Wise Man John Chi opened the service with an enlightening message, titled: A PRAYERFUL HEART. He started by saying that prayer is the shortest route between our hearts and God and that our means of communication with God is through prayer.

Wise Man John Chi

He advised on the way to pray, saying that: “Asking God for a specific thing would amount to limiting God to a certain answer. Those who are emotionally controlled lack the sense of objectivity. They tend to instruct God in the way He should go. They would say, “God, give me this; give me that”. They pray to pull God to their mind not to bring themselves to His.” He said we should look at the life of Daniel as an example to us saying that: “When Daniel was going through hard times in the hands of his enemies, he did not instruct God in the way He should go, he simply left all to God to glorify His name and submitted to His will. When we pray, the answer we get depends on how God chooses to implement His will in that matter.” He explained that when we come to God, we must come with a pure heart because the great thing God looks at and requires is the heart, explaining that: “Our hearts must be purified by faith and entire for God because if it is not in spirit, it is not in truth and so it is all nothing.”

Using the book of Romans 8:26-27, he explained that there are two types of prayer. Spirit prayer; that is prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit which springs from need. And conventional prayer; that is exercising techniques of mind control which spring from emotions/feelings. He asked the congregation the question: “Which of The prayers do you offer? The outcome of your prayer depends on the kind of prayer you offer.”

Wise Man John Chi concluded the message by making an intriguing statement. “We often hear that prayer changes things but it is not entirely true. Prayer changes us, faith changes things. I mean, prayer changes our focus and faith causes things to happen.”

He then asked the congregation some thought provoking questions:

Why are we not delivered from our bad habits in spite of our prayer?

Why are our souls not completely healed in spite of our prayer?

He then ended the message noting the role that faith plays in prayer, saying that:

“Prayer is not right if it does not spring from faith. One is rewarded when one prays in faith.”


T.B. Joshua started by noting that in some homes or families, there has been a cycle of life, from generation to generation. He said for some it is a cycle of poverty, for others, a cycle of hardship or marital problems, or sickness and disease. He said that for so many there has been a limitation of progress.

Prophet T.B. Joshua

He noted that for some, anytime anyone in the family would reach a certain level in life, they would not be able to progress beyond it. He also said that for others, even if they reached a high level and succeeded, eventually they would still be brought back down to the lowest level. He said, “Many homes – no matter the position they occupy, they will still come down, they will become nobody and those things they acquired will become history.” He encouraged everyone listening by declaring, “Now it is time to break the cycle of life. We are here today to break the cycle!”



A large part of the live Sunday Service at The SCOAN consists of testimonies – testimonies of those that have received something that will change their lives forever. Most of those that come for their testimony tell us that it was the testimony that they saw on Emmanuel TV that led them to come for their healing, blessing and deliverance. You are blessed to bless others. That gift of a testimony is what God will use to bless other through you.

The testimonies began with a loud shout of praise from Mr John Marufu to God Almighty for healing him from deafness in his left ear. The Zimbabwean came to The SCOAN because of what he had heard from friends about The SCOAN and the miracles that were taking place. But even though he came in faith, he still doubted God’s desire and ability to help him in his mind saying that if he did not receive his miracle that he would visit the doctor again as soon as he arrived back in his country.

Mr John Marufu

Touched on the head by the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua during the laying on of hands section during a Monday Live Prophetic Service, he fell to the ground under the influence of the Holy Spirit. Later on, as he used a cotton ear bud to clean out his ears, he heard a whooshing sound in his left ear and he could hear again. Glory be to God! Despite his doubt that God can do what He says He can do, God set him free.

The second testimony but not any less powerful was given by Tsholofelo Setshiro from Botswana testifying that she had been healed from extremely poor vision. She was wearing glasses and if she removed them, she could not see more than 2 meters in front of herself. Diagnosed with shortsightedness, the only solution from medical professionals were the glasses and medications for the eyes but to no avail.

After receiving prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua, the next morning she woke up and as she was leaving the room, she forgot her glasses.

