Wise Man John Chi gave his message and cited Psalm 91:14-16 as his proof text. Explaining the word, ‘rescue’ as used in the text, he reminded his listeners that it suggests crises and danger. He added further that your choice to serve God in faith and truth does not shield your life from hard times but that the Lord will see you through. ImageIn the message which he aptly titled, ‘He Promises To See Us Through’ the wise man declared that in our walk with the Lord, there would be good and hard times and that, like the Biblical Job, we should be steadfast and hold on to the Lord whatever our situation. After Job’s crises, God eventually restored his blessing threefold. The same generous reward awaits those who defy tribulations and stay steadfast with the Lord. He enjoined his listeners not to allow their present situation to doubt the fulfilment of God’s Word in their lives. In his words, ‘… don’t lose hope, don’t give up, don’t listen to the language of your situation’. ImageYou should not allow your bad experiences to wipe you out; instead, turn your scars to stars. In a moment, the Lord will rescue you from your problems and shower His blessings on you, he concluded.


Masindi Mugari, the South African woman, who received her deliverance in the previous Sunday service from the spirit of addiction to eating sand, in the mighty name of Jesus, confirmed her deliverance total and effectual after one week of stay in The SCOAN, during which she slept peacefully and had no urge to eat sand anymore. ImageThanking God in joy and excitement, she assured her listeners that God was aware of whatever problems they had and He would not disappoint them, if they stayed steadfast. She also thanked the prophet for being the agent in the hands of Jesus for her deliverance.


Mr and Mrs Udoh from Akwa-Ibom, Nigeria surprised the congregation when the wife, Josephine revealed that for 23 years she had suffered the addiction to eating her hair, those from her head, her armpit and her private parts. This addiction, she added, began when a voice told her to eat her hair but despite all efforts to stop, Imagethe addiction continued. Confirming the confession, her husband added that she plucked her hair continually for eating. After a few words of advice on the need to visit the right place in time for deliverance, Prophet T.B. Joshua invited the lady to come forward and he stretched his hand at her for deliverance in the mighty name of Jesus.Image Declaring her free after that, Prophet T.B. Joshua asked her to pick some hair to eat. In reaction, Josephine plucked some of her hair and put it in her mouth. ImageShe however, spat it out soon after, on the ground that it no longer had any appeal to her. The couple thanked the prophet for being used by the Lord to deliver her so miraculously after 23 years of unrewarding efforts elsewhere.


A video clip unfolded a prophecy in which the prophet mentioned a court case to a member of the congregation, advising him to forgive and forget to make his promotion, which was on the way, a reality. As soon as the clip was over, David Amah introduced himself to the congregation as Brigadier General David Amah, thus confirming the prophecy before giving the details. In his testimony, David told his listeners all his travails in the past over the promotion.Image Brigadier General Amah of the Nigerian Army serving at Defence Headquarters, Abuja submitted a letter for promotion last year but when the result came, he was not enlisted. He was consequently devastated. This year, he got a retirement letter making him heartbroken. He went to his family home in Port Harcourt where he watched Emmanuel TV. In his worry over his promotion, he, accompanied by his family, decided to seek the face of the Lord in The SCOAN on August 10 where the prophecy was issued to him. At the airport on their way home, he received a call from Abuja asking him to bring reports about his promotion. He changed his mind there and then and flew to Abuja, while asking his family to go home to Port Harcourt. ImageThat call was the beginning of the events that fetched him a promotion to the rank of Brigadier General after his retirement. An interesting fact about the whole story is that both the letter of retirement and that of the new promotion were signed by one and the same person. In Brigadier General David Amah’s words, only God can turn retirement into promotion. God is not time bound. Trust Him always, the Brigadier General advised his listeners.


On September 4 this year, Mr Udoma Uboh prayed as usual with his family, using the Anointing Water before going to bed. However, as soon as they were in bed, they realized that they were surrounded by four armed robbers who asked them to surrender all their valuables, if they valued their lives. They did that promptly but the robbers appeared dissatisfied with their loot and threatened to shoot the man. One of them asked his wife to say the last prayer for her husband. ImageUtilizing the opportunity, the wife started praying with the God of T.B. Joshua, asking him for protection for the husband and the rest of the family. As soon as the robbers heard the name of T.B. Joshua, they became disillusioned and the one whose gun was pointed at Mr Udoma Uboh lowered it, while the rest proceeded to return all that they had considered their loot. As they left the premises in disappointment, they fired a gunshot outside. It was the shot that would have silenced Mr Udoma Uboh forever but for the Anointing Water and the name of T.B. Joshua through the name of Jesus Christ. The couple thanked God for His mercy on them.


