Mr Winter Mupetas financial situation seemed to dwindle down the drain with each passing day. His career, labeled with stagnation, was nothing to write home about. His future seemed bleak, hopeless and characterized with frustration. Realizing that he and his family were imprisoned in a cycle of disappointment, failure and stagnation, he concluded that somebody in his family had to travel to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria to get the Anointing Water so that the history of their lives could be rewritten.

Streams in the desert! (Isaiah 43:19)

I am hereby testifying what God has done in my life through the Anointing Water. It was in 2010 when my wife visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations for prayers on the 27th of June 2010. When she came back to Zambia, she ministered the Anointing Water to me and the family.

One month later, I received a message on my phone to go for a medical check-up required for a new job. I didn’t hesitate to call back because I already had a valid medical certificate. I informed the lady whom I didn’t know and she told me to wait for a while.

After two hours, another message came in, saying that on the 2nd of August 2010, I had to go for an interview. The same day after five hours, I received another message, saying that on the same date mentioned above, I should go with my banking details and original papers of relevant documents. I went there and to my surprise I was not interviewed, instead I was given a contract to sign and started working immediately.

Apart from being employed, I started rising from one position to another. Not only I was blessed; the Lord also blessed my wife. She grew in her business and even travelled to China for it.

I pray to God to always bless you in your work for all that you have done for us and the rest of the people worldwide. Dont forget us in your prayers.

May Jehovah God richly and graciously bless you, Man of God!

Mr Winter Mupeta, Zambia

261 thoughts on “A WAY IN THE DESERT

  1. I commented the beginning of last year that God is good and there is nothing impossible with Him espeacially when we use anointing water, my situation is still the same, my husband is still without INCOME, just for the reason that i spoke positively about SCOAN i demand that my request be granted in Jesus Name, i encouraged people to believe that at SCOAN THINGS ARE HAPENNING, let them happen to me in JESUS NAME.

  2. My name is Daniel Emmanuel maxwell am from Dekina local government area of Kogi state Nigeria am 27yrs old I have have four siblings whose names are Nicholas, Dennis,William and Sarah am the first born but my parent are dead. Before their death they visited synagoge church of all nation in the year 2002 along side my kid sister Mercy by November 25th that same year our father dead followed by my kid sister Mercy in 2003 and my mother also dead in 2004 all as a result of HIA/AIDS.I want to thank the man of God for all the wonderful works he has bein doing to help the lest previlage around the world and to all so use this medium to plead with him to come to our aid to help us with the sum of #1,500 000 naira (1.5million naira) to help me set up a three in one business outfit that will cover laundry service,Art gallery and a computer centre that we cater for the well fare of my four siblings and myself pls come to our aid thank you very much sir.Emmanuel!!!God is with us. My contact is 08063918018.


  4. I am in the same position which my brother had and a friend has ministered to me with the annoiting water and I am begining to see some changes in my life.please pray with me man of GOD AS IT IS VERY DIFFICULT TO GET THE PLACE TO THE SCOAN .My life in the mess.I need the breaking miracle Now.but I am sure the Lord never fails.I need to do more in meeting my monthly targets to survive.Emmanuel.I am in Red with everything.I can not sleep or concentrate.

  5. Emmanuel,

    Am mudenda makani fr zambia,Man of God please pray for me even if i dont see u praying for me as long u just pray for me i will recieve a miracle this year i believe that. My prayer request are=
    1. I want to know my Lord more.
    2. I want a permanent job this year.
    3. I want breakthrough in my life.

    Please please Man of God help me in this areas..

  6. I have been married for years now without a child of my own, today I know my tears are over because the prayer of the Snr Prophet will definately heal me I must come to scoan to give my testimony when my prayers are answered.

  7. Indeed,”May Jehovah God richly and graciously bless you, Man of God!”for always allowing yourself to be used by GOD to touch and change the lives of GOD’s people.I claim this same rapid tranformation in my family in the name of Jesus; AMEN.


  9. I find it difficult believing in prophets esp dis endtime,but de day l heard PROPHET TB JOSHUA, my perception changed. u are a realy man of GOD.Samtimes l c JESUS in u.lnfact l c a lot of JESUS’ qualities in u. GOD wil always protect u for us.

  10. Oh, i am happy for this miracle and wish i that can’t make it to SCOAN live can be richely blessed, because i want to testify through this medium

  11. I thank God 4 dis ministry,touching & changing lives. I key into d annionting of d prophet & i recieve my miracle,my own testimony will be shared too soonest. Amen. God bless u man of God & ur entire household in Jesus name. Dis minstry will keep growing frm grace 2 grace, amen.

  12. I need to be at the Scoan, how much is it by air from Zimbabwe. Or man of God post me the new anointing stickers by post at: P.O. Box 60, Chipinge, Zimbabwe. May God continue blessing you in Jesus’ name.

  13. My name is Shorai Kapangazuwiri, I have been trying to come to Nigeria or just get the Annointing Water. I am from Zimbabwe and Mr Mupeta’s situation is what my husband and I are facing and I have filled in the visitor’s form twice and when it comes to calling now the phone number doesnt seem to work; pliz man of God I need to break this circle too. The spirit of poverty is really tormenting us, my brothers a re engineers but they have nothing to write home about. My husband did very well in his advanced Level in high school but changes colleges like clothes, he doesn’t finish any course even if its a three month course, He has worked for three companies and all of them closed down afterwards, two of them are banks the last one closed on 2004 and since then he has been unemployed, he only does some part time which brings next to nothing in terms of finances and we have three children who need school fees, clothing and food let alone accumulating bills that are threatening our marriage. Please help. How can I get Annointing water or how can I come to visit, this is urgent man of God because this situation is threatening my marriage.
    Thank you very much. May God continue to do wonderful things in your life the lives of those whom you come in contact with.

    Mrs. Shorai Kapangazuwiri

  14. I was touch by the wonderful testimony that u shared for the holl worldwild may God continue to bless u and ur family.

  15. everyday people glorifying almighty God for the gift of Prophet TB Joshua and emmanuel tv.May God continue using this man and medium for salvation of human kind.The dliverances are so wonderful and unbelievable.My son Francis jnr has revealed to me that has been forced to join satanism,people of God help pray for this boys deliverance in the name of Jesus Christ.I have seen it happening on emmanuel tv,let it happen to my son in Jesus Christ name i pray amen.

