Anointing Water


Dr Beatrice looks helplessly at her beloved father’s pitiful health condition. Despite the use of several medications and visits to hospitals and clinics, her father’s condition worsens. Tension and pressure mount. Her father’s last moments appear to have come as he starts to go into an unconscious state. What can she do now??? Wait a minute; she remembers that she has the “Anointing Water” from the Synagogue, Church of All Nations… 

Thank You, Jesus!

“Praise Lord!

I thank God for healing my father who was at the point of death. He had severe duodenal ulcers and severe duodenitis which had developed in his body for over 8 months after my mother passed away with cancer of the pancreas. My father lost consciousness and I remembered I had the Anointing Water, which I quickly sprinkled on his mouth and started praying for him. He recovered. He was supposed to go for an operation but he never went for it. I thank God for healing my Father. Thank You, Jesus! Amen.”

Dr. Beatrice, 54, United Republic of Tanzania


  1. Goodmorning, I praise God of Tb Joshua..through this testmony I believe nothing is impposible to Jesus christ. Thanks Dr Beatrice for this testmony, Iam facing the same problem your father was facing..my father has stomach pain. I took him in different hospitals but the pain still there. through this testmony Iam going to look for annointing water. I believe am going to send testmony pain will be a history.. Thanks God, Thanks man of God Tb Joshua.

  2. To God be glory. i know that not so long from now u shall see my testimony posted here. i can feel it coming. praise the LORD. satan you SHALL lose, AMEN.

  3. Infact God is still saying something in peoples life and i know he will surely say something about my present situation of stagnisation,fear of the future,financial crisics and sound

  4. praise be to God,for the care that he takes to our lives.we don’t need to fear the power of the devil but God who can destroy both.faith will help us to be saved from near death.may God continue to revealing revelations about lives of people.am blessed from zambia.

  5. Emmanuel! indeed God is for us, he will never leave us. God is what he says he is and he will do what he said will do. I thank God for his mercy and favour. When he said ‘I will fight all those that fight you and rescue your children’ he never lied. whether someone fights you at work or home or anywhere else, God surely will fight for you. God have mercy on me i have failed to forgive one of the bosses for fighting against an opportunity that i was given to travel for work insted he fought against because he is jeolousy and it was canceled pliz God i surrender this man in your hands for it is your promise that you will fight all those that fight me.

  6. Dear man of God

    How can i get the anoiting water???Am in zambia Ndola.

    Daddy T.B Joshua you really inspire me by your teaching and humbleness.I believe and i ve faith one day things are gona be alright in my life.Distance is not a barrier


  8. I have suffered gastritis and duodenitis for a year nw i have tried all sorts of medication bt i don’t see any change so am asking the man of god to pray for me and i wanna knw hw i can go abt to get anointing water. I thank u and i knw everything is possible wit god and distance is nt a barrier.

  9. Thank you the living God In Jesus name. I am one of those who never believed in Jesus, but with the miracles happening around us i now believe in Jesus name. I am happy for all the miracles you performed in your people and i say Lord help me with what i am going through.
    i am a young man who lost both his parents at a young age. i don’t have a brother nor sister i m just alone. I was hit by a car around 2005 and doctors said i had a fracture in my neck, thanks god i was healed. Just recently January 2012 i was hit again by a car and had head injuries. I m now having back pains and feel that there is something wrong with me. In Jesus name i praise you

  10. Emmanuel! I am an Emmanuel TV partner #BW10476

    When is the next fruit of the womb meeting? I would like to attend it. I would also like the man of God to bless me with a life partner. I have tried to find partners for myself without success but I know the one I get through God’s blessing is definately going to be the right one.

    Indeed with God all things are possible.


  12. Praise the Living Lord! What other evidence do we need to prove that God is with us? This has stirred up our faith even more.We thank our all time dedicated prayer partner,Prophet TB Joshua,for bringing Jesus closer to our hearts than ever before.This testimony has re-echoed Matthew 13:16-18 that this generation is truly blessed if only we can reach out and embrace Jesus in faith.