Tsholofelo Setshiro

When she finally realized that her healing had been perfected, she was already outside walking around without them. She then noticed that she could see details of things quite a distance away. Tears filled her eyes as she recounted the joy she felt when she realized that God had turned her poor vision to clear sight in just a blink of God’s eye.

Mrs Appollonia Ezeugwu received her healing before she ever set foot inside The SCOAN. Both of her legs had been broken in an accident and she was bedridden unable to move from her hospital bed. When finally she was discharged from the hospital, she was using a wheelchair to get around. Due to her condition, her husband installed Emmanuel TV in their home and she started to watch it on a daily basis. One day as she was watching Emmanuel TV, a woman who had come to The SCOAN with a problem similar to her own was receiving prayer; the woman stood and began to walk. At that same

Mrs Appollonia Ezeugwu

moment, with great faith in her heart, she touched the screen of her television and stood up from her wheelchair. Shouting in amazement, her family came running into the room to find that she was no longer wheelchair bound but walking freely to the glory of God. This is to encourage others watching Emmanuel TV that anywhere they are, they can receive their very own miracle. Distance truly was not a barrier in the life of Mrs Ezeugwu.

Anointing Water Testimony – Mr Oluseyi Sunday was in abject poverty when he received the Anointing Water

Mr Oluseyi Sunday

at The SCOAN. After administering it and praying in the name of Jesus Christ, he received major breakthrough in every area of his life.

Mr & Mrs Okes Erebu came to The SCOAN booked for an operation at the doctor’s request as she had been in prolonged labour.

Mr & Mrs Okes Erebu

Wise Man Racine went to pray for Mrs Erebu in the labour and delivery room of the church and she delivered her baby safely without an operation.

The same day, another couple Mr & Mrs Moses came to The SCOAN also booked for an operation

Mr & Mrs Moses

because the baby was in a breech position inside the womb. Immediately Wise Man John Chi started to pray for Mrs Stella Moses, the baby started to change to its proper position and a short time later she delivered her baby boy safe and sound.

Telling the viewers and members of the congregation that she was coming all the way from South Africa to share her testimony of what God had done for her without her even being in The SCOAN, Mrs Winnie Joyce Duru declared that she received her healing from severe stomach pain through the Anointing Water by Prophet T.B. Joshua, Anointing Water she had been given by a friend. Unable to diagnose the exact problem she was having, the doctor’s operated on her twice, once for her appendix and a second on her womb.

Mrs Winnie Joyce Duru

They wanted to do a third kidney operation but seeing that the problem was beyond nature that was when a friend gave her the Anointing Water from The SCOAN. Spraying the Anointing Water and praying in the name of Jesus Christ, she believed that God would take control of her situation. Instantly, she felt heat on the right side of her body and something come out of her. From that moment on, she testifies that her body is like new just as Prophet T.B. Joshua stated during the service that it is as if God has given her the spare parts He had in His store in Heaven.

If millions of this generation are to believe, they must see proof that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. That is the reason we document every miracle that happens at The SCOAN. If you have your own testimony, please email us on



After the break, T.B. Joshua came out again to lead the congregation and the viewers worldwide in a prayer point that would break every demonic authority over their lives.


Whatever cycle of poverty, sickness, disease, begin to break it in the name of Jesus! You know the situation your home, community are facing. God says it is time to break that yoke.

Trust Him. Jesus holds the key to your life. Begin to break the hold of satan over your life, destiny. Begin to disengage yourself, free yourself from the grip or hold of satan, in the name of Jesus!

If you have eaten through dreams, or from the table of your enemy, adversary – flush it out in the precious blood of Jesus Christ! Wash it away by the blood of Jesus Christ.

I can see you being released!  Your business, career, life, marital life, destiny has been released!

The congregation departed with this prayer going through their minds, knowing that they were victorious in Christ Jesus and that they had been freed from the hold of satan over their lives. The viewers worldwide were likewise encouraged and resolved henceforth to live above the cycle of limitation that had kept them captive for so long.


