On Sunday 15th January 2012, at around 12pm, TB Joshua addressed the nation of Nigeria in his sermon, saying that the crisis and the restrictions are over. He said, “People of Nigeria – the issue of crisis, put it behind you. Some of you are worrying that you will not go out on Monday and that you will be restricted. No. God is on top of it. He is in control”. He said that there would be free movement on Monday and that the protests would be over as from Monday. He added that there would be a consensus between the government, labour leaders and civil society groups; they would agree to shift the ground.

He emphasised that the lesson we can learn from this is that in this world, anything can happen. He said: “What we have experienced last week, we have never experienced in this country. Therefore, in everything remember God. When you are eating, when you are sitting, remember God”.

Earlier this morning, the president of Nigeria announced a compromise regarding the issue of fuel subsidy. The unions called off the protests. In the last few hours, the unions also called off the nationwide strikes.

Read what happened today, confirming the prophecy that was given yesterday:

Reuters: Nigerian Strikes End – http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/01/16/us-nigeria-strike-day-idUSTRE80F0XW20120116

BBC – Nigerian fuel subsidy: Strike suspended – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-16579001

Dialogue will move the country forward [Daily Times Of Nigeria] http://dailytimes.com.ng/article/groups-hail-nlctuc-suspending-strike

Financial Times [President yields on fuel subsidy] http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/9592e0cc-4020-11e1-9bce-00144feab49a.html#axzz1jdmoTD2E


  1. There is undisclosed testimonies I have to give, am believing that if I have the opportunity to be delivered a lots will come to give hope to all children of God in Christ Jesus. Pray with me for a child at the appointed time of God in Christ Jesus…Amen.

  2. thank Almighty God,your alpha and omega no one is like you,I thank again you Lord again because of the prophet you have give us TB Joshua

  3. i thank God for the man of God to encourage christians with above heading.am so encouraged that i have put trust the lord.jesus is the number 1 in all our troubles.

  4. thank God T B joshua is truely a man God uses to reach out to the present world. i agree with all his prophesy and is my desire that God will one day lead my steps to meet the man of God to reveal to me God purpose or direction in my life.

  5. The mouth pic of God has said it ad it came to pass.we tank God 4 his life ad ministry.senior prophet TB joshau has bin a source of hop 4 us(me)he has said so manytin which i noted ad it came to pass.carry go u too much.frm kaduna.

  6. Who is he that says a thing and it comes to pass when the Lord has not commanded it.Prophet T.B.Joshua,you are indeed a prophet sent from God to our generation.May the good Lord continue to guide and reveal deep things to you and above all,I pray he grants you long live because you are indeed a solution to mankind.

  7. prophet tb joshua every true man of God know that u are sent by Almighty Jehovah God and we know that ans. Ur prayers pls we want to enjoy this kind of spiritual worship that lagosian are enjoy every sunday the whole world need this ministry in every towns and village of the world i am ready to surrender my ministry to scoan and learn and work under prophet tb joshua scoan pls man of God let there physical branches of scoan world everybody did not have satlite cable

  8. I thank God for preserving my life till this day to hear the miracles and healings happening through the man of GOD TB. JOSHUA like those that I have read in the Holy Bible done by our lord Jesus Christ. I pray that our LORD GOD CONTINUE TO USE HIM UNTIL SUCH A TIME IAM ALLOWED TO SEE HIM FACE TO FACE IN JESUS NAME (AMEN)

  9. This are time’s christian’s should draw closer to GOD, to be able to stand firm and brace up for the challenges ahead. GOD bless nigeria.amen

  10. we are so blessed here in Botswana because almost each and every house in Botswana watches Emmanuel TV. May God bless you and give you strength to continue spreading the word of God globaly in Jesus’ name. May God bless the nation of Nigeria.

    by Miriam

  11. Emmanuel – God with us.
    I pray that people of Nigeria should put everything behind, for the sake of peace and the human kind living in Nigeria and the world at large. I pray that God Almighty intervene in Nigeria so that we see people smiling and happy when God Almighty shows his power of deliverence and healing manifesting to the people of Nigeria. Smile God loves you people of Nigeria. In Jesus name. Amen. Better is not good enough but the best is yet to come

  12. haleluhia blessed be the lord for he is great.when God says yes who can say no? God bless you man of God senior prophet TB joshua .

