“GOD OF T.B. JOSHUA” – A Miraculous Rescue

An Emmanuel TV viewers shared his testimony from several years ago how he was miraculously rescued, sheltered under the shadow of God’s Divine protection…

“Emmanuel! I was in Abuja on posting between 2005 and 2007. On April 13th 2007, on the eve of the governorship election in Lagos, I decided to pay my family a surprise visit. I boarded a plane from Abuja and got to Lagos in the evening around 8:30 pm. In order to minimise cost and give my family enough of the money with me, I decided to take a bus since I lived quite close to the airport. I was the first person to enter an empty “danfo bus” (an acronym for minibuses in Lagos, Nigeria). As we were moving on, the bus became filled up with “passengers” – about 14 adults.

“Suddenly, just a few kilometres to where I wanted to alight, the four “passengers” behind me at the back row suddenly attacked me. They grabbed my head, trying to break my neck by turning it backwards. Well, as an avid follower/ viewer of Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV, and knowing God’s anointing in him, by Divine instinct, I managed to shout, “God of T.B. Joshua!!” Suddenly, something incredible happened! The bus careered in a different direction and confusion began reigning amidst my attackers. It was as if something struck them down. They were visibly shaken and immediately stopped the bus. They asked me if I was a pastor and began begging me that they were very sorry. I was immediately released! I can only thank the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua for preserving my life.”

Stephen T. Falegan, Nigeria

244 thoughts on ““GOD OF T.B. JOSHUA” – A Miraculous Rescue

  1. I need help pry for me can god forgive me can he bless me can he give me love ? God am sorry i will not sin angin come in to my life and make my family me proud of me

  2. I need help from the Lord for my faith

    I am earth to with my heart

    I suffer enormous and i need help

    I need big help in prayer

    only God can help me

    my heart is broken into a million pieces

    so feel me now

    implore my God to help me of my future husband

  3. Man of God please pray for me,I am not promoted ,my children are not working ,one of my children has stated to work this year after going to see Prophet TB JOSHUA.My health i have athritis ,allegies and my eye was a problem my vision is also low,pray for my husband .deliver me man of God.

  4. Please man of God help me. I have a nine year old boy who have a problem of wetting and poo himself without feeling anything. That is during the day or nite, Pls help him, he does not have confidence at all because of this. He is even struggling at school. Please help me Im a single parent.

  5. good afternoon man of God please pray for me and my husband healty and good relationship and financial also and we are died in Namibia very much come and Help us and pray for us Man of God please ,please come to Namibia

  6. good afternoo Man Of God. please pray for me and my family to be one flash. we thank you Man of God because we are what we are today because of your words. i am healed.

  7. goodafternoon man of God,man of God kindly pray for my family,i have face alot of challenges in my life and man of god pray for my children touch them and give da the strength man of god pray for son to succed in his career of play football am really asking you man of god to help my children. i also have problems of not getting married man of god i want to have my home am tied of this situation of been alone,kindly pray for and my two daughters so that they can succed in there school.may the good lord bless you with alots blessing. am from zambia i work for kazungula district council southern province.

  8. hal pastor my name is barbra macha from zambia my problem am facing alot of chalenges in my family my sister sald am a moving grave just becoz of the man who want to marry me let the almight say something about this man am depressed i feel God is not there for me papa deliver me man of God.

  9. My name is SECHABA MABASO , im from south africa and by profession am male nurse, my life never been normal am faced wt challenges in life. Everything i had to do or archive i have to do it million times,i had been failing through my all schooling life even in tertiary. my marriage is falling apart, depts increasing daily and possession falling apart………….need to be delivered. amen

  10. Indeed the God of T B Joshua is a living GOD. May his name be praised for ever. Man of GOD please pray for me i have breast cancer and has deformed me , the spinal code is bend and have lost my heart. Doctors say my disease in incurable but iam believing God for a miracle and will give a testimony the glory of his name. Emmanuel’

  11. Paster T.B. Joshua Please pray for me im a single mother of 3 and looking after my late brother’s daughter. Life is so difficult financially im in so much debts that i even think that killing myself will be a solution for my kids to live since they will get my payouts from where im working, Please pastor pray for me and please visit South Africa one day.

  12. Man of God, Prophet TB Joshua, I thank God for giving us such a man that sees, listens from God and a father to the fatherless. Each time I watch Emmanuael Tv, hope comes in. Pray for me, my family and child.