  13. man of God please i need your prayers and healing for my family cos my mother hass been passing through pains since the husband left her saying she is a week i dont know what to do bout this man of God please pray for my mum and my dad to come back as man nd wife,and my aunty i wantGod to see her through and mke her womb to be fruitful and my younger brother AYIRI to be heal also in the same my academics sking God for rententive memory and Gods protection in my life

  14. Thank you lord for your mercy and favor towards all of us your children.thank you for revealing yourself to us through the many miracles we continue to see every day and i pray that you dear Lord will keep us under you watchful eyes and away from evil influence and unbelief.

  15. i watched emmanuel tv this sunday, i saw a tanzanian women being healeed on the sport,
    may god bless all the servants of God at the SCOAN,

  16. Glory be to god who give life to people an gave life to da dry bones on da bible,I believe that jesus died for us to get peace,healing,salvation an more he makes da impossible to be possible bring back life to people who have faith in him.so with him I fear nothing his with us an he gives us EVERYTHING or ANYTHING we need an ask for by his name “Jesus” I thank TB joshua for da good work he do to peoples live with da grace of god….amen

  17. I know all things are posible with GOD through Pastor T B JOSHUA I always pray for his good work to the poor and including the rich people .PLEASE do this work around the world espeshaly AFRICA for more people to know the son of GOD, JESUS.

  18. Emmanuel!

    I just want to thank God for His Mercy and Favor upon my life, He has been so Good to me all the way long, protecting me, clothing me with His Lovingkindness, guiding me, I and my family are blessed in so many ways, I thank God for His annoited servant Prophet TB Joshua who made himself available to this earth plannet to change people’s lives. Glory be to God Almighty.
    May God continue to use the man of God Prophet TB Joshua and his wise men mightly in Jesus name.



  19. Jesus is able to every thing, What ever happen to a human being.the end of the person mind and he adds his great power of the spirit, Jesus can’t fell to any disease, he’s the heal and the protect of this world of to day.and let jesus adds TB Joshua’s power for ever ameni

  20. emmanuel? God is with us
    Thank u LORD for ur mercy on us,i also say thank u jesus for shering ur blood in the cross of calvarry for our sin,and thank u my prophet TB JOSHUA,u top among others,thank u for the life of poeple that u have change,excelent is ur name,i pray that God will continue to bless u with all the menbers of the church,and emmanuel tv patners,and i want to thank God for emmanuel tv,i ask God to fill there hearth with the fear of God,as it is in the bible,and i never forget all the wise men of God i love u all and i also thank God for ur wonderfull job in the lifes of people and may God bless u all in jesus name amen i love u jesus

  21. I realy thank God 4 ur fathers healing Dr Beatrice. I am looking towards the day that the God will set me free from the bondage of setan and sikness.

  22. I need the Annoiting water.I am born again and the devil has stolen enough from me..I don´t want no more..I need God´s healing in my life,upon my family and good life just like God promised”I know the plans i have for you,plans to give you HOPE AND FUTURE”i have faced too much attacks in my life and time is up..THIS IS THE YEAR OF COMEBACK:::Please help me..i live in Germany:

  23. thank you Jesus Christ of Nazareth as you have done it to her you can do it for moses Nsubuga distance is not abarrier I also recieve my miracles in Jesus’ might name

  24. Emanuel tv man of god thank you very much. Man of god please help me with the anointing water I have a cousin since her childhood she has been stealing from people even at school she can’t concert rat well please man of god help me. She’s very young and now we don’t know what to do. My contact +264812862770 am from Namibia

  25. My of God please pray for me, i am about ti lose my flat, my landlord has served my quiet notice, i don’t have any place i stay for now , no money to pay for rent even to eat. I want to use the healing as i point of contact, please deliver me from poverty ! Emmanuel, Emmanuel


  27. thank you jesus.emmanuel!!!!!.
    we are blessed with emmanuel tv as a family.it has lifted our faith towards God’s work.

  28. I thank God for the anointing water because God is revealing himself through it and it is doing wonders. This is a big testimony that encouraged my faith.

  29. Lord, you are the God of mercy all the time. May your holy name be glorified for the miraculous things you have continued showing upon the lives of your people. Your time is always the best!

  30. Am nt shocked,because the way God is using Prophet T B Joshua n his wise men is really marvellous n understandable,n there is no doubt abt it.I ve bn there n is a fact,may the gud Lord expand ur teritory Prof,Amen!

