Read this stirring account of how a  twisted and tormented life can be transformed in just a moment, how a marriage on the rocks can be resurrected and how a life of bondage can be given liberation forever. Here is an Emmanuel TV story sure to stir wonder in the depths of your heart, bring a tear to your eye and leave you in awe of an awesome God.  

Life was literally hellish for Maria Chisanga, her volatile husband dealing her verbal and physical abuse again in a fit of drunken madness. Their marriage had not started on such a chaotic note but alcohol had slowly consumed, overtaken and destroyed him. Alex was not the same man she had first met. For the young Zambian couple, already with two kids, the situation was dire and the marriage at the point of breaking beyond repair. “I don’t know whether it was due to the money I started having”, Alex reminisced. “but the moment we had our second kid, problems started coming and I started drinking. I was going out every night with friends and they influenced me to drink. From that time, things started to go downhill. The deeper it went, the worse life became and I started drinking badly. It was uncontrollable”.

As the alcohol clouded his judgement and veiled his values, Alex started going regularly outside his marital home, eloping with different women on various occasions, including the younger sister of Maria’s closest friend. He had three children outside of wedlock. “Eventually I ran away from my house, with my wife crying bitterly. They went to my father and different pastors – still they couldn’t stop me. You know, when you are carried away – you are gone.” Alex finally left his house in disarray, with his five children from Maria becoming virtually fatherless. “I was still financially supporting my wife, but soon stopped because I was with other women. That’s when I moved completely to Botswana and forgot about taking care of her and the children completely.”

Each attempted return to reconcile resulted in more strife and fights. Maria eventually made the decision to her hometown. “When my husband started drinking, it was horrible,” Maria soberly stated. “It was a time of crying, a time of crises, a very hard time for me. We were fighting and shouting at each other every day. He was beating me any time he felt like it. My children were so much affected by the drinking of their father. They came to the point of telling me, ‘Mummy – if you can leave this man, I think it would be better for you – because this man is beating you and bringing so many problems in our lives today.’ Even paying their school fees was a problem. Eating was a problem. He was beating me so much and I got tired. I prayed and prayed until I got tired and decided to leave the marriage.”

In bondage to beer...

If anyone is in a position to explain the devastating and destructive effect of alcohol abuse, it is Alex Chisanga. With turmoil throughout his home and life, Alex habit of extreme drinking established itself devilishly in his life. He literally existed in a state of delirium, dependent on the next beer-binge. “There was not a day that I did not drink,” he vividly explained. “The time I am talking with you now, maybe a carton would be gone. You know, when I got paid, I would buy some cartons and put them in the fridge instead of buying food. I might go and get five or six cartons and put them in the fridge. It came to the extent that I could not even sit like this without having a beer because I would be shaking. I needed to have a beer with me.  When I was going to the toilet, I would carry a beer. It came to a time when I couldn’t even cook for myself. I had to go out and buy food before I could eat. Sometimes, I would spend two or three days without food but beer was there. Even when I was going to bed, when I slept, I would be having a bottle with me. As I would be trying to sleep, I would be drinking. In the night, all I would dream of was beer. And the moment I woke up, I would start. Sometimes, the bottle would fall from my hands in the night. You would just get up in the morning and see the mess, go to the fridge and get another one. I couldn’t live without beer. Like you are sitting down now – I couldn’t. I needed to have it with me. I needed to have it in my stomach – if I didn’t, I would become something else. I would become wild.”

As to be expected, the extreme addiction had taken its toll on him both physically and psychologically, with regular thoughts of suicide whirling within his head. “Physically, I was not normal. There were times when I would feel like a mad person. All it would tell you – go to the fridge, it is there. I even went bankrupt because of my alcohol addiction. If it was not there and you didn’t have money in the bank, I would force myself to go and sell something so that at least, it would be there. It must be there. My vehicle – I sold it because of that. We had two fridges; I sold one of them. I sold everything to buy beer. I was only left with my TV and a bed to sleep in. If you came close to me, you would sense the smell of my beer. It got to the extent that my whole body smelt of beer because sometimes I wouldn’t bathe. I would start to have a headache that was unstoppable – then something would come to m and tell me to get rid of my life.” Even while performing his duties as a heavy truck driver, Alex would drive under the influence of alcohol; astonishingly however, he was able to avoid accidents. “I used to hide alcohol at work. Even when I was driving, behind my seat you would find a carton of my beer.”

The downward spiral continued for Alex, bound in what could be termed as slavery to the spirit of alcohol that had totally engulfed his existence. It was the December of 2008 – over three years since he had last seen or spoken to his wife when his life dramatically changed. “One Sunday morning, a friend of mine came to find out whether I was at home,” explained Alex, who had been drinking throughout the nights of Friday and Saturday. “He asked me if I had a decoder in my living room.” In tune with his answer, the friend entered his house and fiddled with the apparatus before tuning in to a particular television station. “He increased the volume and then joined me outside on the veranda where I was drinking. After a while, he heard the voice of the man of God preaching.” Alex’s friend had tuned to Emmanuel TV, and it was the start of a live Sunday Service from The SCOAN with Prophet T.B. Joshua. “By the time he heard the man of God say, ‘Distance is not a barrier! Let us pray for the viewers’ – he said to me, ‘Alex – you need to come and watch this.’ ” Literally forcing the reluctant drunkard to enter his house, his friend brought him before the television. “He told me: ‘Come – I need you to touch the screen’. I told him, ‘No, let me just watch the man.’ Then he just grabbed my hand and forcefully put it on the screen. At that moment, the man of God said: ‘Whatever is not of Jesus – out!’ That’s when I went out on the ground.” Rolling uncontrollably on the floor of his living room, Alex was receiving a remarkable deliverance as a church service some thousands of miles away in Lagos, Nigeria progressed. The spirits tormenting his life and family were being chased out. “I must have been there for over 10 minutes. All I remember is that the man of God shouted, ‘In the name of Jesus – you are free’ and I just woke up at once, sweating profusely.”

