The congregation was eagerly anticipating what the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua would say regarding the crisis in Nigeria, knowing that as ever, he would speak forth God’s opinion concerning the situation at hand.
In the first part of the message to the nation of Nigeria which dwelt on the political situation in Nigeria, the prophet said, ‘Nigeria has prayed and hoped but the thing that is yet to be done is to apply love’. Quoting 1 Corinthians 13:13, he said there are only three things in this earth that will last and these are faith, hope and love. The greatest among them, he said, is love. In his words, we need to make the greatest sacrifice. Our president is the person who should make the greatest sacrifice and other participants will follow. The message to Nigeria is compromise; love is compromise, to give chance for peace in the interest of the nation. In close reference to the Bible, he said Jesus gave chance for peace when he said, ‘Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s’. By compromise, he elaborated, we must shift ground. We should not give the impression of embarrassing the president and the other participants in the crisis. To achieve this easily, our president must rely more on politicians than on technocrats because it is a game.

In the second part of the message, the prophet dwelt on our relationship with Jesus. According to him, Jesus said to Peter, “Do you love me?” Peter replied, “You know I love You Lord”. Jesus said, “If you love Me, feed My lambs”. In the nation, we need to apply love, the greatest sacrifice, by shifting ground, by compromise. In the prophet’s words, Jesus asked Peter one of the most significant, penetrating and, in fact, the most dangerous questions ever asked, “Do you love me?” Jesus asked Peter three times and Peter replied positively three times. Jesus responded by giving Peter a responsibility- keep My lambs, shepherd My sheep and feed My sheep. This means, he explained, before we can be responsible to Jesus, it must be because of our love for Him. Whatsoever you do or fail to do to the least of your fellow brothers, that you do unto Jesus. This means if you dupe your fellow brother, then you dupe Jesus. If you care for your fellow brothers, then you care for Jesus. Jesus did not ask Peter if he was a gifted speaker or had the ability to speak fluently, flawlessly or eloquently. He never asked him about his Bible or seminary knowledge either. All these are important but they are not the issue. The essential quality you need is found in Jesus’ question, “Do you love Me?”
Whatsoever you do to the needy, that you do unto Jesus. What is your relationship with Jesus? The prophet asked. Speaking further, he said he did not know how one could prosper in life without these qualities in the ministry of the Gospel and that of charity. Whether educated or not, a farmer or professor, there is hope in loving Jesus. He therefore advised the congregation to stop complaining about their backgrounds or other disadvantages.  Jesus repeated the question so that the concept would be crystal clear. Jesus wanted us to know that love is the centre. Christianity is a relationship; you cannot have Christianity without love. A person who does not love cannot be entrusted with the power to deliver, heal or bless.
The prophet capped his message with a video clip of a high court judge in Ghana who shelved his social status and travelled far to the Volta Region of Ghana by the dusty roads and by river to give to the needy and elders in Chindere, Ghana. Justice John Ajet-Nasam and other Emmanuel TV Partners brought rice and other food to the elders in the Volta Region for the people in the community.

Concluding his message with the situation in Nigeria, the prophet asserted that the national protest and strike in Nigeria was over as God Himself was on top of it. He reminded his listeners that the lesson the nation can learn out of this is that anything can happen. Therefore, in everything, we should remember God.

In a brief message during the second service, Wise Man Harry reiterated that broken focus is the real reason that many people fail. He quoted Philippians. 3:13-14 to back up his case. According to him, you cannot look in different directions at the same time. He told his listeners that as Christians, God has disconnected them from their past and given birth to their future. He advised them to chart a clear objective in life and follow the direction of their calling in order to make a difference in their worlds.

A video clip showed Wise Man Harry giving prophecy to a couple. Speaking to the man, the wise man told him that he could see a manhood problem in him and secondly, after he had finished urinating and pulled up his trousers,  urine would still come out  afterwards and stain his trousers. The problem of manhood, according to the prophecy, had caused fighting between the couple. At the end of the prophecy, prayed for Mr Asekome and he received his deliverance, in Jesus’ name. Coming into the open to confirm the prophecy, Mr Asekome said he had had the problem of poor erection for years because of staphylococcus. The couple had consequently been barren and gone to places in search of a solution. They came to The SCOAN as part of their efforts to end the barrenness. Meeting at home as a couple after the prophecy and deliverance, the family of Asekome received the good news at the end of the same month, that Mrs. Asekome was pregnant. Unable to hide their joy after many years of barrenness, the couple encouraged those watching them who might have similar problems to hold on to their hope and continue to trust in God.


