Discomfort had become the norm for Safiatu. For 6 long years, she had been battling with a fibroid. She had tried many different treatments but discovered that instead of her condition to improve, it became worse. The fibroid caused her so much pain, discomfort and embarrassment. She had almost resigned herself to the fate of continuing to live with this burden – that was until she joined in with the mass prayer from The SCOAN through Emmanuel TV…

Scriptural prayer releases the power of God

“I received my deliverance from Jesus Christ during the mass prayer with the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua.


I had a fibroid for the last 6 years. I have tried to treat the fibroid in many ways but all to no avail. I was tired of it. Finally, I decided to toke it as a way of life. At times, it moved like a baby in my stomach. Also, I had pile and fever.

 I always pray with the Man of God every Sunday, I was even having the intention of visiting The SCOAN for my problems. But this Sunday, I saw the miracle of God in my life. When the man of God said that, viewers over there should pray, ‘whatever you might have eaten through dreams or from the table of the adversary, begin to flush it out by the blood of Jesus.’  I started coughing and at the same time, I felt something melting in my stomach; immediately I felt something coming out of me. I thought it was urine. I continued praying and that was how it was coming out. At the end of the prayer, I saw that it was blood mixed with something having a pink color. Again, I felt like something was cutting in my stomach then there was a bundle of blood flow again. To God be the Glory, my daughter was saying,”Mama you have received deliverance”.  


Now I know that my problems are over. My sufferings are over; my pains are over. The fibroid is now a thing of the past. Since yesterday, I slept very well. Even the pains that I felt caused by the pile is over and the fever is also gone. I feel fine. Thank You, Jesus!  I thank God for this deliverance.”

Safiatu, Cameroon



  1. my sister we realy thank God for this testimony.the bible said it all by,’the just shall leave by faith’.u a blesd & continue to be a blessin to others!!

  2. Praise the Lord for healing our sister.Yes you received deliverance my sister through your faith keep it up. Jesus Christ is Able.I believe distance is a barrier, i pray may the Lord Jesus Christ Heal me as well.

  3. I belive that distance is not a barrier and with god all things are possible,but please men of god save us from this problem our marriage is breaking save ur chidren.

  4. Believe that there is nothing impossible before God. Give all your heart to Jesus Christ also believe that all the setbacks in your life are going to be flushed out in the name of Jesus Christ. Pray and believe everything is going okay for your life. Praise the Lord Amen.

    B Andrew.

  5. Please help me cure Hiv/Aids,Spiritual Woman,Evil Spirits,Badluck,Marriage Problems(they don’t stay)Money just flush out of my hands.i would like to win lotto sothat i can finish my tertiary studies.i can’t have my own house.i was promoted without increasing my salary.my child LEBOHANG is having Damons.please help me!

  6. God of Abraham,Isaak and Jacob in the name Jesus christ do good in your good to Prophet T.B Joshua and Wisemen me myself and build the wall of scoan and Emmanuel tv then you Lord you shall be pleased with the scrifice of rightouss
    ness with burnt offering and whole burnt offerings then we shall offer bulls on your alter man of God that is my daily prayer for your ministry and my ministry man of God pray for me Moses Nsubuga am 24yrs old but what God is doing in my life the lame walk barren concieve blind recieve their sight sick get healed man of God I trust God with whole of my heart and life have travelled some of africa countries while preaching the word of God with power i soo avision Jesus came and washe my feets He told me to like that to my felow human beings any one that recieve thise email take the massage to the prophet i know His bissy thanks marry chrismas prophet T.B Joshua in the name Jesus!!!!!!!!

  7. Praise the Lord children of God, l also give thanks to the almighty for visiting your households and also using his servant Prophet T B JOSHUA to deliver us. Indeed Distance is not a barrier the hand of God will reach us wherever we are. Emmanuel.

  8. Where can we go from his presence? No where.God Almighty loved us and he gave us a son. Jesus Christ said he is the way the truth and the life. Sister Safiatu thank the Lord Jesus Christ for your life because he is the only one who can heal you and he is the way. Trust him for the rest of your life.

  9. Thank God for His goodness and mercy. God is still working miracles in the lives of His people. May his grace continue to manifest abundantly in the life of his servant,Prophet T.B Joshua. God is with us. Cameroon is waiting to receive His servant the Prophet in the name of Jesus.