Alex slowly got up, several neighbours having gathered due to the commotion, stared at him in amazement. The darkness that clouded his blood-shot eyes had gone. “I looked around and the first thing I asked was: ‘Where is my wife?’ My friend who had put on Emmanuel TV and all my neighbours started crying. They told me ‘Alex, your wife left you over three years ago.’ I couldn’t believe it. I went to the bedroom and started checking for my wife’s clothes. Then I discovered it was true – my wife was no longer with me. I began to cry.” Alex asked for a drink of water and a disbelieving neighbour brought out both bottles of water and beer, asking him to choose. He chose water.

The following day, Alex took a fortnight’s leave from work and started a desperate journey back to Zambia to find his wife. Discovering that his five children were scattered throughout the community and that his wife had returned to her father’s house, he set out to meet her. The passion to reunite was so deep that the journey of four days took him only two, to the point where he was 15km from the village of his father-in-law but with no transport available. “I walked the 15km on foot with the rain pouring and soaking me throughout. It was 1.00 when I finally arrived.” In the dead of night, Alex stood before his wife’s house and cried out. “When my father-in-law heard my voice, he said, ‘Alex, is that you?’ He then turned to shout, ‘Maria – your husband is here!’ ” It was a glorious moment, an unprecedented reconciliation upon 10 minutes in front of a unique television station. “Everyone was crying and we were hugging one another. In the morning, we had a meeting as a family. I had to explain to them what happened and how I got delivered through Emmanuel TV. They were surprised because what they heard about me and what they were seeing was a totally different thing. I knelt and apologised in the presence of the family, but my father-in-law stood me up and said: You remain our son. They killed a goat and we ate and celebrated together.” “It was a wonderful day,” recalled Maria. “Despite all that had happened, we were so happy to see him back in our lives – because we didn’t stop loving him. We were always praying for him and asking God to intervene in his situation – and He did!” After one week, the reunited couple returned to Botswana.

A family reconciled

Alex’s remarkable encounter with God through Emmanuel TV signalled the last alcoholic drink he took, as well as the birth of a new relationship with Maria. “It’s like we have just been married. I never realised before how beautiful my wife is! Now when I am off work, I will be in the house, working and eating together with her. I also reunited with my children, and they came back to spend holidays with us.” It can be genuinely called a total transformation. “Thank God for the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV for what they have done – they have brought life to my life. I was a dead person who had nothing in the head apart from beer – beer was my focus. If I didn’t have a beer, I didn’t have anything. But today, I am a different person, I don’t even think about beer anymore, not a single craving.” For Maria, it’s as if she has a new husband. “There is a big, big difference in his life – now he is a new man. We can share the Bible together; we can pray together, we can do all things together. No more drinking. No more fighting. No more shouting. He is even a preacher of the Word of God now! We are enjoying our relationship!”

Her advice to couples about entering marriage is on the necessity of involving God. “I will advise those who are entering into marriage to invite God into their life, because a marriage without God has a limit but with God – all things are possible. To my fellow people out there, hold fast to God – our God is a good God, He never fails. Jesus is a conqueror – and once you believe in Him, you too are a conqueror with Him.”

Alex’s advice, informed by an unforgettable life-experience, is simple: “Thank God that I can give you these words of advice: do not go into alcohol. Rather choose the Lord Jesus Christ, who will give you life, who will give light to your future. Not beer – beer doesn’t give life. Beer only spoils your life and kills you in a manner that the more beer you drink, the older you become, the more you destroy yourself – your life will be miserable. Let’s hold fast to God, not the things of this world. Let’s have a new life in Him that will never put us in misery, a new life that will always bring joy and happiness. God created us in His own image and He wants us to follow His ways. How lucky we are that we are given Emmanuel TV! We’ve been given the prophet – Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua. He is not the prophet of Nigeria; he is a prophet of all nations. He is a prophet that is given to us to change our lives. Like me personally speaking now – if you saw me some years ago, you would shed tears. The tears you would be shedding are tears of joy that Emmanuel TV and its partners with Prophet T.B. Joshua have brought life to me today. I, Alex, am alive today because of Emmanuel TV. All I can say is thank you! I thank Jesus for saving my life and for giving me another chance!”


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  70. Emmanuel tv station has been my most favourite chanel since the very first day I descovered it in 2007, i have been delivered ,saved, transformed, and i also recieve my salvation through this medium: above all i have met to understand the deep things of the spirits.God bless u and ur entire ministry in christ name

  71. What a marvelous transformation and reconciliation! A turning point indeed! It can only be the handwork of God our Creator and Redeemer.Thank God for Emmanuel TV and Prophet T.B. Joshua. This testimony is ample proof that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. May The Lord continue to anoint His servants. Thank you JESUS!

