Wise Man Christopher opened the service by assuring the congregation that satanic authorities over their homes and businesses would be broken, in the name of Jesus Christ.
He started his message by saying that there are two classes of people seeking a solution. The first class does not identify the cause of the problem but the second does and as a result receives a permanent solution

The wise man chose ‘The Permanent Solution’ as the title of his message and opened his Bible to Mark 2:1-5 as the proof text. He explained that the permanent or lasting solution gives lasting prosperity, healing, peace and blessing forever. Citing Romans 5:12, he said man has lost the lasting relationship with God through sin. In his words, Jesus came because the relationship between God and man was broken. His mission was to restore the relationship. Jesus Christ needed love, forgiveness and grace to restore the broken relationship. This, he said, is echoed in Luke 23:24 where Christ said, ‘Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing’. This statement, the wise man said, applies to everybody today. Building on this, Wise Man Christopher advised that we must show forgiveness in our relationships; for where there is forgiveness there is a solution. Forgiveness of sin deals with the cause of the problem. Jesus identified sin (Mark 2:2-5) as the cause of the sickness of the paralytic. Those seeking a solution to their problem should identify the cause and seek a lasting solution to it. Problems recur because people never identified the causes and dealt with them. This is why many people who are blessed today become poor tomorrow, a healthy man relapses into sickness and a landlord becomes a tenant. This is also why people bother about blessing rather than sin which is the cause of poverty; comfort rather than sin, the cause of discomfort. Sin in the soul is the cause of sickness, poverty, career failure and instability in economic life. Bothering about a problem without identifying the cause cannot give a permanent solution.God separated light from darkness (Genesis 1:3-5). When we sin, we belong to the kingdom of darkness. Jesus is the way out of darkness. In Ephesians 5:8, those in darkness because of sin were released into light in the Lord. Jesus, the glorious Light, has come to dispel all darkness. When born again, we are taken from the satanic kingdom of darkness. This is a reality, not an idle imagination. We cannot receive it by merit but by the grace of God. By grace we are called to be forgiven. King David knew this in Psalm 51 where he pleaded for God’s mercy. To King David the mercy of God was like a blank cheque for prosperity and the goodness of life. He was simply confessing his sins for the salvation of his soul. We should not doubt God’s desire and ability to help us. We should consequently not leave any sin in our heart without confessing it. Let us admit that we are guilty and trust in God’s ability to make us clean. What happens to you if you have everything while yet in sin? Whatever you have will face greater challenges that your fame cannot stand (Romans 6:2-3). Christianity is a relationship with Jesus that lasts forever. You need cleansing to enjoy the relationship and all its blessings. The comforts of this world cannot earn you peace. Many are on the sickbed in spite of their wealth and position. Jesus Christ is the permanent solution. When He heals you, He does so effectually and when He blesses you, it is forever. Follow Jesus for He is the road map to the lost, the bread to the hungry and the water to the thirsty. The wise man rounded off his message by praying for his listeners to embrace Jesus, the permanent solution.

T. B. Joshua assured the congregation that God who makes a difference in people’s lives was stepping into their situation to make poverty, hardship, sickness, and all forms of limitation things of the past. Whatever the situation, he said, God has stepped into it to make a difference in your life. God’s power is so real, authentic and forceful that it cannot be limited by time or space.

The congregation and viewers worldwide then listened to Mr & Mrs Onokohoa who told the tale of a troubled marriage and gave testimony to the mighty deliverance they had received after receiving prayer from Wise Man John Chi. A video clip showed an episode where Wise Man John Chi met a woman as he laid hands on the congregants. The reaction to the prayer was not from the woman but the spiritual husband in her. In anger, the evil spirit told listeners that he married the woman years back in her childhood but somebody brought her to church for deliverance against his will. The spirit went further to disclose the havoc he had done in her life, killing her child and destroying her, as she wanted to free herself from his grip. In response to the wise man’s questions, the woman, under the influence of the evil spirit, disowned her earthly husband and identified clearly with the spiritual one who even warned her not to go close to the earthly husband. The evil spirit told listeners that he had put something in her waist that disturbed the development of her unborn baby and caused her to menstruate while pregnant. As the evil spirit was commanded to leave the woman in the name of Jesus, it shouted ‘I surrender’ and she fell down. Mrs Faith Onokohoa from Bayelsa, Nigeria and her husband then came into the open to confirm the deliverance and share her experiences. In addition to confirming all the evil spirit had said, Faith said the spirit made her lose affection for her husband because it had always laid between them at night and took over the husband’s marital role. For over three months, she never had any sexual intimacy with her husband as a couple. She would also eat in her dreams. All their efforts to free her from the malevolent grip of the evil spirit remained unsuccessful until they came to The SCOAN after watching Emmanuel TV in their home. In his testimony, her husband, Mr Francis Onokohoa added that at night, he would feel the vibration and creaking of their bed even when his wife was apparently enjoying her sleep. In addition, he confessed, the evil spirit gave him weak erection. The couple however confessed that after the deliverance the relationship between them became very normal. As well as confessing feeling lighter after the deliverance, Mrs Onokohua advised all those who had similar problems to look up to God and trust Him for a solution.

