Disconnected From The Spirit Of Infirmity!

Karen Chilila from South Africa shares a wonderful testimony of how she received her healing by praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua during a live Sunday Service on Emmanuel TV. What a God we have to worship; what a Son we have to praise; what a future lies before us!

“I really thank God for Prophet T.B. Joshua! I had a wound in my leg for the last two years and it was becoming increasingly more painful. I could see the vein on the wound and it was causing so much pain that I couldn’t even move my leg.

“So, last Sunday when Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying for the viewers during the mass prayer towards the end of the first service, I touched the screen of my TV and prayed along with him. I felt this cool sensation run throughout my body. To my surprise, after the prayer I stood up immediately without any pain! It had taken me so long to kneel down to pray because of the pain – but since then there is no pain at all! I don’t take painkillers as I used to take 8 daily. I give glory to God!

“Since that prayer, the wound is getting smaller and smaller. I thank Him that I’ve been disconnected from the spirit of infirmity and I believe that my healing is permanent. I thank God so much for Emmanuel TV. Truly, my past is over!”

Karen Chilila, South Africa

199 thoughts on “Disconnected From The Spirit Of Infirmity!

  1. Thank God for such kind of an annointing. May God bless his servant prophet TB Joshua and all Emmanuel tv partners. I have given myself to pray for this medium because it has been a blessing. I also got a job after the man of God Prophet TB Josuah prayed for me in a dream and told me that my problem was over.

  2. Amen. Glory be to God for with HIM nothing is impossible. Thank you man of God prophet TB Joshua truly distance is not a barrier.

  3. Looking for promotion and breakthrough for my husband who has been in business for more than 12 years but no progress. Help us in prayers

  4. Real distance is not a barrier only faith can free us from our situations.Praise be to God.Thank you man of God TB Joshua and your team.

  5. I am also thankful to my Lord for healing me from High Blood Pressure, delivering me from alcohol and i am happy my skin is now clear, it is back to normal. I am beautifull like i used to be.

  6. I thank God for healing you. I pray that one day I will share my testimony as well. I believe Lord Jesus, I believe your grace ,mercy and favour is unlimited in our lives. The bible says “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the deisres of your heart”. Thank you Jesus Christ for granting me the petition of my heart in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

  7. To God be the glory with Prophet T B Joshua in our lives I also pray along on Emmanuel TV hoping my deliverance will happen very soon in the name of Jesus Christ…Amen.

  8. Hey !! sad to those people who do not believe that our Lord Jesus Christ never said Goodbye as He still lives amongst us. Thank you Jesus Christ I love you as you love me Amen .

  9. I am also proud of Emmanuel TV Synagogue Church of All Nations and i want to go to that place.What can i do to find the way to go to Synagogue Church of All Nations.I am motswana man and i stay in Botswana.I wish to see Father TB Joshua live thank you Lord.

  10. I thank God for fulfilling His promise in the life of Prophet TB Joshua when He said that for those that believe in Him they will do greater things He has done while on earth. Christians should know that Prophet TB Joshua is a representative of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ on earth and we should believe in His message, act upon it so that the blessings, healing, deliverance, salvation and anointing that follows His message will be with us both now and forever. Keep watching Emmanuel tv and remember that better is not good enough, the best is yet to come.

  11. Emmanuel, distance is not a barrier especially to them that believe. There is not a problem that He cannot solve or a disease that He cannot cure. He is still the same God yesterday, today and forever. Emmanuel

  12. What Prophet TB Joshua is doing should not be a suprise to those who are christians because our Lord Jesus Christ makes it clear to us that for those that believed in Him, they will do greater things that He did so Prophet TB Joshua is a representative of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We thank God Almighty for giving us a person like Prophet TB Joshua. May God continue to shower His blessings upon him and give him the grace to move on. Keep watching Emmanuel TV.

  13. Real God is good we need only faith for us to live a joiful life only faith can free us from us problems.Only faith thank you man of God TB Joshua.

