EMMANUEL TV: A Touch Born Of Faith

Mr James Aaron, an accountant from Malawi, shared this wonderful testimony of how his wife delivered her baby successfully after he prayed with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV.

“My wife had the problem of an overdue pregnancy. She was entering into her tenth month of pregnancy with no signs of labour. Doctors were concerned and already insisting she prepare for an operation. On 6th January at around 4pm I switched on to Emmanuel TV and saw that the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying for the viewers. As he began to say, “Distance is not a barrier to the Holy Spirit, just believe”, faith began to rise in my heart. I suddenly reached out, laid my hands on the TV and began to pray along with the Man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua. I prayed for God’s mercy and favour, that my wife should deliver her baby safely and without an operation.

“After the prayer ended, I told my wife to expect a miracle. I really had confidence that God had touched our situation. By the grace of God, her labour started just a few hours later that night! The following morning, at around 4am, my wife delivered a baby boy without any problem. To show that God was really involved, she said she did not even feel any pain during the delivery! The whole process was miraculous! Man of God, I thank God for using you through Emmanuel TV to deliver my wife. May the Lord continue to use you to pray for us viewers all over the world. To God be the glory!”

James Aaron, Malawi

257 thoughts on “EMMANUEL TV: A Touch Born Of Faith

  1. man of God pray for me, am about to write an exam please man of God i need your prayer for souses in that exam, and for my family pleas man of God pray for our finance to grow, God to bless my family i know God is will do it for us.

  2. man of God, please pray for me on my job career, my future and my destiny, i want to be a source of provision for my family

  3. Please Man of God pray for me.I have ill luck on any financial understaking i take. This ahs lead me into debts please

  4. pls man of God pray 4 and my children. i don’t money to take care of my children i am a widow. my husband people took everything. i need your help pls man of God. i cannot send my children to school, no money to pay my rent, pls Man of God, help

  5. I thank God for these encounters & it is surely a blessing to be living @ this tym experiencing th true wrk of God being done in Truth,Humility & Faith……..keep duin yo wrk Prophet…….

  6. Indeed Distance is not a barrier. Emmanuel TV is forever on in my house because it keeps my faith growing daily, and it have changed my character and still is in so many ways. May God bless our Prophet!

  7. Praise be to GOD almighty i have been telling my friends that SCOAN is a holy place they did not believe me they said i was crazy there is no such thing thanks to CS Epthegrove for conrfirming it praise the LORD i believe that one day i will have an opportunity to visit the Holy Place, and GOD will make the provision somehow. May the LORD continue to bless his children as they recieve thier anoiting through touch faith on Emmanueltv. She only touched the herm of his garment and she was made whole Amen
    mark 5:28-29


  8. Satan and his demonic chains made to connect him to us are disconnected and is under our feet now in Jesus’ name amen

  9. God is the father, the son, the redeemer, the provider, the deliverer, the protector and the doctor of Everything we need in life so what will i be crying 4

  10. Ive bn sick from ulcers since my brother’s death in february and could only survive on milk! A friend tolde about a woman in Mzuzu with holy water from scoan, I went and after that God healed me, I’m healed! To God be the glory!!!’

  11. Praise be to God. As God has done it for you, I believe He will do it for me and my daughter and yes distance is not a barrier. Amen

  12. When God wants to manifest HE breaks the Distance and give you what you basically need, God break my Distance and heal me with my family with God of prophet TB Joshua all is possible in Jesus name.

  13. Glory to Almighty God for all these testimonies . I also like to share with u that on Sunday 15th 2012 ,I was watching Emanuel TV and man of God Prophet T.B Joshua instructed viewers to touch the screen, I did as instructed and received my healing .I had pain on my right leg for about two months ,on and off chest pain, on and off pain on the operation site ( I Had appendicectomy ) 8months ago.I thank God that I’m healed.Apart from that I’m also free from those habits I did not like.

  14. Its a blessing to have Emmanuel T.V. in our houses,ths have lifted mi faith to a higher level and i know and believe that God will touch mi life more throu Emmanuel T.V. Prophet T.B. Joshua may God bless u more.