David  and Franca from Ghana gave a testimony about the Anointing Water. David’s problem was low sperm count which caused the couple to be barren for years in spite of their yearnings and efforts to bear children. However, after watching Emmanuel TV in their home, the couple journeyed to The SCOAN in their continued efforts to end the barrenness. They received the Anointing Water in The SCOAN and went back to their home in Ghana where they prayed with the Anointing Water and ministered it to themselves. After a month, Franca became pregnant. Confirming the testimony as told by her husband, Franca, in unison with her husband, thanked the Lord for being so merciful to them.

Mr Austin Jerry Okoro, a Nigerian resident in South Africa, was privileged to receive the Anointing Sticker from a relative. As providence would have it, he stuck the Anointing Sticker to the windshield of his car. In June, Mr Okoro was involved in a very serious accident with the car. The accident made the car fly over a brick wall and hit a tree, causing it to be smashed, dented and so disfigured that it gave the immediate impression of having lost the lives of all its passengers in the accident.  All those who were alerted by the scene never thought there would be a survivor in the accident. Fortunately Mr Okoro, the owner and sole traveller in the car, did not even have a scratch on him due to the accident. Surprised and confused, his sympathisers advised him to go to a doctor for a medical check up in case he had an internal injury. When he was taken to a hospital for that, it was confirmed that he hardly sustained any injury in the accident. According to him, Jesus saved his life  through the medium of the Anointing Sticker he received from The SCOAN. He consequently advised his listeners to watch Emmanuel TV, letting them know that God can use any medium to heal, bless and deliver them.

In the mass prayer collectively led by the wise men, they focused on the various areas of life where people have problems and cited relevant portions in the Bible to prove that demons are the causes of the problems people experience. They therefore prayed fervently with the congregation and Emmanuel TV viewers worldwide to command satan out of their lives for them to live according to the will of God in their destiny. In course of the mass prayer, many vomited out the poisonous substances freeing them from the sicknesses in which they were held in bondage for a long time. Assured that every participant in the mass prayer had been dislodged from the grip of satan, Wise Man Racine said the grace.


  1. Our lord is Good, I want say a very big thank u to our daddy in d lord senior prophet TB joshua and Emmanuel TV God bless u

  2. I love everything about this great ministry and the man in the synagogue; Prophet TB Joshua. I will be visiting next week in Jesus name

  3. I have nothing to say than saying thank u to the annoited man of God for what the Lord has been doing through his, may the Lord in his infinit mercy continue to be your strenth (amen).

  4. Am grateful for scoan n senior Pastor Prophet TB Joshua n all the wise men for availing themselves for God to be using in this generation. Their oil shall not dry b’cos more of us need their blessings upon our lives. God richly bless u. How do i get the annoited water?

  5. He who beleived in the lorld Jesus Christ shall work more than him.Thus says the bible;

    May God bless you T.B Joshua

  6. My name is Dorcas Zyambo,I am from Zambia. I thank the Almighty God for raising the men of God like Prophet TB Joshua, the wise men and other men of God who are being used to change people’s lives all over the world in the name of Jesus Christ. God is indeed faithful all the time. My pastor had visited SCOAN sometime last year and that time I was very sick with a list of problems. To cut the long story short,after my pastor prayed for me and administered annointing water, I was healed permanently of continous bleeding which lasted for about 10 months which led to low blood level, ovarian cyst,abdominal pains, constant headaches, movements in my stomach as though I had a growing baby in the womb etc Childred of God help me to continue praising the name of the Lord and His goodness because I am far much better than before and that my healing and deliverance is permanent in Jesus’ name.

  7. Thank God for sending Prophet T.B Joshua to perfect Gods work on Mankind, he leads mankind to Jesus who reconciles us with God

  8. I believe in miracles and i pray God will do mine for me! I want pastor T.b joshua 2 pray 4 my kid brother daniel. He has been sufferin 4rm dis sickness 4 d past 6 years. Tank u sir

  9. Ur rich out 2 d needy is d most wonderful thing 2 do if all Pastor shld be like u in Ghana or d whole world by now alot of people will not be on d street or in need. Pastor Mensa Otabil & other pastors shd learn 2 help d need like u. God richly bless u & ur descendents

  10. I thank God 4 d life of d MAN of GOD TB Joshua. I like & love abt. d man of God is how he reaches out & help d needy whether Christians or Muslims no matter whoever. God richly u & ur descendents.

