In a few remarks of advice before opening the topic of his message, Wise Man Racine reminded the congregation of the protection the righteous man enjoys in the hand of God. In his words, the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. He advised them to be happy whereas there is nothing to be happy about on the outside. Some people, he went on, complain, lament and murmur in spite of being Christians. The cause, according to him, is that they are centred on what they are doing.  Taking a cue from this, the wise man entitled his sermon, ‘See Beyond Your Situation’ and opened to Psalm 91:14 as his proof text. The Lord, he said, has given assurance to all believers of His protection. Troubles, he continued, do not require any invitation before they come. However, when they come, we should be determined because we are not alone. The devil uses our situation to tempt us. Temptations to sin are the most grievous because they are messengers of satan.  You should not listen to them because you are not alone. Situations make people act out of character. How do you handle temptations?  God, according to him, uses foolish things to prepare us for new things in life. He first humbles those he intends to honour so that they will not be conceited. He cited Daniel in the lion’s den, Joseph and his travails and Anna’s barrenness for years as Biblical cases to buttress his point.  He assured his listeners that their problems were meant to prepare them for the blessings of God. He also echoed Prophet T.B. Joshua’s advice to listeners to be careful when entering temptations allowed by God so as not to think it strange and doubt their Guard. When temptations come, there is a purpose. They are meant to draw you closer to God.  As a man of faith, victory is yours. A man of faith is led by an indwelling Spirit of grace that is greater than him. He does everything out of a heart of peace, not for sheer popularity. He believes that when he is weak, he is strong. Any confidence that is based on the outside cannot stand the test of time. Jesus is my Healer whether he heals me or not. This is confidence based on faith. With the Word of God in our heart, our confidence is settled and nothing can change us. The heart must be grounded and rooted in the Word of God. If you must speak, you must think first and in accordance with the Word of God. The words we speak create the curses or blessings that come our way. Your words dominate your life because they express your thoughts which are the seeds of your life. You cannot be above your words. A poor man acting poor and enjoying the company of poor people will remain poor. My words need cleansing because my heart needs cleansing.  Our heart is cleansed by focusing on the Word of God. Faith focuses on God, not on the situation. Your faith is your personal situation focused on God and His sufficiency. When difficult times come your way, examine all things in the light of God’s Word and listen to the testimonies of your conscience. God’s Word points you to life though your situation may point you to death. The answer to your situation is the Word of God. The Word of God is sure, eternal and cannot fail. You should see beyond your situation where there is God’s purpose for your life. Your situation is meant to draw you closer to God. Once you believe the Word of God, success is yours, the wise man concluded.


