“Rise Up In The Name Of Jesus” – Healed On The Sick Bed

Tsakani was faced with numerous challenges in both his family and education. The financier behind his educational pursuit had said he was no longer willing to render support and his sister developed crippling leg pains that left her jobless and unable to walk. In the midst of his trouble however, Tsakani decided to draw on God’s resources and not allow his situation to overwhelm him to despair or desperation. His testimony all began with a prayer request he sent to Emmanuel TV…

“Emmanuel! My name is Tsakani Nkombyane and I am from South Africa. I once sent a prayer request to Emmanuel TV explaining that I am a student and my brother, who was supporting us financially in our education, left us saying that he is tired. It was a very difficult time for the family. At the same time, my sister began having severe pains on her left leg. We thought it was a minor thing, but it deteriorated to the point where she could not walk and she even left her temporary job.

“Through your prayers I asked for a job at one of the departments at my university and to the glory of God I started working. While working, I would always tune to Emmanuel TV through the internet and I recorded it on my laptop with the real player. I went home and watched it with my sister while she was on the sick bed, unable to walk. It came to the time where the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua started praying for the viewers and we both touched the screen of my laptop in faith.

“What happened next was truly amazing! When the man of God said, “Anywhere you are all over the world, distance is not a barrier. Are you on the sick bed? Rise up, in the name of Jesus!” – my sister suddenly stood up from her sick bed for the first time in weeks and confessed that she was healed in Jesus’ name. She is no longer using crutches anymore and through your prayers we have reconciled with my brother is speaking to us again. Things are going well in the family. Praise the Lord!”

Tsakani Nkombyane, South Africa

34 thoughts on ““Rise Up In The Name Of Jesus” – Healed On The Sick Bed

  1. I am in debt. I need over US$4 000 to clear arrears of our municipality. Please pray for me. I need a financial breakthrough or else I lose my property

  2. i enjoy watching emanuel T.V
    iam mutandi ndukusho from zambia
    i want to be prayed for over spiritual husband,financial brak through,promotion and good health also progress in every thing i lay my hand on

  3. Emmanuel – God with us
    Thank Lord Jesus Christ for serving the life of Tsakani. Lord Jesus Christ is merciful and he is love. Lord Jesus said ask and it shall be given knock and it shall be open. Make sure you should pray, read your Bible do what it says with all your heart and you must love God Almighty with your heart and your strength and with all your power for the rest of your life. God of Snr T B Joshua is the creator of the universe and he is there to solve any problem.

  4. Emmanuel my name is Malebogo from Gaborone ,Botswana. i would also want to give a testImony on behalf of our patients. When our patients lose hope i always tell them about this site of DISTANCE IS NOT A BARRIER. They were interest and they request me to write prayer request for them because have no access to the internet. In April this year one of our patient male was so down after results showed that he have xtreme drug resistant The was healed in jesus name

  5. Praise JESUS Christ of Nazareth because he walks in ways we can not see but he makes ways to everyone of us,he is healed forever by Gods word she should live and make the Gods words to be the standard for he life then the healing will be permanent to her.amen

  6. this is so amazing,God is great and i believe that by the grace of God i am also going to have peace in my life and he is going to give me a good job,good husband. Amen.

  7. Remember every trial you are going through is meant for the glory of God and the best is always yet to come.

  8. Glory be to our God!
    Thank him that the Prophet used Dzhorshua to see the presence of Jesus in our time! Hallelujah! May God strengthen us and fills our hearts with great faith to cleanse us from the slightest doubt about it feel every moment in your life and to glorify Him from the heart. Amen This certificate will serve to promote the salvation of many souls! Amen!

  9. to God be the glory, if we have faith as little as a mustard seed God will manifest Himself in our lives through His profets and His servants. I thank Profet TB Joshua for taking up the cross, today we are healed, redeemed, delivered and saved because he carries the message of the Living God. Tsakani this is the begining of great thing to come. Emmanuel

    • Hi, i am celebrating with tsakani for the breakthrough ,God is doing wonders only believe.you know what continue to watch emmanuel tv cause better is not Good enough ,the best is yet to come .to man of GOD TB joshua and wiseman i wanna say thank you so much you allowed God to use you as a vessels.realy you are a blessing to our lifes ,stay blessed.

  10. Dear Emmanuel Tv,
    As long as I knew from your testimony, about two, that is womb fibroid and on the sick bed.In these cases, Proph. T.B. Joshua said in detail about someone sickness and then they were be healed after touch the screen.
    I am looking for and waiting him on Emmanuel Tv Sunday Live Service said in detail about my condition, and I hope in faith I will be healed.I always tired from childhood, until now 39 years old. at last for three years to be worst. Very not comfort in my right below gum, feeling on pressing, this feeling like there is any water in it, everydays 24 hours a day. I have anxiety, sometime stress to depression.
    Thankyou for your testimony.

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