  10. we thank God for the sister with fibroids for recieving healing at home, i also believe God is going to help me ,bless me & my husband with a baby(been married for 3 years now) after being told by doctors that my tubes are blocked, i always pray with the prophet, thank you

  11. TB Joshua, Prophet of our time, please pray for our Africa and our
    mother Malawi when will you vist our poor Malawi/ and bless all poor
    Malawians send us the anointing WATER for our blessings

  12. My eyes watered with joy.
    I had de constipation for long time. I prayed for Prophet TB Joshua to help me, and the next morning I layed the biggest turd I have ever seen. Thankyou Prophet TB Joshua, you are truly a wise man.

  13. Emmanuel!!!!!!!!

    I want to thank senior prophet TB Joshua and the wise men, God bless you all. Daddy, we really need you and your wisemen in Ghana because we are suffering too much. I wanted to visit your church in Nigeria but I could not afford to pay the plane ticket .

    Please, when are you coming to Ghana?. I heard long time that the wisemen were coming but all proved no avail. I use to watch emmanuel TV everyday and visit your branch at the same time, but I need to see you in Ghana. Please do your best.

  14. Jesus is great!

    God is wonderful and is real using Prophet T.B.Joshua, Wise men and Emmanuel TV to revel his goodness, love and his great work in our lives.

    Let God continue to bless Prophet T.B,Joshua , Wise men and ministries forever ever. Amen!

  15. JESUS CHRIST,i thank you,for using your son T.B JOSHUA.to reach out the world.JESUS CHRIST please bless him the more.and also bless the wise men too,and there familys.Amen

  16. Praise the God.i thank you,for making it possible for we your children.to watch EMMAUNEL TV.and get our deliverance,distance is nt really a barrier for our distance.Amen.

  17. Praise GOD,i thank you for making it possible,for we your children to watch EMMANUEL TV.and get our deliverance.distance is not really a barrier for our deliverance.Amen

  18. Emmanuel!!!!! To God be the glory, i really praise Jesus christ for providing emmanuel tv because it has blessed and still blessing me. Through watching it, i became delievered from all wicked spirits and my life was transformed in a way that i have stopped doing all sorts of rubbish things. I mean drinking and also smoking. All i can say is thank you Jesus for everything done and still doing in my life. But i’d like to see man of God face to face, remember us zambians as well introduce a branch here.

  19. Praise the Lord, am also praying for the man of God prophet T.B. JOSHUA to visit Dar es salaam Tanzania so that Tanzanians will receive the power of God, anointed water and get our breakthrough! God is good all the time!. Amen

  20. Emmanuel! Glory be to God! I have been watching Emmanuel TV and see the miracles happened at Scoan through the man of God Prophet T.B JOSHUA and the wise men, am always watching live sunday service. I am praying to God to touch me one day and receive my deliverance! Emmanuel

    i am so happy for sister safiatu, our god is so great, Congrats sister

  21. Praise be to God,our sister sorry for the pain you went through,it is in the past now,thank you to our Lord God for his mercy and love.Thank you man of God TB Joshua,i Hope you will visit Zambia so that i see you FACE TO FACE,We need your presence.That is my prayer.Amen

  22. 10nk God for that testimony of safiatu been healed of fibriod.i am happy for her…i believe my own case will be settled one day in the name of JESUS(Amen) realy distance is not a barrier.Emmanuel!!! God is with us.

  23. I am a state witness in stock theft. I went to witnes on 10/11/11. after consulting with the prosecutor the told the investigator to take me out and only attend the court. Before I went there I downloaded the video of prayer from TB Joshua. I played it the whole night .Praise the Lord!!!

  24. We thank our Lord Jesus Christ for healing our sister.we pray that you continue to do the will of God my sister to maintain your healing.

  25. Unto the Lord be the glory,greater things He has done.I am so happy for you my sister in the Lord.Commit yourself to God and you will recieve mother of miracles.Keep up your faith and trust only God.

  26. Thank God for the life of prophet TB JOSHUA ,for what GOD ALMIGHTY is doing via his servant mostly in period were the devil has gone mad.I always watch Emmanuel TV every Sunday live service and Monday service i can’t afford to miss any, for it has been a blessing to me especially as i watch the numerous deliverance and the healing power of our lord Jesus Christ.I know the best is yet to come as people,countries,regions, cities,continue to watch emmanuel TV.

  27. If God can do it for you, my own case of tight cervix,is nothing. I have faith that am going to deliver this my baby without operation. Amen

  28. Pra pra pra praise e lord, Jesus Christ now i know God one day i am going 2 be touched by God’s power through watching Emmanuel Tv.

