After a time of praise and worship, Wise Man Harry greeted his listeners warmly, encouraging them to position themselves to attract God’s attention by showing genuine desire for His Word. Mankind is designed to think, plan and act with God. There is nothing like failure in the mind of God. God has created us to be a success; it is up to us to have the success transferred to our lives by acting on it. Every time you think positively and talk positively, you act positively. When your mind becomes the watchman, you will see what Jesus is looking at and do what He expects of you. However, if you allow your mind to sleep, satan takes the opportunity to attack you. Tagging his message, ‘The Watchman’, the wise man referred the congregation to Judges 16:4-5, asking them to learn from the story of Samson and Delilah so that they do not make the same mistakes he made.

Anything you love more than God becomes your god. Jesus has given us the mind and ability to choose between good and evil.  Delilah used Samson’s weakness as a bait to tempt him. Satan uses what we cherish most as a bait to tempt us. Experience only becomes the best teacher if your mind is the watchman, or else you will not learn the necessary lessons you need to know.

In Matthew 26: 40-41, Jesus warned his disciples to watch and pray so that they would not fall into temptations. Jesus told them that if they failed to stand for something, they would definitely fail for something. You cannot stand for what you believe without an independent mind or else you will follow the majority. The majority fails. If you follow the majority, you are following the direction of poverty, failure and setback. Our problem is that we look to others for direction. Do not look to others for direction; listen to your mind, he advised the congregation. You are born to make a difference in your world, not repetition. You should pay any price to maintain God’s purpose for your life.

Applauding the wise man’s message, Prophet T. B. Joshua advised all to live by it. Faith, he said, is a supernatural force, referring his listeners to James 1:1-5 and Romans 10:9-10. Faith is a spiritual issue, not a natural issue, he cautioned. One is rewarded when one asks in faith. Prayer is an expression of believing. Because I believe I say, Amen. Unfortunately today, people unduly imitate others. They laugh because others laugh, not that they are happy. They cry because others cry, not that they are sad. They say, ‘Amen’ because the pastor says, ‘In Jesus’ name’, not that they believe.

Christ dwells in our heart through faith. It is not the amount of prayer but the faith you put into it that counts. Faith is of man’s spirit and heart, not of his mind, body or flesh. It is acting on the Word that builds faith in the believer (2 Corinthians 5:7).  Acting on the Word makes Jesus vitally real to the believer.

It is not only committing the Word to memory but letting the Word become an integral part of our being. Taking the congregation to Mark 16:17, the prophet noted that this Scripture is dead until we act on it. The Word dwelling in us is equivalent to Christ Himself being in us. Christ and the Word are one. The Word dominating us is the Lordship of Christ in us, the prophet concluded.


At the instance of the prophet, an activated  video clip refreshed viewers’ minds on a prophecy issued by the man of God to a man who habitually deceived his wife and went to his mistress to while away the night.  Warning the said man in the prophecy, the man of God said the habit  would  ruin his carrier and his life, advising him to come forward for deliverance. His personal wife, the prophet added, is a nice and beautiful lady. The man came out in remorse and pleaded for deliverance after answering a few questions by the prophet. To forestall further immoral relationships, the prophet delivered the man, Mohammed Lawal by name but asked him to bring his wife for reconciliation.

Coming out a second time after the clip had ended, Mr Lawal, accompanied by his wife, Comfort, appeared on the platform to confirm the clip.  Mr Lawal once more confirmed the prophecy and said he would tell his family that he was travelling, when, on the contrary, he was going to spend the night with another lady. He also mentioned the trap said to be set for him, which he said he knew about. In her reaction, Mrs Comfort Lawal confirmed the prophecy, saying it had brought light into the darkness she was in for years. The man of God promised he would join the family and would meet them later for a time of counselling relating to their marriage.


Another clip brought to light the prophecies about the fire in England issued during three consecutive Sunday services. In the prophecy, the prophet talked of a fire in the United Kingdom in an area having the letters EN initially. The prophecy talked of a fire outbreak in a big establishment.  The same prophecy in another Sunday talked of fire in a place where people sell and buy. He, in the prophecy, saw fire fighters running down to put out the fire. The prophet then asked his listeners to pray for their respective nations. The prophecy came to pass during the recent mayhem in England, where riots, opportunistic looting and criminality trailed the shooting of a black man by the police in Tottenham, England. A large fire broke out in the Sony Distribution Centre in Enfield, London, exactly confirming the prophet’s words.


