It was Christmas Day and The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations was teaming with people ready to see the miracle working power of our Saviour in action. The service began with beautiful songs of worship and carols. The atmosphere was charged as Prophet T.B. Joshua gave a message titled ‘Authority And Power.’ The prophet made the distinction between authority and power in both the secular world and the spiritual realm. Our reward for relating with Jesus, he maintained, is power. To know God is to know His power. Knowing facts about Jesus does not change our relationship with Him. An effective witness does not only know his faith but shows his faith. The prophet prayed at this point for the Lord to help him and the congregation to witness in Word and life. He asserted that it is God’s power working through Spirit and the Word that brings about deliverance, healing and blessing. Not only must we have God’s Word to be pastor, evangelist or bishop, we must also have God’s Spirit. When the Holy Spirit took residence within us, He did so with the thought of aiding our character. If you catch anybody in sin, you must restore him gently so that you will not fall into sin yourself, he advised. No one can say no to sin unless he is guided by the Holy Spirit. The prophet paused to pray for the Holy Spirit to impress the law into our heart; to pour into us His divine inspiration and to grant in us the practice of all virtues among other blessings. The prophet asserted that authority and power must go hand in hand as authority without power is worthless. Drawing the attention of his listeners to Luke 4:14-39, the prophet maintained that Jesus had authority over unclean spirits and also the power to force them out. In the same vein, he prayed that we have authority over diseases and the power of God to control them and tell them where to go. Jesus did not give us a powerless authority. We need to realise and speak in keeping with this power or else our ministry will be filled with empty talk and make our prayer superficial. Our prayer will be meaningless and often times destructive if not in line with the truth of God’s Word. It is nonsense to confess that Jesus is Lord but behave in a contrary manner. Not everyone who speaks in a spirit is a pastor. Everyone who claims to be a pastor must be tested by Biblical standard. Describing the Bible as the Book of books, the prophet encouraged his listeners to read it slowly, attentively and repeatedly. The more you read it the more you understand yourself and the God who created you. No spiritual passage exists in a vacuum. You must respond to it in a dialogue. This is as much about listening as speaking.

In his message during the second Sunday service, Wise Man Racine reminded his listeners that Christianity is all about relationship with God, advising them to look into their love walk with God. He also enjoined them to act love, do love and let love lead. Giving his sermon the title: Love Is Always There To Act and citing Luke 2:10-11 as his proof text, the wise man reminded the congregation that Jesus came to restore the relationship and fellowship between God and man. Jesus cares for all; whether rich or poor. Jesus feels what others feel. Jesus is love and love looks around to see who is in need of help. He reminded the congregation that somebody somewhere was in need of what they had. He enjoined the congregation to love their neighbours. Your neighbour, he explained, could be anybody: friend, enemy or even those who do not share the same faith with you. When you see life as Jesus did, you will help all. Spending more on others and less on ourselves is the only way to show love, the wise man concluded his message.

Miss Agnes Nyanga from Zambia told her listeners that she had been addicted to eating sandstones and soil for the past 25 years and pleaded with the prophet to deliver her in the mighty name of Jesus. She revealed that the habit took form one day when she swept her premises and sniffed the scent of the soil. It was at that point that a voice told her to eat the soil. The habit, she revealed, had attracted haemorrhoids to her system. All her efforts to stamp the habit out of her life had met with failure, she added. She repeatedly appealed to the prophet for her deliverance, saying that she had watched cases like hers being delivered on Emmanuel TV. As Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her in Jesus’ name, immediately, the evil spirit inside started manifesting wildly as she contorted her hands and began growling like an animal. Finally, she slumped after the contrary spirit had left her. The prophet educated the congregation that the animal in her that ate sandstones and soil had gone. Asked to eat the sandstone offered her after her deliverance, Agnes stared at the sandstone with disgust, reluctantly tasted it and promptly spat it out, saying that the old appeal had vanished. She thanked Jesus for her miraculous deliverance which had defied her efforts over the years.

