As each week passed, the anxiety increased as Boas Chiti, a training officer from Zimbabwe, watched his son’s condition deteriorate. The boy was getting weaker by the day as he was no longer able to retain whatever nourishment had entered his body. Boas had taken him to hospitals but there was still no improvement – that was until he had the opportunity and grace to receive some of the Anointing Water….

I have been watching Emmanuel TV since 2006 to date. Nowadays, I am watching the channel with more devotion than before. My son suffered for a period of four months coughing and vomiting whenever he ate anything. Doctors diagnosed him that he was suffering from Bronchitis. We started searching for the Anointing water from The SCOAN. In May 2011, a friend of my wife brought Anointing water she had got from someone who had visited the SCOAN. We ministered the Anointing Water on our son. After he drank the Anointing water, he vomited a lid of a soft drink. From that moment, everything changed. The coughing and vomiting stopped and he was completely back to normal. I discovered that the lid had previously choked the boy. I narrated what happened after the boy was given Anointing Water and everybody I told was amazed and praised the Lord. As parents we were very much pleased and praised the Lord and wish more blessings to The SCOAN ministry and Prophet T.B. Joshua.”

 Boas Chiti, Zimbabwe



122 thoughts on ““MY SON IS HEALED!”

  1. I live in South Africa and need to order your mighty products but dont have your details . Also please inform me when visiting South Africa .

  2. Glory to God real distance is not a barrier. l thank my God and man of God prophet T.B Joshua for having mercy on me and my daughter. My girl four years old used to have problems of brithing blocking noise when a sleep but because of prayers from man of God T.B Joshua thru tv screen my daughter was healed she can now sleep a peiceful night.My self this week on Tuesday 03/01/2012 thru tv prayers from the man of God l vomited all the evil that was tomenting me.l would like to incarrage people to keep on watching Emmanuel tv one day they will receive their blessings God is good to us all.Also l managed to receive a prayer from the prayer worries for a request to get my money back from a business partner who cheated me with love of God l will receive my money back and l m will come again with a testimone. l m in Botswana.

  3. Senior prophet T.B Joshua is sent to help mankind world wide.Each time i watch Emmanuel Tv i thank God for using prophet T.B Joshua & his wise men in delivering people with different sickness, am being attacked by evil spirit.Please man of God help me,i will be restored back.EMMANUEL ! EMMANUEL!! EMMANUEL !!!

  4. God is great my brethren, please i also have a problem thats eating my family up. me, my wife and our lovely baby have been waiting for response to visit the SCOAN for help, but it seems our turn is far fetched. please help us pray for God’s mercy so that we can also testify of his healing mercies in jesus’ name.

  5. Where can we go from his presence. No where. What a wonderful Savior Jesus Christ our Lord we must praise and worship. Brother Boas Chiti I thank God Almighty for the life of your son. The medium of Anointing Water has done it again. Lord Jesus Christ had a permanent solution for your son’s life. Make sure you raise your son in the way of the Lord and make sure God’s word is a standard for your life and love him. Better is not good enough but the best is yet to come.

  6. my sister had been having series of miscarriages since she got married in 2006 and this has taking them many places in search of solution but all their efforts failed,and this has taking away heir joy and comfort,But God used me to minister to my sister and her husband about synagogue church of all nation to them,i asked my sister to tell her husband that i want to speak with him which she did,and her husband called me and i told him about the solution to his problem which i believe that as soon as they step into the land of mercy which is synagogue church of all nation that the whole problem will be solve,the husband came to Nigeria because he base in Tanzania.They came and they were touched by wise men,my sister is pregnant now and she is with her husband in Tanzania.Brothers in the lord please i need prayer from all the faith believing members of house hold of God to always pray for my sister to give birth to her son which i have already named chukwukaike,meaning God’s power is greatest

  7. Bless the lord, am believing for a miracle, I have an irritation on my throat for over ten years now and i have also lost my sense of smell. i am believing my God is a healer and deliver there is nothing impossible before him. I always watch Emmanuel TV to receive my hearing for it is said distance is not a bearer. Emmanuel!

  8. hi Alice,
    To God be the Glory,we thank God our sister delivered safely.nothing is impossible with God.God Bless your man servant prophet T.B.Joshua.