  72. Thank you GOD for giving this man, man of GOD i am very proud of you. I Do not know what i should to give you, bt the best i am doin is that i pray so that may GOD give you more power, more holy spirit. if it is calculated, let it be over trillions and trillions. what you are doing to usis realy more than great. you also changed my life, i used to think too much, i never slept,crisis in the family, i used to be inteligent at school but at the end i failed, spiritual husband used to attack me, there were so many conflicts in the family, but thanks GOD very much, my life is free since i started watching emmanuel tv. Distance is not a barrier, thank u man of GOD and emmanuel tv partners, may GOD bless you forever and ever.

  73. What a mighty God we serve!Emmanuel TV is not just a channel but a pwerful,spirit filled God channel…I thank God for wht he has done to so many people through the medium of Emmanuel TV,including me.ever since i started watching it,whnevr I hav a kind of atack in d dreams prophet TB Joshua always appears…thank you Lord for giving us ths channel!

  74. My name is Ekeah Samuel, age 37 yera ,from Abia State.Tele phone number 0815296058.Am sufring for a deadly sickness,HIV POSSETIVE i request for prayer and delivrance helling to health.
    i belive in that nothing in i possible in the presenst of god..


    Ekeah Samuel,

  75. Thank you Lord for delivering and uniting this family.God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.Nothing is difficult with Him.Thank you Jesus.

  76. Man of GOD i have a problem of seeing snakes in my dreams could u please pray for me and my son, again i have a very low self esteem sometimes when i look at my self in the mirror i look like avery old woman and i look very ugly this has made me to lack confidence.

  77. indeed,distance is not a barrier!May da Lord Almighty touch every alcoholic in my family,extended family,friends,my baby daddy that they may be delivered from taking alcohol.Lord in Jesus’ mighty name i pray,AMEN!

  78. my brother praise the lord for your deliverance that you have received, as sayed make his word the standard for your life, this has encouraged me that no matter what mess you are in, all you have to do is trust in the lord with all your heart

  79. To God be the glory may that annointing of God spread to all those couples who have a problem with drinking and deliver them in Jesus Name. Thank you Jesus

  80. The story about Alex is very encouraging. There r pple who have lived in that alcoholic bondage for a long. God only needs as to invite him in our lives and all our burdens shall be lifted away. I believe that one day God will deliver my brothers from the same bondage. Thank u prophet u have been of great help. Throhgh you God has done wonders to people. Be blessed

  81. it was a shocking comment very beautiful he could only see now that his wive was beautiful.oh lor you a great ive seen so many marriages fail because of alcohol. but with T.B Joshua t here is a solution. thank you lord for every single day that comes as a suprise to us thank you lord for being there for me no matter how hard i always know that you are there for me and that you will rescue me. Help me with prayers my husband does not have a job its hard for us oh lord i believe that very soon there will be a solution to our problem im asking for prayers help me.

  82. To God be the glory man of God, u are wonderful imagin his hand was force by a friend to touch tv scren and that became his life transformation of the years in alcolism within 10 minutes thank you Jesus.

  83. The hand of God on his chosen ones can always be clearly seen at work. Thank be to God for giving us the prophet after his own heart to my generation.
    Lord help me to get to know your for my life through your servant. My soul eager so much just to step at SCOAN to get my deliver.
    prophet TB Joshua God bless u for your patience and humbleness.

  84. Praise to the living God! Am very touched by this story of Alex n Maria. May the God of Prophet T.B Joshua who delivered Alex deliver me n familt too. My sister in law is going thru the same may the God that remembered Maria do the same miracle to my sister in law n the husband. Praise b to God. Emmanuel!!!

  85. Greetings in Jesus name.Emmanuel.indeed God with us.
    i thank God for his mercy & favour upon my life & my entire family.since we came across Emmanuel TV that was 2008 my home has been blessed in many ways.
    Prophet T.B Joshua & the Emmanuel TV crew you have brought hope in my family.May good lord richly bless you all.In Jesus name.


  87. oh what a mighty GOD that we have. The unchangeable changer, the GOD who turns impossibilities to possibilities…..indeed Daddy JESUS, U ARE LORD. I thank GOD for the reconciliation of Alex family for behold the old has gone. Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, the old has gone the new has come.

  88. A year of come back indeed my brtother Alex.Thank Christ Jesus for a new life, full with the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Lets make His WORD the standard for our lives,then we shall remain on top not at the bottom;GLORY TO GOD

  89. I thank God for his friend who helped him to touch the tv. Man of God i don’t mean to compare you with others, they need to learn to act with God. If God was not acting with you Alex would not have recieved his delievernace. A lot say recieve but nothing is seen. The situation remain the same if not getting worse. But God is proving to be with you always. Those who are jealous of you will contiune been frastrated by God because it’s not you but Christ in you doing all things. To Alex i believe the delievernace he recieved he will use it meet people’s needs as he has already started. Lord Jesus use him for your glory as you contiune meeting others i pray. Aaaaamen!!!!!!

  90. Word of incouragement.Jesus never fail,he knows your desires ,he ses your tears,he feels your pain.The God of T.B jousha is at work.the same God for today,yesterday,tommorow and forever shall never 4sake his chidren.