  16. emmanuel? God is with us,
    first of all i start by thanking our mentor,our father,mother,uncle friend,prophet T.B joshua for the menestry of God and for good things he is doing in the life of the needys,widor,widowers,disables also for delivrance and healing,now i can believe that our Lord Jesus christ is truely working right here in the synagogue church of all nation may the LORD who have put this menestry on high keep on blessing and blessing u all in Jesus name amen,I never forget emmanuel t.v for there beautyfull work,may the allmighty God keep on blessing and blessing u all in Jesus name amen,the day i set my leg in the synagogue church off all nation is the day i fill lighter than befor,but all i can say is thank u Jesus for the life u have given me today,i can hear man of God said that a christian can be sick but his sickness is not like others,a christian can be poor but his porverty is not like others,all i say is thank u Jesus for changing my life from poor to rich,holy spirit off God in ur hands i hide my life,guid me for the glory of God,forgive me for all the evil things that i have don,and help me to come out from all this sins,please LORD,dont let my anemies to capture me,please my LORD i want u to arest all of them spiritually one by one,deliver them one by one in the spirit so that they will know the real meaning of love,I told them that sometimes devil use those that carry bible but they dont realy know the meaning of what the are carrying,some of them carry bible acieve is oddinary book,come and see them preaching this is what the Lord have said but all is lie,but what makes me happy is that after live sunday savice wise man Daniel give me a touch that change my life from bad to good,after that touch i fill so light in me,i fill like something big just go out from me,i fill so light than befor,Lord i am happy happy and happy for u are for me,and i am for u,guid my life holy spirit of God,caus my father in the Lord said that we are difrend from other,so i believe that i believe,thank u Jesus for T.B joshua and synagogue,may God us in Jesus name amen,and i pray God to add more power in life of the 5 wise men in Jesus name amen

  17. My name is Tryson Luhanga. I’m a kin follower of evangalism on Emmanuel television. I know that Zambia and Nigeria are far apart but in prayer, distance is not a barrier. Emmanuel man of God TB Joshua, please, please I beg you to pray for my family as well as myself. I seek God’s intervention through you in calamities that have befallen my family in terms of the spirit of death. From December 2009 to March 2012 five (5) members of my family have died. Right now my elder brother is sick suffering from loss of memory. Another thing is that the good Lord blessed us with two (2) children, however both children came through operation. Now my wife is scared to have pregnancy fearing a repetition of an operation. MAN of God please help us come out of this scenario through prayer.

    We desire very much to seek blessings from Prophet TB Joshua on various challenges we face as a family but we are poor and don’t have resources to enable us travel to the Synagogue Church of all nations, Nigeria to present our problems in person so that the Man of God could cast this family curse. We want to be part of the human kind that Prophet TB Joshua healed from serious intricate s of life.

    My family is embroiled and inflicted with bad spirits which need healing.The spirit of poverty,the spirit of stagnation,spirit of sickness and disease, spirit of death, spirit of rejection spirit of lack of finances, spirit of lack of business,spirit of dependence and spirit of lack of career progression I repeat we need healing on all the above mentioned. Please visit our country so that even us the down trodden poor will have chance to meet you for we all need salvation.

    Man of God, I know that Anointing holy water is no longer posted to individuals but please consider us who do not have the means to come to the Synagogues Church of all Nations.On humanitarian
    grounds please consider as part of your congregation by by sending us Anointing holy water and magic sticker. My postal address is Box 71856,Ndola, Zambia.

    I rest my case in the name of the good Lord Jesus Christ.

    Tryson Luhanga
    Ndola Zambia

  18. Prophet T.B Joshua you are great, please help me, i need to find a secure job, i wanted to come to Nigeria but i am poor i cant reach you so please pray for me from there, i thank you for your understanding.
    Yours faithfully
    Lovemore Henry Kashiri from Zimbabwe

  19. What has happed to Mr Mupetas life is great,I pray that Almigthy God should use the same medium to bless I and my family. We are desperately looking for rhe annoiting water but cant access it,I follow SCOAN prayers every sunday with a belief that it will be me confirming the won ders of God like Mr Mupeta.I willl always grolify his beacause he is the same yesterday,today and forever and Jesus Christ never said goodbye.

  20. Man of God I am in the confused state of mind,I have
    just completed the queistionare as I want to come
    to the scoan.I am not doing well in my Life insurance business as the results I do not
    earn I need the anoitnting water for the Miracle
    please advise and Pray for me as this is affecting my family.God bless You and the World…………………

  21. I believe the God of prophet TB Joshua, irrespective of what people say about him. Pls i want d anointing water , there is no happiness in our home, I’m a student n resides in akwa ibom (uyo) i dont have transport to go to SCOAN, anyone can help me wt d anointing water and God bless abundantly. 07066126280

  22. I like the way Man Of God Senior Prophet TB Joshua conducts himself especially during church services and deliverance time, he acts like a ‘military commander’ full of confidence and authority, showing that something really makes him move,speak and react. Indeed it is the Spirit of God that directs the Man of God. We pray for you sir, may the Good Lord continue to give you unique and greater anointing everyday.

  23. man of God,may God bless you for all your good works. you are helping many lives and God will not let you go unnoticed.

  24. man of GOD i thank GOD for ur life it my prayer that GOD will bless u for the good work u ve being doing in the lives of people. am from Ghana. and ve being watch u very sunday. i also want to be emmanual partiner. how can i get in torch. my name is millicent.

  25. A new and powerful sticker is being distributed is it possible for me to recieve via my mail even though i am not yet a partner i and i not able to come to Nigiria due to financial constraints as results of unemployed

    May God bless Prophet TB Joshua, the Wisemen and Emmanuel TV for the good job they are doing for the world the world is being saved through them


    by Kathy

  26. Emmanuel, what a blessing to have such a wonderful gift from God Almighty of Prophet TB Joshua and the wise men in our time.While others are busy critzing i will continue forging ahead to defend the man of God since he does not get some of the things people say about him in our community.i know God will continue to speak for us in order to grow His ministry. We are more than those against us, may our Lord Jesus continue to bless you.

  27. Man of god, i bag you to pray for me as i suffer from an ear problem for many years, and together with my beloved sister, REBEKA who can never catch pregnant and bear children since she got married to her husband. Please, man of God help me and my sister.

  28. God of Senior Prophet TB Joshua is God,blessing those who have lost hope for blessing and setting free those have lost hope for freedom free and also providing for those who have lost hope provision.OH GOD OF PROPHET TB JOSHUA have mercy on me Your servant and cleance my tears in JESUS CHRIST name amen.