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  1. pls pray me and family so we shall know no limitation in any domain in our life,also pray for my country Cameroon and world at atlarge,for God’s blessing and mercy upon our lives.

  2. I great you in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
    I wish to submit a prayer request for God to bless my family. I believe with blessings comes prosperity and removal of evil that clings so closely. Amen!

    • My only son is of God, deliver my son and my family.
      Iam have gout and BP, deliver me Man of God.

  3. We thank Almight God for Tb Joshua. If we could have one TB Joshua in every country of the world we would not remain the same. And satan would take its place in the hell. We Glorify his name Jesus Christ.

    • iam so blessed this is what I needed in my life,and once I realized that there was poverty cycle in our family, I dealt with it and now I am free in Jesus name.God bless TBJoshua ministry.

  4. Lord God Almighty should be thanked because he has availed himself everywhere so that we know that he is for us. So we should always have a PRAYERFUL HEART so that he pours out his spirit into our spirit being. The more we seek him through prayer the more he avails himself to us. God Almighty do wonders in our lives if we seek him in truth. He will help us to BREAK THE CYCLE OF LIFE if we have a PRAYERFUL HEART and have faith all the time. Better is not good enough but the best is yet to come.

  5. Where can we go from his presence? Nowhere. Thank you God Almighty for giving Snr Prophet T B Joshua the gifits for helping other people, which he is using now to bring glory to you LORD and others to know you and help them to know their own gifts you gave them so that they use them for your glory and to others.
    Snr Prophet T B Joshua let your light shine before men that they may see your good deeds and praise your father in heaven.

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    May God use you as a midium to restore his blessings in my home.

    Thank you very much

    kwabena kwakye

  7. Indeed we break the grip of satan by touching the screen.The God of synagoue is real i have seen wonders working in me through touching the screen.May God grant you (T B Joshua)all the wisdom so that you may live long and deliver us from the hands of the wicked,In Jesus Name.

  8. thank you lord for the life of our beloved,merciful and humbled prophet tb joshua. my faith is lifted day by day.zvangu zvaita screamed john marufu he was healed problem solved. he screamed in his mother tongue we are blessed by his testimony.even the doubting thomases are healed.what a mighty god we serve. alice shungu chikosha zimbabwe.

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  11. Praise God. I’m 5 years at SCOAN CAPE TOWN playing drums. Have never see a ministry like this. I don’t have emmaneul tv but when I get a chance to watch it at church
    I see all sorts of miracles. I’m living in
    poverty and I just wish that my pass will
    Be over just like those on emmaneul tv
    That receices they breakthrough every sunday. I thank God for the life of prophet T. B Joshua. To God be the Glory

  12. Emmanuel (God with us) if God is with us who can be against us. I always say we are blessed Generation to have our Senior Prophet T B Joshua. I am one of blessed people to have opportunity to be at Scoan and recieve deliverance from Man of God. I also seen the miracle of annointing water I recieved from SCOAN, Lagos, Nigeria in october 2011. My Son of 2 years who is in other province/State was sick. I fasted, prayed and administered annointing water on air calling his name and my son was healed. Glory be to God, Emmanuel

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    By Ruth K Ngambela -Zambia

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  21. Emmanuel ! Thank You God for the lives of the prophet Tb Joshua & the wisemen….. one of the reasons why we should keep on watching Emmanuel tv is that there is ” God that answereth by Holy Ghost fire”all the limitations and bad habits are broken in Jesus’s name now we have an earthly captain(s) who lead us to fight the good fight of faith in Jesus name Let His holy name be glorified !

  22. I just want to tank God for the life of my Prophet,actually distance is not a barrier. I first watch emmaneul’s TV at a friends house and immediately instal mine the next wk. I had dis problem ,i saw my last menstral flow since April dis year, have visited doctors,done scan and placed on drugs yet nothing happen until Nov 6th when my prophet asked us to break the hold of satan over our lives and to vomit whatever we have eaten in the dream,dat day i vomited in my room n pray in faith believing dat my period must flow and touching the screen of my TV. To the glory of God as am texting now its flowing heavily and i know my healing is perfected in Jesus Name Amen. Man of God the lord wil continue to protect u and ur family and may u contiunue to wax strong in Jesus Name Amen.