  13. What else can one say about the accuracy that has characterised the prophetic pronouncements of the man of God-TB Joshua over the years. This is both prima-facie and conclusive evidence of the genuineness of the prophet. All controversies about him should be laid to rest. May god continue to strenghten you to remain a national asset to our dear Nigeria and humanity atlarge.

  14. TB joshua is a great man of God. His prophetic utterances has never missed the marks. May God’s name be praised for the calm that returned to our dear country after the fuel subsidy brouhaha.

  15. I want to personally thank the man of God, Prophet TB Joshua for the awesome Ministry, a truly sent man of God of our time. God has been faithful to even enrich the ministry more by raising the five Wisemen. God thank you that in Jesus’ name you have sent us yet another servant, that in our time we are able to shout ‘the God of TB Joshua.!!’. My children despite being small have come to know about TB Joshua. Despite being miles away from Lagos, Nigeria, I connect to Emmanuel TV every sunday, I watch the Live services, oh its amazing to see the move of the Holy Spirit, to see people who have lived in bondage being set free, the barren having children, healing from different sicknesses and diseases, deliverances and prophecies worldover so accurate. May God continue with His plan for the SCOAN in Jesus’ name. My earnest prayer is that one day, God will set a date for me to worship with many other saints in the arena of Liberty in Jesus’ name, that’s gonna be a miracle for me and the rest of my family.! People of Nigeria, you are blessed, but I thank God that we are all one in Christ Jesus our Saviour. May God almighty bless the Prophet, the Wisemen, Emmanuel TV crew, the Praise team, elders and the rest for all their efforts, its not in vain.

  16. What shal we say unto d Lord?All we hav to say is thank u Lord.We serve a great and a living God!Not only nigerians r blessed but the world at large.we thank the Almighty God for his mercy and favour,may peace reign in the whole world in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!AMEN

  17. Thank GOD for prophet TB Joshua,people of Nigeria you are so blessed that scoan is a walkable distance for you to have an encounter with the holy spirit.Some of us we are thousands kilometers from scoan and yet we have been receipients of blessings through watching emmanuel tv.GOD bless prophet TB Joshua.

  18. Ah Prophet thank GOD for calming the situation of our country (Nigeria)than.and let’s pray for more grace in the country and for good leaders.thank GOD for ur effort in our country o,for GOD ve used mightly for the life of many in this country.I pray more grace in ur life thanks i wish to see you Amen my number 08139701491 or 08098559195

  19. Prophet tbj ur prophesy are always accurate and ur words are filled wit God’s power. I pray God ‘ll continue to use u 4 our country Naija and d world. Thank u prophet.

  20. Halleluja! Thank you God for your mercy on your people. Really, devil is a loser, God is above everyone above and below. Man of God, TB Joshua, you are a blessing to the Nigerian nation and the world. Emmanuel!

  21. Yes, this is a Man of God. Prophet T.B. Joshua may the good Lord protect you and keep you till you do all his works on earth.
    Let love lead us all. People of Nigeria the prophet has said it and it has come to pass. Forget the past and forge ahead.
    God bless Africa.

  22. If anything can happen ,let us do it with GOD as our beloved Prophet T B JOSHUA said on 16/01/012 sunday service. Daniel deed the same on his chapter 3 no GOD no life. GOD bless you.

  23. Anything can happen as d man of God said, bt we shld alway remember God in every thing we do. May i nt 4get God in all i do Amen. God bless u man of God.

  24. I am just very grateful with God that He gave the world His spoke- person, in order words His Mouth Piece in the person of Prophet TB Joshua to always tell those who border to believe the state of things in the world. Our heavenly father, Thank You very much for your Anointed servant.

  25. Thank you Jesus for your mercy upon all Nigerians. Let all Nigerians praise God. Man of God thanks very much for revealing the word of God to the whole world. God bless you.

  26. thank you God to helping the Nation of Nigeria from the economic crises,Jesus is alive believe in HIm.Man of God I believe that the Lord have send you to us,The whole world to understand that Jesus is alive.Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    People of Nigeria say thank you Jesus by use man of God and wise man in you land.to shou you the reality of God.Halleluja!!!!!!!!!