Mrs Mercy Pius of Maiduguri in Borno, Nigeria narrated to the congregation that on 29 May she visited The SCOAN where she received the Anointing Water in her efforts to solve many of her problems, including her stagnation as a worker for 15 years. ImageAt home, she prayed and ministered the Anointing Water on herself in the name of Jesus. On her way from the church, a friend called her to inform her that her name had been enlisted for promotion. Before long, her promotion came, Imagecatapulting her from grade level 8 to 13. She could not hide her joy at this development and advised her listeners to always believe in God for a solution to their problems.


Mr Davies Opubor narrated a very interesting experience he had at home with Emmanuel TV. Coming home at night, he was torn between preparing his dinner and sitting down to watch the Emmanuel TV telecast. He however, embraced the two at the same time by switching on the Emmanuel TV and shuttling between his room and the kitchen to boil some rice for the evening, while his ears were hooked on to the telecast. As he moved to and fro putting some rice on the fire, he could hear the voice of T.B. Joshua apparently monitoring his movements and advising him to settle down in the sitting room to benefit from the deliverance prayer that he was offering. At first he did not listen, until Prophet T.B. Joshua referred to a person cooking rice that he should stop what he was doing to come and watch Emmanuel TV. Finally realizing that Prophet T.B. Joshua was talking to him, he sat down as instructed and participated in the prayer with Prophet T.B. Joshua for all viewers of Emmanuel TV. Davies confirmed that after the deliverance prayer with the prophet, his life changed. As he got to office the following day, he saw his leave application approved contrary to the routine the previous years. He used to suffer many tribulations before the deliverance prayer with the prophet. He used to eat in dreams and was abnormally attracted to women among other bad traits, causing him to wish to commit suicide. However, the deliverance prayer changed all the odd behaviour associated with him. He saw himself after the deliverance prayer preaching to women rather than making advances to them as he used to do. After receiving the Anointing Water from The SCOAN, he used it to heal a man from stroke. He was particularly happy that his life has changed for the better and thanked the prophet as a true man of God.


In the mass prayer which brought the Sunday service to a close and in which many of those afflicted with contrary spirits manifested beforedeliverance, Prophet T.B. Joshua was particularly concerned about the congregation entering the New Year in a state of purity and accord with the Lord and spared no breath as he directed prayer points at many areas of life. He prayed for the release of their finances, careers, marital lives and restoration of their health and destinies among others. Calling both the congregation and Emmanuel TV viewers to stretch out their right hands in prayer in the name of Jesus, he intoned, ‘Viewers, whatever you touch shall be blessed and you shall enjoy a breakthrough in your career, marital life and all your endeavours’.


    • Lord Jesus Christ is a man who does not lie. He said in the Living Word that he will see us through. Wise Man John Chi Lord Jesus Christ has promised to see you through. Soldier on stay true to your purpose. May the good loving Almighty GOD keep strengthening and give you more power so that you will perform the duties he assigned you to do on this earth. Many souls are waiting for you so that they will be set free demonic attacks using you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Emmanuel-GOD with us

  1. When are you coming to namibia man of GOD i need to meet you!i cant aford to come to nigeria.me my wife and my two son need to see u face to face.

  2. I only pray that the Good Lord Jesus Christ will Open the eyes and ears of the world to the things that are consistant to them and those that doubt should be proved to the doubt that until they believe there will be nothing as “I want to be at peace” Lord God have mercy on this world including me and my Family for we need You more than ever in Jesus Name Amen.

  3. I wonder how many more miracles, signs and wonders TB Joshua’s critics want to see before they believe, such uncommon testimonies like those of people eating sand or their hairs has never before being heard, there’s definately no fake in rare things, TB Joshua’s gift is a rare one, he’s really a priceless gift of God to this generation, the sooner his critics realize this the better for them

  4. Thank You Jesus Christ. Satan wl see me leaving behind the strings he attached to my health, life, career finance. Amen

  5. The man of God Tb Joshua is my inspiration. Thnx Jesus for giving me the opportunity to watch Emmanuel TV. It has realy changed my life.

