Breakthrough Testimony – “I Was Not Even Interviewed!”

Mr Winter Mupetas financial situation seemed to worsen with each passing day. His career was fraught with stagnation and frustration. The future seemed bleak. He and his family were seemingly imprisoned in an endless cycle of disappointment, failure and setback, which they couldn’t seem to come out of. Concluding that his case required spiritual intervention and believing that with a touch from Jesus Christ, the history of their lives would be rewritten, Winter’s wife travelled to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria to receive the Anointing Water. Just a few weeks later, testimonies began pouring in…

“Emmanuel! I want to testify to what God has done in my life through the Anointing Water. Before I came into contact with Emmanuel TV, I was facing serious crises in my work and career. I was well qualified but couldn’t seem to get a breakthrough in the area of employment. I kept applying for jobs, being invited for interviews but never getting the post. I was just going from one setback to another.

“After viewing Emmanuel TV and seeing how God had been healing, blessing and delivering people, my wife decided to visit The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations for prayers. She came back to Zambia with the Anointing Water, full of faith that God would use it to bless our entire family. We came together in prayer and she ministered the Anointing Water to me and the family.

“Just a few weeks later, I was surprised to receive a message on my phone to go for a medical check-up required for a new job I had been applying for. I didn’t hesitate to call back because I already had a valid medical certificate. I informed the lady who had sent the message, whom I didn’t even know, and she told me to wait for a while.

“After two hours, another message came in, giving me a date the following week to go for an interview. On the same day, just five hours later, I received another message, saying that on the same date, I should go with my banking details and original papers of relevant documents. I was amazed at the way things began moving! I went there and to my greatest surprise I was not even interviewed! Instead I was given a contract to sign and started working immediately.

Thank You

A million thanks are not enough!

“The testimonies do not end there! Apart from being employed, God then blessed me with a promotion in my new work place. Since then, I have been rising from one position to another!

“The blessing did not just end with me; the Lord also blessed my wife. Her business grew and flourished to such an extent that she even travelled to China for it. Disappointment and setbacks are now a thing of the past!

“I continue to pray to God to always bless Emmanuel TV and the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua for all that you have done for my family and indeed for people worldwide. Dont forget us in your prayers. May Jehovah God richly and graciously bless you, Man of God!

Mr Winter Mupeta, Zambia

307 thoughts on “Breakthrough Testimony – “I Was Not Even Interviewed!”

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  2. i wish i can have a testimony with god…i wish he can heal me from sickness,forgive my sins,maybe i will be happy in life..please children of god in begging you to prey for us…he will make us free


    • just cry to God surely he will hear and answer your cry.
      i am currently doing the same here in Kampala Uganda.
      exactly like you.

  3. man of GOD i,m very happy.with the work of the almighty GOD .just the believe i had in me .i gave my prayer request ,concerning an entrance examination in to the local goverment training centre buea Cameroon , more than five hundred persons entrolled in to this exam only thirty places where needed , infact i became the fourteen position. position .ithank GOD almighty to guide me this training will last for two years.,

  4. man of GOD i,m very happy.with the work of the almighty GOD .just the believe i had in me .i gave my prayer request ,concerning an entrance examination in to the local goverment training centre buea Cameroon , more than five hundred persons entrolled in to this exam only thirty places where needed , infact i became the fourteen position ,

  5. Dear Prophet, im in Kenya, and cant afford to come to South Africa. Pls im requesting for the anointing water. Pls sent for me. I will give you my adress when you reply back. Thanks.

    • Indeed we serve a miracle working God……he never fails us. Thank you Prophet TB Joshua,you really God sent and may the grace of God always keep you through.Amen

  6. i am the next person for this wonderful Miracle and Breakthrough. By faith, i receive mine in Jesus Name amen. Emmanuel! Thank you Jesus.

  7. Thank you Jesus for SCOAN. I am believing God for a repeat of my brother’s testimony in my life soon in Jesus name, amen. God bless you man of God, Prophet TB Joshua.

  8. To God be the Glory!!! please m looking for a job and I believe i would have since i am always watching Man OF God delivering pple ….

  9. To God be the glory in the name of our lord Jesus Christ. Man of God i am asking for a prayer; my wife,children and my self for delivrance; breakthrough. I am a familly man without employment please man of God i have faith in thy saying; say something for my life to change my familly is sufering as a father am not on my self seeing my children feeling the pains they facing as inocent as they are infact i am not feeling good.I want to be among the testimonies givers and i believe, i being alife to see you with my eyes it is done in JESUS NAME AMEN. Man of God pray for me please.Thank you Sir.