Mrs Antoinette Koko, from South Africa mounted the platform and stunned her listeners that she had come to The SCOAN with the problem of addiction to eating ice cubes for the past fifteen years. The addiction to eating ice cubes, according to her, started in 1996 in a restaurant where she and a friend of hers used to spend time together often drinking cold drinks and eating ice cubes. It soon became a habit. However, while her friend soon dropped the habit, Antoinette’s grew stronger and led to an uncontrollable addiction. Even as a wife to a medical doctor, she kept ice cubes in her deep freezer to satisfy her appetite in disregard of her husband’s warning against it. She ate an average of 3kg of ice cubes daily and preferred to eat ice than food. She fainted twice because of the habit leading to blood transfusion on two occasions. She was however unable to stop and none of the places they went to for a solution were helpful. The congregation sat shocked as they watched a video clip of Antoinette a day earlier, consuming a whole bowl of ice cubes, crunching them just as if they were biscuits. During deliverance, the prophet invited her for a handshake with him but as she came close, her outstretched hand started shivering and later she fell down and the evil spirit that had caused this addiction in her life left her forever. After her deliverance, she was offered another bowl of ice cubes, but after putting one into her mouth, repulsed by the now unpleasant experience, she spat it out again, declaring that she no longer had the desire to eat ice cubes. “Before it was like food to me, but now it is just like water” she said, with tears in her eyes, as she glorified God for what He had done.

In succession to Mrs Koko, Mrs Miriam Akande of Osun State, Nigeria came forward with her daughter to plead with the pastor, Prophet T. B. Joshua for the deliverance of her daughter, Miss Miracle Akande whom she said had cultivated the habit of sniffing and eating marker pens. The mother said she was very depressed when she discovered her daughter’s habit. She said the Lord led her to The SCOAN where the Lord said a new thing would happen in her life. She added that her daughter would sniff as many marker pens as she laid her hands on, easily able to consume more than 8 pens per day. Her daughter also enjoyed the smell of petrol, kerosene and methylated spirits.In her confession, Miracle disclosed that the habit started in class when they noticed an unusual odour. Later, it was discovered that it was their teacher’s leaking marker that caused the odour. Unlike the rest of the class, Miracle enjoyed the smell, formed the habit outside the class, and enjoyed it for one and a half years. One of the results of the addiction was that her academic performance had declined. A video was shown of how Miracle would first excitedly sniff a marker pen and then chew it until all the ink had gone.

T.B. Joshua then prayed for her in the power of the Holy Spirit and she fell to the ground. She stood up, delivered and free from the spirit that had been tormenting her. She was offered some marker pens but she immediately shunned the offer and then advised other children to heed the advice of their parents as they were interested in their welfare.



Mrs Elizabeth Kanberuka of Namibia also testified to her healing from a uterine fibroid which had caused headaches and vomiting before she would menstruate. The doctor who confirmed her uterine fibroid and tubal blockage had advised her to go for an operation. She however decided to come to The SCOAN where she received the Anointing Water. After prayer at home, she ministered the Anointing Water on herself. When she went for a test later, she was told that she no longer had the problem of uterine fibroid, that her tubes were now normal and that an operation was no longer needed. She advised her listeners and Emmanuel TV viewers worldwide to believe and trust God, even in the midst of their problems

Mr Innocent Mukanganwa happily addressed his listeners from the platform about the miracle he received by ministering the Anointing Water, in Jesus’ name. He entered into a competition with his five-months of driving experience among other more qualified and seasoned drivers some with many years of driving experience. Lo and behold, he clinched the prize as Zimbabwe’s best police driver of the year.

Prophet T.B. Joshua told viewers worldwide that now was the time to break generational curses and rewrite family histories of limitation, hardship, poverty, sickness and backwardness.
He led the congregation and the viewers as the real, authentic and forceful power of God wrought miracles, signs and wonders blessing the lives of all present and watching worldwide.

The congregation dispersed thanking God individually from the bottom of their hearts for the grace of witnessing the evidence that truly, distance, time and circumstance are no barrier to the power of God. To the Lord’s power, nothing is impossible.