  14. Woow..! Emmanuel..! We give you honor, We worship you, We praise you my Lord, You are worthy to be praised. With God nothing is impossible, God sent his servants to change things of not his Will, I love God and belief in him since i deeply started watching Emmanuel T.V the beginning of this year because his works are seen from Prophet T.B Joshua. Thank you Lord in Jesus Name.

  15. Jehovah, what a wonderful testimony.Haleluya,may his name be glorified.we are so blessed to have our Prophet T B. and his crew.Please Lord give them more,bless them,bless them.bless them.Love u Lord,will continue praising u no matter what.

  16. God is great! I Love this God who reigns supreme in the SCOAN. I believe we are going to see more uncommon miracles in this year of Comeback, and beyond. Amen!


  18. I’m waiting for my miracle as I also always believe my healing will come thru ‘Distance is not a barrier’by touching the screen.I wish to lay my hands on the annointing water.Who can help.I believe all this will work for me.

  19. What a mighty God we serve,What a mighty God we serve.Hallelujah.When Jesus says yes no body can say no.He heals now,saves now,delivers now,blesses now…everything now..now..now.
    U are healed forever in Jesus Christ mighty name


  21. Emmanuel! Emmanuel! Emmanuel! Realy GOD is good all the time. I thank PROPHET TB JOSHUA for the good things he is doing for the sick, physically challenge, widows and the poor. I hope one day I will visit SCOAN. Thank Jesus, Thank you LORD for using PROPHET in our lives.

  22. Thank God 4 that wonderful testimony. My sister am happy 4 u, also d level of ur believe and faith. Ur healing shall be permanent. I use to search my DSTV if i can see TB Joshua progamma, but no way. I wil be very grateful if he can also put it in DSTV. May God continue to bless his ministries in Jesus name Amen.

  23. You are holy my God thank you for healing us and thank you TB Joshua accepting God to use you indeed Jesus is God you died for us,you pray for us and still bless us thank you Lord

  24. God is great He has shown in many occassions that He is a God of all and as such He does mightily in everybody’s life touching each and every corner of the continent. indeed distance is not a barrier

  25. Emmanuel(realmente Dios esta con nosotros),la distancia no es una barrera.También le pido a Dios todos los días que me ayude en mis tantas dificultades,sobre todo en la liberación de mi familia, todos pasamos por las mismas dificultades y estoy seguro que un día recibiremos de la Gloria de Dios.
    Gracias Dios por Emmanuel TV y sigue bendiciendo al Profeta TB Joshua y a todos los Guerreros en la Oración de la SINAGOGA.

  26. Glory be to God,Praise living God .He said come all you who are thirsty,and you who have no money,come, buy and eat! come buy wine and milk without money and without cost; Isaiash 55 verse 1
    Thank Jesus and Emmanuel tv TB Joshua


  28. Amen sister I thank God for your healing- indeed there is no God like Jehova.

    Thandi, Blantyre, Malawi

  29. Distance is not a barrier indeed, Thank you Lord. 2 weeks back after watching live sunday i sprinkled annointing water on my head, when i was sleeping my body was itching and heard TB Joshua in my dream saying ”the fire is burning” the fire is burning. Thank you Jesus. Amen

  30. Oh what a God we serve. Thank God for the anointing on pastor prophet TB Joshua. I am also a beneficiary of this grace. I will share my testimony some other time.

  31. Even today you stil GOD weather I am rich or poor!eat or no eaten!for that lord I clorified ur name the name that makes devil to shake!GOD please forgive for all my sins! I thank you father

  32. Thank you Jesus for using the Man of God Prophet T.B Joshua during our time and season. Surely, distance is not a barrier as evidently many are touched by your wonderful hand thru the Emmanuel TV.