  10. Waoh!what a testimony,there is indeed God in SCOAN and that Prophet TB Joshua is a true man of God of our generation whether you believe or not,God has sent him to do the work.There is indeed power in Anointing water.As I pray along wth Prophet TB Joshua,next testimony will be mine but different one but same prayers will not go in vain.Son of David have mercy on me.

  11. Am passing through the path that my brother Winter Mupeta went through. However, the same God that blessed Mr. Mupeta, will do it unto me aswel in the mighty name of our lord Christ Jesus of nazareth. Amen.

  12. God is still saying something.Mr Mupeta’s story is quiet amazing,how I wish it was me testifying.I am using crutches for 18 years now.I am 44 years old.On 4th April 2012 ,I dreamt Prophet T B Joshua giving a healing prayer unto me,and that night believe you me I walked in the Mighty name of Jesus,people of God help me to pray that this must come to pass in Jesus name Amen.

  13. Emmanuel – God with us
    Jesus name is so sweet Emmanuel name is so sweet. Let us bow down to the Holy one and worship him because he is worthy.

  14. God is never tired of helping,blessing,delivering us;if only we receive him&BELIEVE his Prophet.IF u truly desire to receive or go to THE Synagogue God will prepare,take u there ask me iam a beneficiary of that Grace. Thankyou to all The Synagogue Family & Prophet T.B Joshua,may God continue to Bless you all. by bro peterkavita.

  15. emmanuel i am so much in debts always writing to emmanuel tv no response if only i can get anointed water and the sticker im sure i will get my breakthroug because i dont haver money to travel to nigeria but i am always touching the screen please help me nothing is going well for m

  16. How wonderful to hear this testimony.when my own troubles are overwhelming me,to hear that God answers prayer. motivates me to pray when i even don’t see and feel change happening. Man of God please do not cease to pray for us, those who are not able to travel to the synagogue.

  17. I believe distance is not a barrier because only touching the screen of the TV set and i was delivered from a spiritual attack . thank you Jesus for your Grace and please continue bless Emmanuel tv and prophet TB Joshua for letting you use them to help us.

  18. Man of GOD pray for me and my husband we are in misary searching for job but no way man of God we are in misery since october until nw,we dont have anythng to eat please man of God we need breakthrough in our life to have ahappy life in jesus name amen dis z ma number help us in prayerz0999944935

  19. God of Prophet TB Joshua, answers prayers not only Nation of Nigeria no but around the global.I bless the Prophet for God’s love over his life, i m healed from many things .

  20. By His wounds and stripes we all have been delivered,saved,redeemed nd blessed. Wait upon him wit faith . In his own time u wil receive ur share of God Kingdom.

  21. I am rely touched i need the same breakhtrough in my life. God is able. Thank you for upraising my faith that one day I will reach SCOAN by God’s grace


  23. To God Be The Glory, EMMANUEL…..
    I thank the All Mighty for what He has done for Mr. Mupeta & his family. May they hold on to that Faith and may we also continue to pray and have faith in Jesus. The God who helped this family is the same God who will help us.

    Please pray for me as i am going through financial problems.

  24. Hi, saints, this is an indication that Jesus is the same today,tomorow n forever. he changed. he loved us dearly. Praise the lord, Amen.

  25. I had a sister in law who was inlabour and she was having sever labour pains. She called us and my husband and I started praying along with Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV. He said “Let us pray for a woman who is in labour right now”. We started praying along and after wards Prophet TB Joshua said “Its a baby girl”. To my astonishment, my sister in law called us back and told us that she had just delivered a baby girl.She also thanked us for praying for her with the instruction fromthe Prophet. We give glory to the almighty. Thank you man of god.

  26. emmanuel, prays the lord.
    Yesterday I was moved by the message (do not make excuses) by wise man Hary. Is like, an hour or so before that, I had this lot of question and doubt in my mind. When I came at home I open emmanuel TV channel.To be honest, every answer for every question that I was asking, myselve was there. To God be the Glory. Amen

  27. I thank God for you Prophet TB Joshua,mine is a request that man of God pray for my daughter,her academic performance has dropped and this is her final year to sit for her final exams, her names are Obakeng Anita Mandelo,please pray for her i believe distance is not a barrier God can use you where you are to change the situation and please is there any way i could get the annointing water while in botswana,may God continue to use you mightly for i know indeed you are God sent servant.And i want to share with you this,i have never been in nageria only see Prophet TB Joshua on TV,so i was not working by then but always watching men of God on different channels and praying with them,the other night i just dreamt of Prophet TB Joshua,it was he was holding a crusade and i was there,he was praying for people and i was far from where he was standing,then i decided to go back home because of the crowd as man of God wouldnt be able to pray for me,as i was heading out of the place he just called my name,i turned and looked back and he said to me dont worry about your problems God has heard your cry,go in peace for you tears are wiped away,then i went, and when i woke up i pray about this dream and after three days i was called for interview in Gaborone and the interview went well and thats how i got my job and i posted to Kasane,all the praises be to God

