In the midst of the melodies from the choir, which set out to enhance the spiritual tune of the auditorium, Wise Man Daniel emerged to deliver his message. The wise man assured the congregation that God is always with them. In his words, our heavenly Father is concerned about us.  He wants us to be physically healed and spiritually saved. We are here for a relationship forever with Him. Hard times cannot affect the relationship. It is in the mind of God to answer prayers. We may not understand Him because of our limitations. He tells us to be patient because there is time for everything. In a situation that seems to project failure, you should be careful to find out God’s opinion so that you will not end up rejecting His purpose for your life. The wise man entitled his message Let His Will Be Done. He cited Daniel 6:7, 9 – 11 as his proof text. Great men simply have great habits, the wise man remarked after reading the proof text. Commenting further, the wise man said Daniel never allowed the situation on ground to dictate his prayer. What a man of faith he was! He knew the danger involved in praying to his God yet he never allowed it to change his habit of praying daily to his God. Daniel had no reason to doubt God’s ability to deliver. He saw premature death as an early escape from this wicked world. He believed that physical death enhances spiritual transition towards God.  Death, to a good man, is a release from this world to the enjoyment in Heaven.  The best man in this world holds his position, honour and integrity no longer than God keeps him in it. By His grace, we are what we are.


Prophet referred the congregation to the words on The SCOAN Anointing Sticker : ‘Let Love Lead’ as he dwelt on the theme of love in his message. Drawing his listeners’ attention to 1 John 4, he advised them not to believe every spirit but to test the spirit whether it is of God. Citing verse 16 as a good summary of the chapter, he added that God is love and he, who abides in love, abides in God for God is love. Citing 1 Corinthians chapter 13, the prophet averred that only three things will last on this earth; namely, faith, hope and love. The greatest, he said, is love. In his words, love looks around to see who is in need. We begin to succeed with our lives, he added, when the hurts and problems of others matter to us. The wound of one is the wound of all. Love frees us in the present. It is the present situation that presents problems.  It is only through love that we are able to respond to God and to others in the present. First, you must forgive yourself and your neighbour.  This is why Paul, the apostle made it clear that faith works by love in Galatians 5:6. What a danger, the prophet continued, is a religion of words, if there is no corresponding action!  You have nothing but a mental assent without action. How does the love of God work in a man who only thinks and works with empty words, idle words? If you give everything you own to the poor but you do not love, no matter what you say, believe or do, you are bankrupt without love. Let love lead, the prophet re-echoed. Concluding, the prophet enjoined the congregation to pray that God will give them the grace to act on the message and do what the message says.


Sylvia and Veila, delivered from addictions to foam mattresses and uncooked rice were in attendance in the service and testified that the spirits of addiction had not disturbed them in any way since their deliverance the previous Sunday. The prophet revealed that after witnessing their deliverances, many viewers with similar addictions had sent emails in throughout the week and many were present in the church that morning. One of those with a similar attack, according to his mother who brought him for deliverance, was Al Ammen, a son of a professor in Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. As the mother put it, Al Ammen, now six years old, had been eating sand and foam mattress and all beating to stop him failed. He was also stubborn and rude, shouting at his parents without restraint in his wish to be in total control. Confirming his mother’s revelation, Al Ammen added that a strange voice of a man urged him to eat sand and foam mattress and he enjoyed eating them as food. He admitted shouting at his parents because, according to him, they disturbed him. Al Ammen was delivered by mere verbal interaction with the prophet who pronounced him free, in Jesus’ name. ‘Thank You, Jesus! I am free!’ Al Ammen reacted at his deliverance, telling the congregation that he used to eat sand and foam mattress but he would no more eat them. He also voiced a wish to become a .


The Anointing Water coupled with the miracles that go with it was also visited on the screen. This took Emmanuel TV viewers to many countries and places such as Cincinnati in Ohio, USA; The SCOAN branch in London, UK; Athens in Greece; Cape Town, South Africa and Accra, Ghana.  In each and all of these locations, the power of God, the Almighty was clearly in evidence.  Many people who had been held in bondage by contrary spirits were seen reacting to the ministration of the Anointing Water by shaking visibly and uncontrollably while others among them were vomiting or emitting all sorts of sound in deliverance. Among them were Shannon from Ohio, USA, Shannon who was healed of stomach problems and Patricia Ishemon from Texas who was set free from a witch doctor’s curse. She had nursed plans to visit The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria but when she heard the Anointing Water was nearby, believed that distance was not a barrier and received the touch she desired. Considering the distances the many bottles of the Anointing Water had travelled overseas from their source in The SCOAN, Lagos nevertheless their effectiveness was left unaffected, as the man of God aptly remarked, ‘What is of God is above all’.


