The power-packed service at The SCOAN started with beautiful praise and worship, culminating in a message by Wise Man Daniel titled, “Be Determined As A Christian”.

Using the response of the three Hebrew men as an example in the Book of Daniel 3:16-17, Wise Man Daniel explained that we, people of God, we believers of all nations do not need to defend ourselves in whatever situation we find ourselves whether good or bad because we have a Defender – God Almighty Himself. He is the Defender of the universe. He is the One who rescues and delivers those who genuinely trust in Him from their adversities in life. Speaking about our response to adversities that we encounter, he added that adversities, rather than dampen our love for God increase the depth of our love for Christ, whose love for us surpasses all understanding.


Engineer Jonathan Iwueze testified to his powerful deliverance after receiving prayer the previous Sunday from Wise Man Racine. He explained how he had been tormented by a spiritual wife for many years and that his family had been tormented by evil attacks coming in the form of swarms of bees. He said that each time a swarm of bees arrived outside his house, within a short space of time, a family member would die. He explained how he had kept fasting and praying but found no remedy to his many woes. Prophet T.B. Joshua took the opportunity to explain that we can fast and pray for years but if our words are not from the mouth of the Holy Ghost, we would be hearing ourselves but God would not hear us. He said that the Word of God is the tool in the hands of the Holy Spirit. He also said that it is not just about confessing Christianity without being delivered. He said the old man needs to be cast out before our confession can become a reality. Jonathan narrated that he had sought solution in many places but to no avail. Hope rekindled, however when he watched Emmanuel TV and saw people getting delivered from problems even greater and more complex than his own. He said that when he came to The SCOAN, the Spirit of God located him through Wise Man Racine and the spirit within him began to manifest. He did not know what happened and wasn’t conscious of himself ‘til he received a congratulatory call from his wife saying that she had seen him rolling and shaking uncontrollably on her TV screen. The anointing of God had come upon him like a hurricane and he rose up a free man; the spirit that had disturbed him for his whole life had been forced out, to the glory of God! He explained how since his deliverance, he was no longer tormented by fear and had slept very well. He even said that on the night of his deliverance, he had a dream and saw a ring being removed from his hand – a confirmation that he had truly been disconnected from the spiritual wife. When Prophet T.B. Joshua asked him his experience when he saw the wise man, he said that he saw a bright light and there was a force coming out from the wise man like a hurricane, so powerful that he couldn’t resist it.

Mrs Ama Amo, a native of Ghana residing in Australia, came to The SCOAN due to a terrible addiction to eating moth balls, known as camphor. She had developed this worrying habit two and a half years prior when she opened her bag and the aroma of the moth ball inside entered her nose. She became incredibly attracted to it. She continued sniffing and sniffing until the toxic insecticide inside began to affect her nose. Not satisfied with the smell alone, she explained how one day she heard a voice telling her to eat it and from that moment, it became an addiction. The moth ball became a snack to eat after and even instead of meals. Peace would come when the scent of the moth balls filled her nostrils and she would carry the moth balls everywhere she went. Having travelled all the way from Australia to The SCOAN to receive her deliverance, Mrs Ama Amo’s case touched the hearts of all who heard her. Upon hearing, the man of God asked for someone with the Anointing Water to come forward. The power of God in the Anointing Water broke the chains of this deadly addiction off her and she was delivered in Jesus’ name. After her deliverance, the taste and scent of the moth balls was revolting to her as she said that it now tasted of chemical. With tears in her eyes, she thanked Jesus for her freedom.


Mrs Comfort Mustafa testified of healing through the Anointing Water from inability to walk due to a bone fracture. She had been bedridden for 4 years. She said that a friend had given her some Anointing Water but she had doubted what God could do, imagining how it was possible that ordinary water could change her situation. That perception changed quickly, however as she watched people receiving healing on Emmanuel TV. She said that she saw one lady who was unable to walk being prayed for so she instinctively remembered the Anointing Water and ministered it on herself. Miraculously, as the person she watched on Emmanuel TV began to walk, she too, began to walk. She cried out loudly, attracting attention from family and neighbours around who all rejoiced with her, almost unable to believe what they were hearing and seeing. Comfort was moving and walking freely without any pain! After being limited to the confines of her bedroom and house for 4 years, within a few seconds, God’s power had brought her out of sickness and into health, out of bondage and into freedom, out of darkness and into light!