After commending the message given by Wise Man Racine, Prophet T.B. Joshua turned to the viewers under the influence of the telecast and assured them that once they listened; their prayers would answer, adding that distance was no barrier. The prophet gave a sermon, which he entitled, ‘Overcome Your Doubt’ and told his listeners that the best saints have need for the help that can make their faith stronger. He drew his listener’s attention to some Biblical characters to make his point.  According to him, Abraham in Genesis 15:6, Gideon in Judges 6:36-37 and John the Baptist in Matthew 11, needed signs to make their faith stronger. Though he believed, John the Baptist wanted concrete signs to make his faith set that Jesus was the expected Messiah. Many people in the Bible who we consider pillars of faith had moments of doubt. This however, does not mean that they had less faith but that their faith was challenged in a new way. Moments of doubt arise when unusual things come one’s way. If you are genuinely seeking salvation from God in the midst of doubt, He will not mind because at the end, your doubt will move you closer to God. When situations in life challenge your faith, they should move you closer to God, not farther away from Him. In situations of poverty, sickness and the like, one seems to be tempted to doubt His ability or desire to help. When one’s faith is challenged in a new way, what one has not experienced before in one’s life cropping up will generate panic, anxiety, worry and doubt in one’s faith.  John the Baptist, Peter and many Biblical heroes struggled with many doubts. However, doubt can become a sin if it leads you away from God to scepticism, cynicism and then to hard-heartedness. As you move closer to God, you will find the strength to trust God. One of satan’s strategies or tactics is to get you to doubt God’s goodness. One should be patient because God’s time is the best. Satan tries to make you forget all that God has given you and focus on what you do not have. If you spend your time thinking about what you do not have, you may be slipping into unhealthy doubt. Today, we only acknowledge the immediate goodness of God when we receive and thereafter, we never mention that miracle or blessing. The sickness you had in the past, others had it and died while many others are still on the sickbed. You may think it was an ordinary sickness but people die of the sickness every day. Do not doubt God’s desire or ability to help you. When David, a rustic boy (1 Samuel 17:37) was brought to the king to defend his cause, he simply testified to how God delivered, saved and rescued him from the mouth of lion and bear at his tender age. Today, people will mention only the immediate ones and forget those at their tender age. God gives everyone plenty of evidence to believe in Him. Doubt comes when we fail to stop long enough to observe all the evidence. Once in a while, we should create time to reflect over God’s track record in our lives. Many who are from poverty-stricken and sickness–ridden families are able to live above all that today. We are like a man who prayed that he had no shoes and when God gave him money, he went to the market and met another man who had no legs. You should review God’s track record in your life and you will realise that many of you have come from nowhere to somebody. When you take time to review God’s track record, it would grow confidence that He would work in your present situation. Your situation is not like others’ but for the glory of God. You will grow confident that a solution is forthcoming and that God will never fail or abandon you because He never did so in the past.  Be patient and let God answer your questions on His own schedule, not on yours. God’s time is the best. At His time, it is all good.


At the instance of the prophet, some of the striking incidents and prophecies of the previous Sunday service were visited on video.  In course of the mass prayer, the prophet issued a message that there was a woman in the congregation whose sexual urge remained unsatisfied after she had a love encounter with a dog in her dream and he asked the woman in question to come out for deliverance. The woman having been delivered the previous Sunday, re-emerged accompanied by her husband as directed for a testimony. In her testimony, the woman who went by the name Tina Ekezie, narrated her encounter with a dog in her dream after which her marriage was destroyed. She had prayed and fasted but all to no avail.  Her marriage after that lacked love for her husband and witnessed much quarrel and hatred. She however, added that after the deliverance her admiration for her husband fully surfaced again. In his testimony, the husband, Eugene Ekezie told the congregation that the radiance displayed by his wife was the function of his money when he was doing well as a kerosene dealer. Since his downfall however, his wife’s attitude and affection for him had become zero, causing a cat and dog relationship between them. Mrs Tina Ekezie knelt before her husband in apology for her past misbehaviour and promised a positive change. The man of God however promised to counsel them on their economic downturn, which seemed to have partially dissipated Tina’s affection.


Another clip revealed the prophet issuing a prophecy to a Kenyan lady as he laid hands on the congregation. In the prophecy, he saw the woman living where men were coming to her for sex. She was living as a harlot. The prophecy also added that her father abandoned her as a child and that frustration had led her to that style of life. It concluded that her father owed her an apology for all that. The lady who bore Nelly Wangari as her name confirmed the entire prophecy as true and she was delivered. She retold the prophecy and recounted all the hardship and name calling she went through because of her father’s behaviour. The man of God consoled her, told her that all was past, that God was her Father and that she would soon know why God allowed that suffering in her life.


The next video clip unfolded the prophet as he issued a prophetic message to a man who sent his wife away on the rumour that she was enjoying an extra-marital relationship. The prophecy ended in two questions. The man was asked whether he was sure he had not sent an innocent woman away and how had his life been since he ejected his wife from the marital home.  A man who called himself Emmanuel and the suspected wife emerged from the congregation to say the prophecy referred to them. In his testimony, the man said that neighbours used to tell him when he came home that his wife had developed the habit of going out often and coming in late and that she might have a lover outside. That was the basis of his action.  The man of God however, told him that the wife was innocent and that the husband was to blame for the challenges that made her go out. In her testimony, Janet, the suspected wife said her husband sent her out because he suspected her with one man. The prophet confirmed her innocence and promised to reconcile them.