  1. To God Be The Glory…Emmanueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel. I have learned how to seek and identify the roots of my problem through Wise Man Christopher sermons. On daily basis i have solved my many problems and i believe that the solution is permanent in JESUS NAME.
    James Urasa- Tanzania

  2. I watch a vedio on Tb prayers. & dreamt that my flesh that d evil ones cook & fry was returnd to me, i was told why i was married which is i’m not social, i saw d man in d dream . I also plait my hair in my dream & i told my mum dt peace & progress wil come to d family. Pls explain dream & text me in my email . Thanks

  3. I watch a vedio on Tb prayers. & dreamt that my flesh that d evil ones cook & fry was returnd to me, i was told why i was married which is i’m not social, i saw d man in d dream . I also plait my hair in my dream & i told my mum dt peace & progress wil come to d family

  4. I love emmanueltv so much, every chance I get I sit down to watch it and I knw my life will never be the same after the message I receive every time. Thank you my father in the LORD, Prophet TB Joshua and thank you to the Wise Men and the Emmanuel Tv. GOD bless you more abundantly!

  5. And these signs shall flow them that believers “Jesus said in my name they will cast out demons they will speak with new tongers and if the drink and deadly thing it will no means hurt them they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover”
    Prophet TB Joshua is abeliever with absolute faith that moves whatever mountains in our lives,man of God Live long in Jesus’ name

  6. Holy spirit grand me to thank God for changing my life, through the God Channel – Emmanuel Tv, my mentor – Prophet TB. Joshua and the Wisemen my inspiration. A special thanks to the emmanuel Tv & kids partners and mostly but not least my Emmanuel prayer warriors – we are all one anothers strenght. Keep praying for me and my family in Christ Jesus.

    I pray for God’s devine favour, peace, mercy and grace upon the whole world IJN.

    I declare and decree my freedom, breakthrough in all areas of my life IJN.

    Glory to God, in Jesus Name.

    Kc _Namibia.


  8. prophet T.B Joshua live long i thank God Almight for your life and wise men the whole scoan at large man of God am your son spritually.
    Jesus christ said those who believe in Him the work He did they will do even greater works than them they will do b’se is going to His Father,now He went to His Father why can’t believer like prophet T.B Joshua dothem b’se the

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  11. Amen to rewriting family history.thank you our father in the Lord Prophet T.B Joshua for your encouraging words and marching on to victory with our Lord Jesus Christ.

  12. Yes this is the man of God, let the blessing of God flowing upon him, this is what exactly happened in the bible as the days of the Eliajah and Elish, Let the glory be to almighty God

  13. The power of God Almighty is authentic, forcefull it cannot be limited by time and space. People of God remain steadfast in the Lord because he is worthy,he is the creator of the universe, he is kings of kings and lords of lords, the alpha and the omega. We should thank him for all what he has done in our lives. Love him and do his will so that you will be always be in his presence and enjoy to be in his kingdom and look at the cross where the price was paid.for the rest of your life. The God Almighty will not forsake you. This is some of the PERMANENT SOLUTION. God is good all the time.

  14. Since i started watching Emmanuel tv, i have found refuge in our Lord saviour Jesus Christ. Will continue worshiping him forever and ever.

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  16. God is real great and powerful, i was in the service some of this testimonies. and i thankGod for his mercy on the people. My prayer is God should with his infinite mercy, allocate my family and deliver us from generational curses and bondage, my parents were idol worshippers now it’s affecting the whole family, with sickness, no progress, poverty, scattered, no unity, no genue settled marriages e.t.c. Please pray for us, we need deliverance from evil spirit, distance is not a barriar in jesus name. Amen.

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  18. I would like to thank the lord for the prophet TB Joshua and Emmanuel TV partners.I would like to thank the lord for giving me this opportunity to send this prayer request to the Emmanuel TV for i know there is no situation that is above god and distance is not a barrier in god. I am a young lady of twenty eight years of age, i have been impregnated by a young man of the the same age.Father hear my cry, the guy is hospitalized to mental disorder, prophet please pray with me for his healing may god deliver him from the demon of madness, its about a week now, but the situation is getting worse almost everyday.Please father if its because of a sin that has been committed by me or him or our forefathers please lord cleanse us with the blood of Jesus that was shed for our sins, forgive us lord.Father i believe you are god of impossibilities, set him free lord. Thank you lord for the healing for you have known us before we ask from you. Emmanuel, may god be with us

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    God Almighty will step into your situation if we do his will.