  11. Thank God for raising for Himself people like Prophet T. B. Joshua who can truly, faithfully and fully represent Him here on earth.

    In you I see the full nature of God. I pray God to serve Him in this magnitude, being a blessing and a solution to the needy world, for that has always been my desire.

    I had an invitation and visited Synagogue Church before, it was awesome.

    I always keep seeing the Man of God praying for me and everything he prophesies comes to pass, that makes me to believe God is calling me to be a blessing to the needy world. And I have decided, that shall be my destiny.

    Thank God for a Prophet of this dimension in this dispensation.

    You are blessed for life Man of God.

  12. Even a blind man will know that TB is a true man of God send by God to this generation to deliver man kind.

  13. Thank you God for such wonderfull man of God. I wish to visit SCOAN one day and meet the prophet and get blessings from him

  14. when it come to pratical christianity(prophet TB JOSHUA)there are always some satanic force(haman,mara,pharoh etc)that wil always try to pull back a christain,but GOD has really show them that “he that is with him(prophet Tb)is greater

  15. Emmanuel – with us

    Man of God pray for me i am about to loose my accommodation, i have already lost all i have now like car, no work . Prophet pray for so that i will get job, i am an orphan without help.

  16. Man of God i’m impressed by how God is using u. U leave by what u preach. ur courage in times of trials is an inspiration to me. The truth remains in every generation there must be a prophet of God. Yet in every situation God is still saying something!!!. I Love u senior prophets TB JOSHUA.

  17. Prophet I need ur prayer over my life, am d 1st son of my father. I’ve never give my parent anything like gift. Sir, I need ur support in prayer and financially thank u sir.

  18. Thank you to the lord of Host,for giving us Snr prf.T.B Joshua as our spiritual father,who is our teacher,leader and also a mentor to me.You are one of the people who have the greatest gift of “healing,delivering and blessing” from God.Wishing you more Gods blessings.


  20. 10k u lord 4 a wonderful n caring man u snt 2 d world.We ask lord dat ur grace n light so shine in him n dat men may benefit n knw u more….

  21. Emmanuel!

    Thank you Jesus for wonderful gift of a Prophet in the last days like these ones. We are so lucky to witness the power of the Hand of God in the Prophet T. B. Joshua. This message is very relevant.

  22. Emmanuel – God with us.
    May the grace of Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with people of Nigeria. We need God’s intervention in the whole world.

  23. I love to love you God for you have given us a gift of the prophet in Africa,thanks very much indeed help us to follow the directions of your word because You and your word is the same,according to John 1.1-3.Be blessed more Prophet TB joshua

  24. As a result of SCOAN through senior prophet, the 5 wise men and EMMANUEL TV my life and that of my family has changed in every way that you can think of. May the good Lord bless you all

  25. Emmanuel!!! I thank GOD for using senior prophet T.B JOSHUA to feed our generation in time like this glory be to GOD HALLELUYAH.

  26. Even though i hav not seen our prophet(daddy TB Joshua)in physical,but he is my mentor(both spiritual and social).i was like wolf but thank God for EMMANUEL TV that changed me,anoitin water that i borrow from a friend help mestop making love in my dreams.daddy we in bayelsa love you so so much. From dan,yenagoa.

  27. I love all that you guys are doing , and sure appreciate what God is doing through the whole team he has empowered through all their obediance….we need them to go out for a pass to North America
    cause we need teams using the annointed water on this side of the big water….this Gospel of the Kingdom Come shall be preached in all the world, not the gospel of the Kingdom Went like so many are yet demonstrating in their useless shots on goal type of ministries…
    Deliverance ministry is the Power of Demonstration…and it is beautiful to behold…

  28. Prophet, I always thanks GOD for giving us a type of prophet you are,

    You always guide us in our daily living life ,Here in Malawi people loves EMMANUEL TV. Through this channel people of Malawi are coming closer to GOD ,Inculding politicians espeshaly the Vice Presdent, help her to be more in christ in all her doings.
    God bless us

  29. I was watching the service and it is so wonderful to watch Emmaneul tv as you can fill the anointing of the Lord. Thank you Man of God and the Wise Men, you are changing our lives.