A video clip unfolded the deliverance of a young man by Wise Man Christopher. The young man, by name Kaniyimi Labista Kuni introduced himself as he underwent deliverance as a spirit of dragon having five powers. One of the powers located in his private parts was used to destroy women. He said any woman whom he made love to would not be pregnant. The power in his chest, according to the evil spirit speaking in him, was being used to destroy the young man himself so that he would not do well as a footballer. He revealed that he became possessed by the spirit of tiger and dragon at the age of 15 years. He said the tiger came to him and made love with him in a dream after which he became afflicted with the spirit of raping animals. He said that he had raped fowls, cows and goats in the past six years during which time the tiger came to him daily for love making. He however, confirmed in his testimony that after the deliverance, the urge to rape animals disappeared.

Mr and Mrs Bennett Ofokans from South Africa told the congregation about the spirit of anger and suicide that had afflicted his wife, Love for years. Love explained that a spirit would come and ask her to leave this world and her husband by taking her own life. Since then, she became given to unnecessary anger and a desperate wish to commit suicide. She added that they came to The SCOAN in 2009 to seek the face of the Lord where she received a prophecy about the evil spirit in her life. The spirit always told her to leave this world. She was delivered after the prophecy and her life changed, making her enjoy her marriage from then. The deliverance which took place in 2009 was the reason for their visit from London to give the testimony. The couple thanked the prophet and God for her deliverance in the name of Jesus.

Mr Tunde Sowemimo from Ondo State told his listeners that he had pain in his stomach, which caused him to fall down and he was rushed to a hospital where the diagnosis showed that his intestine had ruptured. He was also told that he would undergo a procedure the result of which could not be guaranteed. He consequently sent for the Anointing Water and as soon as he ministered it to himself, he regained energy immediately and got up from his sickbed hale and hearty without any operation on him. A test conducted on him thereafter never showed any rupture of the intestine, thanks to God restoring his health through the Anointing Water. A sickness of ten years ended miraculously and he began to eat solid food.

After attending The SCOAN prayer line about two hours earlier, Mr Obiora Okeke accompanied by his wife, told the congregation about the goodness of the Lord in his life. He explained that he had been suffering from the problem of straightening of the lumber spine due to muscle spasm. He could not walk because of that and he got crutches from a hospital to aid his movement. To the glory of God however, after being prayed for by Wise Man Racine, his ailment was over. He advised his listeners to believe in God.

Prophet T. B. Joshua took time to pray for the congregation and Emmanuel TV viewers worldwide for total deliverance as they were about entering the New Year. In course of the mass prayer, many members afflicted by evil spirits manifested such spirits and were delivered. Many others vomited poisonous substances from their systems in reaction to the mass prayer. Asking both the congregation and Emmanuel TV viewers to join him in the mass prayer, the prophet moved from one prayer point to another. In the name of Jesus, the prophet prayed, whatever demonic activity in your life, I force it to come out in the name of Jesus. He explained that the demonic activity could be any disease, sickness, poverty, failure or disappointment. At the end of the mass prayer, the prophet asked all participants to thank the Lord for rewriting their history. He said the grace after declaring the congregation free.


  1. The power of the Most High GOD is so wonderful no demon can challenge it, in the name of Jesus Christ. To GOD be the glory to all the children of GOD who were freed from this demon oppression. Our GOD is able to set you free.

  2. If you love GOD and your fellow man, you are born again and obey his laws the Lord will give you perfect peace, strength and a firm foundation to keep your purpose firm. Because the laws of the Lord are right and those who obey them are happy. also his commands are just and they give understanding to the mind. Trust what the Lord has written in the Living Word and act upon the word and see what he can do in your life.

  3. Geetings in the name of our lord JESUS CHRIST.Prophet me and my family we need deliverence from sicknesess and badluck of not geting a job.I’m asking for anoiting water if is posseble to send me one.My address is=3239 BLOCK L ext;soshanguve;pretoria;0152.Thank you god bless you.

  4. I’m not sure where you are getting your info, but great topic. I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding more. Thanks for great info I was looking for this information for my mission.

  5. How great God is! Knowing the man of God Prophet T.B Joshua is a wonderful mercy and grace of God upon my life. Thank you LORD Jesus!