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    austin enefu


  33. That sermon was very powerful. I could feel God’s presense even though I was miles away. I prayed for the break of family poverty cycle and the following day my young sister and her husband informed me that they both secured jobs.

    I believe that God is going to complete the job that He has started. Glory be to God!

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    by Anne, Malawi

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  38. I am always glued to my tv screen watching whenever i am free in the evening and afternoon during weekdays and weekends respectively. My faith is growing everyday as the men of God at SCOAN keep bringing onto my table more and more dishes full of delicacies that enrich my spiritual life. I am one of the children of God who have suffered for a long time because of lack of knowledge in the things of God. Indeed faith comes by hearing the Word of God. My eyes are being opened day by day. Satan put me in chains and has not allowed me to fully enjoy as a child of God. Jeus did not die just for us to enter heaven when we die and live a miserable life here on earth as the thinking of many is today. We must indeed let God prepare a table for us in the presence of our enemies. Jesus paid it all on the cross, why should we struggle? I want this cycle of hardship, poverty, disease & sickness, limitations in my life and that of family members be completely and permanently broken in Jesus’ Name! Man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua and your wisemen I salute you! Continue the good fight and great rewards are awaiting you. Emmanuel!

  39. I hv been under dis yoke of limitation that has kept me where iam today. I hv prayed &prayed &prayed, but things remained de way dey are. I hv made several attempt to succeed but at de end evrything will turn back agaist me. 4months agoe i sold all my properties rent out my apartment &traveled to ghana to see if i can find a greaner pasture there, but now i’m back to nigeria without anything to show. Iam once again borrowing mony up and dow to make another travel to lybia. Man of all i’m saying is dat i know what i’m doing, but what is doing me is what i does’nt know. I need God’s intervention in my life. I belive if you tel God anything about my case he will do it. Pls pray 4me.

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    daily we watch
    Its new experieince in my life
    A friend gave me annointing water
    I feel like spraying every affilicte mankind i see.
    help me how should i use this water

    my business,my destiny, my carrier my marital status

    what an affliction jesus can not overcome

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  48. Jesus never fails.the testimonies and the live emmanuel tv programmes are helping to continue in hope and faith that one day Jesus wil open my case file and touch me I am assured one day is one day

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    Read 2Chronicle 20:20.

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    by Mrs. Peace O’neal

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  67. Dear ALL,



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    After I read their testmony,i was encouraged so much.Afterwards,my uncle had visited scoan,came with some anointed water.I took and believed GOD for conception.In the very month August 2011,I concieved.I give all the glory and honour to GOD our father.May GOD continue using TB JOSHUA and the wise men day and night in JESUS NAME +260977766476

  69. Emmanuel, am realy blessed to in this world were TB Joshua is our prophet, i have now understood my life through Emmanuel tv, God bless TB Joshua, the Wise men, all tv parteners. we hope to see the wise men also in Zambia in Jesus name, am bl;ssed. lawrence mwale, lusaka zambia.

  70. To God be the Glory great things He has done! this is the song of my heart ever since I began watching Emmanuel TV in March this year, I have received breakthroughs in my family, the latest being promotion to become an Operations Manager at Co-operative Bank of Kenya LTD. I have been praying alongside with Prophet TB Joshua,touching the screen from my home in Mumias , Western Kenya, since then my life has not been the same. The circle of defeat, poverty, etc have been destroyed in Jesus name, My spiritual life has improved greatly, my knowledge of the word of God and applying it to my life has improved greatly, I have learnt to have faith even in the most difficult situations, My prayer is one day to visit SCOAN, Be blessed Children of GOD

  71. What God is doing through Prophet T.B. Joshua! no man can understand.God is good indeed. God proves Himself each and everyday. He deserve our glory and honer. We must never ever stop worshiping him. He is God.