  24. What we do not understand , we destroy. Jesus was not honoured in His own country. The mysteries of God is not open for all. Let us asks the Holy spirit to give us the spiritual understanding to discern the things of the spirit. May the Holy Spirit give your wisdom men of God. I enjoyed my recent visit at the Synagogue Church of All Nations. Glory be to God in the highest.

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  34. I give my honour to the almighty for using the man of God prophet T.B JOSHUA and the Wise Men, i have changed my attitude towards challanges in life. I watch Emmanuel T.V and my life has changed.

  35. I have installed Emmanuel TV in my bedroom- it runs all night. my morning prayers starts with those offered by Prophet TB Joshua. My room is a small Synagogue now, the devil cannot dare visit it. Thank you man of God.

  36. Praise God.on 20th NOV 2011.morning on my sleeping bed,i dreams that deliverance progamme where the man of T.B JOSHUA touch me and i fall under the anointing of God.i startd praising God,till i wake up..i believe that am deliverd.Amen

  37. Хорошее слово и свидетельства. Спасибо Вам. Бог Велик! Слава Иисусу Христу!

  38. Please send me a direct number so that i could speak with Man of God i beg or any one, i was watching on Sunday 20th November, 2011 when a girl who used to eat charcoal and cement was delivered through the telephone line. That was wonderful and my faith grow besides i was feeling un well on that day lying on the sofa with pain in my body from that time i woke up and went into the kitchen to look for food. Thank Jesus for the wonderful things you have been doing in our lives through Emmanuel T.V. Channel.It has helped us in so many ways, our homes are protected. A men

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  42. God is faithful and He will always remain faithful to all those who believe in His Mighty MERCY. I really say Thank you Jesus for steping into my life and break all Demonic authority in my life in the Name of Jesus and flushing out whatever i ate in the dream or from the table of the enemy by the precious blood of Jesus. I love My Jesus for his wonderful mercy that released me and for setting me free

  43. Emmanuel ! Man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua and the wise men, praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ. I am so blessing with the semons on the Emmanuel TV. May the Almight God grant you many years on earth so that you can reap many sheeps for HIS glory. My pray is to come visit and glorify our Lord in the SCOAN, I pray that if i get an opportunity I will stay in the house of the Lord and praise his mighty name.

  44. Emmanuel ! Man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua and the wise men, praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ. I am so blessing with the semons on the Emmanuel TV. May the Almight God grant you many years on earth so that you can reap many sheeps for HIS glory. My pray is to come visit and glorify our Lord in the SCOAN, I pray that if i get an opportunity I will stay in the house of the Lord and praise his mighty name.

  45. First of all i would like to thank God for raising such a prophet and let me thank the Man of God Senior Prophet TB Joshua for teaching me prayer. I make sure that i don”t miss services at SCOAN because they bring new life to my life, they renew my strength everyday just by listening to your preaching and touching the screen of my Television. I thank God for Senior Prophet TB Joshua. If God didn’t use you, i don’t know how our lives would have been like. I pray that God should continue to use you and the Wiseman mightly, so that you can even start prophesying to the viewers because we need this prophecies. God bless you and may he enlarge your Ministry.
    To God be the Glory!!!

  46. I watch the man of God every day in my PC , and I know my day will come when I will be delivered from my problems. At the moment I seach my heart and open my heart to God to forgive me to all my sins so that I can be forgiven. God will continue to use Prophet TB Joshua to help people who are being troubled by these sick world. Amen

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  48. Emmanuel!!!
    Man of God, Senior Prophet TB Joshua,u are God sent to our generation,I claim my portion of the Lord’s solution in the name of Jesus,Amen.
    It’s my prayer that Baba God ‘ll open his heavens to continue to shower you and the ministry with all the heavenly gracious………..even till ever , amen

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  52. bonjour , je prie beaucoup mais il me semble que je ne suis pas écouté , car j’ai cru un moment que j’étais guérri de la maladie incurable dont je souffrais dont . Mais je suis sûre que ma délivrance viendra du seigneur parce que je lui fais confiance . Sinon je tiens toujour à venir à la synagogue chirch of all nation

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  54. I am sure that distance is not a barrier!
    May God be praised! I have the hope that one day
    The Almighty God will do something different for me
    in Jesus name!

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  56. Thank u Lord for da grace.l want to thank the Man of God our Senior Pastor Prophet T.B.JOSHUA for making it possible for us to be able to stay connected on this Heavenly Frequency oe Emmanueltv,my past is over.With today’s Title:AVOID THE TRAP OF LOOKING BACK,it real strengthen ma Faith so much&lm now looking at da future behind me.