  13. Prophet TB JOSHUA i nd a prayer request for my mother MRS JULIANA CHUKWUEZI wu is down wit strange sickness by spiritual attack .She visited my juniour sister wu base in california wit her husband since 2010 and just came to Nigeria to see de children and dis my juniour ones base in lagos and port harcourt she didnt reach de village.She stay wit dis my for just a month and she went back to california DSA after a week she was to hospital and cant talk she is in comma eating through pipe till now.My healer here i request a miraculous healing for my mother wit i know she will come back to live and i intend to bring her home after healing and herself and de children our father is later through dis same sickness to share our testimony wit people. Oh mother she is COMA prophet somebody want to wipe dis family away.Save us from dis weaked one among we de children.THANK sir from de children GODbless de prophet.

    • hello BEN,i join you to pray for your mother,because your mother is also my mother.let’s thank GOD for the life of mama,and as OUR LORD lives & still prays for us, may mama’s situation give us a good reason to worship GOD the more and that He will strenghten her in all her weaknesses because His grace is all she needs and by His grace she shall conquer coma in the migthy name of our LORD JESUS we pray .amen

  14. Prophet TB JOSHUA i nd a prayer request for my mother wu is down wit strange sickness by spiritual attack .She visited my juniour sister wu base in california wit her husband since 2010 and just came to Nigeria to see de children and dis my juniour ones base in lagos and port harcourt she didnt reach de village.She stay wit dis my for just a month and she went back to california DSA after a week she was to hospital and cant talk she is in comma eating through pipe till now.My healer here i request a miraculous healing for my mother wit i know she will come back to live and i intend to bring her home after healing and herself and de children our father is later through dis same sickness to share our testimony wit people. Oh mother she is COMA prophet somebody want to wipe dis family away.Save us from dis weaked one among we de children.THANK sir from de children GODbless de prophet.

  15. Man of God Prophet T.B.Josua,with all my faith i need your pray, healing and blessed in my life.Heavenly Father help in the Name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  16. PRAYER REQUEST: I need prayers pastor. you are my only hope. this is my 8th year struggling to complete my degree nd still there is no hope. I really dont knw whats going on. i really need your help. i cant get my life together. even if i try some business they are never successful.

  17. Thank Almighty God for revealing your word to us through your Apostles. Without your word this world will be in shambless.

  18. I know, God of Emmanuel TB Joshua is supernatural God. May his spirit establishes me and made me hold, in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ-Amen!

  19. thank you for all your efforts that you have put in this. Very interesting info. “Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither.” by Clive Staples Lewis.

  20. Surely Prophet T B Joshua is an anointed man and prophet of God of our time ,his anointing will never dried in Jesus name. Emmanuel.

    • Man of God pls pray fr my health i with heartburn 2006 i ged oparation that sme problem but is still going on pls pray fr me and my husband we ask fr aproval loan at th bank and we still wait fr an answer pls help us pray fr us now God Bless

      • Man of God pls pray fr me my collc see has make story Lien between me and my boss and really i dnt know about the story and now i m very unhappy and dnt know what to do pls pray fr me and hr also becauce see is not poeple to work together pls

  21. LIVE STRESS – FREE !! Take my yoke upon you …. for my yoke is easy, and my burden is light Mattw11: 29 – 30.

    Thank you Lord,

  22. PRAYER REQUEST:I went for an enlistment into the Ghana police service in february 2012.And i successfuly passed all the examinations set for us to write but when the results was out my name was not in the list meanwhile i’ve passed all the exam and i don’t know why my name was bein removed,im very confused and i don’t know what to do man of God for i know you are my only helper from God our Father, please help me plea my case before God our Father, please help me man of God. THANK YOU MAN OF GOD AMEN.

  23. For sure your testimony has enlightened me to see the protection I am under by craving to watch Emmanuel t.v. T.B Joshua is just one of the Prophet in old testament. Every word they speak will come to pass, therefore if we believe in his teachings, word we believe in God.I believe with you T.BJoshua this is a new dawn, my past is over, my marital life,finances,carrer, health has resurrected in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

  24. for long i have been searching for an opportunity to get out side Africa and today the scout from new castle came to my club to select players and i was not allowed to participate, by my coach just because am a new member , i know that the true, living GOD will make a way for me even in the wilderness


  26. yes! The GOD of T B JOShau is an awesome GOD,Emmanuel GOD is really with us;we thank our Lord for your miracle. Remember my brother our only constant defence is ‘To always make GOD’s word the standard of our lives. GOD bless you ‘Man of GOD Amen

  27. Praise the Lord your joy is equally ours, we praise and glorify the name of the Lord together. We serve the living God and the God of Prophet TB Joshua is surely a living God and for as long as we live He is forever be our God. Emmanuel


  29. God of TB Joshua please save my life from torment by evil spirits at night and during the day. Spirits are moving all over my body.

