Mind And Body Restored!

Mrs Ndassi Muchiso from Beau Town, Cameroon wrote to Emmanuel TV to share this remarkable testimony of how her son was delivered from a demonic attack resulting in a psychiatric problem that was growing steadily worse. God delivered him through the Anointing Water!

“In the month of November last year, one of my children came to me and complained of suffering from ‘loss of memory’. He went to the hospital and was referred to for a psychiatric check-up. He began to act abnormally in the house and we became very worried at the way in which my son was destabilising.

“The situation worsened and on December 18th, he began shivering uncontrollably. We soon began to realise that the situation was not ordinary – it was a demonic attack! Upon investigation, it was discovered that a friend of his from Kumba visited him and attempted to initiate him into a cult. We decided to consult our spiritual doctor: Emmanuel TV! We were fasting and praying with Emmanuel TV, especially during the Live Sunday Services.

“In the mean time, medical doctors administered a dosage of treatment on him but gave up the next day, advising us that the illness was beyond their comprehension. However, God moves in mysterious ways to perform His wonders, a reality we were about to witness.

“On 20th December 2011, a brother came to our house from Lagos with a bottle of Anointing Water and some other evangelical materials from The SCOAN. We were all excited and believed that God would use the Anointing Water to deliver my son. That night, the illness visited him again, this time around much worse than before. I called one of his brothers to pray with me before opening the bottle of the Anointing Water. We began to pray for him in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and sprayed the Anointing Water.

“As the Anointing Water was ministered, my child began convulsing on the bed stronger than before for about five minutes and then suddenly went into deep sleep. We continued in prayer, knowing that God was in control of the situation. Ten minutes later, he got up by himself and began to ask us what had happened to him. His mind and body were completely restored! He later dreamed of having a tough fight with the friend who attempted to initiate him, ending in a vehicle chasing that friend away forever. Through the Anointing Water, he was completely delivered!

“For now, there is no English word that I can use to describe this healing than to say glory and honour and power and might be unto our God, in Jesus’ name. Behold, the ordeal is now over, in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Thank You Lord and thank you Prophet T.B. Joshua – our son is healed forever. He is very, very normal and is now going to school as if nothing ever happened to him. I love Jesus because He first loved us and we are covered by His blood. Jesus, the crucified and risen Lord, is our constant Companion. 

“We always worship with you every week in The SCOAN through Emmanuel TV because distance is not a barrier. May you be richly blessed and may His grace and glory continue to grow in you forever, in Jesus’ name!”

Ndassi Muchiso – Cameroon

151 thoughts on “Mind And Body Restored!

  1. Give thanks to God and also i just want to say happy birthday to T B Joshua,may God reward you with more years to come.


    • Praise the Lord. Emmanuel. I am also enjoying the anointing of the Lord after getting the Anointing Sticker to display in my room. I have noticed an improvement in my health, finances and relationships and also my projects. Emmanuel, Emmanuel Emmanuel!!! God bless the Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua. Amen.

  3. i am a footballer from Nigeria but am currently in Ghana looking for an opportunity (sponsorship) to leave Africa and play my football because of the tribalism in Ghana’ i know if only the man of GOD can decree it i know and believe that GOD ll not look at my unrighteousness he ll just do it for me

  4. When we run a straight race and love wisdom from the God of Senoir Prophet T B Joshua he will give it to you.
    Provebs 4:7
    Love wisdom and she will make you great. embrace her and she will bring you honour.

  5. God is using prophet TB JOSHUA alot…..GOD still the same yesterday, today,tomorrow and forever.we give u honour and glory MASTER JESUS.

  6. We thank God for the boys deliverance and restoration,may this deliverance remain perminent in the name of JESUS our Lord amen

  7. Praise the Lord, for He is such a wonderful God, Thank you Prophet TB Joshua for the anointing water. God richly bless you.

  8. My feet are very painfull but thi is something i got it from work please help me. My wife got problem finding job please help.

  9. Thank you Jesus to chossing TB Joshua to help us in this world.
    He is a realy Prophet,Please Man of God dont forget me and my family on your pray,many hands touch me and my family

  10. Our God is worthy to be praised, continue blessing the man of God T B Joshua so that the whole world may receive the holy word and deliverance, AMen

  11. our GOD is a wonderful GOD may is only name be magnify t to.Pls man of GOD my wife needs a deliverance from evil spirit whatever he touches especially money then it becomes something or go bad pls offer prayers to us amen.

