“Maximum Protection” – Rescued From The Flames

Monday began like every other day for Oliver Onyekachi. But the events that unfolded proved to be anything but ordinary. On his way home from work in the quiet of evening, a sound like that of a bomb exploding shattered the silence. Quickening his pace, Oliver rounded the corner to discover a raging fire that had engulfed the vicinity close to his house. It was a gas explosion. Local residents were running helter-skelter. Commotion reigned. As flames licked around the exterior of his house, Oliver’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. His wife and children were still inside…

“Emmanuel! Emmanuel!! Emmanuel!!! If God is with us, who can be against us? Nobody! I know the protection I am under. My name is Mr Oliver Onyekachi Uka and I am a civil servant from Imo state, Nigeria.

“On the 1st August 2011, gas exploded close to where I live which caused my house to catch fire. Inside the house were my wife and children together. Seeing the extent of the flames, I had lost all hope for their survival. The only thing I held onto was the knowledge that they had the Anointing Water with them, which we would minister daily in the house. Miraculously, nothing happened to them until the fire stopped! Not even a single scratch or burn! All who saw the incident were amazed, especially since some of my neighbors were severely injured by the fire. I thank God for his maximum protection!”

As Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “When you know the protection you are under, you will fear no more.” Thank you, Jesus!

36 thoughts on ““Maximum Protection” – Rescued From The Flames

  1. Emmanuel,we are surely blessed to live in such a time where we can see Jesus through our eyes,the three wise men & Prophet being mightly used of God.JHB also needs a visitation of the anointing water.Emmanuel

  2. these are the days of his manifest presence.no matter the situation if we trust he will provide a way. what a might God we save,a living God.i praise you Father.EMMANUEL

  3. Glory be to the lord almighty for great things he has done and if we continue to wait upon him nothing shall by any means hurt us,thank you man of God for being available for the masses,may our almighty God continue showering you with his strength as you do his work in jesus name.

  4. Glory be unto our God.He neither slumber nor sleep but watches over us 24hrs.Lets continue trusting Him.hallelujah.

  5. Thank GOD for HIS protection at all times. It reminds me of Psalm 91,it is a powerful Word of GOD. Indeed we are under HIS eyes. We thank GOD for the gift of HIS annointed prophet T.B. Joshua. He is a blessing to the whole world.

  6. Glory be to God Almighty!

    For those who believe in God and have trust in him, always they are safe and under His protection, keep on having faith in Jesus Christ.




  7. Let those with eyes see and those with ears hear ! What more proof do you need to know that God is GREAT ! !

    Praise God.

  8. Praise the living God! His a God who is quick to answer. It is written tht he will fight all those who fight us and rescue our children. The God who breathes life in dry bones is a mighty God. I bless his holy name. Amen

  9. praise the lord for the life of my brother and the family,its true we are under his mighty eyes,for those who trust in him thy will call upon him and he will answer and deliver them say’s the lord.let us continue trusting in the almighty because his able.emmanuel,emmanuel.catherine,zambia

  10. Thank you LORD for being a protector of those that believe in you.Let this family dwell under your wings for greater protection now and forever.In Jesus name I prayer.Amen

  11. Wahoo! Awasome God!

    It reminds the SCOAN Choirs song. Indeed you know the protection you are under, hence now you know than you did because of the miracle of Jesus Christ.

    This real reminds me to stay in prayer and the anointed words of Man of God, Prophet T.B.Joshua” Lord Jesus open my heart to your Word, open my heart to your Faith, open my heart to your Spirit. Son of David have mercy on me, let your mercy speak for me”.

    We have every reason of thanking our God on what is has done in your life.

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