  31. I like the testimonies that you send to me. It build up my belief in Jesus. Last week I also send to you my testimonies. I believe All Mighty God will deliver and bless me and my family. All things are Possible to God. He is Elshadai

  32. jesus never said , there will be no more healing, deliverance and blessings. God always takes over after you would have tried EVERYTHING humanly possible and failed. keep on praying for the total healing of our dear father. thank you for trusting in the Anointing water you humbly got from the snr Prophet tb Joshua.this is a clear testimony that, the annointing water from snr prophet tb joshua , works wonders to those who believe and have love for the Almighty God.

  33. Emmanuel, I thank God for healing my wife shoulder. she has been suffering of this pains for some years but i came home with blood of Jesus and she drink out of it and i pour small on my hand to rub her shoulder and started praying and we slept to my surprise she was heal in the follow day and am so excited because i do believe everything that its come out from the synagogue church of Nations was holy.
    Thank you man of God …Prophet, TB. Joshua and wise men God will continue to be using you more and more.

  34. It is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in my eye. I claim that miracle and believe that God will heal me as he heals Beatrice’s father. Amen.

  35. Our God is an awesome God, see how He loves us. Emmanuel, God with us, If God be for us who can be against us? Nobody. I thank God for what He is doing in my family and that of my brother. I thank God for setting him free. God bless you TB Joshua, the five Wise men and the entire SCOAN.

  36. Waoooooooooooooo that is God for you, i pray his testimonies shall remain permanent in Jesus name. I took part of the testimonies by faith in Jesus name

  37. Emmanuel – God with us. I thank God Almighty the creator of the universe the doer of miracles, for the miracle of healing he did to Dr Beatrice father through using the medium of Anointing Water. God is good all the time he loves us as he does to any of his children.

  38. This kind God o, I never see His type o, Blessed be your Holy Name. Oh God of TB Joshua we bless your Holy Name our lives have become daily testimonies.

  39. Praise the Lord; our father in the Lord ,Prophet TB Joshua use to say that he has seen God`s power working in the spirit, he has seen it working in the word, he has seen it working in the anointing: take it, believe it you will see it working your own miracles in the name of Jesus, Amen.

  40. We praise the name of the living God!! Am also believing God for a miracle as I deliver my baby in march without c/section. If God touched and healed our father he wil also do it for me. Distance is not a barrier! We give u all the glory.

  41. This may sound weird or funny. But i have tried the anointing water twice, but my abodminal pain is still there. All i do is just vomit feel weak in my legs. I do believe that the Lord can do wonders through that water, i m starting do think that my faith in the anointing water is maybe weak. But i do believe 150% in that water, i have seen the miracle and the healing power. I even ministered it at my mother who is sick, but anything is happening. I would pray before ministering it but, no healing. I know that the LORD is the provider, healing of everyone. Please pray with me sothat the LORD can reveal, what is happening.

  42. hallelujah, great is thy faithfulness!!! Great miracle indeed, thank you God for Dr. Beatrice’s father, indeed by His stripes we are healed. He promised to take away sickness and disease from among us. Thank you God for Prophet TB Joshua, as we continue seeing and receiving mighty testimonies, Jesus is alive.! Let us continue being expectant as we worship and glorify His mighty name. PLEASE WordPress.com, how can I access annointing water.?

  43. God has always been the same, today, tomorrow and forever He remains God. He has done it for so many and why not me, my past is over. May His Holy Name be glorified always

    Linily Bakaimani

  44. I have Great Testimonies to post about the Miracles I keep receiving through Emmanuel Tv. A recent one just happened last week when I spent a night in a House of a Woman of God who had TB Joshua’s Potrait in her Home. The Miracle Happened before I knew what was exactly in her home. It was in the morning that I discovered that she actually had that potrait and the anointing water in her home.
    The devil had started attacked me for a week or so… It attacked my revelations and dreams(As I flow in this Prophetic Anointing). I battled with it for days. Now this day I travelled from zambia to Zimbabwe and spent a night in Chinoyi, my family was introduced to this home by a relative. We reached at night and went to bed after dinner. As, I prayed this night, I saw many and great Visions, my visions were very clear. When I slept, I had revelations and visions. I thanked God for an instant shift. It was when we were bidding farewel to the family in the morning that I learnt that the Woman actually was a Prayer Warrior who had travelled to lagos for deliverance. She is blessed now. She is into Soap-making Industry and she confessed that her business is booming. She game me anointing Water which is has kept on performing wonders for me and my family.
    I shall give details in the next Blog

    God Lives! TB JOSHUA is a Son of God.