  28. Man of GOD,i hve rsiv dsapoinment ,i blieve it has cum 2 an end,devil enough is enough,i 1MY lrd 2chose a wife 4me,pls man of God into pryers,bcs dstance is n’t a barrias,

  29. Thank u God,our family watches emmanuel tv everyday.m awaiting 4 God to show me the way in my lyf.i am troubled all nyt coz it seems my 3yr relationship with my boyfrend is fallin apart everyday.God plz see us thru.and may the Lord heal my boyfrend frm migrane headache.i believe God has heard me.thank uu GOD,i love u

  30. praise to God … with God all things are possible and i know we’r all going to receive out breakthrough in JESUS NAME

  31. Glory and honour be to the Almighty God for doing miracles in our lives. This testimony is so touching. Like what the man of God used to say “Distance is not a barrier”. I believe that my way out has come as well in Jesus Mighty Name. God bless you more man of God Senior Prophet TB Joshua and give give you many more years in Jesus Mighty Name AMEN!!!!!!!!!!. Thank you Jesus.

  32. thanx man of god 4 kepn us closer 2 god.emmanuel tv is my favourty channel.pliz help me mke my family 2 undastnd the word of god.they accse my grandmother us a witch

  33. nous sommes reconnaissants a jésus et a notre prophète bien aime tb joshua sans oublier toute l ‘équipe d Emmanuel TV pour les merveilles qu’ils ont accomplies dans notre famille .En effet ma soeur ainée a été souffrante pendant 4ans tout le monde

    désespérait sauf ma soEUR et moi le seigneur a permis que moi je comprenne assez bien l anglais c est ainsi que chaque jour nous passions nos journées devant la tele priant dansant avec le prophete nous étions devenues la risée de toute la famille on disait regardez ces vieilles folles mais nous savions que dieu allait nous exaucées la délivrance est arrivée a notre insu ma soeur a guéri en une semaine maintenant elle a la force d une jeune fille de 25 ans alors qu elle en a 56 nous demandons au seigneur de nous donner les moyens afin qu elle méme passe a scoan rendre témoignage merci seigneur et que notre prophète soit encore béni AMEN

  34. l give THANKS to GOD his love is like any ocean you can see the start but you can not see the end Glory to Jesus.

  35. Glory to GOD,in the house of GOD there is fullness of joy and we really get everything so let us fully trust Him and show the light to those who are in the dark.Man of God we love you,your family,the wisemen and the entire team.

  36. Trully our God is a God of miracles.He loves his children and he will never send them on the streets to beg neither will he leave them in the dark. Praise be to God who never forgets his children. What a loving father we have.Glory be to Jesus Christ. AMEN AND AMEN.

  37. Gloire a JESUS pour ce merveilleux temoignage,que le DIEU DE TB JOSHUA continue de vous fortifier, il ne ment pas et il n’a point failli. Soyez beni frere en christ WINTER MAPUTA.

  38. Emmanuel,?God is with us
    Lord i want to say thanks for the good things that u are doing in my life and my business all i can say is thank u Jesus for every thing,cause i know that everything is in ur hands and u are on control,What made me to believe is that u said in ur book of life that put everything in my hand and i will not allow it to roost,Lord i believe that ur words is yes and amen,never forget that i am a sinner,all of me is sin but i ask God to forgive me all my sin and cleans me from my sin,from the very day i visited the synagogue church of all nation that is the day i believe that truely faith is all we need in life,with faith we can cross the bridge,with faith we will overcome our problems,sorry for poeple that say that synagogue is not a liven church,all i know is that ur faith is ur deliverance,cause when Jesus says yes nobody can say no,believe and it will happen in Jesus name amen,God bless u my prophet,5 wise men of God and emmanuel tv,yes our Lord is good in did,cause seeing is believe in humans life.I LOVE U JESUS

  39. as my wife and i ,though we not married but staying together and having a child.we prayer together with Emmanuel tv during sundays service live things in our life have really change to the better. As Prophet TB Joshua says distance is not a barrier, i believe it. oh Prophet TB Joshua may the almighty bless u .Amen

  40. To God be the glory now and forever. We thank God for who he is to his children. My family has be through the very same situation but i believe that the same God wil also answer our prayer. God bless you!

  41. Man of God,help pray for my family to be delivered from the powers of satan.i wnt my wife to get a job & me get a pay rise @ work,also pray 4 my children to pass well so that they can go to unirvesity.pray for all the sicknesses that we hv,to leave my family in Jesus name,i believe that this request will be granted.