Blessing from Abuja came out to testify to deliverance from suicidal thoughts. She said that she had received a prophecy the previous week from Prophet T.B. Joshua regarding her suicidal attempts. She said that she had tried to kill herself many times, had been depressed and did not sleep at night. However, since her deliverance the previous week, she had slept peacefully and now felt deep inner joy in her heart as Jesus had wiped away every tear and lifted every heavy load from her shoulders. She testified that she was like a new person and no longer felt the chilling sensation of snakes moving round her body which had tormented her for years. Words were not enough to express her joy as she advised all to hope in God as He would never fail them.


John came out to share his testimony of deliverance from bedwetting from birth. He explained that he got so sick and tired of the problem that he decided to come to The SCOAN. He had received a prophecy the previous week and explained how since then, he had been sleeping very peacefully. He said that something would always wake him when it was time to go to the bathroom. He happily testified, rejoicing that all the shame and embarrassment was now a thing of the past. He advised all those listening, saying, “Your own problem may have started recently but my own started from birth. Have faith and God will deliver you as He delivered me!”


Doris and her mother from Adamawa, northern Nigeria cried out about their pitiful situation. They had received a prophecy the previous week about their life of frustration. Doris explained that due to her poverty, setback and lack of opportunities, she had attempted to end her own life many times. She and her mother explained that they had nowhere to go and that in their minds, The SCOAN was their last bus stop. Fresh tears flowed as they narrated their plight. In response to their plea, they received a cash gift of N500,000 from T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners and five bags of rice to get them back on their feet again.

Augustine an amputee from Anambra, Nigeria also came out to share his story. He had also received a prophecy the previous week and the man of God had promised to support him financially. He explained how his leg had to be amputated after an accident. He also testified that before, he saw dead people in his dreams but since that Sunday, he had been sleeping well and was no longer seeing the dead people. He then received a cash gift of N300,000 from T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners and five bags of rice to support him and his family. He thanked God Almighty for His provision and for keeping him alive ‘til that moment.

As the moment for the Africa Cup Of Nations Final between Zambia and Ivory Coast drew close, the second service of The SCOAN was still underway. Prophet T.B. Joshua thanked those present for being there at that time when the rest of the country was most probably glued to their televisions. Five minutes into the match, Prophet T.B. Joshua astonished the congregation by speaking the mind of God concerning the match at hand. He said that the victory was for a country we were not expecting, that it was to make them happy because of the past record they have. He said that the record was being brought back to put it behind them. He also said that in the second half, at 25 minutes, there would be a mistake. Demonstrating, he said, “Even if you have the opportunity to enter the television where they are playing, you will enter and flog them. Why can’t you score this thing? You will face the goalkeeper and you play it out over the bar.”

Adding that this was the goal that would have cost the cup, the prophet explained that it would be taken to the other side.

As the tense match unfolded, the accuracy of the prophet’s words became glaringly clear.

Clearly the underdogs from the beginning of the tournament, Zambia were indeed a country that they were not expecting, compared to star-studded Ivory Coast. The victory would truly help to ease the pain of the past when, 19 years prior, 18 members of the national football team were killed in a fatal plane crash while on their way to a World Cup qualifier.

The mistake that the prophet saw truly happened 25 minutes into the second half, as Ivorian Striker, Didier Drogba missed a penalty by shooting the ball over the cross bar of the goal post. This was a mistake that cost Ivory Coast the cup, just as the prophet had said.

When the match went into penalty time and Zambia won eight goals to seven, the stadium exploded in joy. Zambia had won the victory. It was a day of forgetting the past – the terrible air disaster in 1993 in which a generation of Zambian football stars was wiped out. The victory was truly to make them happy because of what happened in their history, just as the man of God had said. As Zambia was given the Cup and proclaimed champions of the Africa Cup Of Nations, all who heard the prophetic message were amazed at how the mind of God had been revealed. Truly, God still speaks to His servants today and when God speaks, the wise listen.


  1. I would like to thank prophet T.B.Joshua,Emmanuel tv partners ‘n’ the wisemen for doing a wonderful job i ever seen on earth,this is just awesome,keep on doing goodworks for the bible says or you even more than these miracles you shall do,this was Jesus telling his disciples that if they only believe,once again i say thank you.