  6. Thank you God for your servant Prophet TB Joshua,continue to bless him as continues to do your work wholeheartedly!

  7. thank u JESUS IS THE RESPONSE FROM A HAPPY HEART I’M JUST THANKING GOD FOR THE LIFE OF PROPHET T.B JOSHUA AND THE WISE MEN.THANK U JESUS.any zambian who visited scoan and wish to share please just a drop of anointing water will be enuogh for me i’m on +2609794145806 or +26095555559510 my email mellamilanzi@yahoo.com

  8. Seasonal greetings to all.Indeed God will see us through even what we are battling with right now will be history.Many times we complain of hard times not knowing that there’s a better life ahead of us.The only way to all our hardships is through Jesus Christ.

  9. Emmanuel-God with us. If God with us who can be against us. Children of God Almighty thank Yahew for looking after you 2011. May those who want to know Jesus Christ do his word let the Gods Spirit leave in you in 2012 and for more years to come. because to know Jesus Christ is to know his power. Do not doubt his power. Snr Prophet T B Joshua, the 5 Wise Men and the Emmanuel tv team and partners and the SCOAM family have a happy and blessed new year. May the Lord Jesus Christ grant you all the graces this coming year. Better is not good enough but the best is yet to come.

    Ephesians 2:8
    For it is by grace you have been saved through faith and this not from yourselves

  10. thank you lord for the life of TB Joshua Wat a man on earth iv never seen.he gives us hope to face tomorrow.bless his family lord .continue to pray for us viewers our lives are being transformed each time you pray for us.

  11. let us pray that god raises many more mighty men of god like dear prophet tb joshua so that all people will be blessed .amen.we love and bless you prophet tb joshua.god bless you.amen.


  13. I thank God for the man he sent to us T.B Joshua and i thank him too for being obidient too i lent something from him i wish to be the same a minister of GOD too i pray too for him to continue doing Gods wish

  14. kindly rend me water anointing for my sickness & i believe that i will get a child.

    Mr. Afzal Iqbal
    House No.623
    Near Dr. Amir Clinic
    Bus Stop No.1
    Mehmoodabad, Karachi,

  15. The God of prophet TB Joshua does not sleep or rest He always with us to protect us to heal us to bless us to deliever us to save us His name is Jesus Christ the son of Most High God that is my God I Moses Nsubuga trust in Him is my God me and my family we will serve Him the rest of our lives.
    As God as done in the life of prophet TB Joshua and wisemen He can do it for Moses Nsubuga and everyone that trust in Him.
    Thank you God the Father
    Thank you Lord Jesus Christ
    Thank you HolyGhost for using prophet TB Joshua and Wisemen mightly as you use them use Moses Nsubuga also for your name to be grolyfied in the Heaven and on the Earth Emmanuel Emmanuel Emmanuel Emen!!!

  16. thank you for helping me with your inspiring prayers! I have seen chances during this year of another chance and I want to thank God and his son JESUS CHRIST, who is operating the miracles for me and my family! PRAISE THE LORD. We await the inspiring message for 2012,and i pray that my family will be carry along in one spirit with the awaiting message for 2012.Thank you prof T B JOSHUA and the wise men.THE BEST IS YET TO COME. Amen

  17. Man of God senior prophet TB Joshua pls pray for our country Nigeria, am in deep pain when i hard a bomb was sent to a church were people went to celebrate the birth of our lord Jesus Christ only to meet thier end life. what a wicked world pls lets support our government with prayer i know just as you likely said and i quote that the job is not for me alone when i pray does my people say amen, i know that is our problem here cos we don’t value what we have until we loose it. I pray to those who lost their lives that will grant them eternal rest. Amen a Nigeria lives in Angola

  18. thank you lord jesus for usind prophet TB Joshua.i reall wish that one day ito be at the scoan to pray with him but as olng as he says that distance is not a barrier ithank yu jesus.god bless you prophet you changed my through emenuel tv i owe you my life.glory be to the holly father

  19. Good evening father of the less priviledge.it is of an honor for me to comment on your good work that you are doing for the lord, through you prophet TV JOSHUA many souls have been save and has been liberate from the power of darkness.please prophet my comment look at me as your distance from to always pray for me because life alon is a bull to me in this earth I dont know if God loves me or He just send me to this word to suffer.God bless prophet.

