ,may God be with you for ever.I love you Lord.

  45. Thank you Man of God indid distance is not a barrier alot has been said but this 3words Love,Hope and Faith love being the greatest.

  46. Almighty God, give me the grace to experience your power to make me Holy through The Man of God prophet TB Joshua.

  47. Thank u TB Joshua&the SCOAN team,please continue doing god’s work.I pray that God protect my family(especially my mom) against this witchdoctor(she continues troubling us),please pray with me.Anyway how can I view Emmanuel Tv on my phone,my phone is blackberry curve 8520&I am on BIS.

  48. Almighty God, help us to see the vision You have for our lives and for the world using Man of God Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua

  49. This is amazing&it shows hw powerful&strong the word of god is.Really distance is nt a barrier,when we talk about…the powerful word of god.i think it only needs one 2 believe&trust.thank you lord jesus!

  50. Please man of god pray for me, i have parcel at the airport in my country, but customs refuse with them they demand lots of money and i already paid lot at the airport and i no longer have money but i need those parcel on saturday. Lucky Lawson is the one who have to deliver them, so please man of god pray for those people to realise my parcel before end of this week. Please direct them man of god thank you.

  51. Emmanuel!!
    Praise the Lord!
    I am so happy for you Julia.
    Keep watching Emmanuel T.V. and pray with the Prophet, I tell you, the best is yet to come.
    Thank you Jesus.

  52. Glory be to God almighty. Distance is not a barrier indeed. Man of God as i touch da scree pliz pray for me dat God remembers me and deliver me. Emmanuel.

  53. God is still doing miracle his da same god. He neva change believe in your heart that you can be healed from a distance

  54. Indeed our God is wonderful there is nothing good He cannot do for His people who trully believe in Him. Thank YOU LORD for this YOUR daughter whom YOU healed, please Lord remember me in this manner so that I will have my own testimony.


  56. amen sista we serve a miracle working God neva turnback m walkin”in the light of my testimony for God is doing wonders thru prophet TB Joshua and emmanuel tv thank u Lord

  57. Emmanuel, really God is with us.Ever since I got to know about emmanuel tv my life is constantly changing for good in all areas.My wish is to be a patner of emmanuel tv such that I also have a hand in changing other people s lives .I know that one day so soon by God s grace I will receive my email for invitation to synagogue in Nigeria.thanks to emmanuel tv patners,prophet T B Joshua and Evelyn Joshua for supporting the work of God not forgetting the wisemen.Do not weary in doing good.Glory be to God.Emmanuel singers,ushers and everyone who contributes to the success of the emmanuel tv keep up good work.

  58. Thank u god for using pastor TB Joshua indeed distance is nt a barrier. I thank god for wat he did to my life and I want man of god to continue praying for me to get a better job in jesus name

  59. That’s touching!! My wife Faith suffers from genetically inherited asthma and high blood pressure please pray for her I know she will receive her healing

  60. I want to thank the Lord for my deliverance last sunday.Last sunday i made my mind not to go to church, i was in the house watching emmanuel tv at that faithful morning i started the first service wit them and before the service could start, i said to my self that distance is not a barrier so im going to have my deliverance today in Jesus name and the faith that i was having soo strong that before the first service could have gone to an end,i have got my deliverance in Jesus name AMEN. And what made me knew i have gotten my deliverance was through the prayers of prophet TB JOSHUA and with the faith that i was having i saw that i weak and fell down,i was there for some minute feeling very weak to stand on my feet, so i was on my knees holding the tv and i continue to pray with the prophet and immediately i started to vomit and i vomited until there was nothing to vomit again. And i knew i have been delivered in Jesus name AMEN.So i want to share this living testimony with all believers,never to doubt Gods power and to tell them that distance is not a barrier.AMEN.

  61. I have a friend who cant walk n talk properly,seen distances is not a problem in going to God work,then i ask my friend to touch tv sceen while man of God was praying to the views,and she also set a prayer during that moment..even now she still in same condition”cant walk n talk properly”..i dont know where did we do wrong..but she never get been a year now suffering..
    Any help for her?? please..

  62. God is every were, and He is doing what He promise to do, healing the sick and blessing the poor, He never says good bye.
    This sister testimony has increase our faith to believe more on him Jesus praise God.

  63. Thank You Father for your healing Power using The Man Of God, Prophet TB Joshua Thru The Emmanuel TV. Thank You For Emmanuel TV Partners who has made it possible that we must have access to such programs n Team that made possible to have this msg Today thru our mobile phones. Above all I’m thank full for the Power of the Holy Ghost n The Blood of Jesus. Hallelujah! Since I started watching Emmanuel TV my life is moving up n forward.