Mr Fidelis Chukwuka of Delta, Nigeria and his wife, Theresa with her baby mounted the platform for their testimony.  The head of the family narrated that in June last year, he visited The SCOAN for the Anointing Water for his family that was barren for fifteen years. Their problems, as he revealed, were low sperm count on his part and irregular menstruation on the part of his wife; problems which 15 years of patronage of witch doctors and modern medicine could no solve. A month after receiving and administering the Anointing Water, according to Fidelis, his wife conceived. He happily told his listeners that they had come to thank God for their new baby whom they had named, Victory – for God Almighty had given them victory through the Anointing Water!


Mrs Helen Idahosa accompanied by her husband, Kenneth also mounted the platform for her testimony. Told that the only option she had in delivering her baby was through operation, Helen came to The SCOAN in fear, to seek the face of the Lord. Having been prayed for by Wise Man Racine and prophesied to of the safe delivery of a baby boy, Helen travelled back home relieved. When it was time for her to deliver, the same doctor who had prescribed operation assisted her in a natural delivery, made possible only through the prophetic word spoken by Wise Man Racine. As well as confirming his wife’s testimony, Kenneth thanked God for His blessing in his family.


Mr Pius from Cameroon but resident in the Republic Benin as a lecturer later ascended the platform. He narrated that something had fallen from him as one of the wise men prayed for him in the prayer line. His problem, according to him, was that a spiritual wife appeared to him in the dream and destroyed his life. She would appear in different forms and while making love with him, Pius discovered that his manhood would appear very large. When he woke up from the dreams, he would discover that physically it would become smaller until it eventually became unusually small. He would also find himself in bruises and stripes as if he had been beaten, making him weak and feel robbed of affection for his earthly wife.  Before the nightmares began, he continued, he used to weigh about 106 kilogrammes but currently weighed a mere 85 kilogrammes. His urine was coming out in many colours and sometimes it would appear as if he was menstruating. The problem began after he had a verbal argument with another man over a woman. He had sought the assistance of his wife and her father for his cure but to no avail. After a short interview, the man of God stretched his hand towards him in prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit and declared him free, in Jesus’ name.


Captain Godwin Amrorighoye and his wife, Mercy whom the man of God had revealed in a prophecy as having a cat-and-rat marital relationship and who had engaged in a fight before coming for the service of the previous Sunday, mounted the platform to narrate their story  to the congregation. The woman accused her husband of wasting his money on women after he received a promotion and transfer to Bayelsa State, following prayer with the Anointing Water from The SCOAN. Even though by the promotion he became entitled to free accommodation, free feeding and a government car in his job, Godwin, his wife revealed, was going into debt. The wife wondered why he should owe anything with all the fringe benefits his recent promotion has brought to him. While they were together in Delta, he never owed a debt even with his smaller salary. All this fuelled the wife’s suspicion that he was involved in an extra-marital affair. That was the reason for the soured relationship between them, the woman submitted. In spite of his denial, Captain Godwin Amrorighoye unfortunately received a phone call from a woman in the presence of his wife. He answered the phone call hurriedly and harshly because of his wife who was watching with concern. Later, the wife had access to the phone number and replied the woman.

The prophet recapitulated many points and quotes from the message of the day’s service to advise the couple, the church and especially Captain Godwin Amrorighoye to appreciate the need for mutual respect for each other in a marriage, so that no partner in the marital union would feel belittled. He thereafter delivered Captain Godwin Amrorighoye from the contrary spirits that threatened the peace of their marriage.

Without doubt, the entire congregation of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations worldwide and viewers of Emmanuel TV cannot thank the Almighty God enough for this opportunity to visit the days of Christ on earth in this Church. May the Lord’s name be praised forever!


  1. I am delighted what the Lord has done into the lives of the people. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Chris is awesome he never gets tired to heal, to redeem, to deliver and to bless his people for the salvation of their soul.
    May the good Lord bless you abundantly and strengthen you the beloved Anointed Evangelist Mrs E Joshua, the Anointed Servant Prophet of God Senior Prophet T B Joshua
    May the good Lord bless you without measure and strengthen you the following:
    The Federal Government of Nigeria.
    Lagos State
    The Government of South Africa
    Other Governments
    Security Agencies of different bodies
    Rescue Teams from different places
    Doctors and their hospitals
    Members and Partners
    Clergy and Christians
    Diplomatic Missions in Jesus Christ name


    John 16:7
    But I tell you the truth. It is for you good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Counselor will not come to you, but if I go I will send him to you.