  91. Glory to God!!

    Im so blessed with the message from Emmanuel TV, and i believe
    in Jesus that soon i will receive my miracles. Thank you Jesus

  92. The testimony on its own has brought change to my life; if the God we save has done it in Botswana and Zambia in a few minutes by connecting TB Joshoa in Nigeria in this situation, then what esle do I need. This is the Godly technology of linking broken families together in spirit. He will do it for me, He will definately do it for me, He is going to do it for me, Iam created in his image, just as he did with Alex and Maria, why not us all; why not on me. why not on you, why not on everybody, why not on all human beings. He will do the same. Be blessed

  93. Lord our God always keep His promise to set us free that is when we obey Him. I am touched with Alex testimony for i was getting tired of praying without answers but this testimony has given me fuel to keep praying until God answers me

  94. Waawoooo…Glory be to God Almight in the might name Jesus christ His son through senior prophet TB Joshua and Emmanuel TV what a God what a trasformation in life may the God who Delievered Alex deliever my father too from this pit of hell of drinking beers his name is Nsubuga Abraham ever since i was born I sow him drinking upto now I can’t tell when he started it harts me soo much but the God of prophet TB Joshua will never fail if you give Him achance He prove Himself His name is Jesus Christ of Nazareth the son of most High God man of God may God give more and more power and the Grace to pray for Us allover the world.

  95. I would like to thank Emmanuel tv Partners for having the spirit of giving to needy and the Evangelist who are distributing the Anointing water all over the world. Emmanuel tv Partners thank you so much for loving King Jesus and others,.you are doing what the King Jesus require us to do, that is to give to the needy. May the good Lord Jesus richly bless and strengthen you.
    Ephesians 3:16-17
    I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and establish in love.

  96. Amen and Amen.Jesus is at work more miracles nd break throughs are coming in jesus name amen.Thankyou God,thankyou jesus.This year is my year my life is gona change too.distance is not a barrier,i ve faith something is gona happen.

  97. What a touching testimony of the great things that God has done.There is no impossibility with God,he is the same yesterday,today and forever.His plans for man is to give him a blessed future.God let, your kingdom come to earth and your will be done forever!

  98. How blessed is our generation! Man of God may the good Lord protect and continue annointing you 24,7. From Botswana, selebi Phikwe


  100. Amen!!! Its true God never fails.He answer prayer by fire.God bless you kemisetso.

    Man of God wise men thank you very much that God is use you to open our hearts for him and to let us see the wonders live in this generation.EMMANEUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ALIXE praise the Lord Jesus Christ for the wonders He did for you and you family Amen!

  101. Praise Lord to have dad this miracle. Distance is not a barrier, make sure that from today you are walking in the Lord words and Side, you love you neighbour as your self. Lord has choose you beyond all.
    We All Knowing that Every things is possible with God.

    I thank God for the deliverance granted to this family.
    the anointing upon the life of Prophet T.B Joshua, Thank you Father. He is a real Man of God.
    God is so Good. Through Prophet T.b.joshua many lives have been restored,May God will bless Prophet T.B joshua, His Ministry, All the wise men, His Family for all the marvelous job the do to rise people from the darkness life in Jesus Name.

    However really that can be, distance is not a barrier and every ewe has its day in front of God. I am waiting for my own turn of délivrance. I am paying with Man of god every day through Emmanuel TV. Every where I am, I have a Emmanuel channel to prayed and let any one to pray too. In my work place at front of the hospital, in my home so every bondage shall be distroyed in Jesus Name

    also Please Man of God, pray for me: I am lonely, I am at thesame time woman an man, My business is colapse, I am not marriage, We have problem of hatred between all my mother’s children for about 20 years, Is a very bad life we are in? And I know a Word from you By God Payer will cancel all this bondage. l can’t do it alone l need your prayers thank you for giveing me this time to share my comment in jesus name l

  102. Praises to the living God,i did not know that someone can be delivered while just watching emmanuel tv,im going to look for money to buy television so that i can witness the God”s power.Glory to God.

  103. I Thank GOD first for the LIFE of Alex, And I also thak the man of god Prophet T B Joshua for his powerfull Ministry whitch people like Alex can receive delivarance through T. V .groly be to GOD amen .

  104. wow!we save a great God who can turn a mess to a message.Thank you Almighty for the grace to have a man of God Prophet TB Joshua.thank you for Emmanuel tv and all who make possible for this great miracle to happen,those who are supporting man of God.Father increase them,bless them and make them untouchable in Jesus name.I pray that who ever read this testimony of Alex,if is suffering from any addiction,marriage problem,broken home,broken relationship to receive their miracles instantly as Alex receive his own just by touching the screen of tv.may this testimony bring solution to many problems out there because God is not limited by time,space or medium or object.Let be many many breakthrough in many struggles in Jesus Mighty name.Amen.

    • We should indeed be grateful to God for sending us such a wonderful Prophet in our time. All I have to say is Thank You God for the life of T B Joshua and his Wise men. May God continue to bless and give them more POWERS.

  105. you are my mentor sir i want you to be my spiritual father,i want to be like you plz pray for me for word and anointing,wisdom understanding,knowledge.

  106. This is truly a fantastic and majestic story of how God can turn around a person’s situation. I read every line with a lot of enthusiasm. Glory be to God. Lord Jesus, if you did it for others you will also do it for us!

  107. Thank u 4 e deliverance of Alex man of God. Indeed we serve a living God. Man of God also pray 4 my brothers who r drunkurds & smokers

  108. Glory be to our most Hight Jesus Christ, God increase more and more to Senior Prophet TB Joshua, God deliver my children from alcohol and smoking in Jesus Name.


  110. Man of God,wise men God is good He send you to us. we are in need we need God,generation up to generation my family was having the same probleem we lost everything because of this alcohol minded people,they destroy many things including love in family, we are superated but we are one blood childrens my grannys children stay apart,grannys sista’s children stay alone,but its 1 mothers children,who life like that,cause of alcohol.

