Heavy Bleeding Stopped After Prayer With TB Joshua

Here is a wonderful testimony from a woman in the USA who was healed of heavy bleeding after praying with T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV.

Lyubov Parkhotyuk is the mother of 7 children and wife of an awesome pastor living in Pasco, Washington State in the USA. More than a month ago, she discovered heavy bleeding, that continued for 30 days. Working as a nurse, she went to great doctors, who gave her medicine, but it didn’t change her situation. She consulted some of her trusted doctor friends from oversees, who sent her medicine, but even that brought no improvement.

On Saturday Night, 5th of November, she prayed with Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV. After prayer, her bleeding immediately stopped. It’s been more than a week, and her husband and her both testify to the miracle working power of Jesus, that set her free of the bleeding.

There was a woman in the Bible who had similar problem, but this problem lasted for 12 years. This lady spent all her possessions on doctors, but could not be cured. Once she heard about Jesus, she touched him and was cured of her sickness.

Jesus is the same today. Distance is not a barrier. Faith is all that you need. Some people are writing to us asking for the Anointing Water, which God uses mighty to bring healing. But I want you to notice, that Lyubov, just used her faith while praying with TB Joshua and she was healed. Jesus can heal you as well, by prayer with TB Joshua, just like He can heal you through Anointing Water, just like He can use any medium.

Here is the clip of prayer with TB Joshua. Why don’t you release your faith & receive your miracle right now by praying with him? Your miracle is WAITING!

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118 thoughts on “Heavy Bleeding Stopped After Prayer With TB Joshua

  1. Lord thank you forgiving me a home,thank you so much Jesus thank thank thank…..Lord you are so great and you always the for your children.I love you lord

  2. i. be very greatful and i,m not having doubt in me that GOD will not make this for me , been togther for seventeen years ,GOD blessed me with son of thirteen years ,going to form four secondary school. i will glad if GOD will bless my wife ngowo susan with another child
    i believe it will happen , i,m waiting for my reply. bye GOD bless you.

  3. i need a prayer for me to pass my exam in to the local goverment school in buea cameroon. my country is so corrupt that i do have any confedence, but with you i no i will make it ther witten part will take place on the 27 -28 of august 2012. this is in finance and treasury management.only twenty to twenty five candidate will be need, i still repeat this that it is only prophet TB Joshua who can break this record for you should be bless. i,m waiting for my reply.

  4. i need a prayer for me to pass my exam.im waiting for the results,i pray that can favour me, i have been attending many school but not passing.i need tb joshua’s prayers.by the god’s love i know that my breakthrough have come.keitumetse in botswana

  5. pl pray for rajat whose marriage proposal came for me but he had an accident and admitted in hospital.majaor injured in his head and hand.pl pray for healing his head and hand so soon.pl pray for his other injuries also heal soon.and he recover soon.i wish he and his family will come soon before 5 june for my marriage purpose.pl pray for my family will agree for my marriage with this rajat.pl pray my marriage will fixed with rajat soon.cause my family and i will go for long journey on 5 th june so before 5 th june rajat recover so soon and he and his family will come in my home before 5 th june.

  6. I really thank God for prophet T.B Joshua and the ministry of Jesus christ! My mom is in the hospital rightnow and she needs agent prayer! I believe distance is not bearer even through a phone call she will healed! Am just financially challeged for now I could just call the prayerline on Power in jesus name! +260965314375 if you may please. Amen

  7. I really thank God for prophet T.B Joshua and the ministry of Jesus christ! My mom is in the hospital rightnow and she needs agent prayer! I believe distance is not bearer even through a phone call she will healed! Am just financially challeged for now I could just call the prayerline on Power in jesus name! +260965314375 if you may please

  8. Dear Sir, JESUS IS LORD
    I am from Sri LAnka. In my home we do not have Emmanuel TV channel to watch. This is my only way of connecting my self with the SCOAN and go home and tell my wife and twin sons about the seromons and miracles of JESUS. This also I am doing when I have some free time while I work in the Golf club where I employed, especially during the night shift. Please Email more vedeo clips like this. Long live SCOAN.
    Thank you JESUS. Thank you dear pastors and all who help you.