  45. To God be the glory. He is the greatest physician that the world has ever known. His work at the cross was not in vain but for redemption of man. my friends all over the world including me, let us believe in God, if He could do it for Dr. Beatrice’s dad, He can do it for us too, He knows no favoritism. Thank

  46. Emmanuel

    God heals indeed and Doctors treat. I am blessed by Dr Beatrices’ testimony. Unless we realise that the warfare is not of the flesh, what we see, read or feel should not determine our faith, but for God to remove the demon behind our sickness, our problems. We will be fighting a wrong battle and face premature death if we don’t run to God. I thank God for the man of God Prophet T B Joshua for through the annointing water, one can choose to trust God and believe that the medium of the annointing water gives man another chance to live. What a revelation and a wonderful God to worship.

    Remain Blessed

    Gloria Likupe, Malawi

  47. Thankyou Lord Jesus for this Great one testimony. I thank God for her Father’s instant healing. May God be Praised. Thankyou Jesus

  48. thanks lord jesus for sending prophet T.B Josua and the wise man i happy in my life he is with me everyday, and everytime.

  49. thank you lord for your mecy.nothing is impossible with u.My faith is growing everyday,the more i read ths testimonies the more i grow in faith.

  50. We praise the Lord for all that he does through his annointed man, Prophet TB Joshua and Emmanuel TV team. I solemly need the annointing water in South Africa, Johannesburg. Thank you Jesus for what you do in the SCOAN

  51. God is my saviour-il be waiting for the second meeting,for miracles to happen,for i trust in him,and him only.thank you lord for healing your people through T B Joshua
    I pray for my family,friends,neighbours,strangers,enemies,colleques to seek and knw the kingdom of God.Thank you LORD for the healing,deliverance and breakthrough,i LOVE you LORD.

  52. Thank you Jesus for the miracle you Gave to Dr beatries father through annointing water.i pray that God will heal all kind of sevear sickiness of all kind,spiritual sickiness,physical sickness,financial sickness,mental sickness as Man of God usually say our problems demon is behind it,let every demon behind any problem in my family line and my husband’s family line receive this mighty grace from Prophet TB Joshua by using any medium of anything which come into contact with The Prophet and let those root cause of every problems be aprooted in Jesus name.Distance is not barrier as all my family watch emmanuel tv let them receive their miracle there in Tanzania as Dr Beatres’s father receive his own in Tanzania through annointing water in Jesus name.i belive as i read this testimoneas all our Family Problems in Tanzania has been solved.all things are possible with God in Jesus name’.Emmanuel’

  53. I am who i am, all because of the emmanuel tv.I love God beyond my own understanding.Its the channel that brought this peace in me that i never came about for as long as i have lived.Glory be to Jesus Christ.What a miraculous experince you had Dr Beatrice to see the work of the Lord right before your eyes.Indeed God is still saying something,and will go on taking his people by hand into the way of light.”Praise our God; all nations; let your praise be heard” Psalms66 vs 8.God bless you man of God for the strong hope you build in our hearts,for the love and so much care you show to the children of the living God.You are a blessed man TB Joshua.A role model you are.I will be glad if i only knew where to get the anointed water here in Botswana for the sake of me and family.HELP please!!!

  54. My mother is so sick and we are hoping for a miracle to happen to her . How i wish to have anointing water and sprinkle her and make her to drink sme i thr our faith she ll be healed in Jesus christ name just like the daddy to the doctor frm Tanzania !

  55. Emmanuel, thank be to God for the HEALING. Ulcer is a terrible ailment that cannot be easily cured by any otthordos medicine. May this healing be a contact to other people under the bondage of this kind of ailment [amen].