  33. God help me 2 eliminate avar plan f d enemy in my lyf or wat so eva d devil might hv use 2 cnnect my futurd,my destiny,my financies,my chareer 2 hm self,am disconnectn it right in d gr8 mighty name f jesus christ,lord help me 2 hv break 2ru my lyf in jesus name, Amen

  34. Glory be to God Almighty!!for healing my sister Karen Chilila,if God wasn’t with Us where would we be??that’s why he’s our healer,our Father,our comforter,our mighty wariuo he always fights for us,and aways protecting us.

  35. After my phonecall was answered from the SCOAN, I cud feel the strong hand of GOD touching me and delivering me in the name of JESUS. May the same HAND touch my daughter in hospital with mental problem.GLORY BE TO GOD, AMEN

  36. Our God is good he never fails,sistr from nw on follow jesus al da days of your life.we wl pray wth u in jesus name

  37. I am so happy for you Karen.
    I also pray along with T.B. Joshua all the time on Emmanuel T.V. and to tell the truth, I have benefited a lot. Praise the Lord.

  38. Glory be to God Almighty for the telecast of Emmanual TV, since l started watching and following it, my life has never been the same again

  39. Woo that’s wonderful its true God is great and distance is not a bearer as the man of God says, bless God for that wonderful testimony

  40. Karen Chilila GOD loves us so he delivers us daily,for you GOD will continue to give you more surprising miracles above that one.Continue to share with us so that we can also see how possible is our GOD

  41. Our God of miracles has done it again!!!!.what a God we serve.we thank God for your healing sister.indeed your healing is permanent in jesus name.Our God cannot fail us.thank you senior prophet t.b. Joshua,wisemen & Emmanuel tv crew.you have open up our minds towards God wishes upon our life especilly on my family.God richly bless you.

  42. Glory be to almighty,my redeemer,my savior,my healer,my comforter my everything,if God was not with us,where would we be?

  43. God is Good all the time. Thank God for this healing.Just to show that the power of God Cross the screem through the anointing hand o the prophet and tought anyone of us In Jesus Name.

  44. Hallelujah,no name like Jesus,what a mighty God we praise.Indeed the mirracle worker is still alive.Thank you Lord.

  45. Yes! Distance is not @ all a barrier man of God. Pray for my mother who is suffering from backeach, legeach & entire family of ours. Satan has found a dwelling in our daily undertakings & we need deliverance. Thank u Lord 4 u r not a failure whenever we call on ur name shall b giveth may ur name b praised always, Amen.

  46. I thank God fo your life my sista,I pray that your. Healing remains permanent in Jesus’ name.Man of God m still praying that I will receive my own healing.

  47. Thank U Jesus for the healing of Chilila, what a mighty God we serve.I know and I believe that God is still on work with my breakthrough in the name of Jesus.

  48. I am praying with Pastor TB Joshua and I believe that God has delivered me and my family from the bondage of satan. Praise be to God! AMEN.

  49. God you have used man of God to build my faith. Help me God so that my past too will be over. Amen. Thank God for your healing.

  50. The Almight uses what seems to be impossible means to end all the suffering caused by satan. Let’s give praise to the Lord. Make the word of God the standard of your life and maintain your healing

  51. Thank you Lord!you are our healer n u’r always faithful to your word.distance is not a barrier,believing is our connection.

  52. I’m a born-again christian and been separated from my husband since 2007. We got divorced in January 25th. He doesn’t help me with the children and he doesn’t want us to do settlement of our property. He has a girlfriend with a child in my house and he wont allow me and the kids 2 occupy it. The way life is and my financial status, I end up having lots of boyfriend in order to get money to support the kids. I don’t love either of them but need money for my children’s maintenance. I want God to help me through this challenge I have because I wanna leave according to God’s will not mine. Man of God please help I need deliverance over this curse. I can’t pray anymore.

  53. God is doin miracles,evrythin is possible b 4 him. T.B Joshua u a really a man of God keep it up and God wl increase ur talent. Oh thank you Lord,w glorify ur holy name we bow b4 ur throne.Amen!