  111. Whom the Lord sets FREE he is FREE indeed. with tears of JOY in my heart and gratitude to God for He did this intervetion through the Holy Spirit by His Power in the life of My Father in the Lord Prophet TB Joshua, Jesus is LORD, the Great I Am, the Mighty Eternal Rock of Ages!!! Indeed Distance Is Not A Barrier in Jesus name. may the Holy Spirit of our Lord locate Alexs friend and increase him for bringing the lost sheep-Alex into the fold of the Living God, to our Father Inlaw the Father of Maria, may God renew his strenght to witness the new transformation in the life of Alex in Jesus name. May the continous abiding Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ increase you my Father in the Lord Prophet TB Joshua!!! my Faith is lifted up, as i read this testimony. “emmanuel”

  112. Oh GOD u are the same yesterday, today, and evermore. Father i do believe in the power of Restoration. Remember Me oh LORD. Praise to GOD ALMIGHTY”

  113. After reading this touching story I know my life has a meaning again. Holy spirit live in me my marital status changed and positioned Jesus for give me amen

  114. We give glory to God. Snr Prophet T.B. Joshua is indeed a real man of God. Jesus is among us through him and Emmanuel TV. May the Lord God continue to deliver His people through the and bless the Prophet, Emmanuel TV and the SCOAN. In Jesus name. Amen

  115. TB Joshua you are really a man of God . God be with you forever and ever. you save life for Alex. And me too please save my life and my Son christopher ,my Mother and my Father is same situation like Alex Please deliver us.For the Word of God is Living and active. sharper than any double edged sword it penetrates even to dividing soul and sprint.joints and marrow,it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart . Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight.Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account. Amen”””””””’

  116. God is faithful. Thank you for the delivarance of brother Alex. God will surely direct your path. O God, you are my God, I earnestly seek you, my soul is thirst for you. Thank you Jesus for Maria’s patience. God will bless you. God continue protecting your servant TB Joshua for more people to be delivered. We love you dad.

  117. Thank God for touching our brother and changing his life for good, also for restoring their marriage. Just as in the case of my brother beer was an addiction I was delivered from when my marriage broke down although it was not to the extreme. I thank God for touching our lives and delivering us from alcoholism. God bless the Snr. Prophet T.B. Joshua and SCOAN in general.

  118. Thank you Lord Jesus for the miracle Maria had. One can just imagine how life was like during those days, your patience in God has rewarded you. With god all things are possible. Haleluja.

  119. Haleluja God is gud,thank u Jesus 4 reuniting this family glory to the lord.realy distance is not a berrier.man of God pls pray 4 my lungs r damaged due to TB,my sinus have affected my smelling i cant smell i no n believe that i wil receive my miracle,blessings,prosperity,divinefavour n victory in Jesus name.amen

  120. God’s encounter with Alex is a complete proof of Jesus Christ being the same yesterday,today & forever.
    God bless Prophet T.B. Joshua in Jesus name. Amen!
    Thank You God!

  121. Brethens, Prophet T.B Joshua is a true servant of the living God of Abraham, God of lsaac and God of Jacob. Whatever he says come to pass. ‘YOU TOUCH THE TELEVISION SCREEN AND THE HEAVENLY FREQUENCY WILL PASS THROUGH YOU, IF ANYTHING WHICH IS NOT OF GOD IS IN YOU, PHEW! IT CAST OUT BY LORD JESUS CHRIST’. We are very fortunate to have such a prophet in our generation. ‘NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH JESUS CHRIST BECAUSE EVERYTHING ON EARTH WAS MADE BY HIM’. Lets honour Him. He is so mighty, unlimited and beyond human comprehension. We have a limit and God does not have such rathe HE is the limit. Help us Lord to know You intimately. EMMANUEL.

  122. Thank You Jesus Christ for reuniting the once disintergreted family. Your mercy and abudant love is unquantifiable. Stay in me so that l would not fumble alone. Bless me Lord Jesus Christ to achieve my goals as per Your wish in heaven. Give me a heart to wait for Your time. Make me not to be controlled by physical/worldly circumstances but Your Holy spirit MUST direct me. To you my brother Alex, stay blessed. Jesus Christ loves us all just like any of His disciples. I can feel blessed. Thank You Lord. Amen.


  124. I thank the Lord for Prophet TB JOshua and Emmanuel TV, this testimony is an inspiration to my life and my family as I have a father who is an alcoholic as well He has been drinking almost all his adult life and He is 72 years of age , I have been praying that God he recieves salvation before he leaves this world and to be delivered from the spirit of alcoholism and to experience the beauty of fellowshipping with God as he is worshiping ancestors, I believe God for the total transformation of my father, if God could do it for Mr ALex He will do it for my father.Praise the Lord Emmanuel!



  127. The all mighty that’s why we love you so much, distance rlly is not a barrier ‘n it will never be this is rlly toutching, i wish the same testimony wld be cmn the mouths od my 2 younger brother who r under the influence of alcohol, one got married ‘n it’s affecting the family. God bless more TB Joshua for emmanuel tv and the massage “THE DIRTANCE IS NOT A BARRIER” continue praying with us in the name of jesus, amen.

  128. Thank u Jesus for this wonderful deliverance, u re indeed a merciful God. I pray dat God will touch my life nd that of my family the same way he touched Alex. May God continue to strengthing the senior prophet TB Joshua nd his ministry. Amen.

  129. What a touching testimony from Alex. To God be the glory. I always tell my wife, emmanuel tv is a revelation. It did not start because the church grew in finances and administration. It is a revelation. It is a medium that according to me complements Synagogue Church to be of all Nations. Alex has been touched. May God richly bless emmanuel tv, prophet TB Joshua, wise men and SCOAN.