  9. I am an orphan who has never enjoy anything about good life.I have no home and without family.My children are with their mother whom i divorced 2004.I am not working and helped by a girlfriend i believed GOD sent her to me to assist me to live materialy.I worked contractactualy for S.A.Defence force.I have never worked a permanent job that is benefecitial.Currently I am not working,have no home,live like a vagabond.I am in need of help as i have consulted traditional doctors,churches,spiritual healers but with no help.I believe in JESUS&GOD as my saviour.I watched Emmanuel TV almost everytime I reach a place where there’s TV.That fascinated me immensely.I believe that I will healed through JESUS CHRIST using the man of GOD,T.B.Joshua.If money wasn’t a problem i could have long ago visited SCOAN an be blessed.As i have said that I tried different means i have realised that SCOAN via JESUS is my only help.Please man of GOD pray for me for this liberation.

  10. I used to have a serious headache,I didnt even want to open books to study because immediately i start to understand what i am reading my head will start. Thank you Jesus by touching the screen while prophet T.B Joshua is praying, I can read and understand until i get tired on my own. Thank you man of God.Indeed distance is not a barrier.

  11. May the Creator, Jehovah God continue to bless Prophet T. B. Joshua and his men and women, and deepen their spiritual insight to the benefit of humanity….while I wait to hear God`s opinion of my life as I continues to knock at his door to be open unto me via his blessing,…his grace…his favor to locate me and my family…to rewrite my family`s history in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ`s name. Amen!!!

  12. Long live Prophet T B Joshua and all whom assist him.
    Thank you JESUS. Holy is your mightest name

  13. God is Good stay blessed Prophet T.B JOSHUA.please pray for me and my children for God to deliver us from porvety, sickss and evil atack in Jesus name orvety,sickne

  14. thanks be to GOD who use t.b joshua to make me believe as a human being that with GOD all things are more than porsible.it is written that king assa is a good king of isreal and he become sick on his leg but he refuse to enquire from GOD so that he can be heal rader he went to ordinary human doctor and he die because he did not go to GOD.satan apear to me in dream and tell me dat i have hiv all of a suden i file as if it was true but GOD see evry thing.i strongly believ that i am heal since i send my preyer request to t.b joshua GOD is with us amen.bless are the woman that give bet to you and bless is the breat that you drink all this is by the mercy of GOD thrugh his son JESUS CHRIST

  15. Man of God I thank God for your life and the lives of wise men God Almight add on your plagues He promised in Revelation 22:18 to those that will add on the words that written in the prophecy of Holy Bible.
    Man of God am your son have seen you many times in visions whatever you said to me it has come to pass live long man of God may the God you save visite me and as He did it for you He can do it for me in order to defeat stan troubling killing stealing and destroying his people.me to reach where you have never been in order to take the Gospel of the kingdom of God in the for corners of the world matt.24:14 in jesus’name amen.

  16. God have been healing me i even have a job now after ministering anointing water from the synagogue and i believe the best is yet to come.To all who are troubled look up God he has done it for me and he can do it for any one. khumbokachere-Malawi

  17. With God everything is possible a God of today tomorrow and forever. I pray for breakthrough in the Makarapa family in Jesus Name. Amen

  18. I thank the lord for having brought prophet TB JOSHUA among surely our GOD IS A MIGHTY GOD despite having missed many episodes of his services due to a brokendown decoder i makesure whenever i get the chance i watch the service may GOD continue his wonders through prophet TB JOSHUA.

  19. my names are kingsley uche nkem, am a nigerian living in angola. i wont to testify what GOD did for me, i started noticeing that am not comforteble with fan or air condition is going to a year now, so last week friday been 2/12/ 2011, after reading the testimony from emmanuel tv, i plase my hand on my laptop and pray together with the man of GOD prophet TB JOSHUA, sence that day till today I
    dont feel the pains anymore glory be to our GOD, for prophet tb joshua i wish him heaven at last in JESUS NAME AMEN, i also need prayer concerning my bussiness, this is my eightyears in angola not doing well, i believe with the prayer of man of GOD, TB JOSHUA things will not be the same again

  20. I thank God for prophet tb Joshua for the wonderful work is doing for mankind we pray for the continue grace upon his life, in Jesus mighty name,amen

  21. Man of God, i am witnessing miracle from Emmanuel T.V.this channell change my life completly.i thank God for giving us T.B Joshua as our light. i was in Darkness.but now i have got light AMEN.

  22. Where can we go from his presence. No where. God Almighty is good all the time.I thank God Almighty for intervening into your life Lyubov Parkhotyuk. You are now a happy sister. God Almighty created us so that we mighty enjoy life, he does not want any of his children to suffer from any demons. The anointed Emmanuel tv is helping so many people in many ways, especially when Snr Prophet T B Joshua praying for viewers all over the world. Remember my sister that in his presence there is power to destroy all the actvities of satan including sickness.