  30. praise the lord,,,,lets give our life to the heavenly father , we don`t need to complain because He send us prophet T.b Josua to save us Amen.

  31. Emmanuel!!!! it honours God to those who adhere to his prphet. The world is blessed to have Prophet T.B Joshua who give direction to it and I pray to God to give a listening ear to all leaders of all nations to listen to his aspiring words from God that gives directions of our lifes.

  32. Daddy Tb joshua your a God sent for real.daddy please i want you to my mentor.i got addimition to study accountn but no money no help.please daddy come to my aid for Godsake help me

  33. We the Nigeria occupy indeed Africans should be very greatful to God for sending his servant most Snr. Prophet TB Joshua to come on earth and continue from where our Lord Jesus Christ stoped. Accurate prophecy, instant healing and deliverance are what contempory christians want now. Remain Blessed TB Joshua.

  34. Emmanuel!!! the grace of God is already with my father in lord ( prophet T.b . joshua) the grace to teach, preach, heal, delivirance, prophesies. thanks you lord for sending the man in the synagogue( t.b. joshua.

  35. The wise men are the deep thoughts of GOD on earth. T.B .JOSHUA the strongest power I ever see in my life .love to hear his wise words .I feel that his words are driven by the hollygost .

  36. God is God and He is always Good. A miracle happened to me too. It happened on a Sunday Morning of December 2009. As I prepared to go for the Service, I was attracted by the Spirit of God to watch TB Joshua and listen to his deliverance Service. After, I finished praying with him, and as I walked to the Auditorium, I felt something moving towards my Uterus like a baby moves when birth is due. I rushed into the toilet, and before I could sit on the Pan, I dropped a very big cyst and another one much smaller. Two cysts lay flat on the floor of the toilet. I thanked God on this day. I sang praises, I glorified Him.
    The Doctor told me a year earlier that she saw a small cyst on the right side of my ovaries but it was not something serious. I experienced severe abdominal pains and sharp backaches. BUT this Sunday morning I was delivered. PRAISE the Living GOD.

  37. Emmanuel – God with us

    I pray for the country Nigeria and the whole world so that God Almighty intervene in the situation the world is facing, so that there will be peace and prosperity in every area of each country. Since in this world is not our home we are just passing by, every true christian should know that and should watch and pray. We need God’s intervention in the whole wide world
    Philipians 3 vs 20 – 21 But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Saviour from there the Lord Jesus Christ who by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body.

  38. Good morning Jesus, good morning all Viewers of Emmanuel TV, Senior Prophet TB Joshua and his Team. The only thing our Lord Jesus requires from us is to trust in His Anointed Servant and believe in him, for he is His mouth-piece (Prophet Temitope B Joshua bravo). Those who have hears let them hear, those who have eyes let them see. I am saying this because there are still many people who are doubting his powers. No true believer should judge, take it or you leave it.
    Thank You Lord for him for if many are believing today, it is his activities through Emmanuel TV, Amen.

  39. Emmaneul!!!!!!God is reall and alive,He send his son Jesus to shou as the love,faith,hope through a physical humanbeing to shou him self throu,T.B. Joshua and wisemans that HE is alive.People of God and none people of God Jesus is alive and He love us.Nigera people and the hole world lessen to messega diep in you what God say throu the man Of God and neel down and pray will man of God is give us the messega.Ist true Jesus is alive I feel his present if a pray throu Emmanuel tv with man of God and wisemans.

  40. The name of the Lord be glorified. The Lord is good. Dear Prophet T B, we the people of Wukari in Taraba State Nigeria like the people of Macedonia cry to you to please come over to us lest we perish. We have needs but many of us can not come to Lagos because of the distance and lack of the knowledge of the geography of Lagos Do not let die in our sins and needs please. Thank you.Remain blessed.

  41. Saved from death through the medium of anointing Sticker? What a God we serve! Indeed God can express Himself through any medium.

  42. Indeed God is love and even the bible says whosoever say he loves God and hates his brother is a liar, the love of the father is not in him(I John 4:20). What I am seeing Senior Prophet T. B. Joshua is doing is not different from what Jesus Christ did, when he saw the need to feed 5000 people with just few fishes and loaf of bread. Today majority of preachers are after themselves, the cars or jet they will move with, their immediate families, they turned churches to business competition, no care for the windows, fatherless, needys, etc. But I am seeing in practical a man of God who gave generously and pleaded for us to do so. I see humility, compassion and practical love in Snr Prophet T.B. Joshua. Indeed I love him and I pray for long life.

