Coming in cheerfully as usual and joining forces with the choir who, by their songs of praise, created a spiritual atmosphere of worship, Wise Man Daniel unfolded his Sunday message. His introductory remarks were very striking. According to him, successful men do not just drift to the top; they are focused and they deploy discipline and energy to achieve their goal. The journey to the top, the wise man continued, is not a bed of roses but fraught with thorns, snakes and scorpions. To the believer, the wise man went on, every trouble is designed to advance his spiritual cause. The vicissitudes encountered are not meant to derail but calculated to advance his cause.  However, many change the course of the history of their lives by taking short cuts. They only claim to be Christians when they enjoy wealth. To a man of faith, Jesus is the Lord when the goings are good or tough. When our troubles seem unyielding, it is in our own interest as Christians to get above our fears by following God.

Wise Man Daniel

Entitling his message ‘Follow God; Not Man’, the wise man referred the congregation to Joshua 24:14 -15 as the proof text. After reading the text to the congregation, the wise man proceeded to enlighten them on the importance of the text.  In his words, Joshua understood the degree of the religious persuasion of his people. It is one thing to be convinced, the wise man added, and quite another to be converted. When you preach to someone who is not convinced, you do that so that he might be convinced. However, to those who are already convinced, you do so that they may be converted. To those already converted, the goal is to strengthen their faith. The converted man examines things and situations in the light of God’s Word. The merely convinced soul relies on what he sees, reads or what others tell him. He has no independent mind. When you are merely convinced about God, you are bound to follow man; not God. Merely convinced, you are as weak as an unbeliever. You are bound to toe the line of the majority. You will trust in man’s majority rather than in God’s authority. They say, ‘Amen’ not in belief but in mindless response to ‘Hallelujah’ said by someone. They hardly follow the testimony of their conscience or what God puts in their hearts. They are mere copycats. They see God as one of those reasons but not as the only reason for living.  When they are disappointed, they stop praying or going to church. They are reminded that Joshua’s statement is difficult or strange. But to those who are converted, Joshua’s statement is meant to strengthen their faith. The wise man then put it before the congregation to choose between God Almighty and powerless gods. If God Almighty is their choice, the wise man averred, their commitment would be genuine and total. When you love nothing in comparison to Him but in reference to Him, then, the wise man said, your loyalty is genuine. If however, your traditional beliefs and your loyalty to Christ conflict, you are bound to be indifferent or sit on the fence.  Failure to put Christ where He belongs invites anarchy into one’s life. God is the only reason for our living. If you are truly converted or a genuine believer, you see what you do as an assignment from God which you cannot fail because one day, you will return to Him and rest in Him.



Picking the phone in succession to the wise man, Prophet T. B. Joshua maintained that prayer is a spiritual force, citing Galatians 5:1-6. Faith, he emphasized, acts in concert. It does not act alone or solo. Faith works through love; it is not an isolated spiritual force. Faith was never meant to work alone. Faith works in conjunction with other spiritual forces of God, such as love and patience. Without love, faith cannot work. Love activates and energizes faith. Prayer must be filled with scripture to be a spiritual force. Scriptural prayer releases the power of God. Prayer in faith gives you the answer from God.

Prophet T.B. Joshua

It takes faith to energize prayer. The love of God is also a spiritual force. It takes love to make faith operate. All the spiritual forces that God has set into existence: faith, love, patience and prayer must work in concert to accomplish God’s purpose. The natural and the spiritual must come together. Citing Thessalonians 5:23, the prophet averred that we are a culmination of spirit, soul and body. To function completely in the spiritual and natural realms, man’s threefold nature must work in harmony. Man is a spirit being. The real things about man are not his body or flesh. They are of his spiritual body, John 8:36. If the Son sets you free, you are free, indeed. The deliverance is not of physical slavery but of the spiritual.  Man’s deliverance is threefold; it is spiritually from the hand of the enemy because born again, you are out of the satanic kingdom of darkness. It is not an idle imagination; it is concrete and factual. It is not something you just hope or wish for. It is a reality; it is a truism. If you have taken the Word to heart, you will find yourself moved by the very life of God in it and propelled to do uncommon things. You will be blessed to bless others; healed to heal others; saved to save others and delivered to deliver others.