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  7. Am a regular viewer of Emmanuel T.V especially Live service on sunday.I get encouraged and blessed to see the power of God at work i.e teaching the word of GOD ,miracles and accurrate prophecy through anointed T.B Joshua,wise men and not forgetting ever awesome praise group as us they lead the congregation and many viewers in the presence of GOD to worship in truth and spirit,to GOD be the glory.I pray for the perfect will of GOD to prevail in TB Joshua to shame the cynic people.Believing GOD for a might breakthrough through,through your anointed prayers and miracles for distance is not a barrier.Thank you for your attention,be blessed!

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  9. although many people doubt Prophet TB Joshua, he is truly a Man Of God- God uses him in prophecy,healings,deliverance,helps, reconciliation among many other things. may God continue to increase his ministry

  10. My husband refuse to go to Pasco WA with me for the Revival in USA. When I came back to Canada I sprayed his pillow and bed covers, his shoes and suits. On Saturday March 10th, 2012 I ask him if I could spray him with the Anointing Water and he answered me angrily with a NO! Miracleously on Monday March 12th, 2012 he went out and bought a ticket for Lagos and left the same day to visit Prophet T.B. Joshua for two weeks. I have seen him on Emmanuel TV for Sunday March 18 & 25, 2012. My children and I see my husband standing and clapping for hours. This is not so when he go to church with us in Canada. He usually sit and fold his arms in church and stairs at everyone. We have a very good praise and worship team in our church, but it never faze him. I was not embarrased that he was cold because I God would not spue him out of His mouth. Glory be to God he is now on fire for Jesus and desire the things of God.

  11. Man of God please pray for me aganist the power of darkness and failure in my life. I need breakthrough in my life.And God will continue to large u and ur ministry,u re indeed God sent to this world.God blessed and keep u 4 his greater work on earth sir.

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  18. When God set you free, you are free indeed! Thank you Prophet TB Joshua for answering the call of God in your life. May the Holy Spirit continue to broaden your horizons in this great work for God. May God increase His blessings on you and the Wise Men. Amen.

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    What amuses me most is that not a single act at SCOAN that i have seen contradicts the World of God (The Bible). Keep it up Prophet, we are solidly praying for you and your team. May the Good Lord continue to enlarge your coast and give you long life. Amen.

    Alexander Taah, Ghana

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    God bless you


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  34. Emmanuel! For the past 4 months I have been watching the Emmanuel TV both in the day and even all through the night. Since I started watching the Emmanuel TV from my PC through internet I and my Family have been blessed. In all that is happening to me and to millions of people all over the World I strongly say that Prophet T B Joshua is a big blessing from the Allmighty God to Heal, deliver and care for the needy. May God continue to pure His Annointing in your life. I pray that the SCOAN will come to this part of the World where I live in Germany. Thank You Jesus Christ! Amen.

  35. Thank you Jesus for healing my daughter from wheat allergy through the ministering of the Anointing water… Indeed You are the Answer Jesus. You opened your ears to me; When I was seated in the dark you were my light. Prophet TB Joshua I pray that our God almighty may continue to bless you more and more and more in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen

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  37. To God be the Glory I respect the Annointing Water they work i different ways. I have seen them working for many people and wonders happenned. Mrs Mustafa may God be with you. I am wondering if i can also get some. If there’s anyone around CAPE TOWN who has an extra bottle to share with me i will very much appreciated it and God Bless. I’ve not received my invite yet to go to the SCOAN, please let us help each other people of GOD please. Please if someone has it please e-mail me on
    GOD will Bless you abundantly

  38. the god that have started this good works in the life of this man of god will accomplish it in the life of we that believes. am looking forward to get a job in london or saudi arabia as a driver i want that same god that has been blessing others here and they are testifying to bless me amen.

    THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!!!!!!!!

    • We attend church services at SCOAN every Sunday though far away from Lagos Nigeria. We strongly believe that Distance is not a barrier. Please, Prophet TB Joshua we always wait impatiently for prayers for Viewers every Sunday all over the world. We have always been blessed when we pray with you. I also pray for the day you will be giving prophecies for viewers’ lives. We can wait for that day. May God be with you and the Wise men.