  56. Emmanuel! Thank u jesus,man of God if distance is not a barrier pls i nid ur prayers & diliverace in my life.thanks & God bless u

  57. Emmanuel!!! Thank God for this ministry it certainly fires up the faith of many and we love what God is doing here on earth despite how the natural circumstances appear; Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah but it also thrills me to meditate on HEBREWS 12:18-24. Try to understand its’ reality, it is the Source behind the Power, Presence, Protection and Provision of every good and perfect thing whether we understand or not, however, HEBREWS 11: 6 and 4:12-13 are also very important to grasp as we sojourn this earth acknowledging the Kingdom of Heaven is living and active beyond our human ability to fully comprehend!!! To the critics and unbelievers time will tell. Grace and Peace to all and keep up the good work SCOAN.

    • Pray for me also distance is not a barrier i was in an accident got bashed by unknown motorist lost counsious now having persistent headaches i need Jesus in my life

  58. Grace and the mercy of our Lord Jesus christ be to you man of God and the scoan team.Praise God,in Jesus we live.He was wounded for our grieves,bruised for our inequities ………by His stripes we are healed.Isaiah 53. There is no problem he wil not be able to solve.

  59. I have pains in my belly,the doctor asked me to go and do a smear test again,coz the first one shored signs of cancer,im so scared to go.and again he said my blood is low and im having high bp.my mum died of cancer.im asking man of God to also pray for me,so that God can heal me,i know that everything is possible with God.my husband got stabbed where he works,since that he has never been the same.his diabetes is always high.

  60. We thnk God for healing de father of Dr Beatrice, we thnk de man of God Prophet TB Joshua, may he continue 2 bless us in jesus name! We love you pastor!

  61. Man of god,god has de reason 2 help u out he stil want 2 see u alive helping his people including me!thank u lord 4 all hev done 2u amen!

  62. Iam touched may God touch my case so that sinners may be saved. iam sick and have some chest infection.God have mercy on me!

  63. No matter how much may we suffer or how much we may forget him, we can never make it without his presence. We always find ourselves running to him for help, forgiveness, healing, deliverance. OUR GOD REIGNS. Thank you doc for remembering the annointing water. You really helped t save a wonderful soul.

  64. Thank you Jesus for saving your son. I pray for my father. Distance is not a barrier for sure. He is not in good health. I lost my mom seven months ago. She died of cervical cancer they say. My dad tested positive after this incident. I believe in the Lord that there is no sickness he can not heal. Man of God PLEASE pray for my father and deliver him from this demonic attack.

  65. I healed every day spiritually by watching you men of god prophet tb joshua please can you bless my ngo for the needy

  66. Man of God please do pray for me i,believe that distance is not an barrier ihave chronic headache setbacks limitations idnt knw whats wrong i cannot find a job or succeed in anything i do my relationships fail left rite centre mand do have affair with me and than leave i finished my studies bt no job man of God pls do help me nowadays all i think of is commiting suicide,,, i, need the the annointing water as the medium i watch emmanuel tv pray with you my business is also not progressing that well pls man of God think of me in your prayers.

  67. It just shows that the LORD can use any medium to set his people free!Like the Man of God says,”God uses those foolish things for the glory of his name.”Just want to thank the LORD for that testimony!

  68. What a wonderful testimony, God is a miracle working God. I thank you Lord for people like Prophet TB Joshua in Jesus name.

  69. i believe distance is nt a barrier and thank God almighty 4 wt he iz doing thru TB Joshua,i’m also in need of the anointing water,pliz hw do i get it?

  70. i enjoy watching Prophet TB Joshua actually he inspires me by his teachings & his humble nature. I wish 1 day i will visit the synagogue. Can some1 brief me with required procedure of to come to the synagogue.

    • I believe the only hope is JESUS. Those methods He uses to touch His people are many, it could be a an anointed sticker, anointed stick like that of Moses, anointed water, anointed handkerchief, His Holly word… you name it. So, I would have smiled more wider to read “Jesus is the only hope”, than anointing water is the only hope.

  71. Man of God we always thank you for all your gód things but man of God there are some people like me who are always be caught by satan while we try by all means to avoid his work’s but i just don’t know how i will get into it again after you have done the sin you will feel alone and gulty so may you help me pliz man of God

  72. plz man of god pray 4 me i trust i belive u wl safe me n myfamily we suffd a lost none of our family s workng n mymom s a window plz help us man of god plz!

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