  42. blessed be the Holy name of our almighty God. Glory be unto Him! Thank u mr mupata and your family 4 the encouraging testimony. I stand on that as i look up to .Christ for intervention. Halleluyah!

  43. oh my problem is just the same even to the extend that my in-laws does not regard me as as the one who is marring their daughter i now have to beg money from my wife just to move around my computer business ,my advertising business all down and also in huge debt the police is after me I’m just frustrated in life i ve been watching Emmanuel TV i believe the i can get my solution at scoan but don’t even have money to travel I’m from Ghana .somebody help to to travel there my number is 0233 266434110 amen

  44. Your testimony is a catalyst to my faith. He will accomplish the good work He has started in your life in jesus name! Amen. Let His words be all your soul yearns for.

  45. Your testimony is catalyst to my faith. He will accomplish the good work He has started in your life in jesus name! Amen. Let His words be all your yearns for.

  46. Glory be to God, God’s time is really the best time. I was also priviledged to get anointing water from a friend but I tell u Gods people I’ve noticed a lot of changes in my life. I thank man of God TB Joshua for he is real and God should continue usin him. Amen

  47. Its so wonderful that our friend got such a nice breakthrough and for some of us we are still looking upon the almighty GOD for the same breakthrough since our LORD is able through our dear prophet TB JOSHUA .Kindly request for anointing water to be sent to people like us who cannot travel to Nigeria and have no means as i hope and think that our request is being taken care of .May the Almighty GOD continue looking after our Prophet well . many thanks.

  48. This was a big breakthrough i need right now in my life. God is putting smiles on the faces of many through the man of God TB Joshua and i can not be left out

  49. My life is a mess and i almost went through a divorce after 10.i dream skinning people alive,i apply 4 jobs and attend interviews but to no avail,this year i even went 4 medical but quiet sick and on chronic medication.i love the Good Lord and want delivarance and wisdom of GOD may The Good Lord take charge of my life in JESUS I PRAY AMEN.

  50. Good morning servant of the Lord,
    Please help me with the interpretation of this dream. I dream about one young man who was at the same teachers college with me 17 years back. In real life this young man died in a car accident shortly after he completed college. Now I dream that we were standing in the line and I was behind him and behind me was a lady who is a good friend of mine. This lady is also the president of the Women Aglow in Namibia. She asked me why this guy was looking lonely and depressed then I took her by the arm sothat we can go to the back of the line in order for him not to hear us, but he followed us. I wanted to tell my friend that something terrible happend to him and he was so furious why I should tell his problems to other people and hto show that I was sorry I embraced him and started crying with him. I am so astonished and worried. What might be the meaning?

  51. Nous pouvons tout avoir de Dieu au Nom de Jésus, moi j’ai besoin de votre soutien dans la prière pour que tombent les blocages de ma vie. Priez pour moi pour que la tièdeur ne surpasse pas ma foi qui est mise à dure épreuves à cause des problêmes matériels, du non accomplissement, de la maladie, du chômage, de la solitude affective, du rejet par les autres, d’une spirale d’endettement… bref des attaques de toutes sortes.
    Les choses vont mieux depuis mon retour de la SCOAN (11 septembre 2011), mais priez encore pour moi;

  52. Tb Joshua u r such a blessing, u have touched so many lives.. Helped so many people. U are truly a man of god. Am asking man of god to please pray on the problems am having in life, one of them is breaking through in terms of employment an prey for my family aswel. Thank you i will really Appreciate! May the lord keep on blessing you.


  54. Emmanuel ma family is experiemcing the same setbacks as ma brother mr winter maputa from zambia and i believe Gob for a miracle, his time is the best i know.

  55. Emmanuel ma family is experiemcing the same setbacks as ma brother above and i believe Gob for a miracle, his time is the best i know.

  56. I know the Man of God is real. The God that do your own will do my. Amen. Thank you God for given us man of God T B Joshua

  57. Also waiting for my deliverance and breakthrough.facing the same challenges as mr. Mupeta and i have faith that the load will bless me one day

  58. Distance is not barrier , I am in need of the anointing sticker ,I belive that God will deliver me from any kind of yoke ,will step up me to the needed breakthrough point ,man of God please send. Me the new anointing sticker , through my pOst address below. Post address 21332 code 1000 Addis Ababa , Ethiopia. God Bless you.