    God has manifested himself through his faithful servant Prophet T.B Joshua. I have been watching Emmanuel TV and truly I have seen by my eyes what God is doing through his Son Jesus Christ and his servant T.B Joshua in the lives of people. And that’s the kind of gospel we need today. We want to see God in action. Most importantly I am so blessed with the LOVE that the man of God is teaching us everyday. May God help other churches in the world today to let the LOVE of CHRIST lead in their ministries and lives of people in Jesus’ name.

  6. Our Lord is good, after attending 31st candle light service in 2011, my 15yrs masturbation stops, and I now read the bible everyday, thanks be to our lord who is using our father in the lord Prophet T.B. Joshua to delivered and enhance the spirit and soul of our generation to know that the power of God is real.

  7. i like emmanuel tv so much,the problem is that i have no tv i always watch it in people”s homes and that shown me the power of God at work.thanks to God for using TB Joshua to spread the word of God.

  8. Prophet God sent you to open the eyes of christians some they have eyes but they do not see ears but they do not hear because of these Theology schools they think they can see God and His Authority and Power with their human skills it is asif by the time of guraduation Jesus will never be there because in the christian university every test and trial serves for apapus and never gain double promotion hee these people are sooo….confused and the bad part of it they always confuse the people of God any they do not know what there are doing thank you prophet T B Joshua for work your doing and wisemen in the name Jesus christ


  10. To tell the truth This Man is God sent and every thing he does is true. The nagging pain in my arm is gone and I pray it stays permanent. Amen. God really Bless you, Prophet T.B. Joshua.

  11. EMMANUEL,EMMANUEL, indeed if God is with us no one will stand against us, i was once miserable and unemployed in my life and one man of God gave the mirror(book) anointing water and the stickers, so i prayed, fasted and administered the anointing water during my prayers and read the book with the short period of time my life was transformed, i now have a job and bought myself a car. GOD is great we just have to trust and obey HIM, these are only 2 conditions that will see us reclaiming all the things that the devil has stolen from us, I was also privileged enough to visit the SCOAN in December.DESMOND MORWAMAPALE RACHUENE(SOUTH AFRICA)

  12. EMMANUEL GOD IS WITH US,I was once a poor man whom can not afford to feed my self even once a day, But now through Prophet T.B Joshua i received miracle and now i own a business with 4 workers that i pay every month,Glory be to God,EMMANUEL .

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  15. Emmanuel,Emmanuel,Emmanuel, GOD with us’ I visited synagoug church lagos last october 2011, I was able to meet man of GOD prophet T.B Joshua and I was very happy but unable to get accomondation in the church, how can I get it because I want to visit again soon, thanks. G.U CHIJIOKE

  16. i watch emmanuel tv almost everyday., really T B Joshua is a man of god. My life has also changed. May the lord bless him and give him more years to live. Me and my family we wish you the best

    Tsungai Makuti – Zimbabwe

  17. Thank you Jesus for opening my eyes through T.B Joshua and that he is the one that leads us to our Heavenly Father,that learns us more about the Jesus he knows and loves. Thank you for made us aware of this wonderful services on the emmanuel tv channel. Praise God. We called the prayer line and it was a blessing from God,it was so unbelieveble and we were so excited coz even the children prayed with us and they knew it was the tb Joshua people that prayed for us.I wish I can attend only one of the services,it will be a great honour, but I’m not financially stable and unemployed, so please pray for me. I was listening to the prayers yesterday and T.B Joshua said, that we can invite him, so I’m inviting him to SouthAfrica Upington Northen Cape which is next to Namibia. Thank You Jesus for making anything possible, may God bless you more T.B Joshua .EMMANUEL!! EMMANUEL!!. THANK YOU JESUS.