A fairly aged man, Kayode by name, mounted the platform with a photograph of his burnt building and started by apologising to the man of God and the congregation that he had not been paying his tithes. He then added that his house was burnt because of the carelessness of one of his tenants with a generator. The entire roof of the storeyed building was burnt and needed rehabilitation. The man of God blamed him for his failure to contribute to the growth of the church in spite of his wealth. A cash gift of one million naira was given to him to put the building in order.


A couple who named themselves as Mr and Mrs Oghobo mounted the stage to say they had been barren for twelve years before they received the Anointing Water. They prayed over the Anointing Water after fasting and met as a couple. That very month, according to the man, the woman missed her period. They had gone to many places and medical doctors in search of a pregnancy but without success. The man of God commended them for fasting before ministering the Anointing Water quite unlike many who would just gulp it as soon as they received it. Thanking God for His mercy on their lives, the couple wished their listeners the same fortune in the hand of the Lord.


Mrs Linda Chinwe and her miracle baby mounted the podium next for their testimony. According to her, she had been barren for fifteen years. Her sister in-law brought her to The SCOAN to collect the Anointing Water. It was that, according to her, that ended her infertility because as soon as they met as a couple, she became pregnant. At the time of the testimony, her baby was five months old. She thanked God for His mercy and advised her listeners to have faith in God.


Mr and Mrs Ani-Nweke climbed the platform to tell their listeners about their ugly experience with miscarriages. They said they came to The SCOAN to meet the man of God for that very reason and he gave them the Anointing Water.  They met as a couple after ministering the Anointing Water and the wife became pregnant. They thanked God for His mercy in their lives.


The video clip revealed a prophecy given by Wise Man John Chi to a pregnant woman in which he reminded her of her unpleasant experience with her earlier pregnancy and her recent dreams in which she used to eat and see dead people. He told her that a similar misfortune might befall her, if she was not delivered.  After delivering her, the wise man told her to go home and enjoy a safe delivery. At the end of the video clip, Mr and Mrs Chukwuma climbed the platform to say that the clip was about them. Mrs Chukwuma retold the story as already told on the clip and added that it was on the 14th of August, 2011 that she was in The SCOAN. Her husband added that she delivered her baby safely on the 6th of September, 2011. Both thanked God for His mercy and advised their listeners to take time to remember the way God had worked in their lives.


The next clip revealed how the Anointing Water worked wonders in the Church of Signs and Wonders, India where Pastor Narula ministered it. Practically everybody who received a spray of the Anointing Water fell down in deliverance. Many cases of healing and deliverance were recorded there, like in the other places where it had been ministered.


Widows and their children of school age trooped to the platform to receive cash gifts from the prophet to pay their fees for the term. Their spokespersons praised the man of God for making it possible for them to enjoy formal education without tears despite being orphans and seized the opportunity to appeal to other well-to-do Nigerians to emulate the good gesture of the prophet. Among those who spoke were Ebele, Ossai and Caroline Akinpelumu.  One Alfred R. among them had physically challenged parents. A total sum of 6 million naira was disbursed to them.  As usual, we always have cause to praise the Lord for His marvellous blessings in our lives. May His mighty name be extolled forever!


  1. Emmanue l!!
    please help me i am in need with anointing water how can i get it???i am from Tanzania and i ask for your help my family,career,life are facing hardship i need your prayers.

    • j’habite en france et je souhaiterais me rendre à la scoan ,pouvez-vous me conseiller des hotels bon marchés non loin de la synaguogue pour une periode de sept jours.

  2. Halleluyaa!!
    I thank JEsus for his miracles which happens day to day with prophet T.B Joshua i am addicted with Emmanuel TV i always watch it and it inspires me.GOD be with us always and handle our situations.
    Amen.frida from Tanzania

  3. Praise the Lord am from Tanzania there is so many viewers of Emmanuel Tv is there possible to have translation English to Kiswahili like you do to other Languages so that we can do services to prisoners to watch your live programmes.