  40. i’m indeed touch by your massage, it really encourage me. yes distance is not a barrier,always praying with u my body move.ur words are sharp as butchers knife. i wish to get the anointing water to break every crises in my of God, may u live long In the name of Jesus amen

  41. In past i was addicted to drugs and i drunk too but whence i received Jesus to be lord and savior of my life everything is cook and carry i mean am a blessed one, unique and good person as ever had in my life. Jesus is the way, the truth and life no one comes to God but Him, i accepted Him as my everything cause He reminds me whenever i lost, by the power of Holy Ghost i have ertenal life.AMEN

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  45. I am happy in the amazing things God is doing through Prophet T.B.Joshua.
    I believe people should not try to exhalt the man of God, I am certain that P.T.B Joshua would not like to own any form of these malicious praises that aim to divert his heart. Rather, let’s thank God for giving us such a prophet, let’s pray to multiply people like him( I pray to be one), from any where we are, let’s joint him in prayer to win the battel in Spiritual world. May God bless the SCOAN and His workers!

  46. Despite the negative reports on the international media about Africa – wars, disease, etc, we have some good news coming out of Africa – unprecedented miracles in Africa, that are changing lives, nations and indeed the whole wide world, wrought through the Man of God, Prophet TB Joshua. I thank God for you Man of God and may God continue to defy all odds and increase the anointing upon your life. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

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    • Yes Paul, what a blessing to have SCOAN in our generation. Prophet TB Joshua has shown us that the Word of God is practical and not a story and that if anyone relies on GOd he/she will have a successful life over the hurdles of life. Let us continue to trust on the Lord J. Christ. May God bless Prophet TB Joshua more

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  51. Miracles happen at SCOAN, wonderful miracles and lives are being saved thank you Jesus Christ for all this miracles. The sister who was delivered from the addiction of eating moth balls, it was a terrible case but i think you are as happy as i am for you. Those moth balls are poisinous but the Lord saved you. Thank you Jesus for saving her life.

  52. I thank Almighty God for using this man Prophet T B Joshua!!!! I’ve learned so much through his ministry and share it with my brothers/sisters. I hope soon to visit. May the blessing of GOD continue to flow in your life. Thank you again!!!!!!

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  55. yes glory to jesus,i was in scoan last week and wise man daniel prayed 4 me wish was one of my prayer b4 comeing that i be located and prayed for even if i dont see the man of God himself god did it for me and i belive something went out of me after that delivrance,and am free indeed.from buisness set back,promise and fail,have a lot of contat before but dont know what happen that i went beging 4 money to eat pay my children school fees depth every were but i belive it is now a thing of the pass in jesus.pls back me up in your prayer name is peter okafor

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    2)yes man of God i am in the in a situation in which you felt that all hope is lost? PLS MAN OF GOD HELP ME PLS AND PLS MAN OF GOD HELP ME.I believe distance is not a barrier. Glory be to God Amen.Emmanuel

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    Holy Lord God Almighty whose son Lord Jesus Christ was slain for us, so that he establishes a relationship with our creator who is worthy. The relationship, which cannot be shaken if we make God Almighty to be above all the creation. You created us to worship you and for your glory.
    Hebrews 12:28-29
    Therefore since are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and worship God acceptably with reverence and awe. for our “God is a consuming fire”

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  63. Prophet T.B.Joshua is a real man of GOD.Almighty GOD is always with him.Don’t doubt anything or any miracle,done by him.Please don’t accuse him or else you want to commit sin against GOD.I have met him personally and seen everything very closely and found 100% correct.I wish I could be his disciple.May GOD grant him long life in JESUS name Amen.

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    lets keep on praying in order that our good Lord give his servant, prophet tb joshua and his wisemen, long lives and the strength to keep on doing God’s work. in jesus name. amen.

    • It is amaizing man of God senior prophet TB Joshua lile God sent you not one can do that on his or her own unless God with you 1samuel 9:9 your our seer today may God almight give you more and more anointing and ravelations in the name Jesus christ and as God uses prophet TB Joshua moses Nsubuga trust Him to use me mightly also man of God more prayers from you I see more miracles everyday for the people I pray for to God be the glory emen.

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  71. What a great God the God of TB Joshua. I have seen what God is doing through man of God prophet TB Joshua. Miracles upon miracles in peoples lives. Man of God assist me that i can visit you in scoan and get my own. I need your help.

  72. Yes man of God i am in the in a situation in which you felt that all hope is lost? PLS MAN OF GOD HELP ME PLS AND PLS MAN OF GOD HELP ME :Glory be to God. Emmanuel


  74. I thank man of God and wise men for the work that God almighty sent them to do in our lifes. Touching the lifes of people and making difference,i hope and pray that one day God will do the same in the life of my family of which i believe,may God bless you and keep you. well.