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  21. Emmanuel! Jesus is LORD! I ask for FORGIVENESS from God the Father as initially i have blasphemed against Man of God. But effective Dec 2010, when i watch wit seriousness programs on emmanueltv, i realised i got it TOTALLY WRONG all this while. I have now and always wil continue to Thank and Praise God for what i see on emmanueltv, the Miracles, Deliverances, Salvation and Breakthrough cease not to flow, but increase everyday. I am looking forward to be at SCOAN very soon. God Bless You Senior Prophet TB Joshua. Emmanuel! Balami

  22. Man of God please help me!
    I need help i have been in Nigeria hoping that i will receive help i have a baby boy who can not walk due to Dichenne Muscular deotrophy which is the weakness of the muscles i have long applied to come with my boy and i was never replied then i decided to go to the scoan to register my boy there on Thursday we went to the line of those people whocannot walk and was asked if he can walk a little and my answer was no. Then i was told to come to country to apply and wait for response. But i have long applied and called but i was told to be patient.

    we returned the way we came cuse there was no help. I came to the church hoping that i will see Prophet T.B. Joshua to inform him about this problem of my son but i didn’t see him. But man of God please help me i no longer have money to come there since it was my second time to come there in one year.

    • My dear sister please don’t give up that’s the way the devil works will make sure he push you to the wall but trust me there’s still hope for your son and your self,just keep on pushing i can used my self as an example i have been there from Ghana for three time before i was able to received that miracle i was looking for it’s not easy tho but try and go there again and your son will be free,

  23. glory be to the most high god.It’s a privilege to leave a short note on this site.i always get expire by your preaching and teaching when ever i tune in to our local TV.May the god lord shower you,your team,and the entire people who help to run this wonderful ministries of yours with his abundance grace and divine blessing.If it’s the will of our lord to visit your church one day and meet you in person,let it be so.amen.

  24. Man of God thank you for availing your self for God to used you to change my life,I have been to the SCOAN in Nigeria 3 times and am coming again for the 4th time ever since i came to the SCOAN my life has totally change i was jobless when i visited the first time now i own a company i mean am a CEO of a company is’t it amazing to hear this testimony yes it’s true now am a business man that travels any time by air and am saying this for everyone to know how God has bless me through his servant prophet TB Joshua his real true everybody must believe his sent by God,Amen.

  25. Emmanuel

    I thank you Lord for your Mercy, my sister visited at SCOAN last year December, she give me an Anointing Water, Man of God i thank u so much, God bless u!!!!!!!

  26. Thank you man of God it was a live service, indeed I have seen the love and giving that Prophet TB Joshua is demonstrating to us viewers in Malawi, that has taught us and other christians about the real meaning of Christmas.God less SCOAN and Emmanuel crew.

  27. emmanuel?God is with us,
    I want use this opportunity to thank our Lord jesus christ,for the life of my prophet and his ministries,i say thank u jesus for the healing and deliverance,also for the miracle you have being doing true my prophet in the lifes of people all i say is thank u jesus,and i pray God to give him more years for the nation in jesus name amen,happy new year my prophet,i love u my prophet cause u are for love,and i pray God to guide u and ur ministries with love,cause i believe in the love of God and i also believe that is only the love of God,and i also believe that this love is why am still alife:so all i say is thank u jesus,i love u

  28. man of God, with the little i know about you, i beliewve whole heartedly that you are God sent. Is there anything i can do to have a branch of your church in my home town?

  29. in the history of my generations no one have ever done well they all surfer and die, it has now clear to me because my parents are in this bondage of poverty’ sickness’ and so many bad dreams’ disappointment this why I cry to the LORD through after watching Emmanuel tv and God answer

  30. Blessed is he who believes God is still working.i thank you prophet for being obedient to God that he uses you in way i have not discovered yet in history.you have defied opposition-combined from the devil and his agents and our fellow believers,but you still express your love without bitterness-that is Godly.you are an inspiration to may of us.may God continue to bless you greatly.i pray one day to meet you in person

  31. GOD IS ALIVE..MAN of GOD…I pray that GOD may give you more courage and strength to continue the works which you are doing..i knw it is not an easy thing..bt GOD BLESS YOU

  32. Viewers all over the world should be grateful to God for the free anointing we are receiving via our TV screen. If you know what im talking about, make a visit to SCOAN Lagos Nigeria you ‘ll really understand the power of God working in your life. God will continue to bless prophet T B Joshua and the Emmauel TV team IJN.. Amen

  33. All I can say is Thank You Lord. Ever since I started watching Emmanuel TV 4 years ago, my life has never been the same. I thank God for the manifestation of His power through Prophet TB Joshua. To God be the Glory.

    I was praying with TB Joshua during the Christmas Day service and indeed distance is not a barrier. An evil spirit manifested in one of my children and I saw the power of God moving.