  30. God is good all the time. Thank you God of TB Joshua. I will never stop believing in you no matter what people say bad things about you senior Prophet T. B Joshua. Whether one likes it or not , u r a real man Of GOD. Amen

  31. My God, my Lord Jesus have Mercy on me a Sinner as the World is full of such people as we no longer fear Animals but we fear our fellow Human beings . Our only TB Joshua please continue connecting us to our Lord and do Not stop Praying for the World for mankind to be Saved amen.

  32. How awesome is our Living God, He need to be Praised and be Hournered forever and ever for all the things whether good or bad because our Living God is an eye opener.

  33. Yes lord you deserve to be prased your love is great we love you Jesus we praise you load. Glory to Jesus AMEN.

    • Justina Nani ! Nothing to say about man of God TB Joshua Jesu send He to come broke our yoke No Comment I love TB Joshua Man of God remember me and family everyday

      • thanks God for sending Man of God Prophet T.B Josua to save us ,praise the living God forever amen

  34. Thank you Jesus. My Lord, my Savoir, Redeemer, Lord of lords
    King of Kings, He was there when the foundations of Earth laid , before Papa Abraham He existed, Nothing was created without Him, He came into the world but the world new Him not.

    Jesus Spirit is with Prophet TB Joshua and working in TB Joshua.

  35. I wish to visit the SCOAN one day and witness the goodness of the power of the Holy Ghost. ‘All things are possible’

  36. wonderful.this is to prove to us the viewers dat he is a powerful man of GOD n dat his GOD IS REAL.

  37. T B joshua u are a true man of God I pray that God should use u 2 heale my eye problem,my promotion& d fruit of d worm 4rom my wife.I love watching Emmanuel TV thank u jesuse Amen

  38. God of TB Joshua is the God of the universe and the earth and everything in them. He brought confusion where there was evil.

  39. Wow that is wonderful i also believe in God of prophet tb Joshua God thank you for giving us prophet tb Joshua am also believeing him for my own miracle

  40. God of TB Joshua Deliver and save my son’s life,as you did to. Ur brother.My son 18 is out there,doing all sorts of bad things.God of TB Joshua have mercy upon my son
    The God of TB Joshua truly lives.

  41. The God of T B Joshoua na Baba, Glory be to God who has done all dis gud for us , may he Contiune to flurish Our Dady wit Annoiting IJN Amen

  42. Really Prophet TB Joshua is a true man of God….I a request for the man of God to pray for my mother who is dibetic and myself 4 I am to sit for my exams in November and I request for God’s guidance in everything I do…my family also needs a financial breakthrough..every ancestoral spirit be broken in JESUS’ name…Thank you

  43. Glory to God almighty for being the God of TB.Joshua – the one true God. I call on You Farther, to come and dwell in my heart & be my God Forever. Amen!

  44. I always believe in God of TB Joshua iss very powerful for a strong believer, i wish i could shake hand with him and have anoited water, miracles have happened and continue to happen to SCOAN i wish he can pray for my breakthrough,financial crisis and getting married,Man of God please when you see this pray and iknow i will be delivered as distance is not a barrier Mary

  45. This God of T.B Joshua we serve is a living one. I am richly blessed by this Lord. I rejoice with you sir. Keep honouring this God. Thank You Jesus Christ for loving us as sinners. Emmanuel! Amen.

  46. The God of Abraham, Issac & Jacob (Israel) , Daniel, Paul and TB Joshua is the God of all who accepted Jesus as their personal saviour! Comments from non-believers must never confuse believers in Christ! Christians must ask the Holy Ghost to help them read the whole bible and understand it! In today’s world people blasphemies against the Holy Spirit(indirectly) by saying a real man of God uses an unclean spirit in his works. Its better for people to be quite than to comment(read Mark 3v28-30). I lov u TB J.

  47. God is able,more than able nd he wil neva let u dmn.be blessed in Jesus name nd God bless T.B Joshua Ministries.

  48. The god of our prophet tb joshua is most mercyful, ful of unconditional love. If he is with u nobody can b against u. No one at al.

  49. Faith comet by hearing d word of God. By faith God of T.B.Joshua delivered u 4rm d hand of evil men, may God of T,B:Joshua protect n guide all d department of ure life now n 4ever amen.

  50. +Hallelua!God of propheTB JOshua is alive i have called on His name and lived. He is a miracle worker. Thank u man of God fr letting us partake the grace upon yo life.