  9. praise the living god for saving my cousin.for 4 days she was in labour and the pain was too much.behold our sisterinlaw brought in annointing water sprayed on her while we were praying.that was my first day to handle the anointing water my cousin delivered safely 6pm zimbabwe 8 november the baby boy is well and the mother too .lord bless our beloved prophet tb joshua and the scoan.alice shungu zimbabwe

  10. I want to thank da lord all da blessings.l ve a child,my son is 3yrs has difficult breathing&chest problems.lt started when he was 9months,doesn’t talk or sit.He suffers from epilepsy,his breathng s difficult,doctors said they r tissues dat sat n the voicebox&ve squeezed da pipe of air,da hole4air has become small,they say its da surgery dat can remove dat,l know dat same God l serve will set him free,at hospital they said they is nothing they can do only a surgery.l refused,so lm alwaz home with him&we keeping praying&watching the Emmanuel tv which has made ma faith very strong.l know if l can da Annointed Water,ma past will be over.EMMANUEL.

  11. praise be to God for prophet TB Joshua, emmanuel tv. i also recieved the annointing water from a friend and after praying and using it, my promotion which had taken two years finally happened this year in february. i thank God i was promoted a deputy director and am the youngest in the public service. To God be the glory.

  12. I was having an excruciating pain in my waist and after spraying the Ghana version of the annpitiheng water (during annointing water ministration congregants brought bottles of mineral water which was sprayed with the original anointing water ) the pain left in a second.

  13. Thank the most High God for his awesomness through the Man of God TB Joshua.I tell you GOD is indeed GOD . Let all nations praise HIM. I pray that GOD should continue to give TB Joshua the Grace. Amen

  14. I visited SCOAN in February 2011, i heard a problem of headach and everything i tried to do in life never worked,. I applied for a business plot last 3years without any answer. when i came back from SOAN praise the Lord the pain which was troubling me for the last 2 years dissapeared. After 3 days from SCOAN i received a letter from our Town Council for my business,belive me after 2 weeks i got a partner who want to build a multi million shopping complex , and it is under way, what a breakthrough. God,s time is the best.I will soon be going back to SCOAN for my blessed tetimony. My our God almight bless Proghet TB Joshua and his team.

  15. God is great to us all we need to sarrender ourself to him then he will take control of everything. what a gift?god is good.

  16. Your faith is strong. The anointing water from scoan, works wonders my brother. I am happy your son received his healing. Lets pray in order that the prophet TB Joshua visit our country Zimbabwe. Stay blessed my brother.

    • Indeed God is great and the anointing in the man of Prophet TB Joshua is unquestionable. My son who had suffered from nose bleeding for three years touched the screen in April 2010 and got instant healing. The bleeding which was pouring every night ceased up to date. For sure distance is not a barrier and we only need to have faith.


  17. All glory be to God almighty for the healing of Boas Chiti son…all things are possible to them that believeth. I am having a constant head ache and chest pain for over five months now.the Doctor said is Typhoid and Malaria.I am believing God for healing. Distance is not a barrier…God bless prophet T B Joshua and Scoan ministry in Jesus name.(Amen)

  18. Prays the Lord. I believe that God will touch my daughter because she cant hear and talk due to menjutis disease, since 2009.I thank the Lord for my life and for everything that he is doing in my life.EMMANUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • In Jesus Name,there’s no sickness He cannot heal,whatever situation we facing as a christian re a way of correction.He wil do it 4u,by his stripes,we are healed.Ma son also was damaged by meningitis when he ws 1yr,now he is 3yrs.lt affectd his breathn&breaths difficult&hs body no longer sit/talk alone.God loves us,distance is not a barrier.With God all things are possible.

  19. Glory & honour be to the Lord God Almighty. Indeed by his stripes we are healed. God bless his servant Prophet T.B Joshua.

    Thank you Jesus…

  20. i was amezed the first day i wached emmanuel Tv. it is not possible to stay without without emmanuel tv, the messages are so simply and powerful.

  21. God is good, the goodness with GOD is that he doesn’t keep us according to our deeds. if it was so m afraid by now i was not going to be alive. i thank God for his grace and his unfailing love upon his people.thru the anointing water from the servant of G.O.D T.B.J. Emmanuel TV is really a blessing to me and my family..

  22. Praise Jesus! as the servant of God instructed us to pray and break the cycle of hardships and stagnation in our lives, I did it by faith, and yesterday I received goodnews 1). I had passed my interview as an Operations Manager for Cooperative bank of Kenya Ltd,
    2. )we had built rental houses with my husband and yesterday we got a tenant who paid two months rent in advance to move into the house, I give Glory to God for the breakthrough financially, for the joy He has bestowed upon us.Ever since I began watching Emmanuel Tv my life changed.