    I also watched the candlelight service and participated up to the end and I know that this is my year of comeback. God Bless TB Joshua and may you continue increasing his anointing.

  34. Where can we go from his presence? No where.
    Thank you Wise Man Recine for the wonderful message titled LOVE IS ALWAYS THERE TO ACT. God of Snr Prrophet T B Joshua said we should love him and love one another. God Almighty loves us he gave us his only Son who whom he so well pleased so that our since will be forgiven and he watches us everyday and night. People of God thank him at all times because he is worthy.
    The only Son we were given by God loves us and he shed his blood for us so that we are covered by it.
    Revelation 1:5-6
    Christ who is the faithful witness the firstborn from the dead and the ruler of the kings of the earth. To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood and has made us to be a kingdom and priests to serve his God and father to him be glory and power for ever and ever.

    People of God let us love Lord Jesus Christ and and follow his foot steps, because he has promised us a lot of good things
    Psalms 37:11
    But the meek shall inherit the land and delight themselves in abaundandy prosperity.

    I also thank Emmanuel tv for the showing the Candle Light Live Service and thank the Man of God Snr Prophet T B Joshua for reveling to us some of the prophecies in 2012. So people of God hold on to our Lord Jesus Christ, he will see you through during 2012 if we believe him and do his will.

  35. Emmanuel,i want to thank God Almighty for the gift of life he has given me upto this time.I thank God for prophet TB Joshua,his Wise Men and Emmanuel Tv Team.I thank the Emmanuel Tv Team for the live broadcasting NewYear Candle Light Service and Prophet T.B Joshuas Word of encouragement. I was blessed with the service and i want to take back what i lost last year in Jesus Name.I know jehovah God that 2012 is my Year of Divine Announcement.

  36. God Bless the womb that carried the man of God Prof TB Joshua. Without your prayer for mé on jan 2009 i’ll not make it this far. I really want to see you again. GOD Bless the Emmanuel TV team.

  37. am so much happy for your faith sir,for your faith in God has equally built faith in me as well.You are indeed to me like Elijah was to the people and i pray may you live long so that generations yet unborn will come to experience the Power of God working through you to them.God bless you sir in Jesus’ name.


  39. I believe Prophet Joshua is a true Man of God. The Bible says a Prophet is not always well recognised by his own people and that is the problem in Nigeria today. Am a true follomer of the prophet and i thank God for using him to deliver me from the bondage my first wife placed on me by pulling back my progress since 1978 when i went into the unholy marriage. The prophet put a stop to that on that sunday service on 18th Sept 2011 when he called me out and delivered me. Am now patiently waiting for more blessing from God. Stay Blessed my Prophet. Alfred Osunsanya, Malawi.

  40. Live long prophet T.B Joshua your are a real man of God.may God have Mercy on me and gave me Grace,his Spirit and Power to act in his Word for I’am a sinful man.

  41. Prophet T.B.Joshua is a real man of God.God will lift him up everyday for the good things he does to this world.I was in total darkness till i learned about Emmanuel Tv from a colleague.I really thank God for showing me the light, i now have direction in life.I am what God says i am. The kingdom of darkness in me has fallen.Everytime i watch emmanuel tv my faith is lifted.i pray to God to give me the eyes to see those who need my help and how to help them.Thank you,Lord,in Jesus’name.

  42. Prophet T.B Joshua you are a true man of God,i love you so much, i give glory to the almighty for this wonderful man of God-Prophet T.B Joshua in Christ Jesus -Amen

    i want to thanks you for all your praying in my life , for me to see the end of the year ,2011 to 2012 , i pray for me to have a good job coming year for me to have my visa to go out study out of Cameroon , father i pray for have more than think to have with me , pray for you to cover my family with the blood of Jesus , in my going out and coming in , father have be looking for a job and a visa for long time now , father i believe in your hand your praying that when my time coming i am going to live the country in jesus .father i pray let this year be my year of open doors in my life in every end in my life , father i pray you move me out of the hand of my emieny and cover me with the blood of jesus and cover my friend and family and the nation cameroon with the blood of jesus.i know distance is not a barrier for me to have my bless .