  51. This is an example i like, the man T.B.Joshua is far away but his influence to me now is so great even if i was to die I was also die after shouting the same words , i believe in his messages, but the only thing is that i cant afford to pay for an air ticket to visit Nigeria, his prophesies,deliverance,soul salvation is a carbon copy of heaven `according to me’ pliz may all the heavernly power touch us as well , those who differ from my opinion its okay but my mind have spoken Jesus is my lord, his kingdom is already set to rule everyone may his grace serve me from offending God all the time.

  52. this is true because we are serving a true God……….the fear we experiance is from the heart of the devil

  53. Jesus is always there in time of our trobles.we should trust and have faith in him .may god bless the man of god tb joshua.

  54. This God of T.B Joshua we pray is alive. I am rich through His mercy and favour. Thank You Lord. All l have is because of Your Love. I know the best is to come. I rejoice with you sir. Emmanuel. Amen

  55. hello man of god, i thank god for everything he has done.i stay in south african. man of god iam ask god to heal me.to clean my blood,body ,i want to be healead,man of god were iam its far,just to touch me with ur hands. i always want to come there for prays. god is heal pray for me man of god. god bless u

  56. Thats our God, he does things miraculors way to those who serve him in truth. Thank you Lord for what you did in the life of our sister.

  57. hi is me antonio i am still here with man of god tb josua the day my wife madalena she wil get another pregnant i will testefy the more the glory of god in how are mariage since seven years til today only god know that in the name of jesus christ amen .

  58. hi is antony in angola i will like to say i love that god of tb josua i need one day me also i must testify like other the are testefying i wiil be hapy to my life forever in the name of jesus christ amen

  59. god love us .he love his prophets he send them into this world for good cause.if only we believe we can be saved

  60. My name is Credence Oduetse in Botswana i have received an sms through facebook saying ،God bless you madam,i want u to come to scoan for me to lay my hand on you to recieve your breakthrough for your family,deliverence,healing,blessing,God is showing me a hug disappointment in your life don’t neglect God word for ur life;i want to prove that are these sms ist true is from TB Joshua.rply on credah@gmail.com,my number is +26772561547.

  61. Because of emmanuel tv I have faith in God, he is the same yesterday today and forever Emmanuel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help my unbelief Lord.

  62. i am a Nigerian footballer based in Ghana looking for sponsorship to take me outside Africa to play football because of the tribalism and abuse here in Ghana, i thank GOD for i know he will hear me, because JESUS said it and it happened, and he said that those that come after him shall do greater than he did, so if only the man of GOD can decree i know it must happen

    • Halleluyah! the God of David, Moses and in our generation T B Joshua is alive. God of T B Joshua have mercy on me and heal me of my predicament. As I sit here and writing this piece, I am having a real and sevear pain in my butt. So painful , I’ve tried all means and hospitals but to no avail. I know the God of T B Joshua will heal me. Praise the Lord.

  63. Thank GOD that u have been saved by the our father,Lord,King of Kings. The most important things it is the believe that u have In GOD that saved u. BELIEVE IN HIS NAME miracles will follow and happen,to GOD be GLORY

  64. power of god is imeasurable,if you try it, you wil see it.with holy spirit and fire is in that name jesus christ,thanks you for teaching us the things of spirit and pratical power of our lord jesus christ.

  65. God of TB Joshua is our God and will surely see his children and those that put their trust in him, he shall set them free from every captivity. Amen

  66. Gargartuan prove dat de miraculous is still in existence!!!!! Blessed r those who havent seen yet believe!!! I believe………am blessed!! Awesome blessings r my potion dis yr in JESUS name………AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. greetings :thats a supernatural power of god thats God know his anoited as well as the children of the anoted thank you Prophet Tb joshua for the afford that you are putting in God children and for the wisdom that you impact on us halleluya may god add more anointing in life.

  68. We worship a living God!The God of TB Joshua has given me reason to forge ahead in life despite my numerous challenges and hardship because i believe my God lives.Alleluia!

  69. Praise our living God,we should fear no evil coz our God is always wth us nd wil always protect us frm the devil.GOD is great.Prophet TB Joshua hw wonderful r u…EMMANUEL, EMMANUEL protect me man of God i nid a breakthru in life nd i can see that wonders are starting 2 appear in my life so multiply them in the mighty name of Jesus Christ…AMEN.


  70. Praise thy lord, the God of prophet tb joshua is real oh, and i love the God of tb joshua, i know that the God of prophet tb joshua will locate me here in enugu one day Amen.