    • Wow! today’s message was titled: “Avoid The Trap of Looking Back”.I’ve missed the whole of today’s telecast due to black-outs in our location_ from 0830hrs till now.I’m therefore, looking forward to having my own blessings through Thursday’s or Friday’s rebroadcasts.

    • Wow! today’s message was titled: “Avoid The Trap of Looking Back”.I’ve missed the whole of today’s telecast due to black-outs in our location_ from 0830hrs till now.I’m therefore, looking forward to having my own blessings through Thursday’s or Friday’s rebroadcasts. (John Bello M from Malawi)

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    brothers in the Lord wise men for making themselves availeble for the Lord to using them mightly for his we nigerians have discovered that you are the holy ghost marchine without doubt i pray that God will continue increasing your anointing upon double upon double in JESUS NAME.

  61. Dear all, trust in God and trust in the prophet, T. B. Joshua. Let’s also prayer for him that God will Keep him save for this generation and the unborn ones.
    Prophet my family and I salute you.


  63. greetings in the name of our lord Jesus Christ am one man mesmerised by bro TB Joshua , the man n the divine phenomenon in the synagogue the way God uses him to prove to the world the existence n divine power of God to those who believe in His son Lord Jesus Christ .Emmanuel tv n the touching n life changing sermons we see on Emmanuel tv r a blessing rea
    lly distance is not a barrier we serve our God whose power z real,authentic n forceful that cannot b limited by time n earthly wish now z a handshake n touching from the moG while my spiritual wish z to meet my Jesus some day .Please when preaching n delivering people live on telecast may u not refer us as viewers call us WORLDWIDE OVERFLOW in Jesus’ name may the good Lord take u from glory to glory amen

  64. What a clear and simple teaching understandable to all…..Yes man of God the best is yet to come for all childeren of the Father of all lights.

  65. Emmanuel! As the Man of God always say, “God’s time is the best.” Like all of you who watch, my life has never been the same since I became aware of over two years ago. Awesome teaching of God’s Word with power and life changing ministries. May God bless the Man of God TB Joshua & his family, the wise men & his whole ministries. I pray God will extend this ministry to this side of the globe, Akld, NZ

  66. please l need a good job.god should bless my children with wisdom.understandin.bless my family.hail my mother 4rm evry sicknes.god should bles my brothers.give me wisdom

  67. Halleluyah!Emmanuel!!!as l read thru my post,this wonderful testimonies of God in there lives,l know am lifted and blessed bcos l,ve already tapped 4rm it.our God is great,God will continue to increase the wise men and our great prophet t.b joshua.

  68. i would like to thanks the channel of God emannuel t.v. the wise mans and man of God T.B. life is changing every day by watching the living channel.

  69. I also missed part of these wonderful service. But I give God all the glory. There is a raise I must run and a victory to be won Give me power every hour to victory…….Haleluyaaaaaaaaaaa.

  70. Thank you LORD for rewriting my family histories of limitation, hardship, poverty, sickness and backwardness. I will prclaim your name all the days of my life.

  71. its always marvelous to watch Emmanuel TV.God at at work with faithful men.thank you prophet TB Joshua for allowing God to use you and your humility to raise wise men.i pray that very soon i will be able to visit SCOAN.

  72. Indeed distance is not a barrier, today is the day that my life has been waiting for, exams have been delayed for a month and been living a stressful life but now after praying with my family with annointing water from a friend, I can see God mercy, no doubt, my testimony is on the way today.

  73. WATCHING Emmanuel tv is the solution to all our problems of life today because God is in control,i mean through this telecast we can indentified our problems in our comunity i think this station is ours lets us support it in any means.the WHOLE WORLD the power of God is control these station we see broken homes are restore,sick are healed WHAT AGAIN,i thank God who manifisted his Nature in the life of Prophet T.B Joshua and the wise man,May God continously doing good thing through their live.amen

    Shifafure namibia

  74. We thank God for His blessings in our lives. God has started something new in my life, Glory be to God the auther& the finisher of our faith, We thank God For Papa Prophet T.B Joshua.

    Thabitha south Africa

  75. i believe that my past will soon be over i pray a lot i watch tb joshua every day and i dont miss the live services. i believe that soon God will answer my prayers in the mighty name of jesus christ i cant wait for that day that i will be free from debt free from everything that boarders me, but all can say God is always there for thers always a solution to my problems. thank you lord jesus for being there for me when i least expected it.

    • God is good! He never let his childern down.GOD Will continue to bless TB Jushua and the wise men.for i know God has already answer my prayer for he knows my name and my thought! Amen! Thank you jesus! For he has done it!



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