  44. God almighty will continue to strenghten the man of God. I am really missing the church since i left Nigeria. I know the grace of God in his life will continue to be with me.

  45. we thank God for all these miracles.Indeed the Holy Spirit is working at its best in the SCOAN.mAY THE GOOD LOARD CONTINUE TO WORK THROUGH SCOAN

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  48. Truely speaking since I began enjoying Emmanuels, I think my faith is growing up daily. God bless you T.B.Joshua and keep on praying for us,AN HAPPY NEW YEAR. i OPE TO LISTEN TO YOUR SERVICE AND PRAY WITH YOU AND EXPECT MY DELIVERANCE

  49. I thank God for making me a blessing to my generation through the humble servant of God who had been there to pray for me and my family.Prophet TB Joshua God bless you and your ministry in Jesus mighty name.Amen

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  51. Truly, Prophet T.B Joshua is guided by the Holy Spirit in everything he does. He really depends upon and listens to what the Holy Spirit says. I pray that God should cover Prophet T.B Joshua by the Blood of Jesus as long as he lives.

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  55. Since l started watching Emmanuel tv l have not looked back,right now lam addicted to the channel.my prayer is that God should continue to bless and strenghten the man of God as we go into 2012.l would love to suggest that,there should be a way that people can place order for the anointing water online and receive it at their destinations.Most people need it but cannot get it due to distance.please look into my suggestion,thank you.

  56. we thank you to watch emmanuel tv in SA. Man of God please for my children to be delivered their names are Joseph Matlhatsi and Boitumelo Matlhatsi they are drinking and smoking. when they leave the house that we are renting they do not tell me where they are going and they dont even phone me to tell me where they are from 23 – 28 December 2011. Again please pray that i get a permanent job. Our house was repossessed by the bank and we are renting at the moment. Anna Pitse (Matlhatsi) Pretoria. I pray every day for God to deliver them from the spirits they have in the name of Jesus. Amen

  57. This is a man i love so much, even though i have never met u. I LOVE U FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.You are my idol. This that you started GOD will perfect in you. Thank God for ur life in Jesus name Amen

  58. What a God we have to worship. And I Powerfull praypoint. Where can we go from his presents nowhere. What a honour to be part of SCOAN. In faith I’m waiting for my breakthrough but I thank God for rewriting my history. Remember the better is not good enough but the best is yet to come. In Jesus Christ Name. AMEN

  59. God is Real. Man of God, God will Bless you more. Amen. I pray God use you to work my Miracle, Restore My marriage & my Family in Jesus name Amen. Pls, how can i visit SCOAN? God will see us true 2012 Amen

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  61. I THANK God who show himself to those he has called for a purpose in life here on earth,what a mighty God we worship and what a son we praise, thank you Holy Spirit for taking residence within our prophet T.B Joshua thank you master Jesus we LOVE YOU because you cause us to love you paulus namibia

  62. May his name be praise forever. He is the master miracle working God. I thank God for his mercy and favor upon our lives.Thank you Jesus for your authority & power over satan &his demonic activities.may satan know no peace till thy kingdom come. may your unconditional love,favour,mercy peace& the joy of your salvation speak for us this year 2012.In the name of Jesus.AMEN

  63. sir, i am filled with joy for the marvelous work GOD is doing for this world through you, GOD BLESS YOU SIR. in addition to that i am pleading WITH SCOAN TO make available the anointing water for people that are far off and those that will not have the chance to come because of the nature of their job. ( time and money for the trip )

  64. Emmanuel! ( God with us). I thank God for the man of God prophet TB JOSHUA & the WISE MEN. I will not fail to congratulate the EMMANUEL.TV TEAM, for their works and support. Keep on. Keeping on. God bless you all.

  65. God bless you man of God and the wise man and the partners of Emmanual tv.its true what man of God say distance is not a barrier.my God bless you guys in Jesus Name.Amen

  66. Happy Christmas my prophet and SCOAN. I know that next year will be far better than this year spiritually – irrespective of any economic crunch.

  67. Pray for us the viwers who cant afford to come to nigeria for deliverance please man of God l believ God power is not limited with distance.pray for me man of God,please am so desperate l wish l had money to take me there and see this church!Blessed are those.