A clip revealed the drama of a young man who manifested evil spirits in the course of the mass prayer last Sunday service and called himself Lucifer. He described himself as Adeleye Oluwasegun, a final year Biochemistry student of Obafemi Awolowo University. He said his problem started when, as a member of a student fellowship, he went on evangelical missions in which he and other members of the fellowship undertook deliverances and prayers for people. They attempted to deliver people who were demon possessed following which the evil spirits entered him. In that state, he became violent and abusive, even attempting to kill a fellow evangelist while he was preaching. Reacting to his confession, the man of God condemned the idea of embarking on the work of deliverance after merely reading the Bible but not having the faith or anointing that deliverance calls for.

After his deliverance, Oluwasegun thanked the man of God, adding that his efforts at freedom had never yielded fruit until he came to The SCOAN.  His father recounted the entire story. In his words, they had a call from his son’s school in which they were told of the abnormal behaviour of Oluwasegun. Since that time, according to him, they had taken Oluwasegun to many places for deliverance but without success. He thanked God and the prophet for the deliverance, which they had sought for a very long time.


Another video clip showed the manifestation of an evil spirit within a woman after Wise Man Daniel laid hands on her in course of the service. She was delivered and came back the following Sunday service with her fiancé to give her confession.  Standing beside her fiancé on the platform to confirm the clip which had introduced her story, Mrs Promise Ofonagoro confessed that she had the spirit of a tiger and serpent, as well as being a queen in the marine kingdom, which gave her various powers for destruction.

She said she was a queen in the Atlantic Ocean and also used her powers to be a prophetess on earth. With her tongue, according to her, she controlled whomever she wished and persuaded men, however well placed, to do her wishes. As a prophetess, she said she prayed for many people including pastors, initiating them in the process. She used the powers in her forehead to see into people’s lives, however the prayer she offered after giving the ‘prophecy’ only temporarily removed the problems.

She travelled to Senegal where she destroyed many men and recruited children into the evil world.  She confessed that she took the sperm of men to change their destinies, adding that her fiancé had zero sperm after she had destroyed him. The spirit of tiger in her gave her uncanny strength, to the extent she could beat up her fiancé, despite his big size. The man confirmed her confession, showing the long stripe of scar on his right armpit, where she bit him in one of their many fights.

The prophet prayed for the man and asked him to shout the name, Jesus. As soon as he shouted the name,’ Jesus’, Promise fell down. After his deliverance, it remained to establish, the prophet said, whether their relationship was from God.  They both thanked Jesus for their deliverance.


A video clip once more highlighted the case of Chukwuemeka Paul and his wife who were delivered two weeks before.  Chukwuemeka Paul had escaped to Ghana from Nigeria for fear of being arrested, following his criminal lifestyle of raping girls and robbing as a cult leader. When he realised that security in Ghana was tighter, he took to internet fraud and accidentally, by a phone error, met a woman who he later entered into a relationship and had twins by. Fearing his aggressive nature, the woman deceived and lured him to The SCOAN, where they were both delivered.

Surprisingly to them, the prophet asked that a gift of N300,000 be presented to them to start their union as a couple and to encourage the man to toe the line of righteousness and shun evil ways. Receiving the gift with joy, the couple thanked the Lord and the man of God for their deliverance and the support they received from the ministry.


True to its name as Church Of All Nations, The Synagogue hosts peoples of the world from every nook and cranny in every Sunday service.  At the end of the service, Mrs Seini Vailahi, President of UPWF Wrestling Federation, USA took hold of the microphone to express her appreciation for God’s work at The SCOAN.She commended the air of peace and Heavenly atmosphere that pervaded the entire premises. Many other members of the UPWF Wrestling Federation picked the microphone after her and spoke spiritedly in the same vein, one of them very emphatically on the passion to do what you know how to do best.  Among them were Slam Shady, Val Venis, “The Detonator” Rick Fuller, “The Feature Presentation” Jeff Lewis Neal, The Masked Superstar, The Powers of Pain (The Barbarian & The Warlord), The Re-Enforcer, The  Merengue Warrior, Kevin Sullivan and Mike Mondo.

Nigerians and foreigners alike have cause to always thank God for the many wonders we behold here every Sunday which, no doubt, lift our faith and draw us closer to Him.


  1. praise LORD.May GOD bless you man of GOD in JESUS NAME.I still belive for the delivarance of my only beloved son and the fruit of the womb in JESUS NAME as he promised us in math 7.7 through the Anointing water i obtained

  2. Thank you Scoan for this post i really appreciate and its very educative and spiritual building God Bless the wise men and Man of God Prophet TB Joshua may Jesus Christ always continue to reign in you. however i ask to be corrected about the scripture reading by wise man Harry i dont seem to find it it doesn’t exist mak26:40-41 Thank you.