  130. How inspiring! The Lord truly works in mysterious ways. A wasted life got transformed just by watching a TV program. The Lord is faithful and just, and though we may rebel and turn away from his face, his love for us always remains ever great and unwavering..I love the Lord even more – seeing that His love for us transcends our understanding and doesn’t depend on how good our behavior can be. He just loves us, and that’s what is important. Praise be to God!!! Alex, in all your troubles, not even once did the Lord forget to Love you. You owe it to Him to preach to others who are oblivious to the call of the Almighty Lord. It’s a story worth to celebrate about.

  131. Man of god please pray for my sister she is the marital problem with he husband. divorce may occur her name Alina n Douglas Mateta please man of god pray for them I am also praying for them praise the lord

  132. Wonderful indeed. God`s miracles are forever. I can now understand why almost everybody in my neighbourhood hates me, it is because in my house you hear only the sound of Emmanuel TV. It is now I understand that it affects them directly. Distance is not a barrier indeed. Even when I have night attacks they occur when the is no current,as such no TV on, because I spend my nights with Emmanuel TV on. Surely I am disturbing their nights movements. satan is indeed in a cage, it comes out only when the coast is clear. That is it`s own punishment forever, Amen. Thank you God for this powerful anointing, that we can be healed even through the TV. You are infact, a Merciful God, Amen.

  133. Indeed distance is not a barrier. Thank you Lord for preserving this marriage, I cant imagin the pain this woman went through. No wonder we are told God’s time is the best, she felt God was not answering her prayers, but He answered at His own right time. Glory be to God in the highest, Amen

  134. glory be to God almighty for his healing power.and thank God for Emmanuel TV because we are all goner be saved through it. god bless you man of god and your ministry.

  135. I praise Lord Jesus,what he has done to me. My son and his friends have the same problem to Alex. I believe God Almighty will touch and open their eyes. When God time comes they will be delivered and I will write my testimony.

  136. I thank God almighty for what his doing in our lifes,to let his mercies and favour speak for us.I also pray that,may the lord continue using T.B Joshua. amen

  137. I thank God for the deliverance granted to Mr Alex. I also thank God for the anointing upon the life of Prophet T.B Joshua. He is indeed a Man of God. My encounter with his Ministry change my life also. After many years of delay and disappointment in marriage, God wipe my tears and turn it into joy. God will bless Prophet T.B joshua, His Ministry, All the wise men, His Family,Emmanuel Tv team and partners. Emmanuel!!! From Abuja Nigeria

  138. thank u jesus for maigty hand oporn our lifes i also thank god for de life of alex and his family man of god pls pray for me the is no peace in my marrege no money we hav 2kids and am still pregnant

  139. Remarkable. This has brought so much faith and strength to me. My prayer for the saints in Christ is that they are able to comprehend the love of God which is in Christ Jesus.

  140. I thank God for what he has done in this family and for Mr Alex,I bless my Lord.I am married with 3 children and my husband doesn’t love me is always drinking and we are christians but he loves his friends more than anything,and I am nothing he can beat me up and I can’t do nothing about it. I always watch and pray with Prophet TB Joshua,things are very hard I need a way out.south africa

  141. i am very much impressed what God did to alex and the family the god of t.b.joshua is a true God in jesus name i have a problem similar to this,first l also been influwenced by my friends of beer,second l was agood man in the eyes of people of god teaching sunday schools even the church if time given to me but now this time l can’t do it l am in bondage l need also prayers from man of God or people of god from the church of all nations.last week l had a dream and this dream was like this l killed 2 big snakes and after that were l was standing l saw a samll dreneage of water passing coming from the rigth to the left and my friend coming to ask me if at all l know that in this water there is fish inside there so as l was looking into the water l saw same fish coming from the rigth going to the left just same few seconds l saw dry fish die and start jumping in the water and start eating the fish which was there man of God l want God to give wisdom to know this thing l am a human being l can’t do it alone l need your prayers thank you for giveing me this time to share my comment in jesus name l submite.

  142. Oh, God is so good. We serve a living God, Excellent is His name. Thank you Prophet TB Joshua and Emmanuel TV. What a channel, indeed changing lives, changing nations, changing the world.

  143. I need prayer man of God my life is full of problems . I had an accident broke right femur, I hav had a tremble cough, I hav had evil dreams , dreaming that I am about to die. Please Man of God pray for delieverance

  144. I thank God 4 da reconciliation of da Chisangas, my prayer 2day is that God’s intervention in my marriage and family and all da marriages that are breaking may da Almighty mend them. Thank u Jesus 4 da man of God senior prophet TB Joshua and da Emmanuel tv partners may God continue 2 bless u 4 da wonderful work u re doing.

  145. Hhm im speechless with what i have read here. God is so wonderful and his love endures forever. Its my daily prayer that God of Prophet TB Joshua should also give me back the joy i had and restore my marriage.


  146. Emmanuel!!! All i can say is that my God is a Good God. He’s a God of yesterday, today and forever. Wow, what a transformation. What a happy ending. We thank you Lord Jesus.

  147. Tanx 2 d creator 4 dis astonishing testimony.Am also looking forth 2 my own day of salvation am sick nd tired of d evil nd dark lives .God pks i need ur redemption

  148. Jesus still works wonders.Alex was not just drinking alcohol.He became alcohol.But God, using Snr Pastor TB Joshua,separated him from the bottle.The account is an unbeatable miracle.Praise be to God and may many other souls like this be touched in Jesus’ name.Amen.