  29. Man of God Prophet TB Joshua please pray for me, am under pressure with DEBTS I do not know how to clear please pray for me as I believe that with Jesus distance is not a barrier. Please deliver me from the spirit of borrowing beyond my means. My family is affected because this


  30. Oh i want to thank the almight god by giving us aprophet like T B Joshua really man of god you have changed my health and faith. may the god bless you and your team . i know distance is not a barrier. all my wishes will be fulfilled in the name of jesus

  31. Man Of God am so thankful for God’s love to provide us with such a blesing where will i be and all adas who follow you,how were goin to know about everything that we know.as for me since av watched you i dnt know what to say blesing after anather wen thy ask me i tel them The God of T.B J….Botswana

  32. I have no means now to get anointing water but have submitted my prayer request to scoan. My faith will work for me and i will soon write back to testify HIS goodness in my life because distance is not a barrier. Amen.

  33. Prophet tb joshua is a man of God.The only thing descouraging thing about visiting scoan is their how they select who visits them.I have been waiting for a year and half now.prophet look into this issue.why not put a restriction on the people that have visited scoan already not to frequent their visits again to give chance to those who have not visited scoan.scoan is not a tourist resort or target for God’s sake but a place of restoration for all.

  34. I greet u all in the name of Jesus.am really touched by this testimony.may the good lord continue to give me patience as i wait for my miracle.amene

  35. I realy thank God for mr winters i pray that God should continue to use the man of God prophet tb joshua in blessing people all over the world

  36. It is a very encouraging encounter. This brings me to a point that nothing is impossible in the eyes of the Lord.

  37. To GOD ALMIGHTY be all the glory and his name be praise in JESUS name! Amen………man of GOD prophet T.B JOSHUA may the hand’s of GOD continue to be upon your life and family in JESUS name! Amen

  38. thank you man of god for answering this call many lives has been transformed from grass to grace.you are blessed long live prophet tb joshua,long live synagugue church of all nations. i use mr winter maputa as point of contact the same god will visit my family. i want god to release anoiting for wealth upon my life.some one promise to give me some money for my oversea trip ,let god touch him for him to fullfill his promise and open other ways of favour for me.

  39. Man of God please deliver me through everything that God put me through to it.Let the light ,breakthrough,prosperity.I have diabetic Cathe please pray for me as well as how i can get the anointing water please help me God bless you.

  40. I thank God thru prophet TB JOSHUA for what hez dng in our lives.I have never been to SCOAN,bt my life seems similar to mr Mupeta’s.Man of God,do i need to travel to Nigeria for me to receive break thru in my life?May God cont to richly bless you.

  41. Thanks you Jesus for changing our life by S. prophet TBJ, with the testimony of this man. plz man of God pray for my family and i.
    we need breakthrough poverty, sterility, marital problem and generational limitations.
    i specially need breakthrough marital problem end poverty.
    i plan to visit SCOAN but my invitation is not yet delivered, i’m hurry to meet man of God and the wisemen to break for ever that demonic powers on my life since satan is the one responsible for our destruction.
    Thanks man of God to pray and ask God to change my situation.

  42. I thank GOD for the man of GOD PROPHET T.B .JOSHUA and all at the scoan.My life has been transformed through the word of GOD.,charity works,prophecies,deliverances,healings,testimonies and everything.I believe that deliverance,healing and total restoration for me ,my children and entire family is just so close .Please help me with PRAYERS.

  43. God is ever merciful and needs to be revered!! God is awesome and that fact must be appreciated!!!
    Simply put, there is POWER PACKED in the ANNOINTING WATER!!!

  44. Greetings to SCOAN and Snr. Prophet TB Joshua! I just pray that as you people of God are praying, your prayers will reach me and my family. we are currently faced with all the challenges that u can think of, from health, setbacks and finances. My dream is to lay my hands on the anointing water for our deliverance. Let the name of the almighty Jesus reign forever.Botswana

  45. Man of God Iam asking a prayer for the project I suppose to start already,I have already submitted the rates for supplying the sand to their sites please Man of God I believe through you I’ll be granted this project in the Name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  46. Man of God iwuold like to thank for using you to teach us the ways of life.Yes we are powerfuly guarded,protected&even blessed by your teaching. may God in the name of Jesus powerfuly bless u Tb Joshua.Ijust also want to use this opportunty to thank God for healing of my mum after the use of innointed water.My God bess also Wise men,praise choir&emmanuel Tv team.

  47. Mr Mupeta you must continue to thank and Praise God for such a break through. So many people are through hard times but all they have to do is to be patient and wait for God time for its the best time

  48. Prophet TB Joshua pray in agreement with me. My life is nothing to write about. I am 41 divorced twice. Both times the women left me and I am estranged from my son. I have had a terrible seven years and have nothing in life really. Please pray in agreement with me that the spirit of lack, limitation, failure and poverty departs from me Pray that God grants me wisdom, understanding and restores all that has been lost. Thank you.

  49. i thank God for Senior Prohpet T B jOSHUA a true Man of God. By GOD GRACE he prayed for my family and my husband was promoted my daughter gave birth my marriage was instaled from the hands of strange women my children started worshiping God many breakthrough in my family May God continue to strenghten and Pour his spirit on SENIOR PROHPET T B JOSHUA



  51. Man of god, my name is igoche austin emmanuel, and i am from otukpo in benue state my dad is seriously sick he have difficulties in working, high blood presure and have a diabetes i dont know how get the holy water. Pray for him, he watch emmanuel tv every day thank you for the good work that you are doing, and may god bless you and the emmanuel tv thank you.

  52. God is Great all the time Gods timing is so much as I’m reading through Mr Winters testimony my faith been lifted up that one day Ill get hold of the annointed water just as dreamed drinking it .I know that my troubles would b chased away.I’m in real desert at home at work in so much that I was thinking of quiting work thru challenges at home theyr mockering me when I’m calling Amen when responding viewers prayer time I bot decoder now they prefare other channels I have to sacrifice its hurting because they know what Scoan has done for me.At school during discussion I advised one of my staff whose always against my opinion as manager,not to talk hard.to others.She became angry with me when advising to talk as a christian not to be angry,she responded with anger that she’s not a christian she said she better keep quiet but still I talk to her as if she didn’t harrase me she’s always against my opinion I dnt understands her attitude in so much that my ability isn’t positive I’m left with only 3yrs 6mnths to pension so many things I wondered sometimes if I hadn’t involveld myself with the power of Man of God I would have died.Neverthe less I read my bible praying.In deed some other challenges do occur on Gods purpose Halleluya I thank God of prophet TBJ for showing His love in reality my life is gradually going there.The path torwards Jesus is so thorny at times I feel loneliness as my loving kids and my siblings are staying in other places but with Emmanuel tv v got a friend Lord shall open the way to meet my father in Christ Prophet TB Joshua

  53. Glorify the mighty name of Jesus! for changing your life my brother in the Lord. I lookforward to my life being transformed as well because I love my Lord with all my heart.
    Man of God, General, T.B Joshua, continue to move in the light of God and we shall together rule with our Lord Jesus when the time comes.

