“The Car Suddenly Stopped” – Armed Robbers Thwarted

Pinaiye had no premonition of the danger that was about to befall him. It was a quiet Saturday evening and he was standing outside his compound. Suddenly, four masked men appeared from the shadows, dressed in black and bearing what looked like guns. Before even having the chance to make a getaway, Pinaiye was held him at gunpoint and the armed men immediately demanded for his car keys. Gingerly bring them forward, he knew that his new car was on the verge of being stolen. But he also knew that a mere six days earlier he had ministered the Anointing Water in the same car…

“Emmanuel! My name is Mr. Pinaiye Sode and I am from Delta State, Nigeria. On Sunday 24th July 2011, I came to The Synagogue Church Of All Nations to worship and receive the Anointing Water.

“When I returned from Lagos I ministered the Anointing Water to my wife and also on my car. Six days later on 30th July, 2011, four armed robbers came straight to me in the compound and asked me to surrender my car keys, which I did. The four robbers entered the car and as they drove towards the entrance of the gate, the car suddenly stopped. It was as if it sank into the ground. All efforts made to remove the car proved abortive. The armed robbers were frustrated. They asked me to put my head under the car and immediately they disappeared. I thank God for protecting me and preserving my car after using the Anointing Water.

“I pray the Almighty God will continue to strengthen Prophet T.B. Joshua as He uses him to deliver the oppressed, in the name of Jesus! Emmanuel!”

Mr. Pinaiye Sode, Delta

24 thoughts on ““The Car Suddenly Stopped” – Armed Robbers Thwarted

  1. God is good all the time.it doesn’t matter what we may go thru he is always there for us like what he did for Pinaiye.People continue to reach out to Emmanuel TV as at this moment every time I listen and watch the various programs there is a stillness and calm in my life and surrounding and the minute I don’t I begin to have spiritual attack and you can feel evil presences. We have to reach out to each other and pray for each other too.i too would be willing to receive the anointing water,faith bracelet and other Godly gifts.Praises to our God

  2. Our God lives and may His Spirit continue to open our eyes and minds to know His Servant Prophet T B Joshua so as to receive of the free gift of the Kingdom.Thank God for such a marvelous miracle

  3. Emmanuel – God with us
    Adonai we worship you Son of God you are so good, our God Almighty is merciful. Mr Pinaiye Sode. thank God Almighty for serving your life. God is a living God he fights for his children no matter the situation looks impossible. Keep lifting your faith high.

  4. Emmanuel! God is really with us. My son who spent the whole of last year not attending school was admitted to an institution of higher learning after i administered the annoiting water to him in Jesus Christ’s name.

  5. Praise the living God! Like Prophet T.B.Joshua always says “SALVATION…….., IS WORD ABIDING IN US AND WE ABIDING IN IT” Emmanuel!!!

  6. oh dear reader, am grateful to God for having mercy on us Africans and given us a prophet.we love our prophet TB and God is really using him. God bless him, his family,Africa and Heal the Land of AFRICA in Jesus Christ Name AMEN.

  7. WaaWOOOOO is what He do to His children we must follow Him as a child follow thier parents because He is our Father . And He will be with us forever .

  8. This reminds all of us, as Prophet T.B. Joshua always says. We dont survive the daily dangers and challenges because we are clever, but because the Lord, grace abides in us

  9. This is amazing!!! We thank God Pinaiye’s life and that of his family were saved through the power of the annoited water. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I thank God for what He is doing in the lives of many people through his servant Prophet TB Joshua. May the name of the Lord be honoured forever and ever.

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