  64. Mine is not testmony.MAN OF GOD do ever send your wise men to pray 4 pipo in other countries where pipo have 2 send money 4 air ticket etc

    • Iwould like 2 know if u do send any of the wisemen to pray 4 pipo outside & pipo have 2 send money 4 airticket etc

      • Beatrice, I know about two months ago, Wiseman Harry was in United States. Put in a request and if it pleases God he can instruct them to do so. Jesus loves you.

  65. Thank You Jesus Christ for the mighty work you are doing through Emmanuel TV. Senior Prophet TB Joshua you are really a Man of God. God bless you and the Wise Men. In Jesus Christ Name. Amen.

  66. Emmanuel God is with us. Salvation is well abide in us as we abide in it. I truly believe I am next to testify for me and my family healing, deliverance & financial break through. Amen!

  67. God is always miraculous,to tell you da truth man of God nolonger go to da hospital,l mean watever disease or sickness,it might be colds,headache etc you can name it,l just touch da screen,agree with God and trust Him dat l am healed and everthing is well with me,l mean everything, ryt nw l am waiting for my reply on da plant operators intake and l have faith that this job is frm my Father in heaven.Amen,l agree with God..

  68. Glory be unto god,realy all thngz are posible to them tht belv,distance isnt a barier jus faith@aceptance

  69. Undoubtedly Prophet T.B Joshua is d Elisha of our time. Tank U Jesus for d instrument U are using to save millions of people al over d world. Jst lik ma mentor used to say, “To His power notin is impossible…..

  70. Like me, i’ve heard this kind of testimony from a close neighbour. Through the medium of touching the screen of your television. Her problem of constant miss carriage became a thing of the past. I am supposed to be operated since last year through Hernia. But lack of finance. By God’s grace i will continue to touch the screen until the good Lord will have mercy on me,. Amen.

  71. Please help me by the name oF god mr t b. I hear your power so help me.Lot of money I spent to different Prophet but no help at all. I. have married long ago. But no child. I don’t know what to do. My wife sometimes thought I can cross her. becoz of that. Six years now. Together. SO what can I do Pastor t b. PLz. Help. Help Me. I thinK. Too mucH if I see. Someones chiLd. Sure u I gree with god pastor. Me my name kenneth jenya. My wife rudo nzvimbo. Born 1979 and 1985

  72. I believed Emmanuel TV that’s true, I was also healed my severe stomach pains through touching the screen, I believe T.BJOSHUA is a prophet of God, more is on my way I believe.

  73. Oh!l will always shout”God of Prophet TB Joshua!’a lot of good has happed to me after that’l agree'(zimbabwe)

  74. Indeed distance is not a barrier he said he is going but he will leave with us the HOLY SPIRIT AS OUR REDEEMER

  75. amen! we rejoice wt u sister, nw et god has dne it 4u mke hs wrd e stndrd 4ur lyf… continue 2 serv hm in truth!

  76. Jesus is Lord! Truely an awesome God, let his name be Glorified! We praise you Jesus, there’s no one like you.

  77. Amen distance is not a barrier by faith everything is possible in jesus name i hope the almighty god wil do the same to me thank you lord

  78. surely the word of our lord is alive.thank you jesus christ for these annointed men.praise b to God as we wait 4 more testimonies.

  79. Emmanuel.thank u jesus ,my saviour,my redeemer i know one day you will answer my prayers through Distance is not a barrier.jesus continue use this Man of God so that we can be healed&nations can be changed in the mighty name of Jesus AMEN.

  80. Better is not good enough,the best yet to come; Many more shal happy. The was are man in bible who said to jesus he must nt come to he’s house. but if he can just speak are word he’s son wil be hearl and it was so,distants is nt are barrier.

  81. Indeed distance is not a barrier i received my deliverance yestaday i have been a graduate since 2010 til date without a job n 2moro on d 16th may i am attending an interview i believe n hv faith dat it is my day of breakthru. in jesus name amen

  82. help me Lord to archive good things in my life. with you nothing is impossible
    in the mighty name of Jesus

  83. Really Distance is not a Barrier…. Thank u God 4d Miracles, 4using Prophet TBJ. Seeing 4wrd 4my Miracles ad granting my Heart Desires ‘O’ Lord.