  43. Indeed God is love and even the says whosoever say he loves God and hates his brother is a liar, the love of the father is not in him. What I am seeing Senior Prophet T. B. Joshua is doing is not different from what Jesus Christ did, when he saw the need to feed 5000 people with just few fishes and loaf of bread. Today majority of preachers are after themselves, the car or jet they will move with, their immediate families, they turned churches to business competition, no care for the windows, fatherless, needys, etc. But I am seeing in practical a man of God who gave generously and pleaded for us to do so. I see humility, compassion and practical love in Snr Prophet T.B. Joshua. Indeed I love him and I pray for long life.




  47. God is love,as christians it is our task to show love to the people around us.We love you man of God and the wisemen continue to reveal the real truth of the gospel because Jesus is coming back so He must find us in right position.

    • When prejudice blinds us,when loneliness enfolds us,when fear oppress us,when sadness overwhelm us and when we give into despair,in those moment the world is closing in on us, thank you lord at this moment of our lives that you have sent senior prophet TB Joshua to help us up-lift our faith, teach us how to pray,love and show love to one another.oh JESUS how we love calling your name daily

  48. You know Jesus is there to see how faithful we are,Its not only Nigeria its the world at large, the answer is simple,in the past time he says let us have feilds either to the Towns or in the farms,How should i go, just to church, i don’t know how to plant a food for the people,we shouldn’t just think only in income,you don’t know the one who is producer, that is to be the fail and this problem we can finish it (a) let us neel down,we lift up our hands to jesus.(b) to a place where you can plant something like food.(C)we should not depend on one person,let us know how to give not reciever.(d) Let us have christian faith pray, fast and to see who are in needed from you.bless TB Joshua and Wiseman stay blessed amen

  49. Emmanuel! I give thanks to our Lord Jesus to take control the whole situation in Nigeria.I always pray for peace and harmony to all Nigerians.Your problem is also mine.It shall be well in Jesus’name.DREAM AGAIN!!!!!

  50. Man of God I believe you sent from God I’d also like to be part of a service in SCOAN but money issures would please pray for me I just received results from the hospital that I have hepatitis please heal me man of God and also pray for my. Family in the name of Jesus.

  51. Amen saints of God, i would like to pass my sincere gratitude to the Man of God Emmanuel tv and partners for this publication, by the grace of God i came to watch Emmanuel tv n was greatly helped,healed saved redeemed and am deliverd. but of late my satellite couldnt catch the signal,and this is realy offending my spiritual life i need to see, listen and pray with my father Prophet TB JOSHUA but bcoz of the poor signal am not able to. being on facebook has helped me be contact with u again thank u

  52. Thank you Lord for your faithfulness, we are forever grateful, to the Nigerians you are such a blessed nation God loves, Prophet T B JOSHUA may the Lord keep you and His face keep shining upon you. Amen

  53. Thank u pastor for being used by e holy ghost,PSALMS 199 VS 130, The unfolding of thy words gives light it impart understanding unto the simple so by e way acçording to the book of JOHN the word is GOD and in his word nothing can be imposible cz hw can jesus christ fed 5000pple with 2 fishes and 5 breads cz e power is in e hand of e might father.massage 2 u pastor u are thre again 2 save thousands of pple of ur nation alwayz allow God 2 touch. Man of God stay blessed.

  54. God is a good God and his is faithful in all things, he neva lies and he can use any medium to save, deliver those who trust in him. Plz alway include mr in ur prayers cox i stil need to testify one day.

  55. As we continue to relent in your precious arms holy ghost.father we thank you for your intervation during our time by sending us prophet TB Joshua.indeed a person without love cannot be entrusted with the power to heal,bless and deliver.The anointing of the man of GOD is from above and God is with the prophet.God bless scoan ministry and Emmanuel tv partners who makes it possible for us viewers to receive blessings.EMMANUEL!Moffat.Zambia.

  56. God has blessed this nation whit a great prophet,TB JOSHUA.I pray that,God should continure to use him to bless us.
    This is a specil message to prophet TB of God,please pray for me,i need deliverance.i believed u has head my cry.