  149. with God all things ar possible even myself I used to be a drunkard but from the moment I accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour I’m living a free, happy life now. Distance is not a barrier I believe I’m delivered and breakthrough is coming. Amen

  150. Distance is not a barrier indeed .i thank God for yo life brother He touched you n we are all glorifying him for your change ‘stay blessed in Jesus Name

  151. God is indeed a meracle God. praise be to God. I’m taking this time also to beg the man of God to pray for my family cos there is so much chaos in my family that is beyond human repair and is so much bringing me down in all aspect of life. Pls man of God pray for my parents and my family at large for peace & blessings.

  152. Amen for ur miracle,it is so great how people’s life can change by just watching the Man of God through Tv,u knw people of God by just hearing n praying wth our father in thy Lord pro.T.b joshua I’m happy.I startd watchin emmaunel Tv last year n it has turn my life,I knw I still hve a lot that worrys me and also so times I stil feel like I’m nothing and to leave this world,But one I know for sure is that the God of prophet T.B joshua will surely bless me,grant me my heart desires and delivered me from that spirit of pain,emotions,hurt,fear,failure,disappointment and all that is not of God in my life because I know that so thing is not right in me!but I praise my jesus for he has send a prophet to us to help me and others out of our problems,Has prophet always said or ask to agree with him,that we are heal,blessed,restored,so me I agreed with him prophet T.B joshua that it is well wth my soul,I believe and I pray that will remember me,so that I will live the life he prepares for me from birth,thank you Jesus


  154. Every now and then i always tell me colleagues that they should not underestimate Prophet T.B. Joshua.God will reveal more with our Prophet ,more miracles will be seen as with Prophet Elijah and Prophet Elisha.Our God is so full of mercy ,nothing is impossible with him,i mean nothing.My PROPHET MAY GOD BLESS U MORE AND GRANT U MANY YEARS IN THS WORLD.GLORY BE TO GOD.

  155. Praise the Lord for the reunite of Alex and his family. Actually distance is not a barrier – with God all things are possible. Just hold on, hold fast – God never disappoints. Brethren, here is a clearion call for repentance and salvation to all that are under the chains and shackles of alcohol. Alcohol is bad! I pray God to strengthen the man of God, Prophet T.B Joshua, in his deliverane ministry in Jesus’ name, amen!

  156. This eye opening,encouraging and touching,so many times we think the problem is the personal not realising that one needs deliverance.Man of God pray for me that i find anew good job in the same city where my family is so that i can stay with my wife and my daughter,i can be recognised,have personal achievement,be treated justicely.I need to be free from anything that the devil uses to connect me to himself.Disconnect me from anything bad i might have done ,say or said about me,done to me since i was a baby up to now.

  157. What a wonderful testimony! What a wonderful God we serve! I have learnt a lot from watching emmanuel TV and from Prophet T.B. Joshua. The Bible says, pray constantly. God’s time is the best. Be still before the Lord, and wait patiently for him; Ps.37:7.

  158. I thank God for the testimony of Alex,indeed it takes the power of God to convert beer addicts to the Lord jesus Christ.i was touched by alex’s testimony of what God has done in his life and i thank God dat Alex is a christian now!.what is impossible with man is possible with God.thank u jesus.Amen

  159. Man of God you are great. Indeed distance is not a barier.am waiting for my miracle to happen.heal me in Jesus name prophet TB Joshua.i realy apqeciate what u do and i knw 1 day it wl b me testifyng. Amen

    • I also believe l wud b testifying very soon if Prophet TB Joshua can pray 4 e restoration of my lyf and marriage 6yrs without a child but a promiscous hubby is no joke

  160. To God be the glory. Thanks, Alex for sharing this maracle, it adds more faith to my life. Alex s friend has enough faith and love to let God transform his friend. Thanks to Prophet T B Joshua, Wisemen, Emmanuel TV and partners, for changing lives and the world.

  161. Thank God for this mans deliverance.Prophet tb joshua,i want you to pray for me because i am also addicted to masturbation and porn materials which are ruining my life.I also like i have a contrally spirity that is causing me not to do the will of God in my life.Please man of God help me before i get destroyed by these.Help me,Help me in the name of jesus.Help me father.

  162. Wow!lndeed distance is not a barrier if you only believe.What a great testimony!l just want to thank thee Almighty for the life of Prophet TB Joshua and the partners,you are a blessing to us,without you,people like brother Alex would be dead by now!

  163. A gud wife is from God.thank u sis Maria for being faithful ,prayerful n wel reserved waiting for God’s intervention. U are a sister toJOB. To our father inlaw i salute u. Al i can say continue worship God in truth n spirit.:PROPHET TB. God be with u amen

  164. Prophet TB Joshua and Emmanuel Television crew are special blessings from God almighty to mankind all over the world, irrespective of race, colour, language, religeon, or life style. If God could deliver the man in his state of drunkenness without his prayer or faith, rather the faith of his friend who dragged to join the Prophet in prayer, confirms that God can use anybody to change life.

  165. Glory be to God for his mercy endure forever-please keep me and my husband in prayer,by the Grace of God we need deliverance In Jesus Name-Amen

  166. If He can do this to Alex,I believe He can also save my husband and brother from the bondage of alcohol,in Jesus name I believe

  167. To God be the glory,great things he has done,lets praise him so that the whole earth can hear his voice and see his wonderfull acts so that the whole earth rejoyces.my faith is lifted,i know distance is not a barrier.