  72. AMEN LORD. I enjoyed watching this sermon. and i was blessed as and delivered from cycle of limitation, hardship, poverty and marital issues from both sides of my father and mother.
    Betty – zambia

  73. Thank you Lord for the great messages. I am blessed i listen to Emmanuel TV daily and my life is changing for the better but the best is yet to come .

  74. indeed we are blessed by the teachings from the men of God from SCOAN.thats why every time i think of how good the Lord is to us,it amazes me that surely he shall not leave us without direction as he uses men of God.


  75. I thank God 4 the life of senior prophet TB JOSHUA.I would like to be a disciple to prophet TB JOSHUA I dnt kno9 hw to go abt it.even to have a scoan branch in zimbabwe wat is the procedure in Jesus s name thank u in advance

  76. Lord Jehovah GOD send forth thy spirit to break and release me from all my genaretional curses in JESUS CHRIST NAME I PRAY AMEN, EMMANUEL EMMANUEL

  77. GOD of TB JOSHUA help us in breaking the cycle of our genaretion to genaretion curces like these problems they need our siniour TB JOSHUA to go over and cancell in jesus name.thank you.

  78. Emmanuel!What a faithful God we serve,faithful in every way. Thank you wiseman John Chi for the wonderful message.May God Anoint you the more in Jesus’ name.Thanks be to God for blessing us with Prophet T.B. Joshua.Freedom!

  79. Im really blessed by Emmanuel T,V.i watch every sunday and monday services and i know im coming up with big testimonies,and i am indeed blessed ,i used to live a stress kind of lifestyle but now im free and gaining weightm,praise the Lord.victoria from Botswana.

  80. May the Almighty God richly bless you with more anointing and blessings to affect the world who is without hope. Better is not enough the best is yet to come indeed. We in Cape Coast, Ghana need a branch. Thank you Jesus, thank you man of God. I hope and pray that every yoke in my family will be broken.

  81. Since I have known Emmanuel tv the Lord has been always on my side . Thank you. Wise men John Chi for your powerful message and now I know that prayer changes us and faith changes things. I will always watch Emmanuel tv and praying with prophet T.B Joshua all the times, I am a different person by following the guidance of prophet T.B Joshua, wise men . Emmanuel

  82. it was a very powerful word, indeed , in ma family we are experiencing the same problems mentioned above but l thank God that the man of God preached about it, that shows the devil has been exposed and in Jesus Mighty Name, ma family &l have been set free, from all the bondages….

  83. Thank you Jesus i am blessed with my family when we pray with man of God Phophet TB Joshua we are healed once we touch the screen.

    Thank you Jesus

  84. what a wonderful place to long to be , its a place full of refreshment in as far as the things of god are concerned.may the lord continue to strengthen and bless the man of god in every area of his life , for people all over the world are being blessed by his wonderful works.

  85. Thanks Lord, The things you do even to sinners like us show that you are a Great GOD. May your will in Prophet TB Joshua Expands to the end of the Earth in the Name of Jesus. Amen

    I am expecting an Invitation. Hope the Lord will use SCON to save me from the hands of the Devil AMEN


  87. break the cycle of life has givin me the faith that the Lord our God is alive!!!!!! i beleive He has paid the debth of our sins. praise the Lord. chantal

  88. Emmanuel! Distance is not a barrier indeed. Thank God for the man of God, words cannot descibe the impact his ministry makes to me. He is God sent for our generation, and we all need to pray for him and the wisemen. Jesus Christ is alive!! Miracles still happening!

  89. praised be the name of the Most High God. I have a problem wen i pray, i dont feel connected to my prayer most of the time and it makes me feel like my prayers are just in vain but i really want to feel that connection

  90. Emmanuel! What a wonderful service it was, and a wonderful prayer point. I thank God that I was able to pray that prayer live online with Prophet T.B. Joshua and the whole congregation. Prophet T.B. Joshua is a gift from God to this generation of ours. I would like to ask the Prophet where and how we outside Nigeria could get the prophecy he mentioned on Sunday. He said he had put the prophecy down and would hand them out to people present at the service. Will the text be posted on the website of the SCOAN/Emmanueltv? Thank you!