  23. I feel great when I see my Prophet T.B Joshua heals the sick people.God bless the work of my Prophet to reach all corners of the world

  24. Man of god Prophet TB Joshua you aremy father,you are my mentor.I thank god for giving the world at large a true prophet from above to come and help the helpless people,to come and heal the poor who cannot afford anything in life.I thak the almighty for giving us you man of god.

  25. Emmanuel!I always wish I could have the anoiniting water with me.after reading this I now realise dat faith n prayer thru the tv that I already have at home is more than enough.Prophet TB Joshua and the wise men, how can I eva thank u.I was lost but because of u I am found.thanx to my cousin Brother Isaac Mhaladi who paved the way for me.have a blessed day u all.

  26. God is Good Emmanuel – God is with us indeed.
    The annoited msn of God and with no doubt he is prophet in our time.

    justice nkosi
    south africa

  27. I have realised that God(JESUS) is the most high God that he perform great miracles even through a media.Media prayers are working very fast with those who do believe.Myself i bilieve on media prayers and manifestation of Holy Spirit. Some years ago,when i was just born again i received Holy Spirit through listerning radio.MAY GOD BLESS HIS WORK

  28. To the lord be the glory. We thank the all might God for Prophat TB Joshua may the good lord continue blessing him.

    by Ruth K Ngambela – Zambia

  29. praise the Lord,our God is Powerful and we save a living God.indeed nothing is impossible wth God.thank you God for your man servant Prophet T.B Josua.Emmanual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. I am a distant diciple of your ministry, honestly God
    has healed me through the prophet of typhoid fever.
    But my problem which I want the prophet to make a
    decree is that I had my only baby last ten years. I
    need a male child. Pls help and pray for me.

  31. To Lord Almighty be the Glory! Thank God for prophet TB Joshua. He shines the light of the majestic father! He’s a prophet from God. In Jesus there’s no sickness, no poverty, no bitterness, no any kind of misery. Jesus is the true answer! I glorify the name of Jesus. Let faith in Jesus prevail amongst thy people. AMEN!

  32. I thank God immensely for using prophet T. B. Joshua in liberating many families that devil distablised their homes. May Almighty God continue to refresh ur anointing for greater work in our generation. God bless u & ur ministry…….. Amen

  33. its true distance is not a barrier jst praying with T>B Joshua miracles happen for viewers. AS Jesus has met the needs of that woman on the wheel chair and lyubov parkhotyuk surely he will do my own. im a single mum of 3 and ave a big resnposibility b4 me. as ive applied for a job i also have faith the prayers with the man of God will not allow my own situation escape the powerful annointing of the prayers. for sure all those who believe THEY SHALL NEVER CRY OR COMPLAIN OVER THEIR SITUATIONS. i HANK GOD FOR BEING SO FAITHFUL TO HS PIPO EVEN WHEN WE ARE AN DESERVING. mY MIRACLE JOB IS ON THE WAY. WE ALL JUST HAVE TO JOIN OUR SISTERS TO GIVE OUR JESUS PRAISE.


  34. praise the lord for he is good at all time.as i was praying with blessed prophet TB joshua on Emmanuel TV after praying i went to bed in the morning i went to work my master called me and said you are going to do a test as a catapiler mechanic with one american company as i got there we were 14 of us i came first now i am waiting for my barge praise the lord remember distace is not a barrier in jesus name AMEN


  36. I thank the God of prophet T B Joshua for the great miracle am also trusting him for a breakthrough in my marriage and career i am trusting him that one day i will get a job and i will be in a position to support Emmanuel t,v and the SCOAN i am also trusting god that he will break the cycle of alcoholism,premature death,polygamy and lust in my husbands life for distance is not a barrier and the best is yet to come i believe in Jesus that anything is possible, Amen.


  38. God is good and thank you for making my situation things of the past.Continue to givwe me breakthrough in all areas of my life. Thank you Jesus for healing this mama.You are mighty Lord.

  39. Through GOD eveything is possible and we need to bank hope in him for whtever problem we can face. TB josua Continue with your good work Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  40. Emmanuel, i thank GOD Almighty who sent prophet TB Joshua to this world for us.Man of God i thank you for the prayers you offer for the viewers and with this testimony i can see that indeed distance is not a barrier.what a blessings Iam receiving each day of my life through emmanuel tv .