  68. Indeed we shall know them by there fruits,For T B joshua we have all witnessed what else do we need to believe him.plz Man of remain your humbleness & Boldness,This is why God is still using you today.Its My prayer God to give you more years so that we may know the truth about God.Emmanuel crew i love you

  69. I wish Prophet T.B Joshua and all emmanuel tv partners a year of another chance.I pray good health to every one.happiness to every one and his/her family.Every emmanuel tv partner who is not married and is nt by choice should get married.every member who is devorced I restore your marriage.every member who is barren I say have children and everyone who is bedriden I say stand up and walk again in good health.Joblessness I say occupy bigest post.Now is God’s time in Jesus name.Amen.

  70. thank you prophet tb joshua for the love you have shown unto us in 2011 we are now waiting fir 2012 theme my faith has been lifted up through watching emmanuel tv

  71. emmanuel !!! With god all things are possile, the love that prophet t b joshua & the wise man teaches us , it has changed my faith. Now we are waiting for the theme msg for 2012. The theme msg for 2011 ,has changed my live, de year of another chance. Happy new year to prophet , wise man , the whole team and emmanuel partners. Amen.

  72. Man of God thank you to allow God to use you mightly in the name Jesus Christ and wisemen you abig blessing for me and this generation and the next generations.
    I also ask the same high grace God gave you to move me guide me to be with me the rest of my life.
    I Moses Nsubuga trust in God tha use prophet TB Joshua and wisemen to use me also and to everyone that trust in Him together we can stop stan to kill and destroy our lives.
    Man of God as you pray for me and for us everyday and night I ask God to grant you the desires of your heart live long man of God.
    Oh my God you will make it one day that I meet thy prophet as you promised me pray for me Man of God my financies so that I may be able to reach and meet to many widows, orphans physical challenged and the needy I have already started but their many and the money is not enough in my ministry.
    To God be the groly for what He has done what is about to do and what He will do in future in my life the life of Prophet TB Joshua wisemen and everybody that believes in His.

  73. The Sunday service was marvelous. T. B. Joshua is a really man of God. The prayers, preachings and reconciliation are so powerful that one gets blessed there and there. The sunday service was just marvelous. Keep on praying for us man of God. Your prayers will definately change the world. as for the propheses there are always accurate, I wonder whats wrong with people who do not believe such a man. He is gifted and God will keep on blessing him mightily.

  74. A Heavenly Frequency and the Arena of Liberty indeed! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to TB Joshua, the Five Wisemen and the Emmanuel TV Team

  75. We have every reason to thank God daily for giving us Prophet Joshua,b’se he’s the real servant of God,the way he’s teaching and preaching the world of God is quite different from others,b’se its very real and touching!!

  76. Man of God I love you so much, may God bless Prophet TB Joshua, his household, five wise man, SCOAN, all partners of Emmanuel TV and all the viewers and keep you all. May God be gracious to you and give you all peace. May God face shine upon you all. I am happy to be part of this blessed family of God Almighty. Happy New Year with love.

  77. Emmanuel! This service was so powerful that God spoke to us through his annointed Servant Prophet TB Joshua, and to God be the Glory during the mass prayer it was so powerful that when the Prophet started praying to the viewers worldwide I began to cough then I vomited the way out to my deliverance. The best is yet to come because I know something came out of my body. I bless His Holy Name and Prophet TB Joshua thank you we are grateful. May God bless you and keep you.

  78. Through the love of Jesus everything is possible i hope that i will be delivered in all chronic diseases which are sorrounding me God is good and is our great father May his spirit abide with me and everyone who believes in him. We will be saved by his mercy, Prophet T B Joshua you are really man of God what ever you touch is blessed. I beleive i am already delivered by his name, Our comforter, Our everything Jesus Christ Amen

  79. Emmanuel! The sunday Live service was wonderful i experienced the Power of God walking in the Spirit.Thank you man of God for your teachings and may God use you the more.Remember to pray for me and my family.SCOAN is my best place to be in this world.Very soon i will receive my invitation letter.The best is yet to come!Emmanuel!