  91. Thank you prophet of GOD (TB JOSHUA) and the wise men for remembering those who cannot make it to scoan, i have always been blessed and my life delivered by watching every word you speak,for i believe these is a special message from the MOST HIGH FATHER to his children through his servant. my life is not the same since the day i came to know EMMANUEL TV through the internet.Thank you Lord for your everlasting love.Lord increase your annoint in your servant by your grace.amen.

    • hank you prophet of GOD (TB JOSHUA) and the wise men for remembering those who cannot make it to scoan, i have always been blessed and my life delivered by watching every word you speak,for i believe these is a special message from the MOST HIGH FATHER to his children through his servant. my life is not the same since the day i came to know EMMANUEL TV through the internet.Thank you Lord for your everlasting love.Lord increase your annoint in your servant by your grace.amen.

  92. I praise the living king,for his divine power in our lives,he reigns victoriously above all power,kings,authorities,and his mercies endure forever, he is faithfully never lies he is so attention to fulfill his promises to as he said in Jeremiah 1:12,To fulfill his word to us.I bless his name forever more,Emmanuel!


  93. May the almight God bless the man of God and his wise men helping in the work of God.I realy pray for the emmanuel TV team and the SCOAN to be blessed daily.

  94. i am Sandile mkhwanazi from south africa i always believe that a great God will pull me out of these poverty in Jesus name… i always fasting & offoering our God is faithfull in all

  95. Thank you Man of God for breaking this circle.As im here now I’m one of those who are blessed by just touching the screen indeed distance is not abarrier. Continue praying for us who are not able to meet you right in the SCOAN church of all nations due to different reason be it financial,not having access to the net and many more.Yes the past is over

  96. I missed Wise Man John Chi sharing but through this posting have been updated.The issue of prayer and faith, is the position I always find myself in.Thank you John Chi for opening this divine door of wisdom.Pray for me so I can overcome this and break the cycle of hardships, in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ,Amen.

  97. Emmanuel,our Almighty GOD is good all the time to His people! For those who do not believe i.e those who walk by sight and not by faith,i advise them to watch emmanuel tv and see what GOD IS DOING BY USING HIS SERVANTS (PROPHET T.B JOSHUA AND THE WISE MEN).Miracles and prophets are still existing,as JESUS is still alive,He never said good bye,He is the same yesterday,today and forever. People of God, let us thank God for the life of the prophet and the wise men,they are for our advantage as we all watch every day people being healed,delivered,and a lot of testimonies! What else do we want God to do for us? Myself am blessed every day while watching and praying with the Prophet.LORD JESUS POUR MORE ANOINTING AND GRANT THEM ALL MORE YEARS TO LIVE WITH DIVINE POWER FOR THEM TO CONTINUE TO DO YOUR WORK,IN JESUS NAME I PRAY,Amen.Better is not good enough,the best is yet to come,children of God keep watching Emmanuel Tv for a peaceful blessed life,it is a very enriching tv for whoever wants to live the life set for him/her by GOD,

  98. This message touched me personally “Whatever cycle of poverty, sickness, disease”,thank you Man of God for picking this topic as it made my day light.Indeed let this negative cycle be broken in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ,Amen.

  99. I give God the glory for the life of man of God senior Prophet T.B.Joshua. Last sunday I felt the power of God in the comfort of my sitting room as I watched the procedings of sunday live service. The grip or hold of satan in may areas of my life were broken. thank God for the freedom.

  100. Emmanuel,distance is not the barrier only if you believe that if i touch the screen my past is over and it will be over,God ‘s time is the best. To God be the glory.Thank you Jesus for the deliverance and healing of our people.May God continue to increase annointing to the Man of God and the Wiseman.Amen

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