  15. i have always watch the man of God when tbn used to future him. i listen to his sermon critically and i see in it “if you want to be a follower of mine take up your cross and follow me”. this is why i love him. not him say knowing Christ mean no problem again in your life.

  16. What a wonderful testimony from my country man.God is using emmanuel tv to bless, to heal,to redeem ,to deliver,lets keep watching the station.I hope one day it will be me testifying the wonders of my creator thru Prophet T.B Joshua after restoring my mobility.

  17. Glory and honour be to the Almighty God. Thank you Man of God for keeping on praying for us since Distance is not a barrier. Son of David have mercy on me and let your mercy and favour speak for me. I believe that with God all things are possible. God bless you man of God prophet T B Joshua for the work of the living God you are doing In Jesus Mighty Name.

  18. Man of God please pray for me to stop doing masturbation,smoking,may lord heal me for diabete ,hiv and give me children in jesus name amen

  19. …..thank you JESUS for the miracles that are happening through the annointed TB Joshua ministries. I pray for my family situation daily and I know that I and my family will also share our testimony soon. Amen

  20. Man of GOD please pray for me to get a visa to travel America which my dream to and continues with my studies in Jesus name.

  21. john11-40 and Jesus said,-Did i not tell you that if you have faith you ll see the glory of God.whatelse.great is the name of the God we worship.holy is home and gracious his way.its hard to understand our God s way sometimes coz he is so so wonderfull.amen baba.

  22. I thank God 4 this wonderful testimony and i’m claiming the same blessings,i’m pregnant nt yet due for delivering but askin God 2 touch me thru his savernt prophet TB Joshua 2 grant unto me a baby boy

  23. Where can we go from his presents? No where. All children of Almighty God who make a covenent with him take note of some of his promises. Have patience, hope, faith, trust and love for Almighty God and he will fufil his promises and also believe him and obey what he commands you to do

    Then the Lord said I am making a covenent with you before all your people. I will do wonders never before done on any nation in the world. The people who you live among will see how awesome is the work that the Lord will do.

  24. Indeed distance is not a barrier! I am one of the people who really believe Prophet T.B Joshua is really a man of God.Wth his prayers I believe one time I will receive my miracle. Thank you man of God for when I pray with you on the screen, I find peace of mind

  25. God is good indeed,i have problems with my husband that made him to end relationship i pray with T.B Joshua when he prayed for the viwers and i have believe that one day God will touch my case i will receive breakthrogh in my relationship my husband will come back because even his 2 kids miss him as i love him so much.watching Emmanuel TV encourages me alotand gives me hope and if i have problems i have to tell God he will give me solution.

  26. God is great.we need not dough him.We have all causes to glorify him.Look at the mighty works he is doing to us through his Prophet Senor Prophet TB Joshua.
    Yandeh Asah Jude

  27. I believe and have faith in lord jesus, thank god for all miracles that happen in our life, TB Joshua u ar th man of god, be bless !

  28. We serve God of possiblities may His name be glorified and praised and continue guiding TB Joshua to help us. God have mercy on me. In Jesus name amen

  29. With him nothing is impossible. Jesus the same yesterday today and forevermore. He did for the women of issue of blood. He has done for your wife so also he will do it for everyone who comes to him in faith, because he never say goodbye. Only believe is our connection.

  30. Glory be to God who is working through T.B. Joshua.I am waiting for my miracle and I believe it is coming.

  31. I thank you God for given us man of God prophet TB Joshua to save people out from hand of Satan, man of God please pray for me save me and my family out from hand of Satan. Emmanuel

  32. I wish prophet look into my life. My number is 263735441755 and i wish my life turn to good in the name of the living God. Amen. May you pray for me with me

  33. With God all things are possible.God be the glory in Jesus name. Thank you Jesus for sending your anointing son prophet T.B. Josua.

  34. Thank you Jesus and thank you Sr Prophet T. B. Joshua for being there for us.We will continue to pray with you for distance is really not barrier. PRAISE THE LIVING GOD.