  20. I thank Lord Jesus, Son of the Most High, to be privileged to watch the miracles He performs through His prophet, T.B.Joshua.I thrive on the spiritual food I regularly get by watching Emmanuel TV.
    I am 63 yrs of age and is still teaching to keep me and my family afloat, because everything went wrong when I took the severance package in 1998, without the hope of e monthly pension.Money does not seem to last long in our house, not even saving money. I am convinced that because of jealousy, “people” put a spell on us because me and my family serve the Lord in many ways (elder, deacon,confirmation class teacher, lay preaching,EE 111 evangelism course, wife plays piano, sings in choir, daughter loves Bible Study, actively involved in her church( relationships do not seem to last), son severed as deacon at a young age…….the list goes on).
    I beg you man of God to free us from this evil spell by praying for us or send us of the annointing water as soon as you can.Our faith and hope in Jesus is the only means that still keep us surviving.
    May The Lord bless you ,TB Joshua and your prophets every day and for the years to come…” the best is yet to come ” AMEN and AMEN.
    Your brother in Christ

  21. Firstly I greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,may peace of God be with you all in Jesus’ name.

    Mine is not a comment but a rather a story more or less a prayer request and i believe that your opening of my email alone its a breakthrough.My husband worked with a certain bus company which operates between my home Country,Malawi, and South Africa and this company is based in South Africa and my husband worked for this company for more than ten years.In August this same year my husband was on duty coming from South Africa to Malawi and they found the boarder where people pay customs and exercise closed because the bus had arrived late and because of this the bus plus people slept there.The following morning the first people to check the bus were Malawi National Roads Authority officials as per their routine and the officials said they found the bus with two problems:1.they said the bus was full beyond limit which my husband agreed to be true but that was looked in South Africa before departure.2.the bus had failed to reach destination place in time as per rules and regulations applied.
    So because of this the roads officials paged 1000USDollars fine.My husband negotiated with the officials to reduce the fine and release the bus permit for they took hold of it.My husband borrowed money right there at the border to pay the fine thinking will give back the money as soon as they reach their offices which is the bus’ final destination.

    When the Malawi boss heard what had happened at the boarder,he rushed to dismis my husband from work for gross negligency on duty as a reason,before he heard the story in details.In the dismissal letter the boss advised my husband to appeal to the general manager in south africa within seven days if he wished and that my husband was to pay the 1000USD by himself that the company will not be responsible.this to us came as a shock because we didnt know where to source that money to pay.

    We thought of applealing to the General manager by sending him a fax of the dismissal letter and the appleal letter.When the general manager got my husband letter he was surprised because his copy send to him as my husbands dismissal letter was different from the one given to my husband,and that the company released 1000USD to pay de fine while we borrowed that same money to pay back because those people threatened to take our house.

    Since then we have waited for results as advised to wait but its now four months.i fought hard that justice should prevail on dis issue citing the words from the bible ‘that devil not take anything from me’.Man of God i know its devil and its works all i need is God’s intervention for the boss to release dat money which have rendered the family in great poverty

  22. Our God dose not disapoint he is a loving father he cares he is everything that we can think of if you can read all these testimonies you can see that God is great he loosens the chains.He puts smiles on our faces.He diserve to be praysed.It only takes our faith to be delievered and receive our blessings.God bless us all AMEN.

  23. I thank God for Prophet T.B Joshua and the hard working team in SCOAN. May the almighty God richly bless you all for the tireless work you guys are doing for the kingdom. I was really amazed at the way young men and women are supporting the prophet to let the kingdom come down for us who believe in the Lord for everything. I must say, my stay for the four days in SCOAN was heaven on earth. Prophet, God richly bless you for my life and family you have saved from distruction and all that you have said has come to pass. Amen.

  24. Emmanuel!! Ever since I started watching Emmanuel TV, my life is not the same. I have known so many things I never knew, and why/how those things happen in ones life. Thank You Jesus!

  25. Its awesome to watch every miracle taking place at SCOAN, its really marvelous, God Almighty is greatly using the man of God Prophet TB Joshua, I do thank God for his life.

