“I Felt Like A Different Person” – Thyroid Operation Cancelled

Every service day at The SCOAN, aside from the multitudes of people in attendance, many more join the services live via Emmanuel TV. The following testimony is that of a lady from Canada who watched the Monday Live Prophetic Service from The SCOAN and received her healing as she prayed in faith with Prophet T.B. Joshua. To God be the glory!

“Emmanuel! My name is Christiana Patrick and I live in Canada. On Monday 25th July 2011, I watched online the live service from The SCOAN and I touched the screen of my computer when T.B. Joshua prayed for the viewers, because I had been facing the problems of high blood pressure and a difficulty in breathing. I had also been booked for an operation because of a problem in my thyroids. After the service finished, I went to sleep, believing that God had touched my life.

“When I woke up the following day, I felt like a different person! My breathing was normal and up until now I am breathing well with no pains. I praise God that He has used His Servant to touch me. I had also prayer for problem in my thyroid which required me to have a surgery. Now the doctors say I do not need it! I Praise God! Truly, distance is not a barrier to the Holy Spirit.” 

Christiana Patrick – Canada

21 thoughts on ““I Felt Like A Different Person” – Thyroid Operation Cancelled

  1. My prayer is that God should increse my faith so that i can also have my healing in jesus name through waching emmanuel TV amen

  2. Emmanuel – God with us
    Christiana you live for God Almighty, you can see for your selves that God Almighty loves us and he is merciful. I thank Emmanuel tv for the wonderful work which there are doing for the Lord Jesus Christ. May the good Lord Jesus Christ bless you. Emmanuel tv is almost screened all over the world. We ask God Almighty to keep pouring blessings to you, so that many people may be healed, delivered, prayed. Amen

  3. I thank God for Christiana Patrick’s life and healing. God is good, and thank God for His servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua, the SCOAN and emmanueltv.

  4. Its God habit to heal us,because he is more than able to heal us,he is the healer of our body and spirit,blessed be his name forever,amen

  5. Glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for raising the Elijah of our day, Snr Prophet T B Joshua. We really appreciate what you are using him for.

  6. Emmanuel!!!God is with us,I don’t know how many times i should thank God for this Man of God TB Joshua,Emmanuel TV and Church Team

    Happy for your Christiana for what the Lord has done for you…

  7. Yes,distance is not a barier for the holy sprit. Let Our Lord bless his holy man T.B.Joshua.Amen!!

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