  54. Our God sees beyond our limit. Trust and lean on him alone,and you’ll encounter his supper-natural touch. Your healing shall remain permanent amen.

  55. God will never fail us. All we need 2 is believe. I know great things are 2 happen in my life.

  56. I want a real husband i dont know how i may going to know if is not or is the one becouse now im scared to be in lov plc help me

  57. Glory beyo God almighty. When Emmanuel tv started i used to pray that the healing power of God may flow and touch the viewers. Now it has come to pas. Praise be to God. I am believing for my own healing. I can not watch Emmanuel tv at the moment, but hope to do so. I have a dstv decorder but have failed to connect.

  58. In the presence of the Lord healing is like a breath. This is just the bigning, for them that believe in the mighty power in the name of Jesus Christ and that TB. Joshua is His humble servant.

  59. now dat dis prophet as come on me by senior prophet T B joshua by dis day i really know dat my pas is over. EMMANUEL!!!!!

  60. Praise God for the miracles that He is doing through pastor T.B Joshua. I wish everyone can recognise that really Pastor T.B Joshua is a Prophet of the Heavenly God. God, continue to work with him so that your those that the world can see how great you are. Wendy

  61. Our God is the healer, May the Lord God Almighty continue working through Snr Prophet T.B Joshua and Emmanuel TV as a whole in Jesus’ name. Indeed “Distance is not a barrier”, and for sure “Believing is ones connection”. God bless you all.

  62. I want God to ill my grandmother who cannot walk again for more than three years now, also my mother who is seriously sick and myself which the devil has not allowed me and my wife to be‘ has been staying without peace. And i want God to give me a good and decent job. My phone number is 08026757838.

  63. I praise God for what he is doing and i know that God will use his servant to do even more things than this. Hallelujah

  64. Praise the almighty name of Jesus. By His stripes we are healed. It is my prayer that I also receive my healing as I read her testimony for our God is Omnipresent, omnicient and Omnipotent


  66. Our God is an awesome God and He should be praised for the great miracles He’s been doing to the viewers of Emmanuel tv. Indeed distance is not a barrier.

  67. Praise tha lord ,god of prophet TB Josua i gve u glory,have mercy apon my lfe,let there be light 2 my future

  68. Man of God pls help me pray i want to travel to the u.s and am totally confused and it seems impossiblem.May God continue to bless your ministry.Amen

  69. What a wonderful God we serve. He loved, is loving and to love us more. Nothing is impossible with Him, infact, “THE WORD IMPOSSIBLE DOES NOT EXIST IN HIS VOCABULARY”. Lord, l thank You for this miracle. I know that l am healed by the blood of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. His death at calvary was because of my sins. Thank You Lord for giving the world Your servant T.B Joshua. Help me Lord to reciprocate Your Love. Emmanuel.

  70. Prophet i need prayer n deliverance,i was promoted but yet confirmed as a manager,please pray for me.

  71. The lord is good all the time. I use this wonderful testimony to connect and seal my healing in Jesus Name. Amen!

  72. thank u Jesus,may you be forever glorified and your works for they are astounding!!may God continually bless you TB Joshua and the wisemen,you have allowed God to work in a lot of people’s lives,mine included.you are a blessing

  73. I thank God for your healing in deed distance is never a barrier. May honour and Glory be unto Almighty God. Senior prophet Tb joshua u are really a God sent. Nomatter the plan of the enemy against u it will never stand in jesus name. May the favour that follows u be my portion in Jesus name. Amen!!!

  74. Distance is not a barra,Jesus left he never say goobey,he is the sayterday he is the same today he will remain the same forever, thank u jesus am happy for u Karen cheii.

  75. Emmanuel!MAY THE MOSTHIGH GOD Countiue BLESS U PROPHET TB JOSHUA,WISE MANS &EMMANUEL TV TEAM ,IN understanding,knowlagde,visions,wisdom e.t.c.IN JESUS CHRIST NAME I PRAY.AMEN!

