Taking advantage of the lull from the choir who had been leading the congregation in worship since morning,

Wise Man John Chi greeted the congregation warmly and proceeded to give his message. He portrayed a society of economic inequality where some people swim in wealth and many more wallow in hunger and want. He asked his listeners, ‘What is your contribution to society?’ Many, according to him, die because they cannot pay for medication. Many sleep under bridges, yet the rich spend their wealth selfishly on themselves and nuclear families. As Christians, the wise man advised, we must subject our desires to the gospel, being part of the society.


Entitling his message Giving Reshapes Our Destiny, Wise Man John Chi opened the Bible to Romans 12:8 as the proof text. In close reference to the text, the wise man extolled the virtue of giving in cheerfulness, simplicity and humility. Giving, he reminded his listeners, is an opportunity to reshape our destiny.  You begin to succeed with your life when the problems of others matter to you. What you make happen for others, he continued, God will make happen for you. When placed on top of a horse, remember those who cannot even afford to ride on a donkey. The privileged should remember the less-privileged. We may not be equally gifted but God has designed it in such a way that everyone has some strength to contribute.

Everybody needs connection; that is why Jesus needed disciples. Everybody is a solution to someone with a problem, someone in trouble. We serve God better when we help our fellow men and women. The Bible, Matthew 25:45, reminds us that whatever you do or fail to do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto Me.  Jesus says He has no farm or office where you can offer help to Him other than the poor people around you.

Every problem you solve for others places  you in a better position for success in your personal life and for Heaven. The wise man enjoined his listeners to make themselves valuable to the Kingdom of God by embracing mutual love, mutual giving and mutual trust. You are because I am; I am because you are. This symbiotic relationship underscores collective success. No one can succeed alone.

Though Jesus offers blessings freely, the receiver has a role to play to receive the blessing. It is a balanced relationship based on the principle of giving and receiving. The wise man charged the congregation to give what their lives depend on, what they cherish most and give in stress and pain to making their gifts sacrificial, citing 1 Kings 17:12. Nothing, he went on, is too small to share with others. Referring to the Elisha and the widow in Proverbs 21:26, the wise man extolled the virtue in willing sharing. The stingy man craves for more. However, the love, forgiveness and forbearance you show will multiply to enrich you slowly but surely and steadily. When you give, you create a purse for yourself tucked away beyond the reach of thieves and age. Store your treasures in Heaven and let God alone be your Paymaster, the wise man concluded his message.


Prophet T. B. Joshua


Prophet T. B. Joshua advised the congregation to open their Bibles to John 6 as he unravelled his topic tagged: God’s Word Is Spirit And Life. Faith is a spiritual force that grows and develops in the heart or spirit of man. Faith is not of our mind or flesh. It is not an intellectual agreement or mental assent. Mental assent recognises the truthfulness of God’s Word but it does not act upon it.  God’s Word is Spirit and life and, as such it is the very life of God in those words that heals, delivers, saves and blesses.

God’s Word has the ability to produce a spiritual force within our heart called faith. Every time we act on the Word, something enters our heart that increases our assurance. We are the righteousness of God; we are not struggling to be righteous or to have faith. We have the Word; we have faith. If I say, ‘Be healed’, and healing takes place, such healing is brought about by the life of God in our word. One can speak and preach without the life of God in one’s word.

The evidence of the life of God in our message is that it changes situations. It is the very life of God in those words that changes situations. The Word of God changes situations and moves impossible mountains. Galatians 5:6 – faith works by love. It takes love to make faith operate. The Bible is God’s Word in the lips of love and faith. It is the Word that establishes; it is the Word that builds. It is the Word of His grace that builds faith in the heart of the believer. The heart must be rooted and grounded in the Word and love.

Acts 3 – If you do not use the name, Jesus Christ, in love and faith, the name can do nothing. The name, used in the absence of love and faith, will lack the ability to change situations – from sickness to good health; from poverty to breakthrough.




At the instance of the Prophet, a video clip was shown of an incident last week where Wise Man Racine was laying hands on the congregants. As he laid hands on one man, the evil spirits in the man, who was a pastor, reacted violently and began to speak through him. After the encounter, Wise Man Racine delivered him in the name of Jesus.

 At the end of the video clip, Pastor Chris Praise Duru mounted the platform, accompanied by his nuclear family. He thereafter recounted the story of his deliverance and the story of his life under the evil influence. As he put it, his father initiated him 12 midnight into a cult when he was 20 years at a nearby river with three chalks of different colours. After an incantation, they threw all that they used for the ritual into the river and departed.

