“Emmanuel TV Is Really Changing Lives” – Delivered From The Spirit Of Smoking Marijuana

Basanho Kapui from Zambia wrote to Emmanuel TV with a short but faith-lifting testimony of how God set him free from an addiction to smoking marijuana which had plagued his life from the age of 16. As Prophet T.B. Joshua often says, “The evidence of Jesus Christ is lives changed!”

“After heavy smoking of marijuana for seven years, I stopped on 12th July while the SCOAN service was going on. I couldn’t understand myself or why I just stopped because my parents had totally failed to stop this habit. They had tried everything but despite all their harsh efforts I continued to smoke. Yet through watching Emmanuel TV, I stopped smoking.  I thank God for Emmanuel TV. It is really changing lives!”

Basanho Kapui, Zambia

29 thoughts on ““Emmanuel TV Is Really Changing Lives” – Delivered From The Spirit Of Smoking Marijuana

  1. Daddy Prophet tb Joshua on behave of my entire family we say we love daddy may God almighty strengthen u from strength to strength, from anointing to anointing, from power to power, from glory to glory, Daddy we say remain bless in Jesus Name (Amen)

    Best regards
    Mr. & Mrs Abraham

  2. I am hear to thank God for what He has done in the life of my young brother Basanho Kapui.I want to confirm that my brother used to smoke heavily such that at some point i was forced to order him to come and stay with me with a view that he will be scared to smoke since i am a cop.This didn’t work out as i continued to find some Mariduana hiden in the house,I continued to threaten him that i will report him to the Drug Enforcement but to no avail.The devil is a lier,I want to urge my brother to keep the light in him burning till the end of the world in Jesus ‘ name.

  3. i wish god to give me a power to fighty for my man,my man cheating on me love so many womans,to stop a dahorrea for my son,my mother having a stroke is not walking well,plz god go to my mother strech his legs and hand walk normal,my brother drinking too much alcohol,god help my mothers family is not love me and my mother i do’nt no why,i think is because we i not educated more than ather,give my family a better future all of us

  4. To add on a few on my story, when i say “heavy smoking” i mean it was something beyond human. i was one person who could finish a CUP of marijuana in 1 hour. not a POCH but a CUP. All my fellow smokers new that and wondered if i was realy normal but along the line God has been serving me from been picked by D.E.C whilest all my folowers were picked and truely suffered in jail and that raised alot of concein around the compoud to why i was not among them. the night which the DEC officers visted us and cought my freands in acton was the day after i left the town going to the farm were my mother was, whom was looking for me very much dispite having been refusing for many months to her call to go and see her but from no where, i decided to travel never knowing that it was God behind it. God did not want me to be in preson but he wanted freedom for me. I thank you Lord for spairing me although i deserved to be in jail

  5. Emmanuel-God with us
    Our God is an awesome God and what a Mighty God we serve. Brother do not give up praying because God Almighty is God of miracles and the war is to pray to fight the demons.

  6. Let us thank Lord Jesus for his love to give us a Prophet, Teacher and Father, let us act love, do love, walk in the light of love. God of Prophet TB Joshua is changing the lives

  7. Praise the living God with God all things are possible if only you have Faith.I will be visiting SCOAN CAPE TOWN in november because with GOD all things are possible.I thank GOD for Senior Pastor TB JOSHUA and the Emmanuel TV

  8. Wawoooo brother i am rejoicing with you of what our the have done in your life us keep our faith in Him there is no one who can work in our life like He is doing for us , our family can not ,our neighbour can not , ourselves can not only Jesus can do my brother let us hold on Him but on Him alone. Amen

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