  71. Praise thy lord, the God prophet Tb joshua is real.. I love the God of tb joshua he wil locate me one day and i believe it Amen.

  72. Whom shall we fear, Whom shall we be scared of? because God is with us we will fear no evil. God is our Shield.

  73. T.B Joshua is a reall man of God, no matter wat people are saying abt him, he is Gods prophet and more miracles are yet to come so that Gods name shld be praised.

  74. The God that Prophet TB Joshua serves is a God who answers by fire. Thank you Lord for your man servant TB and for the many things you are doing in my life.man of God i ask for divine protection at my place of work and i ask for wisdom, i dont want to join the bad groups, thank you for preserving me.deliver me from all evil and let me be a woman of good influence. i dont want to ever steal again

  75. Amen and praise be to God. Our God is mighty to save. God as you saved others, I too pray that You may touch my like and move me forward, promotion and wisdom and knowledge in Jesus name, amen.

  76. God that prophet tb joshua serve will allways do it 4 us in Jesus name Amen.man of God,prophet tb joshua,i wish u to hand my life over to God,man of God i beg u.secndly,i am about starting my ist semester exams,i want a retentive memory.i want to testify to the glory of God,the same way others are testifying.

  77. God of T.B Joshua also save my life from Boko haram members when they attack me in my house @ Borno state.

  78. Emmanuel! God of TB Joshua promised us in Jer 33:3, nd Phil 2:10 and His promises NEVER fail. What an awesome God we serve, being in the Family of and heirs in the SCOAN and emmanueltv. God of TB Joshua is not limited by Distance, Time and Space as our Father TB Joshua always says. Am PROUD to say I belong with all my Family, Members of SCOAN. Man of God, PLEASE remember me and Speak to my Life when you are Praying on your Prayer Mountain in Jesus name. Emmanuel! Balami. Emmanueltv Partner No. NG009683

  79. EMMANUEL, We serve a miracle working God, the God of Meshack, Shadrack & Abednico. God of my father Prophet TB Joshua indeed there is none like him. EMMANUEL

  80. We are serving a living God. I mean TB Joshua is serving a living God. So whoever seeks refuge in Him in times of problems will be saved by Him, Amen. Thank You Lord for teaching the world that Prophet TB Joshua is serving a living God. For there is too much noise outside there, luckilly, they are outside there as i said. For we are in the world but not part of it. Give to Ceasar what is Ceasar and to God what is God. That is the approach I am taking now. Thank You Lord for Your Right Hand Man Prophet TB Joshua, The Wise Men and The Emmanuel TV Partners. For it is through this channel that I came to know that God is by my side and if I call for Him in Faith in times of problems, He will rescue me as He did to that sister, praise the Lord, Hallellujah…Amen

  81. This is power full I thank God for us to have a Man of God in our generations. Let God give him more annointing

  82. Thank you the Lord of TB Joshua is real God,he is the saviour,deliverer and redemeer you are holy my God thank you for blessins and saving the nation

  83. Yes undoubtedly I believe in the God of TB Joshua,God’s prophet of our time.I too will give my own testimony.

  84. I also believe in God of T.B Joshua. I also believe that distance is not a barrier. Can T.B Joshua play for me i m always dizzie and i Also pray for the fruit of womb ( barreness) i saw a testimony of Mr and Mrs van Zyn of barreness but after they come @ SCOAN with their baby. I m praying that i can have a baby and be heal in all the sickness i have and the diseace. I pray please man of God help me.

    • Morning my sister I was once in your situation and God answered me by giving me 2 kids and you know what? He will do it for you, have faith in God : Mark 11v 22. God will flaten that mountain standing in your way to receive your blessing

  85. Thank God for the miracle rescue indeed the the God of prophet T. B. Joshua surely lives and he never forsakes anyone who calls upon his name.

  86. Praise the Lord !where there is the annoiting of God there’s fire. We magnify his holy name

  87. Praise God!
    If you was a viewer and you have not born again, it is the time now to accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior. Be blessed!

  88. Thank you Jesus. I am not surprised, because our God is alive and is available always whenever we need Him. Whenever I encounter any challenge in life, I always call my saviour God of TB Joshua to rescue me, and I was never dissappointed. Jesus Christ is alive. To God be the Glory. Amen

  89. Haleluya!!what a might God we sarve,we’ve got a very onerst,loving,carring,God,and he is alway by our side.that is why we must always give him the higherst place in our hearts and our lives.

    • Wondeful! Wonderful! Thats the LORD, GOD. Our Rock and Deliverer. Praise be to GOD Almighty! the GOD of T.B. Joshua.

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