God delivers man physically from disease, hunger and want. He delivers man mentally from being ruled by the senses and brings forth His Spirit. The opinions and insights of others dictated your opinion in the past. It was not the testimony of your conscience but the opinions of elders, Sadducees and Pharisees. Romans 14:23 says whatever is not rooted in faith is a sin, the prophet concluded.



At the instance of the prophet, some major happenings of the previous Sunday worship were visited on the screen. The first of these relates to the prophecy issued by the man of God himself as he laid hands on congregants during the Monday prophetic service. As he laid hands on a man, the man of God told him that there was a necklace with a cross pendant which he habitually wore and asked the very man the whereabouts of the cross-laden necklace. The man replied that he left it at home.  At that answer, the prophet asked why he chose not to wear it in the church, as, according to him, the church was the best place to wear such a necklace in, to among other reasons, get an opportunity to have it blessed by the man of God. Pushed defencelessly to the wall by the prophet’s remarks, the young man admitted that he was afraid to wear it into the church because the cross-laden necklace was prepared for him by a witch doctor. The man of God told him that even though he never wore it in the church at the time of their interaction, the necklace was hanging spiritually on his neck for the prophet to identify. The man of God then asked him to bring the cross to service the following Sunday. The man confessed his amazement at the prophecy and promised to bring the necklace with the cross –brooch to service as directed by the prophet. The video clip over, the same young man of the previous Sunday emerged on the platform to introduce himself as Isaac Sule of Kogi, Nigeria, adding that he was the subject of the prophecy. He then displayed the cross to the congregation. He told his listeners that his life had not been the same since he acquired the cross from the witch doctor because he had turned a debtor among other woes. He seized the opportunity to appeal to the prophet for deliverance and the prophet assured him same.



The next video clip reminded viewers of the deliverance of Princess Osuji who was brought to the church by her mother, Lillian Osuji from Owerri, Imo State to seek deliverance from the contrary spirits, which caused her to eat soap, clothes and nets, in addition to the development of sickle cell anaemia in her system. Emerging on the platform to confirm the clip as a true portrait of a live experience they had in their family, the Osuji family, led by the father,

Princess Osuji And Parents

Mr Uche Osuji as the spokesman and comprising the wife, Lillian and Princess their daughter and first child,   proceeded to unfold more details about the strange behaviour of their daughter. According to Uche, he asked his wife to bring Princess to The SCOAN for deliverance when they discovered that she had the habit of eating soap and clothes. When the wife told him at first, Uche called Princess, asked her and she admitted that she ate soap, both for bathing and washing dishes. The father then counselled her against the habit and felt it was all over. However, they later discovered that some soap kept for future use was tampered with. The father looked closely at the teeth marks on the soap and became convinced that the marks were those of a human being, not of rats. He called Princess and asked her when she ate soap last and she replied, ‘Yesterday’. At that, the father realized that the problem was beyond any solution, they, as parents, could offer.

Princess Delivered From Eating Soap And Clothes

It was on the strength of that conviction that he advised his wife, Lillian to bring her to The SCOAN for deliverance as demanded by Princess herself. Mr Osuji happily told his listeners that since the deliverance they noticed much change in her, among which was that, apart from sleeping very well at night, she stopped frequenting the toilet as she used to do in the past. In her remarks, Lillian said that her husband had said it all and thanked God and the prophet for the deliverance of their daughter.



Mrs Emiliana Shitindi (48) from Tanzania, accompanied by her husband, took turns on the platform to surprise her listeners that she had come from Tanzania for deliverance in The SCOAN because she was addicted to charcoal as a favourite light food and always carried some wherever she went, to whet her appetite.  The habit took roots when she was young and picked stubs of cigarettes to eat.