  76. God is great,this is really inspiring,I won’t miss a single session from now on,because I wanna be free too.Distance is really not a barrier!God is great!!

  77. His mercies endure for ever. Prays be to God Almighty for that wonderful testimony. May you maintain your faith in Him alone, May you stand firm by His word, Amen.

  78. Emmanuel; God is really with us. Thank You Lord for your grace. Prophet used to talk of `The Mother Of miracle. This is one of them. The other one was the man who discovered his daughter after 32years of age; He being prophecied by a wise man 5 years ago; but he discovered his daughter but two weeks ago. Praise the Lord. Lord Your are Great. Thank You Lord for Healing her. amen…amen…amen.
    I pray for more anointing, more healing through the screen, amen. Thank Lord for hearing my prayer amen.

  79. Since they show me your facebook account I’m now trying 2 quit booz nd I’m looking for a Job , and I was not praying when I sleep but now I’m learning to do so Tank u man of God

  80. We give our mighty God all the Glory. May He locate me too en change my situations too,hardship,stagnation and financial difficulties. May He grant me in my heart the Grace to love en forgive. NOT A LIBELIOUS Heart. Thank U Mighty Jesus

  81. Man of God why is it difficult 2 seeu?i came 4 fst tym from ondo state bt i hardly see u sir why?and der is no money 2 sustain 4 smtyms 2 wait .

  82. Jehova Jirah!the provider,he shal indeed supplie us with our needs.permanent healing belongs to him.emmanuel.God is the best healer.

  83. I am also proud of Emmanuel TV and Synagogue Church of All Nations and I always tell people with different illness and problems, proudly to watch Emmanuel TV and pray along with Prophet TB Joshua; knowingly that in Jesus Christ Name they are not going to be disappointed. Amen

    • It’s such a special gift to the Nigerian people for the grace God bestowed on them by raising a prophet in their land. I wonder why don’t they submit to God through the wondrous signs and wonders performed. What else to be done, to convince us? May the Lord God bless His prophet, TB Joshua. I hunger and thirst to be part one day. During your service at SCOAN. I love the miracles- for the God of Moses, Elijah, Daniel, and the Apostles is known to do the impossible. I pray for my visitation. I need my deliverrance, I need this miracle-working God

  84. Indeed our God is a God of triumph. Praise be to Him always. Long live Prophet TB Joshua, the Wise Men and Emmanuel TV team!!!

  85. Praise the Lord,thank you Lord for doing great things in our lives. I will continue worshiping the God of seniour prophet T.B Joshua. Thank you for being a father to the fatherles. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family,wise man,prayer warriors and Emmanuel partners. Emmanuel

  86. Wonderful!! Lets give glory and honour to GOD Almighty, the king of the universe for the great things He has done. Our rock, our salvation and mighty delivered. Praise be to HIM.

    • Thank you Lord for raising a man, ‘Prophet TB Joshua’. If each country could have one man of this divine nature, Oh! Thank you Lord for you have given great men and women on earth. May they flow in the fulness of your riches in glory. The riches that are attached to the great commission. We need to see you Lord even in our local Churches. May you Oh! Lord continue to sustain TB Joshua and his coworkers in Christ Jesus

      • As I am reading the stories to me I am feeling the other way and have faith also that I can be also healed in Jesus name. Bless oh Lord. Give the house that I need and always failing becaues of dept that I am facing. Give a new life and health as I have done heart opreration recently heal me my Jesus in the name God. My daughter’s house the oned burnt with fire that we don’t know where is coming from praise the. If any demons in the house. We can’t sleep there is something making a noise at night many time and make uncomfortable to sleep, Lord free us from those demons. At work I am no longer respected, no value, need promotion or better money to get the house for my kids. I pray you, I respect you Lord. In the name of Jesus I trus that you listen to my requests, Oh my Lord in Jesus name. Amen.

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