  41. God is indeed awesome !
    If only you will believe in his prophet.
    God that made the woman with the issue of blood whole is still in existence.
    May God continue to use Prophet T.B Joshua for more signs and miracles in Jesus name Amen !

  42. For sure distance is not a barrier. There is nothing impossible with our Lord Jesus Christ. We will keep on praying with the man of God T,B,JOSHUA every Sunday and Monday. We feel as if we are in SCOAN when the prophet is praying for us …( viewers all over the world )

  43. Jesus Christ is real. Praise be to God for the wonderful testmony. With God all things are possible to those who believe.I pray for Prophet TB Joshua that God should continue to protect him and the wisemen and for more anoiting in Jesus Christ name. God is stil saying something. Am aslo blessed. Am free in Jesus name.Continue the good works man of God.

  44. In God name all is possible we only need faith for us to receive our miracle thank you man of God T.B Joshua may God grant you favor and your team amen.

  45. Surely she only touched the hem of His garment …by our faith we are healed. Thanks to God through Prophet T.B Joshua for the healing of this women

  46. What can l say to the man of God T.B JOSHUA is just say BiG thank for everything that takes place at the Scoan and to the views all over the World.

  47. Jesus is the same yesturday, today and forever, and all who hope in him are never shamed. Thank you Jesus. you are the best healer thank you for this testimony of our sister in Jesus’ name. Amen

    • There is no God like Jehova me and my children we apreciatte the works of God using Prophet T.B.JOSHUA may the LORD Continue to bless u and the wise man and all workers of emmanuel tv.please pray for my family i’m a widow i believe God to help me to take care for my children and to deliever us from porvety, sicknes and evil attack in JESUS NAME

  48. Emmanuel; God is real. I thank God for this opportunity, watching Emmanuel TV I have started feeling the power of God in my life.This is real miracle. I spend my nights with the Emmanuel TV on, the spiritual husband and making love in my dream is stopped, eating in the night and seeing dead people in my dream are things of the past. Praise the Lord.
    My request to God is that HE should give the Emmanuel TV team more anointing power so that they impact the lives of many who pray with them over the TV, in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ , Amen.

  49. If God has healed this woman from her bleeding He will heal me from ceaser of my menstruation as well and i believe God will do it through His living Son JESUS CHRIST.

  50. God is truely great, I want join that woman to thank God almighty for using the man of God senior Prophet T.B. Joshua to heal that heavy bleeding problem the woman had Thank you Jesus, we worship u lord there no one like u, thank u!!! I knw and i believe that since you used the man of God senior Prophet T.B. Joshua to heal that woman by faith i knw that my own problems are solved and i knw that all i have asking God to do for me and my family that he the lord God almighty has answer my prayers.

  51. GOD is really doing wonders, as the prophet TD Joshua says, distance is not a barrier. My mother was very sick, i would cry and pray for her, sothat she would get healed. Later i was telling the LORD that i am tired of always just praying for my mother, that i also want to pray about someone or something else. We are serving amazing GOD,few weeks back, the was touch the screen, on emmanuel TV and she did and was heal. Before she look like someone who was about to die, but now she looks great, and not ony that the LORD is revealing thing for her. AMEN AMEN AMEN

  52. Praise God for his healing.Indeed God is great and we have to trust in him all the time.Emmanuel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Masego ( Botswana).Amen

  53. He’s really an anointed servant of God ,may his name be glorify from generation to generation, what a priviledge to have a prophet in the 21 Century, what an Awaresome God we praise.

  54. Thank you Lord for healing my sister and my brother through the prophet TB Joshua. May your glory continue reigning over this world. Amen.

  55. He is a living God,the panacea for all obsessions and addictions,sicknesses.Thank you to the scoan.
    I will keep watching so that i become aware of the dangers on earth
    without accepting jesus Christ and understand people who are
    controled by unclean spirits..Since i know i do not have to take them to the police when they wrong me but direct them to Jesus.Amen

  56. oh mighty i never miss the sunday live service or the monday live service. jesus ican sit and sleep in my chair but i would never live my chair before i get my prayer and touch from t.b joshua God we believe in you and we know and pray that everything in our lives will start changing from now on in the mighty name of jesus christ we have so much faith in tthis church and in the men of god almighty.i can feel and see that very soon i will be a different person.

  57. We give God all the Glory. I had a severe bachache, after sending my prayer request to Scoan, I am healed, To God be the Glory great things He has done.

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