  59. I always praise our God the father of jesus christ who he anoint his beloved & heartily apostle TB joshua & it is my prayer to reveal his grace abundantly , Man of God I am a disappointed one ,every thing is going wrong I am working hard hopping the day of my visitation but yet not come still, Pray for me I need breakthrough in all part of my life my wife is olso suffering with migraine head ache & confusion in our life unfortunately we can not attend at SCOAN but I am receiving messages through face book & you tube line, hallelujah .Man of God please send to me & my family the anointing sticker ,my post address is 21332 code 1000 Addis Ababa ,Ethiopia. God bless you.

  60. Hey am one person eva livin in disappointments,job,lyf n general seem 2 go in circles al i nid help find my wae n my step i nid help,pliz prophet,nid prosperity nt just be the tail

  61. Man of God pray for me I need my girlfriend back everything just collasped in Feb 2012 up to now we are nolonger talkin pray for the restoration man of God I love her so much help me we wher about to get married in August deliver us man of God.

  62. I am so blessed by Mr Mupeta’s testimonies and I believe God has done something with my life. I had a dream last night about myself visiting the SCOAN and being prophesied by senior Prophet TB Joshua. I woke up smilling believing that whichever hinderance or disease has been in my life is no more,I wrote you a letter a week ago my prophet and I hope you received it.


  64. Thank you Jesus for the break through in Mupeta’s family. God bless his servant TB Joshua and Emmanuel for the great work you are doing for Christ.

  65. Blessed be the most High God for His working in miracles through Prophet TB Joshua. For with God all things are possible

  66. God has all the powers under controle. All we are required to do is have faith that he is worthy of breaking every barrier. We give God all the glory.

  67. Glory be to God!!
    For those who are like me very far from Lagos, how can we get access to the anointing water? You may be advised me to formally communicate and can be sent via post office box. I tried so many times,but, I couldn`t get access. Please pray for me to access the anointing water so that my deliverance be attained.

  68. Thank jesus 4 ur peace u av granted in mr mupetaz family.i know that the same God who has done great things to mr mupeta he wil also interene ma situation in jesus name.

  69. He only need our faith,everything is under his feet,trust him,he is our strenght,thanks jesus because i know that i wil b in church by sunday.he have done it for me.

  70. Glory to god.the lord is my sherpherd l shall not of plz help me l need anoiting water@stick.l want to see the power of god in jesus name amen.

  71. Allow me to quote, “Disappointment and setbacks are now a thing of the past!” This will be my story this year in Jesus name (I feel it). Let me equally write to say “May Jehovah God richly and graciously bless you, Man of God!” for what you have done to my fellow Zambian, a Mr Mupeta.

  72. 1-4 2012 la priére quon a fait ma delivrer je ne sais comme je vais dire que le nom dieu soit louer homme de dieu que seigneur vous benis moi et mon marie ont va venir 12 06 2012 .
    que dieu toute puissante vous bennis

  73. god is great we all have testimonys in our live to thank god for we just have to ask belive look and then see the work of god

  74. If God fought the war 4 the mupeta family like wat he did 4 the Isrealites at river jordan. There4 he wil definately fight 4 me an my family. I lift up my eyes 2 è mountains.

  75. O lord put smile in my face,lord my name is before a panel for elevation,my God shortlist me for this opporturnity through Jesus christ amen

  76. God wil continue 2 give TB Josuah long life am happy 2 be part of ur blessing and am expectn my own miracle soon

  77. The devil wz ovacum by da blood of da lamb en da wrd of our testimony.(rev:12v11) congrats mr mupeta. May Godz grace en mercy spk 4us 2. in al our situations.rememba beta z nt gud enaf da best z yet 2cum!

  78. GOD is indeed truely great,his love for us is eternal! ive been applying for jobs, with my heart I hve faith and believe that im already employed! Thnk you dear lord Jesus for ur love, may u keep on blessing the SCAON & all the members in Jesus name amen!

  79. Thank you LORD for the breakthroughs of our brethren. Glory to God for Prophet TB Joshua and SCOAN. I believe mine breakthroughs are here and I believe it is now! In Jesus name, amen. Thank you Lord in Jesus name, amen.


  81. Im wearing d same shoes as Mr Mupeta wore, bt i pray that may d God of prophet TB Joshua remember me as he remembered Mr Mupeta.

  82. Thank you Lord for Mr Mupeta and his family. Distance is not a barrier, watch out for my testimony very soon! Emmanuel!

  83. I always pray 2 God 2 bless me,watch emmanuel tv everyday!I want to visit scoan but dnt have enuf transport money.I believe my life is blocked smewhere!please help me in prayer!hpe God will touch me somehow.Amen!