  35. Emmanuel ! Emmanuel ! “Distance is not a barrier. The bible says, ask and it will be given to you, seek and thou shall find, knock and the door will be opened for you. All that is required of us is faith, if only we had faith as small as a grain of sand says the son of man, then we shall remove mountains ! Distance cannot therefore barre our connection with God.

  36. god is good all the time,man of god u r too great im always praying for my family to be delivered to disconnected from satan chain. no progress more especialy for my younger brother its we r cursed no solution anywhere but i know my god will make a way.

  37. I believe TB Joshua is a true man of God because i have seen so many miracles he has performed in the name of Jesus Christ. I too, am awaiting for my own miracle soonest and i shall testify it when it happens.

  38. God is good all the. All the time he is good, because he gave us his son Lord Jesus Christ to die for us on the calvary

  39. Glory be to GOD ALMIGHTY AND OUR SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST!I just cant live without watching Emmanuel TV.Thank you man of GOD SENIOR PROPHET .T.B. JOSHUA!

  40. Thank You Lord for this wonderful work. You are always good till end of the world. Strengthen my LOVE for You, JESUS CHRIST. Amen

  41. Thank u lord for your mercies always. Thank u lord for healing my high blood pressure from 190 over 150 to normal now. I glorify ur holy name. I know that under your power all things r possible and am hopful that u will give me a job after searching for four solid years. Lord please, have mercy on me.

  42. Thanks for the testimonies that keeps our faith grow in the current world of doubt and corruption. God bless the prophet and his team more and more.

  43. Emmanuel! Glory be to God . May God continue to increase the annointing in Prophet TB Joshua`s life. Indeed Distance Is Not a Barrier. While watching the Emmanuel TV many People all over the World have been saved, healed & delivered through the prayers for Viewers by Prophet TB Joshua. Thank you Jesus Christ for this Great work on Earth.

  44. Yes l blive he also does the same to us.as lm writing nw lm a mother of a bouncing bby boy Ephraim.whom l delivered onthe 30th of march at Nyangabwe R Hospital Francistwn after being prayed with scoan prayer line.l was barren for 4yrs but God of T B J made it possible for us to be parents.as he delivered me the snake spiritual husband on june 5th last year.since then l took in the second mnth july.my pregnancy was progressing wel til the last day l delivered my bby safly. EMMANUEL!!! Lets prays the Lord.now we are praying for breakthrough.we want job inthe mines with faith we blieve that bfore end of this year we will have one so that we can take care of this miracle bby. AMEN

  45. Brethrens, i need your prayers please be kind enough to send me the new sticker through my mail and also pray for me so that i can have an opportunity to visit the SCOAN iam currently
    unemployed and i believe that my breakthrough will come to pass through your prayers. Praise the lord for your mercy and kindness GOD bless you all.

    please send me the sticker to:

    K M Gouwe
    P O Box 10230.

  46. Glory be to God. Jesus took all our sins and problems to the cross, and declared ‘IT IS FINISHED!’ And the power that raised Christ from the dead dwels in us.

  47. OUR ALMIGHTY FATHER has again proven its worthiness.The present of The Senior Prophet TB Joshua gives us more hopes and also clearing our doubts like Thomas.Prophet while spent sleepless nights praying for us ,we also do it in our little way.GOD BLESS YOU.

  48. i am speechless to what i have just read, man of GOD PROPHET TB JOSHUA may GOD blessing be upon you as you continue bringing hope to the hopeless and faith to the faithless, this testimony has strengthen my believe and faith in Christ Jesus my saviour and redeemer. pray for me as you pray for all. GOD BLESS.

  49. Man of God, yes, faith is the key for all believers. Mr. Aaron has proved that distance is not a barrier. Brothers and sisters let us have faith and believe in God for his miraculous wonders through prophet T.B.Joshua. Prophet may God grant you long long long life Amen.