  12. i say a very BIG thank you to theALMIGHT GOD,forall that you are doing for us,we will still continue to serve you to the end.


  14. i really like this part “we continued in prayer knowing that God was in control of the situation”i thank God for using the Man of God Prophet TB Joshua,Emmanuel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and if God be for us who can be against us?!

  15. With Jesus everything is possible just believe and have faith to received in the name Jesus Christ, Amen thank you lord.

  16. Really,distance is not a barriour! We are allways watching emmanuel tv. And our spirtual life have been restored. Glory to be God! I’m from Ethiopia and God bless u man of God.

  17. Brother Prophet Jousha, Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I watched some of God’s miraculous works which took place in your hands. praise be to the name of our savior. I would like to receive the miracle anointed water. How could i receive it?

  18. Hello fellow in belivers in the lord could you please join me to shout the Greatest halelujah to the lord for siniour prophet TB JOSHUA!..He is indeed send by God to deliever the world; haleluuuuuu….jahhhhhhhhhhh….praaaaaaaace the lordddddddd. the lord is good.please christians all over the world, lets join the emamnuel teem for to fight the the devil for he is already defited in JESUS name amen. I am also using thesame oportunity asking you oh man of God to pray for mei need delivrance and break throug; for my carier and finance please man of God pray for mein Jesus name amen.

  19. Jesus is alive,Alleluaaah.Amen.Thank you My Lord Jesus for revieling yourself again to the world through your anointed servant Prophet T.B Joshua.God bless you Prophet T.B Joshua.

  20. This is a very nice 1.i so much believe in the power in the scoan.pls i am facing simlar situation,i’m feeling pains all over my body and my happiness is my major concern nw;things dat gives me joy no longer do…pols scoan,i have emailed,filled the visitation form online on ur site,i need restoration of my joy and happiness back cos i believe so much in prophet tb joshua and his wisemeb cos i have bin watching emmanuel tv and i have seen worse situations been restored by the God in scoan…pls i need this so much cos i’m a student and it has affected my reading pace.my exams is next month may 2012…pls scoan,reply my mails and forms so that i cn concentrate on my academics and to follow jesus well..itoro onyeka 400l electrical engineering,a born again christian.

  21. Hello there in the sinagogue, brothers and sisters, and brother; siniour prophet TB JOSHUA? God bless you and your teem for the mavelours sacrifice. Infact it is above saying for the way you’ve given up your self for to be used by God in the name of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ to do these great job you are doing, may He contunior raining more blessings in Jesus name amen. Please Sir i need a prayer for break through so as to come give testimonies as others in Jesus name.

  22. Awesome! The risen and Glorified JESUS at work. If he does what man can do, he is not God. Thank you JESUS for not only dying for us but also building our faith in you through your works. Lord JESUS make the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua even more humble that you can lift him higher and higher in your vineyard.

  23. Glory to The Lord God in the highest.Thank You Jesus,Thank You Holy Spirit,Thank You God for this wonderful healing. Amen

    • If you have known GOD as OMNIPOTENT, these are no miracles. It is what U don’t believe can happen but happens becomes miracles. He is AWSOME beyond description. I do not need any more …….. to believe his AUTHORITY. I come to him because I believe in HIS capabilities.

      Kwabena kwakye

  24. Amen God is sweet. I love him Am a living prove that his alive and working wonders. May God be always with you Mrs Ndassi Muchiso and your family. Its true the living God, God of. TB Joshua is alive , talking and in control.
    Love you God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I like to thank God for what he is doing through Prophet T.B.Joshua may the Lord fill him with more powers of Jesus of healing & continuing to spread the word of God I thank Emmanuel T.V. by giving us the word of God.How can we get thi annoiting of water & stickers please.If is possible can we send in this adress Yvonne Tlhoiki Mathopa 14 Ravel Avenue Riebeeckstad Welkom South Africa 9459 please,many stickers I will give to others please.