  29. I dreamed going to scoan on sunday night. While I was going people at home were watching me on my way. I could see people in the church including TB Josua. He then said to me, takeout your sandals before you could come in the Scoan. I then turn back and went back. I woke up shivering , Please help me understand this dream.

  30. I want 2 thank GOD for raising a servant of HIS like prophet TB JOSHUE in this generation where is hope or faith.I THANT the servant of for a father to the fatherless and mother to motherless.All i can is to pray 4 2continue to strengthened him as he do the work which has been assigned to him.Yes i equally thank GOD almigthy 4 bringing up the the wise men to assist his servant in the work .Thank u JESUS.

  31. God is awesome,am so short of words to quantify it,may his be praise for ever!now I strongly believe that indeed distance is not a barrier. Praise God

  32. am blessed knowing that everything has been flushed out i look at myself with new eyes or what a blessing to know this truth.

  33. faith is the medium thru whch we connect 2 Gods power.we thnk God 4 the healin nd our papa prophet Tb joshua 4 usin hm so mightly.jesus said sin no more lest yo problm be greater keep ur deliverance by obeyin the word of God

  34. I thank God for my sister and i thank d man of God prophet T.B. Jushau. And i also pray to God to visit my own case to in Jesus name. Emmanuel!!! God with us

  35. Iam zambian I have been watching a emmanuel tv for sometime now and I have seen how anoiting water has been doing and how the man of God is praying for the people. Now I don’t know I can buy anoiting water is zambia could you please assist me

  36. Praise the Lord for the wonderful miracles done though Snr Prophet Joshua and Emmanuel T.V,indeed the Lord is worthy to be praised because there is none like Him and nothing is impossible before Him.Halleluya,Victoria ,Botswana.

  37. Praise the living God for your healing my dear sis. Distant is not a barrier and were can we go from God’s presence, nowhere. For sure as man of God Prophet T.B Joshua said you shall cry no more and it has come to pass. Thank you Lord for answering your children as they cry to you. May the Lord bless our Prophet T.B Joshua and his family. Also blessings upon the wisemen and all workers at Scoan. We love you …..

  38. glory be to GOD for your healing and deliverance.
    the same sunday/ yesterday night when the man of God was praying for the viewers i recieved my deliverance too, i touched the screen the time he was praying and i was praying too i just felt like vomiting and i felt sothing was coming out of me and i vomitted, after the prayer i felt light in my body and at ease. it was different from past times before being delivered. i thank God for what he has done for me and i believe my past is over. thank you Jesus Christ. may God continue blessing the work the man of God is doing.


  40. Praise be to God. Let me also as a regular viewer share my testimony here: I have been having severe headache on my left side of my head till that Sunday when I also prayed along with the Man of God and started sneezing and releasing mucus from my nose which i haven’t done for a long time. Now my headache is gone and I thank God, the man of God and the entire Emmanuel TV crew. I live in Ghana and watch it through Crystal TV. Long live the man of God Amen.

  41. Thank you men of god for being there for us as you said distance is not abarrier we always watch you on tv especialy the live services we make sure that we dont miss them. God is great and i believe thar one day i will also be healed inthe name of jesus christ i believe big things are coming my way with the help from god. my faith is strong and i always go through hard times in life but then there would always be a light forme . i believe that God will soon give my husband a job i have faith in that and he will be able to help me. i also know that the baby boy that i want so much will soon come and that the small fibroid thats starting to grow will soon disapear. in the mighty name of jesus christ i believe in you. thank you

  42. Blessing and honour and glory and power be unto Him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever.

  43. The lord God is always faithfull to his people.We thank God for what he has done in the life of our sister and am always watching God doing what is known for to many lives.My time is soon coming to share my testmony as the prophetic message came yesterday confirmed that “i will cry no more in Jesus name”
    Innocent Nkonge from Zambia

  44. We thank the Lord for your deliverance sister. God’s time is the best, I will continue to pray with the Man of God and I know that my turn is definitely coming. Glory be to Jesus! Hallelujah!

  45. Thanks Lord Jesus for everything ,keep me away from sickness and thanks for wash me with your precious blood my saviour.keep flushing all the demonic in my life Jesus.what ever which is not from you Lord destroy it in the Name of Jesus Christ.Blessed my family ,healer them, talk to them lord, Give them avision to focus your Word.thanks you almighty Jesus. In Jesus Name I pray ,,,Amen.