One afternoon after the initiation, three black ostriches appeared to him, entered him and caused his entire life to change. Part of the change was that he sold all that he had and went to the village where he resorted to acquiring cultic books and materials.

Travelling to Abuja, he met a pastor for prayer and after joining the church, decided to also establish himself as a pastor. He enrolled for a correspondence course with a theological school to train as a pastor.  With this background, he opened his church where he prayed and laid hands on people. However, the demon that was still inside him only compounded the problems of those he feigned to deliver. When he lay down, he would go into astral projection with his father in which they visited such places as India and America where they attended occult meetings where human flesh and blood were freely consumed.

The demon inside him would not allow his church to prosper because his members would see a lion that scared them away at the entrance of the church. The skull and lion inside him destroyed his children who consequently never made any headway in life. He begged to feed his family because there  were no returns from his collapsing church.

Pastor Duru confessed that his deliverance by the prophet the previous Sunday ushered him to peace of mind and a good night’s rest.  The prophet urged the children to hug their father for his deliverance, adding that their father was in no way responsible for his past life and nothing should be counted against him. On his part, Pastor Chris Praise Duru thanked God for his deliverance and restoration to normal life.



A lady, Mrs Osuji mounted the platform, accompanied by her ten year old daughter, Princess Osuji whom she said had been afflicted with a contrary spirit that made her eat soap and clothes. The effect was that she had lost appetite for normal food and become anaemic.  She revealed that when her daughter watched the deliverances of people with similar afflictions, she persuaded her to bring her to The SCOAN for her own deliverance. Princess herself was given the opportunity to tell her story at the end of which she appealed to the prophet for her deliverance. She also chewed  a piece of soap and told onlookers that it was tasty.

The prophet drew close to her and laid his hands on her head and then chest, declaring her free in Jesus’ name after that. When she was given soap to taste after the deliverance, Princess said it tasted bad and proceeded to clean her mouth immediately. The prophet however advised the mother to take more care of Princess, adding that the daughter God gave to her was not with such addiction.


A clip revealed the drama following the laying of hands on one of the congregants in the previous Monday service. As he laid hands on the man, Prophet T. B. Joshua told him that he could see trouble over a child and that the man’s life had been that of economic woe because of that very child whose ownership was yet to be established. The man in question acknowledged ownership of a daughter to the prophet and for the first time to anybody. He had hidden this fact from his wife and from anybody else because he impregnated the mother as a girl friend and he never wanted that fact to affect his marriage with his current wife. He was advised by the prophet to look for the child and her mother before the following Sunday service and he did that.

At the end of the video clip, Mr Emmanuel Kujo and his Ghanaian wife  mounted the podium to tell the congregation that the clip referred to them.  They had been cold to each other as a couple since the confession because her husband had concealed the child issue from her  over the years.  Emmanuel told the story in all its grim details to the congregation once more. As a couple, they had been looking for a child since they married but without success. Their life in Dakar, Senegal had been very frustrating in terms of child bearing and material progress.  Their businesses always hit the rocks, causing disaffection between them as the man always accused his wife of being the cause of their problems.  The wife also recounted the same details about their marriage and said her husband had concealed the issue of the daughter by the girl friend from her all their marriage.The mother of the child told her listeners that Emmanuel was her husband who made her pregnant before he travelled to Spain for better fortunes. He promised that when he got there he would send her money to care for the baby and also marry her when he came back but she never heard from him before and since she delivered. The man of God, sensing the sensitiveness of the issue, resolved to settle it out of public glare.  Emmanuel however appealed to the prophet to convey apologies to his wife for the despicable manner he had hidden the facts of his earlier relationship and child bearing from her.


The next video clip unravelled a prophecy issued by the man of God in which he said a woman discovered a letter in her husband’s trousers and since then she was confused whether to void the marriage or stay . The prophecy also advised her against any rash action, as she could not tell yet whether the whole scenario was the handiwork of an enemy who never wished their marriage well.  She was urged to wait for God’s opinion. At the end of the clip, Francis Odoom a Ghanaian and his Nigerian wife, Ruth emerged to tell the congregation that they were the subject of the prophecy.