  84. I thank God for his servants The Man of God Prophet T.B Joshua and the Wise Men the Holy Spirit Our God is still manifesting His Works through them.Distance is not a barrier Pray for me in the name of Lord Jesus Christ our Savior so that i can find a job.Credence Oduetse in Botswana p o box 20577 Maun,Botswana.Man of God send me a sticker and anoiting water.God bless u


  86. What a God we worship. God of Prophet T.B Joshua is a faithful God. My life is also a testimony. Brother d best is still yet 2 come.IJN

  87. Praise be to God n I am in de same situation whre m stagnant in my workplace but I know that as He has done it to Mr Mutepa mine chance is also coming…….Amen!!!!!

  88. am facing setback and even my dreams are that of setback my GOD deliver me nothing is moving in my life yet i know am inteligent please pray for me

  89. Amen. He is a faithful God, his mercies endures forever. I am encouraged by what God is doing in people z lives through SCOAN, and I have no doubt that it is the hand of the almighty God through his man servant TB Joshua and I give God all the glory. God bless TB JOSHUA and give him long life as he contiues to serve the living king..

  90. There is no impossibity with Jesus only when we believe him truly and sincerely. I tell you beloveth, you’ve been lifted and nothing can bring you down again in Jesus name amen. Thank you Jesus for showing my brother and his wife great mercy.

  91. My brother i rejoice with u, and i believe i will also come to (SCOAN) and give my own testimony this year in Jesus name?

  92. My heart is beating with joy I’ve got the same problem like our brother I the all mighty jesus will do the same with me and my household in jesus name!!! Amen emmanuel……..!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Congratulations Mr Mupeta for your time has come, God does not Fail and with my Faith our time will come too, Praise the Lord no matter what, our God is good all the times, He knows before we were born, He is still saying something. Praise the Lord!!! Emmanuel!!!

  94. Wow!!!!!!!!our God will nver forsake us fo he is the Lord of all impossibilities abve ol He is Worthy to be praised.Amen

  95. My situation is similar to the one which Mr. Winter Mupeta was in. I believe that my own testimony is on the way because I know that help is coming.

  96. i thank God for this breakthrough. i wish there was a place in every country where we can go and get the anointing water. God is really working through you to bless the world. bless you.

  97. Praise the living Lord! Thank you Prophet TB Joshua for reaching out to us all out here. May God continue to bless you! I believe that with God all things are possible! Moving in circles, praying for financial breakthrough, setbacks, marriage failure, joblessness…have been haunting my family too. I refuse to let it continue any further. Please Man of God, deliver me & my family from this spirit of darkness!

  98. When the perfect: (Jesus) set in the impfect (Devil) goes out. Disappointment turns appointment, failure to suscess,darkness to light ,porvety to riches… so shall it be with everyone who opens up for Jesus Christ as he has finished the work for us at his death & resurretion.


  100. Woow?What a testimony.May the God of Prophet TB Joshua be Glorified!My family has given up on coming to SCOAN,coz no response from those responsible for the admin.All the same,Emmanuel!

  101. Praise the lord of tb joshua he making the amazing things my heart is beating with joy when I read this testimony. Ma, of god can I get the anointing water I’m in a cage please help me and my family. Emmanuel!

  102. God is awesome! I know God will soon give me a huge testimony that I have been waiting for in Jesus name Amen.

  103. Thank u Jesus, u r faithful alwayz.l need prayers that the lord bless my family with a healthy baby boy we have been trying fo two yrs now.l believe with God everything is possible.

  104. Truely distance is not a barrier,thank you lord for your wonders. Man of God TB Joshua i have the same problem in my family,we live in Zimbabwe and we dont have any money to travel to that side. So please man of God pray for me as distance is not a barrier, deliever me in jesus name. Amen

  105. Faith in God is the beginning of wisdom and salvation, I also hope my day of Breakthrough will come. Praise be to God AMEN.

  106. Nothing z impossible where u think its the end thats wher God starts we pray God dat he wl continue to bless your family

  107. May God continue to bless Mr. Winter n his family , may he also continue to strengthen Prophet T.B Joshua n his ministry (SCOAN n Amen!…praise the Lord 🙂

  108. My husband introduced me to SCOAN and we both started watching, I was so amazed at the wonders the man of God was doing. We have our backages that we carry which include finances, health and well being of our children especially our eldest son, he has problems at school, we decided to pray with the man of God believing that distance is not a barrier! Since then my son’s teacher phoned informing us that she is noticing changes in class! We continue praying with the man of God and believe that our breakthrough is nearby.

  109. Thank you Jesus. You are a great God.
    My fiance is facing dis same problem bt one thing is certain. I claim breakthrough for him through this tesmony.
    Lord i can’t thank you enough for this Testimony. You are indeed Great.

  110. Man of God am also experiencimg the same problem, work, marital life, business all not movìng. as i believe distance is not a barrier bless me as its difficult for me to get the annointing water.