    In Jesus name

  54. I am happy and privileged to be a Nigerian, where God is raising such men like Prophet T.B.Joshua tin this generation. Please when can one come for the blessed water?

  55. I thank God for the lives of TB joshua,am hoping and praying to God that one day he can accord me the chance of visiting synagogue church,I have no break through in my life,I don’t have a job and am a single mother,I have never met a single man,I just go out wit married men and dream of snakes and strange men all the time,I nid breakthrough and deliverance in my life.

  56. My heart rejoices for the Winter family. today i am in that position they were in the past.i was depressed,frustrated,angry at my circumstances.i need that deliverance for myself and my family.praying that one day we would be able to travel to the Scoan.

  57. I watch Scoan on TV and I would like to be a member of SCOAN, since we have no branch of SCOAN in Zimbabwe how can I become a member of SCOAN?

    I would like to thank Prophet TB Joshua for the wonderful work he is doing for GOD. My dream is to one day visit SCOAN in Nigeria and attend a live service as well as meet the man of God.

  58. I and my family watch emmanuel tv live every sunday here in khartoum even thou they dos’nt understand the language they like it, thanks to God , prophet Tb.josua and the wise man for the wonderfull teaching words.
    I have hope that what the devil has taken from me will be rewarded dauble praise the lord.
    I know distance is not a barrier but siners like me needs deliverence and no way of reaching scoan or accessing annointing water. How shall the prophet help? God bless the scoan.

  59. man of God please deliver me from everything, i am always lonely i cant find a good partner, please man of god pray for me and father is suffering from liver cancer please pray for him because with Gods presence everything is possible i know my father is going to be healed.

  60. my name is ngobeni msoni from Zambia,man of God im ask for pray for my financial situation, my career, stagnation in my business, cycle of disappointment, failure and stagnation. i travel to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria in march 2010 to get the Anointing Water. help me to get my faith back in Jesus name.

  61. Man of God please i need this healing for the salvation of my soul.I know that after my salvation all other things shall be added.

  62. Prophet TB Joshua is a man of God indeed. I see the way he preaches and the power that God has annointed him to heal the sick. He is so annointed together with the wise men. All I can say is to God be the Glory for placing in our midst a man who can do such wonders in the Name of Jesus.

  63. May the praise and glory and wisdom and thanks and honour and power and strength be to our God forever and ever. Amen!

  64. Please man of God l want you to deliver my brother family from HIV Aids, and breakthrough to my parent
    ie poverty sickness, and deliverence from all sort of curse.
    last Jan,2012 one of our relative came from Scoan she brought anointing water we minister it pray for the small boy by name letigo seriously sick. God hear our prayer. after two weeks we went for chectup the boy was found -ve. praise be to God
    We thanks TB Jouhua and the teams of Emmanuel TV may God cont… to bless you.
    We are tyring to sent them to your end pray for us so that God may give some money. thanks.

  65. How can i get the Anointing Water i believe that with this my mothers health will receive a turn around and the stagnation we are facing in my family will be a thing of the past.

  66. pls man of god pray me.am nt sound in health.am 27yrs sufer ing frm highblood,chestpain.nd leg pain.everitin in my life is upside down.my mum also is sufering frm d same sicknes.man of god help me wit ur prayer.

  67. man of God,I pray for my life,marriage,children,family,finances,projects and career to receive blessings from Jesus Christ who never said goodbye.I’m a Zimbabwean working in Sudan,(thank the Lord for the opportunity),but I need annointing water and don’t know how to get it in this part of the world where Christ is despised and looked down upon.

  68. Man of god .love u because god have use u to make many people to be come usefùl to them.god have use him to save many life. .it is good to have.(great man of god .name.prof.t.b.josha.thanks to u sir .4rm.evang.emmanuel.)@delta state.

  69. God is good and his time is best. I also need the anoiting water so that i can use for the family as i have exeprienced alot of problems in my life but for now i cannot manage to go to Scoan to collect however i request for prayers since distance is not a barrier. God bless you.

  70. Any well-wisher’s willing to help my family my last born son lost his hearing in 2007 after a week in a mysterious Coma.When he woke up he was unable to walk or hear after some weeks God’s Mercy alowed him to walk but till date he cannot hear we have tried many doctor’s but no avil…Any fellow christian to assit me with ANNOINTING WATER for we are unable to travel to Nigeria due to financial dificulties….May God Richly Bless SCOAN and The True Man Of God Prophet T.B Joshua

  71. If only i had wing i would have fly just to come and meet you man of God, or just to admister on me a drop of anoiting water. my life is in misary, i have lung and stomach problems for over 10 years now i cant sleep well everytime i strangle and feeling all my body paining. And in my life i dont know i cant get a job everytime i attend interviews am left out. i cant do anything that succeedeth i am tired. how i wish i had money to travel. Please Prophert T.B Joshua pray for me. If there is any body Zambia with annoiting water please, i would be greatful for help for just even a drop. God Bless You.

  72. God bless you and the works you are doing,i am from zambia how can i receive the anointing water?please help me know more about jesus.

  73. God is awesomely wonderful what Winter Mupeta and his family went through is the exact replica of what we are going through.I thank the Lord for what he has done to Winter’s life.Am currently struggling to even raise money for an air ticket to go to SCOAN in Nigeria.Yes,God’s time is the best!

  74. Prophet please pray for me i owe people money amounting to $6000 i dont go to work i had a clothing shop but i ended closing it becoz i am broke. These people want their money and some of it is accumulating intrest every week


  76. Man of God please deliver me through everything that God put me through to it.Let the light ,breakthrough,prosperity ,deliverance and healing shine upon my life.You are my last hope since I started watching emmanuel TV my life has changed.The word of GOD touches and inspires me on my dail life.Let God leads my life and I will always follow please Man of God put me in prayers and delivers me.My life is lonely and misearble Amen

  77. Yes,that was a living testimony to the glory of God.the anointing water from scoan is so power and can break any yoke.it it shall work for me in Jesus name Amen.