  80. Happy new year in advance,we serve an amazing and all powerful God thru TBJ,wise men,emmanuel tv and church team,we love u guys


  81. Thank you senior Prophet TB Joshua for this wonderful teaching, I was glued to my screen the entire session, May the good Lord grant you days to come as we continue to receive his teaching through you and grow spiritually. Thank you

  82. Glory be to Almight God!! It is true God is alive,and we have to be believe and everything will be taken care of by Himself ( Lord). I watched the service from emmanuel tv on christmas day,and got educated as always and made me sent an sms message to request for prayer to also get prepared for the new year.

  83. Glory to God.
    Merry Christmas and prosperous new year SCOAN and Emmanuel TV.Merry Chrismas and prosperous new year prhophet TB Joshua and the Wise Men.The channel has since changed my faith and my conducts.I ask Jesus Christ to send the Holy Spirit in me so that it must drive my characters and live in God’s Words all the time.In the mighty name of Jesus Christ -Amen.

  84. Where can we go from his presence? No where.
    Jude 8 : 25
    To him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy to the only God our savior be glory, majesty, power and authority through Jesus Christ our Lord before all ages now and forevermore Amen

  85. Really we re very much blessed by Prophet T.B. Joshua preaching. You reaaly can see God is using him. All the healing, delivering powers demostrate how God uses him.

  86. Emmanuel!

    Thank you Jesus for the grace and mercy you have gave us through Prophet. T.B. Joshua, SCOAN, Emmanuel TV and SCOAN Ministries.

    We are real experiencing your Might hand through T.B.Joshua and wise men.

    Your name should be praised forever. Amen!

  87. It is always a blessing to listen to everything at the SCOAN. thank you for the mailsyou send me i really appreciate, i ‘ m always blessed and my faith lifted up every time i read them.God bless and thanks again!

  88. hey you guyz how are you,i m from Zambia,i thank the almighty God Jehovah for the mirracles he is performing thrugh prophet T.B Joshua and the WIse men.May the Lord Jesus Christ continue stranthening them in their work of christ.How do i get the stikers and the anointing water from synagogue church of all Nations?

  89. Thank you Jesus for giving us your servant our Prophet T.B Joshua. I thank you Lord for giving me this privalege of know Prophet T.B Joshua. Thank you T.B Joshua for helping me through with my faith. even wen i have no hope all i do is tune to Emmanuel T.V, your word of encouragement, and watching you speak with faith i just tell that blessed is the womb you came from. Today is my birthday and i thank God for seeing me through to this day. May God bless SCOAN and more happy times in 2012

  90. Man Of GOD, Senior Prophet TB Joshua, I will always pray for you to get more & fresh annointing day by day because you are not from this world but from GOD. You speak precisely what GOD HAS SAID in HEAVEN. I will always respect you. Your annointed water has done me wonders. Please pray for me Man of GOD. For I regard you as my Spiritual Father. Please pray for me. I know you can see me in the spirit now even as I write this message and you can also see my picture/image in the spirit. Magagula Malindane G (SWAZILAND: ENdabeni/Ka-Bhudla): +268-76043294.

  91. May God be with us as we are to start 2012 grory to God your love is like an ocean we can see the start but we can not see the end have mercy on us Lord.l thank you for everything that you have done for me and the healing to your poeple.

  92. Indeed the Bible is alive in our time and we thank the Almighty God for the life of Prophet T B Joshua. May the Lord Himself grant him long life and more anointing for the service of mankind. This is indeed a generation without hope and faith and only through what happens at the SCOAN can this generation know that know that Jesus is alive and his word is alive and sharper than any two-edged sword, penetrating to the dividing of soul and spirit bone and marrow and judges the intents of the human heart.

  93. Thank you prophet T.B Joshua ,wise man and Emmanuel tv for uplifting our spirits and know God more. Indeed we are sons and daughters of Love,let’s Love lead,Emmanuel

  94. Truely speaking, this channel is so blessing and Prophet T.B.Joshua is a real Man of God.

    I have discovered that among all channels and Pastors,Prophet T.B.Joshua is the only one who preach about love not about money.Sir may God give you more years to come.Sir, i respect you forever,and ever and may you continue changing the nation to let love lead in all churches in jesus name.



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