Mrs Emiliana Eating Charcoal

With time, it blossomed to a stage when charcoal became the irresistible snack. As a housewife, she had decided to change from cooking with charcoal to embrace gas, all in the effort to nip the strange addiction in the bud. To her surprise, that never helped matters. Even in her adulthood, she would carry some charcoal everywhere when travelling. She disclosed that she still filled her bag with some charcoal as she came to Nigeria for deliverance. Asked how she would defend herself if she were intercepted for that by the Customs, she was at a loss for an answer. She threw some quantity into her mouth at the instance of the prophet and seemingly regaled with it until the prophet ordered a halt and proceeded to deliver her. As the prophet shouted, she fell down in deliverance, cried in shame and vomited part of the chunk she threw into her mouth before, cleaning her mouth to free it from the newly abominable taste, which charcoal offered after the deliverance had come.

Mrs Emiliana Delivered From Eating Charcoal By Prophet T. B. Joshua

Asked to eat more after the deliverance, she turned down the suggestion, saying that it was not tasty any more after the deliverance and spat out whatever chips of charcoal that still stuck to her teeth. She, according to the man of God, had been delivered spiritually from the hand of the enemy; it was an evil attack.

Mrs Emiliana And Husband

She was then treated to a generously garnished plate of fried rice to celebrate her deliverance which she enjoyed under the watchful eyes of her husband, Mr Shitindi, whose joy at the deliverance was clearly in evidence.



A horde of students from Nigerian universities thronged to the platform to receive cash gifts from the church in actualization of the scholarship offers extended to them by the welfare ministry of the church. Addressing the church and the students, the man of God said faith without love is bankrupt, adding that we must not wait till we have more than enough before we help our neighbours.

The Emmanuel TV Scholarship Beneficiaries

The time to help, he said, is now, and that after the widow had helped Elisha, she had more than enough.  The prophet advised the students to take advantage of the scholarship to excel in their various fields of study. A spokesman of the students praised the prophet for being a channel of succour to many students both within and outside Nigeria, who otherwise would not have access to university education.  A total sum of 5.4 million naira was disbursed to the students who study in Nigerian universities. Those students in universities outside Nigeria and other levels of study in this country were not among the beneficiaries that day.



Mrs Eneh, a widow from Enugu, Nigeria seized the opportunity to confess how she connived with another widow to receive scholarship money to the tune of N101,000.00 for her children and those of her accomplice.

Mrs Eneh And Son

She said that she shared the money with the other woman but   added that her life after that fraud had been dogged with misfortunes and misery among which was the burning of her son, Augustine by an electric cable, as he attempted to pick up a sim card that fell close to it. She had been seeking healing for the child fruitlessly for the past five months, she added. She appealed to the man of God for forgiveness and deliverance for her life to be back on track.


The Anointing Water and the miraculous feats it recorded in the various parts of the world, where evangelists were despatched to minister it for the benefit of those held in many forms of bondage, were displayed on the screen for viewers. It was a tale of joy for viewers as the locations and countries displayed on the screen revealed the triumph of our Lord over satan, employing the Anointing Water.  In London, UK; Washington, USA; Texas, USA and Alabama, USA the thread of victory of the Anointing Water over the forces of darkness held the locations in a bond. In Texas, USA, a woman who said her name was Mia shouted uncontrollably in deliverance and while the evangelist shouted, ‘Let there be light’ as he sprayed the Water on her, the evil spirit in her kept on retorting, ‘Why’ and added that she founded the temple she was occupying.  She repeatedly shouted, ‘I found it; leave me alone’. She wriggled on the floor like a snake, occasionally bumping up her figure as she struggled with the forces that held her captive. Fully delivered, Mia became still and told her story in joy. She said everything she tried to do before her deliverance was not right. She had the spirit of suicide and added that she made fun of the deliverance at first but became convinced of the power of God in the Anointing Water. Ours is to adore the Lord continuously for manifesting His powers so abundantly in our days.


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  2. Thank you very much Lord ,for giving us the prophat to help us know the way to everlasting life .Continue to bless the man of God so that he can bless others.

  3. I thank God Almight for the life of Prophet T.B Joshua and wise men God who use you mightly may Him visite me in Jesus’might name emen.