  50. Bretherens Faith unites us with GOD, blessed be those who believe in the miracles that happens at SCOAN through the man of GOD TB Joshua,and for some of us to witness them through emmanuel TV channel as we recieve or anoiting from just touching the screen glory be to GOD almighty

    GOD bless all viewers….
    K M Gouwe

  51. Emmanuel! Brethens, I’m so blessed with emmanuel TV! Prophet TB Joshua is real a blessing of our times. May God Almighty bless his ministries and continue to use him.Its my favourate channel as i see and believing how God is working in his word and Spirit.Glory be to God!

    • May the Almighty God prolong TB Joshua’s life on this planet. The SCOAN is one of the very few places you see the Bible alive. I’m looking forward to my own opportunity to share in this grace. I’m definitely visiting the SCOAN

  52. what do you do in a situation where you are praying and you find out that you cursing yourself instesd of asking God to bless you plis help me

    • Hi Olebo!
      I would like you to know that god has his own time because everything happens for a purpose no matter how bad you think it is but one thing for sure GOD HAS VERY GOOD PLANS FOR OUR FUTURE AND PLANS OF SUCCESS AND NOT OF EVIL (Jeremiah 29:11)Have faith and trust him so whatever happens no matter how big or bad it seems IT IS FOR GOOD.

      Stay blessed
      God loves you.

  53. For me, your bones were made by the spinal cord of Jesus. You are the eye of Jesus, the ear of Jesus, the mouth of Jesus, the breath of Jesus, in brief you are the embodiment. There is no one like you. I shall not be amazed that you are not a human being as us.

  54. Senior Prophet! I am in short of words. I have seen so many people with different problems being helped by you. Man of God, please send one of your wisemen to my country, Lesotho or South Africa, our neighbour. We need that anointing.
    Mautloang Lefasa, Maseru Lesotho

  55. this is the only way to survive in this world worshiping a LEAVING GOD whom nothing is impossible may he continue using Prophet T.B JOSHUA to bring salvation to the world to GOD BE THE GLORY

  56. He is the man of God sent to rescue,deliver and bring love and restoration to the whole world.God said we shall see them by thier works to confirm that there are His desciples.Glory to God,we really love you man of God,one day i wish to visit the SCOAN.

    Nelsiwe Simelane

  57. Today might be on a negative but there is hope for tommorow,I believe God of prophet T.B Joshua for he ends on a positive,just as much he is doing it for others he will do it for us in Jesus name

  58. praise the lord i want GOD of T.B JOSUA to help me and my wife we dont have baby all most 8 year now she dont get pregnant and my bussness is no growing up nothing i am believe that JESUS CHRIST can help me and give me solution in the name of JESUS.

  59. am waiting to recieve my miracle too. i know that to GOD nothing is imposssible. stay blessed forever man of GOD. I am very sick please help me praying.

  60. Jesus is miracle worker and hold the key of our life.I blessed the name of my father Senior Prophet TB JOSHHUA for his great job he has done in our life through Emmanuel TV .Every day i gloryfied the name of the lord for my delivrance even i’m still in bondage my God is my deliverer.

  61. praise the Lord, distance is not a barrier, i belive that God will heal me and also provide me with a wonderful house, promotion and a car in Jesus name. thank you man of God

  62. Man of god I thank god for your life and I know that by faith I will come to nigeria to experience what I watch everyday on emmanuel tv and my life will turn around for good ,thank u lord amen

  63. halleluah,,, Jesus is alive victory is forever Iam happy my life is saver for ever .thanks Jesus….i want to follower you my lord everyday of my life …..

  64. the lord almighty God is always awesome ,thats why he says ,u dnt knw my ways.He can use any media any source for healing deliverance.

  65. Praise be to God Almighty, Father we Thank you, Holy Spirit we thank you. I love you Lord and I just want to say thank you for Prophet T. Joshuas life and his obedience. you are a blessing in our lives. Remain blessed!!!!

  66. thank you Jesus for touching peoples life and by using your Prophet to help the world. i know and i believe that im the next person to receive your miracle. Glory be to God.