  78. TB Joshua says God is Spirit and those who worship Him do so in Spirit and Truth,I cant tell the diference between my mind and my spirit sometimes I close my eyes,mouth and pray I dont know if I pray with mind or spirit.how can I know the difference?

  79. Am in hard situation taking care of my brothers and a sister life is a hard bt i knw the lord wil see me through. All i need and dream is to come to church of nations though financial am strugling bt i knw i’l come right.

  80. The story of mr mupeta and alex are true manifestations of the intervention of God through the man ofGodTBJoshua i do wonder though,because i also want to be visited by God in the same way pliz pray for me my friends so that my God will visit me at the point of my need through prophet TBJoshua pliz God i need you as u have ansered others answer me through watever channel.

  81. Im jst going thro wat winter xperiencd bt Im bliving Yaweh 4 a mighty financial.Thank God 4 scoan ur lives wil neva b de same,God richly bles Prophet TB JOSHUA.

  82. Mr Winter Mupeta I read through ur Testimony am really impressed and Blessed.God is Great,we have to Thank God for the Grace Given to Prophet TB Joshua to change the Lives of people positively and Turn their Story around for good.God bless you Prophet TB Joshua and all Emmanuel TV Team.

  83. i love to read this storys of people being blessd.i have my self broken back after bus accident.and i am just very happy, of what the synagogue of all nations do,to help people to have a better life.god bless them all

  84. I am going through the samething. I don’t have the money to go, i believe the pastor will pray for me ln my absence and all will be well with me too

  85. Where can we go from his presents? No where.
    The God of Snr Prophet T B Joshua is worthy and Holy is the Lord God Almighty who was and is and is to come.. Come let us adore him the Alpha and Omega
    Revelation 4 !!
    You are worthy to receive glory and honor and power for you created all things and by your will they were created and have their being.

  86. Gotten and used the anointed water through someone opportuned to visit the scoan,remarkable changes and experiences,need your steadfast prayers and support to personally visit and encounter Gods power working through His servants. Some one to assist pls

  87. Man of God, i want to come there with my wife. How do i go about it? Emails have proved not to be working as no response has been given thrice when i wrote in a spaced period during last year 2011.

  88. Everything good that happens to us comes from our father in heaven.i am one of the few lukiest people who attended the live service in 12-06-2011 on the Prophet birthday.i went there because of a court case and finally i won it.the encounter with the holy spirit i experienced in scoan was too much to bear.after touching the anointed sticker at around 2200hrs in monday service 13-06-2011 i manifested uncontrollable.even today the anointing water i came with still does miracles and many were healed after using it,thank you Jesus.

    • we chritians need to be patient to receive from God.He has his plans for us.let us not take his silence as rejection.let us not force our father to do to us what we desire because he knows what is good to us and he can not give us what he knows it will destroy us no matter our desire on the thing

  89. I am happy for yr testimony. I wish i can get this anointed water to use. I really need d intervention of God in my financial life.

  90. I am Jane from Kenya,I bought the decoder in December after a friend told me about the Emmanuel TV and the The Man Of God Prophet TB Joshua.I have seen God do wonders through His Servant and I am so blessed.We just watch this channel all the time in my home.I became a partner from January 2012. I have not yet received the partner number.
    I need deliverances so much in my life,nothing is working,I am just going down financially by the day,I have very heavy debts,I struggling so much with my children.I believe we are in bondage I am desperately in need of deliverance.My business has gone down and I feel like there is a force living in me
    Please help,I am a believer..I would like to to get the Anointing Water or even the Anointed Sticker.I am also believing God to attend a Service at the SCOAN.
    God Bless Prophet TB Joshua,God Bless Emmanuel TV,God Bless The Wisemen God Bess SCOAN

  91. I need prayers prophet TB Joshua to unlock what ever the devil is using to keep me in a tight corner.I NEED DELIVERANCE i believe distance is not a barrier. I have faith, yours prayers shall shall unlock me and uproot everything that was not planted by jesus in Christ name.Pray for me man of god and i recieve in Christ name Amen

  92. Iam from Malawi and i have been sending sms through your numbers,requesting the Annointing water but i never get an answer.so please help me,and if anyone has it please help.Iam jobless,poverty and many more,my number is +265993949382

  93. Jesus Christ is seriousely working wonders through His Son Prophet TB Joshua,Man of God continuing doing the good work,Your reward is in Heaven.praise God.

  94. What an Awesome God we serve. His Wonders are always inexplicable. I worship You always,my Creator.
    Thank You for the lives of Prophet T.B. Joshua & the Wise Men.

  95. I Thank God for the ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua.I have also tried applications to be able to visit even to the extent of communicating to someone at SCOAN in August Last year and assured me i was going to be sent an invitation but up to now i haven’t received.am really desperate to visit this holy place SCOAN.please any help.am Zambian,my contact collinssimwanza@yahoo.com

  96. My situation is almost identical to that of Mr Winter Mupeta of finencial hardship. I have tried everything possible but it seems the more I try the more difficult it become in my life. I cannot even raise money for the school fee of my children, let alone for a combi to my place of worship! I came to scoan in September 2010 and since then have been praying and fasting. Emmanuel tv is my bread in my house. Please Man of God pray for me because this situation is affecting my spiritual life so much! If anybody from Botswana has annoiting water to give please contact me at owadinku69@gmail.com. God bless you in advance!

  97. This is the same situation I am in , and I also believe that God will work his miracle to me and my family one day.I have no access to the anointed water as I live in poverty in Zimbabwe but am sure god will also position me to his victory one day as he did to this family.

  98. Hello my family that I never met-I ve been trying so hard to obtain a invitation to visit Prophet T.B.Joshua-I had my passport made-tried to phone but just could not get thru-I need a breakthru by God’s grace–& a prophet told my wife that some other family members are bewitching my her-I know this is untrue-this caused such emotional destruction-my marriage is unsettle and on the verge of break-up-we tried to resolve the situation but this prophet and my wife just dont want to meet my family members-they said God told them and that the matter is settled !

  99. This is very great words and believed an inspired of the Holy spirit. Keep it up sir. May the Lord refreshes ur system more in Jesus name.

  100. WOW, Our God is a wonderful one and a Miracle working God at that. The Man of God Prophet T.B.Joshua has been blessed beyond measure. I will always agree with him and would continue to see him as one of the Prophets of old like, Moses, Elisha and others. May he live long and be with us. Amen. Infact, I will also soon share my testimony after my association with the Emmanuel TV as a partner and with the Man of God for that matter.