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  6. Emmanuel, Emmanuel, if God be for us , who can be against us, for the Lord almighty keeps saying something. He never says Good Bye.
    My family and I are 24 hours viewers of Emmanuel TV and also regular visitors to the church, in Both Lagos and Accra.. We have observe that during Sundays service, whenever the first offering is being announced , the camera crew usually takes it off the lead worshipers mouth. I personally think its not illegal for the first offering to be collected, but when its kept out of the viewers it makes it look some how, because a lot of people want to come to nigeria and therefore must be previllage to know what actually transpires, so when this is done it makes observers to wonder so please the EMMANUEL TV crew if you have not notice it please SCOAN is a huge church being led by God’s anointed son Prophet T B JOSHUA, He is the light of this generation and spiritual inspiration to a lot of us. Thank you and may the good Lord bless all of us.

  7. I am sorry if l bebame too extreme on earlier comments which needs moderation, what l was trying to say is that l discovered that in life, to know and do what our Lord Jesus Christ wants is far much better than gaining wealth without the right knowledge of God. What does it profit me to amass riches on earth which rusts than to prepare for heavenly life and among some men of God l found prophet T.B. Joshua as my mentor and role model because they are gifted and used differently by God. The prophet according to what my life had become, l believe God sent and uses him for pple like me. Emmanuel.

  8. I am sorry if l bebame too extreme, what l was trying to say is that l discovered that in life, to know and do what our Lord Jesus Christ wants is far much better than gaining wealth without the right knowledge of God. What does it profit me to amass riches on earth which rusts than to prepare for heavenly life and among some men of God l found prophet T.B. Joshua as my mentor and role model because they gifted and used differently. The prophet according to what my life had become, l believe God sent and uses him for pple like me. Emmanuel.

  9. I give glory,honor and adoration to God Almighty through Jesus Christ of Nazareth for his living word that reshape our destiny, real i am blessed by the teachings of the scoan and when ever you sent me a daily massage i always get a new thing in my spiritual walk with the Lord,how sweet is the word of God when it comes with the revelation of the Holy spirit through the men of God who are faithfully and God are using them to bring heavens down,May God bless his servant TB Joshua because my life is never the same again through the way God is using him to teach us,i love the word of God and its new to me everyday and sweeter than honey they have brought peace to my life, and give me everything i needed from God, I love God. Emmanuel!

  10. God is powerfull we must just believe with our heart and confess with our mouth and shall be done in our live .
    We must say to God that He give us our Prophet that he have come to set us free from the hands of satan .
    Amen may the Lord guide the prophet give him more strenght to us the in our faith .

  11. Thank you very much for hearing my wife through prayer request. This program from the man of God is good for the health of people and knowing the Almighty God.
    My wife , CHAONA BEENE almost died , I took her to many hospitals but all the doctors attended to my wife said my wife was fine in actual sense she was sick and would not wake up or talk. So I started searching for T. B JOSHUA on the internet until I Found the web prayer request and requested a prayer for my wife, but their was no reply that day, after 3 days at night my wife woke up alone without my help to go the toilet. After 2 weeks the reply came through telling me to be faithful and trust the Almighty God, they did not reply with a prayer but telling me to pray for my wife as the are praying for her as well. From that day til today my wife is well and is not complaining of any thing but her sight to see has come to be poor and she has now faith in prayers ,all the times she is watching T.B JOSHUA TV for healing. May the Almighty GOD bless the T.B JOSHUA . I know that through the prayers we are making the good Mighty JESUS will make a way for us.

  12. I will always trust in God and have faith in him. Thank you for showing people that there is nothing the can hide in the eyes of the Lord. Thanks God for teaching us to trust in him all the days of our lives. Amen

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  14. When God leads you, He will guide and guard you. The day l decided to follow Jesus Christ, He led me to discover His servant snr. Prophet T.B. Joshua while some pple dream of discovering oil fields, in T.B. Joshua l am blessed by his teachings more than having a diamond mine. May God bless the prophet and the wisemen. I pray for Nigeria especially Plateau state. Wisemen Daniel thanx for the message. Amen.

  15. Praise the Lord,Emmanuel!prophesy prophesy,l was touched by that man’s confirmation that he indeed had a cross he had.eish alot of people we are deceived by these fake people when it comes to the cross,we think when a cross is used everything it is used for is Godly bt little do we know that satan has gt many tricks to lure people to him. Thank you man of God for that prophecy because it opened alot of people’s mind.

