“I’m Breathing Freely” – Healed Of Heart Pains

The pains were becoming unbearable. Each breath seemed to result only in more distress coupled with a dull inner ache around her heart. Fortune was only 23. Why was she experiencing such pains at such a young age? What was the cause? Questions abounded as friends advised her to go for a medical checkup to ascertain the nature of the breathlessness, heart and chest pains she was going through. But being a regular viewer of Emmanuel TV, Fortune opted otherwise. Sitting down in front of her computer, she started to write a prayer request to The SCOAN. The email went through successfully. Fortune believed God for a miracle!

“Emmanuel! I greet you in Jesus’ name. I am Fortune Mowaneng, a 23 year old lady from Maun, Botswana. Yesterday late afternoon, I sent the prayer request below:I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. I am requesting for prayers for healing. Sometimes I have severe heart and chest pains, and am not able to breathe well which results in my heart beating fast and pumping blood at a high pressure. I don’t know the cause of these pains but they only started recently. I didn’t go out for medical help because I believe that Jesus will heal and deliver me, in Jesus’ name. Please help me. Thank you and God bless you.’

“After sending the prayer request, while I was sitting at my desk at work that day, I suddenly felt fire all over me. I believed that prayer warriors from The SCOAN were praying for me. When I got home, I started watching Emmanuel TV. When Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for the viewers around the world, and said, ‘Touch the screen’, I knelt down, touched the screen and believed for a miracle in Jesus’ name. After the prayer, I was loaded with the Holy Spirit! I’m grateful to say that I am completely free and healed in Jesus’ name! No more heart aches or chest pains – and I’m breathing freely! I thank God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua for he has done a lot to bring change in our lives. God bless you all, in Jesus’ name.”

Fortune Mowaneng, Botswana

19 thoughts on ““I’m Breathing Freely” – Healed Of Heart Pains

  1. Glory be to God Almighty, Praise the LORD!


    May our Father GOD the Almighty; the Alpha and the Omega, Who is, and Who was and Who is to come, the Almighty, bless our Father in the Lord Senior Prophet TB Joshua, Wiseman John Chi, Wiseman Harry, Wiseman Daniel, Wiseman Christopher, Wiseman Racine, Emmanuel TV and Partners, SCOAN Choristers and those who contribute positively spreading the true Gospel of the Almighty Jesus Christ, in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen

    • Thank you GOD for this wondeffull testimony. I know that you will heal my wife who has simillar problem.
      I will be praising untill you heal my wife. I’m still spending money for this desease. You are the one has the last solution. I would like to testify like my brother.

      Nothing is impossible with you. May our Father GOD the Almighty give me the strength regarding my wife problem.
      In the Mighty Name of JESUS CHRIST. Amen.

  2. Praise the name of Jesus Chrit! In deed God is at work, surely distance is not a bearer. I would like to incourage someone who is going through defferent problems, to be watching Emmanuel T.V and have faith and you will recieve your breakthrough just like our sister from Botswana who was healed just watching Emmanuel T.V. God Bless you all and keep watching Emmanuel T.V

  3. as the man of god usually say touch ur screen and believe,i do agree that this wil also work for me and the whole batswana.nnang le tumelo betsho re tla a fodisiwa ka madi a ga jeso.thank u jesus.

  4. Emmanuel-God with us
    I thank the man of God Snr Prophet T B Joshua and the Emmanuel tv for screening Snr Prophet T B Joshua praying for the viewers all over the world, distance is not a barrier. God Almighty is everywhere. Have faith in God because faith honors God most and also you trust him because he is good.


  6. I believe distance is a barrier as man of God said.
    Let us continue watching Emmanuel tv, our Lord will deliver us.
    Mark, fro Tanzania

  7. All praise and Glory and Honour be unto Jesus. This is very high level of faith. Faith always pleases God. We are lifted up Spiritually bu your testimony.I urge you to keep your this healing and continue to seek God more and more for he has wonderful plan for you. In Jesus Mighty Name.

    Mukhaisi Mandozana

  8. I quote ‘Jesus Never Said Goodbye, He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, Prophet .T.B.Joshua.

    It is the time to know that the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ is visible and not theoretical and this is through Emmanuel TV.

    Therefore, I encourage brothers and sisters, kindly watch Emmanuel TV, you will real be touched by the hand of God. Stay tuned at Emm.TV and be blessed in Jesus name.

  9. THANK you THANK you to the man of GOD TB JOSHUA who was sent to be our prayer patner where ever you are all over the world you would healed and delivered in the mighty name of jesus christ.

  10. Faith can do wonders.I feel happy for you Fortune! We appreciate and are grateful to Prophet TB Joshua and his team who are being used by God.I praise God for his Glory

  11. DEUS É nosso PAI, faz nos ver isto através dos nossos irmãos de coração limpo e cheio de AMOR ao próximo como O Profeta T.B. Joshua que está a faser como JESUS CRISTO fez na terra. Que o SENHOR abençoe todos os servos da SCOAN em especial O grande Profeta T.B. Joshua.

  12. Dear,

    Thank you for this wonderfull testimony. It is the same cas with my wife Nadine Muba. She is experiencing this since five years. I have submitted the prayer request for her, on line and physically. I hope that GOD will heal her on his time. We went to the cardiology center and in USA, no change.

    We are staying in Abidjan/Ivory Coast.

    So, we need your prayers.

    GOD Bless you and your minister.

    Arsene Mondo

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