Ruth told listeners that the prophecy is true and that her husband had changed in behaviour and love towards her by refusing to pick her calls and hardly providing for feeding in the home whereas he did all this willingly for the pregnant writer of the said letter. Mr Francis Odoom confirmed the letter and added that for eighteen years, their marriage was barren and that was why he decided to step out of the marriage and to his joy pregnancy resulted from it. He said the letter under reference had to do with the woman and her pregnancy. He confessed being relieved and happy over the pregnancy until the woman went on to abort it.  Francis confirmed that since the discovery of the letter, peace had eluded their home. Prophet T.B. Joshua promised to offer counselling to the couple.


The Anointing Water and its miraculous feats all over the world had been a subject of interest.  The congregation were shown more feats in India and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where pastors of different Churches made use of it for crusades and deliverances. In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Pastor Ashane Tassew Birtukan who had come from Ethiopia to worship in The  SCOAN, Lagos humbly requested the prophet to give her some bottles of the Anointing Water for a crusade in her country. The prophet conceded her humble request like he equally honoured the request of  Pastor Ankur Narula of the Church of Signs and Wonders, India some weeks earlier.  In the crusade in The Millennium Centre, Addis Ababa it was miracles galore as many who had lost their health and freedom for years were healed and delivered, relieving many wheel chairs of their burdens. We thank God Almighty for the opportunity to be witnesses to these miracles. May His name be praised for evermore.

26 thoughts on “RESHAPE YOUR DESTINY


    Acts 2:38
    Peter replied repent and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit

    Peter was telling the people if they want to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit they must repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sin. Wen you receive the gift of the Holy Spirit you will do what Almighty God wants you to do and you will enjoy his presence in your life. The Holy Spirit is available to anyone who loves him and anyone who welcomes and accept him. He can be seen in you by the good works which you will be doing according to his will and in truth.
    There are different kinds of gifts, which we were given according to the grace of God, but from the same Spirit. Each person has got his and her own gift. The gifts God gave us are not supposed to be kept, but to be used to bless and serve others faithfully. Some of the good gifts God gave us is FAITH, PROPHESYING. A person is given a message full of wisdom, while another person is given a gift of full of knowledge, some are given a gift of healing, another one is given a gift of distinguishing between spirits another one is given a gift of speaking in different tongues and another to interpret the tongues. All these are the work of one and the same Spirit. And he gives to each one of us a different gift. If you are eager to have spiritual gifts try to use greatly those gifts which build the church and the gifts which are very important The gifts which we were given by our Maker are irrevocable.
    I thank our Heavenly Father for his indescribable and priceless gifts, which he gave his children

  2. please can anyone help me with the anointing water because I need it for healing. I am so much convinced that after using it I will be healed or delivered from whatever that is working contrary against my health. I live in Spain and I don,t think there is anywhere to collect this powerful water. O help me please. I can not come down to nigeria now. God bless you.

  3. I thank God almighty for his healing word that comes from his faithfully servant T.B Joshua, it takes GOD”s grace to know that faith works by love,and through giving to other we reshape our destiny I love the Lord of TB Joshua for he is the God who lives, and other gods are dead gods.Praises to Jesus Christ of Nazareth forever.

    Mercy Daimler -Tanzania

  4. I thank God for all the good things he is doing in our lives. And may he continue to bless pastor TB Joshua and his family Amen.

  5. it´s just wonderfull, we can see how the power of GOD is real and active in the life of this anointed man. May the Lord continue to use them more and more…

  6. Give thanks to the Lord for his love endures forever.May the Lord God Almighty continue to bless the man of God and his family.Emmanuel!!!!!

  7. the miracles are happening man of GOD i give thanks to you as my request prayer asking for a part-time job i pray through the internet and fast for three days when i went there i was called that we offered you a line. i say thank you to my LORD jesus christ who send the light of GOD whitch shines all over the world in the scoan that light must guide me for ever amen.

  8. Emmanuel. Please man of God can u pray and deliver me I was there at SCOAN during the celebration on the 12 June 2011 I even conferse that my past was over but it seems things are worse now. I also fast on Wednesday and Friday following the instruction that we receive during one on one but financially I’m worse I cant even close the gap that I open when I was comming to SCOAN.Please deliver me distance is not a barrier.

  9. Where can I go from your presence. Where can I go from your Holy Spirit. Thank you God Almighty for your love, mercy and favour and I love you so much my creator. God Almighty my love for you and for people will last forever. In Jesus Christ name Amen.