  101. thank God pls pray 4 me ngozi i have heavy growth in my womb and pls how can i have the anionting water 4m aba 08160506788 thanks may God bless u amen….pls

  102. Distance is not a barrier.God is great and ii believe a blessing is coming my way.May the good lord keep blessing you man of God with anoiting

  103. Distance is not a bearer.man of God things are not moving on well in my life =,i want a break through in my life and my family.i really want to visit you and i have been applaying for a long time now but there has been no response.Please man of God help me. Ntambabuya Mulenga

  104. I would like to thank the Man of God for the great work he has done,is doing and will do in future.May you continually minister to all nations.

  105. I am suffering from diabates,high blood pressure, heart condition,dizziness and constant headache over 10 years now. My family is suffering incredibly from poverty,limitation, failure, dropout from school children rebellious and drunkards

  106. Everything about my life is crumblin , am tired. At my age i can not boast of anything but survivin. God pls listen too my own case . Have mercy upon my life and save me from hardship and povertyw

  107. I know by the Grace of God l will come to SCOAN,ln my dream,a man who came from above on a white horse with wings,gave me a scarf from your wardrobe,so all hope is nt lost for me and my family!l pray for mercy and favour upon my life!We love You MOG!!!We are eagerly waiting for Wisewomen to come!!

  108. Emmanuel, Thank you Lord for Emmanuel TV and Anointing Water, next month i am going to sign an appointment letter because of the Power of Anointing Water, i thank you the SCOAN and Pastor T B Joshua and Wise-men for the Prayer and the mass prayer. Thank you Lord!!!!Emmanuel!!!!!

  109. What the lord have do for me,i was suffering from poverty,limitation in progress but since i came to scoan 2008 the man of god prayed for me now i can earn money now.thanks jesus for me life and my family, want to visit next month, i need counseling now so that know howto manege my life.

  110. What the lord have do for me,i was suffering from poverty,limitation in progress but since i came to scoan 2008 the man of god prayed for me now i can earn money now.thanks jesus for me life and my family,

  111. Greeting while I was going through the testimonies I read this one of mr winter from zambia when I started reading I don’t know I felt choking as if I have eaten something but I did not eat anything or drink anything I believe that really distance is not a barier. This man he is like me I’ve been applying for many jobs but non of them get back to me I will come back for testimonies I’m not working I have two beautiful little kids I really need a job please pray for me. Queen M from south africa

  112. EMMANUEL!!!! I wud like to thank the lord for what he has done for me thru watching the emmanuel tv, i had a small swelling behind my ear which was painfull to touch, Being a nurse by proffesion the discovery of this swelling worried me alot as it involved the bone as well, i started thinking mybe its osteomyelitis on my head and so forth, one sunday afternoon as we were watching the live survice the wise man said touch where ever it is paining and command that spirit out i did so as i prayed along, after jst weeks the swelling has gone down en its no longer paining, i believe its God and am very happy THANK U JESUS FOR HEALING ME. I am visiting the scoan this year, and as i wait for my invitation i will continue to believe in the man of God prophet TBJoshua.

  113. I am very touched with this testimony,I am a born again lady,believing in God for financial breakthrough and am in a challenge despite of fasting n prayer still am yet to see changes,i dont loose hope,
    my request is if possible to send me the bottle of annointed water via postage? if its to pay i can look for money to buy but truth is i am very rich by faith at the moment,if i cud i would travel and come over but every corner of my life at the moment is tight,i have been watching Pastor Tb Joshua and i thank God for his ministry.
    my number is +255755236233 Dar es salaam Tanzania

  114. Where can we go from his presents? Nowhere. Snr Prophet T B Joshua and the five Wise Men keep prophesying as your assignment from God Almighty.
    Luke 24:19
    He was a prophet, powerful in word and deed before God and all the people.

  115. Truly nothing God cannot do.He is greatly using the man of God prophet TB j oshua to positively touch lives of people with his goodness.God bless u sir

  116. Man of God am your junior pastor moses Nsubuga am 25 yrs. I wish to see you one day or meet you as God lives will make it possible for me as He make it for others and I have seen you senior prophet TB Joshua many time in my visions and you prayed for me many time am blessed man of God live longer and longer for the sake of God’s Holy name His years is throughout generations thank you Jesus christ.

  117. I’m suffering from knee problem,high blood pressure,I’m asking anyone who lives near Welkom or Bloemfontein who can help us with annoiting water it will help us a lot.You can answer on my email.To MAN OF GOD u may continue of what u a doing,GOD BLESS U IN THE NAME OF JESUS AMEN

  118. Indeed God is great and nothing is impossible with him,for those of us who are facing challenges we need to pray and believe that God will answer our prayers no matter how long it will take He will answer us as he did to Mr Mupeta. My husband is suffering from mental problems that he sometimes behave as an insane person and limitation in progress and that there is a rumour that his employer want to dismiss him from his job ,he also have a spirit of death that he sometimes wish to commit suicide .In my country I don’t know where I can find annointing water. Please pray for him.

  119. To God be the glory, I’m happy for Mr Winter Mupeta, for realising that it is only God who can rescue him from the cruel hands of poverty. May this blessing of God in your life last forever and ever. Amen.

  120. I am glad that the Almighty God is doing wonders and moving mountains in people’s lives.I myself am impatiently waiting for the day I will be invites to Scoan since I send my online application form because I believe once I step foot into the arena of liberty I shall be totally delivered and so will my family be.How long does it take for one to be invited after making an online application

  121. Man of God, how can i have a chance to get anointing water here in Malawi? precisely in the southern region in Zomba? Or what can i do to find this weapon of evil destruction? Please help me man of God!

  122. JE rends gloire à L’ETERNELLE pour la grace qu’il nous a faite d’avoir suscité parmi nous un de ses ENVOYES, a la presonne du MAJOR PROPHETE DES NATIONS TB JOSHUA; à travers qui, lui JESUS CHRIST, apporte la paix, la joie , l’amour et la delivrance dans la vie de son peuple .A LUI SEULE APPARTIENNENT LA GLOIRE LA PUISSANCE ET LE REGNE AU SIECLE DES SIECLES.

  123. God you know exactly my problems; limitation in progress, my career, my health, my marital life, my finanses.. When blessing others dont forget me. I need you in my life more than ever. Hear and answer me. Amen

    How can i access anointing water in Malawi?

  124. With faith all is possble in Jesus name thank you man of God TB Joshua may God keep you safe.You are a blessing to all who are having time for your words God bless AMEN.