    • Praise be to the name of the Lord!
      My sister your faith has made you whole and it shall be forever Amen!
      I also tap ino this anointing in Jesus name AMEN !

  47. Glory b to God almighty for your healing my sister. folo him all yo life. am believing God only also for my own deliverance.Amen

    • please don’t say you are “believing God only for my own delivrance” as you wrode furder.That is the mistake we christians use to do;But you should believe for the salvation of your soul first, and your healing would comme alone as a gift from god.Ok! God bless you.

  48. EMMANUEL ///The greatness of the Lord is beyond human comprehension.People of God we have to believe ,for it is in faith that we find salvation.Jonah prayed in faith while in the deepest core of the sea and the Lord God was well pleased such that he sent his medium of redemption.

  49. i have seen a lot of things and i have heard a lot too.I dont want to be among those who are missing a huge opportunity to recieve what money can not buy in termsof miracle and healing mostly, in there own country,while others who are coming from the far end of the world are taking there blessing and prosperity there various home.I need my own deliverance,miracle,healing.I strongly believe in you,that with u all my problem should be over.Honestly, speaking i do get anoid whenever they are contraditing you.seriously,i need deliverance, i am a Nigerian but i am leaving in Gabon i have been praying to snagogue but i am financial buoyant

  50. Glory to God! I am excited to hear what God has done to sister Safiatu. I have similar problem, and I don’t believe in operations because I believe in miracles from God. My healing is coming.I like watching emmanuel tv,and will follow Man of God as he extend his prayers to us who are unable to come to go SCOAN. Thank you Jesus for giving usT B Joshua.

  51. I praise the almighty Jesus Christ for all the healings and miracles that God is using our dear Daddy to be doing. Lord you are so good and kind for us!

    Thank you Jesus Christ for all the Healing, Deliverance and true Salvation.

  52. we have to say thank you lord, my mentor Prophet TB Joshua said “Jesus never say goodbye he is still healing even right now just have faith unto the lord and you will receive your own miracle”. Thank you lord for sending the prophet and had given him the vision to have Emmanuel tv to revive the faith and bless those who can not reach SCOAN.

    • PraIse the living GOD. I wish Almythy GOD can give us just one quater of PHOPHET T.B JOSHUA in GHANA just 1/4 Ghanians would be blessed

  53. Praise the lord, my sister i thank the lord for touching your case, I know what it means to live with a sickness and sometimes we end up telling yourself that maybe this is how am suppose to live my life. many of us have given up and learned to live with these pain but i praise the lord because he should you there is a time for everything. I also thank our lord Jesus Christ for blessing us with Emmanuel Television because it gave me hope and believe someday i will praise the lord like you and many others for the salvation of our soul.

  54. I didn’t know God’s greatness until I got to hear and know the man of God T B Joshua… I believe in our God and the son Jesus Christ now more than ever. I believe in his love and grace now more than before. JESUS has become my centre now because of his greatness. All those testimonies, I believe came and shall forever come from our Lord Jesus and the Heavenly Father! Glory to God! More blessings and power be upon the man of God T B Joshua! Halleluya!

  55. Thank God for your deliverance and it shall be permanent in ur life in Jesus name Amen.
    And I also uses this opportunity to claim my miracles and blessings in Jesus name Amen.

  56. God Almighty is surely doing His GREAT work through His servant prophet TB Joshua as it is written on Revelations 12vs 11. Thank you sister for testifying. There is power in testimony. Emmanuel.

  57. our lord is a wonderful and powerful God, there is nothing impossible with him..he has done and he will do it again and again.. i thank and praise the lord for you..


  58. I praise the Lord for healing this our sister through the medium of Emmanuel TV ! I can understand what she went through as my Dear Mother now of Blessed Memory suffered from a similar chronic problem all her life. Unfortunatel her life was destroyed, i strongly believe that if she was still alive now, she would have receive her healing from the Man of God like this our sister ! We thank God for everything.

  59. l also thank God on your behalf my sister your faith healed you glory to our loving God with our prophet TB Joshua thank you sir for your care.You remember your viewers allways when you are doing prayers.We are many out there willing to come down there but with these testimonies that we hear it will help us to have more faith and get our blessings from our God as you allway say distance is not a barrier receiving God’s mercy. Thank you all.

    • Thanks my sister for what happen to you, always remember God is able for what we ask for! I thank man of God Phophet TB Joshua for what he use to do. Helping people with different needs. My God continuing his bless to him more and more!
      Emmanueli!!! god with us.


      from Tanzania

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