  10. Where can I go from your presence? Where can I go from your Holy Spirit. Let us thank the God Almighty for creating us like your image. If you did not create us we would not know you and know that you exists. What ever we are going through in our lives God Almighty has something to say and he loves us. So we must keep praying in faith, glorify and thank him all the time no matter whether the situation is good or not. (Because God Almighty is saying something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.)

    I say. Thank you God Almighty for creating me like your image and your grace you gave to me. I now know who you are and I will keep serving and loving you forever and I WANT TO KEEP RESHAPING MY DESTINY forever, so please God Almighty the great Jehova guide me and lead me through this barren land and hold me with your powerful hand until I reach where you want me to reach.

  11. Where can we go from the presence of God? No where… thank you John Chi for the message. I dnt bliv in th saying tht a wise woman builds ha home bt foolish one destroys. The devil is the one who is foolish coz hz mission is to kill, steal nd destroy. if a woman is afflicted we can not say shz foolish. hv bn dvorcd for 7 years now my husband left me with 2 beautiful kids, i did all a woman cud do to fight for her marriage bt to no avail. I was a gud wife bt was i foolish? God’s time is the best time, maybe he was not the right man. Ruth keep praying for your husband, children or no children a man can be afflicted. May the Lord bless your marriage Ruth.

  12. Fantastic! miracles are happening. Man of God am still waiting for the response towards my anointing water request. God bless u!

    Bertha Chinyanta


  14. Thank you Lord for giving us prophet T.B Joshua and his wise mans realy there are doing great things to the whole world,salvation,deliverance,healing for free .My family and i love and feel blessed watching Emmanuel tv.thanks God

  15. Thank you Lord for giving us prophet T.B Joshua and his wise mans realy there are doing great things to the whole world,salvation,deliverance,healing for free .My family and love and feel blessed watching Emmanuel tv.thanks God

  16. Where can I go from your presence? Where can I go from your Holy Spirit? Thank you Wise Man John Chi for the wonderful massage titled RESHAPE OUR DESTINY. Thank the Wise Man who prayed for Pastor Chris. Pastor Chris is the one of people who reshaped his destiny. May the good Lord Jesus Christ bless him, his family and his ministry. Your effort to RESHAPE YOUR DESTINY showed that you make sure that the Lord Jesus Christ guides you so that your ministry and the worshipers will feel that the Holy Spirit is moving into your church and to make sure that your ministry will grow. Lord Jesus Christ is great he is so great and mighty in power. I would like also to praise and thank the Lord Jesus Christ for delivering the little girl who was delivered form unusual addiction of eating soap. If I imagine some of the toxic ingredients which are used to make soap, that is when you know that the Lord Jesus Christ holds the key to our lives..

  17. thank you for the emmanuel tv it is my prayer to also visit the synagogue church of all nations and to to receive the annointing water plz by the grace of God a friend gave me little of it and i have seen miracles in my life cant finish telling you now am kindly asking you guys to send me my own thank you

  18. THose whose veil is removed, woke up from their spiritual slumber. It is good indeed! Yet, there are still thousands and millions in this world who are fast asleep! I am calling on all children of God: let us follow the good and noble example of Christ and work for the Kingdom of God. Keep it up all who are.

  19. Dear Daddy PROPHET T.B JOSHUA
    i know this is not what really expected on this page but i don’t have the email address where can email the church so that is why i use this opportunity , i am a Nigerian base in south Africa please daddy i want you to say a world just a world concerning me i believe that i will be free from ups and down, disappointments poverty ,backwardness , failure at the edge success, that am facing here i want to come and visit you at Nigeria but things is critically bad for me i have try many men of God but noting changes , but they keep on telling me that my problem is from people at my village i don’t know what to do Daddy please don’t ignore please pray just say a world evry thing will be over because i know God is with you.
    my email is

  20. The days message was meangful to me. It was the same date that I received a new job offer that could reshape my destiny. Thanks T.B.Joshua and and all the wise men. Let the Almighty God bless you all,Amen!!!

  21. A wise woman build her home but a foolish woman breaks it. Sister Ruth keep on supporting your husband, children do not make marriage they are only a blessing in marriage. I am married for 18 yrs and we don’t have children, but not a single day did my husband made me feel a little less a wife or anything and I still believe in God that one day I will bear my husband a son. So it was the works of the devil that your husband went out and just keep on praying and God will one day bring peace in to your heart. Pray for your husband that God give him a discerning heart. May God bless you and keep the lamp burning

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