  23. please man of God praise the lord for my sclerodermi systemic who no want live me . God bless man of God and dont forgeth me im sofer soo mush i beg you man of God my name is denis yemalo michodjehoun help me man of God try to answer me

  24. please man of God praise the lord for my sclerodermi systemic who no want live me . God bless man of God and dont forgeth me im sofer soo mush i beg you man of God my name is denis yemalo michodjehoun help me man of God

  25. please man of God praise the lord for my sclerodermi systemic who no want live me . God bless man of God and dont forgeth me im sofer soo mush i beg you mGod an of God my name is Denis yemalo michodjehoun help me man of

  26. Thank God for you people. Thank Him again for given you people knowledge to treat sensitive topics like this one. Things we take for granted and never thought to pray of and to break the cycle in our Families or Homes. God should open your Faith`s Eyes so that you see topics like this more.

  27. all glory be to God for healing our brother’s sun. And thank God for the great and marvellous things his doing through the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua and all the wise men. God bless SCOAN.
    we watch everyday Emmanuel TV, my husband and I in Togo.
    Worship his majesty Jesus Christ!

  28. In each sickness there’s a root cause which needs to be broken. Thank you God for doing it for Boas Chitis family. Emmanuel

  29. god is able yesterday today and forever,,we thank god for tb joshua, who god has given this great anoiting for the world,may god continue to increse his anoiting,for us all to be a living testmony to wonderful work of god,through jesus christ our lord
    austin enefu

  30. May d name of our Lord be praised. It is marvellous and great. The Lord has done it again which shows that our Lord is still alive and every souls that believe in Him will always receive his blessings. By Odeyemi JK



  33. The devil is a liar. he has been defeated over 2010 years ago on the Calvary cross and will be defeated again and again by the Blood of Jesus Christ. How can the crown cork choke a small boy. It’s only the devil that will do this. Praise the Lord and may God continue to Bless the Man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua and all His assistants. Amen.

  34. Glory & honour be to God. Thank you lord for giving us Jesus Christ a Name which is above all names. Thank you for the Holy spirit our comforter. Thanks once again for using the man of God (Prophet TB Joshua)to deliver & healing the sick. God bless you man of God In Jesus Mighty Name. THANK YOU LORD.

  35. Really, this is God work through his creatures. He’s the alone powerfull and almighty for our lives. We should just believe in him, all the rest will occur in the patience of the time, without pressure. May God still helps you manking of God, T.B Joshua and always keeps you in his only will on this earth, no the one of humans, but only his. God bless you Joshua forever… it’s my wish for you.

  36. Indeed there is nothing God created that he can not command. Haleluya!!! even a bottle lid obeys is word. Jesus is alive!!! Thank you Lord for saving our wonderful boy.

    Holy Spirit help us to believe more and more in our Lord Jesus Christ.

    In Jesus Name Amen

  37. Praise God for sending prophet TB Joshua in the world for us, the Anointing Water is Holy and i strongly believe there is no illness it cannot cure and no problem it cannot solve. Just have Faith, distance is not a barrier.


  39. Glory to be God,my daughter is suffering from Eczema since her birth she is 11yrs old now i believe the almighty God is going to heal her one day because he is the only one who can stop her suffering from this disease,am looking for anointing water the water so that this problem is going to end.Worship him,Trust him and Believe him always.May God give pastor TB Joshua more and more powers to heal all people in whole world.

  40. Glory be to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, for he is able and more that able to accomplish that which concerns me and you today. I am rejoycing with you in Jesus’ name.

  41. Our God is able, I have also been so much blessed by the annointing water. since the annointing water and the sticker reached my home – Jesus entered my home and no evil spirit could even come close to the gate. Before even when u sleeping somebody just hits u to wake up. the dogs in my house can bark from 9.00 pm till morning. But my God has sent them away. thanks to prophet TB Joshua.

  42. Halleluja,Our God is so awesome, so merciful and His love always the same. Praise the Lord for the son whose problem was exposed by the annointing water.

  43. Glory to God for the grace accorded with the annointing water.My 1 year daughter Michelle is also caughing and this reminds me that as a lad she may have taken in something which has chocked her.
    I pray that the same annointing water that this son took will also work the same in my daughter in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.Distance is not a barrier.May God bless SCOAN, May God bless Senior Prophet TB Joshua and the Wisae Men.May God bless my daughter Michelle.Int the mighty name of Jesus Christ-Amen.

    • Glory to be GOD,Jesus is the master of all the things.He is the most high we must praise him always i agree with pastor TB Joshua everything he praise of him is true we must believe his right hand he is the healer,believe him.

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