  26. This story is touching n gives me hope that were eva i am,im not far away from God,God is everywere and He sees us n hears our prayers,i no just oneday God wil deliver me from all the dificulties,pain n sorows in my life,just like He did 2 the family of Ndassi.
    Glory be God
    Man of God!TB Joshua pliz just rememba me whn u r praying 4 others,dnt pass me by!
    Mary Ncube(in south africa)

  27. Please i beg you man of god play for me im troubled a lot with neurofibromatosis at my left side of my face.it disturb me for 12 years now and it disfigure may face.please i beg for your prayer.

  28. Oh that’s the mighty God we serve! Man of God, I believe that distance is not a barrier and God is not the resector of erson what He has done to their son, He can do to mine. My son is stolen by the darkness, he is on drugs, man of God lease ray for him. ( Resector = honor, erson = men, lease = beg, ray = talking to God. The key which must be there, is not working)

  29. Man of God pray for me n my family from any evil attack,limitation,premature deaths,stagnation , witchcraft n any deadly diseases n send as da anointing water we believe distance is not a barrier. Am in Zambia

  30. Emmanuel what a touching and ecouragind testimonia,as I’m looking forward to have annoiting water I believ it has happen to her it will happen to me,praise the living GOD…

  31. God is the greatest in everythings in the world, in thy name of JESUS our LORD I believe one day Emmanuel tv will solve my problems for me and provid my need for me, thesame time make me closer to him. Thank you T B JOSHUA, may the Lord God give you more strength for the good works on earth.

  32. Thank u Jesus 4 ur healing power. Fathet Lord i ask by ur mercy let dat same power flow through did annointed water in my hand, & deliver my husband of every satanic manipulationin his life & against our marriage,in Jesus Christ name i pray. Father Lord pls help my home, let ur peace & love raign b/w me & my husband. Amen.

  33. Glory and Honor be to The Most High GOD. Distance is just but nothing. The POWER of GOD knows NO distance. Pht T.B Joshua may GOD continue to use you in a might way in JESUS’ name Amen.

  34. Glory and honour to almighty Father through Jesus Christ, amen. Thank you for sharing. I too receive the healing in my children, wife, dependants ,myself, my career, financial status, whole household in Jesus name, amen.

  35. With God nothing is impossible.man of God i need anointing water am mared for five years without a child pls help me am from Zambia.

  36. My father is facing the same problem and i dont know where i could find the anointing water.Please give me the contact of any one in zimbabwe who has the anointing water….God be praised..

  37. Praise the living God emmanuel the God of impossibilities the one who created the heaven and the earth can never fail !!! THANK YOU JESUS WHAT A POWERFUL TESTMONY. People of God i equally ve a great testmony to give about the prayer warrior lines and the anointing water in Jesus name

  38. The Lord is mighty in battle.There is nothing impossible with Him.TB Joshua is a true Prophet in the likes of Elijah,Elisha,Jeremaiah and Hosea.I follow Emmanuel TV on Sundays for deliverance.I know I will soon give testimonies in Jesus’ name.

  39. l thank GOD so much for the wonderful testimony this means that with GOD all things are possible,l also had satanic attacks its like they wanted to initiate me or to take my soul but by GOD’s grace they didnt manage but lm no longer going to church cause l got problem to those pple lm now worshipig with you through emmanuel tv pls help me with prayers,anointing water,stickers pls GOD to protect me always from these satanist pls man of GOD help me.
    P.o Mpopoma

  40. Indeed Jesus is the restorer and He is using the man of God senior Prophet TB Joshua to reach out to us to intervene in our troubles. I thankj God for your beakthrough. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  41. Sir i need ur prayer dat any evil sprit in my life wil leave me nd am also 4 my academic progres as iam lookin 4 addmision dat dis year wil not pass me by

  42. Man of God plz pray 4 me lm sick nd need deliverance/healing. Pray 4 my finacial breakthrough lm in debts nd its only by. God’s grace dat lm nt in prison now. I truely believe dat l can also be healed nd saved because distance is not a barrier and there is nothing he cannot do. Glory be to da glorious God we serve. amen!

  43. Please man of God help me, i need pray over my situation and my family entirely, health, wealth, favour and brakethrough and give us power to love. In JESUS name(AMEN)

  44. Man of God u have bein there 4 yo African kids plz dont stop the good job that u are doing .My problem is that l cant get a job and stay on it plz help man of god

  45. Glory be to GOD for ever, HIS grace and mercies endureth for ever in thy MIGHTY name of JESUS CHRIST ~ AMEN!!!

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