    Kind regards


  3. Emmanue!! I wish I could visit SCOAN but I do not see how my financial status would not allow but is there a way I can obtain anointing water from this side – Tanzania?

  4. Good is so good to us we should honor him by believe more more in him, he will do more and more everyday as we believe in his word and holy spirit as the way the man of God T.B Joshua i is doing

    mercy ,Tanzania

  5. Emmanuel – God with us

    Snr Prophet T B Joshua may God Almighty be gracious to you and bless you and make his face shine upon you so that your ways may be known on earth, your salvation and anointed work you were tasked to do by God Almighty known among all nations. Yes faith is a Spiritual Force so all people of God we should learn from Snr Prophet T B Joshua who said that one is rewarded when he asks in faith.

  6. when you are faith in jesus you are free to every spirit behined us whitch make us sick because i didn’t know before i was thinking that the desease kills ,thank you for your teaching man of GOD we love you all.

  7. Indeed the days of ACTS have become so alive in our on eyes, thanks to God Almighty for the wonderful spiritual gifts He has bestowed on His servant prophet TB Joshua in this generation and continent of Africa.May we all support this work in any way starting from prayer(especially) to financial or any other support.GLORY BE TO GOD THE FATHER OF OUR LORD AND SAVOUR JESUS CHRIST THROUH WHOM WE ALSO RECEIVE THE ADOPTION AS SONS OF GOD, AND WE CAN CALL ON HIM(IN THE NAME OF YESHUA THE MESSIAH)AS ABBA FATHER. EMMANUEL! EMMANUEL!

  8. Thank you Jesus for givng us the prophet, the real man of God prophet T B Joshua. We love you all may God bless you.

  9. Touch not mine anointed,and do my prophets no harm,the glory of the Lord shall endure for ever.EMMANUEL EMMANUEL

  10. God bless u all,though i missed this sunday service ,i ddnt miss all due to distance is not a barrier’s article.thank you for your post.i return all the glory to the almight God

  11. emmanuel!TBJ,wise men and church team we thank you for changing lives of this generation and thank emmanuel tv
    happy for all,we love you
    To God be the glory

  12. Emmanuel! Wiseman Harry and Daddy Snr Prophet TB Joshua, thank you for such powerful msgs. Your teachings everytime i listen to them they are an eye opener. I learn something new everytime. I was suffering from a headache and when daddy said stretch your right hand forwand and he prayed, after the prayer he said place that hand where you are experiencing pain and i place mine on my head, children of God, the headache stopped instantly. From that day up to now i havent experienced any headache, being someone who was suffering from headaches every 2 days. Thank you Jesus for my healing.

  13. I thank god for giving us a man like prophet t.b joshua and the wise man.Keep up the good work emmanuel tv team thank you

  14. May it please the man of God to come to London and help us. London caters for all Europe. We need more deliverance and Breakthrough here in London. We do have deliverance because distance is no barrier

  15. Praise Lord, Thank Jesus for use Prophet TB Joshua as his vessel. Please is there a way SCOAN can arrange Tanzanians to visit church every month. We need deliverence and we are suffer from darkness power.

  16. The presence of Prophet TB Joshua and his Wise men in the midst of mankind during this era in life is a generous gift from our Father in Heaven. For God so love the world that he sent the Man of God not only to save us but also to cater for our daily encounters ! It is more than enough for mankind as victory is assured in all areas of our lives. We just have to trust, have faith and the glory of God will endure not only in our own lives but in our families, friends and beyond ! Just watching at my screen, i strongly believe my own miracle is on my way for SCOAN is not a place to miss so i will be right there one day. Just like the Father who sent his son, there is nothing too difficult for the Man of God to whom be the Glory. Long-Live SCOAN, Long-Live the Man in the Synagogue !

  17. i thank the Lord Almighty for giving us a man from His own Heart,the major Prophet T B J.Through him we can detect and different the real Kingdom of GOD from darkness

  18. Whao! Though i missed this service, but i did’nt miss all due to distancenotabarrier’s article. Thank you for your post, we pray and appreciate your team. Emmanuel!!!!

  19. If this present generation must believe on the redemption work of CHRIST they must see proves. To God be the glory that we have seen proofs upon proofs to awesome power of God and the miracalous things that are happening daily at SCOAN through his humble servant Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua. We are also grateful to Emmanuel TV for the professional and inspired documentation and airing of this miraculous works and testimonies.To God be the Glory. Emmanuel! Emmanuel!! Emmanuel !!!

      • Praise, oh praise, our God and King, hymns of adoration sing for his mercies still endure, ever faithful, ever sure ! May God continue to bless Prophet T.B Joshua and his Wisemen, for through them we receive our own blessings from our father. Praise the Lord !

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