  67. I know and believe in Jesus for many miracuous things he has done to us. What we should be doing is to abid by him and He always abid in us. He has boaken chains tightened by satan in all corners of our lives. Bless Prof. TB Josua and Glory be to God in the name of Jesus Christ Amen!

  68. help me to be more faithful, i pray but still things remain the same. I do what others do to testify the work of God (distance is not barrier.). But mine is not same. Pray for me.

  69. Amen! Thank God for the deliverance. The devil has no hiding place…! I lyk it “DISTANCE IS NOT A BARRIER” AMEN ND AMEN!

  70. Man of God prophet TB Joshua, Indeed distance is not a barrer, I believe God will do something to my marriage. God is not a man that can lie. Pray for me man of God

  71. Yes indeed, distance is not a barrier, the power of the Holy Spirit works in every object, God is so merciful and wonderfuly, mighty are His deeds, I have been moved with this testimony!!!!!!!! I will continue putting my trust in You Lord! God bless Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV team.

  72. Emmanuel,if God is for us, who can be against us.Everything is possible with God only if you believe and have faith.May the Lord Amighty continue to bless Prophet TB Joshua and Emmanuel TV in Jesus name.Really distance is not the barrier and better is not good enough the best is yet to come.

    • May God have mercy on us,may he continue with his healing,deliverance and restoration as we liv on his arms,may the Lord touch my body and bear a fuit in my womb,Amen

  73. What a mighty God we serve!!I got healed of a chronic heart attack just by touching the tv screen as instructed by Man of God.Iam waiting patiently upon the Lord for more breakthru.

  74. This husband loves his wife and he showed it by praying for safe delivery for his wife and he really had faith in God and touched the sceen when the man of God was praying. This reminds me of the woman with the issue of blood. May God continue to use you prophet TB Joshua. Nid prayer fo my husband to hev faith in God not in man.

  75. By instant Miracles which Our God performs through his beloved servant T.B.Joshua ,our faiths our lifted forever and ever more.We pray that our God will continue to bless our prophet more and more for the salvation of all humankinds.Amen

  76. My little faith’s not allowng me to receive delieverance thru th screen,plz help me man of God,m so desperate to receive a miracle.my life is stagnant.everyth is fallng apart.

  77. i thank and glorify God for sending prophets in our time i thank him for the anointing and deliverence. may the glory be yours forever and ever Amen

  78. Its true when you believe in the name of jesus nothing is impossible, his able change and do everything God is able. I wish man of god can send wise man 2 Namibia, Zambia, Angola also just neighbouring that we can also be blessed.

    • I like this testmony, it lift up my faith, Man of God continue to pray with the viewers, may God strengthern you TB Joshua and give you a long life in Jesus’s name.


  80. i don”t have money to paid 4 hotel 4 my son and i.but because of what am going though in life, am going at SCOAN and GOD ll make a way 4 me,my baby been sick 4 3yrs no understanding we ve try all our best still things the same.so GOD am coming 2 U not T.B JOSHUA or wise man,but U JESUS pls. pls. pls touch my life,this should be my bus stop.aman

  81. u a truly a man of God deliver me also from constant disappointments in relationships am single ad never had a steady relationship before l know u can pray for me father .l believe if u say a word my situation wl change .thank you

  82. I pray that my situation shall be turned around with breakthrough in my health, breakthrough in my career, breakthrough in my relationship status and later into marriage, breakthrough in my finances, breakthrough in my family and all things satan and his demons have used to tie me and my family to himself and the kingdom of darkness to be loosed in the Name of Jesus Christ. This year and all the years of my life, I shall see the goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ and I shall live to testify of His goodness in my life. In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ I pray and declare. Amen

  83. I tap into this testimony, testimony produces its kind. Lord Jesus mercy upon me and Grant me Favor in Delivery now, and Bless me with financial breakthrough

  84. Hey! What an awesome God we serve! Thank u Jesus! Father God, increase & increase ur presence in our Snr Prophet T. B. Joshua in Jesus’ name!

  85. Thank God for the prophet TB Joshua. Indeed distance is no barrier. The Lord Jesus died to save mankind from our sins. What is required of us is to believe and subject our lives to His rule and we shall be saved — forgiven, healed, blessed and delivered.