  57. I thank God for Prophet TB JOSHUA. I believe that through Him, God is doing the same things He was doing through Jesus CHrist. I know that when the man of God prophesy it shall surely come to pass for he is the mouthpiece of God. God thank u for using this man to keep blessing us, warning us, prophesy about our lives, to keep anointing us with your Holy Spirit. Keep blessing him. Keep using him. Anoint him more and more with Your Holy Ghost. Thank u father.

  58. One of the Most eagerly when I keep PH. Tb Joshua messages & pursuit emmanual Tv. Because am so blessed his programs meracle, testimonies; but I think now it’s the time pray for us please! Am from ETHIOPIA.

  59. I just want to thank TB Joshua very much for making my people of Cameroon to know that He has no branch in Cameroon here. I thank Him very much may God continue to bless Him in Jesus name amen

  60. Glory be to God almighty the creator of heaven and earth. SCOAN & the Emmanuel tv are doing alot, its my prayer that God should continue blessing the ministry to continue doing the work of God. T.B Joshua God bless you

  61. I really love what the men of God are doing to help the children of God. As a young Prophet I want to grow in this gift like never before,as Prophet TB Joshua as my inspiration I know I will never fail.Please pray for me and the ministry(Prophet G Motumi of The Living Fire Ministries)

  62. I am proud of d man of God n his wise men. Not jst 4 d performing of miracles n casting it demons frm people bt 4 wat he is doing 4 d less privileged. I realy admired him. He is nt jst my father in d Lord, bt my role model. I pray 2 hav n giv like him some day. May God bless, guide, secure… Him, his wise men n his team in Jesus name. Daddy. I salute u frm Delta State. Luv u.

  63. Thank God for his servent and for what he has for this country. Nigeria will be great by his grace but our leaders MUST change. To God be the glory

  64. Thank u almight for the grace and mercy and for giving us your truly servant Senior Prophet TB Joshua help me Lord to have strength to continue to live as you want.

  65. TO god be the glory
    one day I will vst the scoan and get healed from my deafness and b delivered n Jesus name.

    god is the healer.
    May God bless the SCOAN

  66. Thank you man of God,wise man, prayer warrious ,Emmanuel viewers ,prophet T.B Joshua family anyone who is supporting the ministry to grow. Let’s continue to love one another,have faith and hope to each other and continue to be united. People of God let’s follow our calling and stop being what we are not. Prophet T.B Joshua he is God sent prophet from above. Emmanuel. I’m apealing to any South African who is willing to donate a sticker to me. Please contact me in this number 072 768 3795. Thank you

  67. This man is really a vessel of God, sent forth to display the goodness of Christ Jesus our Lord. Trials and critics may come his way but the fruit of his work and input into God’s kingdom is really showing in the open, look at the wise men, anointing water, anointing wristband, anointing sticker e.t.c, they have done marvelously well, big up to the man of God and the SCOAN at large! Love you all

  68. we are so thankful to the Almighty for senior prophet T.B Joshua..may God bless him with longlife in Jesus name i faith is lifted and i believe God wlnt pass me by God has done it for many people He will do it for me too..

    • Yes, Prop. T. B. Joshua is a man of God doing the work of the almighty God through Jesus christ. I pray that my faith be lifted and I believe that God won”t pass by me without blessing me as thy has done ontu others. Distance is not a barrier, I acknowledge my healing, blessing, cure, deliverance as those people he has done to, He will do it for me too.willard

  69. Thank you lord for providing us with Senior Prophet T.B Joshua,for we know that he is our eyes,our ears,for the future.fear not and stand firm for God is with us through His Prophet T.B Joshua.

  70. May God continue to use his sarvant Prophat TB Joshua, My prayer request is to know our Lord Jesus more and more also to be freed from every bondage. Amen

  71. God help me in all aspect of my life AMEN. Your words are highly inspirational may God continue to bless the work of your hands AMEN

  72. Man really God is using u,i pray that he may give more life nd be with u and your beloved family.i love u with my family.may God richly bless u all with the wise men.

  73. Thank you Jesus for your goodness and mercy to mankind ! For God so love the world that he sent his son Senior Prophet TB Joshua to intervenne in our lives through SCOAN ! Emmanuel Emmanuel ! We give you all the glory !

  74. Senior prophet TB Joshua is a true prophet sent by God to save mankind. May God almighty continue to bless him for us abundantly in Jesus name amen. I believe in him and his words any day any time.

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