  125. Emmanuel, what a might God we serve,God is always good to us.
    my husband got a promotion two weeks ago but his supervisor they don’t want to sign, but i know that through the prayer of T.B Joshua will break the yoke of dissapointment. God bless man of God and wise man amen

  126. May The Man of God and the whole ministry help me through prayers. I am going through so much challenges right now but i believe the right time will come when i’ll be delivered through faith and prayers.

  127. I have already tape the anointing in this testimonies , i believe my testimonies is on the way because my case shall never be a difference in Jesus name.

  128. Am realy touched by dis testomony because it’s exactly the situation am into right now. My hope and prayer is that, God! Through the prayers of pastor T.B Joshua,will break the yoke of disappointment in my life.

  129. Thank God Almighty for the wonderful things He is doing in our lives. We thank God for our prophet. May the Lord keep blessing him and give him strength.

  130. i thank the almighty for what he is doing.man of God i need help,my mum has been ill and was evacuated to india for an oparetion which they refused to do saying her problem is complicated.my doughter was born with a difalmity on the left leg,her born is missing and the only option we where given is amputation and third i need God to deliever me and my fiance complitly-financial breakthrough,blessings,total healing,marrieg blessings etc.please man of God,help me.

  131. please l will to be of help in what God is doing in scoan . l am a missionary and l love people who God so much.

    l do not have money to give to God,s people ,but l can give my service as help to the people.

    please sent me an lnviation letter.
    may God bless you richly in Jesus name.

  132. Emmanuel!!!!!!!! Peace be with you. Man of God please pray for my family we need divine intervention for unity within the family, spiritual growth, prosperity, removal of stagnation, all the demons etc. I believe distance is not a barrier to where we are.

  133. I thank God for using TB Joshua as a vessel in this end time. God has fought the battle for us. My brother’s enemies are being put to shame. I thank God for coming to our aid. May God continue to fight this battle for us until final victory is won and also continue to use TB Joshua as his mouthpiece. GOD Bless SCOAN.

  134. Prophet TB Joshua you are a real man sent from God. God will continue to bless you and Scoan abundantly. As we watch Emmanuel TV as a family, we believe that yuo can heal my husband in Jesus name. He was diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis in his legs years ago. Since then his legs and feet would be swollen and painful and had difficulty in walking and, had to walk with a stick. Anyone who is touched by the Holy Spirit can bless us with annointing water to break this curse on him.God bless.

  135. Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua, Praise be to the Lord, through his son JESUS CHRIST, who has endowed you with such powers to be of physical and spiritual service to mankind. I keep on praying that the Lord should enable me support you and your wise men in your task of changing the lives of many! Thank you Jesus, at last the CHRIST is risen again through S.C.O.A.N. PRAISE BE TO GOD! My testimony of a major break through in my life and career is on the way and I believe I have delivered!

  136. that is wandeful testmony.Man of God i’m waiting for mine,i know that jesus is busy working for answering my prayer and he will never let us to suffer.

  137. God and Lord Jesus have mercy on me. I have suffered a great deal in my life. I watch Emmanuel tv everyday and I am amazed in the way you bless other people through TB Joshua and his wise men. I pray that you do the same to me. tb joshua, how can I access to anointing water since I cannot find enough money to come to Nigeria?

  138. please pray with me as i pray for my brother’s deliverance. i believe he is being used by the devil, the things he does are not normal.

  139. I thank the man of God for allowing God to use him in a divine way..millions of people are being saved and is really an inspiration to me in his simplicity and humility. Thank you for the wonderful work T.B JOSHUAL

  140. Psalms chapter 23..the lord is my shepherd i shall luck nothing…it shows how much our lord care’s fo us. When a sheep is sick or wounded the shepherd carries the sheep in his arms and nurses it until its well

  141. GOD is truly All Mighty and Powerdul and it is very great to know HIM and see HIM touch lives everyaday and thank you JESUS CHRIST for the life of TB Joshua, Wiseman, all servancts of GOD, all saints and evronye and everything that breathes.


  143. wow, i prayer that one day i may be privilege to have the anointing water for my family. we need breakthrough poverty, limitation, dropout of school, financial problems generations causes please man of God pray for us with your prayer warriors. my mother has been suffering from mental disorder for 15 years she gets sick very after 2 or 3years. i believe that all our problems will be over once we have the anointing water. she has suffered who did this to her wants her to go mad. she does not believe in Emmanuel TV she always uncomfortable watching it, and i see that we have a big problems which i only know could end with anointing water. man of God may the lord use to reach to us through any medium he can use though his spirit. god bless you and your family and the scoan team. with god all things are possible with t.b Joshua by our side.
    thank again that god has use you to speak his word through you we blessed by you.
    may the lord bless and bless you and your ministry.

    • Praise to God for the great things done by TB.Joshua and the Wise men in all services provided in the name of Jesus Christ.
      I believe my destiny is over through following the prophesies. the testimonies and praying with Prophet TB Joshua.Please pray for me that I becoming strengthened in Jesus Name,I truely belive DISTANCE IS NOT A BARRIER.
      Elizabeth Tanzania

  144. The God of Prophet TB Joshua is real and He reigns forever. I have no doubt that the same God who help Mr Mupeta will help me and my family as well. Distance is not a barrier. God touch me please in Jesus name, amen. Open up my mind that I may understand my job so as I increase to save others.

    • am a prophet here in zambia with a barden to saver my nation but i have alot of batles just beliving God with you as His messenger to mankind please pray for me that i may prosper in His works am joseph chama.thank you dad prophet TB JOSHUA

  145. Praise be to God,My relationship with my partner is broken and i believe God will deliver us and will give us breakthrogh and restoration in my relationship and we are blessed with 2 kids because i believe this broken relationship is plan of satan in the name of Jesus my relationship will work.i need your prayer man of God T.B Joshua

  146. I have a belife that God want to use me in his work, but am living a life of hardship, so man of God please, by the power of the holly spirit, pray for me.

  147. God will continue to bless you daddy, you are never tired of praying for us I love u daddy. As Mr Winter Mopeta shared his testimony so also I’m praying to very soon, distance is not a Barrier daddy I n my family need prayers for God to perfect his work in our life.