  86. I put my faith to on the same touch and i hope 1 day my situation will change through tv touch,n i wish i could come and shake hands with you man of GOD

  87. i believe in you man of GOD.. distance z not a barrier indeed…. pray 4 us.. we got lots of hiccups…. inquities that needs GODS intrvntion… we thank GOD 4 u….amen…

  88. Man of God pray for iam in a situation where by iam a laughing stock today,my life is not the same iam going through a hard time with my child.see me through.let God intervain in my situation.

  89. May God Himself continue to manifest in ourlives through His prophet, T.B Joshua. May his goodness and mercy be shawalled upon us. Prophet please help my family with prayers to succeed in life because we are living a life of hand to mouth, please help us with prayers.

  90. With GOD everything is possible, distance is not a barrier. Plz Man of GOD. Prophet TB Joshua my prayer request 4 me & my family, financial breakthrough, my business, health, my children’s education, debts. pple owing me money which are way over due. In Jesus name. Amen. .

  91. Continue with your miraculous ways God ! Show the unbelieving thru your vessel TB Joshua.Glory be to You always ! I believe Amen.

  92. My wish and desire is to be in the Scoan Nigeria. Please help me to come to the Scoan. My Number: +263772347127.

  93. Jesus has paid our debts at the cross.he alive forever and he brings us the gift of eternal life.Jesus stands at the door of our lives and knock.i believe in him,i belive that my life will change i will find a job in the name o Jesus and my grandfather he will be healed in the name of Jesus.

  94. Man of God! I’m blessed with a beautiful family; a dear beautiful and very prayerful wife, Naomi and two handsome and intelligent sons. I thank God for them. But it appears financial blessings are eluding us and i’m am stressed and so too my wife. I need prayers for my family, please! I need a plea before my God. May He not count my sins against me. I thank God for your wonderful ministry.

  95. Thank you Lord for the miraculous work in Jesus name, amen. I will never give up on You Lord in Jesus name, amen. God bless you Man of God , Prophet TB Joshua. To His power nothing is impossible!

  96. Our God is so wonderful i thank him for using Tb Joshua 2 save us help me man of God because i have wanted u to deliever me from evil doings,poverty,setbacks,financial and my realatiönship with God help me man of GOD I know with God all thingz are possible Amen.

  97. yes man of God, distance z not a barrier @ all. Many of us we r incarpastated of reaching u dere. Dere4 man of God, continue praying 4 far viewers like i myself. Blessigs & wonders r reaching us n nid times, Amen!


  99. man of God pls pray for me and my family, we need God protection and transformation in Jesus name. Remain blessed . I hope to be at SCOAN soon. Thank you. Ikenta ogochukwu.

  100. Wow!This is really an outstanding extra-ordinary miracle,am just so thrilled…of coz anticipating my own miracle.God bless&continue 2 use u more,u r a real blessing Prophet TB Joshua!

  101. thank you man of God for allowing God to use you, you are a blessing to our generation may God continue to use and to bless you and your
    family in JESUS NAME.

  102. Wow!This is an outstanding extra-ordinary miracle,am just so thrilled.God bless&continue 2 use more,u r a real blessing Prophet TB Joshua!

  103. I wnt God of Tb Joshua 2 bless me with a house a car and a family as i live alone in my apartment in Jesus name. Amen.

  104. I believe also, distance is not a barrier. Man of God pray for my spiritual life so that the Holy Spirit should guide me in every situation that i face.

  105. I have been praying with the man of God everyday. I prayed for my financial breakthrough all the time. Suddenly i learnt that my name has been removed from the credit beareur. I thank God that i will now be able to maintain my children and be able to buy a home for them. Amen.

    • tb joshua thanks and God bless you.i send a prayer request and surely God has answered me. i went for the conference and did my presentation. surely am thankful for your prayers God blees you mightly.”emmanuel”

  106. He is a True Man of God.I will be coming there at Scoan to see it all for myself and experience the Holy Spirit in action.Amen

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