  111. Am in the similar situation but I have so much faith in Godthat the breakthrough is on my way, I complited my diploma in 2005 but I am strugling to get a permanent job. I always attend interviews but with no luck. Man of God pleaase pray with me for breakthrough in my life.

  112. praise be to the living God who changes lives at a blink.trusting in him is all we require and all our sorrows are made of the past.may He continue being the number one in ur lives

  113. Thank you God; With you nothing is impossible….. I wish one day I get into the Synagogue Church, I need to be delivered…… Thank you Lord for you’re using Prophet TBJ and bless him more as he does to others…

  114. pliz man of god help me with anointing water.l hav had testimonies about it l thank god fr there miracles…

  115. thank God for this testimony,same is my portion right now in Jesus name.i must testify this month by the grace of God AMEN!

  116. to God be the glory, we rejoice with u Mupeta family his mercy, grace and favour is following u. i pray that it does to us all in Jesus name. Emmanuel!!

  117. Man of God pray for me because I am in a similar situation like Mr Mupeta. I strongly believe that the God who changed this man’s situation will also bring miracles upon my life and change my situation forever. Amen.

  118. He holds the keys to our lives (GOD).nomatter sicknes,poverty.setback or whatever situation u maybe facing, To those who cal to His Name Jesus its jus trials n the face of the Lord thru his Anointed Man of God.Thank u Tb Joshua for loyalty to yo calling.U are really changing lives .

  119. What a powerful testimony.I am a similiar position, going from one interview to another but failing to get the job. Reading on such breakthroughs gives me hope as l know our God is the same yesterday, today and forever & will do it 4 me as well. Thank you Man of God for your prayers.

  120. Thank you jesus for the testimony. May You Lord continue to bless Prophet TB Joshua & to use him mightily in assisting us.

  121. God is good I’m still waiting since I came to synagogue church of all nation April 2010 again 2011 I’m still waiting but I know my turn will come for healing and blessing. God is blessing people around me with the annoiting water that I bought from SCoan even so I thank god because they can see the healing of Jesus christ of Nazareth is taking place my project is down at work no promotion my son no. Progress at school things are up and down I cry every day the doctor had even diagnose me with heart problem why me suffer as if I don’t believe amen

      • My sister, Jesus will do it for you, just as He has done for others. Your prayers have already been answered just wait in faith. Do not dispair, never a problem He cannot solve nor a case He cannot listen to. God bless you, Emmanuel.

    • Ausi mamanyake Gods’s time is the best,he is preparing somethimg good for you,and he still says something about your life.please read john 15v7.

  122. God is in deed changing lives and changing nations. I receive the same grace for a job interview i will be going later this month. I will be back for my testimonies. Emmanuel!

  123. Glory be to God! Sure He is God of miracles. Let us embrace the grace upon man of God, senior Prophet TB JOSHUA. Hallelua!

  124. I thank God for Mr. Mupeta and I know that my time is near. May the mercy and favour of our lord locate my family, in Jesus name. Blessed be to God, for having this media and emmanuel tv! Amen

  125. thank god 4 what he did for mr mupeta indeed god has plans 4 each of us not 2 harm us but 2 prosper us what he did 4 mt mupeta i believe he wil do it 4 my family n all glory 2 god amen…….

  126. Brethren,I have never in my life saw the goodness of the Lord God Almighty everybody is praising.I prayed,fasted,cried,bless others materially and still nothing seem to work for me.I wished I could see this God and ask Him questions why this why that.I lost hope altogether.I lost everything.He forgives worst sinners,why not me?Why can’t He bless me too?I am frustrated really.RSA

    • Don’t lose hope. Keep on doing what is right and continue believing God no matter what. The bible says Abraham never lost hope even when he seemed too old by the standards of this world. He did not look on the outside but focused on what God promised Him and when God’s time came the promise was fulfilled(Romans 4:19). I encourage you to continue praising God. He wants you to praise Him and not complain. Stop complaining and grumbling but thank Him always and He will reward you. Be blessed. God loves you, don’t despair.

  127. This testimony has touched me we thank GOD for what He has done to Mr Mupeta and the family Emmanuel…!!! ifound myself in the same situation and ibelieve GOD will give me atestimony this month in Jesus name.

  128. Brethren,I have never in my life saw the goodness of the Lord God Almighty everybody is praising.I prayed,fasted,cried,bless others materially and still nothing seem to work for me.I wished I could see this God and ask Him questions why this why that.I lost hope altogether.I lost everything.He forgives worst sinners,why not me?Why can’t He bless me too?I am frustrated really.

  129. Thank you Jesus. I am in the same situation. I have lost my exams and studies due to financial problems. Yet I stil believe in God.