  26. God Almight in the name Jesus christ
    Do good in your good plessure to Prophet TB Joshua (moses Nsubuga) and build the wall of SCOAN and EMMANUELTV then you shall be pleased with the scrifies or rightiousness with aburnt offering and whole burnt offering then we shall offer bulls on your alter man of God this is the prayer God told me to pray because you my prayer partaner i need mor of your prayers my no. +26876503939.

  27. Indeed great is His faithfulness. Prophet TB Joshua, may good Lord be with you always.

    I am always moved by your prophecies and gospel.

  28. Father of our Lord & saviour, thank u for giving us senior prophet T.B. Joshua in name of Jesus. I am happy i shared in the prayer, i am blessed. God bless Prophet T.B. Joshua.Thank you Jesus

  29. Emmanuel, ‘ God with us’ May god bless Senior prophet TB Joshua and the Wise man for serving peoples life. My Life has changed aot through watching Emmanuel TV.

  30. What a faithful God we serve, yes the healings and delivarances we witness at Scoan through Prophet T.B. Joshua , the wisemen and evangelists who minister anointing water in many countries confirms that our God is faithful to his promised that he will always see us through – Just believe and trust him you will see it happening to you, in Jesus Name Amen

  31. Thank you Jesus,i was weak but now i am strong with this testimonies,i believe that if God perform miracles to others He will also perform miracles to me.Next year 2012,by the grace of God i will be giving testimony in the name of Jesus,distance is not barrier, the right hand Godhasgotpower,better is not good enough the best is yet to come.May the Lord God Almighty bless the Man of God,Prophet T.B Joshua,his family and wise men during this festive season and happy new year.God bless you.Amen

    • Its Quite true God will see us through.Distance is not abarrie,yesteday i had adislocation of my left leg agle and it was so painful and i couldnt walk.AS I touched the emmanuel Tv Screen,i went to sleep and iwant to testify to the People that God of TB JOSHUA IS REAL because as im writting this mail im putting on my shoes unlike yesteday and im walking though not completely stable.I am believing that the remaing part will be okey in Jesus Name.What awonderful God of TB JOSHUA.
      May God bless TB JOSHUA and his family together with SCOAN/EMMANUEL FRATERNITY.
      Charles Mutisya

  32. This church is changing our lives am no longer the same it has changd my life,l know how to play.I wish l had money to visit this church.How l wish l was a Nigerian

  33. I need God of prophet TB Joshua to intervain in my case. I live in Angola with my senior brother i bought Emmanuel tv he never allow me to watch it instead he will be watching football,secondly i got anointed water from scoan he through it away telling me he don’t know where it is. I want God to come to my rescue because i can no longer follow up on the EMMANUEL tv

  34. I have faith that Our God through Jesus Christ and Prophet T.B. Joshua will one day hear my prayers as He does to others.

  35. I would like to thank GOD Almighty for giving us Prophet T.B Joshua,here is not only for Nigeria but for the whole world,he is a real Man of God and the things that GOD uses him(the prophet ) to do are real…………….What a mighty GOD we serve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Emmanuel-God with us. Let all people of God enjoy to be in the presence of God Almighty so that we may be filled with the knowledge of God’s will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding and lead lives worthy of the Lord fully pleasing to him.
    Colosians 1 Vs 10
    So that you may lead lives worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him as your bear fruit in every good work and as you grow in the knowledge of God.

    God Almighty you are so good all the time because you created us in your own image and you love all of us.

  37. GOD is alwys with us n see us through evrything.
    We have to be true to HIM and not to loose hope because He has best plans for us…Jeremiah 29:11-13.
    Bless you all..


  39. I thank Senior Prophet TB JOSHUA, the WISE MEN & other Co-workers with Christ at the SCOAN
    I believe without any doubt whatsoever that faith is the strongest force know. When I say faith, I mean faith in God. I have complete faith that God has a plan for me. My prayer is one day, the WISE MEN will visit AKWA IBOM, CROSS RIVER & RIVERS STATE.

  40. we thank god for prophet t b joshua, im alwys blessed when watchhing emmanuel tv.pls prophet can u pls send one of the wiseman to south africa. Amen. Cynthia s.a.