  84. God is so good Haleluja. Wht eva the circumstances as lng as my God lives, i fear no evil… In God i trust. Amen.

  85. Thank you man of God.may the almighty continue 2 use you.Better is nt good enough.the best is yet 2 cm.

  86. Our God never stop to do amazing thing in our life, and he promised us that he will never forsake nor leave us alone, in every situation that we go through we just have to put our trust upon him and he will do it for us. My sister better is not good enough the best is yet to come…

  87. i’m david Gabriel, distance is true nt a barrar for 1 year and 4 months having a problem with my stomach problem, were i been having pain, sound inside, running stomach and skeping days without going to the toilet and sometime when i force my self to the toilet just blood, this year my almight God bless me with immanuel tv…then i start praying with man of God senior prophet TB Josua doing what he’s telling viwier to do, and my stomach problem just vanis for good, glory to God, for sending such a man to heal me amen

    • Emmanuel…better is not good enough but the best is yet to come…indeed distance is not a barrier…I got healed through anointing water…a colleague brought it from SCOAN and spray on me and I received an instant healing from hot flashes….thank you Jesus I am delivered and free…Emmanuel.

      • Emmanuel…people of God help me to thank God of TB Joshua…today 17/05/12 is my day 4 after administering the anointing water, believe me when I say I am totaly delivered from hot flushes I sleep like a baby,the hotness is gone…thank you Jesus Christ of Nazareth ,for blessing us with Prophet TB Joshua and emmanuel tv.


  89. God bless you so much man of God prophete TB Joshua…for the mighty work you re doing…prayer has being to jst access the anoiting water moG..THANKU.

    • EMMANUEL,i was being regularly viewing with my family for five years,and was sick for more than 20years my problems where heat and server pain in the lags server pain on my back and shoulders and fibroid,ovarian cyst and a big mass on my right inquinal region and partial headach and things where moving on my back but after praying by wise man DANNIEL in a dream from that time am healed am iness kakompe from zambia they are to testify but i pray that i may come and give testmonies i can only testfy well if i come there EMMANUEL GOD PF TB JOSHUA AMEN PLEASE USE THIS MAIL TO CANTACT ME IT IS FOR MY PASTOR.

  90. Emmanuel.Man of god i have been wanting to accese the anointing water for a while,but no one has helped me with information on how to go about the right way.please man of god help me with information on the matter.i missed out when i visited scoan in bellevile in cape town last of god help me

    • Apparently you can have the water by becoming a partner with Emmanuel.go to their website for more details, i submitted my application ths morning. be blessed.

  91. When God is involved in your case , the how long becoomes history within a twinkle of an eye.

  92. Jesus has not stopped healing and doing miracles, He is still the same yesterday, today and forever. Glory be to God. We thank the Man of God, senior Prophet TB Joshua for allowing himself to be used by God to be the vessel. We thank God for your healing my sister and total deliverance and restoration. Emmanuel

  93. Emmanuel, indeed Distance is not a barrier, the believe in our heart is our connection to Jesus. Wherever you are, God’s power can heal, deliver and bless you.

    I rejoice with u sister, stay firm in God’ word, make them the standard of your life and He will do it more and more in your life.

  94. Thank you God for using prophet T.B Joshua to change peoples life. Indeed dry bones shall rise again through the man of God,wiseman,emmanuel tv. Distance is not a barrier indeed. Thank you Lord. Emmanuel.

    • Amen, glory be to God ! I am so inspired by sister Julia Golding testimony from Botswana,indeed there is nothing impossible with God.I have a condition similar to the sister,after reading this post my faith is revived. Distance is not a barrier and will keep -on touching the television screen.Ntombi South Africa

      • Amen, reading sister Julia’s story has also restored my faith. Reading her story it was as though i wrote it. I have been suffering from the same condition for 30 years as well.

        • Glory glory be to our almighty God we serve! Your healing is our healing all those who believe shall be saved by the grace of our Lord! Jehova ke modisa warona o re alosa dinokaneng!

    • Am so grateful to God and the man of God Prophet TB Joshua, for all the prayers and help he gives to people. Just last week i experienced the work of God in my life….i was watching Emmanuel tv last week Tuesday before going to work so i decided to mend the dress i was to wear that morning so i had a needle in my hands when under my eyes started itching so decided to drop the needle in the box and scratch my eye but dint realize i did not drop the needle but was still in my hands and in the process of me scratching under my eyes the needle God right under my eyes and blood started flowing slowly, thanks to God it dint get my eye cos it was very close.
      Thank you lord for your protection. Emmanuel

      • He is our protector, no amount of protection provided by man is enough compared to what God gives. Thank you Jesus

    • Distance is not a baria to only the beliver of the word of god. 4 me i truely belive ang where u are ar not far 4m god. Emmanuel.

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