    Godwin Msalichuma
    +255 713609255

    • ข้าพเจ้าเชื่อ ความเป็นพระเจ้านั้นมีจริง ถ้าเราเชื่อ เราศรัทธาเรามีความเชื่อมั่น พระเจ้าจะอยู่รอบตัวเราพระเจ้าจะชี่้หนทางแห่งความส่วาง ให้เราเดิน จงศรัทธาต่อพระเจ้า แล้วอธิฐานขอ ท่านจะประทานพร ให้เราสมหวัง

  4. Truly, God is good to our generation by giving us Prophet T.B. Joshua, a New Testament prophet,Elijah of our day. God is really with us, Emmanuel

  5. Good day man of God thanks for all the prayers we are family is so thankfull for knowing you.You are trully a man of God.We love you daddy.We wish to come to sinacoc but because of financial strains we cannot afford i pray that you read my email and bless us so we can be able to visit the church.

  6. Thanx for this assurance Pastor,I have a loan which I should pay before December.I have bben crying day n night morespecially wen I think of my unborn baby whom. I have to provide God I trust n frm ths message I have learned to be patient n have no doubt at all.thank u Pastor

    • Thank you lord for answering my prayers with this word of encouragement,i have wondered why oh why do things have to be so wrong for me and only me ,but now i want to thank you lord for this advice ,i will be patient and happy lord until time is right for me to have what you have planed
      may you be blessed pastor

      • I have been touched with your message.
        I have been found in the same boat with you and wondering how to settle the debts I have so far.
        To the extent that I could lose hope.
        But I have been relieved with the message.

        I belive that God is able and the prophet message that ” Never a disease Jesus cannot heal”
        Therefore never a Problem Jesus cannot solve.
        May the Good Lord bless the pastor and the entire clue for reaching more people.
        I am therefore waiting with faith that the NEW dawn has come.

        Corine, we need to pray, pray, and pray and ask the Prophet TB Joshua to pray for our freedom – free from debts.

        may God bless…

  7. Praise the Lord!!! Man of God I have learnt something unique from the sermon titled ” OVERCOME YOUR DOUBT”.
    Indeed God’s time is the best and i’ve been one of those who don’t count on what God has already provided but i waste much of my time focusing on what i don’t have i.e. past miracles are forgotten David on 1 Samuel 17:37 insipires me alot. May the Lord forgime.

  8. Everything is possible with God. You just need to have faith in Him. Thanks to Emmanuel TV coz It is changing lives of many people.

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    first i want to thank the wise man Racine for the wonderfull word of fait that he have given to us,may God bless u more and more in Jesus name amen,ur mesage remind me of my life in the jail,but when was in jail i alwas woch emmanuel tv,and i talt my own is over but one day i hear the man of God T.B Joshua said that nomatter the stuation u are into now that God is going to do something good in life,And the prophet said that sometimes God use fulish thing to strent our desire,there now i believe that truely am not alone and after some time they realise me and said that am not guilty ,threfore i want to thank the man of God and his minestry may the almighty God protect and guide u all with love,i love u my father in the Lord i believe that u are a gift to us,i love all the wise men, ur work is so good and have changes many souls,God bless u all in Jesus name amen.promise to worship with u one day.thanks PROPHET T.B JOSHUA U BEFOR OTHER PROPHETS U ARE REAL I BELIEVE.THANKS U MY LORD

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  13. I have seen wonderful things happening at Scoan. Indeed God is healing alot of people through Emmanuel TV and Prophet T.B. Joshua

    For instance several pregnant women who were up for operation due to improper child positions have delivered their babies safely. JUST LIKE THAT!!! What is impossible with man is very possible with GOD. This kind Godo.
    What we need to do is BELIEVE since distance is NOT a barrier.

    Thank you Lord for everything.