  168. Thank u Jesus.I knw u wl deliver me coz distance is nt a barrier.Man of God deliver my brother kennedy and his wife memory.their marital lf is scattered.pliz man of God deliver them.

  169. I rejoice with u Mr Alex for God’s grace in ur new found life. Now that u are delivered by God thru Prophet TB Joshua, carry God along in all u do. Myself i experienced the power of Holy Ghost when i was healed of a abdominal pains (heat always). When i touched Emmanuel tv, the prophet was praying for viewers i got my healing since 2009 till date, am ok! U can now know how i thank God for u. Thank u Prophet TB Joshua…

  170. A prodical son reclaimed,a miracle before us.Thank you Sir Joshua for being used by God to change people’s lives.God works in misterious ways.We love you God

  171. Thank u for such a touching testimony God can do anything coz he is God his mercie are new every morning and they endures forever.thank u Jesus for restoring the marriage.many marriages face this same problem of alcohol i believe God wil intervene by setting captives free.

  172. God is really doing wonders, and distance is not a barrier. I need God’s deliverance and touch in my life too. Continue the good work at SCOAN

  173. Jesus is just amazing. The story brought tears to my eyes, I see so many of my kinsmen being slowly but steadily destroyed with alcohol, they don’t work, stuck where they are, too proud to be told anything, a know it all attitude and drinking all the time. Pray with me that the Lord’s mercies fall on them and they become the new Alex. God bless all His servants annointed by Him to bring the good news to us.

  174. Glory b t God. When He opens none cn close. Blesd are u my brother. I pray fo th turnaround of my lyf to be now fo the benefit of the needy, in Jesus’ myty name. I comand His hand to touch me now in Jesus’ myty name

  175. To God be the Glory Alex you are a wonderfull Man,your miracle has touched me Gods goodness and mercies should follow your for the rest of your life.God didnt promise us we would not met challenges but he promised to see us through .to god be the glory

  176. I thank God for the miraculous healing of Alex. More importantly, I thank the man of God Prophet T. B. Joshua for allowing God to use him mightily! I’m a living proof of prayers that know no boundary! I’m who I am today because of distant prayers! Thank you Lord! Thank you Jesus.

  177. I am very impressed what God did for alex and his family.i have many problems similar to this,first my father has an low heartbeat rate ,prostatis,and low blood pressure.second,my junior brother he has mental illness since 8years,doctor says he will remain ill for the rest of life,this is an result of his past wreckless behavior due to comsuption of canabis or marijuana.third,i have high blood pressure since 4years now.i have to take medecin everyday.i have concern i had applied for canada in many time i was no granted an visa please man of God helps us and saves us.we are all named kabala.we beg you in the name of Jesus-Christ


  179. I thank God that I was able to read such a touching story. I pray that such story shall continue been published so that many who drink receive the God we save. Thank you man of God for touching our lives.

  180. I believed in proPhet t b joshua and I thank God all might for what his using him to do in the life of many People and I believed God that am in nest in line for a miracle .

  181. Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! God of Prophet T.B. Joshua I worship and honour you.I thank God for the reunite of my brother and sister,with God all things are possible.This is the proof that before marriage we have to go to deliverance.Thank you Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel Tv parteners for Emmanuel Tv.The best is always yet to come!Emmanuel!! Blantyre,Malawi.

  182. Praise the lord. God’s hand can reach everywhr distance is not a barrier. Thank the lord for the miracle he has done n your life.
    I believe th same miracle will happend to my father as i speak. Its been more than 20 year wth my father under the influence of alcohol and smoking as well as abusing my mother. I beliv th devil s leaving him nw. In Jesus name. Amen.

  183. Glory b 2 god hu does wonders!we r g8ful 4 ur testimony,indeed distance is nt a barrier,continue 2 share ths bcoz t wil change pple’s lives.may god bless u & ur family stay unitd in jesus’name. WHERE CAN WE GO 4RM HIS PRESENCE.Prophet tb joshua may god humbly & richly bless u.*am touched*

  184. What a miracle doing god we serve.lord delvr me also.praise b to god.i lov my god.u neva fail.u neva abandon ur role in face of difclties.AMEN

    • THANK BE TO GOD IN THE HIGHERS STILL DOING GREAT THINGS TODAY,. THANK YOU PROPHET FOR BEEN USEDFULL TO GOD. A PROPHETH FOR THIS HOUR..May the Lord still speak and do it throuth you EMMANUEL TV…Brother Alex God bless pray for the Nation and for me to be a instrument of praise to Him .Amen………….Namibia – WINDHOEK

  185. The man of God is doing great things so that the world can see the hands of God. Can u pray 4 me i need 2 grow spiritually and i need new job

  186. PRAISE GOD for your deliverance my brother. Indeed distance is not a barrier. Thank you Man of GOD T B Joshua may God increase the anointing in you. billion times billion to reach us all through Emmanuel TV. Amen Lilongwe – Malawi

      • Alex, I’m really happy for the goodness of God in your life, I pray that, others who are into the same issue receives their liberty as well. Thank you Prophet TB Joshua for the good work you are doing to transform lives. God bless you.

    • It was the devil who took control of the the home of Mr chisanga and was controlling him and has forgotten that God can take back the home from it with the blood of Jesus.

    • The Prophet of God is being used mightily in our times. Just last night as i prayed with him touching my TV screen. A powerful force overcame me and i fell to the ground and I am in Harare Zimbabwe. Just confirmation that distance is not a barrier.

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