  41. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,thank you Jesus for using Major Prophet TB Joshua,Wise Men and Church Team with encouraging words from the all mighty God


  42. I thank God for everything in my life,Is just 2year i knew Emmanuel TV and it has greatly changed my life , Pray God to continue to strengthen the whole team of TB Joshua,s

  43. I thanks God for the life of Prophet TB Joshua. All I need from prophet is to take me to that holy altar in spirit in your church as it was physically done by that man 2 week ago. Once I step on that altar in spirit all will be done in my life and by the grace of God I will come to SCOAN just to testify as it is said distance is not a barrier.

    Stay blessed always

    Linily – Malawi

  44. Praises to JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH, for I a m so encouraged by the word of the most high God through wise man Chi, real i believe in God that he has seen me through all i am in,and i confess and believe that through his word joy has come in to my heart, and God bless scoan and man of God and the wise men and his name Jesus be exalted above heaven and above all nations,for he has taught me to watch and pray and worship GOD in spirit and in truth even in bad situation he is still God to me and there is none like him.Amen

  45. Indeed God is merciful, I cant believe it someone eating hair, I watched this deliverance and I thank God for revealing to us things that we don’t know that are afflictions from the devil. Glory be to God and his servant TB Joshua.

  46. Blessed b the name of the lord for giving us a man in the name of T B Joshua to b a blessing to many people , i want to thank God for my husbands promotion .


  48. Emmanuel!!
    Thank you Lord for showing us through the man of God that God can make the impossible possible. Bless the man of God and the wisemans more and more in Jesus name.

  49. Emmanuel! it is indeed a blessing to have the Prophet in our midst. distance is not a barrier indeed. Dear Prophet and the whole SCOAN Team, you have been indeed a blessing in my life. i was a wretch, but ever since I discovered Emmanuel TV in 2009, Iam not the same. my life has turned around for the better. even my marriage that was at the verge of collapsing has now become very strong. thanks to the Prophet. I thank God for giving us you. Thanks, Thanks, and thanks indeed. May the almighty add more blessings to SCOAN. Amen.

  50. I thank God Almight for using prophet T.B Joshua and Wisemen to fulfill the prophecy in the Book of Revelations charpter 22 to add on the word of the prophecy of the Holy Bible your Blessed to us prophet. Am
    24yrs. am apreacher i recieved my calling at the age of 20yrs i thank God to trust me with his powers as He did it to prophet T.BJoshua man of God when people come seeking help from God they get shock b’se of my age but i told them that Samuel was nine years am always on Emmanuel tv whenever i have time man of pray with me to have purity and honour to be asisted by the sprit of God torisist any evil that comes to my life my future my ministry my destiny my Fincies in Jesus’name amen!!!.

  51. God remains God of miracles.I will never stop to give him praises.From prayers I was healed from big desease wich could be treated trough surgery.The Dr neuro-sugery told me,after reading result from MRI,”the better thing to treat this desease is to aperate you.I have refused and looking to the cross of calvary.(jn 3-14).I have sended message to servents of Living God to scoan,to day I am healed.
    Jesus of Nazareth has done something impossible to human eyes(neuro-surgery,specialist)
    Oh,realy God is a Living God.(ps 145/1-21)

    Desire kalala

  52. Emmanuel, Emmanuel,Emmanuel

    THANK YOU JESUS CHRIST FOR ALL : Thank you For Using Prophet T.B. Joshua, The Wise Men, The Emmanuel singers, and all those you are in one way or another part of this powerful ministry. THANK YOU FOR all what you are doing through the Synagogue Church Of All Nations and Emmanuel TV.
    Whatever Situation I am going through, I believe that I am delivered, I am healed, I am blessed, I am saved, I am redeemed. My Business, My Career, My Finances, My Marital Life, My Life, My Destiny ARE RELEASED. Defeat and failue are things of the past.


  53. Emmanuel (God is with us) i want to thank the almighty for giving us senior prophet TB JOSHUA in our time, and also using him mightly to heal and deliver people from captivity. sometimes i imagin if there is no TB JOSHUA a lot of people will not be alive today.