  14. Pliz ,Man Of God,l wish to come in Nigeria,at The Synagogue,The Church of all Nations and give you my testimony of what happened to me through the Anointing Water when l had peptic ulcers.May God Bless You and your family.

  15. Pliz ,Man Of God,l wish to come in Nigeria,at The Synagogue,The Church of all Nations and give you my testimony of what did to me through the Anointing Water.May God Bless You and your family.

  16. Pliz ,Man Of God,l wish to come in Nigeria,at The Synagogue and give you my testimony of what did to me through the Anointing Water.May God Bless You and your family.

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    Thank you GOD for building our faith. We have to thank you even when we are troubles. YOU are always able.

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    you’ve got many that stand in support in prayer for you,your family,the wisemen & their families & the team at large.
    your partner juliet

  23. Emmanuel, we thank God for using the Man of God T.B Joshua to teach us about LOVE your neighbour,this two week watching Emmanuel TV i started to have love in my heart ,Love to share with the needy and share the word of God.

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  27. yes, Jesus is Lord, he always put joy in the heart of those who trust in him. I am blessed this morning by reading the testimonies of others which is telling me to just wiat and keep trusting God for my breakthrough is just here with me.
    i know very soon, I will also give my testimony to the glory of God Almighty. may He who has called our prophet keep him from falling and streagthen him day and night.

  28. I thank God for you man of God senior prophet T.B Joshua, Emmanuel .tv teams and Wise men for wonderful works of GOD you people have been doing . I have been in Spain for many years I pray that God bless me financially then I visit synagogue church of all nations this year. praise God

  29. Where can we go from his presence? Where can we go from his love and grace. Nowhere.
    Pastor Narula thank you for ministering Anointing Water in India. I believe many people who were suffering from different afflictions in their lives were freed from bondage. The Lord Jesus Christ rules and reigns and have so much power, which will last forever to defeat the devil. May the good Lord Jesus Christ bless your ministry and keep the anointing you were given by God Almighty and I ask you to mantain the anointing for ever and ever. I would like to thank Snr Prophet T B Joshua for accepting to be used by the Lord Jesus Christ to introduce the Anointing Water to the world so that it will be ministered to people, so that they are freed from different problems. Emmanuel

  30. Glory to God Almighty for the powerful teaching i have been blessed today.Man of God T.B Joshua and wiseman Rocine may the good Lord Bless you always .Now i know God’s time is the best ad the devil has been using my situation he is a lair.

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  32. What a wonderful teaching from the wiseman to reflect our lives from the tender age. I can see God in my life. This overcomes doubts. Have faith God.

  33. Thank u all at scoan for teaching us hw to overcome situations we face in our daily lives.god bless u all.Emmanuel!

    C’est un DON du ciel que nous devons entretenir jalousement en le soutenant dans nos prieres de tous les jours,voire meme financierement. Je dis infiniment merci à L’ETERNEL pour m ‘avoir permis de connaitre son ELU aupres de qui ma foi a pris un coup de fouet.EMMANUEL.TV est devenue ma chaine principale.
    Tous les jours, DIEU continue de me surprendre à travers son OINT par les signes, les miracles et les prodiges. Quelle sagesse, JESUS est vraiment vivant.QUE LE SEIGNEUR VOUS REMPLISSE ENCORE ET ENCORE DE SA GRACE à l’infini et ce pour sa seule gloire et pour le bonheur de ses enfants. A BIENTOT

  35. Praise God!

    Today’s message:has touched my life so much that i have now began to see every situation from God’s point of view, disregarding what the situation itself might look like, but simply look at God’s track records to recount that He never abandones nor forsake anyone who puts trust in Him in any situation.

    Yes! My faith is lifted up after taking time once more to evaluate God’s goodness in my life so far, to know truly it is a tactice of satan to keep us chocked up with present worries in order to remove our focus on God, who would supernaturally handle every situation in our lives at His own time and for His glory too.

    Thank you Prophet T.B Joshua. Thank you Wiseman Racine. The message is quite transforming.

    Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for the miracles and testimonies. Glory to God for the grace for those miracles. They give us hope for the greater things you have in store for us.

    I struggle with a particular sin in my life, and Father, i pray you grant me the grace to conquer it, as to live completely for your glory. In Jesus name. Amen!

  36. l have been following the ministry of prophet T. B Joshua for sometime l would like to give thanks to man of God for wonderfull work that he is request are prayer for gaining faith,so as to get more blessings on my family financial and my children to do well at there school work

  37. GOD bless all the words of the wiseman not to be lead by our situation when defficulty times came ask for GOD S grace because the controler is alive, the healer is alive ,and the savior is alive thank TB JOSHUA EMMANUEL .

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  40. I thank God for Emmanuel TV, I feel like I am always in SCOAN every Sundays. Almighty Father keep on blessing Prophet TB Joshua, The Wise Men and all Christians at SCOAN and World over. Jesus Super Power, no amount of words can explain the mighty works happening @ SCOAN. Glory be to God Almighty.

  41. Praise the living God! God is wonderful all the time all we need is trust in him. T.B Joshua, God shall bless you and your family, also blessings shall follow all SCOAN staff, wisemen and evengelists of SCOAN. I know my own miracle shall come, because am waiting and trusting in him who created heaven and earth of all the seen and unseen. Heavenly father may the blood of our Lord Jesus shower us with healing, breakthrough and peace. Amen

  42. It is true that distance is not abarrier to a victory that God has for one in life in Jesus name. May the good lord God Almighty continue ministering through your ministry. i also urge you not stop sending me these ceremonies and testimonies because it changing me and coleagues as we.

    May God bless you all

    Jessie Soko – Blantyre – Malawi

  43. I wish we could have more of the wiseman like these people in our country and in community, to release GOd’s word for us correctly and ungreedy.

  44. T B Joshua is a precious Gift from the Almighty. Honestly I cant wait to visit the SCOAN, May God bless him more.

  45. Thank God that we have the SCOAN in our days. I’ve been watching emmanuel TV for quite sometime now and following the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua, and I want to mention here that he’s really inspired me. I thank God for his life and his ministry. If only our leaders in Nigeria could take a leaf from Prophet T.B. Joshua, then our society would not be ridden with unemployed and uneducated youths.

  46. emmanuel!

    Praise be the Master Jesus. Prophet and Wiseman, thank you for the powerful massages. You have taught me a something that i will always treasure in my life. Everytime you preach, my faith is lifted up. God truely does have a way of talking to people. Just a week before that Sunday, my father in law came to me and he was complaining of new things that has been happening to him. How life has become so unbearable that he cant even afford to buy tea bags that cost a dollar. He murmured, complained and started relating to how he has been praying, sowing seeds and helping the needy. He had all these doubts in him and all i managed to say was it is well coz i didnt know what to say to him. Then came Sunday, his questions where answered. All i can say is Thank you Lord!

  47. Lord be with us and add more years to SCOAN directorate as Iam reading this Iam moved towards the thrown. Let love lead

  48. Praise Jesus! Emmanuel! I thank God for this ministry, it is such a blessing to my life and family, may God bless you Prophet TB Joshua. We are trusting God to enable you visit Kenya one day.

    Dorothy Khamala- from Mumias Kenya

    • I believe that the God prophet Emmanuel this serving is a living God. thank God for the encouraging word of God thru the man of God. it has healed me from distress.. my story of distress is that my mother is losing all are sibling in accident the recent one happened on the 6th October 2011. I have the faith that prophet TBJ we stop the untimely dead in my family most especially my mother. I will visit the scoan

  49. Glory be to God!

    Wonderful work by Prophet T.B.Joshua, SCOAN Ministries and poweful Annointing Water which has been serving lives of thousands of people.

    I pray God to continue lifting Man of God to do more and more, and ministries reach,individual, nation by nation and all over the world.

    All viwers of Emmanuel TV and SCOAN Team stay blessed in Jesus name.Kasenene

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