  130. When u belive god answers all your prayers l hpe and pray that one he is going to answer mine to,when god says yes no one can say no dat he is any awesome god.l lift up his name higher.amen.

  131. Man of God, am n a similar situation. I ‘ve no access of getting annointed water / annointed sticker since am poor [4m Malawi]. But u owez say distance z not a barrier cn u pray 4me man of God. I ‘ve hope & faith n Him dat I ‘ll be disangaged 4m such miserables. Thank u Jesus, dnt pass by me as u r delivering others Amen!

  132. Wow, truly amazing wat God almighty is doing in people’s lives.

    Are these kinds of breakthroughs achieved only through visiting the sinagogue church of nations & getting the anointed water or is prayer enough, even with the varst distance?

  133. Words of encouragement. I am also waiting for my breakthrough in all spheres of my life and I know God’s time is the best.

  134. Thank You Lord Jesus, for what You have and still doing in the life of this sister and her family.
    May i testify as well to the glory of Your name, Amen.

  135. I love this story. I want christ to come into my life and transform it just as he has done for Mr Mupeta. Oh i wish that all the ugly stories about my elder sister Ufuoma and Ujiro will just change this night. I believe God can do it. So let it be done now in Jesus name, amen.

  136. wow wat a marvalleous God,he is going to do marvalleous things 4 me thank u jesus my breakthrough has come.i love u jesus.

  137. Thats our God who set his time for MR Puppet not his time so let pray for maintainance of blessing,we are encouraged by your testimony so we pray that it wil happen to us also. Amen.

  138. Thanx.that u manage to hav the anoiting water.and it works a life of great reading yo testimony its realy a blessing.and thanx that the almight had remembered you greatly.its unfortunate that.i dnt knw if u can assist me in receiving such anoiting water.a family troubling in our breakthru in life.setbacks.poverty is the order of the day.i dnt if u cn pray also 4me.thank you.God bles and enjoy yo easter.safely in jesus name.amen

  139. Thank u Jesus nothng impossible in ur Holy name I pray als for my breakthrough ito cm to pass I sufferd s enough nw

  140. God is good.
    In fact I am jobless, I want God to bless with a good job and to direct me to a good marriage, the way He has done for you, I like God to come in my life, God I believe in you and nothing is impossible to those who are believing in you.
    I thank you Gog, deliver and bless me in Jesus’ name.

  141. That’s what happens when God Almighty gets involved in our everyday lives. Thank You Jesus for showing us the way to salvation.

  142. I truly believe the work of GOD. Is the reason why i am alive.Now i am in expectation for my break through,SHALOM!

  143. What a mighty God we serve, He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He can do it for me and you, lets prophesy it over our lives, finances, families in Jesus Name A BIG AMEN!

  144. How I wish to have my testmony.I am 33years old but up to date nothing to show off.I am poor that I no money for me to have an Indepent life.Fortunate enough am in the southern part of africa Malawi with no cash to take me to SCOAN for my breakthrough.Disapointments,set backs etc is order of the day.I ve written to this blog to no avail.A reply itself from scoan could be agreat testmony to me and the sticker and anointing water will be double double blessings

  145. wow! God is doing tremendous works thru SCOAN and the Anointing water. It gvs me hope as well coz i’m facing something similar 2 wat Mr Winter did b4 his breakthru.

  146. as long as i believe and trust in the Lord i know he will see me through my troubles thanks be to the Almighty Lord for nothing is imposible in his eyes.

  147. Through it all God is faithful. im still holdin on 2 his grace, waitin 4 his mercy 2 speak 4 me. Glory 2 God

  148. We congratulate you Mr Mupeta and your family,continue to bless the Lord when things are good and when things are bad,because he watches over us day and night.Emmanuel. Continue to testIfy about his mercy and his favour.

  149. I am in a similar situation as narrated above and i know as God has done for Mr. Mupeta, he will do the same in the life of my family. THANK YOU LORD FOR OUR BREAKTHROUGH!

    • I no an my faith is so strong dat i an my family wil also hav a breakthrough through EMMANUEK TV distance is not a barrier by just touching de screen i m delivered in JESUS name thank 2 PROPHET TB JOSHUA an SCOAN u ve strenghen my faith in JESUS name fire of de HOLY SPIRIT FIRE i m healed, free an delivered in DE NAME……….OF JESUS AMEN.

    • My housemate was due to deliver her baby on the month of March, she had labour pains for almost 5 weeks but on the 6th of April i send i prayer request for safe delivery. The same night she went to the hospital and the following day she safely delivered a healthy babygirl who she named Heart. We thank prophet TB Joshua and Emmanueltv for the prayers and most of all we thank God for his mercy through his son Jesus Christ. Amen.

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