  75. Man of God Prophet T.B Joshua,
    Your prophetic massages encourages my faith. Without prophetic massages it means moving in darkness. As you are always said.



  77. I kindly ask the God of Snr Prophet T B Joshua and the 5 Wise Men to bless them whose love to people, which many waters cannot quench and rivers cannot wash it away.. Keep doing the good works of our Lord Jesus Christ to change people, to change the nations and to change the world.
    Colosians 1:25
    I have become its servant by the commission God gave me to present you the word of God and in its fullness.

  78. God you are just so merciful so wonderful,i shall continue praising and giving you thanks through christ the king,thanks to you man of God prophet TB Joshua,he who dwell in the shelter of the most high continue blessing and showing you the ways.

  79. Emmanuel
    I thank God for sending his servant to change lives. Prof i honour you, wiseman and your evangelist who always assist us in prayer requests. May the mighty God protect the good heart and works that you’r are doing. May you please pray for my elder son who is addicted by drugs.I’m always happy when i watch emmanuel tv. God bless u

  80. It is amaizing man of God senior prophet TB Joshua lile God sent you not one can do that on his or her own unless God with you 1samuel 9:9 your our seer today may God almight give you more and more anointing and ravelations in the name Jesus christ and as God uses prophet TB Joshua moses Nsubuga trust Him to use me mightly also man of God more prayers from you I see more miracles everyday for the people I pray for to God be the glory emen.


  82. Jesus is the same yesterday,today and forever..i mean what we read in the bible is not history it is exctly what is happening now throgh Prof. TB JOSHUA..I thank God for connecting me with the Man Of God as my prayer partner i feel so blessed everyday of my life…THE BEST IS YET TO COME INDEED..I thank God for the lifes of the Man Of God and the Wise Man for sacrifing their lifes on doing the work of God..Thank you Jesus..

  83. God is God. He is no man. Whether men believe God`s work through His anointed servant or not, we are moving forward every day. I for one, there is nothing that can reverse my direction, i am moving with Jesus every day in my life, amen. Thank you Jesus for making me to know you.

  84. May GOD BLESS the prophet TB Joshua. am a member of Emmanuel TV viewer and like watching it, seeing mirraculars thing hapenning .am leaving in Malawi ,need annointing water pliz. phone 08881055043

  85. I keep thanking Jesus everyday for the gift of prophecy in the life of Prophet TB Joshua.Now the whole world has known that truly Prophecy and Prophets did not die out with the old testament.The Prophecy of a final AFCON,which by the way was given already 5 mins into the game proves we in this generation are blessed as in Matthew 13:16-18.

  86. modimo wa mpofetaT.B Joshua wa phela, he is alive indeed, he is Jehova his name. Man of god please help me i need a deliverance everything is going wrong in my life and my family.God bless u and the wisemen in Jesus name amen!!!!

  87. I Thank God for his mercy and grace,for giving us zambians a smile back on our faces,after losing the entire zambian quad (plane crash) in 1993 we are humbled.Let our almight God bless Prophet T.B. Joshua and his family for the good works he is doing.God’s people are always protected by God and T.B. Joshua will always be protected by him above (mighty God), What a Prophecy on our victory zambians!!!! T.B. Joshua is a true man of God.


  89. Glory be to God now and for ever more. Prophet T B Joshua may the Lord Almighty give you the strength so that you can continue with his work especially that of healing, deliverance , phrophecies and reaching out to the needy

  90. Man of God is the true Man of God and the Wise Men are truelly the wise Men. Faithfully and truthfully i am waiting for my day. That is why i so much ask God to give me the Spirit of praying so that my prayers can reach him and not to be heard by me. Please help me God. Amen

  91. why is it so hard to come to your church, there are so many people with problems who would want to come, please do samething we all want to see the man of GOD for prayers.

  92. Indeed God is alive. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. God’s anointed hands is really on Prophet T B Joshua and the Wise men. Africans are blessed to have such a man in our land.May God increase his blessings on them and guide them always and everyone who believes in his miracles. Amen!

  93. Thank you Lord for wiping the tears of Zambia.May the Lord almighty keep on revieling more and more to Prophet T B Joshua .Today me and my family we sleep without fear cos of the prayer points on emmanuel TV.i encourage all of us to believe distance is not a barrier.Emmanuel!