  27. my father has said it again.i will say thanks be to God for putting and end to that problem in nigeria.please please people of nigeria God has realy blessed you people with prophet TB joshua why not join him to pray and cast out the demon that want to spoile your country.i am a camerounian but i love you nigerians why cant you also love you self and do what is right in front of God pls pls STOP FIGHTING stop BOMBING we are all children of the most high God.thanks one more time to prophet TB joshua and to all other men of God that joined him to pray.as you pray for us so we pray for you too in jesus mighty name AMEN.

  28. Praise the Lord for hearing and calming the lamentation of His children of Nigera. thank you Lord , Thank you Jesus . Halleluya, Emmanuel !!!!

  29. “PELE EA PELE” Prophet T.B Joshua. Sesotho phrase that means “Keep it up” Persecutions or no persecutions, you are a real man of God, you are a real Prophet. I know God will help me meet you one day. I just pray that it happens.

    Mautloang Lefasa, Lesotho

  30. When I read the prophecy, I did not doubt it because I know he is a Man of God and after God’s heart. Thank God for the prophecy. The Bible clearly declare that we should believe in God first and his prophets second. Hosea 12:13. Tamara M.

  31. Brother & sisters in christ in the country NIGERIA congratulations. we Thank GOD for hearing our cry, wipe away our tears & put His smile on our faces. Thank you the man of GOD for always allowing yourself to be used by GOD. GLORY BE TO GOD;AMEN

  32. People of Nigeria you are blessed to have a prophet like T.B Joshua he is a blessing to those your believe in God.If our leaders were beliving in God they were going to be getting advice from the man of God this was to give them good planing to lead their countries.May God help people not to live in there desire but to live on Gods will.Thank you man of God have mercy to us.

  33. I am watched the Sunday live service at the synagogue and I also heard the prophet of God gave this message live. I knew it was going to happen exactly as he has said because it has always happened like that in the past. He is truly a special man of God. Thank you God for seeing Nigeria through.

  34. Praise be to God Almighty!!! Father God we thank you so much that you really care about us…If People don’t believe that Prophet T.B Joshua is the man of God, i will tell them he is a real deal. My brothers and sisters from Nigeria you are more than blessed. Hearing form God from the Prophet we receive guidane,wisdom,instruction and Knowledge …”divine economist”..I am humbled…i know i can never thank God enough, Please help me to continually Praise Him, He is faithful…Nigeria people of God you are blessed..Lets allow love to lead. Prophet may the graious hand of God protect you and your family and Emmanuel Tv intercessors, In Jesus name Amen.

  35. prophet T.B Joshua,is truely a man ordained by God to spread the good news.i wish you many more years in God’s vineyard.

  36. I tank God 4 making his words come 2 pass in our country nigeria, i also tank d man of God prophet T.B Joshua whom d lord has use 2 help his ppl. I tank God is all over. D strikes, d war, d crisis evrytine is over in Jesus name (Amen).

  37. May Jehovah God give u life in abundance man of God Prophet T.B Joshua!so that generations will see the Greatness of God through you in Jesus name.Amen!!

  38. Glory to GOD and peace with all people in this world finally we have someone who can interpret the God message in the world ,Again thanks God for kind of gift TB Josua God Bless you and continuing to interpret God message to is people.those who have hear let them hearing those who have eyes let them seeing all this for the Glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ.Emmanuel

  39. When God is in control of something no one/nobody can change it. Our seniour phophet T.B Jshua did announce that crisis and restrictions are over . Some people thought he was just saying. People of Nigeria be united and join the prophet in prayers,listen to the word of of God and rejoice that you are blessed to have prophet. T.B Joshua in your country. I personal feel blessed watching Emmanuel T.V,I wish one day I will see man of God prophet T.B Josha face to face. You are the father to te whole world. Emmanuel

  40. Our God is a great God thank you lord for confirming your word in Jesus christ name. Man of God i real want to meet you one on one

  41. This prophecy by the “Senior Prophet TB Joshua” is a re-assurance to the Nigerian population and the world at large. Thank you Jesus for calming the tempest, for even the winds and the waves obey your will, peace be still ! Haleluia !

  42. When the pophet speaks know that God is speaking. Man of God Prophet T B Joshua, you are my Elijah. Its my dream to meet you in person, am like a woman who had hermorage for 12 years, i want to touch that garment

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