“I Am Speechless” – Healed From Menstural Bleeding

Pamela Motomby knew what it was to live in pain. Her monthly menstrual cycle was characterised by excessive bleeding and intense pains. The Cameroonian had tried all available remedies, both medically and traditionally, but the problem only seemed to persist. She needed a supernatural touch from Jesus Christ.

“For 10 years I bled from my navel during my menstrual periods, coupled with pains everywhere. I have not been able to conceive for 10 years of marriage, a condition referred to medically as endometriosis. I have done everything medically possible including surgery in 2002. I have prayed and fasted, gone from church to church, herbalist to herbalist, but all to no avail. The bleeding only seemed to be getting worse.”

However, after viewing the miracles happening in the lives of many others on Emmanuel TV, Pamela’s faith rose and she decided to visit The SCOAN, first by herself and then with her husband. “At The SCOAN, the man of God T.B. Joshua personally handed us the Anointing Water, not even knowing my situation.” Soon after ministering the Anointing Water, Pamela experienced the miraculous power of God at work in her body. The bleeding stopped! “Lo and behold for 5 months now, I don’t bleed from my navel during my periods and there are no pains at all! This miracle is ‘one of a kind’. It is beyond understanding, like I am dreaming! I am speechless!”

Not finding adequate words to express her gratitude to God, Pamela believes that this miracle is just the beginning of the mighty breakthrough God has in store for her. “I give God all the glory and indeed tremble before Him. I know this is the beginning of my breakthrough. Things are turning around for our good and I know the best is yet to come. Glory be to God!”

Motomby Pamela, Cameroon

21 thoughts on ““I Am Speechless” – Healed From Menstural Bleeding

  1. my sister, have the same condition, I have tryed all, I cant get the solution, I am now 2year in marriage but no child, pains are becoming worse month by month, I believe in Jesus Christ for healing. I have been to SCOAN 2011 december, My pray is to be healed, I pray that God should interven in my woman hood. Im 37years and I have been suffering for the past 23 years, now. If God can heal you, so am I

  2. I praise God 4 u my sister. I suffer from the same situation and now booke for the third operation of endomatriosis, cyst keeps on growing on my left overy and i dont know how to have painless period. I got courage from ur testimony. God is with me. Thank you Lord for healing my sister

  3. Glory be to God, I’m so happy for the wonderful works of the Lord, lets keep the faith and trust God at all times..

  4. Thank you very much my sister. You are blessed.. Distance trully is not a barrier .IWe are all going to be healled, delivered and blessed as we always pray togehter with the man of God Prophet T.B Joshua through the Emmanuel TV in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN ZAMBIA

  5. Emmanuel – God with us.
    If you are faithful God Almighty will make the things which are impossible to be possible. God Almighty is merciful and he loves you. Keep on praying my sister and ask him for more breakthroughs in your life.

  6. This god we serve is a god of miracles and of good faith ,my sister please hold fast to your faith as the lord is yet to do much more in your life ,sing psalms to him for he is worthy to be praised and glorified amen
    corine muleya

  7. Emmanuel! I thank God for the healing of my sister,she went through pain for 10years oh Lord ithank you.God of T.B. Joshua i will never let you go until you heal,bless and deliver me.To God be the glory. FREEDOM!!!!!

  8. Thank you LORD for giving us your humble servant T.B J. for my sister your past is over rejoice and keep on believing in Him.Am happy for you indeed enjoy your new life.

  9. Nowounder the lord says untill you returned and seek my face for favour, which the isrealit realise and them where out of babelonia captivity

  10. Emmanuel!

    Our lord Jesu christ is great. And to all who believe and put their trust in him their faith is always lifted up. Pamela continue in your journey of faith and im sure “God is still saying something”

  11. Emmanuel!!!!!!!!! To God be the glory for you Pamela and your family…Prophet TB Joshua is a Godsend for our generation Indeed!!!

    Emmanuel TV and Church Team we love you

  12. I am equally speechless after reading through this miracle. God is really working wonders, I am also one of the people but based in Malawi who watches Emmanuel TV and I just give Glory to Almighty and I believe as this ar turning around for your Good and the beginning of pamela’s breakthrough I have the same faith and hope it will be done to me as well.
    God’s time is the best time and our time does not matter, the best is yet to come.
    I am 34 years old, single, no child, no boy friend. I pray to God for a husband and he will do it for me.

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