  148. I am happy for the Man of God what he is doing for the people of the World By preaching the words of god and by changing the world spiritualy and , deliver us , as for myself i am one of those who visited the Sinagogue and i am happy today , my faith is so strong and i have grow so strong and follow the spiritual life no more going back by the grace of God, i will follow him for the rest of my life , in Jesus name , Amen

  149. im going through so much challenges right now but i believe with the help of God that i will get there one day life is hard all you need is faith and prayer to survive my husband was told that he will soon be called for a job interview we are still waitng. with the help of God and the prayers with TB Joshua i believe that we will make it Thank you lord for being ther for us.

  150. GOD is great.iam waiting for my miracle of fruit of the womb at the old age like sara of old testment, also deliverance of my son Charle from the boundage of rebellion, drinking,smoking, fonication,school drop out, limitation and failure.I belive in the WORD OF GOD in MARK 11:23 Through the ANOINTING WATER i obtained.May God bless the man of GOD

  151. Am touched & encouraged just wish there was a way of getting th anoiting water if one can not afford to travel. Man God continue with the good work.

  152. Glory be to God.He is always full of mercy.I love reading 1Samuel and 2 Samuel coz every time i read it wow! i feel veri good ,full of joy no matter how hard it is.I love Lord.Prophet long Live just like King David

  153. Yes God is Great. What He did in Mr Winter Mupeta is amazing. What the Man of God always tells us about Faith is true. It was through Faith that Mupeta’s life changed for the best. Keep connected in faith you never go astray. Thank you Jesus for being so loving and caring. Amen

  154. Help me Jesus Christ to have my deliverance. Make my disappointments appointments. Misery to joy. Messes to messages. From being worried to warrior. Jesus Christ, You are my solution. ‘my way in the desert. Amen.

  155. Glory be to God. Man of God ur a such a wonderful person, i like to watch u every SUnday on the Emmanuel TV and u teally change my life through your words. u really chaanging lives and my the lord our God continue blessing u and give u in abandently.

  156. TB Joshua and Scoan you are a blessing that God has raised at atime like this to a solution to mankind in Jesus Name.Its my prayer that one day i will be in Scoan and be blessed with the annoiting water for me and family. Poverty ,limitation,failure,dropout from school Children,Rebellious children ,drunkards,premature deaths,we need a breakthrough man of God ,we need Annoiting water anda word to deliver our family.God bless you

  157. I want to thank the anointed man of GOD for such a time we are living in.He has touched many of our lives through JESUS CHRIST OUR SAVOIR. I also been one of the afflicted person for years, I do not neglect when the man of GOD say touch your screen of the TV and one thing is I feel left out when I miss watching Emmanuel TV. I thank the wise men also we are blessed having you. I also wish to visit Synagog or if anyone can give me anointing water. contact me on jestinachewe@yahoo.com

  158. May God blss man of God T.B.J,for the revealations and be added unto wth wisdom and understanding.i thank God that immediately i ready the message,i saw my self coming from the desert.God blss u all in Jesus name.

  159. Hi, Phophet i need three things this year 2012. To have my healing and my mum’s own, to have my wedding done this year April, and finally for my business explosure and a car for myself

  160. I want to recieve healing through your ministry here online since distance is not a barier to God’s anointing powers. The fibroid is big but not bigger than God. Prophet T. B Joshua help me please God stil use you even in my own case. Thank You Jesus!

  161. That was an inspiring story. I really want God to do the same for me too i.e rewriting my financial story. Since distance is not a barrier to God’s anointing i can recieve it in my home in Jesus name, amen.

  162. I believe that God does these things & if He can do this to this man,He can also do it to me,i only need your 1 only pray in Jesus name i believe doors will open for me & my future is bright,i will come 1 day to give my testimony.

  163. Man of God snr Prophet T.B Joshua you are my mentor. I was called to ministry before I was born, God revealed Himself to me when I was very young and I could pray and things would happen, my family had humble background, I used to pray in my heart throughout the night and day, I could be talking to someone physically but my spirit was in prayer, fellowshiping with God and God showed me alot of things, almost anything I would set my mind to think about and asked Him he would reveal to me but would tell me not to say to anyone certain things but others He would let me say, this happened when I was still young. When I was a baby my parents took me to the village and some village witches in the night removed a large portion of skin from my right side of my stomach area just below my ribs, the mark is still there, then later I survived a tragedy that nearly took my life at the age of 8. Over the years I saw the hand of God in so many ways but I never fully came out to serve Him in the manner that I think I ought to. Am now married with two children, and since 2010 when I responded to God’s call I have faced a lot of challenges in my business, I was thrown in prison in a foreign country after being betrayed by the people we partnered to work with, I lost my house and sold part of my land to get my freedom, someone is holding my car for no proper reason and I have had no money to take legal action, but from the time I started watching Emmanuel TV my life has been encouraged in so many ways and I have been mentored so much by snr Prophet T.B Joshua to answer God’s call to full time ministry, I have been prepared by the Most High God through the adversy situations am going through. I would love to meet the man of God for the many things God showed me that I may not share here but one to one. Thank God for your ministry and keep up the good work.

    Prince, Lusaka/ Zambia.

  164. It is very unfortumate that the man of God whom people should be thanking God for are being evil spoken of by some so claimed to be men of God. I am eager to meet with him for physical and spiritual aid. Ministry’s success is rated by the impact in the lives of people. They are envy of the spiritual gifts of God in his life. ‘Where there is no vision, the people perish’ indeed T.b joshua is a man of God!

  165. TB Joshua u a the man of God. May God give u more wisdom and understanding. This is also my situation. I am waiting for God’s time because he never said good bye.

  166. Emmanuel,

    i need prayers for breakthrough for a place to establish my business and breakthrough in my life in order for me to be able to meet up the humanitarian work i have in assistance of students and needy. In jesus name

  167. I believe God for breakthrough and healing in my family. I’ve tried my best to meet the man of God to no avail. I’ve completed the online questionnaire as directed but i’ve not been invited. God I wait on you….

  168. Man of God please pray for The Living Fire Ministries,the church I lead,for growth and stability.Also pray for me Man of God because I want to bring so much change in the community and South Africa as a whole. I’m Prophet Gosiame Motumi I live in Theunissen.May God Bless u more n more,u are an inspiration.

  169. My wife and I have been trying so hard to visit the Synagogue of all Nations,followed all that is required in order to be accepted.My wife is suffering from high blood pressure,heart condition,dizziness,constant headache and have something in her tommy.We lost every thing we had from a house to investments and also businesses.We need some anointing water in order to beak this curse so we can leave a normal life.Most of all I want my wife to be healed.Any one touched by the spirit of God and willing to bless us with the anointing water should contact me on malekaisaiah@gmail.com.May God bless you.

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