  54. May God of TB Joshua be Glorified for the wonderful deeds to the un deserving people on this Planet.I really pray that one Day i will recieve abreathrough of many disappointment that i have experienced.May Almighty God Enlarge TB Joshua Territories!
    God Bless Scoan

  55. เรามีความเชื่อต่อพระเจ้า เราจะปฎิบัติต่อพระเจ้า เราพร้อมที่จะเป็นสาวกของพระเจ้า ด้วยจิตวินญาณด้วยศรัทธาอันแรงกล้า ขอพระเจ้าจงส่งพลังความดีพลังจิต ที่ให้ข้าพเจ้าได้เป็นส่วนหนึ่งช่วยเหลือสังคม ความเป็นเพื่อนมนุษย์ด้วยกัน อาเมน

    • Emmanuel sister. Tb Joshua is currently not on facebook and those people are fraudsters that use the name of Tb Joshua collect money . Watch out for these predators !

  56. Emmanuel! Glory and honour be to our Lord Jesus Christ who is able to do everything possible in our lives.We are so blessed to have Prophet T.B.Joshua and the Wise Men in this world.The best is yet to com.

  57. l do not have comments , but congratulate TB Joshua for his work of God he is doing. all l need right now miracle water, or how do l get it, l live in USA. Mercy.

  58. Thank you man of God Prophet T.B Joshua for delivering and changing lives of so many people worldwide, but do not forget to deliver me from the demonic power so that I serve the Lord with commitment and may have peace of mind.

  59. Halleluja. May the power of God manifest through TB Joshua to heal the sick and deliver Gods people from tribulation . I am holding on God ,s garment to receive my healing from cancer . My Lord is the greatest and with him miracles happen . Amen

  60. Thank you prophet and man of God the stories of everyone really bless me, i wish I could serve the Lord more effectively like you in the next coming year 2010 Haleluya

    Maria, Bangkok, thailand

  61. Thank you father for breaking stagnation in the mighty name of Jesus.Gods time is always the best.Thank you Father for the promotion after retirement.With God everything is POSSIBLE.

  62. i want to come over in scoan lagos nigeria but do not have finance and accomodation.am coming for family breakthrough,am fatherless and needs breakthrough in my family.

  63. Emmanuel, thank you for helping me with your inspiring prayers! I am seeing chances as per my prayer requets and I want to thank God and his son JESUS CHRIST, who is operating the miracles for me and my family! PRAISE THE LORD

  64. Glory be to God, i want to thank God for is gudness nd mercy upon life nd my family, may God bless our prophet T.B Joshua nd d 3wisemen 4 use dem 2 bless souls. God will surely see us through dis year nd many more years 2 cum.

  65. Glory to God,
    If God is on your side no one can be against you.On God can turn my failure into success.May God Bless SCOA,May God bless Senior Prophet TB Joshua,May God bless the world.
    Emmanuel TV has turned around my faith and I am looking forward to the day I will be privilleged to visit SCOAN.In the mighty name of Jesus Christ-Amen.

    • Brother don’t give up.To be at SCOAN is a wonderful experience. I have been there.I didn’t believe when I find myself touching Man of GOD by my own hand .I even pinched myself just to cornfirm that I am not dreaming.I am even looking forward to go back to SCOAN to share my testimony.GOD of PROPHET T.B JOSHUA IS MY OWN TESTIMONY.GOD BLESS UM

  66. Good morning to all. It is wonder. I am begging the Prophet to give us the program for x-mass and new year`s services. I wish to be part it live in Lagos. Are foreigners without invitation going to be allowed to attend all the 2 services? Please Prophet do something. Thank you in advance, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

  67. Thank you prophet T.B Joshua for delivering Mrs Udoh from eating her own hair. It is a dangerous thing because that hair was going to grow in her tummy,stomach was going to be swollen. Thank you Jesus Christ for using prophet T.B Joshua,Wise man and Emmanuel tv to show the whole world about God love and his mercy upon us. Thank you Lord, Emmanuel

  68. Please I need healing for my body as I look forward to Almighty God to replace my kidneys for me through the power of His anointing in Jesus Name Amen. Emmanuel

  69. Emmanuel god with us. Thank you for praying for viewers, this is really changing people’s lifes. Thank you God for Prophet T.B Joshua and his wisemen.

  70. SCOAN messages are alwys inspiring.upifting my faith day by day.Thanx for making it possible for me to get the messages and I will always have time to go through them during my spare time.I love them.

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