  94. I really pity people, including some men of God who are cynical about the power of God operating through Prophet T B Joshua. I advise people who do not believe that our God uses TB Joshua not to despise him but probably keep quit for their sake, lest they attract a curse on their lives. I thank God I’m living in a generation where I can see the Bible accounts repeated through His servant. May God forgive those who do not believe His Prophets. Amen!!!! s

  95. hallelujah glory be to God almighty for his love for us through t.b Joshua. i don’t know why people don’t believe him coz if he was fake surely he wouldn’t be live by now. me and my family enjoy watching Emmanuel TV and we are blessed to have it in out home. thank God for t.b Joshua may God continue to use you deliver many lost souls even if i may not make it to go come to scone surely distance is not a barrier thank you Jesus thank lord and thank you all Emmanuel viewers continue to watch Emmanuel TV. God bless t.b Joshua and the scone team. amen

  96. I thank God almighty for the way he has being using you to deliver people from satanic influence and supporting people financial. To God be the glory.

  97. Thank you Jesus! Halleluja! His mercies endures forever! There is no one like you, oh God of Prophet TB Joshua! Father of the fatherless, thank you, thank you Jehova. Yes, it is true,……”It is not by might, nor by power, BUT by my Spirit,” says the Lord Almighty (Zecharia 4:6). Ivory Coast, we love u, u have been the champions of Africa, we appreciate you and honour your bravery! God is in control and let His perfect will be done on earth as is in heaven. God bless Africa.

  98. Yes, Yes, Yes, God is speaking. Zambia won, God almight heard our cry, we have been mourning for a long time now, and indeed like the bible says ” In His own time, God makes all things beautiful” that was our time, God’s timing is the best, just when nobody expected us to win God showed the entire world that we are indeed our country God by His name. Glory to God in the highest, forever, we shall remain, Zambia a CHRISTIAN NATION!!!! Man of God prophet TB Joshua, may God continue using you mightly . Thank you Jesus

  99. Lord i was watching ths live service and it was so awesome.Truly we are going to be saved from hell because of our Prophet T.B. Joshua.I wish the world at large could access Emmanuel T.V.I know that one day i will be one of the people who be able to go to the scoan and by just touching or land there i will be delivered even before the Man of God touches me or The Wise Man.Glory be to God.

  100. I sariut 2 God and raise,swing my hands in praise 2 God,for the words of wisdom and prophecies through pst T.B.J.indeed zambia got the victory which helped 2forget the a prayer of Joseph in Genesis, who when became prime minister said 2day has made me 4get day of suffer.amen.

  101. I have followed the wonders the annointing water has done to many people who have testified. To God be the glory. Someone gave Mrs Mustafa annointing water and she received her miracle. I am also looking for someone who can share me the annointing water. I am writing from Malawi. i believe God for great things but i have not been able to travel to Nigeria. Can somebody help. My email is God bless you as you decide to share

  102. Man of god,need a testimony pls help me with prayers so i can get a job as a traffic officer,i realy need it thank and be blessed

  103. Thank you Jesus for delivering Mr Jonathan family from the spirit of death in his family, satan has been defeated ,he must surrender to the Lord. Glory be to God. Emmanuel

  104. Prophet TB Joshua,may God Almighty continue to use you and those who still can’t believe aaah what can we say?they need divine intervention.thank you Prophet for bringing hope and life in this world full of wickedness….

  105. Awesome this was amazing . Prophet TB Joshua you’re a true man of God .you are the holy ghost machine .may god bless you n enrich more and more.

  106. When the man of God said he had watched the football game already I said to myself aa what is he saying because the game is about to start. To my surprise every word he said came to pass. Halleluya the God of yesterday is still living. Prophesy prophesy prophesy,….May God multiply man of God’s days so that with his teachings the world will know that Jesus is alive.

  107. I thank the Lord for all wonderful testimonies and prophecies. Prophet T B Joshua, please pray for me. Im experiencing opression from the evil spirit that wants to take control of my mind. Cast out the old man in me, I dont want to just confess Christianity. Let it be real in my life. I believe distance is not a barrier. Amen.

  108. I watch the second service and at the same time watch the match so i am witness to the prophecy and the result on the time mentioned and all my friends who use not to believe prophet now believe in my friend house where we are and from that day my convidence in the prophets God become perfect and i give God glory for choosing someone from my country to be His mouth speaker to the world. Thank you Jesus

  109. wonderful. When God’s servants speak forth the wise listen. Oh Lord grant us the grace to listen.
    Prophet TB you are Christlike – just like Jesus Christ may be you reincarnated. God bless you.

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