  16. And, I will set my glory among them,and my hand that i have laid upon them, declare all that thou seest,then shall they know that, I AM THE LORD THEIR GOD,thank GOD for the lives of all the WISE MEN also the live of THE PROPHET TB JOSHUA LET HIM BE DRENCHED WITH GODS ANOINTING THAT MORE WISE MEN AND WISE WOMEN MUST COME TO THE FOLD.EMMANUEL EMMANUEL

  17. The word of God that is preached and demonstration of the Holy Ghost is refreshing and truth to a true believer. It makes me encouraged and blessed to hear and see what God is doing in Africa. I want to sit and learn and be loosed from anything that might be connecting me to satan. Linda

  18. Where can we go from his presence? Where can we go from his Holy Spirit? No where. God Almighty draw Snr Prophet T B Joshua nearer, nearer, nearer to you so that he implements the duties you have assigned him to do vigorously, with power for your glory. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for your unconditional grace and love you gave to the Prophet.
    Thank you Wise Man Daniel for the encouraging message titled Trust in God. There is no-one who can give us life and blessings except God Almighty the most high.

  19. What a Mighty God we serve! Thank you Jesus for the delivarance,healing happening at SCOAN.God is the head of the Church.Thank you Wiseman Daniel for the message.Thats why ineed to visit SCOAN so that i can be delivered from many problem.Very soon it will happen.SCOAN my best place to be!

  20. Amen, Wiseman Daniel, for your inspiring and challenging word. Don’t you think that the need for determination and rooteness in Christ for real success can be said about women? According God’s revelation and calling in your life, is it only men who are called by God? I am asking this because I have the conviction that the exclusive reference to men in your sharing seem to indicate that God only speaks to men. So do we imply that our daughters who have as genuine an encounter with the God that became human through a woman are viewed as second class children of God? Why is this systemic exclusion of women, who are saved and called through the same grace and faith not considered sinful? Is this exclusion not about the arrogance and selfish male desire to monopolise church leadership and service to men only? Please Prohet TB Joshua and Wiseman Daniel, I would love to have a prayerful reflection and discussion on these questions with you. In all humility, I seek God’s revelation not human! With respect and love. Fulata Moyo

  21. Praise the lord for the miracles in these peoples lives. Its my prayer everyday that god will one day do the same for me. I have enough of this headache

  22. Mais uma vez o Senhor se revelou através dos seus servos. Que o Deus Todo Poderoso seja louvado pelos milagres, pela palavra, pelas profecias e por todo tipo de bênção que tem derramado sobre o seu povo através do Ministério do Profeta TB Joshua e dos Cinco Homens Sábios.

  23. Even though I dont have authority to judge people’s behaviour, I fill what Mrs Eneh did was not correct. This tallies with one Mrs Dube from This Zimbabwe, Chegutu town who was using the Snr Prophet’s name to run Synagouge Church. It affects people like me and those true belivers, follower’s of Snr Prophet TB Joshua. As much as we want SCOAN branch here in Zimbabwe Man of God let nothing shieft you from your plane to make us have a branch here. Have mercy on them. In Jesus name I prayed.

  24. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ in GOD I TRUST.This kind GOD i have never seem your type only when you believe and trust in our LORD JESUS CHRIST thats when you can see the goodness.I LOVE YOU JESUS CHRIST because you are my healer,redeemer and my saviour.

  25. Indeed the God of Prophet TB Joshua is great.Thank you God for giving us this man.Let byour Name be praised for ever and ever.There is no one like.Your people will now believe that you are a God of all Impossibilities.
    We, your people will continue to remember your faithfulness and good works from generation to another.
    God of Prophet TB Joshua ! we love you and continue to teach us your righteous path. Every day you continue to increase our faith.
    Thank you Lord.
    In Jesus Mighty Name we pray. Amen!

    • Praise the Lord!
      Indeed this kind of God I have never seen your type! The testimonies indicates that our God is alive and listens to our prayers and also works miracles through his servants. Prophet TB Joushua you are a gift from above, and I do believe that with your teachings and prayers, many will be saved, delivered and healed including me. May I ask for your favour Prophet TB Joushua? If I want to get the anointing water, what should I do? I just want to be part of this blessing!Be blessed

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