    Lord Jesus Christ the compassionate Savior promised us to to send the Holy Spirit our Wonderful Counselor and Helper.
    When he came he proved to the people of the world that they are wrong about sin and about to show us what is right.
    Our good Helper the Holy Spirit comes will reveal the truth about God and will lead us into all the truth will show us the right way to follow our Messiah if we believe that Lord Jesus Christ is our wonderful and personal Savior, if we believe that he died for us and resurrected, if we believe that he reigns in power, if we believe he conquered the grave, if we believe that he is the Son of the Living God, if we believe that he is our deliverer, if we believe that hi is our redeemer, if we believe that he is our healer and our loving friend all the time and our loving friend in time of need
    But when the Spirit of truth comes to us he will guide us into all truth. He will not speak on his own, he will speak only what he hears and will tell you what is yet to come.
    The Holy Spirit will bring glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, because he will listen and obey to what he says and tell it to us. All that belongs to our Heavenly Father it also belongs to Jesus Christ,
    That is why the Holy Spirit will only take what Jesus Christ gives him and make it known to us.
    The God of his Anointed Servant Prophet of God Senior Prophet T B Joshua and his only Son Lord Jesus Christ are faithful, loving, compassionate, gracious, Holy and good because they send the Holy Spirit our good Wonderful Counselor and Helper.


    1 John 3:23
    Everyone who has this hope in him purifies himself just as he is pure.

    If we are hopeful in Christ Jesus we are purifying our selves because he is pure. To be hopeful in Christ Jesus does not disappoint us because Almighty God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he gave us.
    The Living Word of God was written to teach us so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope in our Messiah.
    The Most High God delights in those who obeys him, who trust his unfailing love and those who hope in him. Those who have hope in him we will renew their strength.
    I encourage the children of God to be joyful in hope and be patient in all things and be faithful in prayers always

  4. Emmanuel! I have been watching Emmanuel TV and discover the wonderfull task of God via Man of God and the Wise men too. As Evangelist C.S. Upthegrove who said we should Live Above the Snake Line. But apart from what I witness from the Emmanuel TV programme, my difficulties have not been cut. The marital relation remained of cat and rat, welfare in studies and urinal pains due to prostate. Operation is at hand nearly.

  5. Emmanuel – God with us
    Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for creating Snr Prophet T B Joshua, the 5 Wise Men, Emmanuel tv family and the SCOAN family and saving their soul and making them whole so that your word will be spread around the earth to bring back the lost souls. Your great salvation and mercy is so free and it endures for ever.

  6. Emmanuel_ God with us. God indeed is still sayin something. I pray that God also should come into my family the way he did to the family of captain Godwin Amrorighoye

  7. Daddy of all nations, Prophet of Prophets, Pastor of Pastors, Prophet with a difference, Daddy Tb. Joshua you will not die God will strengthen you from grace to grace in Jesus name. (amen)

    Best regards

    Mr. & Mrs Abraham
    (From Nigeria – Kogi State)

  8. Thank God for his mercy, i know god will heal me as he is doing to others in his name.Now i can believe that no sickness is above his power.Thank you P..B.Joshua for your helpto the ntion may God give you more years to come.

  9. Emmanuel – God with us

    Hebrews 7:21-22
    But he became a priest with an oath when God said to him, the Lord has sworn and will not change his mind. You are a priest forever, because of this oath, Jesus has became the guarantee of a better covenant.

    Snr Prophet T B Joshua the work of God you are doing the Lord Jesus Christ has guaranteed a better covenant. I ask the God Almighty to keep giving you more power and to give you more strength so that the word of God Almighty is reaches all over the world through Emmanuel tv.

    Your love for the people, God Almighty is also marking it and he is also making it sure that his word reaches every coner of the world. Let Love Lead.

  10. Thanks be to GOD for sending to us one of his son PROPHET TB JOSHUA to come and rescue us from the hand of Satan i don’t know what could have being happening to us now if we did not have some body like senior prophet TB JOSHUA in our mist today.
    Glory be to GOD in the highest

  11. This is he,of whom it is written, BEHOLD,I send my messenger before thy face,which shall prepare thy way before thee.EMMANUEL EMMANUEL

  12. We are sons and daughters of love let love lead from within and outside. For God love the world so much that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. Our Heavenly father loves us so much that He let His son suffer for us please Let Love Lead “LLL”


  14. Is true what the wise man said GODis with us and our FATHER is concerned about us, by breakthough, diliverance, healing, anointingwater, miracles, TBJOSHUA prophecies, ministry and these are the signs of GOD that if you believe and trust him as my savior I will be healed in the name of jesus christ.

  15. Indeed these are wonderful testimonies beyond human comprehension. We should be very transparent in everythnig we do as Christians because Jesus knows us more than we know ourselves.

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